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3frmtrt)[ fcg Militant iWari«n?fe, 4$ Honton Sbtrtct, 




i> 3Si3*7 


The Proprietors of the Glasgow Post-Office Directory beg to return their 
grateful acknowledgments for the encouragement with which their labours have 
hitherto been received by the Public, and at same time to express a hope that the 
efforts which they have this year made to render their Publication extensively useful, 
will meet with similar approbation. Neither labour nor expense has been spared 
to promote its utility ; the utmost care and attention have been exerted to procure 
authentic information ; and whilst they trust that their zeal and assiduity have not 
been fruitless, it will be their endeavour, in the future editions of the book, to employ 
the opportunities afforded by their situation, to collect every species of information 
calculated to prove useful to men of business, and to the public in general. 

Post-Office, Glasgow,, 
1st June, 1850. 



Adam, William, 20 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 

Alexander, Brothers, & Co., merchants, 151 West George street. 

Alexander, James, of Alexander, Brothers, $ Co., house, Ure place. 

Alexander, James, agent for the National Fire and Life Insurance Co., 151 West 

George street. 
Allan, John, stay and brace manufacturer, 11 Govan street, Hutchesontowh. 
Anderson, Robert, wine aud spirit merchant, 51 Wilson street, and 71 Brunswick 

Armour, William, mason and builder, 184 Gallowgate. 
Auchincloss, J. R., at Dennistoun, Buchanan, <$■ Co.'*, 20 St. Vincent place. 

Bartholomew, Alexander, agent for the Legal and Commercial Fire and Life Assur- 
ance Societies of London, 69 Ingram street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Blaikley & Good, successors to Robert Gray & Son, jewellers and watchmakers, 78 
Argyll street, and 1 Queen street. 

Blues, William, 158 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Boyd, Mrs. C, coffee-house and commercial lodgings, 7 Queen street, 

Caltonmouth Chemical Works, 37 Main street. George Clarke, manager. 
Cameron, Alexander F., & Co., sewed muslin merchants and commission agents, 33 

Virginia street 
Cameron, Mrs., & Co., milliners and dressmakers, 78 Bath street. 
Cox, Richard, chemist, 27 Tureen street. 
Craig, John, superintendent Industrial Schools, Night Asylum, North Frederick 

street, house, 411 Parliamentary road. 
Cronin & Co., furnishing ironmongers, 19 Buchanan street 
Crouin, William, of Cronin <$■ Co., house, 44 Cook street, Tradeston. 

Denniston, Thomas, of Richardson, Denniston, <$■ Co., house, 7 Queen's crescent* 

Dowie, A. L., at G. Gourgas <$ Co?s, 33 Virginia street. 

Drysdale, James, agent for Sunbury and Saucel Distilleries, office, 75 Jamaica street. 

Edwards, Francis, commission merchant, 76 Virginia street. 

Evans & Co., agents for Holland's blue Welsh slates, 49 James Watt street 

Fraser, John, jun., Lancefield Spinning Co., 70 Miller street. 
Fulton, Andrew, hatter, 104| Argyll street, 

Gardner, John, beadle of College Church, house, 4 Cambridge street. 

Gascoyne, John, Commercial tavern, 54 Broomielaw, agent for Dunlop's Dunbar 

Gilmour, M., furnishings, 71 London street 

Glassford, J. H., lithographer, engraver, and ornamental printer, 64 Buchanan street 
Glasgow Marine Assurance Association, 17 Royal Exchange court 
Gourgas, G., & Co., fancy box manufacturers, &e., 33 Crown court, Virginia street. 


Gray, R., & Sons, agricultural implement manufacturers, Uddingston. See Adver- 
tisement in Appendix. 

Hamilton & Lang, muslin net manufacturers, 9 Cochran street. 

Harley, James, of W. (f R. Turner, agent. Letters left at the Post-office. 

Hay, William, chemist and druggist, 99 Castle street. 

Henderson, Donald, ironmonger, 112 St. Vincent street. 

Herriot, Arthur, & Co. (instead of Herriot, Walker, & -Jo., as in General Directory.) 

Hilliard & Chapman, cutlers, dressing-case, and surgical instrument makers, 56 
Buchanan street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Hume, Alexander, 21 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Hutcheson, William, builder, 64 Taylor street. 

Jamieson, John, fish and provision merchant, 13 East Howard street. 
Jamieson, William, victualler, 49 Burnside street. 
Johnston & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 22 Ingram street. 
Johnston, Francis, general fire-works maker, 10 Coburg street, Laurieston. 

Leath, Thomas, steam-boat clerk, Largs Co., 42 Brootnielaw. 

Macauley, James H., commission agent and general merchant, 58 Miller street. 

M'Donald, A., 33 Warwick street. 

M'Dougall, Duncan, & Co., ironmongers, 21 Maxwell street. 

M'Haffie, John, of Orchard Office, Eastwood House, Easterton. 

M'Kay, William, collar-band manufacturer, 262 Duke street. 

M'Kenzie & Munro, commission and insurance agents and ship brokers, 65 Jamaica St. 

M'Lean, Alexander, merchant, 10 Ayr place, Carnarvon street. 

M'Lennan, D., commission agent, 20 St. Enoch's square. 

Macmillan, Bryce, cabinet-maker, 79 Stockwell street. 
Menzies, Thomas, paper-hanger, 18 Renfrew street. 
Miller, David, victualler, 93 Bridgegate street. 

Milne, George M., of Oliver and Milne, house, 13 Columbia place, New City road. 
Morrison, Wm., & Co., commission merchants, 65 Jamaica street, (instead of M'lnnes 
and Morrison, 30 St. Enoch's square, in Alphabetical list, which firm is extinct.) 
Oliver and Milne, commission agents, 16 Prince's square. 
Oliver, Andrew, of Oliver and Milne, house, 2 Carlton court, 13 Bridge street. 
Orr, Robert V., 66 South Portland street, (instead of 44, as in General Directory.) 

Park, Andrew, bookseller, 56 Jamaica street. 

Park, David, woollen merchant and commission agent, 43 Queen street, house, 158 

Castlemilk place. 
Pollock, James, agent, and sheriff-officer, St. Enoch's wynd. 
Pope, James Robert, auctioneer, appraiser, messenger-at-arms, &c, 18 Gordon street. 

Rankine, William John Macquora, civil engineer, 57 West Nile street. 

Robertson, Patrick, & Co., sugar refiners, Washington street, office, 14 Miller street. 

Rollo, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 116 West Nile street. 

Shearer, Mrs., milliner, 80 Thistle street. 

Smith, Robert, chimney-sweeping establishment, 8 Cathedral street. 

Stevenson, James S., at Archd. Duncan cf Son's, 100 Virginia street. 

Stewart and Smellie, smiths, bellhangers, and gasfitters, 73 Maxwell street. 

Stewart, John, smith and machine maker, 20 College street, house, 58 Bell street. 

Stuart, Mrs. R., teacher of music, and of the Italian and French languages, 383 

Sauchiehall street. 
Stirling, Francis, merchant, 16 Prince's square, Buchanan street, house, 180 St. 

George's road. 

Waddell, Michael (see Alphabetical List), 14 Gordon street, instead of 153 Queen 

Weatherhead, T., vinegar merchant, 47 Nelson street. 
Wylson, George, 32 St. Vincent street. 



Insurance Company of Scotland, . . ' . 

County Fire Office, . t * * 

Kent Mutual Fire, . . . . 

Provident Life Office, . 

Scottish Equitable, i > 

North of England Fire and Life, . . * 

United Kingdom Life, .... 

The Times Life Assurance and Guarantee Co. of London, 

The Legal and Commercial, 

West of England Fire and Life, 

English and Scottish Law Life and Loan Association, 

Scottish Union Fire and Life, . i 

Mitre General Life, . » t i 

Korth British Fire and Life, .... 

Scottish Amicable Life, .... 

London Licensed Victuallers and General Fire and Life, 

The Northern Assurance Company, 

The Standard Life, . . . 

Scottish Widows' Fund and Life, . 

Aberdeen Fire and Life, .... 

Life Association of Scotland, . . " « 

Edinburgh Life Assurance Company, . , 


Andrew Reid, Eastern Necropolis, . . . 

Bank of Character and Skill, . . . 

George Robertson & Co., Bolts, Screws, and Rivets, . 
Alexander Rowat, "Wire-work and Wire-cloth, . 
Archibald Cousland, Wire-work and Wire-cloth, 
William Johnston, Metal Broker, 
T. C. Barlow, Fire-work Artiste, 
George Pan ton & Son, Artisan's Tool Warehouse, 
William Howie, Engineer and Valuator, . . 

John Cairney, Glass-stainer and House-painter, &c, 
Henry Boyd, Whip Manufacturer, i . . 

Thomas Bishop, Flags, Compasses, &c. &c, 
Milner's Patent Fire-proof Safes and Deed Boxes, 
M'Neil & Co.'s Patent Asphalted Roofing Felt, 
James D. Dougall, Guns and Rifles, 
W. & J. Wotherspoon, Furniture Manufacturers, 
Alexander Cree, Upholstery and Paper-hanging, 
James Muir, Upholstery and Cabinet Wareroom, . 
John Buchanan & Co., Coach-builders, 
D. Fortune, Feather and Bedding, 
Allan's Cabinet and Upholstery Show-rooms, 

David Boyd & Co., Wholesale Stationers, Agent for Milner's Fire 
Safes and Boxes, .... 



, 106 

, 107 

, 109 

, 111 


















Wood & Sons, Furnishing Ironmongers, Scale Beams, &c, &c, 

Pickford & Co., Carriers and Railway Agents, 

Bryden & Sons, Bell-hanging, Window Blinds, &c, 

William Bryden & Sons, Bell-hanging, Venetian Blinds, 

J. Hamilton, Dry Gas Meters, .... 

John Cuthbert, Patent Mangles, .... 

Robert Greig, Wright and Mangle-maker, . 

J. Clark & Co., Tailors and Clothiers, 

W. Freekleton, Hat Manufacturer, 

Robert Thomson, Gas Lustres, &c. &c, 

Alexander Dick, Land Surveying Chain-maker and Wire-worker, 

John Jeffrey, Bathing Establishment, 

Victoria Baths, 106 West Nile Sreet, .... 

George Watson, Reading-Room, .... 

James Liston, Patent Oil and Grease Manufacturer, 

Robert Curie & Sons, Household Furniture, . 

William Cairney, Painter, Glazier, and Glass-stainer, 

George Starke, Marble Paper Manufacturer, . 

J. & W. S. Milne, Wholesale and Retail Stationery, 

John Campbell, Comfits and Lozenges, 

D. Minto, Coffee-roasting by Steam, .... 

W. Fulton & Co., " Fulton's Essence of Coffee," 

Mr. Peter Hatrick, Bridgeton Tea Gardens. 

Robert Wotherspoon, " Glenfield Patent Starch," 

Hendry, Brothers, Gutta Percha Depot, 

James A. Begg, Bookseller and Stationer, . . 

Harthill & Salmond, Letterpress Printing, 

William Dawson, Agent for Forrest & Hay of Edinburgh, Silk, Satin, and 

Velvet Dyers, ....... 

John Afleck, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 

Mr. Home, Surgeon-Dentist, . 

Bernard's Photographic Miniatures, . » 

John M'Donald, General Agent and Sheriff-officer, . 

Mitchison & Co., Music and Piano-forte Saloon, . 

Mitchison & Co., Van for Removal of Musical Instruments 

J. H. De Monti, London Piano-forte Warehouse, . 

William Lutted & Co., Musical Instruments, .... 

W. B. Hilliard, Cutlery, Limb and Bandage Manufacturer, . 

Hilliard & Chapman, Scottish Prize Cutlery House, . 

Emigration to Natal. Robert Beverage, 8 Prince's Square, Agent, 

Chimney-Sweeping Establishment. R. Smith, Slater, 

Leith, Hull, and Hamburg Steamers, ..... 

Anthony's Patent American Churn. R. Gray & Sons, Sole Manufacturers, 

Uddingston, ........ 

Robert Gray & Sons, Agricultural Implements, Uddingston, . . 

Brown, M'Indoe, & Co., Auctioneers and Valuators, 

Todd, Sons, & Co., Ironmongers, &c, &c, .... 

James Thomson, Bookbinder and Account-book Pager, 

William Mackenzie, Letterpress Printer, Stereotype Founder, Bookseller and 

Publisher, ....... 


Since the Appendix containing the Post -Office Regulations went to press, the 
following alterations in the Despatch of the Mails, &c, have taken place : — 

Box closes for 1st Edinburgh, at 6.30 a.m., instead of 6.45 a.m. 

Do. 2d do 10.15 a.m., " 10.45 a.m. 

Do. 4th do. 8 p.m., " 7.40 p.m. 

Do. London Day Mail, .....8 p.m., " 7.40 p.m. 

Do. 2dAirdrie, 3 p.m., " 3.15 p.m. 

Thejlrst Collection at the various Receiving-houses in Town (except Queen Street) 
is made half an hour earlier than the period stated in the Appendix. 

The last Collection at Queen Street is made at 9.50 p.m., instead of 10.20 p.m. 

The Window for paid letters at the General Post-Office is closed at 10 p.m., instead 
of 10.30 p.m. 


The delivery at the Bar and Letter-Carriers' Window, from 4 to 5 , 
tinned. There is one delivery only, viz., from 8 to 9 a.m. \J 

The Bar will shut at 10 a.m., after which hour no paid nor reaprered letters can 
be received ; but unpaid and stamped letters can be dropped intoptne Box as usual. 


Holland. — All letters addressed via Belgium, or via Ostend, sent in the enclosed 
Mails, at the rate of Is. 2d. under \ oz. 

California and Oregon. — If specially addressed via New York, or via the 
United States, may be sent, if prepaid, at the rate of 2s. 5jd. under ^ oz. ; News- 
papers 2d. each. 

Post Office, Glasgow, 
June, 1850. 




Almanack and Tide Table, . 


Mails, Foreign, . 


Calculating Table, 


Mails, by Private Ships, . 


Calendar, .... 


Mails, American, . 


Glasgow Alphabetical Directory, 

. 35 

Marks or Writing on Newspapers, 


Profession and Trade Directory, 


Messengers-at-arms for Scotland, 


Stamp Duties, . . 


Minibuses and Hackney Coaches, 


Street Directory, . . . 


Ministers of Glasgow and Suburbs 


Streets, Squares, &c, List of, 


Money Orders, 


Suburban Directory, 


Newspaper Offices, &c, 


Window Tax, . . 


Newspapers and Supplements to 


Newspapers, . 

Do. from the British 


Antjniralty Court, . . 


Colonies, . 


LAdvfci&sements, ... 


Do. to the British Colo- 


MfcrfcV, Mails, . 


nies and Foreigr 


BNI^fctHouses, . 




BanK?^H^hes in Scotland, . 


Do. from Abroad, 




Omnibuses, City, 


Carriers^|br^ts, . . 


Do. Suburban, . 


Carters' Ra^rfAd Rules, 


Packets from London, 


Coal-Porters' IlBk 


Do. Dover, 


Colonial and Fore^^MailS, 


Do. Falmouth, > 


Commissary Court, ^^. ; . 


Do. Liverpool, 

Commissioner for takirqfcAfldavits 

Do. Southampton, J 

in cases of Excheque^A| . 


Parochial Board for the Poor, 


Constables acting in Justice oi 

Police Establishment, . 


Peace Courts, . 


Porters' Rates for the City, . 


Commissioners for Assessed Taxes 

Porters' Rates at Broomielaw, 


Lower Ward, . 


Post-Office, Glassford street, 


Do. do. City, . 


Postage Rates (Foreign), 


Delivery of Letters, &c, 


Postage Rates (Inland), 


Despatch of Mails, . 


Postage Stamps, 


Directors of the Merchants' House 


Post Towns, Scotch, 


Foreign Countries, 


Do. English and Welsh, 


Foreign Cities and Principal Places 


Do. Irish, 


Form of Proceeding in the Recovery 

Public Offices, 


of Small Debts, 


Railways, .... 


Hackney-Coach By-laws and Fares 




Justices of Peace of the Counties o 


Registration of Letters, 


Ayr, Dumbarton, Renfrew, anc 


River Bailie Court, 


Stirling, resident in Glasgow, 


River and Harbour Dues, 


Justices of Peace in Lower Ward, 


She: iff Court, , 


J. P. Small Debt Court, 


Sheriff Small Debt Court, 


Letter-Carriers' Districts, 




Limitation of Weight by Post, 


Steamers from Glasgow, 


Do. Size, do. 


Town's Hospital, 


Local Foot and Stage-Coach Posts 


Trades' House, . . 


Magistrates of Glasgow, 



. 70 


JULY, 1850. 

Sun. 7 14 21 28 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 31 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. 6 13 20 27 


Snn. 4 11 18 25 

Mon. 5 12 19 26 

Tues. 6 13 20 27 

Wed. 7 14 21 28 

Thur. 1 8 15 22 29 

Frid. 2 9 16 23 30 

Sat. 3 10 17 24 31 


Sun. 1 8 15 22 29 

Mon. 2 9 16 23 30 

Tues. 3 10 17 24 

Wed. 4 11 18 25 

Thur. 5 12 19 26 

Frid. 6 13 20 27 

Sat. 7 14 21 28 


Sun. 6 13 20 27 

Mon. 7 14 21 28 

Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 

Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 

Thur. 3 10 17 24 31 

Frid. 4 11 18 25 

Sat. 5 12 19 26 









3 10 17 24 

4 11 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 


Sun. 1 8 15 22 29 

Mon. 2 9 16 23 30 

Tues. 3 10 17 24 31 

Wed. 4 11 18 25 

Thur. 5 12 19 26 

Frid. 6 13 20 27 

Sat. 7 14 21 28 

JANUARY, 1851. 

Sun. 5 12 19 2fi 

Mon. 6 13 20 27 

Tues. 7 14 21 28 

Wed. 1 8 15 22 29 

Thur. 2 9 16 23 30 

Frid. 3 10 17 24 31 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 


Sun. 2 9 16 23 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 

Tues. 4 11 18 25 

Wed. 5 12 19 26 

Thur. 6 13 20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 


Sun. 2 9 16 23 30 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 31 

Tues. 4 11 18 25 

Wed. 5 12 19 26 

Thur. 6 13 20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 


6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 

























11 18 25 

12 19 26 

13 20 27 

14 21 28 

15 22 29 
9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 31 


8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

JULY, 1851. 


6 13 20 



7 14 21 



1 8 15 22 



2 9 16 23 



3 10 17 24 



4 11 18 25 


5 12 19 26 

Sun. 3 10' 17 24 31 

Mon. 4 11 18 25 

Tues. 5 12 19 26 

Wed. 6 13 20 27 

Thur. 7 14 21 28 

Frid. 1 8 15 22 29 

Sat. 2 9 16 23 30 


Sun. 7 14 21 28 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 

Sat, 6 13 20 27. 

OCTOBER. v *:- 
Sun. 5 12J.TV6 

Mon. 6-13L~g Q 27 

Tues. /wtt n 

Wed. j/^fo 22 
Thur. ^! 16 23 30 

Satjdprk 11 18 25 

0Ln. 2 9 16 23 30 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 

Tues. 4 11 18 25 

Wed. 5 12 19 26 

Thur. 6 13 20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 


Sun. 7 14 21 28 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 31 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. 6 13 20 27 


New Year's Day Jan. 1 

Martyrdom of King Charles I — Jan. 30 
Queen's Marriage Feb. 10 

Restoration of King Charles II.... May 29 

Queen's Accession June 20 

Queen's Coronation June 28 

Good Friday Mar. 29 I Gunpowder Plot Nov. 5 

^Queen's Birthday May 24 | Christmas Day Dec. 25 



Above 20 
Above 30 
Above 50 
Above 100 
Above 200 
Above 300 
Above 500 
Above 1000 
Above 2000 
Above 3000 


Not exceeding 
2 Months' date, 
or 60 days' sight. 


£2, and not above £5 5 














1 5 


2 Months' date, 

or 60 days' sight. 

£0 1 


1 5 
1 10 


For any- 
Above £1 
Above 200" 
Above 500 



Above £1000 not above £2000 
Above 2000 " 3000 

Above 3000 

Every Bill of each Set Pays. 
Foreign Bills of l&tchange, or Bills of Exchange drawn in, but payable out of 
Great Britain, if drawn singly, and not in set, are subject to the same duty as an 
Inland Bill of the same amount and tenor. 


For £5 and under £10 

For 10 
For 20 
For 50 
For 100 





For £200 and under £300 5 

For 300 " 500 4 

For 500 " 1000 7 6 

For 1000 and upwards, 10 

In full of all demands, 10 

Receiver of Honey pays Stamp. 


When the Premium shall not exceed 10s. per cent 

Where it exceeds 10s. and shall not exceed 20s. " ' o 

" 20s. " 30s. " £••".•".■••!'!■ i 

30s. " 40s. " 2 

40s. » 50s. " 3 

50s ;;;;;;;;;; \ 



S. D. 

When the period shall not exceed Six Calendar Months — per cent 2 6 

Exceeding Six Calendar Months, 4 

AGREEMENTS, not above 1080 words, and without a Claim of 
Registration, 2s. 6d. 


Sum not exceeding £50. 

Above £50 " 100. 

Above 100 " 200. 

Above 200 " 300. 

Above 300 " 500. 
Above 500 
Above 1000 

. 1 10 

1000 5 


Above £2000 not exc. £3000 £7 

Above 3000 

Above 4000 

Above 5000 

Above 10,000 

Above 15,000 

6 Above 20,000 25 

4000 8 

5000 9 

10,000 12 

15,000 15 

20,000 20 

Progressive Duty, 25s. — Mortgages, same Duty as Bonds. 
Bills of Lading, 6d. 


Not amounting to £20 2s. 

£20 and under 100 3s. 

100 " 500 5s. 

£500, or upwards, 10s. 

Any other kind, 5s. 

And for every additional sheet, 5s. 


If not above £100, 5s. 

Above £100, and not above £200,... 10s. 

Above £200, and not above £500,. ..20s. 
Above £500, 40s. 


1080 words, £1 15s. — And for every entire quantity of 1080 words additional, £1 5s. 



Under £20 £0 10 

If 20 and not £50 1 

50 " 150 1 10 

150 " 300 2 

300 " 500 3 

500 " 750 6 

750 " 1000 9 

1000 " 2000 12 

2000 " 3000 25 

3000 " 4000 35 

4000 " 5000 45 

5000 " 6000 55 

6000 " 7000 65 



£7000 and not £8000... 

.. £75 


' 9000... 

.. 85 


' 10,000... 

.. 95 


' 12,500... 

.. 110 


' 15,000... 

.. 130 


' 20,000... 

.. 170 


' 30,000... 

.. 240 


' 40,000... 

.. 350 


' 50,000... 

.. 450 


' 60,000... 

.. 550 


' 80,000.... 

.. 650 


' 100,000... 

.. 800 

100,000 or upwards, 1000 



For any sum not above £50 £0 2 6 

Exceeding £50, and not above £100 5 

" 100, " 200... 10 

" 200, " 500 15 

" 500, 10 


Lease of any lands, at a yearly rent, where no sura of money, by way of fine or 
grassum, has been paid: — 

Where the yearly rent shall not amount to £20 £1 

And where the same shall amount to £20, and not to £100 1 10 

Amounting to £100 not to £200, 2 

" 200 " 400, 3 

" 400 " 600, , 4 

" 600 " 800, 5 

800 " 1000, 6 

" 1000 and upwards, 10 

And for the counterpart of any Lease hereby charged with a duty, if not exceed- 
ing £1, the like duty as on the same. 

And for the counterpart of any other lease whatsoever £1 10 

And for every 1080 words above the first 10 


Above 20 and not 















not left. 


not left. 








£ s. 

£ S. 



If 2000 and not 3000, 








































































POWER OF ATTORNEY, or Commission, or Factory, £1 10 

And for every 1080 words, 10 













£ s. 



s. d. 




£ s. d. 


s. d. 

s. d. 






1 if 
1 6} 



16 8 

6 If 
6 6| 






18 4 






1 10 

6 10} 

7 3} 


1 H 






1 11 8 




1 11 


1 13 4 

7 8 

i H 



2 3A- 

2 84 

3 Of 



2 10 

11 6 

1 7| 

2 2j 
2 9 






3 6 8 

4 3 4 

15 4 
19 2| 



3 5j 





3 0± 

3 3i 




3 10 



5 16 8 


6 m 

3 10 




4 2| 

4 7| 



6 13 4 


10 8} 

4 4| 







14 6^ 

4 111 


1 1 


4 111 

5 4 



8 6 8 


18 4| 

5 5| 
16 5} 


1 3 






15 Of 
11 9} 


1 5 

5 9 


41 13 8 


27 4| 

If the Sum b 


aineas, n 

3t Pounds 

, for Ea 

ch Guinea, a 


a Penny 

,o each 



a Far 

thing to 

each Week. 














£ s. 


£ S. 


£ s. d. 





8 1 


60 to 64 

19 16 9 




8 10 

65 69 

20 19 3 


1 7 


8 18 


70 74 

22 1 6 


1 15 



9 7 

75 79 

23 4 


2 3 



9 15 


80 84 

24 6 6 


2 12 



10 3 


85 89 

25 9 





10 12 


90 94 

26 11 3 


3 9 




95 99 

27 13 9 


3 17 



11 9 

100 109 

29 7 6 


4 6 


11 17 


110 119 

31 12 3 


4 14 



12 5 


120 129 

33 17 3 


5 2 



12 14 


130 139 

36 2 


5 11 



13 2 


140 149 

38 7 


5 19 



13 11 

150 159 

40 11 9 


6 8 


to 44 

14 7 


160 169 

42 16 9 


6 16 




15 15 


170 179 

45 1 6 


7 4 




17 4 

180 and up- 


7 13 




18 12 


46 10 3 


From July, 1850, till July, 1851. 

The daily rising and falling of the waters of the ocean are, in general, denominated 
Tides. The rising is called the Flood, or Flnx ; and -when it ceases to rise, High 
Water. The falling is called the Ebb, or Reflux ; and when it ceases to fall, it is 
said to be Low "Water. The interval between the times of High and Low Water is 
called a Tide. 

The Tides are produced by the attraction of the sun and moon, principally that 
of the latter object. The cohesion of fluids being much less than that of solid bodies, 
they more easily yield to the power of gravity ; in consequence of which the waters 
immediately below the moon are drawn up in a protuberance, producing a full tide, 
or what is commonly called High Water, at the spot where it happens. According 
to this theory, you would imagine that we should have full tide only once in twenty- 
four hours, that is, every time that we were below the moon ; while we find that we 
have two tides in the course of twenty-four hours, and that it is High Water with 
us and with our antipodes at the same time. 

This opposite tide is rather more difficult to explain than that which is drawn up 
beneath the moon. In order to render the question more simple, let us suppose the 
earth to he every where covered by the 
ocean, as in the following figure. 

M is the moon, A B C D the earth. 
Now, the waters on the surface of the 
earth about A being more attracted 
than in any other part, will be ele- 
vated, the attraction of the moon at 
B and C being less ; but still it will 
be greater there than at D, which is 
the part most distant from the moon. C 

The body of the earth will therefore be drawn away from the waters at D, leaving 
a protuberance similar to that at A ; so that the tide A is produced by the waters 
receding from the earth, and the tide D by the earth receding from the waters. 

The influence of the sun on the tides is less than that of the moon ; for, observe, 
that the tides rise in consequence of the moon attracting one part of the waters more 
forcibly than another part. ' It is this inequality of attraction which produces full 
and ebb tides. Now, the distance of the sun is so great, that the whole globe of the 
earth is comparatively but as a point ; and the difference of its attraction for that 
part of the waters most under its influence, and that part least subject to it, is but 
trifling. No part of the waters will be much elevated above, or much depressed 
below, their general surface by its action. The sun has, however, a considerable 
effect on the tides ; and increases or diminishes them as it acts in conjunction with, 
or in opposition to, the moon. 

According to the calculations of the celebrated La Place, in his Mecanique Celeste, 
the mean force of the sun in raising the tides is to the mean force of the moon as 1 
to 1% ; and Emerson, in page 423, second edition of his Treatise on Fluxions, calcu- 
lates the height of the solar tide to be 1-G3 feet, and the height by the moon's 
influence to be 7*28 feet ; consequently, the height of their joint force to be 8-91 feet. 
The height here calculated is supposed to be at such places where the sun and moon 
are vertical, and also in the equinoctial. In places at a distance from the equator, 
the height will be less as the latitude is greater. Further, then- height will also be 
less according to the sun or moon's declination from the equator. 

From what has already been remarked regarding the tides, it is obvious that, 
when the moon is in Perigee, or at her nearest distance from the earth, she attracts 
strongest, and therefore raises the tides most. The contrary happens when she is in 
Apogee, or at her greatest distance from the earth, because of her weaker attraction. 
At New Moon, when she is in conjunction with the sun, and at Full Moon, when they 
are in opposition, the tides are raised by the joint attraction of both luminaries, and 
therefore will produce the highest, or what are called Spring Tides. And Neap 


Tides are produced by the difference of their forces when in quadrature. The Spring 
Tides take place about two days after Full Moon, and the Neap Tides about two 
days after the first and last quarter. 

In consequence of the sun being nearer the earth at the beginning of the year 
than at any other time, his attraction will then be most powerful on the tides, and, 
should the moon happen to be in Perigee, their joint effects will produce the greatest 
Spring Tides. 

The mean duration of the ebb and flow is about 12 h. 25 m., that is, half the lunar 
day of 24 h. 50 m., the period elapsing between successive returns of the moon to the 
same point of the meridian. Thus the sea in every place undergoes a flux and reflux 
as often as the moon passes the meridian, whether superior or inferior of the place ; 
that is to say, twice in 24 H. 50 m. 

The following Tide Table is constructed on strict scientific principles, from the very 
accurate Tide Tables of J. W. Lublock, Esq., London (the Tide Table in the Nauti- 
cal Almanac for 1850 is also calculated from the same Tables), and will be found to 
be as correct as the position of our river, with regard to its locality, the influence of 
the winds, and other diversified circumstances, either hasten or retard its natural 
current. Hence the time of the Tide by observation may not at all times correspond 
precisely with the time found in the Table. 

These Tables are calculated for mean time, or the time shown by a well-regulated 
clock, reckoning from noon of each day. The Moon's Phases are calculated to civil 
time. The civil day begins at midnight. 


The times of High Water at full and change of the moon, as given in this Table, 
are reckoned from apparent noon. They represent the actual times of High Water 
when the moon passes the meridian at the same time as the sun, or the intervals 
between the times of transit of the moon and the times of High Water on full and 
change days. With which, and the equation of time, the times of High Water at 
all the Ports here given will be obtained, by addition, or subtraction, as here an- 

H. M. 

Aberdeen, Scotland, - - -|-ll - 24 

Aberdovy, Wales, - - -j- 5*43 

Aberystwith, do. - - - -}- 5 - 23 

Achil Head, Ireland, - - -j- 4-13 

Agnes, St., Scilly Isles, - -j- 2-43 

Ail-point, Isle of Man, - - ■ — 2-40 

Aldborough, England, - - — 3 - 2 

Alderney pier, Eng. Channel, -f- 2-49 

Arran Isle, Scotland, - - -j- 9 - 26 

Arundel Bar, England, - - -j- 9-28 

Ayr, Scotland, - - - — ■ l - 50 

Balyshannon, Ireland, - - -{- 3 - 43 

Balta, Shetland, - -f- 7-58 

Baltimore, Ireland, - - .-j- l - 58 

Banff, Scotland, - - - -j- 10 'M 

Ban try Bay, Ireland, - - -f" L59 

Bardsey Island, Wales, - -f" 6 " 15 

Barmouth, do. - - -4- 6 - 8 

Barnstaple Bar, England, - -j- 3 -43 

Beachy Head, do. - - -f" 10 " 3 

Beaumaris, Wales, - - -j- 8 - 39 

Belfast, Ireland, - - - -j- 8 " 42 

Berwick, England, - - -j- 0-31 

Blakeney Harbour, do. - - -j— 5- 3 

Blythe, do. - - -j- 0-58 

Bolt Head, do. - - + 3 ' 58 

Boston, do. - - -f- 5-28 

Bridgewater, do. - - -j- 4-58 

Bridport, do. - - -j- 4 - 13 

h. M. 

Brighton, England, - - -f 9-20 

Burntisland, Scotland, - - -j- l - 22 

Campbeltown, do. - - — 2 - 25 

Cantire (Mull), do. - - -f- 7-13 

Cardigan Bar, Wales, - - -f- 5 - 13 

Carlisle, England, - - -f 10 ' 13 

Carnarvon, Wales, - - -j- 7'33 

Chatham, England, - - +11" 7 

Chester Bar, do. - -J- 8 ' 43 

Clear Cape, Ireland, - - -j- 2 - 13 

Cork Harbour, do. - - -j- 2-43 

Cornwall Cape, England, - -j- 2*43 

Cowes, Isle of Wight, do. - -\- 8-58 

Cromarty, Scotland, - - -j- 9-58 

Dingle Bay, Ireland, - - -f- 1-43 

Donaghadee, do. ~ ~ 4~ 7"28 

Donegal Pier, do. - - -j- 9-23 

Dublin Bar, do. - -\- 9-25 

Dunbar, Scotland, - - -j— 0* 7 

Duncansbay Head, do. - - -L. 6-28 

Dundee, do. - - -j- 0-48 

Dumbarton, do. - - -j-10-56 

Dunoon, do. - - -f-lO'lo" 

Dungarvan, Ireland, - - -j- 2*43 

Eddyston, English Channel, - -f. 3-28 

Falmouth, England, - - + 3-28 

Foreland (North), do. - - -j" 9-58 

Foreland (South), do. - - + 9"33 

Galloway (Mull), Scotland, - -f. 9-28 


Galway Bay, Ireland, - 
Gravesend, England, 
Greenock, Scotland, 
Gourock, do. 
Hartlepool, England, 
Holyhead, Wales, 
Helensburgh, Scotland, 
Inverary, do. 

Inverness, do. 

Isle of Man, 

Kinsale Harbour, Ireland, 
Kirkcudbright, Scotland, 
Lamlash, do. 

Leith Pier, do. 

Largs, do. 

Lewis Island, do. 

Limerick, Ireland, 
Liverpool, England, 
Lochryan, Scotland, 
Londonderry, Ireland, - 
London Bridge, - 
Milford Haven, Wales, 
Millport, Scotland, 
Montrose, do. - 
Newcastle, England, 

H. M. 
-}- 2-43 
-}- 1-58 
4- 8-13 
-f- 9-30 
-f 8-45 
4- 2-43 
4- 9-28 
4- 9-35 
4- 0-35 
4- 9-50 
+ 4-13 
4- 4-43 
4- 9-45 
-j- 9-30 
4- 4-15 
4- 0-20 
4- 3-58 
4- 9-50 

-f 2-13 

iV. B. — For an exemplification of this 
see end of Tide Tables, page 21. 

H. M. 

Nore Light, England, - - +11-22 

Orkney Isles, Scotland, - -f- 8 "43 

Peterhead, do. - - 4-l°' 58 

Plymouth, England, - - -\- 3-46 

Port-Glasgow, Scotland, - -f 10 ' 41 

Portland Road, England, - 4" 4 ' 28 

Port-Patrick, Scotland, - - -f- 9-13 

Portsmouth, England, - - -j- 9 - 53 

Ramsgate, do. - - -f- 9-33 

Rothesay, Scotland, - - -f" 10 ' 17 

Saltcoats, do. - - 4~ 10 ' 8 

Stranraer, do. - - 4-l°" 30 

Shannonmouth, Ireland, - 4~ 2 " 3 

Sheemess, England, - - -j-10-52 

Sligo Bay, Ireland, - - -f- 4-12 

Southampton, England, - -j- 9*53 

Sunderland, do. - - 4" 1'13 

Tay Bar, Scotland, - - 4" °" 18 

Tralee Bay, Ireland, - - -f- 1-58 

Waterford, do. - -4-4-3 

Whitehaven, England, - - -f. 9-28 

Wicklow, Ireland, - - 4~ 7'13 

Yarmouth Roads, England, - -f- 6-53 

Youghall, Ireland, - - 4" 5 ' 13 

Table and other parts of the Tide Tables, 


Greenwich Time. 

1- — August 7. A Total Eclipse of the Sun, invisible in Britain. Begins on the 
Earth generally 56 min. past 6 even., in lat. 11° 49' N. long. ; 163° 52' E. of Green- 
wich. Central Eclipse begins generally, August 7, 50 min. past 7 even., in lat. 12° 
17' N., long. 150° 5' E. Central Eclipse at noon, Aug. 7, 32 min. past 9 even., in 
lat. 17° 50' N, long. 141° 50' W. of Greenwich. Central Eclipse ends generallv, 
Aug. 7, 16 min. past 11 even., in lat. 9° 42' S., long. 80° 28' W. The Eclipse ends 
on the Earth generally, on Aug. 8, 10 min. past morn., in lat 10° 9' S., long. 
94° 16' W. 

No Eclipses of the Moon this year. 


2 - — A partial Eclipse of the Moon, January 17, invisible in Britain. Middle of 
the Eclipse, 4 h. 50' p.m. 

s - — An Annular Eclipse of the Sun, Januarv 31, invisible in Britain. Beginning 
of the Eclipse, Jan. 31 d. 15 h. 3'. Central Eclipse begins Jan. 31 d. 16 h. 23'. Cen- 
tral Eclipse ends generally 31 d. 19 h. 25'. 

4 - — 4 Total Eclipse of the Sun, July 28, visible in Britain. Begins July 28, Oh. 
14'. Central Eclipse, 28 d. lh. 25'. End of Eclipse, 28 d. 4h. 51'. 

5 - — An Eclipse of the Moon, July 12, invisible in Britain. 


JULY begins on Monday- 

—31 days. 



i i 





p a 



c g 




M c-t 








H. M. 

H. M. 



H. M. 



H. M. 

M. S. 



Bat. of the Boyne, 1690. 

5 45 

6 723 


3 20 




5 m 41 

3 22 



Union with Ireland, 1800 

6 29 

6 5223 


3 21 




6 26 

3 34 



Dog-days begin. 

7 19 

7 4723 

3 22 




7 13 

3 45 



American Indepen. 1776. 

8 19 

8 5522 


3 22 




8 3 

3 56 


5 Sovereigns first isd. 1817. 

9 25 

9 5622 


3 23 




8 56 

4 7 


6 Old Midsummer-day. 

10 29 




3 24 




9 53 

4 17 


7 6th Sunday after Trinity. 

11 32 



3 25 




10 54 

4 27 


8 Glasgow Fair begins. 




3 26 




11 57 

4 37 


9 Edmund Burke d. 1797. 


1 20 22 


3 27 





4 46 


10 Calvin born, 1509. 

1 46 

2 1122 


3 28 





4 55 


11 Lalander, Astron.b. 1732 

2 39 

3 422 


3 30 




2 1 

5 4 


12Tho. Blacklock, d. 1791. 

3 28 

3 5122 


3 33 




2 59 

5 12 


13jDr. Bradley died, 1752. 

4 15 

4 4121 


3 34 




3 53 

5 19 


147th Sunday after Trinity. 

5 6 

5 3121 


3 36 




4 44 

5 26 


15 St. Swithiu's-day. 

5 56 

6 2021 


3 37 




5 33 

5 33 


16 Cromwell ent. Scotl. 1650 

6 46 

7 1221 


3 38 




6 20 

5 39 


17 Reform Bill passed. 

7 41 

8 10:21 


3 40 




7 7 

5 45 


18lHampden died, 1648. 

8 45 

9 17,21 


3 41 




7 54 

5 50 


19JProfes. Playfair d. 1819. 

9 4810 22 



3 42 




8 42 

5 54 


20 Court of Session rises. 

10 5611 31 



3 44 




9 30 

5 58 


21 8th Sunday after Trinity! 




3 45 



1210 18 

6 1 


22 Robert Burns died, 1796. 





3 47 



1311 6 

6 4 


23 Gibraltar taken, 1704. 

1 13 

1 34 



3 48 



1411 54 

6 6 


24 El. Grey steam, exp. 1835 

1 54 

2 11 



3 49 





6 8 


25 St. James, Apost. martyr. 

2 31' 2 48 



3 51 




m 41 

6 9 


26JSt. Anne. 

3 6, 3 20 



3 52 




1 27 

6 10 


27|Revolution in Paris, 1830 

3 36 3 53 



3 54 




2 11 

6 9 


28 9th Sunday after Trinity 

4 9 4 25 



3 55 




2 55 

6 9 


29'Span. Armada dest. 1588 

4 43 5 1 



3 57 




3 39 

6 8 


30:Charles X. dethron. 1830 

5 18! 5 37 



3 58 




4 22 

6 6 


31jThomas Gray died, 1771. 

5 56 6 18 







5 7 

6 3 


Last Quarter, 2d day, 57 min. past 5 p.m. 

New Moon, 9th " 27 " " 2 p.m. 

"First Quarter, 16th" 41 " " 6 a.m. 

Full Moon, 24th" 24 " " 5 a.m. 

Perigee, 10th dav, 3 morning. 

Apogee, 24th " 10 " 



AUGUST begins on Thursday— 31 days. 



















M. H. 

M. D. 








H. M. 

M. S. 




42 7 








5 m 54 



2|Battle of the Nile, 1798. 


33 8 








6 44 

5 57 


3 James II. killed, 1460. 


39 9 








7 38 

5 53 


4 10th Sunday aft. Trinity 











8 35 

5 48 


5 Henry I. crowned, 1100. 










9 36 

5 42 


6 Ben Johnson died, 1637. 









10 39 

5 37 


7 | Queen Caroline d. 1821. 











11 41 

5 30 


8George Canning d. 1827 













5 23 


9 Queen Vic. vis. Irld. 1849 












1 39 

5 15 


10 Greenw. Obs. found. 1675 












2 33 

5 7 


11 11th Sunday aft. Trinity 











3 25 

4 58 


12 (11th) Dog-days end. 












4 14 

4 48 


13, Old Lammas-day. 












5 3 

4 38 


14 Queen Vic. vis. Glas.1849 












5 51 

4 28 


15 Assumpt. of B. V. Mary. 











6 38 

4 17 


16 (17) Duch. Kent b. 1786 












7 26 

4 5 


17 (18)Dr. J. Beattied.1803 












8 15 

3 53 


18 12th Sunday aft. Trinity 











9 3 

3 40 


19 Koyal George sunk, 1782 










9 51 

3 26 


20 Black Game Shoot, beg. 











10 38 

3 13 


21L. M. Montague d. 1762 










11 24 

2 58 


22 Battle of Bosworth, 1485 













2 44 


23 Hersehel died, 1822. 












m 9 

2 28 


24 St. Bartholomew. 













2 13 


25 13th Sunday aft. Trinity 











1 17 

1 57 


26 Prince Albert born, 1819 





2 'J 





2 21 

1 40 


27Eglinton Touma. 1839. 










10 20 

3 6 

1 24 


28Dr. J. Leyden d. 1811. 











3 52 

1 6 

Th. 29 John Locke bom, 1632. 










6 22 

4 40 



30 Wm. Paley bom, 1743. 











5 30 



31 John Bunyan died, 1688. 












6 25 



Last Quarter, 1st day, 16 rain, past 5 a.m. 

New Moon, 7th " 33 " " 9 p.m. 

First Quarter, 14th " 46 " " 5 p.m. 

Full Moon, 22d " 11 " " 9 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 30th " 17 " " 2 p.m. 

Perigee, 7 th day, 1 afternoon. 

Apogee, 20th "■ 3 " 




begins on S 


—30 day 




< H 





c> a 



ATGL \:«.<>\\ 


o" 5 


W H 

W. M 

<v 1 






4? South 






D. M. 







H. M. 

M. S. 


114th Sunday aft. Trinity. 




8 21 





7 m 22 



2 (I) Partridge shoot, beg. 










8 22 



3 Glas. bridge foun. 1833. 





7 38 






9 22 



4 Earl of Carlisle d. 1825 

7 15 






10 22 

1 3 


5 Cromwell's 1st par. 1654. 



6 53 






11 23 

1 22 


6 Reb. in Scot, began 1715. 





6 31 





a 17 

1 42 


7 Porteous mob, 1736. 





6 8 






1 11 

2 2 


8 Hardie & Baird ex. 1820. 





5 46 






2 2 

2 22 


9(8)15th Sun. aft. Trinity. 





5 23 






2 53 

2 42 


10 Mungo Park born, 1771. 





5 1 






3 42 

3 3 


11 J. Thomson, poet, b. 1700 





4 38 






4 32 

3 24 


120H Parr born, 1483. 





4 15 






5 21 

3 44 


13 Gen. Wolfe killed, 1759. 





3 52 






6 10 

4 5 


14 Fish. N. of Tweed closes. 





3 29 






6 58 

4 26 


15 16th Sunday aft. Trinity. 





3 6 






7 47 

4 48 


16 James II. died, 1701. 





2 43 






8 34 

5 9 


17 Quebec taken, 1759. 





2 19 






9 21 

5 30 


18 Dr. Johnson born, 1709. 


1 56 






10 6 

5 51 


19 Lord Sydenham d. 1841. 



1 33 






10 51 

6 12 


20Bat. of Newburgh, 1643. 





1 10 






11 35 

6 33 


21 St. Matthew. 












6 54 


22'l7th Sunday aft. Trinity. 










m 19 

7 15 

M. '23 Day and night equal. 










1 4 

7 36 

Tu. 24 Don Pedro died, 1834. 










1 50 

7 57 


25 Mrs. Hemans b. 1794. 










2 37 

8 18 


26'Ad. Collingwoodb. 1748. 





1 11 




50 20 

3 27 

8 38 


27 : J. Brindley died, 1772. 





1 34 




48 21 

4 20 

8 58 


28'Geo. Buchanan d. 1582. 





1 58 




46 22 

5 15 

9 18 


2918th Sunday aft. Trinity. 





2 21 




43 23 

6 13 

9 38 


30 (29) Michaelmas Day. 





2 44 





7 11 

9 57 


New Moon, 6th day, 28 min. past 5 a.m. 

First Quarter, 13th " 21 " " 8 a.m. 

Full Moon, 21st " 40 " " 12 noon. 

Last Quarter, 28th " 52 " " 9 p.m. 

Perigee, 4th day, 10 evening. 

Apogee, 17th " 1 morning. 



OCTOBES begins on Tuesday— 31 days. 


i S 





g, rt 





H H 




1 1 


Even. South Rises.' Sets. 
1 1 1 

4? South 


H. M. 

H. M. 

D. M. 

H. M. 

H. M. 

<3 H. M. 

M. S. 



Pheasant Shoot, begins. 

9 11 

9 56 

3 8 

6 1 

5 38 

25 8 m 10 

10 17 



Battle of Largs, 1263. 

10 41 

11 19 

3 31 

6 4 

5 34 

26 9 7 

10 36 



King's Coll. open. 1831. 

3 54 

6 8 

5 30 

2710 2 

10 54 



John Rennie died, 1821. 



4 18 

6 10 

5 27 

2810 56 

11 12 


5 Old Parr died, 1635. 

1 .71 1 32 

4 41 

6 12 

5 25 

2911 48 

11 30 



19th Sunday af. Trinity. 

1 51 

2 13 

5 4 

6 13 

5 22 


a 40 

11 48 



Dr. Thomas Reidd. 1796. 

2 33 

2 52 

5 27 

6 15 

5 20 


1 30 

12 5 


8 Columb. dis. Cuba, 1492. 

3 13 

3 52 

5 50 

6 17 

5 18 


2 21 

12 22 


9 Oxf. & Camb. Terms beg. 

3 49 

4 9 6 13 

6 18 

5 16 


3 11 

12 38 


lO.Glasgow College opens. 

4 28 

4 45 6 36 

6 20 

5 14 


4 1 

12 54 


lljOld Michaelmas-day. 

5 5 5 25 

6 59 

6 22 

5 11 

6 4 51 

13 9 


12iAmerica discover. 1492. 

5 46j 6 9 

7 21 

6 24 

5 8 


5 40 

13 24 


13 20th Sunday af. Trinity. 

6 32 7 1 

7 44 

6 27 

5 4 


6 2813 39 


14 Battle of Hastings, 1066. 

7 35 8 16 8 6 

6 30 

5 2 


7 1513 53 


15Tweed Net-Fishing ends. 

9 0; 9 41 8 28 

6 31 



8 114 6 


16 Houses Pari. burn. 1834. 

10 2010 56 8 51 

6 33 

4 58 


8 4614 19 


17|Fox-huntmg begins. 

11 29. 9 13 

6 35 

4 55 


9 3014 32 


18 St. Luke the Evangelist. 

1 16 9 35 

6 37 

4 53 

13!l0 14ll4 44 


19 Dean Swift died, 1745. 

35 54 9 57 

6 38 

4 5114:10 59'14 55 


20 21st Sunday af. Trinity. 

1 10 1 27:10 18 

6 40 

4 4915'll 45'l5 5 


2rBattle of Trafalgar, 1805. 

1 43 2 010 40 

6 43 

4 4416 midn.'lS 15 


22 Fire Wapp. L'pool, 1823. 

1 16' 2 3311 1 

6 45 

4 4217 

m 3315 24 


23Irish Rebellion, 1641. 

2 5l! 3 811 22 

6 47 

4 4018 

1 2315 33 


24 1st British Parlia. 1707. 

3 25 3 4311 43 

6 50 

4 38 


2 1615 41 


25'St. Crispin. 

4 2 4 21 

12 4 

6 52 

4 36 


3 ll|l5 48 


26 Sir G. KneUer d. 1764. 

4 40 5 1 

12 25 

6 54 

4 34 


4 815 54 


2722d Sunday aft. Trinity. 

5 26 5 53 

12 45 

6 55 

4 32 


5 616 


28 St. Simon and St. Jude. 

6 2l! G 54 

13 5 

6 57 

4 30 23 

6 416 5 


29JHare-huuting begins. 7 32 8 17 

13 26 

6 59 

4 28J24 

7 046 9 


30 Fire at Tower, Lon. 1841. 9 9 45 

13 45 

7 1 

4 26j25 

7 5516 12 


31 Allhallow-eve. 10 2711 2 

14 5 

7 3 

4 2426 

8 4716 15 


New Moon, 5th day, 55 min. past 2 p.m. 

First Quarter, 13th " 29 " " 2 a.m. 

FuUMoon, 21st " 11 " " 3 a.m. 

Last Quarter, 28th " 59 " " 4 a.m. 

Perigee, 2d day, 1 1 evening. 

do 29th " 4 afternoon. 

Apogee, 14th ,; 6 evening. 


NOVEMBER begins on Friday— 30 days. 











c S 


a h 










M. H. 


D. M. 



H. M. 




M. S. 


1 All Saints. 


32 ! ... 

14 24 



4 20 


9 m 38 

16 17 


2 All Souls' day. 



14 44 



4 16 




16 18 


3 23d Sunday aft. Trinity. 

49 1 


15 3 



4 14 



16 18 


4 Prince of Orange b. 1650. 


30 1 


15 21 



4 12 

1 9 

16 17 


5 Gunpowder Plot, 1605. 


10 2 


15 40 



4 10 



16 16 


6 Prin. Charlotte d. 1817. 


50 3 


15 58 



4 9 




16 13 


7Tweed Fishing ends. 





16 16 



4 7 




16 10 


8 Milton died, 1674. 





16 33 



4 5 




16 6 


9 Prince of Wales b. 1841. 





16 51 



4 4 




16 1 


10 24th Sunday aft. Trinity. 





17 8 



4 2 




15 56 


11 Martinmas Day. 




17 25 



3 59 




15 49 


12 1st Newsp. in Glas. 1715. 





17 41 



3 57 




15 42 


13 Sir John Moore b. 1761. 





17 57 



3 55 




15 34 


14 Wm. Penn born, 1644. 





18 13 



3 53 




15 25 


15 Gt. Fire at N.York, 1835. 




18 29 



3 52 




15 15 


16 J. Ferguson, astro, d. 1776 



18 44 



3 50 




15 4 


17|25th Sunday aft. Trinity. 


18 59 



3 49 




14 53 


18 C. of G.Hope disc. 1497. 




19 13 



3 47 




14 41 


19 Charles I. born, 1601. 





19 27 



3 45 



14 28 


20Cardinal Wolsey d. 1530. 





19 41 



3 43 


m 6 

14 14 


21 1 Princess Royal b. 1840. 





19 55 



3 4117 



13 59 


22JLord Clive died, 1774. 





20 8 



3 3918 


13 43 


23 Old Martinmas day. 





20 21 



3 3819 


13 27 


24 , 26th Sunday aft. Trinity. 





20 33 



3 3720 



13 10 


25 James Watt born, 1713. 





20 45 



3 3621 



12 52 


26 Great Storm of 1703. 





20 57 


3 35 22 



12 33 


27 J. Hogg, poet, died, 1835. 





21 8 



3 3423 



12 14 


28 Bat. of Pentl. Hills, 1666. 





21 19 



3 33 24 



11 53 


29 t Goldsmith born, 1731. 





21 29 



3 32 25 



11 32 


30 St. Andrew's day. 





21 39 



3 3126 



11 11 


New Moon, 4th day, 40 min. past 2 a.m. 

First Quarter, 11th " 15 " "11p.m. 

Full Moon, 19th " 34 " " 4 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 26th " 32 " " p.m. 

Apogee, 11th day, 2 afternoon. 

Perigee, 23d " 3 " 



DECEMBER begins on Sunday— 31 days 






5 H 

of OI 


H <r< 





South Rises. Sets. 





H. M. 

H. M. 

D. M. 

H. M. ' H. 




Mb S. 



1st Sunday in Advent. 

21 49 

8 11 ! 3 




a 1'10 48 



Napoleon crowned, 1804. 


48 21 58 

8 12 3 



51J10 25 



Adelaide, Q. Dow.d.1849 

1 11 

1 33 22 7 

8 14 3 



41110 2 



Gt. Fire Wap. Lou. 1716. 

1 51 

2 12,22 15 

8 15' 3 




l 31 

9 37 



Battle of Austerlitz, 1806 

2 32 

2 50,22 23 

8 16J 3 





9 13 



Rhode Island taken, 1776 

3 8 

3 2622 30 

8 18: 3 





8 47 


7 Mary Q. of Scots b. 1542. 

3 44 

4 2/22 37 

8 19 3 





8 22 


8 2d Sunday in Advent. 

4 20 

4 38,22 44 

8 20 3 





7 55 


9 Washington died, 1799. 

4 55 

5 15,22 50 

8 21 3 





7 28 


10,Grouse Shooting ends. 

5 35 

5 5722 56 

8 23 3 





7 1 


ll[Plymouth b. byFr. 1377. 

6 20 

6 42 23 1 

8 25 3 





6 34 


12 Gardners' Mill L. b. 1824 

7 9 

7 39 23 6 

8 27 3 





6 6 


13 Dr. Johnson died, 1784. 

8 16 

8 5123 10 

8 28 






5 37 


14 J. Bryant died, 1804. 

9 24 

9 57 23 14 

8 28 






5 9 


15'3d Sunday in Advent. 

10 28 

10 5923 17 

8 29 






4 40 


16 Marshal Ney ex. 1815. 

11 28 

23 20 

8 30 





4 11 


17 ( Oxford Term ends. 

16 23 22 

8 31 




3 42 


18,New Style adopted, 1582. 


1 123 24 

8 32 




3 12 


19Glas.Roy. Exch.f. 1827. 

1 20 

1 44 23 26 

8 33 




2 43 


20 Thomas Gray b. 1716. 

2 9 

2 3123 27 

8 33 





2 13 


21 Shortest Day. 

2 53 

3 16 23 28 

8 34 





1 43 


22 4th Sunday in Advent. 

3 39 

4 3 23 28 

8 34 





1 13 


23 SirR. Arkwright,b. 1783 

4 26 

4 50 23 27 

8 36 







24 l Peace with Amer. 1814. 

5 16 

5 43J23 26 

8 36 


23 21 






25,Clmstmas Day. 

6 9 

6 35 23 25 

8 37 






Th. ! 26;St. Stephen martyred. 

7 5 

7 3723 23 

8 37 







27 St. John the Evangelist. 

8 10 

8 4623 21 

8 37 





1 17 


28 Innocents' Day. 

9 20 

9 5523 18 

8 37 





1 46 


29ilst Sunday af. Christmas. 

10 30 

11 5.23 15 

8 38 





2 16 


30 Jesuit Society fou. 1535.11 35 

'23 11 

8 38 





2 45 

Tu. 3l[Hogmanay. 1 ' 

26 23 7 

8 38 3 




3 14 


New Moon, 3d day, 16 min. past 5 p.m. 

First Quarter, 11th" 36 " " 8 p.m. 

FullMoon, 19th" 3 " " 5 a.m. 

Last Quarter, 25th" 23 " " 9 p.m. 

Apogee, 9th day, 11 forenoon. 

Perigee, 21st " 6 morning. 




JANUARY begins on Wednesdz 




3 S 





£ a 





c 5 


a h 




Rises. Sets. 





H. M. 

H. M. 

D. M. 

H. M. 





M. S. 





1 14 23 3 

8 37 





3 43 


2 Burke born, 1730. 

1 36 

2 0;22 58 

8 36 



a 6 

4 11 


3 Cicero born, B.C. 107. 

2 17 

2 37|22 52 

8 36 





4 40 


4 Fire at Sheerness, 1830. 

2 53 

3 13122 46 

8 36 






5 7 


5 2d Sunday aft. Christ. 

3 29 

3 45 ! 22 40 

8 36 






5 35 


6 Plough Monday. 

4 4 

4 2022 33 

8 35 






6 1 



Allan Ramsay d. 1758. 

4 36 4 56J22 26 

8 35 






6 28 



Bat. of N.Orleans, 1815. 

5 13 5 3122 18 

8 34 






6 54 


9 Fontenelle died, 1757. 

5 49 

6 922 10 

8 34 






7 19 


10 Penny Post. com. 1840. 

6 29 

6 51 ! 21 1 

8 33 






7 44 


11 Sir Hans Sloane d. 1800. 

7 16 

7 4l!21 52 

8 31 






8 8 


12 1st Sun. after Epiphany. 

8 16 

8 5121 42 

8 30 






8 31 


13 Old New Year's Day. ■ 

9 2410 0!21 33 

8 29 






8 54 


u'Dr. Halley died, 1742. 

10 3411 1021 22 

8 29 






9 16 


15 Q. Elizabeth died, 1559. 

10 40 21 12 

8 28 






9 38 


16 Bat. of Corunna, 1809. 

10 3521 

8 27 






9 59 


17 Benj. Franklin b. 1706. 

12 1 28[20 49 

8 26 




m 29|l0 19 


18 Robt. M'Nish d. 1836. 

1 52 2 16 20 37 

8 25 





31110 39 


19 2d Sun. aft. Epiphany. 

2 41 3 520 25 

8 24 





2910 58 


20 (19) Jas. Watt b. 1736. 

3 29 ! 3 5220 12 

8 23 




2511 16 


21 Plague in Edinb. 1637. 

4 16! 4 39J19 59 

8 18 





1711 33 


22 Lord Byron b. 1788. 

5 3 1 5 2819 45 

8 17 





1711 50 


23 Wm. Pitt died, 1806. 

5 51 6 1419 32 

8 15 





5712 5 


24;Fred. the Great, b. 1712. 

6 39 7 4'l9 17 

8 14 





4512 21 


25 Reg. Murray slain, 1570. 

7 32' 8 1J19 3 

8 13 





3412 35 


26 3d Sun. aft. Epiphany. 

8 37 9 13 18 48 

8 12 





2312 48 


27lEarthq. at Glas. 1808. 

9 4610 2518 33 

8 10 





1213 1 


28'Peter the Great d. 1725. 

11 211 3918 17 

8 9 





213 13 


29 George III. died, 1820. 

1 1018 

8 7 





5113 24 


30,Charles I. behead. 1649. 

37 1 317 45 

8 5 





4013 35 

Fr. '3l|George IV. proclaimed. 

1 25 1 1 4517 29 

8 2 




noon |13 44 


New Moon, 2d day, 43 min. past 10 a.m. 

First Quarter, 10th" 21 " " 4 p.m. 

Full Moon, 17th" 42 " " 4 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 24th" 16 " " 8 a.m. 

Apogee, 6th day, 4 morning. 

Perigee, 18th " 2 afternoon. 



FEBRUARY begins on Saturday~28 days. 











Even.' South 










H. M. 

H. M. 







H. M. 

M. S. 



Fish. N. of Tweed open. 

2 5 

2 22 







a 27 

13 53 



4th Sun. after Epiphany. 

2 40 









1 12 

14 1 



(2) Candlemas day. 

3 15 

3 29 








1 56 

14 8 



Robt. Blair died, 1746. 

3 44 

4 1 








2 38 

14 14 



Dr. Cullen died, 1790. 

4 17 

4 32 








3 20 

14 19 



Dr. Priestly died, 1804. 

4 46 

5 4 








4 3 

14 24 



Pomare sub. to France. 

5 20 

5 37 








4 46 

14 27 



Q. Mary behead. 1587. 

5 56 

6 14 








5 31 

14 30 



5th Sun. after Epiphany. 

6 35 

6 57 








6 19 

14 32 



Queen's mar. 1840. 

7 22 

7 52 








7 11 

14 33 



Prop, tax taken off, 1815. 

8 28 

9 6 








8 6 

14 34 



Fire Cus. House, Loudon 

9 46 

10 27 








9 5 

14 34 



(12)AshWednes. [1814 

11 8 

11 40 








10 6 

14 32 



Old Candlemas. 









11 8 

14 31 



Tweed fishing opens. 


1 14 








m 9 

14 28 



Septuagesima Sunday. 

1 38 

2 3 








1 8 

14 25 



J. Macpherson d. 1796. 

2 28 

2 53 








2 3 

14 21 



Luther died, 1546. 

3 15 

3 38 








2 57 

14 16 



Galileo born, 1564. 


4 21 








3 49 

14 10 


Garrick born, 1716. 

4 44 

5 4 








4 39 

14 4 



Rev. C. Wolfe d. 1823. 

5 25 

5 47 








5 29 

13 57 



Washington born, 1732. 

6 9 

6 31 








6 19 

13 50 



Sir J. Reynolds d. 1792. 

6 54 

7 20 








7 9 

13 42 



Handel born, 1684. 

7 50 

8 24 








7 59 

13 33 



Essex beheaded, 1601. 

9 4 

9 45 








8 48 

13 24 



(25) Sir C. Wren d. 1723. 

10 26 

11 7 








9 37 

13 15 



Dr. Arbuthnot d. 1735. 

11 40 








10 24 

13 4 

Fr. J28 

Geo. Buchanan d. 1582. 


•0 48 







11 10 

12 53 


New Moon, 1st day, 2 min. past 6 a.m. 

First Quarter, 9th " 55 " " 8 a.m. 

Full Moon, 16th " 28 " " 3 a.m. 

Last Quarter, 22d " 38 " " 9 p.m. 

Apogee, 2d day, at noon. 

Perigee, 16th " 1 morning. 



MARCH begins on Saturday — 31 days. 



d i 





» s 






<y 3 

W H 












H. M. II. M. 

D. M. 

H. M. 



q 3 H. M. 

M. S. 


1 St. David's. 

1 8 1 27 

7 43 

6 55 



2811 ID 54 

12 42 


2 Shrove Sunday. 

1 47 2 4 

7 20 

6 52 





12 30 


3 Prince Charles d. 1788. 

2 20 1 2 37 

6 57 

6 49 



a 37 

12 18 


4 Brazil discovered, 1486. 

2 52, 3 7 

6 34 

6 47 




1 19 

12 5 


5 Dr. Arne died, 1827. 

3 21 

3 35 

6 11 

6 45 




2 2 

11 51 


6 Dr. Blackwell d. 1757. 

*3 50 

4 6 

5 48 

6 44 




2 45 

11 37 


7 Bruce's tomb disc. 1818. 

4 23 

4 37 

5 24 

6 43 




3 29 

11 23 


8 William III. d. 1702. 

4 50 

5 7 

5 1 

6 41 




4 15 

11 8 


9 1st Sunday in Lent. 

5 25 

5 44 

4 38 

6 39 




5 4 

10 53 


10 Darnley murdered, 1567. 

6 4 

6 25 

4 14 

6 37 




5 56 

10 38 


1 1 Court of Session rises. 

6 48 

7 16 

3 51 

6 34 




6 52 

10 22 


12 Bishop Berkeley b. 1684. 

7 49 8 32 

3 27 

6 31 




7 50 

10 6 


13Georg. Sidus disc. 1781. 

9 1510 

3 4 

6 28 




8 50 

9 49 


14 Ad. Byng shot, 1757. 

10 4511 26 

2 40 

6 24 




9 49 

9 33 


15Gt. Fire at Manchester, 

11 40 

2 16 

6 21 



1210 48 

9 16 


16 2d Sun. in Lent. [1792. 



1 53 

6 18 



1311 45 

8 58 


17 St. Patrick's day. 

1 24 

1 49 

1 29 

6 16 




m 40 

8 41 


18'Sterne died, 1768. 

2 11 

2 33 

1 5 

6 14 




1 34 

8 23 


19 Sir I. Newton d. 1727. 

2 55 

3 18 


6 12 




2 26 

8 5 

Th. 20 Duch. of Curnb. b. 1778. 

3 36 



6 9 




3 18 

7 47 



21 Day and night equal. 

4 18 

4 3? 


6 3 




4 10 

7 29 


22Cranmer burned, 1556. 

4 58 

5 IS 


6 1 



5 2 

7 11 


23 3d Sunday in Lent. 

5 37 

6 C 


5 5S 



5 53 

6 52 


24Gt. Seal of Eng. stn. 1783. 

6 21 

6 4C 

1 17 

5 56 



6 44 

6 34 

Tu. |25 Annunciation. — L.-dav. 

7 12 

7 44 

1 40 

5 54 


22 22 

7 33 

6 15 



8 25 

9 S 

2 4 

5 52 



8 21 

5 57 


27 Robt. Brace crown. 1306 

9 52 

10 31 

2 28 

5 4S 


26 24 

9 7 

5 39 


28|G. Wishart martd. 1545. 

11 1211 4C 

2 51 

5 47 


28 25 

9 51 

5 20 


29Planet Vesta disc. 1807. 


3 14 

5 At 


30 26 

10 35 

5 2 


30 4th Sunday in Lent. 


1 0| 3 38 

5 42 


312711 18 

4 43 

M. 3l|AlliesenteredParis,1814. 

1 20 1 36| 4 1 

5 3£ 


33 28; noon. 

4 25 


New Moon, 3d day, 15 min. past 1 a.m. 

First Quarter, 10th " 44 " " 9 p.m. 

Full Moon, 17th " 18 " " 1p.m. 

Last Quarter, 24th " 25 " " 1p.m. 

Apogee, 1st day, 3 p.m. 

Perigee, 16th " noon. 

Apogee, 28th " 11 afternoon. 



APRIL begins on Tuesday 

























H. M. 







H. M. 

M. S. 


1 All fools' day. 



2 6 









4 7 


2 Bat. of Copenh. 1801. 



2 36 









3 49 


3Shakspeare died, 161G. 



3 6 








1 27 

3 31 


4J. Napier died, 1617. 



3 37 








2 13 

3 13 


5 Game certificate expires. 



4 9 








3 1 

2 55 


6 5th Sunday in Lent. 



4 43 








3 53 

2 37 


7 Henry Bell born, 1767. 


5 21 








4 47 

2 20 


8 Money first coin. B.C. 869. 



6 3 








5 43 

2 3 


9Lord Bacon died, 1626. 











6 40 

1 46 


10 Sir J. Pringleborn, 1707. 



8 16 








7 38 

1 29 


ll.Geo. Canning born, 1770. 



9 46 








8 35 

1 12 


12 America disc. 1492. 



11 10 








9 30 



13 Palm Sunday. 










10 25 



14 Handel died, 1759. 









11 18 



15 Lord Lovat behead. 1747. 



1 26 







m 10 



16 Bat. of Culloden, 1746. 



2 9 







1 3 



17 Benj. Franklin d. 1790. 



2 52 








1 56 



18 Good Friday. 



3 32 








2 50 



19Byron died, 1824. 



4 12 








3 42 



20 Easter Sunday. 



4 50 








4 35 

1 2 


21 David Mallet d. 1765. 



5 31 






13 20 

5 26 

1 15 


22 James Graham b. 1765. 



6 18 







6 15 

1 28 


23 St. George. 



7 12 







7 2 

1 40 


2401iver Cromwell b. 1599. 



8 29 







7 48 

1 51 


25 Duch. of Glou. b. 1776. 



9 48 







8 31 

2 2 


26Plague in London, 1G65. 



11 1 






25 25 

9 14 

2 13 


27Low Sunday. 



11 58 






27 26 

9 57 

2 23 


28 Denon died, 1825. 







28 27 

10 40 

2 33 


29 Sir Isaac Heard d. 1822. 








302811 23 

2 42 


30 Bat. of Fontenoy, 1745. 



1 33 






3129 noon. 

1 | 

2 50 


New Moon, 1st day, 32 min. past 6 p.m. 

First Quarter, 9th " 2 " "7 a.m. 

Full Moon, 15th " 35 " "10 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 23d " 58 " " 6 a.m. 

Perigee, 13th day, 6 afternoon. 

Apogee, 25th " 4 " 



MAY begins on Thursday — 31 day 



£ a" 






P a 





E 5 


W 6* 









H. M. 

H. M. 

D. M. 


M. S. 

H. M. 







Un.ofEng.& Scot. 1707. 

1 48 

2 4 

14 58 

4 22 



a 9 

2 58 



Pr. Charlotte mar. 1816. 

2 21 

2 39 

15 16 

4 18 





3 6 



Arch. Sharp killed, 1679. 

2 55 

3 11 

15 34 

4 15 






3 13 



2d Sunday after Easter. 

3 28 

3 46 

15 52 

4 12 






3 19 



N. Bonaparte, d. 1821. 

4 4 

4 23 

16 9 

4 10 



4| 3 


3 25 



Bat. of Prague, 1757. 

4 43 

5 5 

16 26 

4 7 



5] 4 


3 31 



Hamburg burnt, 1842. 

5 27 

5 53 

16 43 

4 5 






3 35 


8 First iron steamer, 1822. 

6 22 

6 52 

16 59 

4 3 






3 40 


9 Ascension day. 

7 28 

8 8 

17 16 

4 1 






3 43 


lO.Oxford term ends. 

8 51 

9 31 

17 32 

3 59 






3 47 


11 3d Sunday after Easter. 

10 1110 48 

17 47 

3 57 






3 49 


12 Lord Stafford beb. 1641. 

11 911 40 

18 3 

3 55 






3 51 


13'Bat. of Langside, 15G8. 

j 1318 18 

3 54 




3 53 


14;Gt. Fire, Bill. Lon. 1809. 

38 1 518 32 

3 52 




3 54 


15 Cuvier died, 1832. 

1 25 1 46 

18 47 

3 50 



3 54 


16|Rapin died, 1724. 

2 10 2 31 

19 1 

3 49 


415; 0" 


3 54 


17jR. Tanuahill died, 1810. 

2 50 3 1119 15 

3 46 


616 1 

29 3 53 


lS^tb Sunday after Easter. 

3 30 3 4919 28 

3 45 




23' 3 51 


19 Montrose executed, 1650. 

4 10 4 29 19 42 

3 43 




1GJ 3 49 


20Columbus died, 1506. 

4 50 5 1019 54 

3 41 




7 3 47 


21(20) Court of Session sits. 

5 30 5 5320 7 

3 40 




56 3 44 


22 Prince Romberg b. 1773. 

6 19 6 4220 19 

3 38 




42 3 40 


23 Bat. of Ramillies, 1706. 

7 10, 7 4020 31 

3 36 


16 22 


27 3 36 


24;Birth of Queen Victoria. 

8 17' 8 56.20 42 

3 35 





10 3 31 


25 Rogation Sunday. 

9 2910 20 53 

3 34 






3 26 


26 Dante born, 1265. 

10 3211 121 4 

3 33 






3 20 


27 John Calvin died, 1564. 

11 30 21 14 

3 31 






3 13 


28|VVilliam Pitt born, 1759. 

2021 24 

3 30 





3 7 


29 Restoration of Charles II. 

35 5421 34 

3 28 


25 2810 


2 59 


30 Rubens died, 1640. 

1 15 1 3221 45 

3 27 





2 52 

Sa. 31 (30) Joan of Arc bt. 1431. 

1 52 2 1221 52 

3 26 



1 noon 

2 43 


New Moon, 1st day, 7 min. past 9 a.m. 

First Quarter, 8th "" 33 " " 1p.m. 

FullMoon, 15th " 5 " " 8 a.m. 

Last Quarter, 23d " 5 " " 1a.m. 

New Moon, 30th " 47 " " 8 p.m. 

Perigee, 11th day, 7 morning. 

Apogee, 23d ".. 11 " 



JUNE begins on Sunday— 30 days. 

















Rises.' Sets. 





H. M. H. 


D. M. 


M. 'h. M. 




M. S. 



Sunday after Ascension. 

2 30 2 


22 1 


268 29 

1 6 

I s 


2 35 


2 Riots in London, 1780. 

3 10 3 

29 22 9 


25 8 30 

2 6 



2 26 


3 Tannahill born, 1774. 

3 49 4 


22 17 


24 8 32 

3 6 



2 46 


4 K. of Hanover b. 1771. 

4 33 4 


22 24 


23 8 33 

4 6 



2 7 


5 Adam Smith b. 1723. 

5 23, 5 


22 31 


22 8 34 

5 6 



1 57 


6 at C.'hagen, 1795. 

6 18, 6 48 22 37 


2i;8 35 

6 6 



1 46 


7 Mrs. Siddons d. 1831. 

7 21 7 

5622 44 


20'8 37 

7 6 



1 36 



8 35 1 9 

1022 49 


198 39 

8 6 



1 25 


9|A. Dalrymple d. 1808. 

9 4410 

18 22 55 


18 8 40 

9 6 



1 13 1 


10 For. & CI. Canal opened, 

10 50'll 




17,8 41 

10 6 



1 2 


11 'St. Barnabas. [1768. 

11 45 

23 4 


17|8 41 

11 6 





12 Wat Tyler slain, 1381. 


41 23 8 


16 8 42 

12 6jll 




13K. Edgeworth d. 1817. 

1 7 


3023 12 


16*8 43 

13 6|midn. 



14,0. Maclaurin, math, died 

1 51 


1623 16 


16*8 44 

14 6 


3 12 




15 Trinity Sunday. 

2 35 


5523 19 


158 45 

15 6 





16W. of Dettingen, 1743. 

3 14 


3423 21 


15,8 45 

16 6 





17' St Alban. 

3 52 


1123 23 


158 46 

17 6 





18lBat. of Waterloo, 1815. 

4 31 


5023 25 


158 47 

18 6 


35 37 


le'Sir J. Banks d. 1820. 

5 10 


29j23 26 


158 47 

19 6 


210 50 


20'Access. of Q. Vic. 1837. 

5 51 


1323 27 


15:8 47 

20 6 


5,1 3 


2llProcl. of Q. Vic. 1837. 

6 35 


5723 28 


15'8 47 

21 6 


471 16 


22 ! lst Sunday aft. Trinity. 

7 25 


53:23 28 


16'S 47 

22 6 


291 29 


23 John Welch d. 1634. 

8 27 


023 27 


16|8 48 

23 6 


111 42 


24!Midsummer Day. 

9 29 


023 26 


168 48 

24 6 


551 55 


25 Access, of William IV. 

10 28 


23 25 


168 48 

25 6 


40l2 38 


26JGeorge IV. d. 1830. 

11 28 



23 24 


178 48 

26 6 


292 20 


27 Dr. Dodd execu. 1777. 


23 22 


17:8 48 

27 6 


222 33 


28|Qu. Victoria crow. 1838. 
29,2d Sunday aft. Trinity. 




23 19 


18.8 48 

28 6 


18'2 45 


1 27 



23 16 


188 48 

noon. J2 58 


30 Green. Hos. foun. 1696. 

2 12 



23 13 


198 47 



163 10 1 


First Quarter, 6th day, 27 min. past 6 p.m. 

Full Moon, 13th " 44 " " 6 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 21st " 34 " " 6 p.m. 

New Moon, 29th " 25 " " 6 a.m. 

Perigee, 5th da}-, 1 p.m. 

Apogee, 20th " 6 a.m. 

•21THE H \HY 



Rule. — To the time of high water at Glasgow on the given day, add or subtract 
the correction for the required place as stated in the table, and the time of high 
water will be obtained. When the sum of the correction and of the time of high 
water in the table exceeds 12 hours, subtract 12 hours, and the remainder will be 
the time of high water in the morning or evening of the given day, as the column 
denotes ; when the sum of the former quantities is less than 12 hours, this sum will 
be the time of high water required in the evening of the preceding day, or the morn- 
ing of the given day, according as the column is marked morning or evening. Or 
the morning and the evening tides may be found thus : — If the morning tide be 
sought, and the sum be above 12 hours, take the time from Glasgow for the preced- 
ing evening, to which add the correction for the required place, from the sum sub- 
tract 12 hours, and the remainder is the morning tide at the place required. If the 
evening tide is wanted, and the sum exceed 1 2 hours, take the Glasgow morning 
tide for the given day, to which apply the correction for the required place, from the 
sum subtract 12 hours, and the remainder is the evening tide at the place required. 

1. Required the time of high water at Peterhead, 25th September, 1850. 

H. M. 

Time of high water evening, 24th Sept. at Glasgow,... 6 32 

Correction for Peterhead, -f- 10 58 

17 30 
Subtract, 12 

High water at Peterhead, morning 25th Sept 5 30 

2. Required the time of high water at London Bridge, 12th January, 1851. 

H. M. 

Time of high water at Glasgow, 12th Jan., morning... 1 9 

Correction for London Bridge, -j- 20 

Time of high water at London, 11th Jan., evening, 1 29 

3. Required the time of high water at Liverpool in the morning of the 1st 

July, 1850. 

H. M. 

Time of high water at Glasgow, 10 37 

Correction for Liverpool, 9 45 

20 22 
Subtract, 12 

High water at Liverpool, evening, 8 22 


4. On 18th April, 1850, the sun's longitude was 28° 19', and the obliquity of the 

ecliptic 23° 28'. Required the sun's declination at noon. 

To log. sine of sun's longitude at noon, 28° 19', 9-676094 

Add log. sine of obliquity of ecliptic 23° 28', 9-600118 

The sum (rejecting 10 from sum of indices) 

is the sine of sun's declination, 10° 53', 9-276212 

North from 21st March till 22nd Sept., and south the rest of the year. 

5. Required the time of the sun's rising and setting at Glasgow, in latitude 

55° 52' N., longitude 4° 16' W., on 16th May, 1851. 
By a table of Semidiurnalares, the approximate time of the sun's rising and 

setting is 3 h. 56 m. Setting 8 h. 4 m. 

Longitude in time of Glasgow,.... -{-16 -f- 16 

Reduced time, 4 12 8 20 

The sun's declination reduced to these times is 19° 0' and 19° 10', and the polar 
distances are 71° 0' and 70° 50'. The horizontal refraction, less sun's parallax, is 
34' 17 — 9"= 34' 8" -f- 90° = 90° 34' 8", or 90° 34', and hence the following com- 
putation : — 

Zenith, dist. 90° 34' 90° 34' 

Pol. dist. ... 71 • cosect 0-024330 70-50 cosect 0-024767 

Co-latitude, 34 • 8 cosect 0-250944 34 • 8 cosect 0-250944 

Sum, 195-42 195-32 

Half, 97-51 sine 9-995911 97-46 sine 9-995998 

Rem 7 • 17 sine 9-103037 7 • 12 sine 9-098066 

-T- 2 ) 19-374222 + 2 ) 19-369775 

H. M. H.M. 

Reduced to time, 1-56-28" sine 9-687111 4-4-12" cosine 9-684887 
2 2 

3-52-56 8-8-24 

Equa. time, sub. 3-55 Equa. time, sub. 3-55 

Time of rising, 3-49-0 Time of setting, 8-4-29 


Private Teacher of Mathematics, Navigation, 
and Nautical Astronomy. 

Note. — The latitude of Glasgow is 55° 52' north, the longitude 4° 15' west of 
Greenwich ; consequently there are 17 minutes of difference of time between the 
clocks of Greenwich and the clocks at Glasgow, the Greenwich time being earlier. 
The clocks of the United Kingdom are now generally adjusted to Greenwich time. 




To avoid jostling in meeting, observe the general rule, " Eight hand to the 
Wall;" that is, allow those you meet to pass on your left. If this is generally 
acted on, much inconvenience will he avoided in our crowded thoroughfares. 


Abercorn Street, from New City Eoad to 

Grove street. 
Abercromby Place, West George street. 
Abercromby Street, from Gallowgate to 

Stevenson street. 
Abbotsford Place, south of Portland 

street, Laurieston. 
Academy Court, 65 Crown street. 
Adam's Court, 193 Argyll street. 
Adam's Court, 36 Eose street, south. 
Adam's Court Lane, from Argyll street 

to Howard street. 
Adelaide Place, west end of Bath street. 
Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, south end of 

Eeid street. 
Adelphi Street, Hutchesontown, fronting 

the river. 
Adelphi Place, 4 Adelphi street. 
Aitchison's Court, 113 Main st., Bridgeton. 
Aird's Lane, between Bridgegate and 

Agnew Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Albany Place, Sauchiehall road 
Albany Terrace, 286 Eenfrew street 
Albert Place, Milton st. and Maitland st. 
Albert Place, Dundas street, Kingston. 
Albert Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Albert Place, Buccleuch street. 
Albert Terrace, Eenfrew street. 
Albion Buildings, 116 George street. 
Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 
Albion Street (South), from Bell street 

to Canon street. 
Albion Street (North), from Canon street 

to George street. 
Albyn Street, east from Adelphi street. 
Allan Place, Douglas St., Blytheswood ho. 
Alston Street, from Argyll street to Gor- 
don street. 
America Court, 24 Adelphi street. 
Anderston, west end of Argyll street. 
Anderston Quay, from M'Alpine street to 


Anderson Street, off Gallowgate. 

Anderson's Court, 101 Main St., Bridgeton. 

Anderson Court, 60 Tureen street. 

Annfield Place, east end of Duke street. 

Ann Place, east end of Parliamentary 
road, north side. 

Ann Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 

Ann Street, from Jamaica street to Os- 
wald street. 

Ann Street, from Cowcaddens to Port- 

Annuity Court, 52 York street. 

Antigua Place, Nelson street. 

Apsley Place, bead of Warwick street. 

Apsley Place, Great Western road. 

Argyll Arcade, 100 Argyll street, and 30 
Buchanan street. 

Argyll Buildings, corner of M'Alpine st. 

Argyll Court, 90 Argyll street. 

Argyll Place, 315 Argyll street. 

Argyll Street, from Stockwell and Glass- 
ford street to Anderston. 

Ark Close, 46 St. Enoch wynd. 

Ark Lane, Duke street, north side. 

Armour Street, from Barrack street to 
Moore street. 

Ashburton Place, Eenfrew street. 

Athole Place, Bath street. 

Ayr Place, Carnarvon street. 

Ayton Court, 62 Old vennel. 

Ayton Place, 52 Old vennel. 


Back Wynd, 109 Trongate to Bridgegate. 
Barn's Court, Ann street, Port-Dundas. 
Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Bain's Place, 151 West Nile street. 
Balmanno Place, from George street to 

Shuttle street. 
Balmanno Street, from George street to 

Balmoral Place, St. George's road 
Barber's Close, 97 Saltmarket street. 
Barclay's Court, 14 Main street, Calton. 



Barony Glebe, Townhead. 

Barony Place, east end of Stirling's road. 

Barrack Street, from Gallowgate to Duke 

Barracks, Cavalry, head of Eglinton st. 
Barracks, Infantry, Gallowgate. 
Bath Lane (East,) Bath street to Cath- 

cart street. 
Bath Street, from Buchanan st. to Pitt st. 
Bath Street Lane, from West Nile street 

to Blytheswood square. 
Bazaar, 72 Candleriggs street. 
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston. 
Bedford Street, from Surrey street to 

Eglinton street. 
Bedford Place, Renfrew st., Garnethill. 
Beef Markets, 81 King st. and 66 Bell st. 
Bellgrove Place, from Gallowgate to 

Duke street. 
Bellgrove Street, Gallowgate. 
Bell's Court, 24 Rose street, south. 
Bell Street, from Candleriggs street to 

High street. 
Bell Street, Bridgeton. 
Bell Street, Calton. 
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyll street. 
Bennie's Court, 170 Main st., Bridgeton. 
Bilsland's Open, 56 Kirk Street, Calton. 
Binnie Place, Monteith row, east end. 
Bishop Street, from Main street, Ander- 

ston, to Greenhill street. 
Bishop Street, Port-Dundas, from Milton 

street to Dobbie's loan. 
Bishop Place, north end of Bishop street. 
Black-Boy Close, 35 Gallowgate. 
Blackfriars Street, High street, east side. 
Blair's Court, 23 Jamaica street 
Blair Street, Tobago street, Calton. 
Blenheim Place, Campbell street, west. 
Bluevale, from Whitevale to Drygate toll. 
Blyth's Court, 17 Virginia street. 
Blythswood Holm, from Wellington st. 

to Anderston. 
Blythswood Place, St. Vincent street. 
Blythswood Square, west end of West 

George street. 
Boarhead Close, 66 High street. 
Bolton Street, Paisley road. 
Bothwell Street, from Greenhill street to 

North street. 
Bothwell Lane, from West Campbell st. 

to Pitt street. 
Brandon Place, West George street. 
Breadalbane Terrace, Hill St., Garnethill. 
Brickfield Open, 28 Main street, Calton. 
Bridgegate, from Stockwell lo Saltmarket 

Bridge Street, from Glasgow Bridge to 

Eglinton street. 
Brighton Place, New City road. 
Broad Close, 167 High street. 
Broad Street, Mile-end, from Orr street, 


Brook Street, Mile-end. 
Broomward Place, M'Kechnie st., Calton. 
Broomielaw, west of Glasgow Bridge. 
Brownfield, from Brown street to M'Al- 

pine street, Anderston. 
Brown Street, from Argyll street to 

Brown Street, Bridgeton, from Muslin 

street to Dalmarnock road. 
Brown Street, from Corn st. to Dobbie's 

Brougham Place, corner of Renfrew St. 

and Hope street. 
Brunswick Court, 120 Brunswick street, 

and 109 Candleriggs street. 
Brunswick Lane, from Brunswick street 

to Melville place. 
Brunswick Street and Place, from Tron- 

gate to Ingram street. 
Buccleuch Street, Garnethill. 
Buchan Street, Gorbals, from Clyde ter- 
race to Malta street. 
Buchanan Buildings, Cowcaddens. 
Buchanan Court, 95 Candleriggs street. 
Buchanan Court and Buildings, 105 

Stockwell street. 
Buchanan Court, 75 Argyll street. 
Buchanan Court, 83 Eglinton street. 
Buchanan Court, 44 Trongate. 
Buchanan Lane, Bell street, Calton. 
Buchanan Place, 74 Buchanan street. 
Buchanan Street, from Argyle street to 

Port-Dundas toll. 
Buckingham Place, corner of Parliamen- 
tary road and Buchanan street. 
Burnbank, Great Western road. 
Burnside Street, off Garscube road. 
Burnside Lane, from Duke street to New 

Burnside Place, Garscube road. 
Burrell's Lane, from Duke street to High 



Cadogan Street, from Wellington street 

to Pitt street. 
Caledonian Buildings, 228 Broomielaw. 
Callender's Close, 70 Stockwell street. 
Calton Entry, from Gallowgate to New 

street, Calton. 
Calton-mouth, from Gallowgate to King 

street, Calton. 
Cambridge Lane, from Cambridge street 

to Cowcaddens street. 
Cambridge Street, from Sauchiehall street 

to Woodside street. 
Cameron's Court, 119 Main street, An- 
Cameron's Place, 10 North street. 
Camlachie, east end of Gallowgate. 
Campbell's Court, 40 Candleriggs street. 
Campbell Place, corner of Maitland street 

and Stewart street. 



Campbell Street (West), Argyll street to 
Sauchiehall street. 

Campbellfield, 706 Gallowgate. 

Campbell Street, from Gallowgate to 
Graame street. 

Canada Court, 78 Queen street. 

Canal Basin, Port-Dundas. 

Canal Street, from Dobbie's loan to Canal 

Candleriggs Street, from Trongate to 
Ingram street. 

Candleriggs Court, 63 Candleriggs street. 

Canning Place, Stirling's road, north 

Canning Street, from Great Hamilton 
street to Bridgeton. 

Canon Street, from North street, Ander- 
ston, to School wynd. 

Canon Street, from Ingram street to 
Shuttle street. 

Canton Buildings, Paisley road. 

Carlton Place, Laurieston, from Nichol- 
son street to New Bridge street. 

Carlton Court, 13 New Bridge street. 

Carnarvon Street, from Cumberland street 
to St. George's road. 

Carrick Street, from Argyll street to 

Cars well's Court, 26 George street. 

Castlemilk Place, south of Hospital street. 

Castle Street, from Kirk st. to St. Rollox. 

Castlepen's Closes, 136 and 148 High st. 

Cathcart Street, from Buchanan street to 
Sauchiehall street. 

Cathedral Street, from John street to 
Buchanan street. 

Catherine Lane, from Rottenrow to Stir- 
ling's road. 

Catherine Land, from Richard street to 
Bothwell street. 

Catherine Street, Tobago street, Calton. 

Catherine Street, Anderston, from Cran- 
ston street to Stobcross street. 

Cattle Market, Graham square, and south 
side of Duke street. 

Cavendish Street, Laurieston, from Sur- 
rey place to Eglinton street. 

C-'utre Street, from Clyde place to Cook 

Chalmers Street, Claythorn street. 

Chapel Close, 85 Main Street, Gorbals. 

Charity Court, 65 Bridgegate. 

Charlotte Lane, from South St. Mungo 
street to St. Andrew's lane. 

Charlotte Street, from Gallowgate to Low 
Green street. 

Charlotte Street, Port-Dundas, from 
Dobbie's loan to Canal bank. 

Charles Street, from Orr Street eastward. 

Charles Street, St. Rollox, opposite Ten- 
nant's stalk. 

Charlie's Close, 105 Canning street. 

Chatham Place, 71 Stirling's road. 

Cheapside Street, from Stobcross street to 

Anderston quay. 
Church Lane, from Thomson's lane to 

English chapel. 
City and County Buildings, 38 and 46 

Wilson street. 
City Hall, 90 Candleriggs street. 
Clarendon Place, Great Western and 

New City roads. 
Claremont Street, from Royal crescent to 

Royal terrace. 
Claremont Place, from 44 to 54 Great 

Clyde street. 
Claremont Terrace, west end of Wood- 
side terrace. 
Clarence Place, Sauchiehall street. 
Clark's Buildings, 167 Main street, Gor- 
Clark's Court, 109 Bridgegate. 
Clarke's Court, 12 Puddock row. 
Clarkson's Court, 16 Kirk street, Calton . 
Cleland's Court, 239 Argyll street. 
Claybrae, Bumside lane. 
Claythorn Street, from Gallowgate to 

King street, Calton. 
Cleland Testimonial, corner of Buchanan 

street and Cathcart street. 
Cleland Street, from Greenside street to 

Crown street. 
Cliftongrove Crescent, west end of Grove 

Cliftongrove Street, west end of Royal 

Clifton Place, west of Clifton street. 
Clifton Street, west end of Somerset place 
Clydebank, south end of Finnieston. 
Clyde Buildings and Place, Tradeston 

fronting the Harbour, from Glasgow 

bridge to West street. 
Clyde Street (Great), from Jamaica strest 

to Stockwell street. 
Clyde Street (East), from Hutcheson's 

bridge to Stockwell bridge. 
Clyde Street (North), from Main street 

to Stobcross street, Anderston. 
Clyde Street, Port-Dundas. 
Clyde Street, from Stobcross street to 

Anderston quay. 
Clyde Street, Calton, from Canning street 

to Abercromby street. 
Clyde Terrace, from the Old bridge to 

Carlton place. 
Clyde Terrace Court, 13 Clyde terrace. 
Coachwork Close, 82 George street. 
Coburg Place, by St. Rollox. 
Coburg Street, from Norfolk street to 

Bedford street. 
Coburg Street, from Oxford street to 

Norfolk street. 
Cochran Street, from Montrose street to 

George square. 
Cogan's Court, 54 Main street, Bridge- 



Columbia Place, New City road. 

College Church Open, 168 High street. 

College, Old and New Courts, High 
street, east side. 

College Street, High street, opposite the 

College Street (West), from M'Alpine 
street to Brown street. 

Commerce Street, Tradeston. 

Commercial Court, 114 Candleriggs street. 

Commercial Court, 106 Gallowgate. 

Commercial Road, from Adelphi street to 

Cook Street, from Eglmton street to 
West street, Tradeston. 

Cordiner's Court, 47 Stockwell street. 

Com Street, from Port-Dundas to Burn- 

Cornwall Place, west end of Stirling's road. 

Coronation Bxiildings, from South Coburg 
street to Eglinton street. 

Coulter's Lane, from Abercromby street 
to Little street. 

Coulter's Square, 5 Marlborough street 
and 33 Little street. 

Cowcaddens Street, from top of West 
Nile street to New City road. 

Craig's Close, 71 Stockwell street. 

Craig's Court, 95 Argyll street. 

Cranston's Court, Cranston street. 

Cranstonhill, west end of Anderston. 

Cranston Street, west end of Main street, 

Craignestock, east end of Great Hamilton 

Crawford Place, 131 Rottenrow. 

Crawford Street, off Forth street, Port- 

Crescent Place, Sauchiehall street. 

Crossbank, Great Western road. 

Crow Street, off Gallowgate. 

Crown Court, 33 Virginia street. 

Crown Street, from Adelphi street south- 

Crown Street (Upper), from Rutherglen 
loan southward. 

Croy Place, from Turner's court to Max- 
well street. 

Crum's Close, 36 Gallowgate. 

Cubie Street, off Gallowgate. 

Cumberland Court, 168 Gallowgate. 

Cumberland Place, from Eglinton street 
to Abbotsford place. 

Cumberland Street (North), from Can- 
ning street to Catherine street. 

Cumberland Street (South), from Can- 
ning street to Greenhead. 

Cumberland Street, Laurieston, from Ab- 
botsford place eastward. 

Cumberland Street, from Woodland road 
to West Prince's street. 

Currie's Close, 50 High street. 

Cutler's Close, 88 Gallowgate. 

Dale Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 

Dale Street, from Clyde buildings, south- 

Dalhousie Street, Garnethill. 

Dalhousie Lane, off Dalhousie street. 

Dalhousie Place, New City road. 

Dallas Court, 229 Argyll street. 

Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton. 

Deacon's Close, 22 Calton mouth. 

Deacon's Lane, 37 Main street, Calton. 

Deanside Lane, from 74 George street to 

Dean Street, Balm anno street. 

Delftfield Lane, from Argyll street to 

Dempster Street, west side of North Fre- 
derick street. 

Dinning's Court, 47 Dale St., Tradeston. 

Dixon Street, from Great Clyde street to 
Howard street. 

Dobbie's Loan, from Parliamentary road 
to Garscube road. 

Douglas Court, 192 Argyll street. 

Douglas Street, from Argyll street to 
Sauchiehall street. 

Dovehill, Great and Little, from Gallow- 
gate to Gramme street. 

Drummond Place, New City road. 

Drury Street, from West Nile street to 
Renfield street. 

Diygate, from High street to Ladywell 

Duke Street, from High st. to Whitevale. 

Duncan's Close, 125 High street. 

Duncan Street, Canning street. 

Duncan Street, from Marlborough street 
to Abercromby street. 

Dunchattan Buildings, 219 Duke street. 

Dundas Lane, from Dundas street to 
Buchanan street. 

Dundas Place, Port-Dundas road, east 

Dundas Street, Morrison street, Kingston. 

Dundas Street, from West George street 
to Parliamentary road. 

Dundas Vale, Garscube road. 

Dunlop Street, from Argyll street to Jack- 
son street. 

Durham Court, 47 King street. 


Eagle Lane, 53 Maxwell street. 
Eastfield Row, head of North street. 
Eddleston Place, Weaver street. 
Edwin Place, head of Surrey street. 
Eglinton Place, 157 Eglinton street. 
Eglinton Street, from Bridge street to 

Muirhouse toll. 
Elgin Place, Sauchiehall street, corner of 

Pitt street. 



Eldon Place, Kingston place, Tradeston. 
Elmbank Crescent, from Elmbank place 

to Kent road. 
Elmbank Place, from St. Vincent street 

to Elmbank crescent. 
Elmbank Street, from Saucliiehall street 

to St. Vincent street. 
Ewing Place, corner of York street, and 

357 Argyll street. 
Exchange Square (Royal), west side of 

Queen street. 
Exchange Court, 85 Queen street. 
Exchange Court (South), 77 Queen st. 
Exchange Court (North), St. Vincent 

place, and 22 Royal Exchange square. 

Falkland Place, corner of Renfrew street 
and St. George's road. 

Ferguson Street, from Cowcaddens street 
to Cambridge street. 

Fiddler's Close, 75 High street. 

Fife Place, West George street. 

Finlay Place, foot of Maxwell street. 

Finlay Street, from West Russell street 
to Cowcaddens street. 

Finnieston, west end of Stobcross street, 

Fish Market, 108 King street. 

Fitzroy Place, Sauchiehall street, from 
Sandyford place westward. 

Fleming's Place, Cowcaddens. 

Fleming Street, Glenpark. 

Florence Place, Stanley street, Woodlands 

Fox Street, from Dixon street to Max- 
well street. 

Francis Close, 16 Broomielaw. 

Franklin Street, Bridgeton. 

Frazer's Court, 9 Reid street, Bridge- 

Frederick Lane, from North Frederick 
street to North Hanover street. 

Frederick Street (North), from George 
square to Parliamentary road. 

Frederick Street (South), from Ingram 
street to George square. 

French-Horn Close, 88 Trongate. 

French Street, foot of Main st., Bridgeton. 

Fulton's Close, 88 Trongate. 


Gallowgate, from the Cross to Camlachie 

Galloway's Court, 10 George street. 
Galloway's Court, 37 Glassford street. 
Garden Street, from Weaver street to 

Taylor street. 
Gardenside, east end of Dalmarnock road. 
Garnetdale, south of New City road. 
Gamethill, north side of Sauchiehall st. 

Garnethill Street, from Hill street to 
Buccleuch street. 

Garnet Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 

Garscadden Street, from Cowcaddens to 
Port-Dundas road. 

Garscube Place, head of Buchanan street. 

Garscube Road, from Cowcaddens street 
to Round toll. 

Garthland Street, from Hutcheson street 
to Glassford street. 

George Court, 33 Crown street. 

George Street, from Duke street to George 

George Street (West), from George square 
to Blythswood square. 

George Street, Mile-end, Calton. 

George Square, west end of George street 
and Cochran street. 

Gibson's Court, 46 Saltmarket, and 12 
and 30 Prince's street. 

Gibson Street, south side of Gallowgate, 
near Barracks. 

Gillies' Court, 202 Broomielaw. 

Gilmour Place, London street, and St. 
Andrew's lane. 

Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica 

Glassford Street, from Argyll street to 
Ingram street. 

Glebe Street, from Castle street to Gam- 
kirk Railway depot. 

Gloucester Street, Kingston, Tradeston. 

Glenpark, Duke street road, east of Green- 

Goosedtibbs Street, from Stockwell street 
to foot of Old wynd. 

Gorbals, south end of Old bridge. 

Gordon Lane, 9 Gordon street. 

Gordon Street, from Buchanan street to 
Hope street. 

Govanhaugh, south-east side of Hutche- 

Govan Street, Hutchesontown, from south 
end of St. Ninian street to Commercial 

Grace Street, west end of Stobcross street. 

Grasme Street, from Cambridge street to 
Scott street. 

Grreme Street, from Old vennel to Bar- 
rack wall. 

Grafton Square, head of Cornwall street. 

Grafton Terrace, head of N. John street. 

Grafton Street, from Montrose street to 
Cornwall street. 

Graham's Buildings, 62 George street. 

Graham's Court, 117 Candleriggs. 

Graham Square, 445 Gallowgate. 

Graham Street, Dalmarnock road. 

Grant Street, from Cumberland street to 
St. George's road. 

Gray's Court, 34 Dale street, Trade- 
Great Wellington Street, Paisley road. 



Great Western Road, from New City 

road to Botanic Gardens. 
Greenhead, from William street to New 

Greenliill Place, St. Vincent street, from 

Pitt street to India street. 
Greenhill Street, from St. Vincent street 

to Bishop street. 
Greenlaw Place, Paisley road. 
Green Street, Calton, from Canning street 

to Tureen street. 
Greendyke Street, from foot of Saltmarket 

to east end of London street. 
Green Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 
Green Street Lane, west side of Green 

street, Bridgeton. 
Greenside Street, from Hospital street to 

Main street, Gorbals. 
Greenvale, from Bluevale to Glenpark. 
Greenvale Place, South Woodside road. 
Greenvale Place, Cumberland street, west. 
Greenvale Street, from East Rose street 

to Thomson's lane, east. 
Greyfriars' Wynd, 147 High street. 
Grove Street, from Garscube road to 

Columbia place. 
Guildry Court, 137 Bridgegate, and 25 

East Clyde street. 

* H 

Hafton Place, Carnarvon street. 

Hamilton Court, 51 Stockwell street. 

Hamilton Court, 100 Canning street. 

Hamilton Court, 8-4 Main street, Bridge- 

Hamilton Street (Little), from High John 
street to North Frederick street. 

Hamilton Street (Great), from South St. 
Mungo street to Canning street. 

Hanover Street (North), from George sq. 
to Parliamentary road. 

Hanover Street (South), from Ingram st. 
to George square. 

Hartfield Place, Parliamentary road, 

Hartfield Street, Parliamentary road, 

Havannah Street, from High street to 
Burnside lane. 

Hayfield Street, M'Neil street, Hutche- 

High Street, from the Cross to Kirk st. 

Hill's Court, 30 Rose st., Hutchesontown. 

Hill Place, 20 Stirling's road. 

Hill Street, from Duke st. to Gallowgate. 

Hill Street, Garnethill, from Cambridge 
street to St. George's road. 

Hill Street, from Stobcross street to Main 
street, Anderston. 

Holme Place, 278 Argyll street. 

Holmhead Street, Bell's Park, from Dun- 
das street to North Frederick street. 

Holme Street, from Wellington street to 
Pitt street. 

Holland Place, off St. Vincent street. 

Holland Street, from Sauchiehall street 
to St. Vincent street. 

Hope Place, 152 New City road. 

Hope Place, Parliamentary road, Town- 

Hope Street, from Argyll street to West 
Russell street. 

Hope Street, from Main street, Anderston 
to Stobcross street. 

Hopetoun Place, from Rottenrow to Stir- 
ling's road. 

Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch's square. 

Hospital Street, from Adelphi st., south- 

Houston Street, Paisley road. 

Howard Street (East), from Maxwell st. 
to Ropework lane. 

Howard Street, from Jamaica street to 
Maxwell street. 

Howard Street, from Dale street to Savoy 

Hozier's Street, head of Muslin street. 

Hunter Street, west side of Barracks, 

Huntingdon Place, Railroad, Townhead. 

Hutcheson's Bridge, south end of Salt- 
market street. 

Hutcheson Street, from Trongate to Ing- 
ram street. 

Hutchesontown, south end of Hutcheson's 

Hydepark Buildings, head of Hydepark 

Hydepark Corner, south-east corner of 
Hydepark street, Anderston quay. 

Hydepark Place, foot of Hydepark street, 
Anderston quay. 

Hydepark Street, from Stobcross street to 
Anderston quay. 

India Street, from St. Vincent street to 

Elmbank crescent. 
India Street, from Somerset place to 

Ingram Buildings, 131 Ingram street. 
Ingram Court (East), 21 Ingram street. 
Ingram Court (West), 163 Ingram street, 

and 100 Queen street. 
Ingram Place, 111 Ingram street. 
Ingram Street, from Candleriggs street 

to Queen street. 
Inkle-Factory Lane, from Shuttle street 

to North Albion street. 

Jackson Street, from Stockwell street to 
Dunlop street. 



JafFray's Close, 14 Goosedubbs street. 
Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket street. 
Jamaica Street, from Argyll street to 

Glasgow bridge. 
James's Court, 18 Eose street, Hutcheson- 

James Street, Greenhead, Bridgeton. 
James Street (East), from Waterloo street 

to Church lane. 
James Street, from Stevenson street to 

Millroad street. 
Jamieson's Court, 113 King street. 
Jamieson's Lane, 72 Main st., Anderson. 
Jane Place, Paterspn street, Kingston. 
Jane Street, off Blythswood square. 
Johnston's Place, Barony glebe (east end), 

Stirling's road. 
John's Court, 39 Crown street. 
John Street (High), from George street 

to Stirling's road. 
John Street (Low), from Ingram street 

to George street. 
John Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 
John Street (East), east end of Gallow- 

John Street Lane, John street, Bridgeton. 


Kelvin Grove Street, from west end of 
Sauchiehall street to Eoyal terrace. 

Kelvin Street, south of North Woodside 

Kenmure Place, Glebe street, Parliamen- 
tary road. 

Kennedy Street, from Castle street to 
Glebe street. 

Kensington Place, Sauchiehall street. 

Kent Eoad, from Sauchiehall street to 
North street. 

Kent Street, ' from Gallowgate to Great 
Hamilton street. 

Kent Place, off Kent road. 

Keir Place, Glebe St., Parliamentary road. 

Kerr Street, from Little street to Mill- 
road street. 

Killermont Street, west end of Parlia- 
mentary road. 

Kinell Place, Eenfrew court. 

Kingston Place, Tradeston. 

King's Arms Close, 66 Trongate. 

King Street, from Trongate to Bridge- 

King Street, Calton, from Calton-mouth 
to Green street. 

King Street, Mile-end. 

King Street, Tradeston, from Bridge st, 

Kinning Place, Paisley road. 

Kirk Close, 59 Main street, Anderston. 

Kirk Street, from Castle st. to High st. 

Kirk Street, from Main street to Green 
street, Calton. 

Kirk Street, from Main street to Buchan 
street, Gorbals. 

Kirkwood's Court, 125 Main street, An- 

Lansdowne Crescent, Great Western road, 

near Kelvin bridge. 
Ladywell Street, foot of Drygate. 
Laigh-Kirk Close, from 59 Trongate to 

Prince's street. 
Lancefield, west end of Stobcross street. 
Lancefield Place, Lancefield, west end of 

Anderston quay. 
Lancefield Street, from Stobcross to foot 

of Hydepark. 
Landressy Street, south of Canning street. 
Largo Place, New City road. 
Laurieston, south side of the river, be- 
tween Portugal street and Bridge st. 
Law's Buildings, 118 and 126 Bridgegate. 
Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh. 
Lawson's Court, 125 Trongate. 
Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate. 
Leopard Close, 80 High street. 
Lilly Place, Pollockshaws road. 
Lind Place, corner of Dalhousie street and 

Buccleuch street. 
Little Street, Calton. 
Liverpool Court, 249 Arg}-ll street. 
London Lane, 48 London street. 
London Street, from the Cross to Mon- 

teith row. 
Love Loan, from Eottenrow to head of 

North Hanover street. 
Low Green Street, from St. Andrew's 

square to Green street. 
Lumsden's Model Buildings, Eoslin place. 
Lyceum Court, 72 Nelson street. 
Lyndhurst Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Lynedoch Crescent, Woodlands road. 
Lynedoch Place, Woodlands road. 
Lynedoch Street, Woodlands road. 
Lyon Street, from Garscube road to North 

Woodside road. 


Mack's Close, 125 Saltmarket street. 

M 'Adam's Lane, from Garscube road to 

North Woodside road. 
M' Alpine's Close, 27 Stockwell street. 
M'Alpine Street, from Argyll street to 

M' Arthur's Buildings, 12 Anderston quay. 
M'Combe's Brae, Burnside lane, opposite 

Havannah street. 
M'Farlane Street, from Gallowgate to 

Graeme street. 
M'Gill's Close, 87 Stockwell street. 
M'Kechnie Street, from Clyde street, 

Calton, to Park lane. 
M'Nicol's Court, 209 High street. 



M'Pherson Street, 50 High street. . 

M'Symori Place, West Campbell street 
,-. arid Holme street. . .. • 

Madeira Buildings, Argyll street, corner 
of Oswald street. 

Madeira Court, 263 Argyll street. 

Main Street, Anderston, from Argyll street 
to Sandvford. 

Main Street, Bridgeton, from Canning- 
street to .Rutherglen bridge. 

Main Street, Calton, from Well street to 
King street. . 

Main Street, Gorbals, from the Old bridge 
to Gorbals toll. 

Main's Street, from Argyll street to Sau- 
chiehall street. 

Maitland Street, from Cowcaddens to 

Malta Street, from Main street to Nor- 
folk street. 

Manhattan. -Buildings, 30 South Hanover 

Mansfield Place, west end of West Regent 
street and Pitt street. 

Margaret Street, from Little Hamilton 
street to Love loan. 

Margaret Street (South), off Eglinton st. 

Market Lane, Jail square. 

Market Street, from Bridgegate to East 
Clyde street. 

Market Street (East), from Millroad St. 
to Gallowgate. 

Marlborough Street, from Little street to 
East Rose street. 

Marshall's Closes, 81 and 127 Bridgegate. 

'Marshall's Court, 5 and 9 S. Hanover st. 

Marshall Street, from Gallowgate to King 
street, Calton. 

Martyr Street, from Parson street to Par- 
liamentary road. 

Mason Street, from Castle street to Wea- 
ver street. 

Maxwell Street, south from Argyll street 
to Great Clyde street. 

Maxwellton Place, Paisley road. 

Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad street. 

Meadow Side, Woodlands road. 

Melbourne Place, Kingston. 

Melrose Street, from Great Western road 
to Queen's crescent. 

Melville Lane, 43 Gordon street. 

Melville Place, 132 Trongate. 

Melville Street, from Wallace street to 
St. James's street. 

.Merchants' House, 72 Hutcheson street. 

Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to East 
Clyde street. 

Methven Place, corner of Maitland street 
and Milton street. 

Middleton Place, Gamgad road by St. 

Miller's Place, from King street to Salt- 
market street. 

Miller Street, from Argyll street to Ingram 

Miller Street (East), Bluevale. 
Millfield, Rose street, Hutchespntown. 
Millroad Street, from King street to Aber- 

cromby street. 
Milton Place, St. Vincent street, from 

Douglas street to Pitt street. 
Milton Street, from Cowcaddens to Deb- 
bie's loan. 
Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan street to 

Mitchell street. 
Mitchell Street, from Argyll street to 

Gordon street. 
Moncrieff Street, from Kirk st. to Malta st. 
Monkland Street, from Castle street to 

Parliamentary road. 
Montague Place, Bath street. 
Montrose Street, from Ingram street to 

Stirling's road. 
Moodie's Court, 31 Argyll street. 
Monteith Row, east of London street. 
Monteith Lane, back of Monteith row. 
Moore Place, West George street. 
Moore Street, Gallowgate. 
Morrison's Court, 108 Argyll street. 
Morris Place, Monteith row. 
Morrison Street, Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Muir's Buildings, 7 Melville street. 
Muirhead Street, Hutchesontown, from 

Adelphi street to Rutherglen loan. 
Munro's Court, G3 Stockwell street. 
Murray Place, New City road. 
Muslin Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 
Mutton Market, 86 King street. 


Napier's Closes, 77 and 85 Saltmarket st. 

Napiershall Street, from Great Western 
road to North Woodside road. 

Nassau Court, 51 Main street, Anderston. 

National Bank Buildings, Queen street. 

Nelson Street, from Trongate to Stirling 

Nelson Street, from Bridge street to Mor- 
rison street, Tradeston. 

New City Road, from Cowcaddens to 
North Woodside road. 

New London Road, from Canning street, 

New Street, Calton, from Russell street 
to Calton cross. 

New Vennel, from High street to Bum- 
side lane. 

New Wynd, from 119 Trongate to Bridge- 

Newton Place, Sauchiehall street, from 
Woodside crescent, westward. 

Nicholas Street, from 219 High street to 
Shuttle street. 

Nicholson Street, from Carlton place to 
Norfolk street. 



Nile Street (East), 79 Gallowgate. 

Nile Street (West), from Gordon street 
to Cowcaddens toll. 

Normal Place, Garscube road. 

Norfolk Court, 32 Norfolk street. 

Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk street to Bed- 
ford street. 

Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from Bridge 
street to Portugal street. 

North Street, Anderston, from Main street 
to Richard street. 

North Woodside Road, from Garscube 
road to Woodside. 

Oakfield Place, Douglas street and Jane 

Old Coach Close, 151 Gallowgate. 

Old Post-Office Court, 114 Trongate. 

Old Swan Close, 181 Trongate. 

Old Wynd, from 153 Trongate to Bridge- 

Old Vennel, from High st. to Graeme st. 

Orr Street, Mile-end, from Canning street 
to Broad street. 

Osborne Buildings, Sauchiehall street. 

Oswald's Buildings, New London road. 

Oswald Court, 71 Maxwell street. 

Oswald Street, from Argyll street to 
Broom ielaw quay. 

Oswald Street, from Dalmarnock road to 
New London road. 

Oxford Street, Laurieston, from Bridge 
street to Nicholson street. 

Parker's Court, 82 King street, Calton. 
Parkhouse Lane, from Duke street to 

Park Lane, Mile-end, from Orr street to 

Little street, Calton. 
Park Place, west end of Bridgegate. 
Park Place, Paisley road. 
Parliamentary Road, from Buchanan st. 

to Castle street. 
Parson Green, Parson street. 
Parson Street, from Villafield place to 

Castle street. 
Paterson Street, from Tarbert street to 

Paterson Street, Morrison street. 
Paterson Street, off William street, An- 
Peel Street, Mile-end. 
Peel Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Peter's Buildings, 8 and 13 Anderston 

Peter's Buildings, 67 West Nile street. 
Phoenix Place, Garscube road. 
Pettigrew Street (South), from Havannah 

street to Duke street. 

Piccadilly Street, Anderston, from Stob-- 

cross street to Anderston quay. 
Pipehouse. Close, 93 High street. . 
Pitt Street, from Argyll street-to Sauchie- 
hall street. 
Pollock Court, 5 Thistle street. 
Pollock Street, off Paisley road.. 
Poison's Buildings, off Paisley road. 
Port-Eglinton, Paisley Canal basin. 
Portland Place (North), 136 Rottenrow. 
Portland Street (South),' end of New 

Wooden Bridge, Laurieston. 
Portland Street, from George street to 

Portugal Street, from Norfolk street to 

Surrey street, Laurieston. 
Post-Office Court, 67 Canning street, 

Pratt's .Court, 109 Argyll street, and 9 

Maxwell street. 
Prince's Street, from Saltmarket street to 

King street. 
Prince's Street, from St. George's road to 

Queen's crescent. 
Prince of Wales' Buildings, from 34 to 

56 Buchanan street. 
Provan Court, 40 North Frederick street. 
Provan Place, head of North Montrose 

Provanside, 127 Stirling's road. 
Puddock Row, from Portugal street to 

Main street, Gorbals. 
Pultney Street, from Dobbie's loan to Cut 

of Junction Canal. 

Queen Arcade, 110 Renfrew street, north 

Queen Court, 62 Queen street. 

Queen's Crescent, west of St. George's road. 

Queenstown, Great Western Road, ad- 
joining Botanic Garden. 

Queen Street, from Argyll st. to George 

Queen Street (North), north west side of 
George square. 

Queen Terrace, from Cumberland street to 
West Prince's street. 


Randolph Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Reform Court, 50 Commerce street. 
Regent Place, east end of Blackfriars' st. 
Regent Place, West Campbell street. 
Regent Street, from West Nile street to 

Blythswood square. 
Regent Terrace, Stirling's road. 
Reid's Court, 56 Trongate. 
Reid Street, Bridgeton. 
Renfield Lane, from Renfield street to 

Hope street. 


Reufield Street, from Union street to Cow- 

caddens street. 
Renfrew Court, 18 Renfrew street. 
Renfrew Lane, from West Nile street to 

Hope street. 
Renfrew Street, from Buchanan street to 

St. George's road. 
Richmond Lane, 82 Gallowgate. 
Richmond Street, from Montrose street to 

Portland street. 
Richard Street, from Greenhill street to 

North street. 
Risk Street, Great Hamilton street. 
Ritchie's Lane, 19 Clyde street, Calton. 
Robertson's Court, 179 Argyll street. 
Robertson's Lane, Robertson street. 
Robertson's Place, corner of Shuttle st. 

and Nicholson street. 
Robertson Street, from Argyll street to 

Ronald Street, from Taylor street to Dob- 

bie's loan. 
Ropework Entry, 108 Stockwell street. 
Ropework Lane, from Jackson street to 

Great Clyde street. 
Roslin Place, west end of Burnside street, 

Garscube road. 
Roslin Terrace, corner of Abbotsford place, 

Cumberland street. 
Rosehall Buildings, west end of Burnside 

Rose Place, corner of Rose street, and 

Hill street, Garnethill. 
Rose Street, from Adelphi street to Ruther- 

glen loan. 
Rose Street (East), from Abercromby st. 

to James street, Mile-end. 
Rose Street, Garnethill, from Sauchiehall 

street to Cowcaddens. 
Rottenrow, from High street to High 

John street. 
Royal Circus, foot of Clarendon place. 
Royal Crescent, west end of Sauchiehall 

Royal Bank Place, from Buchanan street 

to Royal Exchange square. 
Royal Exchange Place, from Buchanan 

street to Royal Bank. 
Royal Terrace, back of Royal crescent. 
Rumford Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 
Russell Street, Kent street, east side. 
Russell Street (West), north end of Hope 

Rutherford Lane, from Renfield street to 

Hope street. 
Rutherglen Loan, from Main street to 

Little Govan. 
Rutland Crescent, Govan road. 
Rutland Place, Govan road. 

Salem Place, Holmhead street. 
Salisbury Place, Shaws road. 

Salisbury Street, from Cumberland street 

to Pollockshaws road. 
Saltmarket Street, from Cross to Hut- 

cheson's Bridge. 
Sandyford, west end of Anderston. 
Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall road, from 

Kent road, westward. 
Saracen's Lane, 207 Gallowgate. 
Sauchiehall Street, from West Nile street 

to Sandyford. 
Sauchiehall Lane, from Renfield street to 

Douglas street. 
Savoy Street, Bridgeton. 
Sawmillfield Place, Garscube road, from 

Dobbie's loan to Possil toll. 
Scotland Street, off West St., Tradeston. 
Scotland Street, off Woodside terrace. 
Scott's Court,, 77 Main street, Anderston. 
Scott's Court, 349 Gallowgate. 
Scott's Place, 60 Centre street. 
Scott Street, from Sauchiehall street to 

Buccleuch street. 
Scotia Street, Columbia place. 
School Wynd, 11 7 Main street, Anderston. 
Shamrock Street, from east end of New 

City road to St. George's road. 
Sharp's Lane, 80 Main street, Anderston. 
Shaw's Court, 30 John street, Bridgeton. 
Short's Court, 162 Main St., Bridgeton. 
Silvergrove, Duncan street, Calton. 
Simpson's Court, 5 Franklin street. 
Smithfield Buildings, foot of Oswald st. 
St. Andrew's Open, from Gallowgate to 

St. Andrew's square. 
St. Andrew's Square, principal entry from 

Saltmarket street. 
St. Andrew's Street, from Saltmarket st. 

to St. Andrew's square. 
St. Ann Street, from Duke street to the 

Merchants' quarry. 
St. David's Court, 16 Canon street. 
St. Enoch Lane, 145 Argyll street. 
St. Enoch Square, south side of Argyll 

street, opposite Buchanan street. 
St. Enoch Wynd, south side of Argyll 

street to Howard street. 
St. George's Court, 94 West Nile street. 
St. George's Place, west side of Buchanan st. 
St. George's Road, from Sauchiehall 

street to North Woodside road. 
St. James's Road, from Taylor street to 

Parliamentary road. 
St. James's Street, from Castle street to 

Parliamentary road. 
St. James's Street, Paisley road. 
St. James's Street, from Melville street 

to Kingston place. 
St. John's Place, east end of Grasme st. 
St. Joseph's Place, ofi° Abercromby st. 
St. Margaret's Place, from Bridgegate to 

Jail square. 
St. Mary's Lane, from West Nile street 

to Renfield street. 


St. Mary's Buildings, St. Vincent and 

Renfield streets. 
St. Mungo Street (South), from Gallow- 
gate to Green entry. 
St. Mungo Street, from Stirling's road to 

Parson street. 
St. Nicholas Place, from Kirk street to 

Weaver street. 
St. Nmian Street, Adelphi street. 
St. Rollox, TWnhead. 
St. Vincent Place, from George square to 

Buchanan street. 
St. Vincent Street, from Buchanan street 

to Partick road. 
Shuttle Street, from Canon street to 

George street. 
Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle st. 
Sinclair's Court, 363 Gallowate. 
Sister Street, Orr street, Calton. 
Smeal's Buildings, 64 Govanhaugh. 
Smith's Court, 62 Brunswick street and 

53 Candleriggs street. 
Smith's Court, 62 Jamaica street. 
Smith's Court, 118 Dalmarnock road. 
Smith's Place, 40 Dalmarnock road. 
Soho Street, off Gallowgate. 
Soho Place, off Soho street. 
Somerset Place, Sauchiehall st., west end. 
Sommerville Place, Monteith row. 
Spoutmouth, from Gallowgate to Old 

Spreull's Court, 182 Trongate. 
Springfield Court, from 69 Queen street 

to Buchanan street. 
Springhill Place, St. George's road. 
Springgrove Place, Grove street. 
Spring Place, opposite Lawmoor place. 
Stafford Street, from Pultney street, east. 
Stafford Place, New City road. 
Stanhope Place, 107 Stobcross street. 
Stanhope Street, from Dobbie's loan to 

Parson street. 
Stanley Place, 107 Eglinton street. 
Stanley Street, from Woodlands road to 

Carnarvon street. 
Steel Street, from Saltmarket street to 

Low Green street. 
Stepney Court, 137 London street. 
Stepney Place, corner of London and 

Charlotte streets. 
Stevenson Street, from Kirk street to 

Clyde street, Calton. 
Stewart's Court, 45 Candleriggs street. 
Stewart Street, from Ann street to Stir- 
ling street, Port-Dundas. 
Stirling's Road, from High John street to 

Townhead toll. 
Stirling Square, west end of Stirling st. 
Stirling Street, from High street to Stir- 
ling square. 
Stirling Street (South), from Bedford 

street to Margaret street. 
Stirling Street, from Cowcaddens street 

to Dobbie's loan. 

Stobcross Street, from Washington street 
to Finnieston. 

Stockwell Court, 39 Stock well street. 

Stockwell Place, Stockwell st., west side. 

Stockwell Street, from Trongate to Stock- 
well bridge. 

Stormont Street, east side of Maxwell st. 

Stourbridge Court, 210 Argyll street. 

Struthers' Court, 43 Dalmarnock road. 

Struthers Street, Calton, from Stevenson 
street to Millroad Street. 

Suffolk Street, from South St. Mungo 
street to Kent street. 

Sugar-house Closes, 132 and 138 Gallow- 

Summer Street, Mile-end. 

Sun Close, 19 Saltmarket street. 

Surrey Place, head of Surrey street, Pol- 
lockshaws road. 

Surrey Street, from Portugal street to 
Edwin place. 

Sussex Place, 9 Adelphi street. 

Swan Close, 112 Main street, Gorbals. 

Sweep's Close, 72 High street. 

Sweet's Court, 109 Great Hamilton st. 

Sydney Court, 62 Argyll street. 

Sydney Street, east end of Gallowgate 
north side. 

Tanwork Close, 89 Gallowgate. 
Tarbert Street, Balmanno street. 
Taylor Street, from Rottenrow to Parson 

Tennent Street, from Castle st. to Glebe 

Terrace Street, off St. Vincent street, 

Greenhill place. 
Thistle Street, from Adelphi street, south- 
Thistle Street, from Sauchiehall street to 

Hill street, Garnethill. 
Thomas Street, east end of Duke street 

Thomson's Court, 138 Main street, 

Thomson's Lane, Marlborough street, 

Thomson's Lane, from Green street to 

Risk street. 
Thomson's Square, 60 Main street, Au- 

Thrushgrove, corner of Milton street and 

Tobago Street, Calton, Canning street to 

Stevenson street. 
Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 34 Tron- 
Tontine Close, 34 Trongate. 
Torwood Place, Buccleuch street, Garnet 

Tourville Buildings, head of Brunswick 




Tradeston, at the south end of Glasgow 

Trafalgar Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 
Trafalgar Place, 120 Broomielaw. 
Trongate, from the Cross to Stockwell 

and Glassford street. 
Tureen Street, from Gallowgate to King 

street, Calton. 
Turner's Court, 87 Argyll street. 
Tylefield Street, from Gallowgate to Soho 



Union Court, 172 Argyll street. 
Union Place, North street, Anderston. 
Union Street, from Argyll street to Gor- 
don street. 
Union Street, and Union Lane, Calton. 
Ure Place, Montrose street. 

Victoria Court, 19 Gallowgate. 
Victoria Place, Upper Crown street. 
Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street. 
Victoria Place, 46 Buccleuch street. 
Villafield, north end of Taylor street. 
Villafield Place, head of Taylor street. 
Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street. 
Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street. 
Virginia Place, head of Virginia street. 
Virginia Street, from Argyll street to 
Ingram street. 


Waddel's Court, 48 Stockwell street. 

Wallace Court, Bell street, south side. 

Wallace Court, 72 Maitland street. 

Wallace Street, Eglinton street. 

Wallace Street, 107 Maitland street. 

Walmer Place, head of Hospital street. 

Warroch Street, from Stobcross street to 
Anderston quay. 

Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen street. 

Warwick Street, from Norfolk street to 
Bedford street. 

Washington Street, from Main Street, 
Anderston, to Anderston quay. 

Waterloo Place, off Dundas St., Kingston. 

Waterloo Close, 91 Stockwell street. 

Waterloo Street, from Hope st. to Pitt St. 

Waterloo Street, from Greenvale street, 

Waterport Buildings, from 10 to 18 Great 
Clyde street. 

Water Street, Port-Dundas, from Ann 
street to Port-Dundas road. 

Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate. 

Watt Street, from Broomielaw street to 
Argyll street. 

Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stir- 
ling's road. 

Wellcroft Place, 157 Eglinton place. 

Well Street, Main street, to Great Ha- 
milton street. 

Wellington Arcade, from 122 Sauchiehall 
street to Renfrew street. 

Wellington Court, 43 Argyll street. 

Wellington Lane, from Wellington street 
to Pitt street. 

Wellington Place, east end of Adelphi st. 

Wellington Place (North), Sauchiehall st. 

Wellington Street, from Argyll street to 
Sauchiehall street. 

Wellington Street, from Wellington place 
to Lawmoor place. 

Wellpark, St. Anne street. 

Wemyss Place, east end of Hill street, 

West Street, from Clyde buildings south- 
wards, Tradeston. 

West Street, off Canning street. 

Western Bank Buildings, south side of 
Canning street, Calton. 

Western Place, Grove street. 

Western Road (Great), from New City 
road to Botanic Gardens. 

Whitevale, from Gallowgate to Duke st. 

William Street, Anderston, west of North 

William Street, Eglinton street. 

William Street, Greenhead, south of Can- 
ning street. 

William Street, Broad street, Mile-end. 

William Street, Cowcaddens. 

Williamson's PL, 34 John st., Bridgeton. 

Willowbank Place, Sauchiehall street. 

Wilson Street, from Candleriggs street to 
Virginia street. 

Wilson's Close, 139 Saltmarket. 

Wilson's Court, 57 Argyll street. 

Wilson's Court, 8 Broomielaw. 

Windsor Place, Sauchiehall street. 

Windsor Terrace (West), Queenstown, or 
Great Western road. 

Windsor Terrace (East), St. George's rd. 

Wood's Buildings, 55 Duke street. 

Wood Lane, 338 Gallowgate. 

Wood Lane, 30 Broomielaw. 

Woodlands Road, back of Woodside cres- 

Woodlands Terrace, off Claremont terrace. 

Woodside Crescent, west end of Sauchie- 
hall street, north side. 

Woodside Place, Woodside crescent. 

Woodside Terrace, north end of Woodside 

World's End, Finnieston. 

Wright Street, from Duke street to Lady- 
well street. 

York Street, from Argyll st. to Broomie- 
York Street, Little Govan. 
York Lane, 24 York street. 
York Place, 339 Argyll street. 
Young's Buildings, 292 Argyll street. 
Young Street, off Gallowgate. 



ABERCROMBY, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 45 Candleriggs street. 

Abercromby, Alexander, of Alexander Abercromby 4' Co., bouse, 8 Woodside terrace. 

Abercromby, John, of Alexander Abercromby $• Co., house, 45 Union street. 

Abercromby, John, victualler, 223 High street. 

Abercromby, John, grocer, 293 Parliamentary road. 

Abercrombie, Laurie, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 1 Prince's square, 
48 Buchanan street. 

ABERDEEN, Mrs., 1 Kensington place. 

Aberdeen Bank. Royal Bank, agents. 

Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance Company, office, 111 St. Vincent street. Wm. 
Geddes Smith, local secretaiy and agent ; John Notman, accountant. See Ad- 
vertisement in Appendix. 

Aberdeen Shipping Office, 101 Union street. 

Aberdeen Insurance Company. David Tainsh, agent, 44 George square. 

Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society, office, 71 Union street. Charles 
Rutherford, secretary. 

ABERNETHY, J. D., surgeon dentist, of London, 189 Buchanan street. See Ad- 
vertisement in Appendix. 

Abernethy, John, victualler, 223 High street. 

ADAIR, Peter, grocer, 62 Tobago street. 

ADAM, Alexander, grocer, 38 Cook street. 

Adam & Anderson, merchants and commission agents, 12 Prince's square, Bu- 
chanan street. 

Adam, Archibald M., of W. S. Lorrain $ Adam, house, 191 Hill street, Gamethill. 

Adam, Brothers, & Co., merchants, 97 Maxwell street. 

Adam, James, fruiterer, 81 Argyll street, and 27 Howard street. 

Adam, James, of Paton $ Adam, 121 Cumberland street. 

Adam, James, of John Waller § Co., house, 201 Buchanan street. 

Adam, James, house factor and agent, 60 Marlborough street. 

Adam, J. G., & Walker, printers and manufacturers, 12 St. Vincent place, works, 
Denovan, near Denny, and 45 Brook street, Mile-end. 

Adam, J. G., of J. G. Adam § Walker, residence, Denovan house, Stirlingshire. 

Adam, John, builder; brick, tile, and pottery works; Roman cement, coal dust, and 
general grinder, 206 Duke street, house, 208 do. 

Adam, John, at Muir, Brown, <f Co.'s, house, 146 Rottenrow street. 

Adam, John, grocer, 82 Govan street. 

Adam, John, of William Adam. § Son, house, Milnbank. 

Adam, John, late provision merchant, 34 Shamrock street. 

Adam, Matthew, A.M., teacher of mathematics, &c, 17 St. Andrew square. 

Adam, Peter, of William M'Laren, Son, § Co., house, 6 South Wellington place. 

Adam, Robert Parker, of Adam, Brothers, # Co., house, Tour, near Kilmarnock. 

Adam, Robert, surgeon, 47 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Adam, Robert, flesher, 180 Stirling's road, house, 3 Balmanno street. 

Adam, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Surrey lane. 


Adam, Williams, & Son, bleachers, Milnbank. 

Adam, William, of Adam # Anderson, house, 9 Clarendon place. 

Adam & Wright, manufacturers of small wares, hosiers, glovers, &c., Old Post 

Office court, 114 Trongate. 
Adam, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 38 North Frederick street. 
Adam, Mrs., furnishing shop, 34 George street. 
Adam, Mrs., milliner, 134 Trongate street. 
Adam, Mrs., 116 Sauchiehall street. 
Adam, Miss, staymaker, 116 Sauchiehall street. 
Adam, E., milliner, 54 Buchanan street, house, 15 Dixon street. 
ADAMS, C. & R., smiths and scale beam-makers, 49 Trongate. 
Adams, Alex. Maxwell, jun., M.D., 23 Buccleuch street. 
Adams, Alex. Maxwell, M.D., 86 Albert place, Buccleuch street. 
Adams & Bennie, grocers and tea dealers, 21 Jamaica street. 
Adams, George, bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 13 Nelson street. 
Adams, James, Tradeston saw-mills, house, head of Paterson street, Kingston. 
Adams, James, M.D., surgeon, 34 Buccleuch street. 
Adams, Joseph, & Co., provision merchants and commission agents, 108 Stockwell 

Adams, John K., of Third, Adams, # Co., house, 72 Balmoral place, St. George's road. 
Adams, Richard and Robert, teachers of music (cornopean, piano-forte, and violin), 

2 Somerville place, Monteith row. 
Adams, William, house factor and commission agent, at John irindoe's, 40 Brown 

Adams, Mrs. James, lodgings, 60 Renfrew street. 
Adams, Mrs. John, wine and spirit dealer, 40 Orr street, Calton, 
Adams, Mrs., grocer, 201 New City road. 

Adams, Misses, teachers of music (piano-forte), 2 Somerville place, Monteith row. 
ADAMSON, Alexander, spirit dealer, 32 Broomielaw. 
Adamson, Alex., coppersmith, 38 Stockwell street. 
Adamson & Hyslop, tailors and clothiers, 50 South Portland street. 
Adamson, Oliver G., & Co., Brazilian merchants, commission merchants, and agents 

for the purchase of goods, 32 George square. 
Adamson, William, glazier, 20 Main street, Gorbals. 
Adelphi Dyework, Govan street, Hutchesontown. 
Adelphi Distillery, 4 Muirhead street, Hutchesontown. 
Adelphi Foundry, Commercial road, Hutchesontown. 
Adelphi street Equitable Loan Office, 30 Adelphi street. 

ADDIE, Gavin, coalmaster, Eawyards Colliery, 56 Broomielaw street, depot, Cale- 
donian Railway Station, St. Rollox. 
Addie & Miller, coalmasters, St. Mary's Buildings, 33 Renfield street. 
Addie, Miller, & Rankin, ironmasters, 33 Renfield street. 

Addie, Robert, of Addie, Miller, § Rankin, residence, Rosehall house, by Coatbridge. 
ADIE, Alex. J., engineer, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, North Queen street. 
Adie, Andrew, Eddleston place, Stirling's road. 
Adie, William, & Co., spirit dealers, 29 St. James's road. 
ADSHEAD, James, boilermaker, 18 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Affidavit Office for England and Ireland, Drew & M'Clure, 11 Buchanan street. 
Affidavit Office for English and Irish Courts of Chancery, 77 Montrose street. 
AFLECK, John, pawnbroker and jeweller, 172 Argyll street, 6 Union street, house, 

Grafton square. 
AFFLECK, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 17 James's street, east. 
Affleck, Joseph, house factor and agent for the North British, and Standard Fire and 

Life Insurance Companies, 56 Cumberland street. 
Affleck, Robert, house factor, 492 Gallowgate, office, 33 Virginia street. 
AGNEW, David, baker, 30 Little street. 
Agnew, George, boot and shoemaker, 7 Findlay street 
Agnew, John, surgeon, 1 King street, Tradeston. 
Agnew, John, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 113 Gallowgate, 
Agnew, Peter, clothier, 46 Jamaica street. 
Agnew, Samuel & George, boot and shoemakers and leather cutters, 122 Cowcaddens 

street, house, 7 North Woodside road. 
Agnew, William, agent and umbrella maker, 74 Stevenson street. 


Agriculturist Cattle Insurance Co., Eobert M'Cowan, agent, 67 Miller street. 
AIRMAN, Alex., 64 Buchanan street, house, 260 West George street. 
Aikman, George, iron merchant, 17 Gordon street, house, Renfrew road, Govan. 
Aiknian, John, Royal Bank, residence, Rosevale, Dumbarton road, Partick. 
Aikman, Matthew, writer and notary public, 132 South Portland street. 
Aikman, Peter & Thomson, commission merchants, 64 Buchanan street. 
Aikman, Peter, ofP.$T. Aikman, house, 177 West Regent street, corner of Blyths- 

wood square. 
Aikman, Robert, merchant and insurance broker, 17 Gordon street, house, 260 West 

George street. 
Aikman, Thomas, calenderer, 77 Glassford street. 

Aikman, Thomson, of P. 6f T. Aikman, house, Florentine Bank, Hillhead. 
Aikman, William, teller, Clydesdale Bank, house, 260 West George st., Brandon pi. 
AIMER, Geo., manager Glasgow Printing Co., house, 10 North Coburg street. 
AINSLIE, David, of William Ainslie cj- Son, house, 133 Hospital street. 
Ainslie, J., auctioneer and appraiser, sheriff-officer and constable, 36 East Clyde st. 
Ainslie, William, & Son, candlemakers, 47 Main street, Gorbals. 
AIRD, William, saddler, 13 Exchange square. 
AITCHISON, Alex., patent grease manufacturer, 28 Spoutmouth, house, 156 Gal- 

Aitchison, John, merchant and patentee of sugar machines, 105 Kensington place, 

Sauchiehall street. 
Aitchison, William, provision merchant, 72 Robertson street. 
Aitchison, Misses, dressmakers, 29 Hutcheson street. 
AITKEN, John, wine, spirit, tea, and tobacco merchant, 96 and 216 High street, 134 

and 136 King street, house, 65 Charlotte street. 
Aitken, Alexander, manufacturer of galas, &c, Smith's court, 53 Candleriggs. 
Aitken, Andrew N, wine and spirit merchant, 495 and 497 Gallowgate, and 407i 

Argyll street, house, 493 Gallowgate. 
Aitken, D. T., teacher, 6 Rottenrow street. 

Aitken & Drummond, yarn agents and commission merchants, 102 Virginia place. 
Aitken, Edward, house factor, Greenhead. 

Aitken, Hugh, & Co., dyers and calico printers, 709 Gallowgate. 
Aitken, Hugh, of Hugh Aitken cf Co., house, 20 Whitevale. 

Aitken, J. H., teacher of English composition, elocution, and Latin, 48 George sq. 
Aitken, James, watchmaker, 364 Argyll street. 

Aitken, James, engineer, of Murdoch, Aitken, cj- Co., residence, Beech wood, Partick. 
Aitken, James, baker, 10 Water street, Port-Dundas. 
Aitken, James H., jun., teacher of writing, arithmetic, geography, navigation, and 

mathematics, 48 George square. 
Aitken, James, jeweller, 96 Argyll street, house, 9 Maxwell street. 
Aitken, James, painter and paper-hanger, 25 New wynd. 
Aitken, James & John, woollen drapers, 14 Gallowgate. 
Aitken, James, of Robt. Gilkison 4" Co., 4 St. James's street, Kingston. 
Aitken, Dr. John, M.D., 21 Blythswood square. 
Aitken, John, coal agent, 18 Little Hamilton street. 
Aitken, John, spirit dealer, 396 Gallowgate. 
Aitken, John, 107 Crown street, Hutchesontown. 
Aitken, John, grocer, 108 Great Hamilton street. 
Aitken, John, cowfeeder and coal agent, 125 West Nile street. 
Aitken, Mark, builder, 54 Buccleuch street. 

Aitken, Mathie, & Co., iron founders, Kelvin Foundry, 14 Gordon street. 
Aitken, Peter, jeweller, 96 Argyll street, house, 213 Buchanan street. 
Aitken, Robert, of Buchanan, Aitken, cf- Co., house, 201 Bath street. 
Aitken, Robert, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 9 and 11 Nile street, Gallowgate. 
Aitken, Robert, pastry baker, 126 High street, house, 136 do. 
Aitken, William, candlemaker, 4 and 8 Cross Gibson street. 
Aitken, William, manufacturer, 38 Queen street, house, 20 St. George's road. 
i Aitken, William, wright, Greenhead, house, 60 Tobago street, Calton. 
Aitken, Mrs. Mary, spirit dealer, 5 Monkland street. 
Aitken, Mrs., spirit dealer, 22 Laigh-kirk close. 

Aitken, Misses, ladies' seminary for needlework, music, &c, 48 George square. 
Aitken, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 76 Great Hamilton street. 



AITKENHEAD, Alexander, baker, 110 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Aitkenhead, Alexander, commission merchant, 134 Bridgegate. 

Aitkenhead, Alexander, general grocer and victualler, 398 Argyll street. 

Aitkenhead, James, dairyman, 40 Stockwell street. 

Aitkenhead, Mrs., lodgings, 201 Buchanan street. 

Aitkenhead, Mrs., victualler, 10 Main street, Calton. 

ALCORN, James, plasterer, 253 Parliamentary road. 

ALEXANDER, Andrew, of James Alexander £$• Son, house, 38 West Campbell street. 

Alexander, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Shuttle street. 

Alexander, Edward, merchant, 7 Montrose street, residence, Ardoch cottage, by 

Alexander, Edward, jun., of Corbett, Alexander, 6f Co., 7 Montrose street, residence, 
Ardoch cottage, by Dumbarton. 

Alexander, George, of Corbett, Alexander, cf Co., 7 Montrose street, house, Cloverbank, 
320 Gamgadhill. 

Alexander, James, victualler, 18 Little street, Calton. 

Alexander, James, surgeon-dentist, 128 Union street. 

Alexander, James, currier and leather merchant, 65 Bridgegate. 

Alexander, James Hunter, of James H. Alexander $ Co., house, 128 Union street. 

Alexander, James, spirit dealer, 30 Main street, Calton. 

Alexander, James, of Ren/wick § Alexander, house, 173 Sauchiehall street. 

Alexander, James, of J. df J. Alexander, house, 9 Main street, Anderston. 

Alexander, James, & Son, wrights, builders, &c, 54 Cadogan street. 

Alexander, James, boot and shoe maker, 40 and 42 Gallowgate. 

Alexander, James, general toy bazaar, 11 and 13 Wellington arcade. 

Alexander, James, shawl-fringer, 21§ St. Vincent place. 

Alexander, J. & J., tailors and clothers, 22 Argyll street. 

Alexander, James, victualler and grocer, 249 George street. 

Alexander, James, at J. <$■ D. Paton's, house, 95 North Hanover street. 

Alexander, J. & H., wholesale and retail grocers, 19 Maxwell street. 

Alexander, James, of Alexander $• Thomson, house, 30 Pollock street, Paisley road. 

Alexander, James, at Gray § Wilson' 1 s, 51 St. Vincent street, house, 166 Hope street. 

Alexander, John Henry, manager and proprietor of Theatre-Royal, house, 198 Pitt 
street, Sauchiehall street. 

Alexander, John, wine and spirit merchant, 5 and 7 St. Enoch's wynd. 

Alexander, John, of J. ty J. Alexander, house, 60 Maxwell street. 

Alexander, John, Bridgeton operative victualling society, 158 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Alexander, John, printer and publisher of Courier, house, 25 Elmbank place. 

Alexander, John, of Corbett, Alexander, <$ Co., 7 Montrose street, house, 11 Kelvin ter. 

Alexander, John and James, grocers and provision merchants, 56 Muslin street, 
Bridgeton, and 101 Saltmarket street. 

Alexander, John Hill, clerk, 93 Parliamentary road. 

Alexander, Joseph, confectioner and pastry baker, 49 Argyll arcade, house, 108 Argyll 
street, Morrison's court. 

Alexander & Moore, mining engineers, 24 St. Vincent place. 

Alexander, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 22 Norfolk street, Laurieston, house, 
56 Muslin street, Bridgeton. 

Alexander, R. F. & J., & Co., cotton spinning and thread works, Duke street, count- 
ing-house, Duke street. 

Alexander, Robert, tailor and clothier, 26 Hutcheson street. 

Alexander, Robert, & Co., turkey-red dyers and calico-printers, 38 West George street, 
works, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire. 

Alexander, Robert, merchant, 38 West George street, house, 27 Newton place. 

Alexander, Robert, commission merchant, agent for Roberts' British Wines, 34 
Cochran street. 

Alexander, Robert, agent and corn factor, 57 Union street, agent for the Romano 
Sherry Wines, Warre & Co., Oporto, J. J. Guartte, Port St. Mary, house, 5 Bloom- 
field place, Hillhead. 

Alexander, Thomas, lithographer and engraver, 2 Howard street. 

Alexander, Thomas, M.D., 123 Cumberland street. 

Alexander, Thomas, of Thomson § Alexander, house, 9 Hopetoun place. 

Alexander & Thomson, commission merchants, 4 South Hanover street. 

Alexander, Walter, at Wm. F. Burnley § Co.'s, house, Renfrew road, Govan. 


Alexander, Walter, at R. Dalgleish, Falconer, cf- Co.'s, 4 North court, Royal Exch. 
Alexander, William, working jeweller, watch and clock maker, 28 Argyll arcade, 

house, 69 Union street. 
Alexander, William, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 51 South Albion street. 
Alexander, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 176 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Alexander, William, & Co., blockmakers, shipwrights, and boat-builders, 11 Dale 

street, Tradeston, yard, West street. 
Alexander, William, spirit dealer, 61 Saltmarket. 
Alexander, Mrs. Henry, milliner, dress, straw-hat, and stay maker, 108 and 170 

West Regent street. 
Alexander, Mrs. Helen, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Shuttle street. 
Alexander, Mrs., 92 Sauchiehall street. 
Alexander, Mrs., grocer, 406 Parliamentary road. 
Alexander, H., furnishing shop, 168 and 170 West Regent street. 
Alexander, Miss, 20 Newton place. 
Alexander, Miss, grocer, 91 King street, Tradeston. 
Alfred Life Assurance and Annuity Association, John Buchanan, agent, 87 Union 

ALGIE, Misses E. and J., straw-hat and dress makers, 4 Macfarlane street. 
Algie, William, spirit dealer, 143 West Nile street. 
ALLAN, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Norfolk street. 
Allan, Alexander, of William Allan <§• Sons, house, 1 Grafton street. 
Allan, Alexander, 16 Newton place. 

Allan, Alexander, of Robert Allan if Sons, house, 107 Eglinton street. 
Allan, Andrew, blacksmith, 79 Burnside, Garscube road. 

Allan, Alexander, jun., & Co., ham-curers and provision merchants, 80 Candleriggs. 
Allan, Archibald, provision merchant, 8 and 10 East Nile street, & 219 Gallowgate. 
Allan, Andrew, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 16 and 18 London street. 
Allan & Drummond, wrights and builders, 51 Stirling street, Cowcaddens. 
Allan, David, waterproof L-loth manufacturer, St; Rollox. Letters left at 12 Royal 

Exchange square. 
Allan, David, of Allan 4' Ferguson, house 313, Sauchiehall street. 
Allan & Ferguson, lithographers, engravers, and stationers, 70 Buchanan street. 
Allan, George, poulterer, 219 George street. 
Allan, James, lumper and stevedor, 3 Patersou street, Kingston. 
Allan, James, Govan colliery office, 1 Dixon street. 
Allan, James, ham-curer, cheese, butter, and general provision merchant, 108, 110, 

112, and 114 Candleriggs. 

WHv. fc™«o "J ■ a >1 n A n i Will-Ads. 135 Buchanan street. 
Allan, James, spirit dealer, 80o aauuwgan;. 

Allan, James, black and fancy bordered envelope maker, 124 Trongate 

Allan James, sen., furnishing ironmonger, tinsmith, blacksmith, gasfi'tter, iron and 
brass-founder, 84 Buchanan street, works, Elmbank Foundry, North street, 
nouse, 10 Kent place. ' 

Allan, James, tavern keeper, 48 Gallowgate. 

Allan, James, of John Allan f Co., house, 150 Holland street, Sauchiehall road. 

Allan, James, of J. $ A. Allan, house, 1 St. George's road. 

Allan, James & Alexander, merchants, 40 Union street. 

Allan, James, bird merchant, 53 Nelson street. 

Allan, John, mining engineer, Govan colliery office, 1 Dixon street 

Allan, John, bar officer, Sheriff's covut, County buildings, Wilson street. 

Al an, John, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 172 Buchanan street. 

Allan, John, of John Allan $ Co., house, 212 West Regent street. 

Allan, John, jun., & Co., oil merchants and drysalters, 31 Argyll street 

Allan, John, jun., of John Allan, jun. <? Co., house, 24 Lynedoch street. 

A an, John, railway contractor, Caledonian Railway Station, Buchanan street. 

Allan, M. & J., carvers and gilders, 10 Watt street, off Broomielaw. 

Tii ' f S? shenffofficer alld constable for Lanarkshire and Argyllshire, 23 Old wynd 

Allan & Mann, common and fire-brick and tile-makers, Port-Eo-linton 

Allan & Poynter's bonded and free warehouses, Eglinton street and Ann street, office, 
63 Jamaica street. ' ' 

Allan, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Corn street, Port-Dundas 

Allan, Thomas G., joiner and cabinetmaker, 71 Cowcaddens. 


Allan, Thomas, 29 St. Andrew's square. 

Allan, Thomas, & Co., iron-founders, Springbank Iron Works, office, 94 Miller street. 
Allan, Thomas, & Co., merchants and drysalters, 12 Royal Exchange square. 
Allan, William, & Sons, ham-curers and provision merchants, 72 Candleriggs, and 

151 Osborne's buildings, Sauchiehall street. 
Allan, William, agent, 329^ Gallowgate. 

Allan, William, of Allan $ Poynter, house, 116 Cumberland place. 
Allan, Mrs. John, 82 Buccleuch street. 
Allan, Miss, Newhall, Greenhead. 
Allan, Miss, 33 North Hanover street. 
Allan, Miss, 280 St. Vincent street. 

Allan, Mrs. John, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, 56 Cowcaddens street. 
Allan, Mrs., cowfeeder, 1 1 Hunter street. 
ALLEN, John, of Rob. Allen $ Sons, 109 Eglinton street, house, 27 Paterson street, 

Allen, Robert, & Sons, piano-forte makers and turners, 109 Eglinton street. 
Allen, Stephen, 14 Wilson street. 
ALLARDICE, George G., insurance broker, Royal Exchange buildings, house, 2 

Kelvin terrace, Great Western road. 
Allardice, Robert, 20 Barony place. 

Allardice, W. P., W.S., of Mitchell, Allardice, $ Mitchell, house, 33 St. George's road. 
Alliance, British and Foreign Eire and Life Assurance Co., Foulds & Blair, Canada 

court, 78 Queen street, Tennant & Co., 101 Miller street, Alexander Mein, 29 

St. Vincent place, John M'Vey, 95 Hutcheson street, and Black and Salmon, 15 

West George street, agents. 
ALLISON, Andrew, dyer, 49 Spoutmouth, house, 81 Old vennel. 
Allison, Hugh, Rochsolloch and Caimhill coal office, 118 Union street, house, 125 

Grafton terrace, north John street. 
ALISON, Archibald, sheriff of Lanarkshire and advocate, County buildings, Wilson 

street, residence, Possil House. 
Alison, Archibald, commission agent, 22 Renfield street. 
Alison, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 222 High street. 
Alison, James, corn factor, 3 Eldon place, Kingston. 
Alison, B. W., milliner and straw-hat maker, 45 Taylor street. 
Alison, Mrs., grocer, 6 Wood lane. 
Alison, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, 93 New vennel. 
ALLWOOD, Jonathan, glazier, 55 Thistle street, Hutchesontown, house, 100 Crown. 

ALLSOPP, Samuel, & Sons, brewers, Burton-on-Trent, William Milne & Co., agents,. 

33 Virginia street. 
ALOE & Co., milliners, 53 Gallowgate. 

ALSTON, Gavin, cowfeeder and cattle-dealer, 50 Sauchiehall lane. 
Alston, Alexander, stamp-office, 81 Miller street. 
Alston, George, of Campbell, Rivers, cf Co., house, 71 West Nile street. 
Alston & Gourlay, iron-founders, Adelphi foundry, Commercial road, Hutchesontown., 
Alston, James, cowfeeder and coal agent, 103, High John street. 
Alston, James William, of W. Stirling $ Sons, residence, Stockbriggs, Lesmahagow, 

and 6 India street. 
Alston, John, & Son, gingham and woollen manufacturers, 55 Glassford street. 
Alston, John James, accountant, 158 Randolph terrace, Garnethill. 
Alston, J. P., of Campbell, Rivers, # Co., house, 71, West Nile street. 
Alston, R. F., 116 St. Vincent street, house, 134 Bath street. 
Alston, William C, of John Alston $ Son, house, Rosemount, Garngad hill. 
Alston, William, poulterer, 82 West George street. 

AMBROSE, Thomas B., at William Alexander $ Co.'s, 11 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Ambrose, William, writer, agent for North of England Fire and Life Insurance Co., 

125 Buchanan street. 
American' Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
ANCELL, Joseph, baker, 40 Green street, Calton. 

ANDERSON, Alexander, of J. 4' A. Anderson, house, 6 Lynedoch crescent. 
Anderson, Alexander, Bank Tavern, 33 Trongate, and 18 Saltmarket street. 
Anderson, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Anderson, Alexander, cowfeeder, 648 Gallowgate. 


Anderson, Alexander, grocer, 3 Coronation buildings. 

Anderson, Alexander S., baker and flour dealer, 67 King street. 

Anderson, Alex. Dunlop, M.D., 159 St. Vincent street. 

Anderson, Allan, merchant, and agent for the City of London Life and Deposit As- 
surance Society and Annuity Office, 26 Florence place, Stanley street, Wood- 
lands road. 

Anderson, Andrew, M.D., 1 Woodside crescent, consulting rooms, 15 W. George st. 

Anderson, Andrew, Fordyce, & Co., warehousemen, 103 Glassford street. 

Anderson & Co., general warehousemen, 157 Trongate. 

Anderson & Co., furriers and hatters, 181 Argyll street. 

Anderson, David, furnisher, 19 Castle street. 

Anderson, David, of David <f John Anderson, house, 43 Scott street, Garnethill. 

Anderson, David & John, manufacturer, 30 South Hanover street. 

Anderson, David, spirit merchant, 51 Jamaica street. 

Anderson, David, spirit merchant, 72 Maitland street. 

Anderson, David, victualler, 407 Gallowgate. 

Anderson, David, painter and paper-hanger, 92 Glassford street. 

Anderson, David, tobacconist, 61 King street, Tradeston. 

Anderson, Duncan, teacher, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Barony Glebe, 36 Parson St. 

Anderson, Ebenezer, grain merchant, 145 Argyll street, house, Gourock. 

Anderson, Forbes, at Fulton, Buchanan, cf Co.'s, 83 Union street. 

Anderson, Gabriel, grain and provision merchant, 12 Kirk street, Townhead. 

Anderson, Rev. George, teacher, Western Academy, 148 New City road. 

Anderson, George, & Co., manufacturing chemistSj white lead, paint, colour, and 
cement works, 58 Hyde Park street. 

Anderson, George, of George Anderson tj* Co., house, 18 Pollock street, Kinning place. 

Anderson, George, manager, St. Rollox flax-mills, 85 Garngad road. 

Anderson, Graham, & Co., manufacturers, 114 Candleriggs. 

Anderson & Henderson, wrights, trunk and packing-box makers, 22 West Nile St. 

Anderson & Haldane, corn factors, 40 Union street. 

Anderson, H. L., plain and decorative house-painter, paper-hanger, and gilder, 19 
Renfield street, house, 113 Cumberland place. 

Anderson, Hugh, spirit dealer, 152 Stobcross street. 

Anderson, James, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 281 High street. 

Anderson, James A., manager, Union Bank of Scotland, house, 4 Woodside terrace. 

Anderson, James, manager, West of Scotland malleable-iron Co., 88 St. Vincent st., 
house, 7 Canning place. 

Anderson, J. & D., soap and candle makers, 84 & 86 Stockwell street, works, 11 & 
12 Greendyke street. 

Anderson, James, jun., baker, 151 High street, house, 15 North Portland street. 

Anderson, J. B., wig-maker and perfumer, 23 Queen street, house, 29 South Port- 
land street. 

Anderson, James, calenderer and packer, 32 South Hanover street. 

Anderson, James & Alexander, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, Prince's square, 
40 Buchanan street. 

Anderson, James, writer, 17 Exchange square, house 129 Renfrew street. 

Anderson, James, currier and leather merchant, 22 Little Dovehill. 

Anderson, James, of Anderson, Graham, <§• Co., house, 12 South Wellington street. 

Anderson, James, of Ferguson, Anderson, § Co., house, 4 Woodside terrace. 

Anderson, James, house factor, 196 Hope street. 

Anderson, James, & Co., oil and colourmen, millers, manufacturers of putty, paint, 
colour, varnish, lamp-black, roman-cement, ivory black, plaster of paris, char- 
coal, blacking, founders' dust, and manufacturing chemists, 80 Hill street east. 

Anderson, James, & Co., commission merchants, 62 Queen street. 

Anderson, James, grocer, provision and spirit merchant, 26 Bedford street. 

Anderson, James, of James Anderson <f Co., house, 82 Hill street. 

Anderson, James, starch and gum manufacturer, &c, office, 35 Buchanan street, 

works, Surrey street, Laurieston, house, 46 Abbotsford place. 
Anderson, James, of R. cj' J. Anderson, house, Grafton terrace. 

Anderson, Sir James, Lord Provost, of J. <f A. Anderson, house, 3 Blythswood square. 
Anderson, James W., at D. Sandeman's, house, 11 Hopetoun place. 
Anderson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 98 Dundas street, and 29 Sauchiehall 
street, house, 17 Holmhead street. 



Anderson, J., of R. <f J. Anderson, house, Waterloo place, Kingston. 

Anderson, James, of3PFarlane Sf Anderson, house, 21 Roseland terrace. 

Anderson, J. W. & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 62 Queen street. 

Anderson, J. W., of J. W. Anderson § Co., house, 46 Buccleuch street. 

Anderson, John, of Anderson 8? Haldcme, house, 1 York place. 

Anderson, John G., corn and flour factor, provision merchant, and agent for A. M. 
Leadingham, Hamburg, 2 Howard street. 

Anderson, J. & W., & Co., merchants, 152 West George street. 

Anderson, John, of J. 8; W. Anderson 8; Co., house, 17 Woodside place. 

Anderson, John, at Rev. William Anderson's, 256 Eenfrew street. 

Anderson, John, accountant and agent for the Northern Fire and Life Assurance Co., 
41 West George street, house, 138 South Portland street. 

Anderson, J. R. W., & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, provision and flour mer- 
chants, 47 Bell street and 54 Nelson street. 

Anderson, John R. W., agricultural chemist and general merchant, 17 Nicholson 

Anderson, John, of Anderson 8; Co., house, 7 Carlton place. 

Anderson, John, jun., 30 South Hanover street. 

Anderson, John, warehouseman, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Clyde terrace. 

Anderson, John, grocer and victualler, 29 Tureen street. 

Anderson, John, commercial agent and insurance broker, 21 Renfield street. 

Anderson, Rev. Jon. R., minister of Knox's Free Church, house, 27 Abbotsford place. 

Anderson, Joseph, spirit dealer, 220 Castle street. 

Anderson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 240 Argyll street. 

Anderson, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, and importer of foreign cigars, 81 and 
83 Trongate, 43 and 49 Saltmarket street; bottling stores, 43 Saltmarket street; 
house, West Henderson street. 

Anderson & Munro, Venetian blind manufacturers, 50 Gordon street. 

Anderson, R. & J., bootmakers, 53 John street. 

Anderson, Robert, manufacturer, 126 Queen street, 

Anderson, Robert, writer, 68 Glassford street, house, 60 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Anderson, Robert, haircutter, 7 East Nile street. 

Anderson & Smith, merchants, St. Mary's Buildings, 33 Renfield street. 

Anderson, T., & A. MacNicoll, accountants and agents for National Fire and Life 
Insurance Co. of Scotland, 58 St. Vincent street. 

Anderson, Thomas, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 221 Buchanan street, workshop, 
151 Stirling's road. 

Anderson, Thomas, wine merchant, 77 Stockwell street, house, 140 do. 

Anderson, Thomas R., cabinetmaker, 75 Robertson street. 

Anderson, Thos., of T. Anderson 8; A. MacNicoll, house, Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 

Anderson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 230 High street. 

Anderson, Thos., of Jack 8; Anderson, writers, 24 Hutcheson st., house, 6 Pollock st. 

Anderson, Thos., wholesale and retail fishmonger, 119 West George St., house, 121 do. 

Anderson, Thomas, jun., 126 Queen street. 

Anderson, Thomas, of Anderson 8; Henderson, house, 179 Hope street. 

Anderson, William, & Co., slaters and slate merchants, 7 Park place, Stockwell street, 
yard, East Howard street. 

Anderson, William, victualler, 432 Gallowgate. 

Anderson, William, of Thallon 8; Anderson, house, 60 Abbotsford place. 

Anderson, William, professor of French to the Andersonian University, and teacher 
of English, 103 Sauchiehall street. 

Anderson, William, provision merchant, 133 Campbell street, West. 

Anderson, Rev. William, John street United Presbyterian Church, house, 256 Ren- 
frew street. 

Anderson, William, & Son, manufacturers, 10 St. Vincent place. 

Anderson, William, of William Anderson 8; Son, house, Chatham place. 

Anderson, William, spirit dealer, 258 Gallowgate and 55 Candleriggs. 

Anderson, William, accountant, 13 John street, house, 35 Charlotte street. 

Anderson, William, of Kerrs 8; Anderson, house, 1 Royal Circus, New City road. 

Anderson, William, veterinary surgeon, 32 Great Clyde street, house, Flemington. 

Anderson, William, 26 Lynedoch street. 

Anderson, William, iron-founder, Canal Basin Foundry, Dobbie's loan, Port-Dundas, 
house, 162 East Milton street. 


Anderson, Wm., flesher and ham-curer, 3 Main street, Anderston, 159 North street, 

Anderston, and 5 Kiuning place, Paisley road. 
Anderson, Wm. Archibald, merchant and insurance broker, Royal Exchange. 
Anderson, William, victualler, 26 Oxford street. 
Anderson, William, dairyman, 66 Castle street. 
Anderson, Mrs. James, baker, 240 High street, house, 2 Duke street. 
Anderson, Mrs. Mathew, baker, 34 King street, house, 24 London street. 
Anderson, Mrs. M., copper and tinsmith, and gas-fitter, 15 Main street, Gorbals. 
Anderson, Mrs. John, Swan tavern, 181 Trongate. 
Anderson, Mrs. William, young ladies' school, 103 Sauchiehall street. 
Anderson, Mrs. Janet, cowfeeder, 161 Cowcaddens street. 
Anderson, Mrs. Robert, baker, 45 Trongate, house, 56 do. 

Anderson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 139 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 
Anderson, Miss, 26 Abbotsford place. 
Anderson, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 287 High street. 
Anderson, Miss Elizabeth, 142 Renfrew street, Garnethill. 
Andeesonian University, 204 George street, John Jardine, janitor. 
Anderston Bottle Work, Lancefield street. 
Anderston Medical Hall, 24 Stobcross street. 

Anderston Charitable Dispensary for the Poor of the Burgh, George M'Ewan, sur- 
geon, 4 North street. 
Anderston Distillery, office, 83 Jamaica street, John Baird, agent. 
Anderston Foundry Co., machine-makers, iron and brass founders, 79 Cheapside st. 
Anderston New Friendly Society, Kirk close, Main street, Anderston. 
Anderston Police Office, 7 Warroch street, Anderston. 
Anderston Pottery Works, Finnieston street. 
Anderston Ropework, 19 Stobcross street. 
ANDREW, John, spirit merchant, 17 Great Hamilton street. 
Andrew, James, clothier, 31 Bridgegate street. 
Andrew, John, draper, 13 and 15 Sauchiehall street. 
Andrew, Mrs., 53 Holmhead street. 

Andrews & Co., grocers and tea dealers, 45 Saltmarket street. 
Andrews, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 207 Gallowgate. 
ANGUS, David, spirit merchant, Clyde Bank tavern, Anderston. 
Angus, James, at Peter Morton's, 30 King street. 
Angus, James, of Dewar <§ Angus, house, 5 West Prince's street. 
Angus, James, baker, 11 Anderston quay. 

Angus, James, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 303 Argyll street. 
Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallowgate. 
Angus, John, of Angus & M'Naught, 38 Stockwell. street. 

Angus, John, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Norfolk street, house, 116 South Port- 
land street. 
Angus & M'Naught, saddlers, ironmongers, saddle-tree, hame, and chain manufac- 
turers, 39 Stockwell street. 
Angus, Peter, temperance hotel and commercial lodgings, 7 Argyll street. 
Angus, Peter, beadle of Eglinton street Church, house, 7 Argyll street. 
Angus, Ritchie, merchant, house, 13 Lynedoch crescent. 
Angus, Robert, grain, flour, and provision merchant, 12 Calton mouth, house, 32 

M'Farlane street. 
Angus, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 254 Gallowgate. 

Angus, William, & Co., painters, gilders, and paper-hangers, 89 George street. 
Angus, Mrs., 85 Bath street. 

ANNAN, John, tinsmith, gas-fitter, and bell-hanger, 183 Cowcaddens street. 
Annan, J, & Co., smiths, bell-hangers, and gas-fitters, 81 Mitchell street. 
Annan, William, & Co., general jobbing smiths, and letter copying press manu- 
facturers, steel, spring, vermin, and pole traps, &c, 390 Parliamentary road, 
house, 4 Catkcart place, Sauchiehall street. 
Annfield Pottery, 539 Gallowgate. 
Annfield School, 563 Gallowgate. 

Annuity Society, Thomas Brown, secretary, 49 Virginia street. 
APPERLY, Joseph, agent for West of England cloths, 11 Miller street. 
APPLEBY, W. S., engraver to calico printers, 40 John street. 
Arbroath Shipping Office, 101 Union street. 


ARBUCKLE, Robert, cork manufacturer, 193 Gallowgate. 

Arbuckle, James, cork manufacturer, 157 Trongate. 

Arbuckle, Mrs., William, cork manufacturer, 64 Prince's street 

ARBUTHNOT, John G., at Scott & 8ellars\ Royal Exchange. 

ARCADE Office, 36 Arcade. 

ARCHER, Charles, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 101 Holm street. 

ARCHIBALD, David, wine and spirit dealer, 64 High street. 

Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist, 6 Trongate. 

Archibald, William, tailor and clothier, 239 Argyll street. 

Architects, Builders, and General Fire and Life Insurance Co., 1 South Frederick 

street, Robert Binning, agent. 
Aedbeg Distillery, Islay. Buchanan, Wilson, & Co.; agents, 25 St. Enoch square. 
Akdrossan and Belfast Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, M'Kean & Lamont, agents 

20 St. Enoch square. 
Argus Life Assurance Co. of London, Brown & Dunlop, writers, 49 Virginia street , 
agents. ' 

Argyll Sale Room, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, Turner's court, 87 Argyll St. 
ARKLE, John, vintner and stabler, carriers' quarters, gigs and dog cr -ts let on 
hire, horses kept at livery, commercial lodgings, &c, Coach Close Inn, 151 
ARMOUR, Robert, of James Donaldson cf Co., house, Bogton, by Cathcart. 
Armour, Robert, Violet grove, 60 North Woodside road. 
Armour, Robert, jun., of Muir cf Armour, house, Meiklehill, Kirkintilloch. 
Armour, Robert, joiner, 35 Cleland street. 
Armour, William, wine, spirit, and provision merchant, 68 Stevenson street, and 89 

Abercromby street. 
Armour, Mrs., 86 North Frederick street. 
Armour, Mrs. Janet, spirit dealer, 128 Piccadilly street. 

ARMSTRONG, James, inspector's clerk, Town's Hospital, house, 97 Hospital street. 
Armstrong & Co., tea dealers, 146 and 148 Trongate. 

Armstrong, Thomas, grocer, victualler, and agent, 76 Clyde street, Anderston. 
ARNEIL, Mrs., teacher, St. James's School of Industry, 44 Kent street. 
ARNOTT, A. S., merchant, of Arnot $ Co., house, 11 Greenlaw place, Paisley road. 
Arnott, Cannock, & Co., drapers, 19 Jamaica street. 
Amott & Co., wine merchants and commission agents, 37 Union street. 
Arnott, G. A. Walker, of Arlary, LL.D., regius professor of Botany, 31 Lynedoch St. 
Arnot, Robert C, merchant and commission agent, 62 Buchanan street, house, 24 

Lynedoch street. 
Arnot, Thomas, house and decorative painter and paper-hanger, 62 St. Vincent street, 

house, 213 Buchanan street. 
Arnot, Rev. Win., minister of St. Peter's Free Church, house, 27 Elmbank place. 
Arnot, William, 24 Lynedoch street. 
Arnot, Mrs., 1 St. George's road. 

ARROL, Archibald, of Tower $ Arrol, house, 108 Douglas street. 
ARTHUR, Allan, of Henry Monteith cf- Co., house, 1 India street. 
Arthur & Fraser, warehousemen, 8 Buchanan street. 
Arthur, Charles, at Robert Cochrane $■ Co.'s, Verreville Pottery. 
Arthur, John, of Muirhead $ Arthur, house, 296 St. Vincent street. 
Arthur, John, commission merchant, 7 Exchange place. 
Arthur, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Pitt street. 
Arthur, John, spirit dealer, 102 Broomielaw. 

Arthur, John, jun., of Hamilton $ Arthur, house, 14 Cadogan street. 
Arthur, John Stewart, Royal Lunatic Asylum, Gartnavel. 
Arthur, Robert, of Muirhead $■ Arthur, 80 Argyll street. 
Arthur, Samuel, spirit dealer, 86 Bridgegate street. 
Arthur, William, & Co., gingham, pullicate, shawl, and zebra manufacturers, 19 

Cochran street. 
Arthur, William, of William Arthur $ Co., house, 83 Villafield place. 
Arthur, Wm. Rae, of Muir, Brown, $ Co., 296 St. Vincent street 
Arthur, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 117 New City road. 
Arthur, Mrs., sewed muslin warehouse, 25 Brunswick place. 
Arthur, Miss, 132 St. Vincent street. 
Art Union of Glasgow, 36 Argyll arcade, Buchanan street. 


ASHER, Mrs. P., furrier, 5 King street. 

Asphalte and Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street. 

ASSOLARI, Signor, professor of modern languages, 201 Sauehiehall street. 

Assessed and Property Tax Office, 52 Virginia street. 

Assurance Bank Office, 71 Union street. Charles Rutherford, secretary. 

Asylum Life Assurance Office. Robert Findlay, 163 Ingram street, agent. 

Asylum for the Blind, 102 Castle street, Townhead. Matthew Semple, superin- 
tendent; Miss Lamond, matron; William Findlay, teacher. 

Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, Barony Glebe. Seen on Wednesday, at 2 p.m. 
Duncan Anderson, teacher. 

Asylum for the Houseless, 69 North Frederick street. 

Asylum for Lunatics, Gartnavel, office, 70 St. George's place. 

Asylum for Indigent Old Men, 81 Rottenrow. James Fleming, superintendent. 

ATCHISON, John, officer of Inland Revenue, 5 Douglas street. 

Athen.eum and Telegraphic News Rooms, 26 Glassford street. 

ATKINSON, James, officer of Inland Revenue, 122 Hospital street. 

Atkinson, J. & W., & Co., merchants and manufacturers of delaines, 98 Miller street. 

Atkinson, Thomas, flesher, 2 St. Andrew's square. 

Atkinson, W. D., merchant, 2 St. Andrew's square. 

Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Company of London. Carrick and Sons, Virginia 
buildings, agents. 

Atlas Foundry, Market street, Gallowgate. 

Attas Works, East Milton street. 

ATTWOOD, James, cook, confectioner, and family grocer, 47 Renfield street, house, 
58 do. 

AITCHIE, James, merchant, 145 Wellington street. 

AUCHEY, James, bill poster, 37 Rottenrow street. 

AUCHINCLOSS, John, grocer and spirit retailer, 221 Main street, Bridgeton. 

AUCHINVOLE, John, shawl and zebra manufacturer, 4 Montrose street. 

Auchinvole, William, bookbinder and stationer, 5 Main street, isrH*g«?w™ 

AUCHTERLONIE, Alexander, ofM'Crindell, Schaw, $ Co., house, 4 Abbotsford place. 

Auchterlonie, Thomas, of James Black $ Co., house, 12 Lynedoch crescent. 

AUCOTT, Thomas, stay manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street. 

Auction Mart, Cabinet and Upholstery Rooms, 62 Argyll street. 

AULD, Archibald, of Robert Watson, Son, 4 Co., 20 Hope street. 

Auld, A. W., ofAuld ef Buchanan, house, 141 Bath street. 

Auld, Berrie, & Matheson, manufacturers, 22 Royal Exchange square. 

Auld & Buchanan, calico printers and manufacturers, 86 Buchanan street, and 7 Ex- 
change place. 

Auldi George, ySm^amp^^§m^^^^^^^^^^^ti 

Auld, Henry, of Auld, Berne, cf Matheson, house, Lilly Vale cottage, Govan road. 

Auld, T. & M., ironmongers, 8 and 10 London street. 

Auld, John, painter and paper-hanger, 290 High street. 

Auld, John, victualler, 63 Saltmarket, house, 40 St. Andrew's ~- J " c * 

Auld, Thomas, baker, 130 Queen street. 

Auld, William, of MacEwan # Auld, house £ ^odside crescent. 

Auld William, librarian, Stirling ruDlic Library, house, 80 St. J^s wad. 

AUSTIN & M< Auslan, nursery and seedsmen, 186 Trongate. Nurseries, Coplawhill, 

Pollockshaws road. 
Austin, Miss Ann, milliner, 9 Nelson street. 
Austin, Misses, dressmakers, 103 Renfrew street. 
Australian Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square. 
AYLWARD, Thomas, & Co., tea merchants, 102 Argyll street. 
Avlward Thomas, of Thomas Aylward $ Co., house, 119 Hill street, Garnethi 1 
Ayrshire Railway Co.' S Goods and Parcel Offices, 13 Clyde place. Richard 

AyrsWre Ud & r Brid a g n e ag ofVeir Railway Office, 14 Bridge street X FaMull Smith sec. 
Ayrshire & Galloway Railway Office, 14 Bridge street. J. Fairfull Smith, secretary. 
Ayrshire Iron Company, 35 St. Vincent place. 

Ayrshire Railway Station, 14 Bridge street. J. Fairfull Smith, secretaiy. 
AYTON, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 113 High street. 




BABCOCK, B. F. & Co., merchants, 25 Gordon street. 

Babcock, B. F., of B. F. Bahcoch <f Co., residence, Carmyle House, 

BAILLIE, James, malt merchant, 106 Stobcross street. 

Baillie, James, victualler, 52 Abercromby street. 

Baillie, James, spirit merchant, 32 Cook street, Tradeston. 

Baillie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 93 and 140 High street. 

Baillie, John, grocer and victualler, 118 Stobcross street. 

Bayllie, Miss M., dressmaker, 1 Oxford street. 

BAIN, Auly, salesman, Gourock Ropework Co., 42 Clyde place, house, 109 Dale 
street, Tradeston. 

Bain, Andrew, of Bell % Bain, house, 60 Bath street. 

Bain, Andrew, of John Bain of Son, house, 7 Bridge street. 

Bain & Copeland, leather merchants and boot and shoe manufacturers, 11 Blackfriars 

Bain, David, packing-box maker, 23 South Frederick street, house, 89 North Fre- 
derick street. 

Bain, David R., postmaster and cab proprietor, 122 West Campbell street. 

Bain, George, agent, 36 West Milton street. 

Bain, Hugh, baker, 103 Cowcaddens street. 

Bain, James, at Gartsherrie office, 1 Moore place, house, 16 Sandyford jJace. 

Bain, James, baker, 121 Argyll street, house, 109 do. 

Bain, John, & Son, grain merchants, Rope Work entry, 108 Stockwell street. 

Bain, John, spirit dealer, 99 Main street, Bridgeton, 

Bain, John, vintner, 119 Gallowgate. 

Bain, John, of John Bain if Son, house, 7 Bridge street. 

Bain, John, grocer and agent, 19 Lawmoor place. 

Bain, John, of 'Morriston, Cambuslang, 138 Bath street. 

TlnW,' tpIk 1 ?' °^ { ennant # Sain, writers, house, Morriston, Cambuslang. 

Sn' wni ' reedmaker - 7 Broad close, 167 High street. 

£ain, William, spirit dealer, i Cheapside street. 

mm, Mrs., 50 North Hanover street. 

TU™ ? aVW ' l ™ fessor 7 of the Piano-forte, 52 Rose street, Garnet hill. 

S ThT' I ****** Gas Co., house, 34 Paterson street, Kingston. 

^o^2^z::o\r m ^ on merchant - 80 George *& h °^ 

Bayne, Alexander, merchant, 4 Tavlor street. 

tfayne, William, hosier, 130 Stockwell street. 

•Bayne, Miss, dressmaker, 79 Georsre street 

Baihd, ai ^„, _,- ? ;?ri&E s. L y ;e i,v., uouse, ii jiiytnswood square. 

Baird, Alexander, tailor, 233 High street. 

"BaTjdj Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 167 Gallowgate. 

Baird'& BroT.' grain-weigher, Port-Dundas, and spirit dealer, 133 Renfield street. 

Buchanan "street merchants » Glasgow Saw Mills, Port-Dimdas. Call at 117 

Baird, C. & R., & Muirhead, writer a4 n , , . 
Baird Dmrloo T? „s n s n r, • ?'„•; ' T ordon street. 

S SfiS&X. t am Bmrd * G h house ' Monta ^ Place, 178 Bath street 

28 H G?don SaW t0 h6r ^^ aM maltS ^ S > G ^ e^SSi and 

£Sf' S^f' & /l>}^^ stores > 28 Gor don street. 

itajid, Hugh, of Hugh Baird $ Co., house, Bellfield, Old Basin 

Baird, James, of William Baird f Co., 1 Moore place We^Geo^ street 

Baird, James, tailor and clothier, 209 Cowcaddens street g ' 

SS ^Si^^^Siir 5 h0 " se ' 12 Abb — fcfc 

Baird, John, of Baird f Thomson, house, 22 Cumberland place. 


Baird, John, commission merchant, distiller, Camphelton, and agent for Win. Younger 
& Co , brewers, Edinburgh, and Anderston Distillery, office, 83 Jamaica street, 
house, 152 St. George's road. 
Baird, John, of Dawson 4" -Baird, distillers, Campbelton, and agent for Palladium 

Life Assurance Society, office, 83 Jamaica street. 
Baird, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 36 Ladywell street. 
Baird, John, of Lochwood, 1 Moore place, West George street. 
Baird, John, architect, 7 Abercromby place, West George street. 
Baird, John, Rawyards colliery, St. Rollox, house, 14 Glebe street. 
Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Montrose street, house, 38 do. 
Baird, John, flesher, 238 Buchanan street. 
Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 226 Gallowgate. 
Baird, John, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Kirk street, Townhead. 
Baird, John, flesher, 162 George street and 234 Buchanan street. 
Baird, Robert, of William Baird 4 Co., residence, Calder House, Bishopbridge. 
Baird, Robert, oil and colour merchant, 14 Glassford street, house, Manscroft Cottage, 

Baird, Robert, commission agent, 85 Candleriggs. 

Baird, Robert A. M., of C. cjf R. Baird <.f Muirhead, agent to the Church of England 
Assurance Institution, commissioner of the supreme courts of England and Ire- 
land, house, 2 Queen's terrace, Queen's crescent. 
Baird & Rodger, tailors and clothiers, 124 Argyll street. 
Baird, R. & A., glass and colour merchants, 164 Trongate. 
Baird, Steven, haircutter, and agent for Worsdell's family medicine, 51 New street, 

Baird, Thomas, of Baird cj* Rodger, house, 6 Salisbury street. 
Baird & Thomson, architects, 112 Hope street. 
Baird, Walter, goldsmith and watchmaker, 72 Argyll street. 
Baird, Walter, builder, 389 Springbank, Garscube road. 

Baird, William, boot and shoe merchant, 21 Trongate, house, 41 London street. 
Baird, William, & Co., iron and coal masters,, 1 Moore place, West George street. 
Baird, William, of William Baird cf Co., 1 Moore place, West George street. 
Baird, William, of D. <j* A. Denny 4' Co., house, 9 Brandon place, 253 West George 

Baird, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 94 Candleriggs. 
Baird, Miss E., milliner and straw-hat maker, 85 Candleriggs. 
Baird, Mrs., delf merchant, 269 High street. 
BAKER, James, cotton and cotton-waste dealer, and mill furnisher, 13 Loudon lane, 

off 48 London street, house, 50 South Wellington street. 
Baker, Mark, milk agent, 102 George street. 
Baker, Richard, assistant superintendent of Police, eastern district, house, 112 Great 

Hamilton street. 
BALBIRNIE, Arthur, dyer, 26 Stockwell street. 
Balbirnie, George, dyer, 26 Stockwell street. 

Balbircrie, William, dyer, cleaner, and reflnisher, 15 Cambridge street. 
BALD, A. H., of Cameron 4 Bald, house, 80 North Frederick street. 
Bald, George T., & Co., grain and commission merchants, 27 Union street. 
Bald, George T., of George T. Bald 4~ Co., house, 21 South Apsley place. 
Bald, James, 12 North Coburg street. 

Bald, James, of Barrie, Bald, 4" Co., house, 142 Renfrew street. 
Bald, J. & J. W., wholesale tea and coffee dealers, 3 Union street. 
Bald, John, & Co, distillers, Carsbridge, Alloa ; James Richardson, jun., agent, 31 

Miller street. 
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters and merchants, 109 Virginia street. 
Bald, Peter, of Peter Bald 4' Son, house, 9 Cambridge street. 
Bald, Robert, furnishing ironmonger, smith, and tinsmith, 174 Trongate, workshops, 

26 Glassford street, and 71 Stockwell street. 
BALDERSTON, Alexander, accountant, 18 Renfield street, house, 106 Bath street. 
Balderston, John, assistant inspector, Town's Hospital, house, 56 Cumberland street. 
BALFOUR, Charles, sub-inspector of factories, house, 9 Bloomfield place, Hillhead ; 

letters and messages to be left at 152 Hope street. 
Balfour, James N., of William Balfour 4' Co, house, 4 St. George's road. 
Balfour, John, spirit dealer, 250 Main street, Bridgeton. 


Balfour, John & Thomas, furniture warehouse, 80 Maxwell street and 53 Howard 

Balfour, John, of John <§ Thomas Balfour, house, 5 Coburg street, Laurieston. 
Balfour, John, general grocer and wine merchant, 36 and 38 Stirling's road, house, 

105 Montrose street. 
Balfour & M'Callum, smiths and founders, 52^ New wynd. 
Balfour Parish School, 24 North Portland street; John Lewis, male teacher; Miss 

Urie, female teacher. 
Balfour, Thomas, of John $ Thomas Balfour, house, 56 Howard street. 
Balfour, William, & Co., commission, linen, and woollen merchants, 20 Springfield 

court, Buchanan street. 
Balfour, William, of William Balfour if Co., house, 3 Queen's crescent. 
BALL ANT YNE, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 187 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Ballantyne, Robert, violin maker, 36 Brunswick place. 
Ballantine, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street. 
Ballantyne, William, manufacturer, 90 Bell street. 

.Ballantyne, William, manager, Old Exchange Loan Company, 43 Trongate. 
Ballantyne, Mrs. W., milliner and dressmaker, 142 Trongate. 
BALLARDIE, John, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 342 Argyll street. 
Ballardie, Thomas, painter and paper-hanger, 118 Clyde street, Anderston, house, 56 

M'Alpine street. 
Ballindalloch Co., at 110 Brunswick street. 

BALLOCH, Robert, of Hugh Colquhoun cj Co., house, 78 Buccleuch street. 
BALMAIN, Thomas, confectioner, 53 Main street, Gorbals. 
Balmain, Thomas, confectioner, 54 Stockwell street. 
BALMANNO, Miss, 5 Montagu place, Bath street. 
BALNEVES, Henry, sewed muslin manufacturer, 128 Ingram street. 
Bank of Character and Skill, 29 Gordon street. 

BANKIER DISTILLERY Co., office, 43 Buchanan street, and 22 Mitchell street. 
Bankier, Alexander, flesher, 274 Gallowgate. 
Bankier, John, at Charles Tennent 4 Go's, St. Rollox. 
Bankier, W, D., of W. D. Bankier <$■ Co., house, Greenbank, Partick. 
Bankier, W. D., & Co., metal brokers and commission merchants, 8 Prince's square, 

Buchanan street. 
Bankier, William, at John Dennistoun 3; Co.'s, house, at Bridgeton Mills. 
Bank of Scotland, 66 Ingram street, Charles Campbell & Andrew Neilson, managers. 
BANKS & Thomson, house painters and chandlers, 121 West Nile street. 
BANNATYNE, Andrew, writer, of Bannatynes $ Kirhwood, ho., 11 Woodside ten-ace. 
Bannatyne, Alex., merchant, 2 Howard street. 
Bannatyne, Dugald John, writer, of Bannatynes and Kirhvood, house, Eastbank, 

Bannatyne, D. & N, agents for the North British Fire and Life Insurance Company, 

46 Renfield street. 
Bannatyne, D., house, 5 Mansfield place. 
Bannatyne, D., & Co., merchants, 46 Renfield street. 

Bannatyne, James, of Robert Sinclair cj- Co., house, at Mrs. Richard's, 67 Eglinton st. 
Bannatyne, John, merchant, 98 West George street, house, 221 Brandon place. 
Bannatynes & Kirkwood, writers, 50 West George street. 
Bannatyne, Ninian, merchant, Eglinton place, 157 Eglinton street. 
Bannatyne, Robert, spirit dealer, Reid's court, 56 Trongate. 
Bannatyne, Mrs., general grocer, 1 07 Fyfe place, West George street. 
BANNERMAN, David, 184 West Nile street. 
Bannerman, James, victualler, 28 Brown street. 
Baunerman, John, baker, 108 Main street, Anderston. 
Bannerman & Morris, merchants, Canada court, 78 Queen street. 
Bannerman, Walter, of Miller $ Bannerman, house, 317 West Bath street. 
Bannerman, Miss, 17 Cambridge street. 
Bannerman, Mrs., 27 Woodside place. 
BARBOUR, John, boot and shoe maker, 31 Oswald street. 
Barbour, Robert, plumber, 17 Oswald street. 
Barbour, William, spirit merchant, 107 Main street, Anderston. 
BARCLAY, Ebenezer, confectioner, 18 Candleriggs, house, 81 London strest. 
Barclay, Ferguson, & Co., merchants, 39 Hutcheson street. 


Barclay, Hugh, sculptor, monumental worker, Paul street, off Stirling's road, house, 

45 Taylor street. 
Barclay, James, slater, 67 Nelson street, and 14 Main street, Calton. 
Barclay, John, iron broker, 141 Buchanan st., house, 97 Pitt St., Sauchiehall road. 
Barclay, Robert, 16 Cleland street. 
Barclay, Robert, & Curie, ship carpenters, boat builders, joiners, blacksmiths, painters 

and plumbers, 59 M' Alpine street, Slip-dock, foot of Broomielaw. 
Barclay, Robert, of Robert Barclay § Curie, house, 10 Royal terrace. 
Barclay, Robert, of James Donaldson 4~ Co., 25 South Hanover street. 
Barclay, Robert, baker, 22 Adelphi street, Gorbals. 
Barclay and Skirving, auctioneers and valuators, 67 Buchanan street. 
Barclay, Thomas, of Barclay § Skirving, house, 57 York street. 
Barclay, Thomas, -writer, 41 Virginia street, house, Oakfield, Hillhead. 
Barclay, Thomas, letterpress printer, 22 Argyll street, house, 146 Castlemilk place, 

Hospital street. 
Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer, 51 New Bridge street. 
Barclay, William, clothier, 71 Queen street, house, 80 North Frederick street. 
Barclay, William, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 22 Argyll street. 
Barclay, Mrs., portioner, 14 Eglinton street. 

BARKER, A. C, 104 Virginia place, house, corner of Abbotsford place and Cum- 
berland street. 
Barker, George, boot and shoemaker, 2 Argyll arcade. 
Barker, J. D., umbrella and p_arasol manufacturer, 18 Glassford street, house, 84 

North Hanover street. 
Barker, John, brush and basket manufacturer, 5 Candleriggs. 
BARLAND, Miss, teacher, 114 West Nile street. 

BARLAS, George, hairdresser, perfumer, and peruque maker, 16| Buchanan street. 
Barlas, James, 20 Buccleuch street. 

Barlas, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 13 Greenlaw place, Paisley road. 
Barlas, Mrs., 20 Buccleuch street. 

BARLEY, Samuel C, & Co., silk and shawl printers, 1 Royal Exchange court. 
Barley, Samuel C, of S. C. Barley 4- Co., house, 150 Holland street. 
BARLOW, Thomas, firework artist, 93 Finnieston street. See Advertisement in 

BARNET, James, of Robert Alexander § Co., house, Croftingea cottage, Alexandria. 
Bamet, James, of Edmiston (f Barnet, house, 8 Cleland street. 
Barnet, John, grocer and victualler, 66 Cowcaddens street. 
Barnett, Samuel, at William M'Lean §• Co.'s, 15 Cochran street. 
BARNHILL, James, & Co., tanners, 63 Spoutmouth, and 90 Old vennel. 
Barnhill, James, of James Barnhill § Co., house, 16 Cornwall place. 
Barony Parish Parochial Board, 36 North Albion street. John Meek, inspector. 
Barony Parish Statute Labour Conversion Assessment. Collector's office, 85 Queen 

street. Robert Murdoch, collector. 
Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, 52 West Nile street. David M'Brayne, clerk, 

house, 30 Parson street, Barony glebe. 
Barony Parish Collector's Office, 52 West Nile street. W. Robertson, collector. 
BARR, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 41 Tobago street, Calton. 
Barr, Alexander, fishmonger, 264 George street, and 2 Wellington arcade, house, 

273 George street. 
Barr & Buchanan, tea merchants and grocers, 150 and 152 High street. 
Barr & Ewing, tobacconists, 23 St. Andrew square. 
Barr, Gavin, commission agent, and agent for Thames Plate-glass Company, and 

General Life and Fire Assurance Company, 3 West Nile street. 
Barr & Co., dyewood manufacturers. Orders left at William Bryson & Co.'s, 37 

Ingram street. 
Barr, David, at Moncrief Pater son, § Forbes, house, 21 Carnarvon street. 
Barr, James, brick builder, 12 Tureen street, yard, 123 Great Hamilton street. 
Barr, James, spirit dealer, 26 Bedford lane. 
Barr, James, Unicorn tavern, 43 Trongate. 

Barr, James, bookbinder and stationer, 42 Canning street, Calton. 
Barr, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. Enoch's parish, house, 18 Carlton place. 
Barr, John, wood turner, 52 Sidney street. 
Barr, John, beadle to Cathedral street church, house, 108 North Hanover street. 


Barr, John, & Co., bleachers. Orders left at W. Bryson & Co.'s, 37 Ingram street. 

Barr, John M., baker, 24 Nicholson street. 

Barr, John, at James Hutcheson cf Co.'*, house, 19 Richmond street. 

Barr, John, dairyman, 72 St. James's road. 

Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 High street. 

Barr, John, & Co., lithographers and engravers, 40 North Frederick street. 

Barr, John, boiler-maker, 100 Clyde street, Anderston, house, 3 Richard street. 

Barr, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 16 Anderston quay, Broomielaw. 

Barr & M'Kirdy, commission agents, 8 Gordon street. 

Barr, Peter, manufacturer of gold thread and plate, coloured tambouring worsteds, 

&c, 79 Glassford street, 
Barr, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer, works, upper Crown street, Hutcheson- 

town, house, 22 Bedford lane. 
Barr, Peter, tavern keeper, 75 Argyll street. 

Barr, Robert, Claremont hotel and chop house, 179 Argyll street. 
Barr, Robert F., at James Crum cf Co.'s, 39 Glassford street. 
Barr & Robin, lithographers and engravers, 7 Argyll street. 
Barr, Robert, commission merchant, 75 Virginia street, house, 12 Monteith row. 
Barr, Robert, & Co., soapmakers, 404 Dobbie's loan, office, 88 Union street, house, 

42 Hill street. 
Barr, Robert, brickmaker and builder, works, Annfield, Duke street, house, 179 

Argyll street. ., 

Barr, Robert, ofD. Cook $ Co., house, 12 Gloucester street, Kingston. 
Barr, Samuel, teacher of music and piano-forte seller, 197 Buchanan street. 
Barr, T. & J., coalmasters, 7 St. Rollox coal depot, orders left at 107 Hope street. 
Barr, Thomas, provision merchant, 233 Argyll street, house, 239 do. 
Barr, Walter, ofBai-r <f- M'Kirdy, house, 7 Rutland place. 
Barr, William, builder, 146 New City road. 

Barr, William, oil and colour merchant, 77 Main street, Gorbals. 
Barr, William, of Barr cf Buchanan, house, 12 Ure place. 
Barr, William, wine and spirit merchant, 60 Jamaica street. 
Barr, William, fancy muslin manufacturer, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram street, 

house, 7 Albany place, Sauchiehall road. 
Barr, William, general grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Marlborough street, and 350 

Barr, Miss, midwife and lady's nurse, house, 8 South St. Mungo street. 
Ban-, Mrs. James, victualler, 132 New Dalmarnoek road. 
Ban-, Mrs., druggist, 66 Main street, Anderson. 
BARRETT, James, spirit dealer, 89 Kirk street, Calton. 
BARRIE, Bald, & Co., corn merchants, 67 Oswald street. 
Barrie, James, victualler, 7 Rottenrow street. 

Barrie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 29| Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Barrie, John, spirit dealer and baker, 59 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 
Barrie, John, of Barrie, Bald, cf Co., house, 32 Pollock street. 
Ban-ie, Peter, flesher, 48 Stevenson street, house, 13 Union place, Calton. 
Barrie, Mrs. Thomas, flesher, 75 Stevenson street. 

BARRON, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 3 and 5 Cranston street. 
Barron, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 72 Crown street. 
Baebowfield Chemical Works, Duncan street, Calton. 
Barrowfleld Weaving Mill, Peel street, Mile-end, John Yuill, manager, 71 Abercromby 

street, Calton. 
BARROWMAN, Peter, spirit dealer, 172 Dalmarnoek road, Bridgeton. 
BARRY, David, tinsmith, gas-fitter, brazier, and furnishing ironmonger, 60 and 62 

Broomielaw, house, 26 Robertson street. 
BARTHOLOMEW, Alexander, of Hay, Bartholomew, $ Co., house, Albert terrace, 

177 Renfrew street. 
Bartholomew, Hugh, engineer, City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller street, house, 

at works, Dalmarnoek road. 
Bartholomew, John, & Co., merchants, 78 Ingram street. 
Bartholomew, John, of J. Bartholomew <$• Co., 78 Ingram Street. 
Bartholomew, Robert, of J. Bartholomew # Co., house, 16 Brandon place. 
BARTON, John, stationer, 53 London street. 
Barton, William, provision merchant, 145 George street. 


Barton, Mrs., boarding-house keeper, 49 Clyde place, Tradeston. 

Bartonshill Coal Co., 86 West George street. 

BASS & Co., pale ale brewers, M'George & Kerr, agents, 40 St. Vincent street. 

BATCHELOR, George, wine and spirit merchant, 167 West Nile street. 

BATES, Robert, wholesale grain and provision merchant, 24 Robertson street. 

Bates, Rev. Stewart, D.D., 26 West Campbell street. 

BATHGATE, James, of the Glasgow Pottery, 58 Maitland street. 

Bathgate, John, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 198 Hope street. 

Bathgate, Mrs. John, milliner and dressmaker, 198 Hope street. 

Bathing Establishment, 23 Hutcheson street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Bathing Establishment, 10 Bridge Street. 

BATTY, Daniel G., spirit dealer, 32 Abercromby street. 

Batty, James, spirit dealer, 26 Graham's square. 

Batty, Richard, of John M l Nair <§ Co., house, 30 Pollock street, Paisley road. 

Batty, William, & Co., commission merchants and yarn agents, 17 S. Frederick street. 

BAUMANN & Wiinsch, commission merchants and shippers, 12 Montrose street. 

Baumann, William, of Baumann cj - Wiinsch, house, 77 Hill street, Garnethill. 

BAXTER, Edwin, Sir Walter Scott tavern and music saloon, 28 Saltmarket street. 

Baxter, Hugh, last and boot-tree maker, 29 Brunswick place, house, 2 M'Pherson 

Baxter, Isaac, & Son, grocers, confectioners, oilmen, and wine merchants, 137 Bu- 
chanan street. 
Baxter, John, china and glass merchants, 57 Jamaica street. 
Baxter, Isaac, of Isaac Baxter <$/■ Son, house, Rinsdale, Baillieston. 
Baxter, John, china and glass warehouse, 57 Jamaica street. 
Baxter, John, spirit dealer, 204 Buchanan street. 

Baxter, Malcolm, manager at Wm. M'Naughfs, house, 8 Stanley place. 
Baxter, Robert, spirit merchant, 25 Green street, Calton. 
Baxter, Walter, of Isaac Baxter ^ Son, house, 142 Montrose street. 
Baxter, William, draper and hosier, 442 Argyll street. 
BAYLIS, Mrs. Mary, milliner and straw-hut maker, 40 East Clyde street. 
BEATON & Wilson, tailors and clothers, 24 Jamaica street. 
Beaton, Walter, draper, 205 Cowcaddens street. 
BEATT, John, grocer, 63 Norfolk street. 
BEATTIE, Rev. A. O., M.D., D.D., house, 163 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Beattie, David, 35 Cleland street. 

Beattie, James, teacher of music, 40 Brunswick place. 

Beattie, John, commercial traveller, 15 Ure place. 

BECK, George, of John Davidson § Co., 87 Argyll street, house, 12 Coburg street. 

BECKET, James, secretary, Union Bank, house, 1 Kelvin terrace. 

Beef Market, 83 King street. 

BEGBIE, Andrew, spirit merchant, 152 Dalmarnock road. 

Begbie, Wiseman, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 99 Mitchell street. 

BEGG, Alexander, draper, 8 High street, house, 22 Monteitb. row. 

Begg, Alexander, fancy draper, 16 Argyll street. 

Begg, James A., bookseller and stationer, 35 Argyll arcade. See Advertisement in 

Begg, John, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Hutcheson street. 

Begg, James, cabinetmaker, wright, and glazier, 9 New street, Calton. 

Begg, John, boot and shoemaker, 143 George street. 

Begg, Peter, spirit dealer, 1 Park lane. 

Begg, Robert, spirit merchant, 365 Gallowgate. 

Begg, William, 253 Parliamentary road. 

Beggs, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 74 Argyll street. 

BEATH, David, merchant, 48 Howard street, house, 13 Rutland place. 

BEHERNS, S. L., & Co., merchants, 3 Buchanan court, 95 Candleriggs. 

BEILBY, William, upholsterer, 3 St. Enoch square. 

Beilby, W. R., M.D., 137 Hope street. 

BEITH, James, of Moses M'Culloch <§■ Co., iron-founder, house, 16 Monteitb. row. 

Beith, James, bill-po6ter, 32 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Beith, John, boot and shoemaker, 113 Hospital street. 

BELCH, John, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Stobcross street, Anderston, house, 4 
Washington street. 


Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 20 St. Enoch square, and Ardrossan. M'Kean and 
Lamont, agents. 

Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street. 

BELL, Andrew, temperance hotel, 66 Trongate. 

Bell, Adam, of Bell $ Ewing, house, Springfield House, Partick. 

Bell, Andrew, stucco merchant, 239 Argyll street. 

Bell, Andrew, waiter, 1 Milton street, "West. 

Bell, Allen, tailor, 119 Trongate, entry by 3 New wynd. 

Bell, Ambrose Baines, officer of Inland Revenue, 23 Crown street. 

Bell & Bain, printers and stereotype founders, 1 5 St. Enoch square. 

Bell, David, of David Bell $ Co., tea merchants, ho,, 72 Balmoral pi., St. George'srd. 

Bell, David, & Co., merchants, 25 Cochran street. 

Bell, David, surgeon, 104 Abercromby street. 

Bell, David, & Co., tea merchants, 58 Virginia street. 

Bell, David, of Blackball, house, 8 Sandyford place, and Craigmore, Bute. 

Bell, David, watch manufacturer and wholesale jeweller, 74 Jamaica street, and 24 
King street, Kilmarnock. 

Bell & Ewing, silk bandana manufacturers, 86 Buchanan street. 

Bell, George, & Co., tea dealers, 30 Glassford street. 

Bell, George, of Clarke <S; Bell, house, Lower Mosesfield, Springburn. 

Bell, George, wright, 30 South "Wellington street. 

Bell, George, gunmaker and fishing-tackle manufacturer, 15 \ Buchanan street. 

Bell, George, of George Bell fy Co., house, Govan. 

Bell, Henry Glassford, advocate, sheriff-substitute, and commissionary-depute of Lan- 
arkshire, chambers, County buildings, "Wilson street, house, St. George's road. 

Bell, Isaac, compass-maker, 50 Maxwell street. 

Bell, J. & F., wholesale tobacco and snuif manufacturers, 49 Candleriggs. 

Bell, James, of Bell fy Bain, house, 3 Abbotsfoid place. 

Bell, James, baker, 74 Main street, Gorbals. 

Bell, James, baker, 134 South Portland street, house, 138 do. 

Bell, James, English master, Glasgow academy, 60 Buccleuch street. 

Bell, James, boot and shoemaker, 83 George street. 

Bell, James, glass merchant, 9 Howard street, house, 256 Argyll street. 

Bell, James, 45 Miller street, house, 14 Royal terrace. 

Bell, James, 165 Sauchiehall street. 

Bell, James, of Reid § Bell, house, 14 Royal terrace. 

Bell, J. & M. P., & Co., china and earthenware manufacturers, Glasgow Pottery, 
Stafford street, Canal bank, adjoining Caledonian Railway Tunnel. 

Bell, J. & W., wood merchants, 42 Forth street. 

Bell, John, of J. $ M. P. Bell $ Co., house, 245 St. Vincent street. 

Bell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Bell, John, railway agent, 4 Bath street. 

Bell, John, flesher and provision merchant, 178 Argyll street, and 309 Sauchiehall 

Bell, John, painter and paper-hanger, 35 J Malta street. 

Bell, Joseph, surgeon, 15 Moore place, West George street. 

Bell, Matthew P., of J. § M. P. Bell $ Co., house, 245 St. Vincent street. 

Bell, Neil, dairyman, 7 Greendyke street. 

Bell & Nicoll, manufacturers, 93 Glassford street. 

Bell & Orr, ship and insurance brokers, 107 Buchanan street. 

Bell, Richard, of Bell <$ Orr, house, 29 Florence place, Woodlands road. 

Bell, Robert, baker, 59 Dundas street. 

Bell, Robert, of Bell $ Nicoll, house, Hillhead. 

Bell, Robert, & Co., commission agents, 13 Springfield court, Buchanan street. 

Bell, Robert, of Robert Bell (J 1 Co., house, 29 Elmbank place. 

Bell, Robert, Royal Bank, house, 18 St. George's road. 

Bell, Robert B., civil and mechanical engineer, 72 St. George's place. 

Bell, Thomas, bootmaker, 144 Buchanan street. 

Bell, Thomas, Royal Bank, house, 18 St. George's road. 

Bell, Thomas, slater, 1 Warwick street, house, 63 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Bell, W. & F., fleshers, 176 Argyll street. 

Bell, William, flesher, 428 Gallowgate. 


Bell & Wright, reedruakers, successors to the late John Alexander, Buchanan court, 

44 Trongate. 
Bell, William, of W. <f F. Bell, house, 27 Union street. 
Bell, William, victualler, 470 Gallowgate. 
Bell, Mrs., lodgings, 29 Oswald street. 
Bell, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 39 North Hanover street. 
Bell, Mrs. J., victualler, 141 Castle street. 
Bell, Mrs., 14 Royal terrace. 
Bell, Mrs., lodgings, 138 Hope street. 
Bell, Mrs., draper, 294 High street. 
Bell, Miss, 126 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 
Bellsdyke Colliery Co., coal masters, 33 Buchanan street and Monkland Canal 

Basin. John Lamont, manager. 
Bell, Street Market, 66 Bell street. 

BELLETIE & Co., photographic establishment, 1 Cathedral street. 
BENNET, Archibald, spirit dealer, 65 Garscube road. 
Bennett, Thomas, spirit cellar, 35 Rutherglen loan, Gorbals ; fruits and confections, 

27 do. 
Bennett, Browne, & Co., insurance brokers, 17 Exchange square. 
Bennett, John B., of H. Bogle <f Co., house, 175 Buchanan street. 
Bennett, Robert & Archibald, tailors and clothiers, 7 Queen street. 
Bennett, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 7 Alston street. 
Bennett & Smith, plumbers, 138 and 140 Stockwell street. 
Bennet, William, merchant, 27 Virginia street, house, Melrose street. 
Bennet, William, merchant, 1 Gallowgate, house, 119 Montrose street. 
Bennett & Co.. merchants, wholesale wine and brandy dealers and liqueur makers, 

&c, Dundas lane, 162 Buchanan street. 
Bennett, Mrs., 17 Blythswood square. 
Bennett, Mrs. Robert, 223 St. Vincent street. 
BENNIE, Archd., aerated water manufacturer, 18 York street. 
Bennie, Gabriel, portioner, 268 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Bennie, George, jun , 92 West street, Tradeston. 

Bennie, James, & Co., iron-founders, Caledonian foundry, 90 West street, Tradeston. 
Bennie, J. D., mangle keeper, 155 North street, Anderston. 
Bennie, John, boot and shoemaker, 57 Trongate. 
Bennie, James, of James Bennie cf Co., house, South Eldon Cottage, Paterson street, 

Bennie, Robert, spirit merchant, 2 Great Hamilton street. 
Bennie, Thomas, draper, 48 Glassford street. 

BENSON & Shearer, German clock manufacturers, 22 Glassford street. 
Benson, Joseph, ship agent, 202 Broomielaw. 
BENTLEY, William, fishing-tackle manufacturer, 8 Broomielaw. 
BENTON, John D., & Co., wool, iron, and commission merchants, 120 S. Albion st. 
Benton, John D., of John D. Benton <§ Co., house, 100 North Frederick street. 
BERRIE, Andrew, of Auld, Berrie, <$■ Matheson, house, 110 Upper Crown street. 
BERRY, Thomas, cider merchant, 38 Dunlop street. 
BERNARD, J., artist, Monteith rooms, 67 Buchanan street. 
Bernard, Thomas, brewer, Edinburgh. J. B. Sheriff, agent, 9 Virginia street. 
BERTRAM, Andrew, smith, gratemaker, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 92 Renfield street, 

house, 99 Renfield street. 
Bertram, Peter, stationer and bookbinder, Post-office receiving-house, 218 Argyll st. 
BETHUNE, John, smith, 13 Cook street, house, 68 Eglinton street. 
BEVERIDGE, Robert, accountant, agent for Natal Emigration Company, 8 Prince's 

square, 48 Buchanan street, house, 9 Claremont street. See Advertisement in 

BIGGAR, John, spirit dealer, 162 Garscube road. 

BIGGS, Alex. B., of Mather, Peace, <J- Co., goods department Edinburgh and Glas- 
gow Railway, house, 106 Renfrew street. 
BINNIE, Archibald, victualler and grocer, 152 Eglinton street. 
Binnie, David, builder, 8 Morris place. 
Binnie, David, manager of brick works, 134 Duke street. 
Binnie, George, builder, 16 Abbotsford place. 
Binnie, George, measurer, 27 Union street, house, 62 Abbotsford place. 

e 2 


Bimiie, John, wright, builder, and timber merchant, works, 53 Eglinton street, house, 

16 Abbotsford place. 
Binnie, Robert, smith and farrier, 5 Warwick street, Laurieston. 
Binnie, Thomas, builder, 10 Sommerville place. 
Binnie, William, 30 Hope street. 
BINNING, Robert, commission merchant and agent for the " Architects, Builders, 

and General Fire and Life Insurance Company," 1 South Frederick street. 
BILSLAND, Alexander, japanner, 10 College open, High street. 
Bilsland, John, provision merchant, 88 Port-Dundas road. 
Bilsland, Robert, grocer, 113 Canning street, Calton. 
Bilsland, William, bookseller, 183 High street. 
BIRD, David, writer, and fire and life assurance agent, 107 Buchanan street, house, 

100 North Frederick street. 
Bird, Gregory, manager to the British Asphalte Company, 62 Buchanan street, works, 

Scott street, Dobbie's loan. 
Bird, William, & Co., iron and tin-plate merchants, 140 Buchanan street. 
BIRKMYRE, Robert, hosier and smallware merchant, 20 Eglinton street. 
BIRNIE, George, supervisor of inland revenue, 1 Brighton place. 
Birnie, Misses, milliners, dress and cloak makers, 72 Waterloo street. 
BIRRELL, Alexander, & Son, leather merchants, 17 Candleriggs. 
Birrell, Alexander, at J. G. Adam cj- Walker's, house, 294 St. Vincent street. 
Birrell, James, 34 Kent street. 

Birrell, Peter, shoemaker and leather cutter, 24 and 26 Prince's street. 
Birrell, William, at William JEwing's, Royal Exchange, house, 34 Kent street. 
BISHOP, Archibald, baker, 7 Sauchiehall street. 

Bishop, J. B., Western Bank of Scotland, house, Park Grove, Paisley road. 
Bishop, Thomas, ironmonger, ship-chandler, tinsmith, and flagmaker, 6 Clyde place, 

house, 9 Clyde place. 
Bishop & Walker, clothiers, 83 Jamaica street. 

BISSETT, Alexander, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 100 Sauchiehall street. 
Bisset, Alexander, druggist, 423 Argyll street. 
Bisset, Thomas, cowfeeder, 86 George street. 

Bissett, William, & Co., insurance and commission agents, 12 Wellington street. 
BISSLAND, James, at John Campbell Douglas's, 81 St. George's place. 
Bisland, James, grocer, 34 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
BLACK, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 Rottenrow street. 
Black, Alexander, sharebroker, 40 Buchanan street, house, 189 Renfrew street. 
Black, Rev. Andrew, Catholic priest, 25 Great Hamilton street. 
Black, Andrew, saddler, 42 Jamaica street. 
Black, Andrew, dairyman, 33 South Coburg street. 
Black, Andrew, merchant, 7 Queen street. 
Black, Archibald, warehouseman, 107 Candleriggs. 
Black & Beith, manufacturers, 8 John street. 
Black & Bowie, smiths and machine makers, 72^- Mam street, or 3 Jamieson's lane, 

Black, D. & J., grain and flour merchants, 76 Kirk street, Calton. 
Black, David, woollen draper, 28 Gallowgate, house, 1 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Black, David, of J. tf D. Black $ Co., house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 
Black, Duncan, reedmaker, 24 High street, house, do. 
Black, Duncan, commission agent, 155 London street. 
Black, G. & R., bakers, 76 Kirk street, Calton. 

Black, George, of Monteith $ Black, 46 West George street, house, 17 Monteith row. 
Black, Henry, chimney-sweeper and soot merchant, 78 Stockwell street. 
Black, Hugh, spirit dealer, 206 Broomielaw. 
Black, James, & Co., manufacturers and calico-printers, 23 Royal Exchange square, 

and 74 Buchanan street. 
Black, J. & J., gingham, pullicate, and gala plaid manufacturers, 30 South Hanover 

Black, James, of J. $ J. Black, house, 17 Monteith row. 
Black, James, inspector of weights and measures for the lower ward of Lanarkshire, 

42 Hutcheson street. 
Black, James Spens, of John Black cf Co., residence, Allandor house, Milngavie. 
Black, James, of Black <Sj Menzies, house, Woodlands. 


Black, James, of J. 4 D. Blach a? Co., house, Hamilton crescent, Partiek. 

Black, James, beer-seller, 59 Renfrew street. 

Black, James, & Son, ship chandlers, 46 Clyde place. 

Black, James, tailor and clothier, 33 Trongate. 

Black, James, bellman, 11 Muslin street, Bridgeton. 

Black, John, grocer, 184 Sauchiehall street, house, 113 Renfrew street. 

Black, John, Western Bank of Scotland, house, Haughhead, Govan road. 

Black, John, of Harvie, Black, <f Co., house, 23 Garscube place. 

Black, Dr. John, 4 Macfarlane street. 

Black, J. & D., & Co., warehousemen, 60 Ingram street. 

Black, J. & H. bakers, 157 Gallowgate. 

Black, John, & Co., calico-printers, 110 Buchanan street. 

Black, John, & Co., rope and sail manufacturers, Clyde Sail Cloth Co., and Lance- 
field Rope- work, office, 222 Broomielaw. 

Black, John, of Black <$■ Beith, house, Windsor street, City road. 

Black, John W., surgeon, 2 Trongate, house, 49 Gallowgate. 

Black, Jonathan, house-factor, 112 South Portland street. 

Black, Malcolm, currier, 81 M'Alpine street. 

Black & Menzies, commission merchants, 8 Union street. 

Black, Patrick, spirit merchant, 40 and 42 Bridgegate. 

Black, Robert, of Black $ Wingate, residence, Dalmuir house, 

Black, Robert, of Black § Salmon, house, 22 Dundas street. 

Black, Robert, tinsmith and gasfitter, 189 Gallowgate. 

Black, Robert, tailor and clothier, 12 Trongate. 

Black, Robert, collector, Gorbals Gravitation Water Co.'s office, 90 Portland street. 

Black, Robert, of Black cf Bowie, house, 15 Cranston street, Anderston. 

Black, Robert, baker, 324 Gallowgate. 

Black & Robson, accountants, 40 Buchanan street. 

Black & Salmon, architects, 15 West George street. 

Black, T., chimney-sweep and soot-merchant, 138 Gallowgate. 

Black, Rev. William, D.D., Barony, Villafield house, Stirling's road. 

Black, William, baker, 95 Cumberland street, Laurieston. 

Black, William, of J. <$• J. Black, house, 136 Stirling's road. 

Black, William, spirit dealer, 22 Kirk street, Calton. 

Black, William, surgeon, 245 Gallowgate. 

Black, William, 128 St. Vincent street, or St. Mary's buildings. 

Black & Wingate, manufacturers and printers, 9 Royal Exchange square, cotton 
spinning and weaving factories, Kelvinhaugh. 

Black, Mrs., 17 Claremont street. 

Black, Mrs., lodgings, 49 West Regent street. 

Black, Mrs. James, 232 St. Vincent street. 

Black, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 186 Broomielaw. 

Black, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 1 Orr street, Calton. 

Blackadder, David, bank of Scotland, house, 129 Renfrew street. 

BLACKBURN, David, of Blackburn $ White, house, 93 West Bath street. 

Blackburn, Hugh, professor of mathematics, College. 

Blackburn & White, muslin manufacturers, 28 St. Vincent place. 

Blackburn, Mrs., lodgings, 52 Clyde place. 

BLACKHALL & Scott, comb and brush warehouse, 63 Argyll arcade. 

BLACKIE, Alexander, tailor, 106 Renfield street. 

Blackie, John, sen., of Blackie 4" Son, house, Parson's green, Parson street. 

Blackie, John, jun., of Blackie <J- Son, house, Parson's green, Parson street. 

Blackie, Robert, of Blackie cj- Son, house, 3 Canning place. 

Blackie, William, gala plaid and shawl manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street. 

Blackie & Son, publishers, 38 Queen street. 

Blackie, W. G., & Co., printers and stereotypers, Villafield, 50 St. James's road. 

Blackie, W. G., of W. G. Blackie 4" Co., house, 3 Canning place. 

Blackie, Misses C. D. & T., milliners, ladies' and boys' dressmakers, 198 Hope St. 

BLACKLEY, James, house factor, 90 Sauchiehall street. 

BLACKWELL, Samuel, leather merchant, 236 Gallowgate. 

BLACKWOOD, Andrew, 80 New City road. 

Blackwood, George, Beadle, 9 Blackfriars street. 

i Blackwood, Jacob, bill-poster, 9 Blackfriars street. 


Blackwood, James, of Blackwood $ Bobson, house, Cessnock, Govan road. 
Blackwood & Dobson, tailors and clothiers, 26 Royal Exchange square. 
Blackwood, H., corn and commission merchant, 1 South Apsley place, office, 33 

Robertson street. 
Blackwood, William, cotton yarn merchant, 86 Ingram street, house, 21 Abbotsford 

Blackwood, "William, merchant, Provan place, 128 North Montrose street. 
Blackwood, William, bill-poster, 64 Nelson street. 

Blackwood, William G., picture-frame maker, 64 Nelson street, and 89 Gallowgate. 
BLAIKIE & Cameron, gunmakers and smiths, 71 Stockwell street. 
BLAIKLEY, John L., tobacconist and tallow chandler, 61 High street, house, 4 

Adelphi street. 
Blaikley, Samuel, at Robert Gray § Sons', goldsmiths, 78 Argyll street. 
BLAlR, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 124 West Nile street. 
Blair, Alexander, tobacco manufacturer, 21 Saltmarket. 
Blair, Archibald, confectioner, 51 London street. 
Blah, Archibald, wright and builder, comer of Cambridge street and New City road, 

house, 61 Garscube road. 
Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, coppersmiths and brassfounders, Union place, North st. 
Blair, Campbell, tea merchant and grocer, Gushethouse, Anderston, and 61 Bridge 

street, house, 95 Douglas street. 
Blair, David, bookbinder, 100 Virginia place. 
Blair, George, & Son, blacksmiths, 1 Glebe street. 
Blair, Horatius, writer, 13 John street, house, 3 Rutland crescent. 
Blair, James, of Foulds (f Blair, house, 154 Hope street. 
Blair, James, house factor, 28 Crown street. 
Blair, John, Meadowvale, Partick. 

Blair, John, of J. § W. A. Blair, house, Greenbank, Pollockshaws. 
Blair, John, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Clyde place. 
Blair, John, victualler and potato dealer, 2 Kirk street, Townhead. 
Blair, J. & W. A., hat and cap manufacturers, 125 Trongate. 
Blair, Peter, wine and spirit dealer, 82 High street. 

Blair, Peter, of William <f Peter Blair, house, South Eldon place, Kingston. 
Blair, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 63 Dundas street. 
Blair, Robert, of W. Smith tf Co., shawl fringers, 18 West Russell street. 
Blair & Robinson, iron-founders, 49 Mitchell street. 

Blair, William & Peter, gingham, pullicate, and zebra-dress manufacturers, 37 Glass- 
ford street. 
Blair, William, wright and glazier, 7 Lyon street. 
Blair, W., & Son, general agents, 79 Bell street. 
Blair, W. G., of J. # W. A. Blair, house, Wellcroft place. 
Blair, Wm., of Wm. <.f Peter Blair, house, South Eldon place, Kingston. 
Blair, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 3 College street. James Ballantyne, manager. 
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 163 Cowcaddens street. 
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 62 Buchanan street. 
Blair, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 56 M'Alpine street. 
Blair, Miss, 56 Rose street, Game thill. 
Blair, Mrs., fruiterer, 9 Norfolk street. 
Blair, Mrs., grocer, 42 Cook street. 
Blair, Mrs., Greenbank, Govan road. 

BLAND, J., & Co., umbrella-makers, 48 Cowcaddens, house, 183 Sauchiehall street. 
BLANE, Andrew, confectioner, 92 Stevenson street, and 10 New street, Calton. 
Blantyee Yam warehouse, 11 George square. 

BLENCH, Thomas, at Charles Pennant § Co.'s, St. Rollox, house, 4 Garngad road. 
BLEAYMIRE, William, manufacturer, 76 Buccleuch street. 
BLYTH, Thomas, bootmaker, 60 Argyll street, house, 10 Abbotsford place. 
Blyth, Mrs. James, 98 South Portland street. 

Blythswood Estate Office, 81 St. George place, R. Lauchlin, accountant. 
BO AG, John, bootmaker, 271 George street. 
Boag, John, metal merchant, 111 St. Vincent street. 
Boag, Robert, teacher, Murdoch's school, English, Classical, and Commercial, 43 

Blackfriars street. 
Boag, Samuel, carter, 6 Goosedubbs. 


Boag, William, provision merchant, Cavalry canteen, Eglinton street. 

Boag, William, Scots Grey tavern, 34 and 36 Trongate street. 

BOCHERS, T., of Wm. Bird $ Co., house, 26 Rose street, Garuethill. 

BOGLE, Archibald, of Robert Bogle, $ Co., 38 West George street. 

Bogle & Co., licensed to value properties, furniture, &c, and to sell publicly, 2 

Howard street, off Jamaica street. 
Bogle, George, of Robert Bogle <$• Co., 38 West George street. 
Bogle, Gilbert Kennedy, agent for Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co. of London, 

50 Gordon street, house, 7 Carnarvon street, St. George's road. 
Bogle, Hugh, & Co., painters, paper-hangers, gilders, and interior decorators to the 

Queen, 50 Gordon street. 
Bogle, Hugh, of H. Bogle cj- Co., house, 9 Carnarvon street, St. George's road. 
Bogle, J. & W., drapers, milliners, &c, 56 and 58 Oxford street. 
Bogle, James, of Campbell, Bogle, fy Douglas, house, 198 Bath street. 
Bogle, J. Y., draper, milliner, stay, and straw-hat manufacturer, 288 Argyll street, 

house, 278 do. 
Bogle, John, of Bogle, Kerr, $ Co., 24 Gordon street. 
Bogle, Kerr, & Co., merchants, 24 Gordon street. 
Bogle, Peter, of Peter Bogle cf- Co., house, 20 Monteith row. 
Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 122 Ingram street, works, Barrowfield Spinning 

Factory, Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Bogle, Robert, & Co., merchants, 38 West George street. 
Bogle, William, & Co., commission merchants and agents for National Provident, 

Life, & London Law Insurance Companies, 2 Howard street, corner of Jamaica 

Bogle, Mrs. James, 119 St. Vincent street. 

BOGUE, R. A., of Robert Paterson $ Co., house, 80 North Frederick street. 
BOLTON, A. M., teacher of dancing, Baronial hall, 47 South Portland street, house, 

31 Nicholson street. 
Bolton, George, grocer, 186 West Nile street. 
Bolton, James, spirit dealer, 83 M'Alpine street. 
Bolton, J. C, of Ker, Doering, cj- Co., house, 10 Somerset place. 
Bolton, William, professor of dancing and exercises, 96 West Nile street, house, 59 

Renfrew street. 
BONAR, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Eglinton street. 
Bonar, Rev. John, minister of Renfield street Free Church, house, 35 St. George's 

Bonar, Kenneth, spirit dealer, 200 Argyll street. 

Bonnar, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Norfolk street, house, 1 Moncrieff street. 
BONE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 93 Argyll street. 

Bonnybkidge Saw-Mill Yard. A. & G. Paterson, near Railway depot, Townhead. 
BOOKLASS, George, carver and gilder, 27 Dunlop street, house, 9 Dundas street, 

BOOKLESS, A., milliner and dressmaker, 44 Sauchiehall street. 
BOOTH & Scott, blockmakers and joiners, 46 Dale street, Tradeston. 
BORLAND, Rev. John W., minister, Gillespie United Presbyterian Church, house, 

90 Regent terrace, Stirling's road. 
Borland, J. & T., provision merchants, 203 High street and 55 Havannah street. 
Borland, Alex., accountant and actuary, Commercial Travellers' Society of Scotland, 

18 Gordon street, house, 66 South Portland street. 
Borland & Steven, fire-brick and grinding works, 26 Market street, Gallowgate. 
BORRON, Price, & Kidston, crown and sheet glass and bottle manufacturers, Ander- 

ston, and Port-Dundas Glassworks, office, 12 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan st. 
Borron, W. G., ofBorron, Price, cf- Kidston. 
BORROWS, Mrs., baker, 169 Gallowgate. 
BORTHWICK, Alex., small-ware merchant, 93 Buchanan street, 120 Trongate, and 

94 Argyll street, house, 19 Canning place. 
Borthwick, Morris, & Co., insurance brokers and commission merchants, 17 Royal 

Exchange square. 
Borthwick, Cunninghame, accountant and stock broker, 24 St. Vincent place. 
Borthwick, Hector G. S., of Borthwick, Morris, cf- Co., house, Rose cottage, Hillhead. 
Borthwick, W. M., teacher of writing, arithmetic, and bookkeeping, 280 George St. 
BOSS, William, at Wm. McLaren, Son, tf Co.'s, 63 Candleriggs. 


BOST, A., & Co., metal brokers, 135 Buchanan street. 

Bost, A., of A. Bost $ Co., house, 58 Rose street, Garnethill. 

BOSTON, Thomas, seal engraver, 12 Argyll arcade. 

Boston, New-York, and Halifax Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan st. 

BOTT, G. W., patent metal warehouse, 108 Argyll street. Robert Thomson & Co., 

BOW, A. & T., brickmakers and builders, also drain-pipe and roof-tile manufacturers, 

work and counting-house at Shields, "West street, Tradeston ; limeyard and let- 
ter-box, 45 Govan street, Hutchesontown. 
Bow, James, of A. $ T. Bow, house, 125 Hospital street, Hutchesontown. 
Bow, John, manufacturer and woollen yarn merchant, 15 Candleriggs, house, 24 

Florence place, Woodlands road. 
Bow, John, cowfeeder, 85 Commerce street. 
Bow, Thomas, of A. 4" T. Bow, house, Shields cottage. 
Bow & Co., smithy, coal merchant, manufacturer of Roman cement, blacking, coal 

dust, East basin, Port-Dundas. 
Bow, "William, currier and leather merchant, 48 London st., ho., Clyde view, Partick. 
Bow, William, spirit dealer, 41 Govan street. 

BOWDEN, M. J., accountant, Union Bank of Scotland, house, 40 Cambridge street. 
BOWER, Oliver, hardware and stationery merchant, 30 Well street, Calton. 
BOWIE, Andrew, of Black 4 Bowie, house, 15 Cranston street, Anderston. 
Bowie, David, brush manufacturer, 161 Buchanan street, and 2 St. Andrew's lane, 

Bowie, James, coal agent, 2 Piccadilly street, Anderston. 

Bowie, James, commission merchant, 72 Virginia street, house, Milton bank cottage. 
Bowie, William, flesher, 193 Cowcaddens street. 

BOWMAN, Robert, sculptor, Sighthill cemetery, house, 28 Parson street. 
Bowman, Thomas, spirit merchant, 117 Main street, Gorbals. 

Bowman & M'Lennan, brassfounders, gas-fitters, and lustre manufacturers, 103 Lon- 
don street and 98 Gallowgate. 
Bowman, William, provision merchant, 7 Belgrove street. 

Bowman, William, piano-forte maker, Carlton court, 13 Bridge street, Laurieston. 
Bowman, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 4 Great Hamilton street. 
BOWSER, Howard, of D. Y. Stewart $ Co., house, 151 Garngad hill. 
BOWSTEAD, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Barrack street. 
BOYACK, Alexander, cigar merchant and tobacconist, 166 Argyll street. 
BOYCE, John, jun. & Co., merchants, Virginia buildings. 
Boyce, John T., of John Boyce, jun. 4" Co., house, 6 Sand3 r ford place. 
BOYD, Adam, of David Boyd 4 Co., house, 34 South Portland street. 
Boyd, Adam, wright and timber merchant, 35 Douglas street, house, 12 do. 
Boyd, A. M., of Wm. Boyd 4 Son, house, 381 St. Vincent street. 
Boyd, Alexander, manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street. 
Boyd, Charles, & Son, soap and candle- makers, 99 Clyde street, Anderston, and 

Boyd, David, & Co., wholesale stationers, 119 Ingram street. 
Boyd, Henry, whipmaker and saddlers' ironmonger, 23 Glassford street, house, 49 

Gallowgate street. 
Boyd, James, cotton-yarn merchant and agent, 29 Ingram street, house, 64 Oxford 

street, Laurieston. 
Boyd, Rev. James, D.D., minister of the Tron parish, house, 32 Elmbank crescent. 
Boyd, James, baker, 61 Frederick street. 

Boyd, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 101 Hospital street, house, 103 do. 
Boyd, James, grocer and victualler, 19 New Bridge street. 
Boyd, James, house agent, 88 South Portland street. 
Boyd, James, of C. Boyd 4" Son, house, 11 Greenvale place. 
Boyd, John, writer, 18 Glassford street, house, Kirkhill, Mearns. 
Boyd, John, cowfeeder and hay merchant, 131 Canning street, Calton. 
Boyd, John, clerk for Statute Labour Committee, house, 34 South Portland street. 
Boyd, John, hairdresser, 64 Stockwell street. 
Boyd, John, 5 Morrison street, Kingston. 
Boyd, John, of David Boyd 4~ Co., house, Elmbank place. 

Boyd, Lawson, & Co., iron and steel merchants, Dundas lane, 162 Buchanan street, 
Boyd, Robert, spirit dealer, 381 Gallowgate. 


Boyd, Robert, cotton, -worsted, and woollen yarns, and goods agent, 78 Queen street, 

house, Oakshawhead, Paisley. 
Boyd, Thomas, cravat and handkerchief printer, 5 National Bank buildings, Queen 

street, house, 25 India street. 
Boyd, Thomas, jun., metal broker and commission agent, 33 Renfield street, house, 

1 Claremont street. 
Boyd, William, & Son, cabinetmakers, 15 St. Enoch square. 
Boyd, William, spirit dealer, 11 Melville street, Tradeston. 
Boyd, William, & Co., corn merchants, 20 Union street. 
Boyd, William, of William Boyd 4' Co , house, 381 St. Vincent street. 
Boyd, William, National Bank buildings, house, 22 Lynedoch street. 
Boyd, William, & Son, cabinetmakers and wood merchants, 4 Hyde Park street. 
Boyd, William, of William Boyd <f Son, house, 381 St. Vincent street. 
Boyd, William, of William Boyd tf- Son, house, 1 York place. 
Boyd, William, of Boyd, Lawson, <§• Co., house, 139 West Campbell street. 
Boyd, Mrs. William, innkeeper and stabler, 52 High street. 
Boyd, William, grocer and victualler, 167 New City road. 
Boyd, Helen, grocer and victualler, 19 Duke street. 
Boyd, Misses, straw-hat and dressmakers, 47 Norfolk street. 
Boyd, Mrs., provision store, 6 Cheapside street. 
Boyd, Mrs. David, 21 Elmbank place. 
Boyd, Mrs. James, baker, 245 Argyll street. 
Boyd, Mrs. S., spirit dealer, 378 Gallowgate. 
BOYLE, Alexander, dealer in spirits, 152 Sauchiehall street. 
Boyle, Edward, spirit dealer, 13 St. Ninian street. 
Boyle, James, eating-house keeper, 26 Bell street. 
Boyle, James, 12 Warwick street. 
Boyle, James, cowfeeder and carter, 62 Hospital street. 
Boyle, James, lithographer and engraver, 14 Merchant lane. 
Boyle, John, stabler and dairyman, 106 High street. 
Boyle, Patrick, rag store, 74 Old wynd. 
Boyle, Robert, baker, 11 Milton street, Cowcaddens. 
Boyle, Misses, straw-hat and dressmakers, 48 Eglinton street. 
BRADSHAW, P. & D., cork manufacturers, 21 Great Hamilton street. 
Braehead Colliery Depot, 72 Tennant street, St. Rollox. 
BRAID, Alexander, hairdresser, 7 Kirk street, Townhead. 
Braid, Thomas, builder, 10 Robertson street. 
BRAIDWOOD, Andrew, file cutter, 454 Gallowgate street. 
BRAMWELL, Miss, dressmaker, 86 Renfrew street. 
BRAND, James, shawl manufacturer, 9 Cochran street, and 19 Montrose street, 

house, 80 North Frederick street. 
Brand & Mollison, silk, muslin, and woollen dyers, 70 Queen street. 
Brand, William, of Brand cf- Mollison, house, 7 West Prince's street. 
Brand, William R. G., commission agent, Smith's court, 53 Candleriggs. 
Brand, Mrs., 105 South Portland street. 
Brand, Mrs., 17 Claremont street. 

BRANNAN, John, furniture broker, 112 London street. 
Brannan, T., spirit merchant, 107 Great Hamilton street. 
BRARD, A., professor of French, 103 Douglas street. 
BRASH, Rev. William, 38 Monteith row. 
Brash, Alexander, accountant and house-factor, 82 Union street, house, 212 Garngad 

BRECHIN, John, beadle, United Presbyterian Church, Eglinton street, house, 99 

Centre street. 
Brechin, Mrs., milliner, 57 Rutherglen loan. 
BRECKENRIDGE, James, tavern keeper, 62 Argyll street. 
Bredisholm Coal Co., 5 Cathcart street. 
BREEN, James, fruit salesman, bazaar, house, 76 Bell street. 
BREMNER, David, C.E., engineer to the Clyde Trust, 1 6 Robertson street. 
Bremner, Duncan, baker, 334 Gallowgate. 

Bremner, H. H., teller, Western Bank of Scotland, house, Florence place. 
Bremner, Rev. Robert, A.M., 8 Maxwellton place. 
Bremner, William, plasterer, 13 Surrey street, limeyard, 20 Surrey street, Gorbals. 


BRICELAND, Mrs. Michael, china and glass warehouse, 92 Main street, Gorbals. 

BRIDGE, Samuel, fruiterer, 226 George street. 

Bridgeton Baking Society, 85 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Friendly "Victualling Society, 125 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Old Victualling Society, 98 Main Street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Operative Victualling Society, 158 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Public Library, 100 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Public School, 94 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Union Victualling Society, 212 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bridgeton Victualling Society, 178 Main street, Bridgeton. 

BRIDIE, Mrs., Free St. Matthew's School, 46 William street, Anderston. 

BRISTOW, John, & Co., booksellers, stationers, and printers, 203 Gallowgate. 

British American Land Co.'s office, 3 Royal Exchange court. Geo. Gillespie, agent. 

British Asphalte Co., 62 Buchanan street, Gregory Bird, manager, works, Scott street 

Dobbie's loan. 
British Commercial Insurance Co., Hamilton, Brothers, & Co., 240 Broomielaw quay, 

British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co., and Fire Assurance Society, 28 George 

square, Robert Walker, jun., agent. 
British Guarantee Association, S. M. Penny, agent, 16 St. Vincent place. 
British & North American Royal Mail Steam-packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
British Iron Foundry, 598 Gallowgate, Campbell & Christie. 
British ironmongery, hardware, oil, and colour store, 50 Main street, Anderston, D. 

British Linen Company Bank, corner of Queen street and Ingram street, James 

Robertson and Patrick Brodie, agents. 
British Plate Glass Co., Ravenhead, D. Melvin & Co., agents, 57 Buchanan street. 
British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street. 
BROAD FOOT, Alexander, of Broadfoot, Douglas, d; Co., residence, Billhead house, 

Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co., printers, and shawl and silk manufacturers, 128 Ingram 

Broadfoot, Miss, 150 Hill street, Garnethill. 
BROADLEY, James, broker, 44 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Broadley, John, 16 Springfield court, Buchanan street, house, 8 West Sandyford place. 
Broadley, William, muslin manufacturer, 16 Springfield court, Buchanan street, 

house, 3 Carnarvon street. 
BROCK, Henry, manager of the Clydesdale Bank, house, Woodside crescent. 
Brock, James, merchant and accountant, 15 Prince's square, 40 Buchanan street. 
Brock, James, sen., tobacconist, 69 Stockwell street. 
Brock, John, fruiterer, 131 Murray place, New City road. 
Brock & M'Gavin, grain millers, 16 Commercial road, Hutchesontown. 
Brock, Walter, & Co., merchants and accountants, 15 Prince's square, and 40 

Buchanan street. 
Brock, William, provision merchant, 296 High street, and 70 High street, house, 

298 do. 
Brock, William, tea merchant and grocer, 85 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
BROCKET, Andrew, joiner, house and shipwright, 24 York street. 
BRODIE, Alex., spirit dealer, 8 Tobago street, Calton. 
Brodie, Archibald, carver and gilder, 60 and 62 Buchanan street. 
Brodie, G. L., at W. S. Brodie's, house, 1 Richmond street. 
Brodie, Hugh, of Muirs, Connell, §• Brodie, house, Park grove, Paisley road. 
Brodie, James, weaving manager, at R. Thomson <§ Son's worlcs, house, 14 South 

Wellington place. 
Brodie, James, spirit dealer, 11 Back wjnid. 

Brodie, John, merchant. Letters left at A. Nisbet's, 180 Trongate. 
Brodie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 86 Glassford street. 
Brodie, John, spirit merchant, 51 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Brodie, M'Leod, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 2 and 4 Royal Exchange square, and 

143 Queen street. 
Brodie, Patrick, agent, British Linen Co.'s Bank, house, 5 Woodside place. 
Brodie, Thomas, clerk, British Linen Co.'s Bank, corner of Ingram street and Queen 



Brodie, Robert, coal agent and carter, 88 John street. 

Brodie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 116 Saltmarket, and 1, 3, and 5 Miller's 

Brodie, William, merchant, 1 Richmond street, 
Brodie, W. S,, & Co., manufacturers, 30 South Hanover street, 
BROOK, James, & Co., omnibus proprietors and coach-hirers, 8 Gordon St., stables, 

Drury street. 
BROOKMAN, Benjamin, stationer and printer, 280 Argyll street. 
BROOKS & Sunderland, lamp manufacturers and brassfounders, 7 and 9 Waterloo 

street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Brooks, William & James, Baltic timber-merchants, and general agents. 
Brooks, William, Swedish and Norwegian vice-consul. 

Brooks, William, of William <J" James Brooks, house, 308 St. Vincent street. 
BROMLEY, John H., accountant, 39 Cadogan street. 
BROOM, James, & Co., worsted and shawl warehouse, 163 Ingram street, and 100 

Queen street. 
Broom, James, of James Broicn <£• Co., house, 148 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Broom, John & James, commission merchants, 36^ George square. 
Broom, William, bootmaker, 39 South Portland street. 
Broom, William, builder, 154 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Broomhill Foundry, Port-Dundas. 

BROWN, Alex., & Co., merchants, 106 West George street; weaving works, Com- 
mercial road, Hutchesontown ; and spinning and weaving works, Sawmillfield. 
Brown, A. & C, blockmakers, joiners, and cabinetmakers, 152 Broomielaw, house, 

134 do. 
Brown, Alexander, of Alex. Brown tf Co., house, 10 India street. 
Brown, Alexander, spirit merchant, 18 Brown street, Anderston. 
Brown, Alexander, at Alexander Cross cf Sons, 17 Gallowgate. 
Brown, Alexander, porter, Royal Bank, house, Royal Bank buildings. 
Brown, Alexander, teacher of languages, 2 Havannah street. 
Brown, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 86 High street. 
Brown, Alexander, saddler, 407 Parliamentary road. 
Brown, Allan, family grocer, Wellpark buildings, Duke street. 
Brown, Andrew, sen., warping heck-maker and gas-fitter, 15 Canon street. 
Brown, Andrew, tinsmith and gasfitter, 15 Canon street. 
Brown, Andrew, 17 Nicholson street. 

Brown, Andrew, Kenmore Quarry, house, Bear Yards, Bishopbriggs. 
Brown, Andrew, of Shanks and Brown, house, 28 Blackfriars street. 
Brown, Archibald, & Co., silk, gauze, and shawl manufacturers, 104 Virginia place. 
Brown, Archibald, gas-fitter, ironmonger, and tin-plate worker, 37 Crown street. 
Brown, Archibald, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 54 Renfield street, works, 533 

Dobbie's loan. 
Brown, Archibald, baker, 27 Stobcross street. 

Brown, A. & J., painters and paper-hangers, 78 and 80 Carrick street. 
Brown, Rev. Benjamin C, 141 Urygate. 
Brown, Campbell, leather merchant, 163 Bridgegate street. 
Brown & Carrick, architects, 9 Bath street. 

Brown & Co., commission merchants and corn factors, 13 Hope street. 
Brown, Colin, of J. Boyce, jun. <f" Co., house, 115 Bath street. 

Brown, Colin Rae, of Brown, Macindoe, <f Co., house, 29 Paterson street, Kingston. 
Brown, C. Wilsone, at William Brown § Co.'s, 24 Stockwell street. 
Brown, Daniel, pastry baker and confectioner, 60 Queen street. 
Brown, David, joiner, cabinetmaker, and glazier, 1 3 Stormont street. 
Brown, David, shoemaker, 159 Canning street, Calton. 
Brown, David, wine and spirit merchant, 75 Bell street. 
Brown, David, nurseryman and florist, 185 Sauchiehall road, nursery, Burnbank, 

Great Western road. 
Brown, Rev. David, minister of St. James's Free Church, house, 322 St. Vincent st-. 
Brown, A., baker, 27 Stobcross street, Anderston. 
Brown, Dowries, & Co., merchants, 26 Dunlop street. 
Brown, Duncan, & Co., drysalters, Wellington court, 43 Argyll street. 
Brown, Duncan, wholesale and retail grocer, 284 and 286 Gallowgate. 
Brown, Duncan, janitor, Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street. 


Brown & Dunlop, writers, and agents for the Argus Life Assurance Company of 

London, 49 Virginia street. 
Brown, George, of Charles Tennant § Co., St. Rollox, house, Clarence place, 113 

Sauchiehall street. 
Brown, George, wine and spirit merchant, 92 Gallowgate. 
Brown, G. E., 191 Eenfrew street, Garnethill. 
Brown, Henry, of H.M.'s Customs, house, Mosside, Crossmyloof. 
Brown, Hugh, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 and 104 Virginia place. 
Brown, Hugh, of Hugh Brown ij- Co., house, 9 Abercromby place, West George street. 
Brown, Hugh, cabinetmaker, 34 Warwick street. 
Brown, Hugh, wholesale and retail grocer, 2 Caltonmouth. 
Brown, James, surgeon, 113 Douglas street. 
Brown, James & Cornelius (late C. Brown cj* Sons), sewed muslin manufacturers, 47 

Cochran street. 
Brown, James, of J. cf C. Brown, house, 99 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Brown, James, flesher, 17 Main street, Gorbals. 
Brown, James, flesher, 32 Little street, Calton. 
Brown, James, of Crabb <$• Brown, house, 10 George street. 
Brown, James, of William Brown cj- Co., house, 24 Woodside place. 
Brown, James K., of Watson if Co., house, 11 Woodside crescent. 
Brown, James and Thomas. & Co., wholesale tea and coffee dealers, and importers of 

fruit, 21 St. Enoch square. 
Brown, James, merchant, 258 High street. 
Brown, James, & Co., general grocers, 27 Bedford street. 
Brown, James, of James § Thomas Brown <§■ Co., house, Grove park. 
Brown, James, painter and paper-hanger, 40 King street, Tradeston. 
Brown, James, commission merchant, 1 Royal Exchange court, house, 32 Windsor 

Brown, James, & Co., letterpress printers, 99 Blackfriars street. 
Brown, James, of J. $ J. Brown, house, 141 Dry gate. 
Brown, James, merchant, 23 Monteith row, formerly 52 Virginia street. 
Brown, James, council officer, house, 53 Cadogan street. 
Brown, James, architect, house and office, 9 Bath street. 
Brown, James, janitor, Eoyal Infirmary. 

Brown, James, flesher and ham curer, 91 Glebe street, and 135 Cambridge street. 
Brown, James, manager, Union Exchange Company, house, 18 Woodside place. 
Brown, James, and James Wilkie, accountants, sharebrokers, house factors, land 

agents, and agents for the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company, 

135 Buchanan street. 
Brown, James, of J. Brown and J. Wilkie, residence, Woodside House, by Cathcart. 
Brown, James, wright, trunk and packing-box maker, 277 George street, house, 124 

North John street. 
Brown, James, house-factor, 277 George street. 
Brown, J. & A., shuttle, shuttle-mounting, and weaving utensil makers and turners, 18 

Thomson's lane, Green street, Calton. 
Brown, John, & Sons, millwrights and machine-makers, M'Neill street, Little Govan 

Brown, J. & J., dyers, Drygate bridge dye-works. 

Brown, John, & Co., cotton brokers, general agents, bonded and free warehouse- 
keepers, 31 Argyll street. 
Brown, John, of John Brown § Co., house, 31 Argyll street. 

Brown, John George, of Yates, Brown, § Howat, Springfield court, 69 Queen street. 
Brown, John, coal agent, 5 Dixon street. 

Brown, John, secretary, Barrhead railway, house, 8 South Apsley place. 
Brown, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 9 Melville place, 132 Trongate. 
Brown, John, jun., of Brown ty Sharpe, house, 42 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 
Brown, John, wright and house factor, 43 Nelson street, house, 41 Charlotte street. 
Brown, John, victualler, 38 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Brown, John, Court-house keeper, 1 East Clyde street. 

Brown, John, perfumer and hair cutter, 3 Glassford street, house, 32 Stockwell st. 
Brown, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 43 Eglinton street, house, 26 South 

Portland street. 
Brown, J. P., & Co., stationers and account-book makers, 2 St. Enoch square. 


Brown, John Grier, 40 Great Clyde street. 

Brown, John, bootmaker, 56 Maxwell street. 

Brown, John, hosier and shirt-maker, 8 Candleriggs. 

Brown, John, & Co., fruiterers, 122 Queen street. 

Brown, John, & Co., fruiterers, 20 Glassford street. 

Brown, John, at J. 4" R. Cogan's, Graham square, house, 25 Belgrove street. 

Brown, John, eating-house keeper, 58 Canon street. , 

Brown, John, victualler, 140 Gallowgate. 

Brown & Love, clothiers, shirt merchants, and hosiers, 122 Argyll street. 

Brown, Joseph, of J. 4' J. Brown, house, 17 Whitevale street. 

Brown, Joseph R., 17 Whitevale. 

Brown, Joseph, confectioner, 139 Main street, Gorbals. 

Brown, Macindoe, & Co., auctioneers and commercial brokers, 43 Buchanan street. 

Brown, Malcolm, & Co., distillers, Dundalk; agent, James Richardson, jun., 31 
Miller street. 

Brown & M'Limont, merchants, 166 Buchanan street. 

Brown, Joshua, at James Brown's, 111 George street, house, 9 Germeston street. 

Brown, M. & J., nursery and seedsmen, 29 Glassford street, nursery, east end of 
Duke street. 

Brown, Matthew, of Strang, Brown, 4' Co., house, 42 Dalhousie street. 

Brown, Matthew, & Co., warehousemen, 116 Candleriggs. 

Brown, Matthew, flesher, 133 Gallowgate. 

Brown, M. & W., jun., & Co., merchants, 35 St. Vincent place. 

Brown, Niven, victualler, 111 Gallowgate. 

Brown, Peter, & Son, commission merchants, 17 Gordon street. 

Brown, Peter, of Peter Brown 4" Son, house, 103 Bath street. 

Brown, Peter, jun., of Peter Brown 4 Son, house, 103 Bath street. 

Brown, Peter, baker, 56 Nelson street. 

Brown, P. M'T., merchant, house, 3 Fitzroy place. 

Brown, Quintin, at John Brown 4" Co.'s, 73 Robertson street. 

Brown, Robert, chemist and druggist, 110 and 112 Trongate, house, 93 London st. 

Brown, Robert, aerated water manufacturer, 142 Trongate. 

Brown, Robert, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 4 Broad street, Mile-end. 

Brown, Robert, at D. § A. Cuthbertson's, 110 West George street, house, 83 Villa- 
field place. 

Brown, Robert, accountant and sharebroker, 15 Buchanan street. 

Brown, Robert S., bookseller and stationer, 43 Nelson street, house, 41 Charlotte st. 

Brown, Robert, wood merchant, truuk and packing-box maker, 86 Mitchell street, 
house, 118 New City road. 

Brown, Samuel R., & Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturers, 78 Queen street. 

Brown, Samuel R., of Samuel R. 4 T. Brown, house, 10 Woodside place. 

Brown & Sharp, cotton brokers, 103 Glassford street. 

Brown & Son, engravers, lithographers, and letterpress printers, 5 King street. 

Browu, Thomas, writer, of Brown 4~ Dunlop, 49 Virginia St., house, north Haghill. 

Brown, Thomas, of Baird 4' Brown, house, 5 Royal Circus, City road. 

Brown, Thomas, of Samuel R. 4' Thomas Brown, house, 137 Bath street. 

Brown, Thomas, civil engineer, 14 York street. 

Brown, Thomas, at Canal Office, Port-Dundas, house, Ebenezerfield, Craighall road. 

Brown, Thomas T., merchant, 28 Cochran street, house, 45 Crown street. 

Brown, Thomas W., of James and Thomas Brown 4" Co., 21 St. Enoch square. 

Brown, William, M.D., 317 Argyll street, house, 40 Great Clyde street. 

Brown, William, draper, 2 Kennedy street. 

Browu, William, writer, 13 John street, house, Brandon Grove Cottage, Helens- 

Brown, William, & Co., oil merchants and colour manufacturers, 24 Stockwell st. 

Brown, William, joiner and cabinet-maker, 239 Argyll street. 

Brown, William, tinplate worker and gasfitter, 147 Canning street, Calton. 

Brown, William, merchant, 179 Bath street. 

Brown, William, victualler, 261 High street. 

Brown, William, at Knox 4 Guild's, house, 83 Charleston place. 

Brown, William, pattern-designer, 41 North Albion street. 

Brown, William, foreman, at M'Leod, Davidson, 4' Co's, house, 82 George street. 

Brown, William, of Brown, Dowries, 4" Co., merchants, house, 6 Kingston place. 


Brown, William, of William Brown <$; Co., house, 179 Athole place. 

Brown, William, flesher, 110 Gallowgate. 

Brown, William, jun., merchant, of M. (J - W. Broum, jun., fy Co., house, 191 Albert 
terrace, Renfrew street. 

Brown, William, jun., of Brown §• Love, house, 41 North Albion street. 

Brown, William, of James Clow cf Co., house, 18 Cadogan street. 

Brown, William, grocer and victualler, 81 Dalmarnock road. 

Brown, William, grocer and victualler, 53 High street. 

Brown, William, sewed muslin warehouse, 30 Low John street. 

Brown, William, tailor and clothier, 323 Argyll street. 

Brown, William, carter, 13 Wood lane, Broomielaw. 

Brown, William, tea and coffee merchant, 260 George street. 

Brown, William, slate merchant, 4 Watt street, Broomielaw, house, 115 North 
Douglas street. 

Brown, William, slater, 112 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Brown, William, of Baird <§■ Brmun, house, at the works, Port-Dundas. 

Brown, William, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. 

Brown, William, & Co., wrights, 79 Greendyke street. 

Brown, William, cook and confectioner, 8 Bridge street. 

Brown & Wilson, manufacturers, 1G3 Ingram street. 

Brown, Mrs., straw-hat maker, 134 George street. 

Brown, Miss Agnes, 3 West Eegent street. 

Brown, Mrs. Cornelius, 77 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Brown, Mrs., 14 Falkland place, St. George's road. 

Brown, Mrs. E., 6 Melrose street. 

Brown, Mrs. J., lodgings, 45 Crown street, Hutchesontown. 

Brown, Mrs. James, 160 Renfrew street. 

Brown, Mrs. James, hosier and furnisher, 30 Bedford street. 

Brown, Mrs. William, lodgings, 52 Clyde place. 

Brown, Mrs. William, 23 St. Andrew square. 

Brown, Mrs., 136 Eenfrew street. 

BEOWNING, Andrew, baker, 207 High street. 

Browning, James S., classical master, Collegiate and Commercial Academy, 21 Dal- 
housie street. 

Browning, W. & E., saddlers, 35 Stockwell street. 

Browning, Matthew, grain-weigher and storekeeper, 24 York street, house, 42 York 

BROWNLIE, Allan, baker and spirit dealer, 33 Main street, Gorbals. 

Brownlie, Archibald, timber merchant, 12 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 

Brownlie, A. & J., grocers and victuallers, 117 Canning street, Calton. 

Brownlie, John, flesher, 8 Norfolk street. 

Brownlie, John, provision merchant, 219 Cowcaddens street. 

Brownlie, John-, lappet-wheel cutter and machine-maker, 79 Stockwell street. 

Brownlie, Thomas, spirit merchant, 177 Argyll street. 

Brownlie, Thomas, builder and contractor, 114 Cumberland place. 

Brownlie, William, bread and biscuit baker, 15 Argyll street. 

Brownlie, William, bootmaker, 20 Eenfield street. 

BEUCE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Anderston quay. 

Bruce & Co., general merchants, 13 Watt street. 

Bruce, Henry, 17 Eenfield street, house, North Woodside Cottage, New City road. 

Bruce, Peter, of Bruce d; Co., house, 24 York street. 

Bruce, Ramsay & Spiers, sewed muslin manufacturers, 128 Ingram street. 

Bruce, Eobert, wholesale and retail grocer, 70 Gallowgate. 

Bruce, Eobert, builder, 137 Cambridge street. 

Bruce, Eobert, commission merchant, 34 York street. 

Bruce, Thomas L., 27 Kinning place, Paisley road. 

Bruce, William, agent for Scottish Widows' Fund, and Life Assurance Society, 30 
Eoyal Exchange square. 

Bruce, William, & John Murray, agents for Scottish Widows' Fund, and Life As- 
surance Society, 30 Eoyal Exchange square. See Advertisement. 

Bruce, William, cabinetmaker, 30 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Bruce, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 21 Cambridge street. 

Bruce, W., of Gibb <§ Bruce, house, Gilmourhill. 


Bruce, Misses, dressmakers, 47 Sauchiehall street. 

Bruce, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 35 Renfrew street. 

Bruce, Mrs., millinery and furnishings, 91 King street. 

Bruce, Mrs., milliner, 35 Nelson street. 

Bruce, Mrs., spirit dealer, 8 Nicholas street. 

BRUNTON, Charles, bricklayer and oven-builder, 3 Pitt street. 

Bruuton, John, tailor and clothier, 2 Clyde terrace. 

BRYAN, John, Cumnock carrier, 37 Miller's place. 

BRYANT, J. J., tavern keeper, 292 Buchanan street. 

BRYCE, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 42 St. Andrew street, house, 40 do. 

Bryce, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Bryce & Co., hatters, and hat and cap manufacturers, 165 Trongate. 

Bryce, John, plumber and gasfitter, 32 Dunlop st., house, 61 Nelson st., Tradeston. 

Bryce, David, bookseller and stationer, 129 Buchanan street, house, 260 Renfrew st. 

Bryce, James, spirit dealer, 13 West Milton street, Cowcaddens. 

Bryce, James, 34 St. Andrew street. 

Bryce, James, jun., master of the commercial and mathematical department, High 

School, house, 5 Lansdowne crescent. 
Bryce, John, 180 Cowcaddens street. 
Bryce, John, architect, 243 Buchanan street. 

Bryce, J. D., of Dennistoun, Bryce, cf Co., house, S.W. corner of Queen's crescent. 
Bryce, Morrison, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 136 Hope street. 
Bryce & Orr, wine and spirit merchants, 66 Saltmarket street. 
Biyce & Peden, boot and shoemakers, 35 Queen street. 
Bryce, William, beadle, 95 North Hanover street. 
Bryce, William, of Bryce if Orr, house, 35 St. Andrew square. 
Bryce, William, of Irvine # Bryce, house, 197 Elgin place, Pitt street. 
Bryce, Miss, Holme place, 278 Argyll street. 
Bryce, Mrs., 197 Elgin place, Pitt street. 

BRYDON, James, at Wellington factory, Hutchesontown, house, 107 Crown street. 
Bryden, Thomas, spirit dealer, 40 Port-Dundas road. 
Bryden, William, & Son, bell-hangers, Venetian and roller-blind manufacturers, 7 

Royal Bank place, and 55 George street, Edinburgh. 
Bryden & Sons, bell-hangers, and window-blind manufacturers, 17 Exchange place, 

south entrance from Buchanan street to the Royal Exchange, and at 80 Rose 

street, Edinburgh. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Bryden, W. C, of Bryden $ Sons, house, 4 Bath street. 
BRYDON, John, commission merchant, 14 Springfield court, Queen street, house, 8 

Kingston place. 
Brydon, Thomas, 87 South Portland street, Laurieston. 
Bryden, Mrs. William, 87 South Portland street. 
BRYDSON, William, 15 Eglinton street. 
BRYSON, John Burns, writer, of Burnet cj' Bryson, Merchants' house buildings, 72 

Hutcheson street. 
Bryson, John, at John Dennistoun <f Co.'s, 38 George square. 
Bryson & Hamilton, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 18 and 20 

Canon street, and 23 Kirk street, Gorbals. 
Bryson, Robert, merchant and cotton-broker, Ingram place, 111 Ingram street, house, 

11 Elmbank place. 
Bryson, John, of William Bryson <f Co., house, 16 Bridge street, Tradeston. 
Bryson, John, draper, 11 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Bryson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Saltmarket. 
Biyson, William, & Co., zebra manufacturers, 37 Ingram street. 
Bryson, William, of William Bryson if Co., house, 54 Oxford street. 
Bryson, Miss, furnishing shop, 28 Dundas street. 
BUCHAN, Alexander, teacher, St. Jpmes's Parish School, house, 15 William street, 

Buchan, James, victualling house, 74 Trongate. 
Buchan, John, at Thomson if MacConnelVs, 14 Jamaica street. 
Buchan, Patrick, 56 Abbotsford place. 

Buchan, Thomas, & Co., brassfounders, gas-fitters, and lustre manufacturers, Liver- 
pool court, 249 Argyll street. 
Buchan, William, law agent, 10 Sommerville place. 



Buchan, W. R., writer, 1 Royal Exchange court, Queen street, house, 10 Sommer- 
ville place. 

BUCHANAN, Aitken, & Co., accountants and sharebrokers, 41 St. Vincent place. 

Buchanan, Alexander, of Avid cf Buchanan, Sunny bank, Partick hill. 

Buchanan, Alexander M., of Daly, Spence, Buchanan, $ Co., house, 96 Trongate. 

Buchanan, Allan, of George Buchanan <$■ Sons, house, 7 Woodside place. 

Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, professor of the institutes of medicine, University of Glasgow, 
house, 13 Moore place. 

Buchanan, Andrew, of Gunn (f Buchanan, house, 10 Duke street. 

Buchanan, Andrew, tobacconist, &c, 352 High street. 

Buchanan, Andrew, copper and tinsmith, 67 Commerce street. 

Buchanan, Archibald, painter and paper-hanger, 25 Kent street. 

Buchanan, Archibald, plumber, zinc-worker, and gas-fitter, 2 Canning street. 

Buchanan & Cairns, provision merchants, 16 and 18 Wilson street. 

Buchanan, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Cook street. 

Buchanan, Charles, spirit dealer, 89 Stockwell street. 

Buchanan, Cunningham, flesher, 41 Candleriggs, house, 194 Gallowgate. 

Buchanan, D., teacher, 93 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Buchanan, Edward, builder, 24 St. Enoch square. 

Buchanan, Findlay, & Co., merchants, 157 Buchanan street. 

Buchanan, George, M.D., surgeon, 14 Lynedoch crescent. 

Buchanan, George, surgeon-dentist, 1 Abercromby place, West George street. 

Buchanan, George, & Sons, calenderers, bleachers, &c, 95 Candleriggs. 

Buchanan, George S., at George Buchanan $• Sons, house, 7 Brandon place. 

Buchanan, George, manager, at Charles Tennent # Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

Buchanan, Hamilton, & Co., merchants, 29 St. Vincent place. . 

Buchanan, Herbert, merchant, 83 Union street. 

Buchanan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 59 Garngad road. 

Buchanan, Isaac, of Peter Buchanan cj' Co., house, 12 Montague place. 

Buchanan, Isaac, Old Medical Hall, 41 New Bridge street. 

Buchanan, James, smith and gas-fitter, 79 Stockwell street. 

Buchanan, James Gray, Eastfield. Letters left at Buchanan, Wilson, & Co.'s, 25 
St. Enoch square. 

Buchanan, James, victualler, 264 Gallowgate. 

Buchanan, James, commission merchant and agent, 138 Hope street. 

Buchanan, James, house and ship painter, 22 York street. 

Buchanan, James, fish-hook and tackle manufacturer, 221 Argyll street. 

Buchanan, James, of Buchanan, Roy, <.f Co., house, 25 Richmond street. 

Buchanan, James, of James Finlay 4" Co., house, 1 Greenvale place. 

Buchanan, James, agent to English Widows' Eund and General Life Assurance Asso- 
ciation, 57 West Nile street. 

Buchanan, James, fruits and confections, 7 Eglinton street. 

Buchanan, James, bakers' utensil maker, 12 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Buchanan, James, grocer, 404 Parliamentary road. 

Buchanan, J., & Co., coach-builders, 70 and 72 Union St., works, 25 St. Enoch lane. 

Buchanan, John, writer, agent for the Alfred Life Assurance and Annuity Associa- 
tion, 87 Union street, house, Apsley place. 

Buchanan, John, dairyman and coal agent, 67 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Buchanan, John, iron merchant, 21 St. Vincent place. 

Buchanan, John, of Buchanan, Findlay, cf - Co., 157 Buchanan street. 

Buchanan, John, secretary, Western Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller street, house, 

Buchanan, John, constable and sheriff-officer, 13 Oxford lane, Laurieston. 

Buchanan, John, sheriff-officer and constable and bar-officer to Justice of Peace 
Court, 83 Govan street, Hutchesontown. 

Buchanan, John, furnishing ironmonger, brazier, tinsmith, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 
332 Argyll street. 

Buchanan, John, at Charles Tennent cj' Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

Buchanan, John, hosiery and furnishings, and house factor, 5 Eglinton street. 

Buchanan, John, wine and spirit merchant, sealing-wax manufacturer, and lessee of 
Lyceum rooms, 74 Nelson street. 

Buchanan, John, of Buchanan § Pearson, house, 98 Parson street. 

Buchanan, John, provision merchant, 131 Bridgegate St., house, 25 East Clyde st. 


Buchanan, John, of Dennistoun, Buchanan, tf Co.'s, 20 St. Vincent place. 
Buchanan, John, temperance hotel, coffee-house, and reading-room, 3 Clyde place, 

adjoining the terminus of the Ayr and Greenock railway. 
Buchanan, John, of Buchanan cf Lockhart, house, 194 St. Vincent street. 
Buchanan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Stobcross street and 23 Bridge street. 
Buchanan, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 5 North Woodside road. 
Buchanan, John, ofPasley, Jardine, cj- Co., house, 3 Kinning place, Paisley road. 
Buchanan, John & James, muslin manufacturers, 108 Hutcheson street. 
Buchanan, John C, at George Buchanan <j- Son's, house, 7 Woodside place. 
Buchanan, Joshua, of Buchanan cf- Cairns, house, 98 Parson street. 
Buchanan & Lockhart, wine and spirit merchants, 63 Stockwell street, and 4 Moore 

place, West George street. 
Buchanan, Dr. M. S., professor of anatomy, Anderson's University, house, 14 Lyne- 

doch crescent. 
Buchanan, Neil, spirit dealer, 84 Bell street. 
Buchanan, Peter, & Co., merchants, 59 St. Vincent street. 
Buchanan & Pearson, stationers, 52 Wilson street. 
Buchanan, Peter, of Peter Buchanan (j- Co., house, 12 Montague place. 
Buchanan, Robert, D.D., minister of Free Tron Church, house, 2 Sandyford place. 
Buchanan, Robert, agent for Globe Insurance Co., 57 St. George's place, house, 25 

Blythswood square. 
Buchanan, R. D., 57 St. George's place, house, 25 Blythswood square. 
Buchanan, Roy, & Co., ham-curers and butter and cheese merchants, Smith's court, 

53 Candleriggs. 
Buchanan, Robert, M.A., professor of logic and rhetoric, College. 
Buchanan, Robert, spirit dealer, 23 Charlotte street. 
Buchanan, Robert, victualler, 12 Rutherglen loan. 

Buchanan, Thomas, of Buchanan, Wilson, cj- Co., house, Wellshot, Cambuslang. 
Buchanan, Thomas, of Buchanan, Watson, cj- Co., house, Dowanhill. 
Buchanan, T. G., and L. M. Kerr, accountants and sharebrokers, 157 Buchanan st. 
Buchanan, T, G., ofT. G. Buchanan cj- L. M. Kerr, house, 5 West Regent street. 
Buchanan, T. D., surgeon and dispensing chemist, western apothecaries' hall, 275 

Argjdl street, house, Holm place, 278 Argyll street. 
Buchanan, Walter, surgeon, 4 Eglinton street, house, 57 South Portland street. 
Buchanan, William, spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Jackson street. 
Buchanan, Walter, of Buchanan, Hamilton, cj- Co., house, 212 West George street. 
Buchanan, Wm. Cross, civil engineer, 38 Dalhousie street, Garnet hill. 
Buchanan, W. M., at Randolph, Elliot, cj- Co.'s, house, 37 Paterson street, Kingston. 
Buchanan, Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, 111 Rottenrow street. 
Buchanan, Walter, milk and cream shop, 283 Argyll street. 
Buchanan, Watson, & Co., merchants, 20 St. Vincent place. 
Buchanan, William, of George Buchanan cj- Sons, house, 7 Brandon place. 
Buchanan, William, miniature and watch-glass maker, 1 New wynd. 
Buchanan, William, grocer and victualler, 105 Main street, Gorbals. 
Buchanan, William, woollen and linen draper, 13 Gallowgate, house, 95 North Han- 
over street. 
Buchanan, William, 48 Shamrock street. 

Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 25 St, Enoch square. 
Buchanan, Younger, & Co., stockbrokers, 57 West Nile street. 
Buchanan, Miss, 87 West Regent street. 
Buchanan, Miss, 4 Cathcart street. 
Buchanan, Misses, 14 Newton place. 
Buchanan, Mrs. Cross, 38 Dalhousie street, Garnethill. 
Buchanan, Mrs., grocer, 23 Catherine street, Anderston. 
Buchanan, Mrs. Robert, 122 Wellington street. 
Buchanan, Mrs., 45 Union street. 

BUCKIE, J., & Co., letterpress printers, 16 St. Enoch square. 
BUCKINGHAM, John, spirit dealer, 30 College street, east. 
Buck's-head Hotel, 61 Argyll street. 

BUDGE, Alexander, & Co., provision merchants, 407 Arg}dl street. 
BULLOCH, Archibald, at J. A. Sheriff's, house, Ebenezerfield, Craighall road. 
Bulloch, Archibald, 9 Virginia street, house, Morrisdale cottage, Govan. 
Bulloch, James, at Edmiston cf Mitchell's, 25 Gordon street. 


Bulloch, James, whip and thong manufacturer, 88 Trongate. 

Bulloch, James, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Wilson street. 

Bulloch, James, tobacconist, 68 Argyll street. 

Bulloch, Walter, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Buchanan street, and 48 Renfield 

BULLEY, John, cashier, Western Bank of Scotland, house, 12 Miller street. 
BUNGE & Reichmann, commission merchants, 103 St. Vincent street. 
Bunge, D. G., of Bunge $ Reichmann, house, 20 Blythswood square. 
BUNTEN, Hugh, of Mill if Bunten, house, 29 Cowcaddens street. 
Bunten, James, timber merchant, 81 Wellington street, residence, Holmhead house, 

Bunten, James, & Co., merchants, 81 Wellington street. 
Bunten, Nathan, at A. if R. Cochran's, house, 26 George street. 
Bunten, Peter B., 81 Wellington street, residence, Holmhead house, Cathcart. 
Bunten, William, 29 North Portland street. 
BUNTINE, Robert, collector and clerk of Merchants' House, 70 Hutcheson street, 

house, 16 Abbotsford place. 
BUNTING, James, remnant warehouse, 22 Stobcross street. 
BURGESS, David, brass and bell-founder, and gas-fitter, Gorbals brass foundry, 

Portugal street, Gorbals. 
Burgess, Robert, victualler, 53 Saltmarket. 

Burgess, William, clothier, 31 Queen street, house, 44 Hutcheson street. 
Burgess, Rev. Wm., A.M., of Eglinton street United Presbyterian Church, house, 33 

Waterloo place, Kingston. 
Burgh Sasine Office, City Chambers, Andrew Cunninghame, deputy keeper. 
BURLEY, Robert, & Co., joiners, block-makers, &c, 18 Dale street, Tradeston. 
BURMOND, John, manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street. 
BURN, Peter, & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 9 Royal Exchange place. 
Burn, Peter, of Peter Burn cf Co., house, 64 Buccleuch street. 

BURNET, George, jun., at Muir, Connell, if Brodie's, 74 Waterloo street, Blyths- 
wood holm. 
Burnet, John, writer, city procurator fiscal, Council chambers and Police buildings, 

house, 2 Richmond street. 
Burnet & Brvson, writers, Merchants' House buildings, 72 Hutcheson street. 
Burnet, J., hairdresser, 48 Main street, Calton. 
Burnet, John, bookseller and stationer, 181 High street. 
Burnet, John, writer, of Burnet f Bryson, house, 2 Richmond street. 
Burnet, John, architect, 50 Renfield street. 

BURNLEY, William F., & Co., merchants, 151 West George street. 
Burnley, William F., of William F. Burnley if Co., residence Jordan hill. 
BURNS, Alexander G., warper, 14 Garthland street, house, 18 North Albion street. 
Burns, David, hairdresser, 36 Shuttle street. 

Burns, George, of George if James Burns, house, 243 Brandon place. 
Burns, George & James, steam-packet office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Burns, Hay, retired officer of H.M. customs, 14 Elmbank crescent. 
Burns, James, commission sale room, 1 33 Trongate. 
Burns, James & George, merchants, 9 Buchanan street. 
Burns, James, of James if George Burns, house 224, St. Vincent street. 
Burns, James, hat manufacturer, 6 St. Andrew's street. 
Burns, John, M.D., physician, 5 Blythswood square. 
Burns, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 203 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Burns, John, surgeon, 81 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Burns & Lawson, tea dealers and grocers, 369 Argyll street, house, 14 Cadogan st. 
Burns, Robert, broker, 420 Gallowgate. 

Burns, Robert, of C. Boyd if Son, house, 201 Sauchiehall street. 
Burns, Thomas, architect, 189 Buchanan street. 

Burns, William, writer, of Smith if Burns, house, 124 Douglas street. 
Burns, William, spirit dealer, 44 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 
Burns, Mrs. Mary, broker, 29 Bell street. 
BURNSIDE, John, fringe, tassel, and fancy trimming manufacturer, 55 Argyll 

arcade, 3 Morrison court, 108 Argyll street, and 16 Buchanan street. 
Burnside, Mrs., 2 Mansfield place. 
Bumside, Mrs., 140 George street. 


BURR, Alexander, commission merchant and agent, 37 Glassford street, house, Staf- 
ford place, New City road. 

BURRELL, Alexander, law secretary to the Western Bank of Scotland, 14 Miller st., 
house, Barrhead House, Renfrew. 

BURRETT, B., & Co., smiths and chainmakers, 110 Renfield street. 

BURRY, Henry, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 19 Cochran street. 

BURT, John, nail manufacturer, 5 Martyr street, Townhead. 

Burt, John, currier and leather merchant, 38 Kirk street, Calton. 

Burt, John, engineer, Lancefield place. 

Burt, John, English teacher, 5 Scot street, house, 47 Cambridge street. 

Burt, William, tailor and clothier, 36 Gallowgate. 

BURTON, Henry, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 111 Buchanan street, house, 
58 Renfield street. 

Burton & Thompson, tea and coffee merchants, 93 St. Vincent street. 

Burton, William, of Burton 4' Thompson, house, 16 Bath street. 

Burton, AVilliam, provision merchant, 145 George street. 

Burton, Mrs., lodgings, 45 Union street. 

Burton, Mrs., lodging-house keeper, 49 Clyde place, Tradestou. 

BUSBY, Edward S., commission agent, 29 Miller street. 

BUSH, Charles P., Buck's Head hotel, 61 Argyll street. 

BUSHEZ, Frederick Stephen, professor of music, 70 Charlotte street. 

BUTTERS, Ben., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Govan street. 

Butters, Daniel, grocer, 59 Thistle street, house, 57 do. 

Butters, John, wine and spirit merchant, 496 Gallowgate, and London tavern, 

BUTTLE, F. C, ofKevan $ Buttle, house, Melville park, Govan. 

BYARS, David, of Mann, Simpson, <j* Byars, house, 57 Oswald street. 

BYERS, John, ofByers $ Miller, house, 7 Holland place. 

Byers & Miller, wholesale tea, spice, and fruit merchants, 32 Dunlop street. 

BYNE, Alex., merchant, 4 Taylor street. 

CABBELL, John, & Co, commission merchants, 86 Wilson street. 

Cabbell, John, of John Cabbell cf- Co., residence, Crossbasket, Blantyre. 

CADDELL, Mrs., 103 Renfrew street. 

CADDEN, Mrs. John, cowfeeder, 10 Bath street. 

CADDIE, W. D., wine and spirit merchant, 71 Glassford street, house, 36 John st. 

Cadiz and Glasgow Traders, M'Kean & Lamont, 20 St. Enoch square. 

CAIE, Rev. Thomas, secretary, Glasgow City Mission. Letters, &c, left at the Re- 
ligious Institution Rooms, 12 South Hanover street. 

CAIRD, James, grocer and provision merchant, 231 Cowcaddens street. 

Caird, J., plasterer, 54 Hope street, house, 96 Cambridge street. 

Caird, William, plasterer, 54 Hope street. 

CAIRNEY, James, spirit dealer, 83 New wynd. 

Cairney, John, glass stainer, house painter, and glass merchant, 46 Bath street, 
house, 48 Renfrew street. 

Cairney, William, & Sons, glass-stainers, glaziers, painters, and paper-hangers, 105 
Glassford street. See Advertisement in the Appendix. 

CAIRNS, Adam, manager, Friendly Bread Association, 45 Eglinton street. 

Cairns, Charles, accountant, 24 St. Vincent place. 

Cairns, James, of Buchanan <§ Cairns, house, 167 West Regent street. 

Cairns, James, & Son, clothiers, 37 and 39 London street. 

Cairns, James, of James Cairns ij- Son, house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 

Cairns, John, of James Cairns $■ Son, house, 20 Monteith row. 

Cairns, John, of John Cairns cf Co., house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 

Cairns, John, painter, 80 Thistle street. 

Cairns, John, of Finlay, Cairns, <f Co., house, 6 Salisbury street. 

Cairns, John, & Co., cotton-brokers, 52 Virginia street. 

Cairns, Joseph, clothier, 52 Saltmarket street. 

Cairns, M. D., 79 South Portland street. 

Cairns, Patrick, smith, bell-hanger, and gas-fitter, 61 Gallowgate, sale shop, 100 
London street, house, 3 St. Andrew's lane. 


Cairns, Robert, -warehouseman, 80 Thistle street. 

Cairns, Walter, paper-ruler and bookbinder, 74 Glassford street. 

Cairns, William, leather merchant, 18 Blackfriars street. 

Cairns, William, portrait and animal painter, 38 Jail square. 

Cairns, Mrs., staymaker, 83 Russell street, west. 

Cairns, Mrs. George, 99 Cumberland street. 

CALANDER, James, joiner, 1 Warwick street, Laurieston, house, 1 Norfolk street. 

Calder Ironworks Office, 1 Dixon street. 

CALDER, John, commission agent, house, 115 North Montrose street. 

Calder, John, commission agent, 49 Miller street. 

Calder, William, Ayrshire inn and carriers' quarters, 66 New wynd. 

Calder, Miss R., staymaker, 1 West Regent street. 

Calder, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 65 Brown street, Anderston. 

CALDERHEAD, Mrs. B., grocer and spirit retailer, 54 Bishop street, Anderston. 

CALDERWOOD, Andrew, cowfeeder and general merchant, 21 Kirk street, Town- 

CALDWELL, George, beamer, 15 Reid street, Bridgeton. 

Caldwell, James, picture liner, 52 Sauchiehall street. 

Caldwell, James, of Miller t$- Caldwell, house, 4 Windsor terrace. 

Caldwell, James, baker, 215 High street. 

Caldwell, John, 136 Renfrew street. 

Caldwell, S. Macartney, tea merchant, 5 Falkland place, Renfrew street. 

Caldwell, Thomas, baker, 26 Millroad street, Calton. 

Caldwell, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 146 West Nile street, house, 11 
Cathcart street. 

Caledonian Asphalte Co., M. Carmichael, agent, office, 24 St. Enoch square, manu- 
factory, Moore street, Gallowgate. 

Caledonian Foundry, 90 West street, Tradeston. 

Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., Moody & M'Lure, agents and secretaries, 
26 Gordon street; James Cowan, surveyor; M'Intosh & Cowan, 65 St. Vincent 
street, Drew & M'Lure, 11 Buchanan street, G. E. Harvie, 153 Queen street, 
William Ferguson, chamberlain's office, Quintin Dick, 48 Buchanan street, A. 
B. Seton & Son, 12 St. Vincent place, and David Ferguson, 15 Hutcheson 
street, agents. 

Caledonian Pottery, Canal basin, Townhead. 

Caledonian Railway Station, head of Buchanan street. 

Caledonian Railway Co., 45 Renfield street. 

Caledonian Railway Goods Office, 14^ Cochran street, J. & P. Cameron, agents. 

Caledonian Rope Work, Stobcross street. 

Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway Co., 22 Renfield street, R. D. 
Mackenzie, secretary. 

C ALLEN, James, rope and sail manufacturer, 114 Broomielaw, sail lofts, 108 do., 
house, 24 Robertson street. 

CALLENDER, J. R., & Brothers, hide and leather factors, tobacco importers, and 
general commission merchants, 19 North Albion street. 

Callender, John R., of J. R. Callender <f Brothers, house, Rutland crescent, Govan 

Callender, Thomas, of J. R. Callender § Brothers, house, 20 Canning place. 

Callender, William, teller, Royal bank, house, 70 Buccleuch street. 

Callender, Miss, milliner, 32 Renfield street. 

CALLUM, John, commission merchant, 4 Prince's square, Buchanan street, house, 
7 Maxwellton place, Paisley road. 

Callum, Mrs., hosiery and furnishing shop, 68 Cowcaddens street, 

Calton and Bridgeton Bread Society, 10 Canning street, Calton. 

Calton and Bridgeton Provident Bank. Open even' Saturday night from 7 till 9, in 
the Calton Burgh Court-hall. 

Calton, Mile-end, and Bridgeton Mechanics' Institution, 46 Canning street, Calton. 
Alexander Waddell, superintendent. 

Calton Mortcloth and Mortsafe Office, 6 Ritchie's lane, Clyde street, Calton. 

Calton Police Office, 33 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Calton Public Library, Mechanics' hall, 46 Canning street, Calton. 

CALVERT, Misses, teachers of music and French, 42 St. Andrew's square. 

Cambuslang Colliery Office, 5 Dixon street. 


CAMERON, Alexander, house factor and sheriff officer, for the shires of Argyll, 
Lanark, Renfrew, and Stirling, 35 Miller street, Glasgow, and 60 Main street, 
Cameron, A. L., of A. L. Cameron S; Co., house, Lounsdale, hy Paisley. 
Cameron, Alexander, P. O., Thomson's lane. 
Cameron, A. L., & Co., merchants, 135 Buchanan street. 
Cameron, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Broomielaw street. 
Cameron, A. & D., wine and spirit merchants, 70 Cowcaddens street. 
Cameron & Bald, stripe, check, and gingham manufacturers, 15 Smith's court, 

Cameron, M., pawnbroker, 6 East Nile street. 

Cameron C, of John Goldie cj' Co., house, 2 South Wellington place. 
Cameron, D., at W. D. Banhler <§ Co.'s., 8 Prince's square. 
Cameron, Daniel, assistant superintendent of Police, Western District Police Office, 

house, 8 Douglas street. 
Cameron, Donald, lemonade and soda water manufacturer and spirit dealer, 47 King st. 
Cameron, Donald, spirit dealer, 151 Renfield street. 
Cameron, Donald, victualler, 8 Canning street, Calton. 
Cameron, Donald, spirit dealer, 187 Cowcaddens street. 
Cameron, Donald, victualler and commission agent, 16 Bridgegate street. 
Cameron, Dugald, smith and bellhanger, 44 Cadogan street, house, 39 do. 
Cameron, Dugald, commission agent, 142 Trongate. 
Cameron, D., commission agent, 424 Parliamentary road. 

Cameron, Duncan, clerk, Inland Revenue Office, 78 Queen street and 81 Miller street. 
Cameron, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Hutcheson street. 
Cameron, Duncan, stamper, P. O., house, 12 Tarbert street. 
Cameron, Duncan, 12 Douglas street. 

Cameron, D. A., surgeon-dentist, 6 Abercromby place, 176 West George street. 
Cameron, G. & J., wholesale stationers, 67 Virginia street. 
Cameron, George, of G. $ J. Cameron, house, 53 Holmhead street. 
Cameron & Henderson, oil and commission merchants, 58 Miller street. 
Cameron, Hugh, boot and shoemaker, 402 Argyll street. 
Cameron, Hugh, at Thomson cf- MacConnelVs, 296 St. Vincent street, house, Greenhill 

Cameron, James, of Peter Cameron cf Co., house, 23, Grreme street. 
Cameron, James, rectifier and spirit merchant, 12 and 14 Cochran street. 
Cameron, James, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 49 Trongate. 
Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 141 High street. 
Cameron, John, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Abbotsford place. 
Cameron, John, draper, 35 Hospital street. 
Cameron, John, shoemaker, 15 Adelphi street. 
Cameron, John, portioner, 215 Main street, Gorbals. 
Cameron, John, wine and spirit merchant, 61 Green street, Calton. 
Cameron, John, of G. fy J. Cameron, house, 53 Holmhead street. 
Cameron, J. & P., general carriers, agents for the Caledonian Railway for Scotland ; 
also, Scottish Central, Dundee and Perth and Aberdeen Junction, and Scottish 
Midland Railways. Forward Goods to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birming- 
ham ; also Edinburgh, Leith, Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Forfar, Arbroath, Mon- 
trose, Aberdeen, and all parts in the South and West of England, and North and 
South of Scotland. Offices, 14^ Cochran street, and Railway Station, Buchanan 
Cameron, Lewis, keeper of the Post-office receiving house, 59 Clyde street, Port- 

Cameron, MacMillan, & Co., calenderers, 71 Virginia street. 
Cameron, Martin, teacher of English, writing, arithmetic, and book-keeping, 40 

Brunswick place. 
Cameron, M., wholesale and retail hosier, glover, and small wares, 294 Argyll street. 
Cameron, Peter, blacksmith, 39 East Clyde street. 
Cameron, Peter, & Co., bleachers, 27 Gramme street. 
Cameron, Robert, crucible maker, 33 James street, Mile-end. 
Cameron, Robert, upholsterer, 285 Argyll street. 

Cameron, R. H., silk handkerchief manufacturer, 129 Ingram street, house, 49 Ox- 
ford street. 


Cameron, Thomas, & Co., agents for Londonderry, Portrush, and Sligo steamers, 
75 Jamaica street. 

Cameron, Thomas, 189 St. Vincent street. 

Cameron, William, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Broomielaw. 

Cameron, William, pawnbroker, 229 Argyll street, house, 24 London street. 

Cameron, William, spirit dealer, 72 Bell street. 

Cameron, Mrs. Alexander, 4 Dalhousie place, New City road. 

Cameron, Mrs. D., spirit dealer, 52 Duke street. 

Cameron, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 55 Back wynd. 

Cameron, Mrs. M., boys' dressmaker and milliner, 36 W. Milton street, Cowcaddens. 

Cameron, Mrs., ropemaker, 594 Gallowgate. 

Cameron, Mrs., spirit dealer, 21 East Russell street. 

Cameron, Mrs., teacher of drawing and painting, 75 Bath street. 

Cameron, Elizabeth, victualler, 56 Main street, Gorbals. 

CAMPBELL, Alexander, of Bedlay, 40 George square. 

Campbell, Alexander, smith and engineer, 107 Cheapside street, and 42 Broomielaw. 

Campbell, Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Brunswick place, and 13 St. Enoch lane. 

Campbell, Alexander, sheriff officer, 3 Thomson's lane, Mile-end. 

Campell, Alexander, muslin manufacturer, 51 Brunswick street. 

Campbell, Alexander, teller, Union Bank, house, 5 Montrose street. 

Campbell, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 41 King street. 

Campbell, Archibald, at J. cf W. Campbell cf - Co.'s, house, 206 Bath street. 

Campbell, Archibald, of Blythswood, 81 St. George's place. 

Campbell, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 248 High street. 

Campbell, Archibald, cabinet-maker, 8 Buchan street, Gorbals. 

Campbell, Archibald, victualler, 7 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Campbell, Archibald, writer, 85 St. Vincent street, house, 4 Fitzroy place. 

Campbell, Archibald, spirit dealer, 47 High street. 

Campbell, Archibald, carter and coal agent, 14 Main's street. 

Campbell, A.D., merchant, 35 Union street. 

Campbell, Benjamin G., teacher, 39 Brown street. 

Campbell, Bogle, & Douglas, merchants, 91 Buchanan street. 

Campbell, Charles, of John G. Campbell cj" Co., house, 12 India street. 

Campbell, Charles, manager, Bank of Scotland, house, 68 Ingram street. 

Campbell, Charles, tailor and clothier, 44 Dundas street. 

Campbell & Christie, iron-founders, mill-wrights, and machine-makers, 598 Gal- 

Campbell & Co., auctioneers, valuators, and produce brokers, 42 Gordon street. 

Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 44 Buchanan street. 

Campbell & Co., letterpress printers, 75 Argyll street. 

Campbell, Colin, pitch, flour, rosin, &c, dealer, 85 Candleriggs, house, 140 George St. 

Campbell, Colin, jeweller and artist, 3 Argyll arcade. 

Campbell, Colin, jun., of John Campbell, sen., <J- Co., 11 Moore place. 

Campbell & Cruden, commission agents, 127 Brunswick street. 

Campbell, Daniel, reedmaker, 79 Bell street. 

Campbell, D., & Co., saddlers, 41 Miller street. 

Campbell, D., at Gibb cj- Bruce 's, house, 56 Dundas street. 

Campbell, Daniel, merchant, 11 Miller street, house, 152 Randolph terrace. 

Campbell, David, 15 Renfrew street. 

Campbell, Donald, & Co., merchants, 98 West George street. 

Campbell, Donald, of Donald Campbell S; Co., house, Greenfield, by Shettleston. 

Campbell, Donald, chemist and druggist, 136 Argyll street, and 1 Buchanan street, 
house, 60 Oswald street. 

Campbell, Donald, bookseller and stationer, 8 Dundas street. 

Campbell, Donald, Union Bank of Scotland, house, 1 7 Holmhead street. 

Campbell, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 49 Stobcross street, Anderston. 

Campbell, Dugald, of Campbell <§■ M'Dougall, house, 41 Howard street. 

Campbell, Duncan, stationer and account-book manufacturer, 143 Buch.iuan street, 
house, 318 St. Vincent street. 

Campbell, Duncan, 22 West Milton street. 

Campbell, Duncan, lath-splitter, 35 Oswald street. 

Campbell, Duncan, bootmaker, 177 Buchanan street. 

Campbell, George, assistant inspector, Town's Hospital, house, 13 Rottenrow street. 


Campbell & Henry, wholesale and retail grocers, 209 and 211 Argyll street. 

Campbell, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 52 and 54 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Campbell, Hugh, grocer, 56 King street, Calton. 

Campbell, Hugh, detective officer, Calton police office. 

Campbell, Isabella, spirit dealer, 90 Broomielaw. 

Campbell, Ivie, flesher, 159 New City road. 

Campbell, James A., at J. $ W. Campbell cj- CoJ's, house, 129 Bath street. 

Campbell, J. & W., & Co., warehousemen, 34 Candleriggs. 

Campbell, James, of James Campbell $ Co., house, 27 Waterloo place, Kingston. 

Campbell, James, surgeon, 13 Great Hamilton street, house, 49 Kent street. 

Campbell, James, slater and chimney-sweeper, 14 Alston street. 

Campbell, James, & Co., commission and woollen and cotton yarn merchants, 17 

South Frederick street. 
Campbell, James, baker, 131 Hospital street. 
Campbell, James, slater, 30 Brown street. 

Campbell, James, jun., at J. cj- W. Campbell cj- Co.'s, house, 28 India street. 
Campbell, J., furnishings, 77 George street. 

Campbell, J. & J., merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 21 Renfield street. 
Campbell, J. & W., dyers, 134 Drygate street, and 123 Duke street. 
Campbell, Sir James, of Stracathro, of J. <$■ W. Campbell cj- Co., house, 129 Bath st. 
Campbell, John G., & Co., silk spinners, 63 Miller street. 
Campbell, John, of Bryce cj- Campbell, house, 86 Rutherglen loan. 
Campbell, John, jun., merchant, of J. cf J. Campbell, 21 Renfield street- 
Campbell, John, of Campbell cj- Christie, house, 26 James street, Calton. 
Campbell, John, grocer, 50 Carrick street. 

Campbell, John, sen., & Co., merchants, 11 Moore place, West George street. 
Campbell, John, Colder and Govan Iron-wwles 1 office, 1 Dixon street. 
Campbell, John, joiner and cabinet-maker, 61 Great Hamilton street. 
Campbell, John, beadle to the Rev. Wm. Ramage, house, 61 Great Hamilton street. 
Campbell, John, writer, 33 Virginia street. 

Campbell, John, agent for Farme and Rosebank Collieries, office, 26 Robertson street. 
Campbell, John, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 15 and 17 West 

Nile street, and 172 Buchanan street, house, Balmoral place. 
Campbell, John, wholesale confectioner, 241 Arg3'll street. 
Campbell, John, goldsmith and watchmaker, 30 Argyll arcade. 
Campbell, John, ship-broker, 49 West George street, house, 34 Elmbank crescent. 
Campbell, John, seed merchant, 138 Queen street. 
Campbell, John, town and sheriff-officer, 66 Hutcheson street, house, 50 North 

Hanover street. 
Campbell, John, boot and shoemaker, 49 Bell street. 
Campbell, John, surgeon, R.N., upper Carntyne house ; letters left with Campbell 

& Taylor, 120 Brunswick street. 
Campbell, John, jun., of Campbell <$■ Taylor, residence, upper Carntyne house. 
Campbell, John, distillers' agent, Madeira court, 259 Argyll street, house, 27 Pater- 
son street. 
Campbell, John, at Charles Todd cj- Higginbotham's, house, 120 Renfrew street. 
Campbell, John, at W. ATEtoan, Sons, <f Co.'s, 18 Oswald street. 
Campbell, Joseph, wholesale and retail stay manufacturer and commission agent, 4 

Duncan street, off Abercromby street. 
Campbell, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 51 King street, house, Meadowvale, 

Campbell, Mango, of John Campbell, sen., <j- Co., 11 Moore place, house, 12 Moore pi. 
Campbell, Mungo, jun., of John Campbell, sen., fy Co., 11 Moore place, house, 278^ 

St. Vincent street. 
Campbell, Rivers, & Co., merchants, 45 West Nile street. 
Campbell, Robert, of Tyre cj- Campbell, house, 111 Crown street. 
Campbell, Robert, of Campbell cj- Cruden, house, Woodburn, by Kilsyth. 
Campbell, Robert, of John Davidson cj- Co., 87 Argyll street, house, Castlemilk place, 

122 Hospital street. 
Campbell, Robert R., card-cutter, 12 Stirling square. 
Campbell, Thomas, fishmonger, 62 West Nile street. 

Campbell & Taylor, wholesale druggists and drysalters, 120 Brunswick street. 
Campbell, Thomas, gunmaker, 53 Brunswick place. 


Campbell, Thomas M'Kell, wine and spirit merchant, 67 Carrick street. 
Campbell, Walter, engraver, lithographer, and gold printer, 16 Queen street. 
Campbell, William, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 324 Argyll street. 
Campbell, William, of Tillichewan castle, of J. <§ W. Campbell <J- Co., house, 200 

Bath street. 
Campbell, William, clothier, 56 Argyll arcade, house, 146 New City road. 
Campbell, William, coal agent, 38 Campbell street, west. 

Campbell, William, assistant inspector, Town's Hospital, house, 4 Findlay street. 
Campbell, William, spirit dealer, 3 & 5 Port-Dundas road. 
Campbell, Jean, bed and window curtain maker, 19 Blackfriars street. 
Campbell, Miss, lodgings, 107 West Eegent street. 
Campbell, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 75 Bath street. 
Campbell, Miss Agnes, lodgings, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square. 
Campbell, Miss, lodgings, 165 Sauchiehall street. 
Campbell, Miss Jane, hosiery and small wares, 77 George street. 
Campbell, Miss, 19 Elmbank place. 
Campbell, Miss, 19 Buccleuch street. 
Campbell, Miss, 19 Eenfrew street. 
Campbell, Miss J., victualling-house, 70 Norfolk street. 
Campbell, Miss Maria, seminary for young ladies, 2 North Coburg street. 
Campbell, Mrs. and Misses, boarding and day school, 5 Nicholson street. 
Campbell, Mrs., 17 Lynedoch crescent. 
Campbell, Mrs. Duncan, spirit seller, 22 West Milton street. 
Campbell, Mrs., milliner, 51 John street. 
Campbell, Mrs. P., spirit dealer, 255 Gallowgate. 
Campbell, Mrs. James, 34 Elmbank crescent. 
Campbell, Mrs. John, furnishings, 182 West Nile street. 
Campbell, Mrs. William, furnishings, 139 West Nile street. 
Campbelton Steam Packet Company, 22 Anderston quay. John M'Michael. 
CANAL-Basin Foundry Company, engineers, millwrights, and iron-founders, Dobbie's 

loan, Port-Dundas. 
Canal Company's Office, Port-Dundas. William Crichton, superintendent. 
CANSH, Eobert, wholesale grain and provision merchant, Sand 16 Brunswick lane, 

off 132 Trongate. 
Cansh, Maxwell, wine and spirit merchant, 69 Bell street. 

CAPPO, Joseph, chemical and philosophical instrument maker, 75 Argyll street. 
CAEATI, O, & Co., merchants, 86 Miller street, goods entrance, 93 Virginia street. 
CAEBAENS, John, slater, 239 High street, house, 26 Duke street. 
Carfin Colliery Office, Monkland Canal basin, and 28 Miller street. J. M'Laren, 

CAEFEAE, Alex., & Co., fringe, tassel, and trimming manufacturer, 108 Argyll st. 
CAELAW, William, wood-turner, 79 Stockwell street. 

Carlaw, William, leather dresser, 29 West street, Tradeston, house, 25 Melbourne pi. 
CAELIN, Daniel, spirit dealer, 10 Marlborough street. 
Carlin, John, at Archibald Greenshields § Co.'s, 87 Queen street, house, 23 Mon- 

teith row. 
CAELILE, James, comb and spoon maker, 1 London street. 
CAELTON, Charles, painter, 56 Clyde street, Anderston. 
CAEMICHAEL, Daniel, at Pollock, Gilmour, $ Co.'s, house, 23 Carlton place. 
Carmichael, Daniel, spirit dealer, 27 Drygate lane. 
Carmichael, Daniel, tobacconist, 172 Cowcaddens street. 
Carmichael, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 315 Argyll street. 
Carmichael, James, grocer and provision merchant, 491 Gallowgate. 
Carmichael, James, spirit dealer, 35 King street, Glasgow. 
Carmichael, James, cotton broker, 69 Wilson street, house, Sandyford. 
Carmichael, James, victualler, 122 Bridgegate street. 
Carmichael, John, agent, 14 St. Enoch square. 
Carmichael, John, commission merchant, and agent for the Yorkshire Fire and Life 

Insurance Co., 5 Dixon street, house, 23 Carlton place. 
Carmichael, M., agent for the Caledonian Asphalte Company, 24 St. Enoch square. 
Carmichael, Neil, green grocer, 50 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Carmichael, Neil, contractor, 261 Duke street. 
Carmichael, Mrs., Sandyford. 


Carnbroe Iron Co., 105 St. Vincent street. 

CARNACHAN, J. S., wholesale and retail druggist, 140 Argyll street. 

Carntynb, Westmuir, and Lightburn Collieries, James Ramsay, 5 G Broomielaw. 

CARR, Mrs., 42 Hill street, Garnethill. 

CARRICK, Andrew, spirit dealer, 30 Oswald street. 

Carrick, D. M., of William Carrick tf Son, house, Montague place, 143 West Camp- 
bell street. 

Carrick, James, shuttlemaker and turner, 13 Kirk street, Townhead. 

Carrick, James, victualler, 47 Saltmarket street. 

Carrick, John, architect and superintendent of streets and buildings, for Dean of 
Guild Court and Statute Labour Trust, Police chambers, residence, 121 North 
Montrose street. 

Carrick, John, public baths, 10 New Bridge street, Tradeston, 

Carrick, John, & Co., timber merchants, 23 Kent street. 

Carrick, John, of John Carrick <J- Co., house, 2 Monteith row. 

Carrick. Robert, teacher, 50 Barrack street. 

Carrick, Robert, victualler and grocer, 415 Argyll street. 

Carrick, William, & Son, accountants and agents for Atlas Fire and Life Assurance 
Co. of London, and Family Endowment and Annuity Society of London, Vir- 
ginia buildings. 

Carrick, William, of William Carrick <§ Son, house, Montague place, 143 West 
Campbell street. 

Carrick, William, Royal hotel, 66 George square. 

CARROLL, John, brass-smelter and refiner, 32 Oswald street, Bridgeton. 

Carrol, Mrs. M., cork manufacturer, 119 West Nile street. 

Carron Company, 123 Buchanan street, Thomas Dawson, acting partner. 

Carron Company's Shipping Office, Port-Dundas. 

CARSELY, Robert, of Glasgow Iron Co., 90 Regent terrace, Stirling's road. 

CARSON, David, of Carson, Warren, $ Co., house, 9 Elmbank place. 

Carson, James, house factor, 33 Duke street. 

Carson, Samuel, wright and builder, 31 Douglas street. 

Carson, Warren, & Co., bottle manufacturers, Milton Glass-works, Canal street. 
Letters and orders left at Mr. D. Campbell's, druggist, 136 Argyll street. 

CARSS, Andrew, tailor, 114 Trongate. 

Carss, John, & Co., bookbinders, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street. 

CARSLAW & Henderson, manufacturers, 79 Bell street. 

CARSWELL, Allan, sen., builder, 100 Queen street, house, 6 Provanside, Stirling's 

Carswell, James, builder, 26 George street, house, 10 Canning place. 

Carswell, William J., baker, 169 New City road, house, 1 Brighton place. 

Carswell, William, sen., builder, 95 North Provanside, St. James's road. 

Carswell, William, jun., wright and builder, 26 George street, house, 13 Canning 

CARTER & M'Nab, warehousemen and fringe manufacturers, 77 Glassford street. 

CARTON, John Peter, poulterer, 125 Fife place, West George street, house, 121 do. 

CASE, William, jun., manufacturer of vices, wrights' cramps, bench screws, 71 Cow- 
caddens street. 

CASEY, Denis, surgeon, 117 King street. 

Casey, John, furniture warehouse, 8 and 10 Miller's place. 

CASSELS, David, spirit dealer, 56 High street. 

Cassels, James, surgeon, 20 Sauchiehall street, house, St. Stephen's place, 101 Ren- 
frew street. 

Cassels, John, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 

Cassels, Peter, victualler and spirit dealer, 34 AVell street. 

Cassels, Peter, grain merchant, 83 Great Hamilton street, house, 79 do. 

Cassels, Robert, hat and forage cap maker, 69 Buchanan street, and 103 Trongate, 
house, 22 Elmbank crescent. 

Cassels, Robert, of Glasgow Ironwork Co., house, 90 Regent terrace, Stirling's road. 

Castle Steam-Packet office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Catholic School, North Woo'dside road, Henry Ranechan, teacher. 

Catholic School and Chapel (St. John's), 34 and 36 Portugal street. 

Catrine Company, at James Findlay $• Co.'s, 172 Buchanan street. 

Cattle Market, Graham square, and east end of Duke street. 


CAUCHIE, David, infant teacher, Free Normal Seminary, Cowcaddens, house, 

Chapelside, near Springbank. 
CAW, John B., commission merchant and insurance broker, 2 North Exchange court, 

house, 12 Queen's terrace. 
Caw, Mrs., 12 Queen's terrace. 
Central Register office, 101 Hutcheson street. 
Cess and Tax Office for the City and counties of Lanark and Dumbarton, 66 Miller 

street. T. P. sharpe, collector. 
Cess Office for the City, 66 Miller street. 

CHADWICK, James, of John Chadwick <|- Sons, 1 St. Vincent place. 
Chadwick, John, & Sons, flannel manufacturers, 1 St. Vincent place. 
CHALMERS, Alexander, hairdresser, 128 Gallowgate. 
Chalmers, George, Bath tavern, 115 West Nile street. 
Chalmers, Hugh, slater, 498 Gallowgate. 
Chalmers, John, oil and colourman, 31 King street, Calton. 
Chalmers, John, hairdresser, 190 Broomielaw street. 
Chalmers, John, hairdresser, 113 Bridgegate. 

Chalmers, John Johnstone, letter-carrier, P. 0., 9 Moncrieff street, Gorbals. 
Chalmers, John, fancy bread and biscuit baker, and confectioner, 30 and 69 St. 

George's road. 
Chalmers, Thomas, & Co., warehousemen, 161 and 167 Trongate. 
Chalmers, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 86 M'Alpine street. 
Chalmers, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 209 St. Vincent street. 
CHAMBERS, David N., publisher and bookseller, 20 Argyll street, house, 9 Ure pi. 
Chamber of Commerce, 2 Royal Exchange buildings. 
CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs., teacher, Free Normal Seminary, 111 Murray place, New 

City road. 
Chamberlain's Office, City buildings. John Strang, LL.D., chamberlain. 
CHAPLIN, Alexander, of Chaplin, Dixon, cf Robb, house, Paterson street, Kingston. 
Chaplin, Dixon, & Robb, engineers and machinists, Cheapside street, office, 20 St. 

Enoch square. 
Chapman, David, of Thomson tf MacConnell, house, 4 Woodside place. 
Chapman, Francis, watch and clockmaker, 55 Brunswick street. 
Chapman, Thomas, cuttler, desk and dressing-case maker, Prince of Wales buildings, 

56 Buchanan street, house, 109 Renfrew street. 
CHARLES, Matthew, 3 Clarendon place, New City road. 

Charles, W., draper, &c, 22 Main street, Gorbals, and Gorbals Receiving house. 
Charles, Miss, hosiery and furnishings, 36 High street 
CHASSELS, Angus, teacher, 21 Portugal street. 

Chemistry Class Rooms, 60 High John street. John Macadam, lecturer and analy- 
tical chemist. 
CHERRY, David, portioner, 76^ Kirk street, Calton. 
CHESTER, Thomas, Royal and Crown billiard-rooms, 88 Glassford street. 
CHICKS, Mrs. R. T., spirit cellar, 25 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
CHISHOLM, Rev. Archd. R., Catholic clergyman, 25 Great Hamilton street. 
Chisholm, James, pattern designer, 16 Commerce street, Tradeston. 
Chisholm, John, cooper, 46 and 48 Wallace street, Tradeston, ho., 105 Eglinton st. 
CHIVERS, John, bill-poster, 76 King street. 
CHOMAR, George D., wholesale Foreign and British flower dealer, millinery, laces, 

and sewed goods, 150 Sauchiehall street, and 189 Buchanan street. 
Chomar, Mrs. G. D., millinery and dressmaking establishment, 189 Buchanan street. 
Christian News & Day Star Printing and Publishing Office, 142 Trongate, and 

Brunswick lane. 
CHRISTY, Andrew, merchant, 199 Renfrew street. 
Christy, A. & D., soap manufacturers, Port-Dundas road. 
CHRISTIE, Andrew, 101 Upper Crown street. 
Christie, Andrew, at Mr. Howie's, 66 Miller street. 
Christie, George, writer, 73 Hutcheson street. 
Christie, James, accountant and agent for the Globe Insurance Co. of London, 22 

Renfield street, house, 1 Woodside terrace. 
Christie, James, merchant, 9 Oakfield place, Blythswood square. 
Christie, James, at George Anderson # 6'c's, Hydepark street, house, 80 Wellington st. 
Christie, John, jun., builder. Orders left at John Christie's, jun., 162 Sauchiehall street. 


Christie, John, church officer, Dr. Kidston's, 34 East Campbell street. 

Christie, John, wright, Craignestock. 

Christie & Ovington, merchants and commission agents, 57 Buchanan street. 

Christie, Robert, 445 Argyll street. 

Christie, Thomas Craig, at John Black <$■ Co.'s, house, 9 Oakfield place, Blythswood 

Christie, William, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 103 Hutcheson street. 
Christie, W. & J., general merchants. 

Christie, William, of William Christie § Co., house, Rutland crescent. 
Christie, William, surgeon, 84 Saltmarket street. 
Christie, William, tailor, 376 Argyll street. 

Christie, W. W., of Campbell $ Christie, house, 46 New street, Rutherglen. 
Christie, Mrs. Peter, spirit dealer, 23 Nicholas street. 
Christie, Mrs. William, druggist, 158 Canning street, Calton. 
CHRISTISON, James, messenger-at-arms, 73 Hutcheson street, and 5 Brunswick 

Chronicle Newspaper Office, 15 Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. 
CHRYSTAL, David, grocer and wine merchant, 379 Sauchiehall street. 
Chrystal, James, coal merchant, 24 Robertson street. 

Crystal, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 177 Sauchiehall street, house, 183 do. 
Crystal & Waddell, commission merchants, 19 Montrose street. 
CHURCH, John, of William Church # Co., house, Somerset place. 
Church, William, & Co., merchants, 12 Exchange square. 
Church, William, of William Church <f Co., house, 9 Woodside terrace. 
Church, William, jun., accountant, Fire Assurance agent, and agent for the Scottish 

Provident Institution for Life Assurance, 67 St. Vincent street. 
Church of England Insurance Office, 15 Gordon street. R. Baird, agent and 

Citizen Newspaper Office, 22 St. Enoch square. 
City Assessment Offices, 4 Police lane. 
City Cloth Hall, 33 Argyll street. 
City and County Buildings, Wilson street. 

City Carriers' Parcel Delivery Co., daily, at 2 and 7 p.m., office, 13 Miller street. 
City of Glasgow Annuity Endowment Association, 54 St. Vincent street. S. Pollock, 

City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia street. Robert Salmond, manager. 
City of Glasgow Bank, Branch 31 Trongate. William Robertson, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 47 Canning street, Calton. William Snedden, agent. 
City of Glasgow Life Assurance and Reversionary Company's Office, 40 St. Vincent 

place. Daniel Walkinshaw, manager. 
City of Glasgow Steam-Packet Company's Office, 1 4 Jamaica street. 
City Hall, 90 Candleriggs. 
Cit} 7 of London Life and Deposit Assurance Society and Annuity Office. Allan 

Anderson, agent, 26 Florence place, Stanley street, Woodlands road. 
City Poor-Rate Commissioners' Office, 13 John street. 
City Poor's- Rate Office, 4 Police lane, South Albion street. John Miller, collector; 

James Donaldson and A. M'D. Houston, surveyors. 
City and Suburban Gas Company, 42 Miller street, works, Dalmarnock road. 
City Surveyor's Office, 4 Police lane. A. M'D. Houstoun and James Donaldson, 

City Union Accommodation Company, 42 St. Andrew square. David Leckie, 

CLACHAN, William, at J. G. Adam $ Walker's, house, 91, North Frederick street. 
CLACHER, Alexander, spirit dealer, 49 John street. 
CLAPPERTON, Alexander, of John Clapperton cf Co., house, Braehead Cottage, 

Old Cathcart. 
Clapperton, J., house, 72 Bath street. 

Clapperton, John, & Co., wholesale warehousemen and manufacturers, 175 Trongate. 
Clapperton, John, sharebroker, 18 Springfield court. 
Clapperton, William, & Co., thread manufacturers, 112 West George street, works, 

Clapperton, William, of William Clapperton <$• Co., house, 5 West Sandyford place. 
CLARK, Alex., accountant and house-factor, 87 Union street, house, 65 Renfield st. 



Clark, Allan, jun., of Clark if Drummond, house, 33 North Frederick street. 
Clark, Allan, cotton -yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street, house, 156 George st. 
Clark, A. & L., ironmongers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths, gas-fitters, bell-hangers, and 

lock and hinge-makers, 50 and 52 Union street, works, 56 Union street. 
Clark, Archibald, of A. <f L. Clark, house, 27 Abbotsford place. 
Clarke & Bell, architects, 51 St. Vincent street. 
Clark & Co., bleachers and finishers, 420 Gallowgate. 
Clark, Charles, minister, 37 Paterson street. 
Clark, David, merchant and commission agent, 20 Union street, house, 3 Kinning 

place, Paisley road. 
Clark, D. & A., smiths, 48 Hope street. 

Clark & Drummond, cotton-yarn and goods merchants, 48 Virginia street. 
Clarke, D. C, & Co., warehousemen and drapers, wholesale and retail, 6 Jamaica st. 
Clarke, D., of D. C. Clarke if Co., house, 95 North Hanover street. 
Clarke, Edward, & Co., merchants, 45 West Nile street. 
Clark, George, London Hotel, 29 Maxwell street. 
Clark, George, wright and undertaker, 15 Abercromby street, Calton. 
Clark, George, porter, Western Bank, house, 14 Miller street. 
Clark, George W., of Gibson <f Clark, house, 48 Abbotsford place. 
Clark, George, provision merchant, 18 Howard street, and 3 King st., Tradeston. 
Clark, Henry, surgeon, 10 Bellgrove street. 
Clark, James. Letters left at Eobert Clark's, 28 Miller street, house, 7 Queen's 

Clark, James, power-loom cloth and waterproof cloth manufacturer, 73 Garngad road, 

St. Rollox, house, 65 do. 
Clark, James, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 35 George square. See Advertisement 

in Appendix. 
Clark, J., of James Clark if Co., house, 77 North Frederick street. 
Clark, James, horse dealer, London street. 
Clark, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Landressy street. 
Clark, James, of John Clark, jun., <f Co., house, 37 Monteith row. 
Clark, James, baker and provision merchant, 119 and 121 King street. 
Clark, James, of James Finl'ay if Co., and Wilson, Kay, <f Co., house, 146 West Re- 
gent street. 
Clark, James, spirit dealer, 42 Havannah street. 

Clerk, James, of Maxwell, Clerk, <f Co., house, 257 West George street. 
Clark, John, of Robert Alexander if Co., Levenfield House, Alexandria. 
Clark, John, jun., & Co., thread manufacturers and turners, 8 George st., Mile-end. 
Clark, John, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, <f Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street, house, 

23 Kinning place, Paisley road. 
Clark, John, writer, 140 Buchanan street, house, 52 Holmhead street. 
Clark, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Little street. 

Clark, John, jun., of John Clark jun., <f Co., house, 7 Broad street, Mile-end. 
Clark, John, pawnbroker, 79 Brown street. 
Clark, John King, at Gilmour <f Co.'s, 19 Ingram street. 
Clark, Jonathan, eating-house keeper, 128 Canning street, Calton. 
Clark, Lachlan, baker, 48 Canning street, Calton. 
Clark, Matthew, of John Clark, jun., 6; Co., house, 14 Annfield place. 
Clark, Peter, & Co., ship and commission agents, 58 Broomielaw. 
Clark, Peter W., merchant and vice-consul of the Netherlands, 8 John street, house, 

21 Clarendon place, New City road. 
Clark, Eobert, brick-builder, 465 Gallowgate, house, 469 do. 
Clark, R. & R., saddlers and harnessmakers, 53 and 54 Argyll arcade. 
Clark, Robert, of Clark <f Co., house, 9 Bellgrove street. 

Clark, Robert, writer, 28 Miller street, house, Breadalbane terrace, 105 Hill St., west. 
Clark, Robert, at John Barclay's, 141 Buchanan street. 
Clark, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High street, house, 168 George street. 
Clark & Struthers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 3 Royal Exchange square. 
Clark, Thomas, teacher, Annfield seminary; 563 Gallowgate. 
Clark, Thomas, rag merchant, 16 M'Alpine street. 
Clarke, William, of Clarke <f Bell, house, Smithfield, Woodlands road. 
Clark, W. E. C, surgeon, 63 High John street. 
Clark, William & John, gardeners, Saudyford. 


Clark, William, cotton-yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street. 

Clark, William, tinsmith and gas-titter, 44 John street and 227 George street, house, 

119 North Montrose street. 
Clark William, pirn, cop, paper manufacturer, and cotton waste dealer, 106 Cheapside 

street, Anderston. 
Clark, William, of John Clark, jun., $ Co., house, 33 Monteith row. 
Clark, Miss, dressmaker, 108 Fife place. 
Clark, Miss H., upholstress, 124 Trongate. 
Clark, Mrs. John, 4 South Portland street. 
Clark, Mrs., 65 Bath street. 
Clark, Mrs., 11 Union street. 

Clark, Mrs., temperance hotel and commercial lodgings, 23 Jamaica street. 
CLARKSON, John, draper and clothier, 34 Canning street, Calton. 
Clarkson, Neil, grocer and victualler, 59 Havannah street. 
CLAVERING, Thomas, general merchant, 43 West Nile street. 
Clayknowes Potteiy, 624 Gallowgate. 
CLEGHORN, Mrs., midwife, 31 Duke street. 
CLELAND, Charles, 2 Carlton court. 
Cleland Coal Office, 37 West George street. 
Cleland, James, of Ravenshall, 25 William street, Greenhead. 
Cleland, James, jun., 25 William street, Greenhead. 
Cleland, Robt., & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, and wine and spirit merchants, 

265 Argyll street. 
Cleland, Robert, ofR. Cleland $ Co., house, 180 Hope street. 
Cleland, William, of William Cleland § Co., house, 25 William street, Greenhead. 
Cleland, William, & Co., ironfounders, engineers, millwrights, and machine makers, 

Atlas Foundry, Market street. 
CLEMENTS, Robert, surgeon, 750 Gallowgate. 

CLEPHAN & Henderson, copper and tinsmiths, and gas-fitters, 26 Oswald street. 
CLIMIE, Robert, civil and mining engineer and land surveyor, 42 Hope street. 
Clifton Hill Coal Co., Monkland Canal basin, south side, John Davidson. 
CLOUGH, Robert, manager, Glasgow Pottery, 13 East Garscadden street. 
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennett, Browne, 4' Co., house, 9 Lynedoch crescent. 
CLOW, Andrew, working jeweller, 36 St. George's road. 
Clow, E. & A., wine and spirit merchants, 81 Stockwell street, and 70 Main street, 

Clow, Henry, clothier, 66 Queen street. 
Clow, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Main street, Gorbals, house, 82 Hospital 

Clow, James, & Co., corn and flour commission merchants, 9 Hope street. 
Clow, James, of James Cloiv $ Co., house, 16 Cornwall place. 
Clow, M., boot and shoe shop, 345 Argyll street. 

Clow, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 58 Renfield street. 

CLUB, Archibald, spirit dealer, 8 Abercromby street, Calton. 

Clubb & Sweet, painters and paper-hangers, 35 Finlay street. 

CLUGSTON, John, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers and bleachers, 1 Na- 
tional Bank buildings, south wing, Queen street. 

Clugston, John, of John Clugston if Co., house, Avon bank, Larkhall. 

CLUNES, Hugh, spirit dealer, 74 King street. 

Clunes, M., hosiery and furnishings, 265 George street. 

Clunie, R. A., corn factor, 38 Hope street, house, 4 Somerset place. 

CLYDE, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 82 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Clyde, John, beadle of Free St. George's, house, 41 Main's street, Blythswood holm. 

Clyde, William, of Post-office, house, 115 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Clyde, William, jun., 115 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Clyde Bottle-work Co., Charles street, St. Rollox. John Watson & Son. 

Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial road, Hutchesontown. 

Clyde Iron- works Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 

Clyde Police Office, 16 Robertson street. 

Clyde Sail Cloth Co., J. Black & Co., 222 Broomielaw. 

Clyde Shipping Co., 86 Broomielaw, James Steel, manager, house, 57 York street. 

Clyde Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson street. 

CLYDESDALE, Andrew, confectioner and baker, 191 Duke street. 


Clydesdale Banking Co., 13 Queen street. Henry Brock, manager. 

Clydesdale Discount and Loan Co., 20 Brunswick place. Alexander Gardner, 

Clydesdale Inn, 15 East Nile street, M. Logan. 

Clydesdale Patent Flax Co. Letters left with R. & C. Smith, 14 Montrose street. 
CLYNE, John, teacher, Normal School. 
Coach Close Inn, 151 Gallowgate. John Arkle, keeper. 
COATS, James, brassfounder, 13 and 15 Muirhead street, Gorbals. 
Coats & Co., silk and twining mills, Port-Dundas. 
Coats, J., session-clerk, 51 Adelphi street, Gprbals. 
Coats, John, portioner, 4 College street. 

Coats, John, M.D., consulting rooms, 225 Argyll street, house, 52 Renfield street. 
Coats, Philip, victualler, 18 Laigh-kirk close. 

Coats, Thomas, sen., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 59 Hutcheson street. 
Coats, Thomas, sen., of Thomas Coats, sen., cf - Co., house, 16 Abbotsford place. 
COATES, Mrs. Thomas, spirit merchant, 146 Broomielaw. 
COCHRAN, Alexander, of A. $• R. Cochran, house, Glenfield, Town-mill road. 
Cochran, Alexander, spirit dealer, 43 Rutherglen loan. 
Cochran, Alexander, spirit dealer, 153 High street. 

Cochran, A. & R., flint-glass manufacturers, 20 Tennant street, St. Rollox. 
Cochran, Hugh, victualler, 13 George street. 

Cochran, James, of Cochran, Martin, <f Co., i\ Royal Exchange court. 
Cochran, James, provision merchant, 62 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Cochran, James, slater, 13 Surrey street. 
Cochrane, James, baker, 9 Kinning place, Paisley road. 
Cochrane, John, at Alex. Cross <$• Son's, 17 Gallowgate. 
Cochran, John, mason and builder, 28 Cook street, Tradeston. 
Cochran, John, of M orris 4' Cochran, house, 20 Hill place, Stirling's road. 
Cochran, Martin, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, Bishop-garden factory, 

Bishop street, Anderston, counting-house, 2| Royal Exchange court, 85 Queen 

Cochran & Provan, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 44 Gordon street, house 128 

Union street. 
Cochrane, Rev. Matthew, A.M., minister of St. Peter's Church, house, 57 Oswald st. 
Cochran, Robert, Post-office, house, 61 Duke street. 
Cochran, Robert, of Robert Cochran <j- Co., Verreville house. 
Cochran, Robert, & Co., china and earthenware manufacturers, Verreville pottery, 

133 Finnieston street. 
Cochran, Robert, victualler, 84 Brown street. 

Cochran, Robert, of APNaughtan and Cochran, 9 St. Vincent place. 
Cochran, Thomas, spirit dealer, 123 Saltmarket street. 
Cochran, Thomas, of Grieve and Cochran, house, 37 Monteith row. 
Cochran, Thomas, grocer, 166 Garscube road. 
Cochran, Thomas, spirit cellar, 62 Stockwell street. 
Cochran, William, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 85 Candleriggs street, and 

100 Brunswick street, house, Slatefield house, 621 Gallowgate. 
Cochran, William, & Co., calenderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 82 Miller street. 
Cochran, William, grocer and provision merchant, 64 Green street, Calton. 
Cochran, William, flower-lasher and card-cutter, 58 North Hanover street. 
Cochrane, William, of D. C. Clarke 6; Co., 12 Cumberland place. 
Cochran, William, collector, Glasgow Water- works Office, 23 Miller street, house, 82 

Hospital street. 
Cochran, Mrs., 10 Greenvale place, Cumberland street. 

COCKBURN, Campbell, & Co., wine merchants, St. Mary buildings, 116 St. Vin- 
cent street. 
Cockburn, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Dempster street. 
COCKEY, William, agent for Falkirk Iron Company, residence, 158 Hill street, 

COCKFIELD, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 1 2 Salisbury street. 
COGAN, Hugh, of J. Bartholomeie $ Co., house, 248 West George street. 
Cogan, John & Robert, merchants, 32 West George street. 
Cogan, John, of J. cf- R. Cogan, house, 248 West George street. 
Cogan, Robert, of J. f R. Cogan, house, 21 Woodside terrace. 


COGHILL, Alexander, silversmith, 3 Ropework lane, and tobacco-pipe manufac- 
turer, 4 Ropework lane, house, 24 Ropework lane. 

Coghill, George, 58 Hospital street. 

COHEN, Joseph, importer of leeches, 78 Stockwell street. 

Cohen, Simeon Phineas, optical, mathematical, and philosophical instrument manu- 
facturer, 121 Buchanan street, house, 5 Florence place, Woodlands road. 

COLLEDGE, Wm., writer, 116 St. Vincent St., house, Cowglen, near Pollockshaws. 

Collegiate and Commercial Academy, 21 Dalhousie street, Garnethill. 

COLLIE, Alexander, at J. $ W. Campbell # Co.'s, 34 Candleriggs. 

COLLIER, John, Liverpool and Dumfries tavern, 118 Broomielaw. 

COLLINGWOOD, Wm., bookseller and stationer, 220 Buchanan street. 

COLLINS, Charles, cowfeeder, 22 Shuttle street. 

Collins, Edward, & Son, paper-makers and dye-wood grinders, 58 Brunswick street, 
works, Dalmuir and Kelvindale. 

Collins, Edward, of E. Collins cj- Son, residence, Kelvindale. 

Collins, George, corn, flour, and meal merchant, 110 Renfrew street, house, 89 North 
Frederick street. 

Collins, Hugh, broker, 75 and 79 Garscube road. 

Collins, James, & Co., victuallers and grocers, 30 Marlborough street, Calton. 

Collins, Joshua Heywood, of E. Collins cj- Son, house, 8 Mansfield place. 

Collins, Patrick, spirit dealer, 153 Saltmarket. 

Collins, Wm., publisher, envelope manufacturer, and wholesale stationer, 113 North 
Montrose street. 

Collins, Wm., & Co., printers and bookbinders, 111 North Montrose street. 

Collins, Wm., of William Collins ty Co., house, West bay, Rothesay. 

Collins, Wm., jun., of William Collins tj- Co., house, 115 North Montrose street. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, 35 St. Vincent place ; Wm. Brown, jun., 

COLQUHOUN, Alexander, assistant-inspector Town's Hospital, house, 72 Nelson st. 

Colquhoun, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 23 Dundas street. 

Colquhouu, Archibald, ofSemple cf Co., house, Riddrie park. 

Colquhoun, Daniel, of JSPHaffie tf Colquhoun, house, 115 North Montrose street. 

Colquhoun, D. D., 81 St. Vincent street. 

Colquhouu, D., dairyman, 83 Green street, Calton. 

Colquhoun, Hugh, at G. <§ A. Young's, 20 Buchanan street. 

Colquhoun, Hugh, of Hugh Colquhoun cf Co., house, 177 West Regent street. 

Colquhoun, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 286 Buchanan street. 

Colquhoun, Hugh, & Co., tea merchants, 76 Wilson street. 

Colquhoun, James, tacksman, cattle market, Gallowgate. 

Colquhoun, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 Clyde street, Calton. 

Colquhoun, John, poulterer, 90 West George street, house, 98 West Nile street. 

Colquhoun, Lachlan, spirit dealer, 129 Saltmarket. 

Colquhoun & M'Gibbon, confectioners, 4 Bridge street. 

Colquhoun, Peter, commission merchant, Canada court, 78 Queen street, house, 
York place. 

Colquhoun, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 103 St. Vincent street, house, 
93 Pitt street, workshops, Pitt street. 

Colquhoun, Walter, of Scott, Colquhoun, ij- Co., 109 Hope street. 

Colquhoun, Wm., lapidary and watch-glass maker, 7 Queen street. 

Colquhoun, Wm., spirit dealer, 144 Gallowgate. 

Colquhoun, Mrs. Robert, cap manufacturer, 53 Nelson street. 

Colquhoun, Mrs. Wm., lodgings, 33 John street. 

Coltness Iron Co., 77 Glassford street. 

COLVILL, David, tea and coffee dealer, 50 Trongate. 

Colvill, Greenlces, & Co., Argyll Distillery, Campbelton ; agent, J. B. Sheriff, 9 Vir- 
ginia street. 

Colvill, Hugh, spirit dealer, 60 Cumberland street. 

Colvill, John, carpet and rug warehouseman and commission agent, 1 Royal Ex- 
change court, 85 Queen street. 

Colville, Robert, & Co., bookbinders and stationers, 24 Glassford street. 

Colvill, Stephen, commission and spirit merchant, 114 Trongate. 

COLVIN, William, metal broker, 135 Buchanan street. 

COMBE & Hamilton, smiths, gas-fitters and bell-hangers, 42 Fox street. 


Combe, James, of Combe and Hamilton, house, 7 Park place. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, 66 Virginia street, William Johnston and William 

Paul, agents. 
Commercial Hotel, 9 Glassford street, Mrs. William Forrester. 
Commissary Clerk's Office, 41 Virginia street, C. D. Donald, clerk. 
Commonhead Colliery Office, 12 Oswald street. 
COMRIE, George, Royal Hotel, 1 North Queen street. 
Comrie, John, 3 Garscadden street. 

CONAGHAN, John, broker, 49 and 51 Bridgegate street. 
CONDIE, John, Govan Iron Works, 1 Dixon street. 
CONNELL, Alexander, baker, 5 Charles street, Calton. 
Connall, David, baker, 45 and 47 Dalhousie street. 
Connell, Duncan, spirit dealer, 13 Stockwell street. 
Connell, George, overseer, Great Canal Brewery. « 
Connell, Hugh, watchmaker, 1 Eglinton street. 

Connell, James, of Muirs, Connell, and Brodie, house, 139 West Campbell street. 
Connell, James, flesher, 5 Beef Market, King street. 
Connell, James, surgeon, 39 Nelson street. 

ConnelL James, wright and joiner, 58 Norfolk street, house 31 Robertson street. 
Connell, James, at Mackintosh and Cowan's, house, 113 Castlemilk place. 
Connell, John, at Henry Monteith <§ Co.'s, 1 1 George square. 
Connell, John, veterinary surgeon, 23 King street, Tradeston. 
Connal, Michael, of Wm. Connal 4 Co., house, 16 Lynedoch crescent. 
Connal, Peter, stamper, P. 0., house, 66 Trongate. 
Connell, Robert, inspector of works, 28 Cook street. 

Connal, William, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, Virginia buildings, Vir- 
ginia street. 
Connell, William, of Wallace and Connell, house, 31 Robertson street. 
Connal, William, jun., of William Connal cf Co., house, 220 St. Vincent street. 
Connel, William, superintendent of the Tontine Reading Room, 14 Trongate, house, 

30 North Portland street. 
Connal, William, of William Connal $ Co., house, 220 St. Vincent street. 
Connal, William, furniture warehouse, 14 Virginia street. 

Connell, Mrs. Dr., ladies' seminary and boarding establishment, 2 Provanside, Stir- 
ling's road. 
Connell, Mrs. R., 126 West Campbell street. 
CONNALL Y, Patrick, rag merchant, 59 King street. 
CONNOR, Arthur, surgeon, 48 Saltmarket street. 

CONSTABLE, Henry, merchant, 17 Renfield St., house, 5 Bloomfield pi., Hillhead, 
Constitutional Newspaper Printing Office, 21 Argyll street. 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls : — 

Austrian Vice-Consul, G. Henderson, 15 Renfield street. 

Belgian Consul, Andrew P. Reid, 58 Buchanan street. 

Brazilian Vice-Consul, Robert Gray, 46 Gordon street. 

Danish Vice-Consul, Archd. Alison, 22 Renfield street. 

French Vice-Consul, John Wedderspoon, 113 St. Vincent street. 

Hanoverian Consul, J. D. Sheppard, 57 Buchanan street. 

Mexican Vice-Consul, William Malcolm, 22 Royal Exchange square. 

Netherlands Vice-Consul, Peter W. Clark, 8 John street. 

New Granada Vice-Consul, M. M'Leod, 3 West Nile street. 

Portuguese and Ottoman Vice-Consul, John Mitchell, jun., 18 East Clyde st. 

Prussian Vice-Consul, J. L. Lamb, 42 Hope street, house, 4 Crescent place. 

Russian Vice-Consul, Nichol Handyside, 45 Union street. 

Sardinian Vice-Consul, G. Henderson, 15 Renfield street. 

Spanish Vice-Consul, Robert Wardrop, 62 Buchanan street. 

Sweden and Norway Vice-Consul, William Brooks. 

Two Sicilies Vice-Consul, Allan C. Gow, 87 Union street. 

United States of America Consul, Joseph Cowdin, 14 Gordon street. 
CONWAY, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Park place, Stockwell street. 
Conway, John, broker, 303 High street. 
CON WELL, Halbert, spirit dealer, 81 New wynd. 
COOCH, Richard, spirit dealer, 7 West street. 
COOK, Charles, grocer, 16 Wood lane, Broon.ielaw. 


Cook, Charles, slater, 138 Cowcaddens street. 

Cook, D., & Co., engineers and machine-makers, head of Commerce street. 

Cook, David, of Carphin. Letters left at 100 Commerce street. 

Cooke, George, drysalter and commission agent, 123 and 129 Ingram street, house, 
99 South Portland street, Laurieston. 

Cooke, James, 62 Miller street. 

Cooke & Porter, muslin gas-singers, 41 Miller street. 

Cooke, James, of Cooke and Porter, house, 1 South Frederick street. 

Cook, James, watch and clockmaker, 127 Canning street, Calton. 

Cook, James, dairyman, 30 Nelson street. 

Cook, James, of D. Cook cf- Co., 100 Commerce street. 

Cook, John, beadle, Ebenezer chapel, 44 Pitt street. 

Cook, John, pattern designer, 73 Eglinton street. 

Cook, Robert, & Co., brassfounders, 7 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Cook Street Weaving Co., at Robert Gilkison, junior's, 48 Buchanan street, works, 
Cook street, Tradeston. 

Cook, William, Regent Hotel and Chop-house, 120 Buchanan street, and 1 Buchanan 

Cook, William, spirit merchant, 53 Canning street, Calton. 

Cook, William, pattern designer and lithographer, 14 Garthland street. 

Cook, Robert, of D. Cook $ Co., 100 Commerce street. 

Cook, Thomas, spirit merchant, 23 Cleland street. 

COPLAND, John, wine and spirit dealer, 43 John street. 

Copland, John, clothier, 240 Argyll street. 

COPPLESTONE, Wm. J., merchant and commission agent, Virginia buildings. 

CORBETT, Alexander, &jCo., manufacturers, 7 Montrose street, factories, 51 Burn- 
side lane, and 50 Duke street. 

Corbett, Alexander, hairdresser, 199 Gallowgate. 

Corbett & Co., tea and coffee merchants, 51 Union street. 

Corbett, A. G., of Corbett <f Co., house, 8 St. George's road. 

Corbett, James, 25 Waterloo place, Kingston. 

Corbett, James, farmer, Stobcross farm. 

Corbett, John, 17 St. James street, Kingston. 

Corbett, John, provision and spirit dealer, 130 King street, Calton. 

Corbet, Peter, 47 Oswald street. 

Corbet, Robert, brickmaker and builder, 37 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Corbet, Robert T., M.D., 44 West Regent street. 

Corbett, Robert, watchmaker, 22 Argyll street. 

Corbett, Thomas, of Corbett cf- Co., house, 16 Fitzroy place. 

Corbet, William, smith, bell-hanger and gas-fitter, 81 John street. 

Corbet, William, & Co., commission agents, 51 Miller street. 

Corbet, William, of William Corbet cj' Co., house, 25 Bath street. 

Corbet, Mrs., furniture glazier, 24 Union street. 

CORDINGLEY, Charles A., of Nield and Cordingley, house, 20 Buccleuch street. 

Cork Steam Packet Office, 101 Union street. 

Cork Steam Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square. 

CORKINDALE, C. S., at Brown § Co.'s, 13 Hope street, residence, 7 Banning place. 

Corkindale, Mrs. Dr., 49 Bath street. 

CORMIE, James, smith and machine-maker, 118 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Connie, John, house factor, 63 Main street, Anderston. 

CORSALR, David, grocer and victualler, 102 Great Hamilton street. 

CORSAN & M'Allister, dyers, 34 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

CORSE, Misses, 104 North Hanover street. 

COTTON, C, & Co., general hardware and nail merchants, Virginia buildings. 

Cotton, Charles, of C. Cotton <§ Co., house, 14 Carnarvon street. 

COUBROUGH, Anthony P., of Daniel M'Gregor § Co., 82 Miller street, house, 
Blanefield, Strathblane. 

Cowbrough, Murray, silk bandana manufacturer, 17 South Frederick street. 

Coubrough, James, spirit merchant, 74 Havannah street. 

Coubrough, James, wine and spirit merchant, 199 High street. 

Coubrough, John, baker, 77 Clyde street, Anderston. 

COULSON & Gilmor, merchants, 13 John street. 

Coulson, George F., of Coulson and Gilmor, house, 8 Sandyford place, Sauchiehall road. 


COULTER, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 262 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Coulter, John, brick-builder and tile-manufacturer, 52 Tylefield street. 

Coulter, John, tobacconist, 372 Gallowgate. 

Coulter, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 35 Findlay street, Cowcaddens. 

Coulter, William, tailor and clothier, 45 John street, 

COULTHARD, John, wine and spirit merchant, 25 and 27 Oxford street. 

County Fire Office, London. Robert Gow, jun., agent, 71 Queen street. 

COUPEES, Mrs., 114 Trongate. 

COUPER, Alexander, 193 Athole place, Bath street. 

Couper & Co., pawnbrokers, 43 High street. 

Couper, Henry R., of Ballindalloch, 11 South Hanover street. 

Couper, James, Caledonian Pottery, 45 Garngad hill. 

Couper, James, insurance broker, and agent for the General Life and Fire Assurance 

Co., 12 Royal Exchange square, house, 22 Monteith row. 
Couper, James, of Murray <§ Couper, house, 45 Garngad hill. 
Couper, J. K., tobacconist, 126 Cowcaddens street. 
Couper, John, merchant, 1 North Wellington place. 
Couper, John, M.D., professor of materia medica, house, 16 Moore place, West 

George street. 
Couper, John, spirit dealer, 17 M' Alpine street. 
Cooper, John, baker and confectioner, 115 Trongate, and 207 Sauchiehall street, 

house, 193 do. 
Couper, Maitland, & Co. Letters left at James Couper's, 12 Royal Exchange square. 
Couper, Robert, tobacconist, 183 Trongate. 

Couper, Stephen, wholesale and retail confectioner, 126^ Cowcaddens street. 
Cooper, ThoiiTaSp^heriff and justice-of-peace officer for the shires of Lanark, Renfrew, 

and Dumbarton, 11 Miller street, house, 11 Findlay street. 
Cooper, Thomas, brushmaker, 129 Main street, Gorbals. 
Cooper, Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 William street, Greenhead. 
Couper, Walker, & Co., cotton spinners, 11 South Hanover street, works, Mile-end, 

Couper & White, writers, 13 St. Yincent place. 

Couper, William, of Couper and White, writers, house, 193 Athole place, Bath street. 
Cooper, William, bootmaker, 39 Eglinton street. 
Court House, fronting the jail. John Brown, keeper. 
Courier Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street. 
COUSINS, Mrs., spirit dealer, 189 Castle street. 

COUSLAND, Alexander, wire-worker and wire-cloth manufacturer, 5 Mitchell st. 
Cousland, Archd., sen., wire-worker, and brass and iron wire-cloth manufacturer, 3 

New wynd, Trongate. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Cousland, George, tobacconist, 153 Bridgegate street. 
COUTTS, James, tailor and clothier, 56 Trongate. 
COVENTRY, Bogle, tin-plate worker, 71 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Coventry, Charles, spirit dealer, 76 Garscube road. 
Coventry, William, hairdresser and perfumer, 300 Argyll street. 
COVERLY, Robert, hardware and toy merchant, 441 Argyll street. 
Coverly, William, sen., crystal glass cutter, 28 St. Enoch, wynd, glass and china 

merchant, 83 and 85 Stockwell street. 
Coverly, William, jun , cut glass manufacturer, 87 Stockwell street. 
COWAN, Alex., & Co., commission agents, 2 John street. 
Cowan, Alex., of Alex. Cowan <f Co., house, 56 Buccleuch street. 
Cowan, Alex., of Cowan fy Co., house, Hopehill. 
Cowan, Alfred J., librarian, bookseller, stationer, and printseller, 24 and 26 Findlay 

Cowan & Co., nurserymen, florists, and seedsmen, 37 Argyll street, nurseries, Clyde 

haugh, Paisley and Govan roads. 
Cowan, Henry, & Co., merchants, 5 North court, Royal Exchange. 
Cowan, Henry, of Henry Cowan § Co., house, 5 Queen's crescent. 
Cowan, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 119 High street. 
Cowan, James, surveyor for the Caledonian Insurance Co., house, 61 Waterloo st., 

Blythswood holm. 
Cowan, James, tailor and clothier, 41 Glassford street. 
Cowan, James, leather merchant, 76 Stevenson street, and 161 Canning st., Calton. 


Cowan, James, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 16 Great Clyde street. 

Cowan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 93 New Dalmainock road. 

Cowan, James, jun., spirit dealer, 29 Gallowgate. 

Cowan, John, & Co., merchants, 77 Brunswick street. 

Cowan, John, broker, 153 Stobcross street. 

Cowan, Robert, & Co., merchants and corn-factors, 34 Union street. 

Cowan, Robert, of Robert Cowan if Co., house, 4 Abereromby place, W. George st. 

Cowan, Walter, spirit merchant, 5 Marlborough street. 

Cowan, William, of Macintosh and Cowan, house, 10 Clarendon place. 

Cowan, William, brassfounder and gas meter manufacturer, 73 Maxwell street. 

Cowan, William, provision merchant, 68 King street, Tradeston. 

Cowan, William, wright, 83 Mitchell street, and 137 Waterloo street. 

Cowan, Miss, 62 Bath street. 

Cowan, Mrs., 189 Hill street, Garnethill. 

COWDIN, Joseph, United States consul, 14 Gordon street. 

COWIE, William, clothier, 54 Queen street, house, 155 Sauchiehall street. 

COWPER, Charles, at John Campbell's, 15 West Nile street, house, 396 Parliament- 
ary street. 

COX, George, Electric Telegraph Co., 27 Exchange square. 

Cox, William, flesher, 388 Argyll street, and 142 King street. 

COYLE, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 471 Gallowgate. 

Coyle, Mrs., broker, 70 M'Alpiue street. 

CRABB & Brown, manufacturers and printers, 36 Ingram street. 

Crabb, James, of Crabb cf Brown, house, 14 Cornwall place. 

CRAFTS & Stell, commission merchants, 23 West George street. 

CRAIGS, Brothers, wholesale and retail woollen drapers and batters, 163 Trongate. 

Craig. Charles, Sawyer's Arms Tavern, 58 New wynd. 

Craig, James, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 103 Gramme street. 

Craig, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 9 Miller street, and 32 Norfolk st. 

Craig, James, of James Craig and Son, house, 4 Carlton place. 

Craig, James, jun., of James Craig and Son, house, 34 Abbotsford place. 

Craig, James, 165 Sauchiehall street. 

Craig, James, of Middleton. Town address, 248 Argyll street. 

Craig, James, sheriff-officer and constable for the counties of Lanark and Renfrew, 
8 Crown street, Hutchesontown. 

Craig, James, victualler, 79 King street. 

Craig, John, plasterer, 4 Wemyss place, Cambridge street, workshop, 24 Renfrew st, 

Craig, John, 52 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

Craig, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 34 Stockwell street, house, 54 Abbots- 
ford place. 

Craig, John, sealing-wax manufacturer and commission agent, 52 Maxwell street. 

Craig, John, boot and shoemaker, 37 Maxwell street. 

Craig, John, 16 Cleland street. 

Craig, John, victualler, 260 Gallowgate. 

Craig, John, victualler and grocer, 81 North street. 

Craig, John, flesher, 228 Argyll street. 

Craig, John, 23 Renfrew street. 

Craig, John, general grocer, 14 and 16 Wellington arcade, house 196 Hope street. 

Craig, Joseph, pastry-baker and confectioner, 65 Cowcaddens street. 

Craig, Matthew, manufacturer, 46 John street. 

Craig & M'Farlane, cotton-spinners, at Bridge of Weir. Letters left at 19-| St. Vin- 
cent place. 

Craig, Mackay, & Co., painters and paper-hangers, 28 Kent street. 

Craig & M'Lintock, grocers and provision merchants, 155 Cowcaddens street. 

Craig & Peters, slaters, 32 North Albion street. 

Craig, Peter, ironmonger and ship-chandler, 50 Jamaica street. 

Craig, Peter, japanner, painter, and clock-dial manufacturer, 48 Stockwell street. 

Craig, Peter, of Craig and Peters, house, 343 High street. 

Craig, Robert, of Craigs, Brothers, house, 121 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 

Craig, Robert, builder and contractor, 157 Crown street. 

Craig, Robert, 4 Montague place, Bath street. 

Craig, Robert, spirit merchant, 121 West Campbell street. 

Craig, Robert, dyer, 47 Carrick street. 


Craig, Robert, grocer and victualler, 408 Duke street. 

Craig & Rose, oil-merchants and drysalters, 63 Candleriggs. 

Craig, Thomas, paper-ruler, 62 Argyll street. 

Craig, Thomas, Forth and Clyde Canal Track-boat office, 18 Gordon street, and Gra- 
naries, Port-Dundas. 

Craig, William, 2 Monteith row. 

Craig, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 207 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Craig, William, of Craigs, Brothers, house, 31 Grafton square. 

Craig, William, & Co., engineers, machine-makers, and founders, Govau street, 

Craig, William, of William Craig <y Co., house, 24 Carlton place. 

Craig, Mrs. J., house-painter and paper-hanger, 6 St. Vincent place, house, 48 Dun- 
das street. 

Craig, Mrs. William, 154 St. George's road. 

Craig, Mrs. John, provision merchant, 231 Argyll street. 

CRAIGHEAD, James, gardener, 36 Rosehill, Pollockshaws road. 

Craighead, Peter, gardener, 3 Surrey lane. 

CRAIK, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. George's, house 15 Sandyford place. 

Craik, Robert, spirit dealer, 116 New City road. 

CRAILSHEIM, A., of Crailsheim and Herman, house, 25 Woodside place. 

Crailsheim & Herman, commission merchants, 93 Glassford street. 

CRAMSIE, Charles, grocer and confectioner, 154 Main street, Anderston. 

CRANSTON, George, Edinburgh and Glasgow hotel and chop-house, 39 George sq. 

CRAW, James, teacher, St. Andrew's parish school, Greendyke street. 

CRAWFORD, Alexander, publican and hay-dealer, 247 High street. 

Crawford, Alexander, ship agent, Port-Dundas, house, 13 Grove street. 

Crawford, Alex., spirit dealer, 667 Gallowgate. 

Crawford, Andrew, wright and glazier, 9 West Milton street, Cowcaddens. 

Crawford, Cornelius, fancy paper-box maker, 40 Cathedral street, house, 48 North 
Portland street. 

Crawford, Daniel, 73 West Nile street. 

Crawford, David, National hotel, 10 St. Enoch square. 

Crawford, David, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 22 St. Enoch square, house, 448 
Argyll street. 

Crawford, Donald, flesher, 89 Main street, Anderston. 

Crawford, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 84 Govan street. 

Crawford & Easton, calenderers and packers, 81 Buchanan street, 9 Gordon street, 
and 86 Mitchell street. 

Crawford, Gardiner, hairdresser, 39 King street, Tradeston. 

Crawford, George, assistant-inspector, Town's hospital, house, 35 Grove street, 
Garscube road. 

Crawford, George, cabinet-maker, joiner, and mangle-maker, 76 Brown street. 

Crawford, George, glazier and glass merchant, 18 Coburg street. 

Crawford, George, writer, 33 West George street. 

Crawford, Hugh, paper-stainer and fancy box maker, 55 High street. 

Crawford, James, spirit merchant, 11 Carrick street, house, 242 Stobcross street. 

Crawford, James, jobbing mason, 66 Commerce street, Tradeston. 

Crawford, James, agent for Braehead Colliery depot, 72 Tennant street, St. Rollox, 
house, 47 Glebe street. 

Crawford, John & Ebenezer, Eagle Iron-foundry, Port-Dundas. 

Crawford, John, of Alexander Milne $ Co., ho., 26 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd. 

Crawford, John, artist, drawing, painting, architectural, and engineering class-rooms, 
Andersonian university, house, 181 Hope street. 

Crawford, John, painter and colourman, 20 Stevenson street, Calton, house, 38 East 
Miller street. 

Crawford, John, M.D., 150 Holland street, Sauchiehall street. 

Crawford, John, of North British Mail, house, 52 Hospital street. 

Crawford, John, & Co., manufacturer, Graham square, house, 415 Gallowgate. 

Crawford, John, green grocer, 2 East Campbell street. 

Crawford, John, grocer and victualler, 151 Canning street. 

Crawford, Joseph T., & Co., millwrights, engineers, machine and tool-makers, and 
iron-founders, Albion foundry, M'Neil street, Little Govan, Hutchesontown. 

Crawford, Mrs. J., dyer, 28 George street. 


Crawford, Peter, spirit dealer, 2 Oxford street. 

Crawford, Peter, grocer, 85 Govan street. 

Crawford, Robert, architect, 87 Union street, house, 108 Hospital street. 

Crawford, Robert, master mariner, 363 St. Vincent street. 

Crawford, Robert, joiner and cabinet-maker, 101 High John street. 

Crawford, Robert, wright, glazier, and funeral undertaker, 47 and 54 James's street, 

Crawford, Thomas, of Crawford and Eastern, house, 175 St. Vincent street. 
Crawford, Thomas, jun., at Crawford and Easton's, 16 Montrose street. 
Crawford, Thomas, mill-manager, 13 Belgrove street. 
Crawford, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 25 London street. 
Crawford, W. G., dean of guild officer, 120 South Albion street. 
Crawford, William, wright, 166 Hospital street. 

Crawford, William, tailor and clothier, 76 Eglinton street, house, 74 do. 
Crawford, William, spirit dealer, 10 South Pettigrew street. 
Crawford, William, of J. and A. Dennistoun, house, 3 West Prince's street. 
Crawford, William, tavern keeper, 46 Saltmarket street. 
Crawford, Mrs., rag merchant, 16 Stockwell place. 
Crawford, Mrs. James, cotton waste dealer, 34 Carrick street. 
Crawford, Mrs., stoneware and rag merchant, 16 and 18 Kent street. 
Crawford, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 321 Argyll street. 

Crawford, Mrs. Mary, Waverley tavern, 18 Saltmarket street and 25 George square. 
Crawford, Mrs., 175 St. Vincent street. 
Crawford, Mrs. James, dyer, 28 George street. 
Crawford, Miss, dressmaker, 13 Richard street. 
Crawford, Miss, dressmaker, 57 North Hanover street. 
CREE, Alexander, upholsterer and cabinet-maker, 27 Gordon street, house, 116 South 

Portland street. • 
Cree, James, manager, at Muir, Brown, <f Co.'s works, Hutchesontown, house, 52 

Rose street. 
Cree, John, ship and insurance broker, 17 Royal Exchange square, house, 22 St. 

George's road. 
Cree, John, watchmaker, 58 Queen street, house, 9 Maxwell street. 
Cree, John, jun., stationer, and agent for the Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool, 21 

Royal Exchange square. 
Cree, Robert, manufacturer, 46 John street, house, 57 Renfield street. 
Cree, Thomas, manufacturer, 46 John street, house, 2 Surrey place, Gorbals. 
Cree, William J., commission merchant, 74 Brunswick street, house, 57 Renfield St. 
CRICHTON, E., boot and shoe shop, 11 Trongate. 
Crichton & Eadie, smiths, beam-makers, gas-fitters, and manufacturers of malleable 

iron gas-pipes, 44 and 46 London street, works, London lane. 
Crichton, James, bookseller, 21 Great Clyde street. 
Crichton, James, dyer, Greenbank, Pollockshaws. Letters left at Mr. Charles Kemp's, 

51 Ingram street. 
Crichton, William, commission agent, 99 South Portland street. 
Crichton, William, superintendent of the Forth and Clyde Canal, Canal house, Port- 

Crichton, Miss, fruiterer, 12 East George street. 
Crichton, Mrs., lodgings, 38 Hill street, Garnethill. 
CROAL, Alex., slater, 32 Great Dovehill. 
Croal, David, reporter, 12 Salisbury street. 
CROCKET, James, tailor and clothier, 3 St. Enoch square. 
CROIL, Thomas, merchant, 22 Renfield street. 

Croil, William, merchant, 112 West George street, house, 9 Montague place, Bath st. 
CROLL, David, at James Findlay tj - Co.'s, house, 11 Florence place, Stanley street. 
Croll, James, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Nicholson street. 
Croll, John, blacksmith, 3 Greyfriars wynd, house, 102 North Frederick street. 
CROB1BIE, John, plasterer, 4 Findlay street, lime-yard and office, head of Dundas st. 
Crombie, Mrs., baker and victualler, 65 Cheapside street, Anderston. 
CROOKS & Jones, warehousemen, 12 Buchanan street. 
Crooks, Mrs., surgeon-dentist, 129 Hope street. 
CROOM, John, 71 Parson street. 
CROSBIE, Andrew, warehouseman, 119 Candleriggs. 


Crosbie, C, tobacconist, 79 Govan street. 

Crosbie, D., weaving utensil dealer, &c, 27 Abercromby street. 

Crosbie, George, quarrier, Maryland quarry, Paisley road. 

Crosbie, James, rlesher, 17 Stobcross street. 

Crosbie, Agnes, tobacconist, 29 Main street, Gorbals. 

CROSS, Alexander, & Sons, seed merchants, 17 Gallowgate, and Tontine back 

Cross, Alexander, of Robert Watson, Son, ty Co., 20 Hope street. 

Cross, David, of Alexander Cross and/Sons, house, 3 Sommerville pi., Monteith row. 

Cross, Ebenezer, turner and butter-print cutter, 9 Gibson street, 

Cross, F. C, of J. and F. Cross § Co., residence, Blockhairn house, Garngad road. 

Cross, J. & F., & Co., coal agents and factors, 51 Brunswick street. 

Cross, Robert, commission agent and warehouseman, 14 Garthland street, house, 4 
St. George's road, Falkland place. 

Cross, Robert, turner and butter-print cutter, 8 Buchan street, Gorbals. 

Cross, Wedderspoon, & Co., merchants, 116 St. Vincent street. 

Cross, William, of Valparaiso, merchant, 110 Buchanan street, ho., 26 Robertson st. 

Cross, William, manufacturer, 62 Queen street. 

Cross, William, of Alexander Cross and Sons, house, 16 Monteith row. 

Cross, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 66 Trongate. 

Cross, Mis. John, boot and shoe shop, 141 Trongate, house, 7 Park pi., Stockwell st. 

CROW, James, butter and egg dealer, 253 High street, house, 67 Bell street. 

Crow, John, grocer and victualler, 196 West Nile street. 

Ceown Life Assurance Company of London, James Watson, agent, 32 St. Vin- 
cent place. 

Crown Tavern, 48 Gallowgate, James Allan. 

CRUDEN, George, draper, 185 Gallowgate, house, 20 Monteith row. 

Cruden, James, writer, 38 Queen street, house, Wellhouse. 

Cruden, Mrs., of Wellhouse, 234 George street. 

CRUIKSHANK, E., wine merchant, 84 West Nile street, cellars, 4 St. George's court. 

Cruikshank, A. & J., manufacturers, 25 Queen street. 

Cruikshank, A., of A. and J. Cruikshank, 25 Queen street. 

Cruikshank, Charles, 84 West Nile street. 

Cruikshank, James, mason and builder, 10 Sommerville place. 

Cruikshank, James, of A. and J. Cruikshank, house, 12 Kingston place. 

Crookshanks, James, Royal Oak, breakfast, steak, and chop-house, lodgings, 70 
Jamaica street. 

Crookshank, James S., surgeon, 60 Bell street. 

Crookshanks, John, dealer in furnishings, 27 Kent street. 

Cruikshank, John, at Robert Walker, jun.'s, house, 56 West Milton street. 

Cruickshank, M.,-100 St. Vincent street, house, 99 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Cruikshank, Robert, & Son, masons and builders, 98 Great Hamilton street, and 
Sommerville place. 

Cruickshank, Robert, tea dealer and grocer, 234 High street. 

Cruikshank, William, baker, 26 Cook street. 

CRUM, Humphry Ewing, of James Ewing cj- Co., house, 20 Woodside terrace. 

Crum, James, & Co., tea merchants, 39 Glassford street. 

Crum, James, at A. Orr, Ewing, <f CoSs, house, Springgrove place. 

Crum, James, cotton-spinner, Busby, Virginia buildings. 

Crum, J. & W., & Co., bleachers and scourers, 51 Cochran St., works, Thornliebank. 

Crum, John, of J. and W. Crum <Sf Co., residence, Auldhouse, Pollockshaws. 

Crum, John, stationer, 159 Ingram street. 

Crum, Walter, & Co., calico printers, 51 Cochran street, works, Thornliebank. 

Crum, Walter, of J. and W. Crum <J- Co., residence, Thornliebank. 

CUBBIE, Mrs., 8 Abbotsford place. 

CUDDIE, Mrs. M., spirit dealer, 123 Bridgegate. 

CULBERT, J. & D., stucco and cement manufacturers, 210 Argyll street. 

Culcreugh Company, cotton-spinners, at Geo. Smith and Sons, 34 London street. 

CULLEN, John, hat-case and fancy paper-box maker, 68 Glassford street. 

Cullen, Thomas W., writer, 48 Queen street. 

Cullen, Misses, straw-hat makers, 169 Great Hamilton street. 

Cumberland Foundry, 168 Gallowgate. 

CUMMING, Andrew, at Thomas Laurie $ Co.'s, grain merchants, 179 Argyll street. 

Gumming, Andrew, 44 North Brook street. 


Cumming, Andrew, grocer and victualler, 137 New Dalmamock road, 
dimming, James, LL.D., rector of the Glasgow Academy, 30 Richmond street. 
Cumming, John, commission agent, 8 William street, Greenhead, Calton. 
Cumming, John, wholesale and retail linen and woollen draper, 148 Argyll street, 

house, 20 Union street. 
Cumming, Peter, grocer and tea merchant, 9 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Cumming, Robert, manager (Mile-end Spinning Co.), 44 Mile-end, Brook street. 
Cumming, William, tea dealer and grocer, 111 High street. 
Cumming, William, at John Bartholomew cf Co.'s. 
Cumming, Francis, spirit dealer, 70 Canon street. 
Cumming, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 238 Broomielaw. 
CUMST1E, Alexander, merchant, 85 Trongate. 

CUNLIFF, Richard S., of Randolph, Elliot, <f Co., house, Kinning house. 
Cunliff, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 7 Elmbank place, 
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, slater, 30 Taylor street. 
Cunningham, A. G., agent, 5 Virginia street. 

Cunninghame, Andrew, Sasine Office, City Chambers, house, 68 Bath street. 
Cunningham, Charles, beadle of St. David's Church, house, 23 Renfrew street. 
Cunningham, Charles, of Mein and Cunningham, house, 2 Royal crescent. 
Cunninghame, David, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 190 Trongate. 
Cunningham, David, 9 Dundas street, Kingston. 
Cunningham, James, manufacturer, 51 Brunswick place. 
Cunningham, James, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Cunningham, John, grocer and victualler, 12 Holmhead street. 
Cunningham, Robert, of Struthers and Cunningham, house, at George Wooley's, 292 

Argyll street. 
Cunningham, Robert, manufacturer, 5 Graham's square. 
Cunningham, Robert, contractor, 19 Parson street. 
Cunningham, Dr. Thomas, 1 Norfolk street. 

Cunningham, W. C, commission agent and insurance broker, 46 Renfield street. 
Cunningham, William, 80 John street, Greenhead. 
Cunningham, William, writer, 13 John street. 

Cunningham, Miss, milliner, straw-hat, and dressmaker, 55 Burnside street. 
Cunningham, Mrs., flesher, 40 Findlay street. 
Cunningham, Mrs., 193 Renfrew street. 
Cunningham, Mrs. D., 8 Morris place. 
CURLE, Robert, & Sons, auctioneers, appraisers, and general agents, Sidney court, 

62 Argyll street. 
Curie, Robert, & Sons, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and general house furnishers, 62 

Argyll street, workshop, 111 Stirling street, Cowcaddens. See Advertisement 

in Appendix. 
Curie, Robert, of Robert Barclay and Curie, house, Lancefield place. 
Curie, R. M., of Robert Curie and Sons, house, 14 Holmhead street. 
CURR, Allan, baker, 2 Eglinton street. 
Curr, William, & Co., fieshers, 66 George place. 
CURRIE, Alexander, jun., baker, 354 High street. 
Currie, Alexander, planemaker, 79 Hope street. 
Currie & Brown, calenderers, packers, and hot-pressers, Gordon lane, 9 Gordon street, 

and 81 Buchanan street. 
Currie, Edward, house and sign painter, 32 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Currie, Gilbert, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 65 St. Vincent street. 
Currie, Hamilton, spirit merchant, 92 Union street. 
Currie, H., baker, 22 Canning street. 
Currie, Hugh, boot and shoemaker, 77 Commerce street. 
Currie, J., merchant, 45 Cowcaddens street. 

Currie, James, victualler, 11 Clyde street, Anderston, and 12 M'Alpine street. 
Currie, James, flesher, 60 Govan street, Hutchesontowu, house, 62 do. 
Currie, John, & Co., corn merchants, 16 Union street. 
Currie, John, of John Currie (f Co., house, Dundas hill. 
Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 262 Buchanan street, and 377 Sauchiehall street, 

opposite St. George's road. 
Currie, M. J., merchant, 45 Cowcaddens street. 
Currie, M'Kay, & Kirkwood, lithographers, 9 South Hanover street. 


Currie, Eev. Peter, minister, Free Stockwell Church, house, 28 Abbotsford place. 

Currie, Eobert, of Currie and Brown, house, 11 Cathcart street. 

Currie, Eobert, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Stockwell street. 

Currie, William, cartwright, 19 Catherine street, Anderston. 

Currie, William, spirit dealer, 83 Main street, Anderston. 

Currie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Abercromby street, Calton. 

Currie, Miss Margaret, lodgings, 96 Washington street. 

Currie, Mrs. Peter, lodgings, 52 Clyde place. 

Currie, Mrs., Ayrshire Tavern, 37 Trongate. 

CUEEY, William, merchant, 182 Buchanan street. 

CUETIS & Harvey, Hounslow and Clyde Gunpowder Mills, office, 12 St. Vincent 

place, A. B. Seton & Son, agents. 
Custom-House, 69 Great Clyde street. 
CUTCHEON, James, tavern keeper, 9 Anderston quay. 
CUTHBEET, John, saddler, 59 New Bridge street. 
Cuthbert, John, baker, 394 Argyll street. 
Cuthbert, John, smith, edge-tool maker, and mangle manufacturer, 18 Dunlop street. 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Cuthbert, Eobert, jun., ship and insurance broker, 129 Ingram street. 
Cuthbert, Thomas, saddler and harness-maker, 12 Duke street. 
CUTHBEETSON, Allan, accountant, 110 Fife place, West George street, residence, 

Langside House. 
Cuthbertson, Donald, accountant, 110 Fife place, West George street, house, 188 St. 

Vincent street. 
Cuthbertson, James B., commercial traveller, East park, Garscube road. 
Cuthbertson, John, merchant, 2 North Exchange court, house, 7 Kelvin terrace. 
Cuthbertson, John, mahogany merchant, 10 Stanley place, off Eglinton street. 
Cuthbertson, Thomas, of Longdales, near Bothwell, 23 Blvthswood square. 
Cuthbertson, William. Letters left at Robertson & M'( Queen's, Melville place. 
Cuthbertson, William G., wright, East park, Garscube road. 
Cuthbertson, Miss, dressmaker, 103 Renfrew street. 
Cuthbertson, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 103 Eenfrew street. 
Cuthbertson, Mrs., 15 Newton place. 

DAILY, Felix, spirit merchant, 333 High street. 

Dailly, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 122 Dry gate. 

DAIEON, James, plasterer, 21 Weaver street. 

DALE, Hugh, leather merchant, 25 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Dale, James, of Lain g and Dale, house, 5 Somerset place, Sauchiehall street. 

Dale, James Douglas, teacher, Oxford Street Academy, 4 Oxford street. 

Dale, John, 99 Centre street. 

Dale, Miss, treasurer for Glasgow Female Society, 5 Somerset place. 

DALGETTY, Captain James, 25 Grove street. 

DALGLISH, Andrew S., ofR. Dalglish, Falconer, $ Co., house, Hillhead. 

Dalgleish, George, & Co., merchants, 109 Fife place, West George stieet. 

Dalgleish, George, of George Dalgleish cf Co., house, 133 Bath street. 

Dalglish, John, precentor, College Church, house, 14 Margaret street. 

Dalglish, John, at Kilbirnie Cotton Works Co.'s, residence, Kilbirnie. 

Dalglish, John, flesher, 421 Argyll street. 

Dalglish, Eobert, of R. Dalglish, Falconer, § Co., 4 North court, Eoyal Exchange. 

Dalglish, E., Falconer, & Co., calico printers, 4 North court, Eoyal Exchange. 

Dalglish, William, wine, spirit, and provision merchant, 90 and 94 Bridgegate. 

Dalglish, William, sen., Nursery Works, Little Govan. 

Dalglish, William, general commission agent, 17 Gordon street. 

Dalglish, Mrs., James, 11 Abercromby place. 

DALLAS, Alexander, coachbuilder, 32 Great Clyde street, house, 108 Stockwell St. 

Dallas, Peter, manufacturer, 17 Cochran street. 

Dalmaenock Asphalte Company, 89 Eumford street, Bridgeton. 

Dalmarnock Colliery Office, 100 St. Vincent street. 

Dalmellington Iron Company, 77 Glassford street. 

Dalmuie and Kelvindale Paper Warehouse, 58 Brunswick street. 


Dalsholm Paper Warehouse, 82 Glassford street. 

DALVEEN, Neil B., wine and spirit merchant, 143 Argyll street. 

DALY, James, of Daly, Spence, Buchanan, <f Co., house, 76 Great Hamilton street. 

Daly, Michael, house-painter, paper-hanger, &c, 73 West Campbell street, house, 204 

Holm street. 
Daly, Spence, Buchanan, & Co., wholesale and retail warehousemen, 96 and 98 

DALZIEL, David, thread manufacturer and commission agent, 10 East Russell st. 
Dalziel, Captain James, agent and surveyor for the underwriters of Glasgow, house, 

6 Greenvale place, Woodlands road. 
Dalziel, William, at W. B. Huggins cf Co.'s, house, 6 Greenvale place, Woodlands road. 
Dalziel, John, stationer, 31 Glassford street, house, 95 George street. 
Dalziel, John, yarn merchant, 62 Queen street, house, 84 West street, Kingston. 
Dalziel, Thomas, 3'arn merchant, 62 Queen street, house, 84 West street, Kingston. 
DANIEL, John, 7£ Eglinton street. 
DANIELS, James, theatrical agent, 4 Steel street. 
DANSKIN, John, wine and spirit merchant, 126 West Nile street. 
Dantzig Black Beer Stores, 53 Hope street, 

DARBY, James, general job buyei' and broker, 63 Prince's street. 
DARLEY, George M., of Chronicle Office, house, 145 Sauchiehall street. 
DARLING, Adam, dairyman, 63 Rutherglen loan. 
Darling, A. & W., thread manufacturers, Hayfield street, Little Govan. 
Darling, William, ironmonger, 111 Trongate. 

DARROCH, William, painter and paper-hanger, 392 Argyll street. 
Darroch, William, victualler, 45 Burnside street. 
DAUBUZ, L., C, & W., block and grain tin warehouse, 17 Exchange square, South 

side. John Strathern, agent. 
DAVIE, James, house factor, 51 Brunswick street. 
Davie, James, house factor, 97 Finnieston street. 
Davie, James, stabler and hay-weigher, 1 Great Hamilton street. 
Davie, James, & Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 74 Glassford street; 
Davie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 37 West Milton street, 163 New City 

road, and 158 Garscube road, house, 161 New City road. 
Davie, William, contractor, 100 Maxwell street. 

Davie, William, writer and town-clerk, City Chambers, house, 27 Blythswood square. 
Davie, William, jun., of John J. Muir § Co., house, 12 Newton place. 
Davie, William, spirit merchant, 134 Stobcross street, Anderston. 
Davie, Mrs., 60 Hill street, Garnethill. 

DAVIS, D., & Son, watch manufacturers and wholesale jewellers, 145 Queen street. 
Davis, D., of D. Davis and Son, house, 9 Somerset place. 
Davis, E. , of D. Davies and Son, house, 9 Somerset place. 
Davies, John, tailor and clothier, 64 Queen street. 
Davis, William, flesher, 160 Cowcaddens street. 
Davies, Misses, dressmakers, 56 Milton street, west. 
Davies, Mrs., Northern Seminar}', 6 Cornwall place, Stirling's road. 
DAVIDSON, Alexander, ordained measurer, 67 'West Nile street. 
Davidson, Alexander, brick builder, 64 South Wellington street. 
Davidson, A. C, at James Ewing 8f Co's., house, 51 Abbotsford place. 
Davidson, Alexander, cowfeeder, 111 New Dalmarnock road. 

Davidson, Archibald, & Co., sewed muslin warehouse, Morrison's court, 108 Argyll st. 
Davidson & Co., spice merchants, 18 Turner's court. 

Davidson, D., chandler, tobacco, and small-ware merchant, 77 Bridgegate street. 
Davidson, James, of Ruchill, 22 South Frederick street. 
Davidson, James, jun., ladies' shoe shop, 108 Hope street. 
Davidson, James, spirit and provision merchant, 116 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Davidson, J., & Co., auctioneers, appraisers, general agents, and furniture warehouse- 
men, Argyll Sale Rooms, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. See Advertisement in 

Davidson, John, of J. Davidson cf Co., house, Walmer place, 123 Hospital street. 
Davidson, John, ofM'Lerie, Davidson, and Ferguson, house, 42 Dundas street. 
Davidson, John, coal-master, Monkland Canal Basin, Townhead. 
Davidson, John, confectioner, 24 Canning street. 
Davidson, John, of William Sloan cf Co., house, 26 Windsor ten-ace, St. George's road. 


Davidson, Kenneth, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Bridge street, 450 Argyll street 

and 103 Main street, Gorbals. 
Davidson, K. & R., printers, 83 Virginia street. 
Davidson, MacFarlane, & Co., Liverpool Asphalte Office, commission agents, and 

Insurance brokers, 81 St. Vincent street. 
Davidson, Robert, coal merchant, 16 Glebe street. 
Davidson, Robert, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street, 

house, 103 Breadalbane terrace, Hill street. 
Davidson, Thomas, teacher, M'Lachlan school, 50 Cathedral street. 
Davidson, Thomas, of M'Leod, Davidson, fy Co., house, 64 Charlotte street. 
Davidson, Thomas, 151 Eglinton street. 

Davidson, W. & J., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 22 South Frederick street. 
Davidson, Walter, mason and oven builder, 40 Brown street. 
Davidson, William James, of W. and J. Davidson fy Co., residence, Bonville house, 

Davidson, William, boot and shoemaker, 43 Adelphi street. 
Davidson, William, of Davidson, MacFarlane, fy Co., 81 St. Vincent street. 
Davidson, Misses, ladies' seminary, 1 Greenlaw place. 
Davidson, Miss, 31 North Hanover street. 
Davidson, Misses, teachers, M'Farlane school, 27 Surrey street. 
Davidson, Mrs., 16 Cleland street. 
DAVISON, Miss, lodgings, 113 Renfrew street. 
DAWSON, Alex., commission merchant, 136 Brunswick street, house, 9 Scott St., 

Albert terrace. 
Dawson, A. & J., St. Magdalene Distillery, Linlithgow. J. B. Sheriff, agent, 24 

Queen street. 
Dawson & Baird, distillers, Campbelton ; office, 83 Jamaica street. 
Dawson, James, beadle of Gieyfriars Church, 38 North Albion street. 
Dawson, James, cloth and yarn agent, 7 Garthland street, house, 104 North Han- 
over street. 
Dawson & M'Nicol, clothiers, shirt merchants, and outfitters, 50 Buchanan street. 
Dawson, Patrick, of John Mitchell <.f Co., house, 20 India street. 
Dawson, Thomas, of Carron Co. 

Dawson, William, of Dawson and M'Nicol, house, 86 Bath street. 
Dawson, William, commission agent, 182 Trongate. 
Dawson, W., spirit dealer, 240 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Dawson, William, victualler, 102 High street. 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, 36 Parson street. Duncan Anderson, teacher. Seen 

on Wednesdays, at 2 o'clock. 
DEAKIN, Ralph, china merchant, 124 Cowcaddens street. 
DEAN, Thomas, watch and clockmaker, 44 New Bridge street. 
Dean of Guild officer, W T . G. Crawford, 120 South Albion street. 
DEANS, Andrew, merchant, 6 St. Andrew square. 
Deans, Effingham, tavern-keeper, 25 Trongate. 
Deans, Neil, sheriff-officer and constable, 38 Blackfriars street. 
Deanston Co., at James Findlay § Co.'s, 172 Buchanan street. 
DEARIE, John, dairyman, Grant street, off St. George's road. 
DE MONTFLEURY, Alex., 98 Miller street, house, 10 Elgin place. 
DE BOIS, Frederick, chemist and druggist, 176 Cowcaddens street. 
DE MONTI, J. H,, music and musical instrument seller, 101 Buchanan street, house, 

36 Sauchiehall street. 
Defender Fire and Life Insurance Company of London. Agents for Glasgow, Geo. 

Wink, 91 Buchanan street, and John L. M'Kirdy, 58 St. Vincent street. 
DEMPSTER, Robert, tobacconist, 3 Argyll street. 

Dempster, Mrs. Wm., smith, gas-fitter, and bell-hanger, 37 Nicholas street. 
DENHOLM, George, spirit dealer, 8 North street, Anderston. 
Denholm, James, spirit dealer, 49 Orr street, Calton. 
Denholm, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 79 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Denholm & Nisbet, wrights, 146 West Nile street. 
Dennistoun, John, of Denholm and Nisbet, house, 3 Germiston street, off Buchanan 

Denholm, Wm., commission agent, 7 South Frederick St., house, Greenhill, Rutherglen. 
DENNY, Alexander ofD, and A. Denny § Co., house, 137 West Regent street. 


Denny, D. & A., & Co., merchants, 27 Union street. 

Denny, James, sen., house-factor, 56 Bridge street. 

Denny, James, jun., confectioner, 54 Bridge street. 

DENNISTOUN, Alexander, of J. and A. Dennistoun, house, Golfhill. 

Dennistoun, Bryce, & Co., merchants, 75 West Nile street. 

Dennistoun, Buchanan, & Co., merchants, 20 St. Vincent place. 

Dennistoun, E., wood merchant, 29 Jackson street. 

Dennistoun, James R., accountant and sharebroker, 33 Renfield street, St. Mary's 

Dennistoun, James R., manager of the National Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Scot- 
land, 33 Renfield street. 

Dennistoun, J. & A., merchants, 38 George square. 

Dennistoun, John, of J. and A. Dennistoun, residence, 3 Grosvenor place, houses, 

Dennistoun, John, & Co., merchants, 38 George square. 

Dennistoun, William, of Dennistoun, Bryce, <$• Co., house, 6 Woodside place. 

DENOVAN, Alexander, 98 Fife place, West George street. 

Depute-Clerk of the Peace for Lanarkshire, R. R. Holmes, 73 Hutcheson street. 

DESSURNE, Mark, B.A., artist, Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street, 
house, 106 North Frederick street. 

DEVINE, Patrick, broker, 5 and 7 Bridgegate. 

DEVITT, James, victualler, 155 Bridgegate. 

DEVLIN, Arthur, & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 61 Trongate. 

Devlin, John, auctioneer, 28 Prince's street. 

Devlin, Hugh, spirit dealer, 33 Drygate street. 

Devlin, Thomas, lock and key-fitter, 318 High street. 

Devonshire Cider Store, 53 Hope street. 

DEW, George, 65 Abbotsford place. 

DEWAR, Alexander, Railway Anns tavern, 16 Bridge street. 

Dewar, Alex., wine and spirit merchant. 43 Grove street. 

Dewar & Angus, merchants, 72 Virginia street. 

Dewar, David, of Jamieson and Dewar, house, 23 Roseland terrace, Cumberland st. 

Dewar, James, emigrants' general store, 178 Broomielaw. 

Dewar, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 West Russell street, and 13 Queen 

Dewar, John Stewart, artist, 49 Bath street. 

Dewar, Plummer, of John Cabbell § Co., house, 11 Sandyford place, Sauchiehall St. 

Dewar, William, wine and spirit merchant, coach office, 5 and 7 West George street, 
post horse and carriage hirer, Royal Hotel stables, 5 North Queen street, house, 
42 Dundas street. 

Dewar, Miss Mary, steak-house, 55 South Portland street. 

Dewar, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 13 Hope street. 

Dewar, Misses E. & M., milliners and straw-hat makers, 89 North Frederick street. 

DEWART, William, provision merchant, and agent for Lurgan twist tobacco, 141 

DIAMOND, John, spirit dealer, 14 Goosedubbs street. 

DICK, Alexander, writer, 153 Queen street, house, 90 West Campbell street. 

Dick, Alexander, of Lumloch, 131 West Regent street, office, 68 St. Vincent street. 

Dick, Alexander, jun., writer, 100 Brunswick street, house, do. 

Dick, Alexander, land-surveying chain-maker, fancy wire-worker, and clock-chain 
maker, 16 Buchanan court, 105 Stockwell street. For list of prices, see Ad- 
vertisement in the Appendix. 

Dick, Charles, brewer, Edinburgh; John Campbell, 15 West Nile street, agent for 

Dick, Charles C, of John and Charles Dick cj- Co., house, 5 Royal terrace. 

Dick, D., hardware and fishing-tackle warehouse, 3 Saltmarket street. 

Dick, Geo., pavement merchant, 89 East Milton street, house, Gothic cottage, St. 
George's road. 

Dick, George C, & Co., commission merchants, Queen's court, 62 Queen street. 

JDick, George C, of G. C. Dick <J- Co., house, 22 Windsor terrace. 

Dick, Henry, spirit dealer, 142 Eglinton street. m , 

Dick, H. K., 22 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 

Dick, James, coal agent, 40 Cowcaddens street, Garscube place. 



Dick, James, baker and spirit dealer, 164 High street. 

Dick, James, builder, 103 South Portland street. 

Dick, James, gutta percha merchant and shoe manufacturer, 12 Gallowgate street, 

and 7 Brunswick place. 
Dick, John, & Son, thread manufacturers, Glasgow works, 4 Howard St., Bridgeton. 
Dick, John, surgeon and apothecary, 2 London street, house, 93 do. 
Dick, John, tailor and clothier, 109 Argyll street. 

Dick, John & Charles, & Co., commission merchants, 128 Ingram street. 
Dick, John, of John and Charles Dick cf- Co., house, 4 Clifton place. 
Dick, John, of Knox, Dick, § Co., 22 Exchange square. 
Dick, M., & Co., soap and candle manufacturers, 73 and 75 Glassford street, works, 

Milton street, Port-Dundas road. 
Dick., M., of M. Dick 4 Co., Gloucester place, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Dick & Porteous, writers, and agents for the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 

48 Buchanan street. 
Dick, Quintin, of Dick and Porteous, house, 29 South Portland street. 
Dick, Robert, surveyor for the National Insurance Company of Scotland, 33 R^nfield 

street, house, 121 North Montrose street. 
Dick, Thomas, sheiifF-officer, 22 Argyll street. 
Dick, William, spirit dealer, 88 Candleriggs street, and wholesale cheese merchant, 

weighhouse, Bazaar. 
Dick, Wm., coal and commission agent, 4 Wood lane, Broomielaw, house above. 
Dick, William, commission agent, 138 Stirling's road. 
Dick, William, ship-chandler and ironmonger, 64 Jamaica street. 
Dick, William, of John Walker $ Co., house, 75 Bath street. 
Dick, William, of William Dick $ Co., house, Summerhill, Thornliebank. 
Dick, William, & Co., corkwood importers, cork manufacturers, and general agents, 

Dixon street. 
Dick, Miss Marion, spirit dealer, 111 Castle street. 
Dick, Mrs. & Misses, seminary for young ladies, 195 Pitt street, corner of Sauchie- 

hall street. 
Dick, M., grocer, 61 Crown street. 

Dick, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 2 Kirk street, Calton. 

DICKIE, David, of Ayr Railway Co., house, Mrs. Peacock, 80 Eglinton street. 
Dickie, James, & Co., heddle manufacturers, 9 Dean Street. 
Dickie, John, & Co., merchants and shippers, 15 Buchanan street. 
Dickie, John, of John Dickie $ Co., house, Jane place, Paterson street, Kingston. 
Dickie, John, grocer and spirit retailer, 2 St. James's street, Kingston. 
Dickie, J. & R., general grocers, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 129 West Campbell 

street, and 94 King street, Tradeston. 
Dickie, Robert, of J. and R. Dickie, 94 King street, Tradeston. 
Dickie, Thomas, at James Graham's, 184 George St., house, 86 North Frederick st. 
Dickie, W., baker, 187 Gallowgate. 

Dickie, William, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Eglinton street. 
Dickie, William, skinner, 16 Calton entry. 

DICKINSON, Joseph, drysalter and commission merchant, 43 Queen street. 
DICKSON, Adam, sen., sheriff-officer, 4 St. Joseph's place, Abercromby street. 
Dickson, Adam, jun., grocer and spirit dealer, 22 and 24 Abercromby street, house, 

4 St. Joseph's place. 
Dickson, Archibald, spirit dealer, 39 Renfield street. 

Dickson, Gavin J., clerk, City of Glasgow Bank, house, 43 Buccleuch street. 
Dickson, James, Crow hotel, 25 George square. 

Dickson, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, and leather merchant, 426 Argyll st. 
Dickson, James, & Co., merchants, 8 Howard street. 

Dickson, James, bottler, at Mrs. James Dickson's, spirit dealer, 31 Struthers street. 
Dickson, John, baker, 7 Clyde street. 
Dickson, John R., M.D., 37 Buccleuch street. 
Dicksons & Laings, hosiery, tweed, shawl, and blanket manufacturers, 21 Glassford 

street, Wilton mills, Hawick. 
Dickson & Lecky, merchants, 55 Glassford street, and 81 Wilson street. 
Dickson & Leckie, merchants, 65 Jamaica street. 
Dickson, Matthew, wright and glazier, 427 Gallowgate street. 
Dickson, Robert, & Co., coal-masters, flour and corn merchants, 192 Argyll street. 


Dickson, Thomas, cotton-yarn agent, 52 Ingram street, house, 43 Buccleuch street, 

Dickson, T. M., of Dickson and Lecky, house, 108 North Hanover street. 

Dickson' William, at John Campbells, 17 W. Nile street, house, Rutherford lane, 

Dickson, Wm., & Co., wine and commission merchants, 44 Cochran street, 

Dickson, William, of William Dickson $ Co. 

Dickson, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 31 Struthers street, Calton. 

Dickson, Mrs. John, coal agent, 57 Oswald street. 

Dickson, Mrs. John, eating-house keeper, 6G Bridgegate. 

DIESELDORFF, William, of Brown <$■ Co., corn-factor and commission merchant, 

house, 77 West Nile street. 
DIETRICHSEN, Frederick C, clerk, North British Mail Office. 
DINGWALL, Alexander, spirit dealer, 23 Rutherglen loan, 
Dingwall, John, cotton and cotton-waste dealer, 9 London lane, 
DINSMORE, John, broker, 8 St. Andrew street. 

District Pay-Master's Office, 79 North Frederick street, open from 10 till 4 o'clock. 
District Fire Insurance Co. of Birmingham, 21 Renfield st. C, Rutherford, agent. 
DIXON, Adam, of Chaplin, Dixon, and Roll, house, Patersou street, Kingston. 
Dixon & Dow, accountants, sharebrokers, and agents for the National Mercantile 

Fire and Life Assurance Societies of London, 25 Gordon street. 
Dixon, H. C, of Hutcheson and Dixon, house, 34 South Portland street. 
Dixon, Peter W., of Dixon and Doiv, house, Tophall, Hamilton. 
Dixon, Peter, dairyman, 8 East Market street. 
Dixon, Rev. Walter, 34 Great Clyde street. 
Dixon, William Smith, of Mauldslie Castle, 1 Dixon street. 
Dixon, William, of Govanhill, 1 Dixon street. 
Dixon, Mrs. Adam, 17 Paterson street, Kingston. 
DIZNEY, John, shoemaker, 1 Water street, Port-Dundas. 
DOBBIE, Alexander, Muir House, Pollockshaws road. 
Dobbie, Alexander, chemist, 189 Duke street. 

Dobbie, Alexander, chronometer, watch, and clock -maker, 20 Clyde place. 
Dobbie, John, spirit dealer, 67 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Dobbie, John P., carver and gilder, 8 Coburg street. 
Dobbie, Thomas, watch and clock-maker, 51 Adelphi street. 
Dobbie, W. H., merchant, 98 West George street, house, 7 Royal crescent. 
Dobbie, Miss, dressmaker, 55 Renfrew street. 

DOBSON, Jeremiah, of Blackwood and Dobson, house, Paisley road. 
DOCHERTY, John, furnishings, 69 Centre street. 
Doharty, John, joiner and cabinet-maker, 85 Stobcross street. 
Docherty, Stephen, & Fulton, engravers to calico printers, 88 Duke street 
DODD, Peter, & Co., provision merchants, 31 Hutcheson street, and 14 St. Enoch 

Dodd, William, of Peter Dodd cj- Co., house, 12 Ure place, Montrose street. 
Dodd, William, cooper, 4 Sharp's lane, Main street, Anderston, house, 3 North st 
DODS, Brothers, wine merchants, 63 Buchanan street 
Dods, B. W., of Dods, Brothers, house, 1 Holland place. 
Dods, C. K., of Dods, Brothers, house, 1 Holland place. 
Dods, Lieut. -Colonel George, 1 Holland place. 
Dodds, James, spirit dealer, 45 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Dodds, John, commission merchant, 22 Union street, house, 4 Crescent place. 
Dodds, John, civil engineer, land and mineral surveyor, and referee, 59 St. Vincent 

street, house, 21 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Dodds, Robert, engineer and contractor, 8 Allen place, Douglas street 
Dodds, Wm., cordage and twine manufacturer, 49 Jamaica street, house, 2 Clifton 

street, Somerset place. 
DOIG & Co., power-loom manufacturers, Rothesay. Orders and letters left with 

Fairlie and Moore, 49 Miller street. 
Doig, David, & Co., cowfeeders and spirit dealers, 43 Bedford street. 
Doig, John, tailor and clothier, 132 Stockwell street. 
Doig, Miss, at Mrs. Scott's lodgings, 56 Bath street. 
DOLBY, Edgar E., club-master, Union Club, 176 St Vincent street. 
DOLLAR, Hay, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 122 High street. 
DONAGHY, Hugh, metal and salt commission merchant, 51 Turner's court. 
Donaghy & Finnigan, lime merchants and metal refiners, 20 Lancefield street 


DONALD, Andrew, bookseller and bookbinder, 49 Adelphi street, Gorbals. 

Donald, Alexander, landscape painter, 41 Burnside street. 

Donald, Charles, merchant, 132 Gallowgate, house, 5 Morris place, off Monteith row.i' 

Donald, C. D., & Sons, writers, 37 Virginia street. 

Donald, C. D., of C. D. Donald and Sons, commissary clerk of Lanarkshire, office, 41 
Virginia street, house, 163 St. Vincent street. 

Donald, C. D., jun., of C. D. Donald and Sons, commissary-clerk depute of Lanark- 
shire, house, 163 St. Vincent street. 

Donald, James, jun., & Co., gas-burner manufacturers, 56 Wallace St., Tradeston. 

Donald, James, surgeon, 91 Great Hamilton street. 

Donald, John, of Murdoch and Donald, house, 1 Rutland place, Govan road. 

Donald, John, & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 50 Argyll street. 

Donald, John, of John Donald tj- Co., 2 St. James's street, Paisley road. 

Donald, J. K., manager and secretary, Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway, 14, 
Bridge street. 

Donald, Matthew, wright, 24 Dale street, Bridgeton. 

Donald, Robert, assessor of property and income taxes, 52 Virginia street. 

Donald, Thomas, of C. D. Donald and Sons, house, 133 West Regent street. 

Donald, Walter, North British Nail Works, 53 St. James's road. 

Donald, Mrs. James, 113 West Regent street. 

Donald, Mrs. Mathew, grocer and victualler, 63 New wynd. 

Donald, Mrs. Thomas, tinplate worker, 89 Main street, Bridgeton. 

DONALDSON, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 18 Hutcheson street. 

Donaldson, Alexander, surgeon, 121 High street, house, 15 Monteith row. 

Donaldson, Alexander, saddler and harness-maker, 68 Queen st., house, 5 Coburg st. 

Donaldson, Archibald, spirit dealer, 29 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Donaldson, D., spirit dealer, 228 Castle street. 

Donaldson, Duncan, tea, coffee, and spice merchant, 249 High street. 

Donaldson, James, & Co., cotton brokers, 25 South Hanover street. 

Donaldson, James, & Sons, slaters, 57 North Frederick street. 

Donaldson, James & John, slate merchants, 9 Oswald street. 

Donaldson, James, of James Donaldson $ Co., 45 Candleriggs, house, 100 George st. 

Donaldson, James, surveyor of police, poor-rates, &c, 4 Police lane, South Albion 
street, house, 13 Monteith row. 

Donaldson, James, at James Greenshields tj- Co.'s, 33 Virginia street, house, 92 Buc- 
cleuch street. 

Donaldson, James, & Co., warehousemen, 45 Candleriggs. 

Donaldson, John, watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweller, 104 Trongate, house, 1 Graf- 
ton street. 

Donaldson, John, of James Donaldson and Sons, house, 1 Greenvale place, Carnar- 
von street. 

Donaldson, Robert, letterpress printer, 62 Mitchell street. 

Donaldson, Robert, late of James Donaldson and Sons, house, 136 Stirling's road. 

Donaldson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 50 Maitland street, Cowcaddens. 

Donaldson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 49 Castle street. 

Donaldson, Thomas, tobacco manufacturer, 124 Gallowgate. 

Donaldson, William, dairyman, Greenhill Street Dairy, 12 Greenhill street. 

Donaldson, William, of Gray and Donaldson, house, 23 St. Andrew's square. 

DONATTY, John, stucco manufacturer, 101 High street, house, 55 High street. 

DONELAN, James R., clerk, Post-office. 

DONEGHAN, Malcolm, victualler, 59 Commerce street. 

DONNELLY, James, wine and spirit dealer, 88 Trongate. 

Donnelly, James, bookbinder, 67 Trongate. 

DONOHOUE, Christopher, onion merchant, 2 Bazaar, Candleriggs. 

D'ORSEY, Rev. Alex. J. D., incumbent of St. John's, Anderston, and one of the 
masters in the High School, residence, 9 Claremont terrace, Woodside. 

DOUGHERTY, Edward, clothier and tailor, 46 Kirk street, Calton, house, 71 Aber- 
cromby street. 

Dougherty, Hugh, butter and egg merchant, Bazaar, Candleriggs. 

Dougherty, James, clothier, 104 Saltmarket street, 

Dougherty, James, hairdresser, 60 Prince's street. 

Dougherty, John, provision merchant, 140 Main street, Gorbals. 

Dougherty, John, poultry merchant, 191 Sauchiehall street. 


Dougherty, Philip, tailor, 22 Prince's street. 

Dougherty, William, fruit salesman, Bazaar, Candleriggs. 

DOUGALL, Andrew, grocer and victualler, 597 Gallowgate. 

Dougall, James, house agent, 4 Main street, Calton. 

Dougall, James D., gunmaker and fishing-tackle manufacturer, 23 Gordon street, 
house, Cleland Testimonial. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Dougall, John, tinsmith, smith, gas-fitter, and ironmonger, 17 and 19 South Port- 
land street, house, 40 Cavendish street. 

Dougall, John, & Co., watchmakers, 28 Brunswick place. 

Dougall, John, mill-manager. 9 William street, Greeuhead. 

Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 74 Carrick street. 

Dougall & Mathie, drapers, 16 Jamaica street, 

Dougall, Patrick, 45 Union street. 

Dougall, Patrick, Jan., 45 Union street. 

Dougall, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and fruiterer, 21 Gordon street, 
house, 114 West Nile street. 

Dougall, Robert, spirit dealer, 88 John street, Bridgeton. 

Dougall, Miss, 102 Bath street. 

Dougall, Mrs., dressmaker, 34 Maxwell street. 

Dougall, Mrs. James, lodgings, 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road. 

DOUGAN, John, surgeon, 7 West Milton street, Cowcaddens, house, 100 Renfield st. 

Douglas, Alexander C, of A. and J. Douglas, house, Falkland place, 328 Renfrew St. 

Douglas, A. & J., importers of fancy wools, and smallware merchants, 139 Bu- 
chanan street. 

Douglas, Archibald, power-loom cloth manufacturer, 37 Bothwell street, Anderston, 
house, 2 St. James's street, Paisley road. 

Douglas, Charles M., commission merchant, 94 Miller street. 

Douglas, George, reedmaker, 85 Candleriggs. 

Douglas & Holmes, writers, 73 Hutcheson street. 

Douglas, J. T. & A., & Co., West India merchants, 85 St. Vincent street. 

Douglas, James, of A. and J. Douglas, house, Falkland place, 328 Renfrew street. 

Douglas, James, of J. T. and A. Douglas <.f Co., house, 234 St. Vincent street. 

Douglas, James, & Son, measurers, 8 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 

Douglas, James, jeweller and watchmaker, 422 Argyll street. 

Douglas, James, confectioner, 140 Trongate. 

Douglas, James, of James Douglas and Son, house, 8 South Apsley place. 

Douglas, James C, surgeon, 107 George street. 

Douglas, John Campbell, of Mains, of Douglas and Ranken, residence, Mains, Miln- 

Douglas, John, portrait-painter, 147 West Regent street. 

Douglas, John H., 116 Renfrew street. 

Douglas, John, writer, and clerk of the peace for Lanarkshire, office, 73 Hutcheson 
street, house, 39 Bath street. 

Douglas, John, at G. $ J. Burns', house, 105 South Portland street. 

Douglas, John, of James Douglas and Son, house, 11 Buccleuch street. 

Douglas, Joseph, rector of Normal Seminary, Dundas vale. 

Douglas, L., commission agent, 15 Oxford street. 

Douglas & Ranken, writers, 81 St. George's place. 

Douglas, Robert, rope and sail-maker, 39 Clyde place, house, 34 Abbotsford place. 

Douglas, Robert D., of Strathern and Douglas, 67 Miller street, ho., 29 Abbotsford pi. 

Douglas, Sholto, at Fulton <§ Nelson's, house, Hydepark place. 

Douglas, Thomas D., 167 St. Vincent street. 

Douglas, Thomas D., & Co., insurance brokers, 12 Royal Exchange square. 

Douglas, William, & Co., wool merchants, 119 Brunswick street. 

Douglas, William, bookseller, stationer, and writing-ink manufacturer, 61 Nelson st. 

Douglas, William, of William Douglas 4' Co , house, 4 Brandon place, W. George st. 

Douglas, Mrs., Falkland place, 328 Renfrew street. 

Douglas, Mrs., 150 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Douglas, Mrs., 38 West Campbell street. 

Douglas, Misses, boarding and day-school, 52 Abbotsford place. 

Douglas, Sarah, fruiterer, 176 Broomielaw street. 

DOUIE, Robert, of Steel and Douie, house, 140 West Campbell street. 

Douie, William C., wine merchant, 145 Queen street. 


DOVE, Donald, basket-maker, 24 Charlotte lane. 

Dove, Ebenezer, & Co., warehousemen, 160 Trongate. 

Dove, Hector, commission merchant, 53 Hope street. 

Dove, Samuel, 47 Renfrew street. 

DOW, Alexander, spirit merchant, 65 and 67 London street. 

Dow, Alex., wine and spirit dealer, 218 High street, house, 141 Stirling's road. 

Dow, Archibald, supervisor, 200 New City road. 

Dow, George C, of Dixon and Dow, house, 320 St. Vincent street. 

Dow, H. & A., wine and spirit merchants, 96 Gallowgate, and 275 Argyll street, 

house, 11 Union street. 
Dow, James, jun., flesher, 103 Stockwell street. 
Dow, James, & Son, fleshers, 9 Stockwell street. 
Dow, John, spirit dealer, 119 Great Hamilton street. 
Dow, Samuel, 4 Kingston place. 
Dow, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 8 and 10 Maxwell street, and 81 Saltmarket 

street, house, 56 Howard street. 
Dow, Mrs. Andrew, 320 St. Vincent street. 
DOWAL, Irvin, beadle of Seamen's chapel, 34 Brown street. 
DOWIE, George, Dundee sacking and packsheet warehouse, 14 Candleriggs, house, 

10 College street. 
Dowie, John, ropemaker, 161 Duke street. 

Dowie, John, smith and machine-maker, 2 Commercial road, house, 5 Thistle street. 
DOWNIE, Alexander, merchant, 32 George's square, residence, Dimchatten house, 

Duke street. 
Downie, David, silver-plate chest and mangle-maker, 53 Thistle St., Hutchesontown. 
Downie, Duncan, tailor, 20 St. Andrew's square. 
Downie, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 111 Saltmarket street. 
Downie, John, of Downie and M' Litre, house, 48 Queen street. 
Downie, John, boot and shoemaker, 30 Dundas street. 
Downie, John, china merchant, 56 Eglinton street. 
Downie, John, of John IPNair <$ Co., house, 113 Douglas street. 
Downie & M'Lure, drysalters, 48 Queen street. 
Downie, Robert, jun., fent dealer, 18 Brunswick place. 
Downie, Thomas, commission agent, 17 Grove street, Cowcaddens. 
Downie, William, veterinary surgeon, 14 East Campbell street. 
Downie, William, boot and shoemaker, 12 Saltmarket street. 
Downie, Mrs., 113 Douglas street. 

Downie, Mrs. Donald, spirit dealer, 113 Saltmarket street. 
DOWNES, Thomas, of Brown, Downes, cf Co., house, 15 South Apsley place. 
DOYLE, James, broker, 45 King street, Calton. 
DRAFFAN, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 East Market street. 

DRAKE, William, at Port-Dundas Pottery Co.'s, house, 270 Parliamentary road. 
DREGHORN, David, accountant, 24 St. Enoch square. 

Dreghorn, James, cooper, 29 King street, Tradeston, house, 42 Commerce street. 
DREW, Alexander, at James Black cf- Co.'s, house, 5 Maxwellton place. 
Drew, John, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 27 Dunlop street. 
Drew, John, & Co., general agents and ship-brokers, 65 Jamaica street. 
Drew, John, tailor, 90 Eglinton street. 

Drew, John, of John Drew fy Co., house, 5 Maxwellton place. 
Drew, Lawrence, grain merchant (mills at Carmyle), 75 Argyll street. 
Drew & M'Clure, writers, commissioners for taking English and Irish affidavits, and 

agents for the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 11 Buchanan street. 
Drew, Peter, merchant, Hamilton, and High John Street Works. 
Drew, Peter, grain and seed merchant, 132 Bridgegate street. 
Drew, William, merchant, 3 Chatham place. 
Drew, William, & Co., tinsmiths, japanners, &c, 58 and 60 Glassford street, and 

66 Wilson street, works, High John street. 
Drew, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 137 Saltmarket street. 
DREWATT, Thomas, soda-water manufacturer, 27 Charlotte street. 
DRINNAN, John, victualler, 5 North street, Anderston. 
Drinnan, John, boot and shoemaker, 43 Oxford street. 
Drinnan, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 282 Buchanan street. ■ 
DRON, John, at Alexander and James Morrison's, 40 St. Vincent jlace. 


Dron & Co., gala plaid, &c. manufacturers, 55 Glassford street. 

Drumclair Smithy Coal Office, 5 Morrison's court, Arcade, 108 Argyll street. 

DRUMMOND, Alexander, 13 John street. 

Drummond, Andrew, clothier and outfitter, 26 Argyll street. 

Drummond, O, provision merchant, 5 Wilson street. 

Drummond, Henry, & Co., lace manufacturers, 13 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 

Drummond, James, of Clark and Drummond, house, 12 Sandyford place. 

Drummond, James, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 89 High John street. 

Drummond, John, hay and spirit merchant, and contractor, 112 Maitland street, 

Drummond, John, heddle-maker, 3 Antigua place, Nelson street. 
Drummond, J. S., 74 Abbotsford place, 
Drummond, Robert, millwright, engineer, iron-founder, smith, and boiler-maker, 

Calton Foundry, 57 Canning street, Calton. Letters left at Robert Galbraith's, 

cloth merchant, 23 Trongate. 
Drummond, William, merchant, 18 Pollock street. 
Drummond, M., 121 Cambridge street. 
Drummond, Mrs., 60 Bath street. 
Drumpeller Coal Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 
DRURY, Wm., M.D., Private Lunatic Asylum, Gamgadhill. 
DRYDEN, Lamb, & Co., corn factors and commission merchants, 42 Hope street. 
DRYNAN, Wm., silk mercer, 2 Argyll street. 
DRYSDALE, Alexander, grocer, 87 Gallowgate. 

Drysdale, Archd. B., of Drysdales and Wilson, house, 49 Holmhead street. 
Drysdale & Co., seedsmen, nurserymen, and florists, 33 Queen street ; nurseries, 

Springburn and Shawfield. 
Drysdale, James, seedsman, &c, 33 Queen street, house, Shawfield Villa. 
Drysdale, James, at Peter Dodd cj" Co.'s, house, 402 Parliamentary road. 
Drysdale, John, grocer, and wine and spirit merchant, 2 Finlay street, and 157 

Cowcaddens street. 
Drysdale, John, tailor and clothier, 240 Argyll street. 
Drysdale, Thomas, confectioner, 43 Green street, Calton. 
Drysdale, Thomas, victualler, 158 Saltmarket street. 
Drysdale, William, victualler, 145 Saltmarket street. 
Drysdale, William, wine and spirit merchant, 90 Glassford street. 
Drysdale, William, dairyman, 14 Brown street. 

Drysdale, William, of Drysdales and Wilson, house, 16 Cornwall place. 
Drysdales & Wilson, warehousemen, 36 Ingram street. 
Drysdale, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 44 Alston street. 
Dublin Porter Store, 53 Hope street. 
Dublin Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street. 
Dublin Steam-Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square. 
DUDGEON, Thomas, & Co., house-painters and paper-hangers, 12 Gordon street, 

house, 3 Killermont street. 
Dudgeon, William, remnant shop, 73 Bell street. 
Dudgeon, Mrs. Andrew, Old Castle Tavern, 3 Castle street. 
DUGUID, John R., commission agent, 14 Gordon street, house, Govan. 
DUDLEY, J. V., at D. C. Bait's, house, 132 South Portland street. 
DUFF, Alexander, poulterer, 111 West George street. 
Duff, Charles, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, 66 West Nile street, and 146 Stockwell 

street, house and works, 6 Wemyss place, Cambridge street. 
Duff, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 16 and 18 New wynd. 
Duff, Duncan, glass-blower, 38 New wynd. 

Duff, James, tailor and clothier, 22 Argyll street, house, 49 Cadogan street. 
Duff, J. & T., spindle and flyer manufacturers, 10 Pettigrew street, off Duke street. 
Duff, John, engineer, Oakbank Engine-works, house, 2 Windsor street, New City 

Duff, Robert, 22 Warwick street, Laurieston. 
Duff, Thomas, agent for the North British Railway Co., office, 83 Queen street, 

house, 138 Stirling's road. 
Duff, William, at Oswald, Stevenson, cf- Co.'s, house, 3 Hopetoun place. 
Duff, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10 and 12 Stockwell street. 
DUFFY, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, 47 Stobcross street, Anderston. 


DUMAS, Peter, pay clerk, Town's Hospital, house, 80 Maitland street. 

DUMBRECK, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 48 New wynd. 

DUNBAR, Alexander, surgeon, Castle street. 

Dunbar, Alexander, oil and colourman, 3 Thistle street. 

Dunbar, Heatley, & Co., merchants, 33 Renfield street. 

Dunbar, John, of Dunbar, Heatley, $ Co., house, Grangehill, Beith. 

Dunbar, John, writer, 29 St. Vincent place, house, 6 Royal terrace. 

Duncan, Alexander, jun., Italian warehouse, grocer and confectioner, 106 and 108 

Buchanan street, and 9 Royal Bank place, house, 109 Hope street. 
Duncan, Rev. Alexander, minister of United Presbyterian Church, Duke street, 

house, 77 North Frederick street. 
Duncan, Alexander, baker, 125 Main street, Gorbals. 
Duncan, Alexander C, of D. and H. Ingles, house, Kincaidfield. 
Duncan, Alex., professor of elocution, 57 St. George's place, house, 100 George 

street, east. 
Duncan, Archibald, turner, 111 Union street. 
Duncan, Archibald, & Son, calico-printers, 100 Virginia place, works, Ruthvenfield, 

near Perth. 
Duncan, Daniel F., engraver, lithographer, and account-book manufacturer, Sidney 

court, 62 Argyll street. 
Duncan, Frederick, licensed seamen's shipping agent, West street, Tradeston. 
Duncan, George, 49 West George street. 

Duncan, George G., of Glass and Duncan, house, 43 Salem place, Holmhead street. 
Duncan, Henry, hatter, three-priced hat establishment, 105 Argyll street. 
Duncan, James L., dentist, 239 Argyll street. 

Duncan, James, at William Gilmour tf Co.'s., house, 1 Edwin place, Lauriestown. 
Duncan, John, 47 North Hanover street, and North Bar, Renfrewshire. 
Duncan, John, spirit dealer, 194 St. George's road. 

Duncan, John, tobacconist, 117 Buchanan street, house, 13 St. Vincent place. 
Duncan, John, jeweller and watchmaker, 8 and 9 Argyll arcade. 
Duncan, John, bill-poster, 23 Prince's street. 

Duncan, John S., tinsmith and gasfitter, 56 Sauchiehall street, and 138 do. 
Duncan, John, baker, 173 Buchanan street. 
Tmncan, John,' cooper, 21 Brown street. 
Duncan, John, spirit merchant, 55 Prince's street. 
Duncan, Peter, furnishings, 250 Gallowgate. 
Duncan, Robert, commission agent, 51 Shamrock street. 
Duncan, Thomas, haberdasher, 84 and 86 Gallowgate. 
Duncan, Rev. Walter, 52 Holmhead street. 
Duncan, William, victualler, 41 Kirk street, Calton. 
Duncan, William, coffee-roaster, 49 Gallowgate. 
Duncan, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 99 Sauchiehall street. 
Duncan, Mrs., fruiterer, 100 Great Hamilton street. 
Duncan, Mrs. James, tinsmith, 146 Main street, Bridgeton. 
DUNCANSON, Archibald, beadle, Parliamentary Road Church, 402 Parliamentary 

Duncanson & Forbes, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, Argyll street, entering by 2 

Maxwell street, workshop, 10 Stanley place. 
Duncanson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 16 Queen street, house, 119 George street. 
Duncanson, William, of Duncanson and Forbes, house, 8 Stanley place. 
DUNDAS, Robert, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 3 Cameron place, Anderston. 
Dundee Shipping Office, 101 Union street. 

Duudyvan Wharf, Monkland Canal Basin. Thomas Lindsay, agent. 
Dundyvan Pig and Bar-iron Works, office, 36 St. Vincent place. 
DUNLOP, Andrew, cowfeeder, 22 Charlotte street, Port-Dundas. 
Dunlop, Andrew, victualler, 80 Kirk street, Calton. 
Dunlop, Andrew, grain merchant, 179 Argyll street. 
Dunlop, Andrew, grocer and victualler, 43 North Frederick street. 
Dunlop, Archibald, merchant, 7 Stockwell place, house, 14 Warwick street. 
Dunlop, Charles Tennent, of Charles Tennent § Co., St. Rollox, house, Hillhouse, 

Dunlop, Colin, & Co., 36 St Vincent place. 
Dunlop, Colin R., of Dunlop, V/ilson, § Co., house, Fullarton house. 


Dunlop, David, grocer, 42 Bridge street. 

Dunlop, Francis, of Dunlop, Mitchell, $ Co., house, Carnarvon street, Woodlands rd. 

Dunlop, George, spirit merchant, 33 College street. 

Dunlop, George, & Co., distillers, Kilbagie. Agent, Archd. Newall, 33 Virginia St. 

Dunlop, Gilbert, spirit merchant, 12 Bishop street, Anderston. 

Dunlop, Gilbert, victualler, 68 Main street, Gorbals, house, 41 Adelphi street. 

Dunlop, Henry, of Craigton, of James Dunlop and Sons, 86 Miller street. 

Dunlop, Hugh, lace and hosiery warehouse, 158 Trongate. 

Dunlop, James, collector, slaughter-house, 48 Market street. 

Dunlop, James, and Sons, cotton -spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 86 

Miller street, and 91 Virginia street, works, Broom ward mill, Calton, and 

Levern mill, Barrhead. 
Dunlop, James, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Dunlop street, house, 101 Crown St., 

Hutchesontown . 
Dunlop, James, of Dunlop, Wilson, $ Co., house, Clyde Iron- works. 
Dunlop, James, ham-curer and provision merchant, 47 and 49 Brunswick place, 

house, Renfrew. 
Dunlop, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 76 Bishop street, Anderston. 
Dunlop, John, commission merchant, 136 Brunswick street, house, 51 West Regent 

Dunlop, John, milk shop, 39 West College street. 
Dunlop, Mitchell, & Co., iron and steel merchants. 
Dunlop, Neil, spirit dealer, 540 Dobbie's loan, Port-Dundas. 
Dunlop, Robert, writer, of Brown and Dunlop, 49 Virginia street, residence, Viewfield 

cottage, Campsie. 
Dunlop, Robert, broker, 42 Prince's street. 
Dunlop, Robert, spirit dealer, 101 Main street, Anderston. 
Dunlop, Thomas, grocer and victualler, 106 Maitland street. 
Dunlop, William, provision merchant, 273 High street. 
Dunlop, William, spirit retailer and grocer, 46 Stewart street. 
Dunlop, Wilson, & Co., iron merchants, 36 St. Vincent place. 
Dunlop, Miss, 4 Crescent place. 

Dunlop, Mrs. Agnes, eating-house, 27 Anderston quay. 
Dunlop, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 103 Renfrew street. 
Dunoon and Rothesay Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
DUNN, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Port-Dundas road. 
Dunn, Daniel, provision merchant, 168 Cowcaddens street. 
Dunn, David, flesher, Bell street, house, 114 Trongate. 
Dunn, David, fish and provision merchant, 32 and 34 Old wynd, house, 20 Mon- 

teith row. 
Dunn, David, spirit merchant, 44 Carrick street. 
Dunn, Gavin, victualler, 252 High street. 
Dunn, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Wilson street. 
Dunn, James; of Robinson, Dunn, $ Co., house, Sawmill road, Partick. 
Dunn, James, baker, 87 Govan street. 
Dunn, James, wright and glazier, Greenside lane. 
Dunn, James, flesher, 17 Mutton Market. 
Dunn, James, wine and spirit dealer, 224 High street. 
Dunn, James, flesher, 10 Wellington arcade, house, 86 Renfrew street. 
Dunn, J., grocer, 34 West College street. 
Dunn, John, grocer, 34 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Dunn, John, flesher, 72 King street, house, 41 London street. 
Dunn, John, victualler and grocer, 334 and 336 High street. 
Dunn, John, flesher, 34 John street, house, 118 George street. 

Dunn, John, estate and property agent, 60 Maxwell street, residence, Hollows, East- 
Dunn, J., furnishing shop, 42 Carrick street. 
Dunn, John, dress and stay shop, 22 Nelson street. 
Dun, John, purifier and bottler of wines, 315 Argyll street. 
Dun, Thomas, purifier and bottler of wines, 315 Argyll street. 
Dunn, Peter, victualling-house, 42 Bell street. 

Dunn, T. & M., general grocers, 74 and 76 Bridgegate st., and 145 Saltmarket st. 
Dunn, Robert, & Co., shawl and sewed muslin manufacturers, 54 C'audleriggs. 

A tit iVii ithuLL L.»oaARV 


Dunn, S. & T., letterpress printers, 14 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 

Dunn, Samuel, qfS. 4 T. Dunn, house, 91 North Frederick street. 

Dunn, Thomas, Dunn, house, 91 North Frederick street. 

Dunn, Thomas, Rockvilla Saw-Mills, Rockvilla, Port-Dundas. 

Dunn, Thomas, at Robert Weir's, stationer, 44 Queen street, house, 1 Albert place, 

Dunn, Walter, Maybole carrier, 39 Miller's place. 

Dunn, William, commission agent, 3 Antigua place, Nelson street. 

Dunn, William, of Duntocher, &c, machinemaker, iron and brass-founder, works, 110 
High John street ; cotton-spinner and power-loom cloth manufacturer, spinning 
and weaving factories at Duntocher; cotton-yarn and goods warehouse, and 
counting-house, 62 George square; residence, 44 St. Vincent place, and Mount- 
blow and Auchintoshan, parish of Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire. 

Dunn, William, tailor and clothier, and gaiter manufacturer, 24 Hutcheson street. 

Dunn, Mrs., staymaker; 6 Nelson street, house, 86 Bath street. 

DUNNETT, William, bookseller and teacher, 36 and 38 Nelson street. 

Dunnett & Broom, sewed muslin manufacturers, 16 Springfield court, 69 Queen st. 

Dunnett, James, bookseller and bookbinder, 148 Stockwell street. 

DURNFORD, Captain E. W., Royal Engineers, house, 32 Monteith row. 

DUNSMORE, James, wine and spirit merchant, 260 Buchanan street. 

Dunsmore, Joseph, victualler, 28 Main street, Calton. 

DUST AN, W., accountant, 138 Hope street. 

DUPAIN, Mrs. C. J., spirit dealer, 163 Saltmarket street. 

Durie, William, general grinder, 43 Sidney street. 

DURWARD, John, saddler and harness-maker, 201 Castle street. 

DUTHIE, Alexander, plasterer, 68 North Hanover street, house, 276 Parliamentary 

DUTRUC, Mons. & Madame, of Paris, teachers of French, 7 Jane street, Blyths- 
wood square. 

DUXBURY, John, of Maitland and Duxbury, house, 54 West Nile street. 

DYER, John, spirit dealer, 75 Hope street. 

DYKES, Andrew, manufacturer, 19 Cochran street. 

Dykes, Andrew, provision merchant, 184 Stirling's road. 

Dykes, A. C, of D. C. Clarice <§ Co., house, Abbotsford place. 

Dykes, John, wright and builder, 12 Canning street, house, 16 William street, 

Dykes and Nisbet, house-factors, 159 Saltmarket street. 

DYMOCK, Mrs. Dr., 58 North Hanover street. 


EADIE, Archibald, spirit dealer, 127 Stockwell street. 

Eadie, A., lodgings, 45 John street. 

Eadie, Henry, hosier, 10 Gallowgate. 

Eadie, James, broker, 121 Stobcross street. 

Eadie, James, at J. and J. Wright's, 127 Ingram street. 

Eadie, James, surgeon, 371 Gallowgate, house, 1 Sidney street. 

Eadie, James, of Crichton and Eadie, house, Fountain bank, Partick hill. 

Eadie, Rev. John, D.D., LL.D., minister, U. P. Church, Cambridge street, and pro- 
fessor of divinity, 43 Cambridge street. 

Eadie, William, & Co., letterpress printers, 8 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 

Eadie, William, of William Eadie <$■ Co., house, 11 Hopetoun place, Stirling's road. 

Eadie, Mrs. James, milliner, babies' hood maker, and embroiderer, 129 Cambridge st. 

Eadie, Mrs., 186 Sauchiehall street. 

Eadie, Mrs. Neil D., grocer and spirit dealer, 131 New vennel. 

Eadie, Ann, broker, 28 Pitt street. 

Eagle Foundry, Port-Dundas. 

Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street. Alexander Graham. 

EAGLESHAM, H., & Co., silk, woollen, worsted, and cotton-yarn dyers, 75 Duke st. 

Eaglesham, John, grocer, 73 Brown street. 

Eaglesham Cotton-yarn Warehouse, 15 Cochran street. 

EAGLESOME, Hugh, at Robert Wilson $ Co.'s, house, 163 Wellcroft place, Eglin- 
ton street. 


EARSTON, John, 73 St. Vincent street. 

EASDON, George, wright and glazier, 11 Stormont street, house, 7 do. 

East of Scotland Life Assurance Co., 54 St. Vincent street. Henry B. Lacy, agent. 

Eastern Academy, Annfield House, Bellgrove street. John Ferguson, teacher. 

Eastern District Police Office, 33 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Eastern Necropolis, Janefield, east end of Camlachie. 

Eastfield Colliery Office, 25 St. Enoch square. 

EASTON, A. & A., brassfounders and lustre manufacturers, 141 Renfield street. 

Easton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Malta street, Gorbals. 

Easton, James, skinner, 20 Greenside street, Gorbals. 

Easton, Dr. J. A., 178 George street. 

Easton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 79 Stockwell street, house, 44 West Howard street. 

Easton, R. F., at Crawford and Eastoris, 81 Buchanan street. 

Easton, Samuel, of Crauford and Easton, house, 1 5 Dalhousie street. 

Easton, William, & Co., commission merchants and metal brokers, 1 South Exchange 
court, 77 Queen street. 

Easton, William, of William Easton cf Co., house, 20 Lynedoch street. 

Easton, Mrs., medical hall, 14 Green street, Calton. 

EATON, David, stoneware merchant, 9 Kent street. 

EBELING, John Edward, iron and corn merchant, 116 St. Vincent street, house, 
M'Pherson's buildings, Sauchiehall street. 

EBRELLS, Henry Ellis, chief clerk, Post-office, house, Post-office buildings. 

Economic Life Insurance Company, 68 St. Vincent street. A. W. Stewart, agent. 

EDGAR, James, clothier, 285 Argyll street. 

Edgar, James, cooper, 47 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Edgar, A. Logan, of Edgar and Mills, house, 10 Fitzroy place. 

Edgar and Mills, cotton brokers, 123 Ingram street. 

Edgar, William, shoemaker, 108 Renfield street. 

Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank, 37 St. Vincent place. Thomas Hunter, manager. 

Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, North Queen street. John Latham, secretary ; D. 
Reid, goods manager. 

Edinburgh and Northern Railway office, 101 Union street. 

Edinburgh Ropery and Sail Cloth Co., rope and sail-makers, and canvas manufac- 
turers, 76 Jamaica street. 

EDINGTON, Alex. G., of Thomas Edington and Sons, house, 12 Queen's crescent. 

Edington, Geo. B., ironfounder, Victoria Foundry. Letters left at 13 Clarendon 

Edington, Thomas, & Sons, ironfounders and engineers, Phoenix Ironworks, 50 Gars- 
cube road. 

Edington, Thomas, general commission agent, 17 Gordon street, house, 8 Blythswood 

Edington, Mrs., 13 Clarendon place. 

EDMISTON, John, 77 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Edmiston & Mitchell, brokers and commission merchants, 25 Gordon street. 

Edmiston, Robert, of Edmiston and Mitchell, residence, North Douglas street, Oak- 
field place. 

Edmiston, Robert, spirit dealer, 41 Cowcaddens street. 

Edmiston & Barnet, timber merchants and builders, 124 Upper Crown street. Call at 
Edmiston & Mitchell's, 25 Gordon street. 

Edmiston, William T., of Edmiston and Barnet, house, 128 Upper Crown street. 

Edmiston, Mrs. Archibald, 2 Brandon place. 

EDMOND, Joseph, eating-house, 191 Gallowgate. 

Edmond, Rev. John, 5 Annfield place. 

Educational, Society, Secretary's room, Normal Seminary. Dundas vale. 

EDWARD, George, goldsmith and watchmaker, 62 Gordon street, top of Union st., 
house, 61 Waterloo street. 

Edwards, Alex. M., general merchant and agent, and manufacturer of coach and rail- 
way furnishings, 59 St. Vincent street. 

Edwards, David, letter-carrier, P. O., 32 Cheapside street. 

Edwards, Rev. John, 37 Monteith row. 

Edwards, Sym, haircutter and barber, 48 South Albion street. 

Edwards, Miss, milliner, straw-hat, and dressmaker, 2 Hospital street. 
EGAN, Patrick, tutor, Normal Seminary, house, Love loan. 


EGLIN, Wm., & Son, curriers and leather merchants, 47 and 49 Loudon street, and 

32 Union street. 
Eglin, William, of William Eglin and Son, house, 70 Robertson street. 
EGLINTON, Gavin, general grocer, 79 High street. 
Eglinton & Son, East India agents, 21 St. Vincent place. 
Eglinton, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, 30 East Clyde street. 
Eglinton Iron Co., 1 Moore place, West George street. 
EISTEN, George, at M'Leroy, Hamilton, <J- Co.'s, house, 126 Renfrew street. 
ELBORN, Samuel, waste and rag-merchant, 17 Steel street, house, 30 St. Andrew 

ELDER, David, victualler, 53 Castle street. 
Elder, David, manager, Vulcan Foundry, Washington street. 
Elder, James, 3 Garscadden street. 
Elder & M'George, machine-makers, engineers, founders, &c, Britannia Foundry, 

Charles street, St. Rollox. 
Elder, Mrs., 184 West Nile street. 
Elder, Mrs., commercial house, 50 Great Clyde street. 
Electric Telegraph Company, 27 Exchange square. 
ELDRIDGE, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 35 Renfrew street. 
ELLIOT, Archibald, commission merchant, 4 Ingram street. 
Elliot, Brothers, & Co., merchants, 4 Ingram street. 
Elliot, Ferguson, & White, candle manufacturers, oil and provision merchants, 11 

Stirling street, works, 38 College street, 
Elliot, James, commission merchant, 4 Ingram street. 
Elliot, John, spirit dealer, 48 John street. 

Elliot, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 110 Havannah street. 
Elliot, William, innkeeper, 114 Trongate. 
ELLIS, Clement, & Co., merchants, 125 Buchanan street. 
Ellis, James, of Walrond, Ellis, (J- Co., house, 7 Montague place, Bath street. 
Ellis, John, stock and sharebroker, 68 St. Vincent street. 
Ellis, J., & Sons, wool and worsted spinners, Dewsbury ; A. Young & Son, 73 

Brunswick street, agents. 
ELLISON, Mrs., spirit dealer, 11 Charlotte lane. 
ELPHICK, George, cigar merchant, 136 Queen street. 

ELMORE, Thomas, cabinet and picture-frame maker, 34 Dale street, Tradeston. 
ELSWORTH, John, saw and plane-maker and ironmonger, 168 Argyll street. 
Elsworth, John, saw and plane-maker, 6 North Albion street. 
Emigration Office, Custom-house. 

EMMERSON, John Robinson, officer of inland revenue, 62 Rose st., Hutchesontown. 
EMSLIE & Hoggan, plasterers, 131 Renfield street. 
Engineers, Masonic, and Universal Mutual Life Assurance Society, 44 Gordon 

street. John Miller, agent. 
English Baking Company, bread and biscuit bakers, 15 South Portland street, 

retail shops, 200 Gallowgate street, 379 Argyll street, and 1 Findlay street, 

English Widows' Fund and General Life Assurance Association, 107 Buchanan 

street. R. H. Stevenson, agent. 
ERSKINE, John, machine-maker, at William Dunn's, 110 High John street. 
Erskine, Robert, tea-dealer, 348 Argyll street. 
Erskine, Thomas, tobacconist, 403 Argyll street. 
Erskine, William, spirit dealer, 42 and 44 Main street, Gorbals. 
European Life Assurance and Annuity Company. John Watkins, 29 St. Vincent 

place, agent. 
EUSTACE, Patrick, at Mather, Peace, $ Co.'s, 8 Queen street. 
EVANS, Mrs., bolt and screw manufacturer, 97 Piccadilly street, house, 126 do. 
EWART, Robert, at A. $ W. Paterson's, boot and shoemakers, 59 Renfrew street, 
Ewart, Mrs. Duncan, fruiterer, 409 Argyll street. 

EWING, Alexander, of Ewing, Angus, $ Co., house, 7 Claremont terrace. 
Ewing, A. Orr, of A. Orr Ewing cf Co., house, Lennoxbank, Dumbartonshire. 
Ewing, A. Orr, & Co., turkey- red dyers and printers, 16 St. Vincent place, works, 

Ewing, Angus, & Co., merchants, 40 Hope street. 
Ewing, J. & A., gum and starch manufacturers, 32 Orr street, Mile-end. 


Ewing, James Lindsay, merchant, residence, Kelvingrove. 

Ewing, James, & Co., merchants, 36 George square. 

Ewing, James, of James Ewing <.f Co., residence, Strathleven, Dumbarton. 

Ewing, James, ofFinlay $ Neilson, St. George's court, 175 Buchanan street. 

Ewing, James, spirit dealer, 152 and 154 Canning street, Calton. 

Ewing, James, spirit dealer, 170 Gallowgate. 

Ewing, John, tailor and clothier, 63 Stockwell street. 

Ewing, John, merchant, residence, Kelvingrove. 

Ewing, John, commission agent, 92 Candleriggs. 

Ewing, John, sen., flesher, 149 Sauchiehall street, house, 84 North Hanover street. 

Ewing, John, wholesale and retail grocer, 436 Argyll street. 

Ewing, John, victualler, 103 Union street. 

Ewing, John, provision merchant, 36 Norfolk street. 

Ewing, John, jun., flesher, 262 George street. 

Ewing, Joseph, & Co., manufacturers, 81 Wilson street, and 55 Glassford street. 

Ewing, Joseph, of Joseph Eiving cf Co., house, 82 West Nile street. 

Ewing, Peter, calenderer, 8 John street, house, 189 Buchanan street. 

Ewing, Peter, baker, 94 Cowcaddens street. 

Ewing, Thomas, baker, 202 Buchanan street. 

Ewing, William, 27 Ronald street. 

Ewing, William Leckie, of Arngomery. Letters left at Stirling, Gordon, & Co.'s. 

Ewing, William, insurance broker, Royal Exchange, house, 209 Brandon place, West 

George street. 
Ewing & Wingate, clothiers, 79 Buchanan street. 
Examiner Newspaper Office, 7 Argyll street. 
Extractor's Office, City Chambers. 
Eye Infirmary, 14 College street. Alexander Russell, house-steward and collector 

of subscriptions. 


Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons' Hall, 17 St. Enoch square. John Menzies, 

FAICHNEY, Robert, bootmaker, 70 Sauchiehall street. 
Faichney, Mrs. James, 93 Pitt street. 
FAIRBAIRN, Thomas, portrait and landscape painter, and teacher of drawing, 171 

West Regent street. 
Fairbairn, Mrs., 141 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 
Fairbairn, Miss, milliner, 141 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 
FAIRFULL, John B., 138 South Portland street. 

FAIRLEY, David, M.D., surgeon, 432 Argyll street, house, 4 Douglas street. 
Fairley, Edward, accountant, Royal Bank, house, 94 Buchanan street. 
Fairley, George, of W. and G. Fairley, house, 5 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Fairley, James, pawnbroker, 288 Gallowgate. 
Fairley, James, 86 Sauchiehall street. 

Fairlie, James, tailor and clothier, 110 West Nile street, house, 114 do. 
Fairley, John, at John Muir 8; Co.'s, house, 197 Pitt street. 
Fairlie, John, house factor, 26 Taylor street. 

Fairley, J. & W., smiths and agricultural implement makers, 43 Commerce street. 
Fairley, Matthew, of W. Snell <f Co., house, 68 West Regent street. 
Fairlie & Moore, drysalters, commission merchants, and agents for the National Fire 

and Life Insurance Co. of Scotland, 49 Miller street. 
Fairley, W. & G., wholesale ironmongers, iron merchants, and saddlers' ironmongers, 

Morrison's court, 108 Argyll street. 
Fairley, Wm., of W. $ G. Fairley, ironmongers, house, 35 Robertson street. 
Fairley, Mrs. R., 98 Union street. 

Fairlie, Mrs. Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 147 Great Hamilton street. 
Fairley, Mrs., sen., 90 Shamrock street, Gayfield. 
Fairley, Mrs., lodgings, 190 Rottenrow street. 

FALCONER, Patrick A., ofR. Falconer cf Son, house, 201 Buchanan street. 
Falconer, Robert, hosier, glover, carpet-bag, and shirt-maker, 178 Trongate. 
Falconer, Robert, tailor and clothier, 109 Argyll street. 
Falconer, Robert, & Son, hosiers, glovers, stock, and shirt-makers, Berlin wool and 

yarn manufacturers, 132 Argyll street, and 4 Buchanan street. 


Falconer, Thomas, 6G Buccleuch street. 

Falconer, William, merchant, 79 Renfield street. 

Falconer, William, grocer, 227 Duke street. 

Falconer, W. & A., hosiers, glovers, and yarn merchants, 5 High street, house, 10 

Hope street, Anderston. 
Falconer, Mrs., 105 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street. 
Falkirk Ale Stores. Hector Dove, agent, 53 Hope street. 

Falkirk Iron Co. William Cockey, agent, 118 Argyll street, and 10 Buchanan st. 
Family Endowment Society. William Carrick & Son, Virginia buildings ; and Mar- 
shall, Hill, & Hill, 41 West George street, agents. 
FANNING, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Gloucester street, Tradeston. 
FARIE, G. S., of Johnson 4" Farie, residence, Germiston house. 
Farie, Robert, & Co., commission merchants, gold-thread and plate warehouse, 

9 John street. 
Farie, Thomas, wholesale and retail grocer, 273 Argyll st., house, 45 Robertson st. 
FARMS, John, town-officer, sheriff-officer, and constable for the shires of Lanark, 

Dumbarton, and Renfrew, 41 Brunswick place. 
Farme Coal Office, 26 Robertson street. 
FARMER, Robert, turner, 19 Croy place. 

Farmers' and General Fire and Life Institution. David Tainsh, agent, 44 Geo. sq. 
FARQUHAR, Alex., galvuric apparatus maker, Wilson's land, Young street. 
Farquhar, Hugh, tailor and clothier, 74 Argyll street. 
Farquhar, John, spirit dealer, 27 Great Hamilton street. 
Farquhar & Roxburgh, grain and provision merchants, 44 and 46 Cowcaddens street, 

and 2 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 
Farquhar, M'Ewan, & Co., machine-makers and engineers, head of Sidney street, off 

FARQUHAESON, John, furniture warehouse, 11 Great Clyde street. 
Farquharson, Wm., spirit dealer, 20 Cheapside street. 
FAULDS, Andrew, brassfounder, 61 Duke street. 
Faulds, Colin, dairyman, 93 Parliamentary road. 
Faulds, John, smith, 6 Parson street, house, 3 Martyr street. 
Faulds, Robert, wright and smith, 6 Parson street. 
Faulds, R., of Roxburgh and Faulds, Garnkirk Railway depot, and Monkland Canal 

Faulds, W. B., writer, 1 South Frederick street, house, 3 Martyr street. 
Faulds, Mrs., 17 Buccleuch street. 

FELL, John, victualler and grocer, 42 Kirk street, Calton. 
Fell, J. W., & Co., sail and rope-makers, 138 Broomielaw. 
Fell, J. W., of J. W. Fell 4 Co., house, 1 Rutland place. 

FENNELL, William, accountant, 62 Miller street. 

FENNER, Rev. T. P., 45 Montrose street. 

FENTON, Thomas, slater, 33 Howard street, house, 30 Bridge street. 

FERAN, Daniel, broker, 118 Saltmarket street. 

FERGIE, Robert, spirit dealer, 24 Norfolk street. 

FERGUS, Andrew, surgeon, 454 Argyll street, house, 306| St. Vincent street. 

Fergus, William, commission agent, 11 Tarbert street. 

Fergus, Thomas, calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, Dundas lane, 162 Buchanan 

Fergus, Mrs. J., tallow-chandler and cotton-waste dealer, 59 Main street, Gorbals. 

FERGUSSON, Alexander A., at Charles Tennant <Sf Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

Ferguson, Alexander, Sun tavern, 131 Trongate. 

Ferguson, Alexander, flesher, 41 Nelson street, Trade3ton. 

Ferguson, Anderson, & Co., iron and steel merchants, 54 Jamaica street. 

Ferguson, Andrew, clothier and outfitter, 194 and 195 Broomielaw. 

Ferguson, Archibald, tea and coffee warehouse, 120 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Ferguson, Archibald, plumber, 24 Ropework lane, house, 57 Oswald street. 

Ferguson, Archibald, cotton-waste dealer, 38 Spoutmouth. 

Ferguson, Crawford, beadle, Stockwell Free Church, house, 87 Stockwell street. 

Ferguson, Daniel, smallware, hosiery, and glove merchant, 20 Candleriggs, house, 
183 Renfrew street. 

Ferguson, D., & Co., warehousemen, Queen court, 62 Queen street. 

Ferguson, D., of D. Ferguson Sf Co., house, 81 Bath street. 


Ferguson, Daniel, victualler, 451 Argyll street. 

Ferguson, Daniel, paper-box maker, 88 Glassford street. 

Ferguson, David, merchant, 15 Hutcheson street, house, 7 Blythswood square. 

Ferguson and Douglas, accountants, 91 Buchanan street. 

Ferguson, F. J., of H. Baird <§■ Co., house, 4 Windsor terrace. 

Ferguson, Rev. Fergus, 138 Stirling's road. 

Ferguson, George, wright and packing-box maker, 14 North Portland street. 

Ferguson, George R., boot and shoemaker, 195 Argyll street. 

Ferguson & Hall, writers, 131 Buchanan street. 

Ferguson, Hugh, metal broker and commission merchant, 25 Gordon street, house, 

1 Kelvin terrace. 
Ferguson, Hugh, warehouseman, 6 Suffolk street. 
Ferguson, James D. , land agent and agricultural engineer, 72 St. George's place, 

house, 104 Peel terrace, Garnethill. 
Ferguson, James, grain merchant and agent, 44 Hope street. 
Ferguson, James, wine merchant and grocer, 52 St. Vincent street, house, 1G2 

Sauchiehall street. 
Ferguson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Ann street. 
Ferguson, James, of Kinmundy, 56 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Ferguson, James, victualler, 107 Cumberland street. 

Ferguson, John, of Ferguson and McLaren, house, 9 Victoria place, West Regent st. 
Ferguson, John, of Ferguson and Hall, writer, agent for the Sun Fire and Life 

Insurance Company, and clerk to the commissioners of the income and property 

tax for the city of Glasgow, 131 Buchanan street, house, 6 Montague place, 

Bath street. 
Ferguson, John, brush, bellows, hair-cloth, and curled hair manufacturer, 29 Gal- 

lowgate, house, 175 Buchanan street. 
Fergusson, John, cotton-yarn merchant, 1 National Bank buildings, Queen street, 

house, 27 Lynedoch street. 
Ferguson, John, jun., at Ferguson and McLaren's, 37 Hutcheson street. 
Ferguson, John, baker, 111 Green street, Calton. 
Ferguson, John, provision merchant, 443 Argyll street. 
Ferguson, John, teacher, Eastern Academy, Bellgrove street, house, Sandyhills, 

Ferguson, John, fancy paper-box manufacturer, 35 Miller street, house, Myrtle Cot- 
tage, Govan. 
Ferguson, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 269 Argyll street. 
Ferguson, Lewis, & Son, clothiers and hatters, National Bank buildings, 45 Queen 

street, house, 12 Warwick street. 
Ferguson & Lonnie, plumbers and lead merchants, 22^ Buchanan street. 
Ferguson & M'Laren, soap and candle manufacturers, oil merchants, &c, 37 Hut- 
cheson street, works, Old wynd. 
Ferguson, Malcolm, wine and spirit merchant, 79 Gallowgate. 
Ferguson, Miller, & Co., Fire-brick and Pottery works, Heathfield store, Garnkirk 

Railway depot. Orders left at the Sun Fire office, 131 Buchanan street. 
Ferguson, Neil, silk dyer, 123 Canning street, Calton. 

Ferguson, Peter, commission merchant, 25 Gordon street, house, 72 Bath street. 
Ferguson, Peter, inspector, Gas-office, house, 27 Weaver street. 
Ferguson, Peter, jun., of Ferguson and Lonnie, house, 31 Nicholson street. 
Ferguson, Peter, of Ferguson, Anderson, <§ Co., house, 6 Montague place. 
Ferguson, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 125 Cambridge street. 
Ferguson, Ross, of M'Lerie, Davidson, and Ferguson, house, 91 Waterloo street. 
Ferguson, William, accountant, Chamberlain's office, 66 Hutcheson street, agent for 

the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., house, Grafton terrace, North John 

Ferguson, William, of Allan and Ferguson, house, 105 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Ferguson, William, 88 North Hanover street. 

Ferguson, Mrs. William, board and lodgings, 6 Ure place, Montrose street. 
Ferguson, Mrs. G., Rose tavern and commercial lodgings, 109 Argyll street. 
Ferguson, Mrs. Janet, grocer and spirit dealer, 123 Renfield street. 
Ferguson, Mrs., staymaker, 139 Gallowgate. 
Ferguson, Mrs., 24 North St. Mungo street. 
Ferguson, Miss, teacher of music, 6 Ure place, Montrose street. 


Ferguson, Miss, milliner, 11 Nelson street. 

FERNIE, Alexander, merchant, 7 Queen street. 

Fernie, George, tobacconist, 96 Glassford street. 

FERRIE, John, pastry baker, 72 Trongate. 

Feme, William, upholsterer, 44 Stockwell street. 

Ferrie, Mrs., 135 Wellington street. 

FERRIER, Thomas, warehouseman, 114 Castlemilk place, Hospital street. 

Ferrier, Mrs. Hugh, 28 Florence place. 

FIELD, Alexander, 23 Newton place. 

Field, Henry, tinplate worker, bath manufacturer, and gas-fitter, 65 Argyll street, 

works, 12 Dunlop street, house, 240 Renfrew street, Garnethill. 
Field, Henry & Son, furnishing ironmongers, tinplate workers, gas-fitters, and bath- 
makers, 68 Buchanan street. 
Field, Thomas, of Firday and Field, house, 240 Renfrew street, Garnethill. 
FIMISTER, William, & Co., glazier, zinc-worker, &c, 29^ Malta street, Gorbals. 
FINGLAND, John, at Thomas Fingland <f Co\s, 16 London street. 
Fingland, Thomas, & Co., wine, spirit, and tea merchants, 62 Argyll street, and 54 

Prince's street. 
Fingland, Thomas, of Thomas Fingland <§• Co., house, 4 Abbotsford place. 
FINLAY, Alexander S., of James Finlay $ Co., residence, Castle Toward. 
Finlay, A. S., professor of languages, Rutland place. 
Findlay, Alexander, bootmaker, 143 Renfield street. 
Finlay, Cairns, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, Madeira court, 263 Argyll 

Findlay, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 West Russell street. 
Findlay, David B., draper, 15 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Finlay, George, wine merchant, 19^ Buchanan street. 
Findlay, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 147 New vennel. 
Finlay & Field, goldsmiths, jewellers, and watch-makers, 72 Buchanan street. 
Finlay & Fyfe, cattle and sheep salesmen, 56 Dundas street. 
Finlay, Hunter, of R. G. Finlay and Brothers, house, Belgray Bank Villa. 
Findlay, James, commission merchant, 53 Wilson street, house, 14 Falkland place, 
Finlay, Rev. James, Free Church, Camlachie, house, 36 Whitevale. 
Finlay, James, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 172 Buchanan street. 
Findlay, James, stabler, 163 Main street, Gorbals. 

Finlay, John, of James Finlay <£• Co., residence, Deanston house, Perthshire. 
Findlay, John, wright and builder, works, 14 Woodlands road. 
Finlay, John, carver, gilder, printseller, and looking-glass manufacturer, 49 Buchanan 

street, house, 113 Douglas street. 
Finlay, John, of R. G. Finlay and Brothers, house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 
Finlay, John, baker, 62 High street. 
Finlay, John, baker, 91 Bridgegate street. 
Findlay, John, jun., mourning collar manufacturer, 95 Hutcheson street, house, 1 

Great Wellington street, Paisley road. 
Finlay, John, of Knox tf Finlay, house, Easterhill. 
Finlay, John, of Finlay if Field, house, 166 Stirling's road. 
Finlay, John Robert, of Finlay, Cairns, $ Co., Bloomfield place, Hillhead, 
Finlay, John, furnishing and manufacturing ironmonger, brassfounder, and patentee 

of the air-sliding lustres, 46 Buchanan street, works, 56 Old wynd, house, 15 

Dixon street. 
Findlay, Joseph, jun., of William Clapperton <f Co., 112 West George street. 
Findlay, Joseph, & Co., cotton-spinners, Springvale. Letters left at Robert Bryson's, 

111 Ingram street. 
Findlay, Walter, smith, railer, and gasfitter, 295 Buchanan street, house, 200 West 

Nile street. 
Findlay, William R., ofKaye, Findlay, <f Co., house, Provan place, 128 Montrose St. 
Finlay, William, fruiterer and confectioner, 408 Argyll street. 
Findlay, William, teacher, Seaman's Friend Society School, 7 Brown street. 
Findlay, William, wright and builder, 83 Renfrew street, house, 103 do. 
Finlay, William, New York tavern, 5 Wood lane, Broomielaw. 
Findlay, Wilson, & Co., cotton brokers, 163 Ingram street, and 100 Queen street. 
Findlay & Leggat, ham-curers and general provision merchants, 46 Candleriggs. 
Findlay, Mathew, spirit dealer, 220 Main street, Gorbals. 


Findlay, Mathew Watson, baker, 354 Argyll street. 

Findlay & Neilson, merchants, trunk, portmanteau, packing-box, and tin-case 

makers, St. George's court, 175 Buchanan street, and 94 West Nile street. 
Finlay, Peter, veterinary surgeon, 40 Hope street. 

Finlay, R. G., and Brothers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 30 Montrose st. 
Finlay, R. G., of R. G. Finlay and Brothers, house, 3 Windsor terrace, Queenston. 
Finlay, Robert, optician, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker, 87 Lon- 
don street 
Findlay, Robert, spirit dealer, 109 Candleriggs. 

Findlay, Robert, jun., of Findlay, Wilson, cf - Co., residence, Batturick castle. 
Findlay, Thomas D., of Buchanan, Findlay, (Sf Co., house, Easterhill. 
Findlay, Walter, smith and bell-hanger, 295 Buchanan street. 
Finlay, Walter, of Finlay and Fyffe, 56 Dundas street. 
Finlay, William, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 98 Cowcaddens street. 
Finlay, William, teacher, Asylum for the Blind, Castle street. 
Finlay, Miss J., staymaker, 57 Argyll arcade. 
Finlay, Mrs., French stay and corset-maker, 70 Renfrew street. 
FINLAYSON, Bousfield, & Co., flax-spinners and linen-thread manufacturers, 

Finlayson, F., & Co., manufacturers, 25 Dundas street. 
Finlayson, Francis, of F. Finlayson <f Co., house, 36 Warwick street. 
Finlayson, James, writer, 8 Gordon street, house, Hillside house, Partick. 
Finlayson, John, pattern designer and lithographer, 40 John street. 
Finlayson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 96 Trongate, house, 23 Taylor street. 
Finlayson and Moncrieff, agents for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 8 Gordon st. 
Finlayson, Thomas, of M 'Lean and Finlayson, house, South croft, Shawfield, 

Finlayson, Miss Elizabeth, tobacconist, 2 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Finlayson, Miss J., staymaker, 50 Nelson street. 

Finlayson, Mrs. Alexander, hosiery, furnishings, &c, 11 Richard street. 
Finlayson, Mrs., lodgings, 141 George street. 

FINNARTY, James, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 77 Carrick street 
FINNIE, Robert, spirit dealer, 37 Bell street. 

FINNIGAN, Arthur, musical instrument and watch dealer, 1 Bridgegate. 
Fiee Insurance Company of Scotland, George Ord, 116 St. Vincent street. 
Fish Market, 108 King street. 

FISHER, Alexander, M.D., surgeon, 274 George street, ho. 194 Buchanan street. 
Fisher, Archibald, & Co., carters, 28 Robertson street, house, 26 Robertson street. 
Fisher, B. A., pocket-book maker, 1 Ingram street. 
Fisher, Donald, of Logie and Fisher, writer. 
Fisher, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 115 Maitland street. 
Fisher, George, jun., rag and waste merchant, 78 Main street, Gorbals, house, 48 

Bell street. 
Fisher, George, broker, 45 Bell street. 
Fisher, James, flesher, 415 Parliamentary road. 

Fisher, John, carver, gilder, and printseller, 19 Gordon street, house, 43 Norfolk st. 
Fisher, John, power-loom factory, 20 Muirhead street, Gorbals. 
Fisher, John, architect, 135 Buchanan street. 
Fisher, J. C, of Fisher, Watson, and Wright, residence, Blantyre. 
Fisher, Peter, painter, oil and colourman, 55 and 57 High street. 
Fisher, Thomas, grocer, 92 King street, Calton. 

Fisher, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 King street, Mile-end. 
Fisher, W. H., & Co., represented by D. Morrison and Son, 33 Buchanan street. 
Fisher, Watson, and Wright, yarn and goods agents, 6 Springfield court, 69 Queen 

Fisher, Mrs. Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Tarbert street. 
FISKEN, Archd., sewed muslin manufacturer, 94 Miller street. 
FITCH, Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, 66 Sauchiehall street. 
FLANAGAN, Thomas C, clerk of works, Royal Engineer department, 92 South 

Portland street. 
FLECK, Hugh, spirit dealer, 13 Great Eastern road. 
Fleck, Miss, 45 North Frederick street. 
Fleetwood and Glasgow Steam-packet Office, Kemp & Co., 2 Howard street. 


FLEMING, A. H., wine and spirit merchant, 12 and 14 North Coburg street. 

Fleming, Bowman, merchant, 70 South Portland street. 

Fleming & Hope, commission merchants, 26 South Hanover street. 

Fleming, Hugh, of Flaming and Hope,, house, 93 West Regent street. 

Fleming, James, agent and bonding-warehouse keeper, 83 Jamaica street, house, 28 
Abbotsford place. 

Fleming, James, of W. and J. Fleming 4' Co., house, 278 Sauchiehall road. 

Fleming, James, superintendent, Old Men's Asylum, 81 Rottenrow. 

Fleming, James, cowfeeder, 11 Drury street. 

Fleming, James, victualler, 28 Main street, Gorbals. 

Fleming, James, at Robert Cochrane fy Co.'s., Verreville pottery. 

Fleming, John, accountant, 21 St. Vincent place, house, 17 Sandyford place. 

Fleming, John & William, writers, 43 Buchanan street. 

Fleming, J. G., M.D., 12 Abercromby place, 190 West George street. 

Fleming, John, & Co., merchants, 62 St. Vincent street. 

Fleming, John Park, of Montgomery and Fleming, house, Windsor terrace, Queens- 

Fleming, John, of John and William Fleming, house, 11 Bath street. 

Fleming, John, of W. and J. Fleming cf Co., house, Whitevale. 

Fleming, John, baker, 152 Cowcaddens street, house, 1 Milton street. 

Fleming, John, 101 Renfrew street. 

Fleming, John, coffee-house and lodgings, 80 Broomielaw. 

Fleming, John, clerk, 143 Rottenrow. 

Fleming, Joseph, surgeon, 58 Main street, Anderston. 

Fleming, Matthew, of Sawmillfield, house, 4 Claremont terrace. 

Fleming, P. & R., iron merchants and ironmongers, 29 Argyll street. 

Fleming, Robert, of Wingate and Fleming, 17 Buccleuch street. 

Fleming, R. W., measurer, 135 Buchanan street, house, 101 Renfrew street. 

Fleming, Watson, & Nairn, merchants and turkey-red dyers, 32 Ingram street. 

Fleming, W. & J., & Co., linen merchants, 4 Stirling square. 

Fleming, William, D.D., professor of moral philosophy, 8 College court. 

Fleming, William, secretary, City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller street. 

Fleming, William, of John and William Fleming, house, 11 Bath street. 

Fleming, William, pawnbroker, 27 Nelson street, Tradeston, 

Fleming, William, tavern keeper, 6 Bell street. 

Fleming & Wishart, fancy muslin manufacturers, 88 Glassford street. 

Fleming, Miss, and Mrs. Graham, seminary for young ladies, Claremont House. 

Fleming, Mrs. Charles, dressmaker, 56 M'Alpine street. 

Fleming, Mrs., 8 India street. 

Fleming, Mrs., 17 Buccleuch street. 

Fleming, Mrs., victualler, 49 Main street, Calton. 

Fleming, Mrs., 121 West Regent street. 

Fleming, Miss, 10 Cumberland street. 

FLEMINGTON, John, wholesale straw-hat warehouse, 118 Argyll street, house, 9 
Woodside place. 

Flemington, J., straw-hat warehouse, 39 Buchanan street. 

Flemington, Mrs. William, grocer, 7 Claremont street. 

FLETCHER, Alexander, & Co., flax-spinners and linen-thread manufacturers, 85 
Gamgad road, St. Rollox. 

Fletcher, Hugh, turner and weaving utensil maker, 9 Calton entry. 

Fletcher, James, wood merchant, Craignestock. 

Fletcher, John, & Co., hat manufacturers, 77 Maxwell street. 

Fletcher, John, of John Fletcher § Co., house, 41 Loudon street. 

Fletcher, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 287 Argyll street. 

Fletcher, Nathaniel, ship and commission agent, 44 Shamrock street. 

FLINT, J. & T., teachers, 144 West Regent street. 

Flint, John, of J. $ T. Flint, 15 Hill street. 

Flint, Thomas, of J. $ T. Flint, Drammoyne house, Govan. 

Flint, Misses, teachers of French, drawing, and painting, 19 Rose street, Garnethill. 

FOGGO, Robert, grocer, 91 Renfield street. 

FORBES, Alexander, general grocer, 205 High street, house, 6 Nicholas street. 

Forbes, Alexander, M.D., 85 South Portland street. 

Forbes, Arthur, town-clerk, City chambers, house, 11 Woodside place. 


Forbes, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 287 Duke street. 

Forbes's Crown Coffee-house, 24 Jamaica street. 

Forbes, Daniel, of Moncreiff, Pater son, and Forbes, house, 36 Dalhousie street. 

Forbes, Dugald, writer, 180 West Regent street. 

Forbes, Duncan, hairdresser, 90 Union street. 

Forbes, George, carver and gilder, 24 Jamaica street. 

Forbes, John, wine merchant and grocer, 175 Sauchiehall street, house, 165 do. 

Forbes, Rev. John, D.D., minister of Free St. Paul's Church, 100 West Regent St. 

Forbes, Rev. P., of St. Mary's Catholic Church, 68 Abercromby street. 

Forbes, Peter, spirit dealer, 2 Bedford lane, Gorbals. 

Forbes, Samuel, tavern keeper, 38 Trongate. 

Forbes, Thomas, of Duncanson and Forbes, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 10 Stanley 
place, house, 82 Thistle street. 

Forbes, William, flesher, 36 Cook street. 

Forbes, William, jeweller, 76 Argyll street. 

FORD, John, spirit dealer, 6 Bishop st., Anderston, and 34 Society row, Oakbank. 

Ford, John, plasterer and modellist, 73 West Campbell street. 

FORMAN, A. M., surgeon, chemist, and druggist, 47 Gallowgate, and 1 Kirk street 

FORGAN, Thomas, builder, 108 Rosland terrace. 

FORGIE, Peter, flesher, 11 Eglinton street. 

FORLONG, Mrs , 130 Bath street. 

FORREST, Archibald, at Andrew JPMorland's, 77 Hope street. 

Forrest, E., millwright, 7 Soho place. 

Forrest, James, millwright, 1 Hope street, Anderston. 

Forrest, James, miller, Town's-mill, Town's-mill road. 

Forrest, John, tailor and clothier, 401 Gallowgate. 

Forrest, John, cowfeeder, 106 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Forrest, John, & Son, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 64 Sauchiehall street. 

Forrest, William, tailor, 40 Kirk street, Calton. 

Forrest, William, & Co., engineers and millwrights, 412 Dobbie's loan. 

Forrest, Mrs. Alexander, grocer, 67 Crown street. 

Forrest, Mrs. John, wholesale and retail grocer, 1 Stobcross street. 

Forrest, Mrs. Wm., furnisher and hosier, 8 Stockwell street. 

FORRESTER, Gabriel Napier, iron-broker and commission merchant, 32 St. Enoch 

Forrester, George, & Son, plasterers, 18 East Russell street; lime-yard, Grajine st. 

Forrester, James, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 45 Sauchiehall street. 

Forrester, James & Robert, booksellers, 73 London street. 

Forrester, James, at C. Boyd and Son's, house, 4 Wellington street. 

Forrester, James, coke agent and spirit dealer, 36 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 

Forrester, John, fancy bread and biscuit baker, pastry-cook, and confectioner, 7 Gor- 
don street, house, 17 do. 

Forrester, John, surgeon, 314 High street. 

Forrester, Robert, baker, 23 Orr street, Calton. 

Forrester, Robert, of Robert Forrester <$• Co., house, West Cumberland street, Queen's 

Forrester, Robert, & Co., wholesale merchants, 53 Argyll street. 

Forrester, Thomas, at C. Boyd and Son's, house, 4 Wellington street. 

Forrester, Mrs. William, commercial hotel, 9 Glassford street. 

FORSTER, John, 34 Windsor terrace. 

FORSYTH, D. & J., booksellers and publishers, 16 St. Enoch square. 

Forsyth, David, 16 St. Enoch square, house, 7 Park place. 

Forsyth, John, storekeeper, 61 Waterloo street. 

Forsyth, John, provision merchant, 346 and 348 High street. 

Forsyth, Peter, superintendent of buildings, 12 Norfolk street. 

Forsyth, Robert, Old French Horn tavern, 88 Trongate. 

Forsyth, Robert, slater, 66 Trongate. 

Forsyth, William, wine and spirit cellars, 46|- George square, house, 63 High John 

Forsyth, William, cabinetmaker, 20 Main street, house, 62 Govan street. 

Forsyth, Miss, 73 John street. 

Forsyth, Miss Jane, furnishing shop, 9 Greenhill street. 


Forsyth, Miss, milliner, 42 Dundas street. 

Forsyth, Mrs. D., Anchor tavern, 37 Trongate. 

Forth and Clyde Canal Co.'s Office, Port-Dundas. 

Forth Iron Co., 89 St. Vincent street. 

Forth Rope and Sail Manufactory of Leith, 39 Clyde buildings. 

FORTUNE, David, bedding warehouse, 58 and 62 Union street, house, 71 Waterloo 

Fort -William Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Fort- William Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street. Dugald M'Intyre & Co., 

FOSTER, Edward, fruiterer, 84 Cowcaddens street. 

Foster, William Air, bootmaker, 96 Queen street. 

Foster, William, & Co., copper and patent yellow metal warehouse ; Roxburgh, Rich- 
ardson, & Co., 1 Royal Bank place, agents. 

FOTHERINGHAM, Alexander, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 86 Wellington 
street, and timber merchant, 13 Waterloo street, house, 29 do. 

Fotheringham, M., grocer, 38 Brown street. 

Fotheringham, Robert, at J. and A. Gardner's, 43 Turner's court. 

Fotheringham, Robert, commercial traveller, Hill place, 20 Stirling's road. 

Fotheringham, Miss E., dressmaker and milliner, 44 Cook street, Tradeston. 

Fotheringham, Mrs. John, 69 Bath street. 

Fotheringham, Mrs., 124 Bath street. 

FOUBISTER, J. W., of Customs, house, 108 South Portland street. 

FOUCART, Francois, professor of fencing and gymnastics, 106 West Nile street, 
house, 5 St. Vincent street. 

Foucart, Louis, physician and surgeon, 5 St. Vincent place. 

FOULDS, Andrew, brassfounder and gas-fitter, 83 High street. 

Foulds, Archd., merchant, Quebec. Letters left at Laurie & Foulds, 79 Ingram st. 

Foulds & Blair, accountants, factors, sharebrokers, and agents for the Insurance Co. 
of Scotland, and the Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire Assurance Co., 
Canada court, 78 Queen street. 

Foulds, John, sharebroker, 78 Queen street, house, 257 West George street. 

Foulds, John, stationer, 9 Brunswick place. 

Foulds, John, of Laurie <f Foulds, house, 3 Bath street. 

FOULNER, James, corkcutter, 1 7 Garscube road. 

FOWLER, Andrew, of Cowan § Co., residence, Clydehaugh, Paisley road. 

Fowler, Andrew L., accountant, British Linen Co.'s Bank. 

Fowler, William, 58 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Fowler & Walker, family mourning warehouse, 133 Buchanan street. 

FRAME, Colin, bookbinder, 85 Queen street and 17 Royal Exchange square, house, 
12 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Frame, James, dairyman, 105 Gallowgate. 

Frame, Thomas, merchant, agent for the Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co., 7 Ex- 
change place, house, Laurel bank, Hillhead. 

Frame, Thomas, & Co., timber merchants, 14 Macfarlane street. 

FRANKLIN, William, paper ruler, 7 Argyll street. 

FRASER, Rev. Alex., of Nile Street Chapel, house, 27 Richmond street. 

Fraser, Alex., chemist and druggist, 83 Stirling's road. 

Fraser, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 18 George street. 

Fraser, Andrew S., tar and butter merchant, 138 Broomielaw, house, 8 St. James's St. 

Fraser, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Queen street, house, 32 Dunlop street. 

Fraser, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 55 King street, Tradeston. 

Fraser, Daniel, spiral and general turner, 8 Sauchiehall street. 

Fraser, David, builder, 1 Rutherford lane. 

Fraser, David, grocer, 89 New vennel. 

Fraser, Donald, hairdresser, 142 Canning street, Calton. 

Fraser, George, quarrier and stone merchant, 79 Eglinton street. 

Frazer & Green, chemists to the Queen, and manufacturers of aerated waters, 113 
Buchanan street. 

Fraser, James, of Fraser, Sinclair, cf Co., 99 St. Vincent street, house, 1 New 

Bridge street. • 
Frazer, James, 9 Bellgrove street. 
Fraser, J. Muir, 76 Abbotsford place. 


Fraser, James, bookbinder, and pattern book and cardmaker, 94 Miller street. 

Fraser, James, surgeon, 36 York street. 

Fraser, James, 74 South Wellington street. 

Fraser, John, weighing-machine maker and general smith, Salisbury street, and 8 

Surrey lane. 
Fraser, John, muslin manufacturer, 25 Queen street, house, 307 St. Vincent street. 
Fraser, John, boot and shoemaker, 55 Nelson street. 
Fraser, John, scum boiler, 23 Brown street. 

Fraser, John, assistant inspector, Town's Hospital, house, Maitland street. 
Fraser, John, jun., at Lancefield works. 
Fraser, John, pawnbroker, 4 St. Andrew's square. 
Fraser, John T., writer, 118 Union street. 
Fraser, John, hairdresser, 36 King street, Tradeston. 
Fraser, John, curled hair and hair-cloth manufacturer and furrier, 70 Stockwell St., 

works, 365 Dobbie's loan, house, 3 Margaret street, off Eglinton street. 
Fraser, Lachlan, baker, 37 Bedford street. 

Fraser, Peter, at J. Sf W. Campbell's, house, 150 Buccleuch street. 
Fraser & Robertson, general grocers, victuallers, and commission agents, 95 Gallow- 

gate and 92 Stockwell street. 
Fraser, Robert, victualler, 79 Carrick street. 

Fraser, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 76 and 78 Crown street. 
Fraser, Simon, 76 Abbotsford place. 
Fraser, Sinclair, & Co., clothiers, 99 St. Vincent street. 

Fraser, Thomas, teacher, Glasgow English and Commercial Academy, 81 John st. 
Fraser, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 420 Parliamentary road. 
Fraser, Thomas, girth-web manufacturer, 3 Canning street, Calton. 
Fraser, Turner, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 111 Ingram street. 
Fraser, "William, of Fraser, Turner, <£ Co., Ill Ingram street. 
Fraser, William, bootmaker, 5 Gordon street. 

Fraser, Wm. F., agent, Ayrshire Railway, 102 South Portland street. 
Fraser, Miss, teacher, 95 Argyll street. 

Fraser, Mrs. Peter, wholesale milliner and artificial flower-maker, 171 West Nile st. 
FRECKLETON, William, hat manufacturer and importer, 185 and 58 Trongate, 

and 73 Grey street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Free St. David's School of Industry, 52 North Frederick street. 
Free St. George's Juvenile School, 118 Renfield street. George Lennie, teacher. 
Free Normal Seminary, David Stow, secretary ; Robert Hislop, rector. 
Feee St. Paul's School of Industry, 74 North Frederick street. 

FREEBAIRN, James, at J. <f W. Campbell $ Co.'s, house, 108 South Portland street. 
Freebairn, William, at J. <$ W. Campbell <J- Co.'s, house, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 
FREELAND, George S., of John Freeland cj- Co., house, 5 Albany place. 
Freeland, John, & Co., cotton spinners, 56 Wilson street. 
Freeland, Robert, & Co., merchants, 56 Wilson street. 
Freeland, Robert, of Robert Freeland 8; Co., house, 5 Albany place. 
Freeland's School, 10 Taylor street ; James M'Nair, teacher. 
FREER, William, 35 Garscube place, Cowcaddens. 
Freer, Miss C, milliner, 139 Renfield street. 

French Consular Agency, John Wedderspoon, 113 St. Vincent street. 
FRENCH, Robert, wholesale hardware merchant, 118 Trongate. 
FREW, A., coalmaster, Port-Dundas. 

Frew, Forrest, of J. H. Young § Co., house, 148 Hill street. 
Frew, John of Herveys, Wilson, $ Co., house, 183 Renfrew street. 
Frew, John & Alexander, smithy coal and coke merchants, charcoal, blacking, coal- 
dust, and mordant liquor manufacturers, Port-Dundas. 
Frew, Thomas, at Douglas $ Rankin's, 81 St. George's place, house, 3 Kinning place. 
Friendly Bread Association, Carlton court, 13 Bridge street. Adam Cairns, 

manager, house, 45 Eglinton street. 
Friendly Fire Insurance Society of Aberdeen, office, 21 Renfield street. Charles 

Rutherford, agent. 
Friendly Victualling Society, 125 Main street, Bridgeton. 
FRISKIN, James and Charles, boot and shoemakers, 54 Hospital street. 
FROOD, William, cowfeeder, 19 Little Hamilton street. 
Fruit Market for Scotch fruit, 11 Kent street. Robert Russell, keeper. 


FRYER, Thomas T., commission merchant, Exchange buildings, house, 184 
Buchanan street. 

FULLARTON, A., & Co., booksellers and publishers, 40 Union street. 

Fullarton & Co., fancy paper-box manufacturer, 95 Argyll street. 

Fullarton, Alexander, wright and measurer, 11 King street, Tradeston, house, 1 do. 

Fullarton & Hamilton Farm Coal Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 

FULTON, Alexander, of Fulton <f Neilson, house, 7 Woodside crescent. 

Fulton, A. & J., ironmongers, ship-chandlers, flag and compass-makers, 136 

Fulton, Alexander, dog and ferret merchant (rat destroyer), 364 Gallowgate. 

Fulton, Andrew, rope, twine, and wick manufacturer, 275 Buchanan street. 

Fulton, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 15 New Bridge street. 

Fulton, Brothers, grain and provision merchants, Union court, 172 Argyll street. 

Fulton, Buchanan, & Co., cotton-spinners, 83 Union street. 

Fulton, H. & J., leather merchants, 57 Argyll street. 

Fulton, Henry, surgeon, 16 Adelphi street. 

Fulton, Hugh, builder, 16 Adelphi street. 

Fulton, James, tea and. spirit merchant, 90 Port-Dundas road. 

Fulton, James, of Fulton cf Wilson, house, 9 Albany place. 

Fulton, James, warehouseman, 14 Findlay street, house, 16 Adelphi street. 

Fulton, James, victualler, 48 Broomielaw. 

Fulton, James, provision merchant, 91 Argyll street. 

Fulton, James, jun., ham-curer, 295 Argyll street. 

Fulton, J. M., victualler, 113 West George street, house, 29 Cowcaddeus street. 

Fulton, John, jun., provision merchant, 15 Maxwell street. 

Fulton, John, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 23 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Fulton, John, portioner, 28 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Fulton, John, of 3fossend Iron Co., house, Partick hill. 

Fulton & Neilson, manufacturers and finishers of scrap-ironed forged work, Lance- 
field street, Anderston. 

Fulton, Peter, at Peter W. Clark's, house, 110 Crown street. 

Fulton, Robert, at C. Boyd and Son's, house, 2 North Clyde street, Anderston. 

Fulton, Robert, provision merchant, 5 Stockwell street. 

Fulton, Samuel, baker, 19 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Fulton, William, currier and leather merchant, and machinery belt-maker, 147 
Stockwell street. 

Fulton, William, ham-curer and provision merchant, 32 Stirling street, house, Par- 
tickhill terrace. 

Fulton, William, supervisor of inland revenue, 4 Washington street, 

Fulton, William, bleacher, Glenfield. Orders left at Miller & Co.'s, 85 Ingram st. 

Fulton, William, & Co., coffee merchants, &c, 46 Dunlop street. See Advertisement 
in Appendix. 

Fulton, William, of Wm. Fulton # Co., house, 13 Thistle street. 

Fulton & Wilson, iron merchants, 191 Argyll street. 

Fulton, Janet, spirit dealer, 24 Main street, Calton. 

FUNSTON, John, brass and lead smelter and refiner, 62 Barrack street. 

FYFE, Alexander, & Co., manufacturers, 77 Queen street. 

Fyfe, Alexander, of Alexander Fyfe f Co., at 77 Queen street. 

Fyfe, George, tin-plate worker and gas-fitter, 114 Bridgegate. 

Fyfe, Henry, & Son, manufacturers, 62 Queen street. 

Fyfe, Henry, of Henry Fyfe <$ Son, house, 183 Athol place. 

Fyfe, Hugh, victualler, 18 Caltonmouth. 

Fyfe, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 14 Greenhill street. 

Fyfe, James, teacher of music, 207 Cowcaddens street. 

Fyfe, James, stone and lime merchant, 18 Crawford street, Port-Dundas. 

Fyfe, John, & Co., merchants, 17 Renfield street. 

Fyfe, John, of John Fyfe t$ Co., residence, Dalmarnock house. 

Fyfe, John, of Henry Fyfe and Son, 183 Athol place. 

Fyfe, Peter, portrait-painter and general draughtsman, 255 George street. 

Fyfe, Sam. H., ironmonger, ship-chandler, and flag-maker, 32 Clyde place, ho. 33 do. 

Fj'fe, Thomas, straw-bonnet manufacturer, furrier, &c, 34 Argyll street. 

Fyfe, William, clothier, 11 Norfolk street, Laurieston. 

Fyfe, Mrs., lodgings, 50 North Albion street. 


GAIONS, Miss, 109 Hope street 

Gairdner. See Gardiner. 

GALBRAITH, Alexander, flesher, 41 Norfolk street. 

Galbraith, Andrew, of Johnstone, Galbraith, 4 Co., and Alexander Johnstone 4 Co., 
house, 163 St. George's road. 

Galbraith, Archibald, of Archibald Galbraith 4 Co., house, Kirkintilloch. 

Galbraith, Archibald, of Johnstone, Galbraith, 4 Co., and Alexander Johnstone 4" Co., 
house, 163 St. George's road. 

Galbraith & Curaming, merchants, 11 West Nile street. 

Galbraith, Archibald, & Co., ship and insurance brokers and commission agents, 
64 Buchanan street. 

Galbraith, James, of W. and J. Galbraith, house, 27 Port-Dundas road. 

Galbraith, Malcolm, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 15 Drygate street. 

Galbraith, Robert, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 80 St. James's road. 

Galbraith, Robt., brazier, pewterer, and gas-fitter, 118 King street, works, 105 do. 

Galbraith, Robert, cloth merchant, 23 Trongate, house, 41 Charlotte street. 

Galbraith, Robert, of Galbraith and dimming, house, Greenhead, Govan. 

Galbraith, R., preserver of birds, quadrupeds, &c, 80 St. James's road. 

Galbraith, William, marble cutter, sculptor, and stone engraver, 123 St. Vincent 
street, works, 26 Kelvin street, house, 202 St. George's road. 

Galbraith, William, at Charles Tennant 4 Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

Galbraith, W. & J., millers, Milton Grain Mills, Bishop street, Port-Dundas. 

Galbraith, William, sen., of W. and J. Galbraith, house, 27 Port-Dundas road. 

Galbraith, William, of Croft-foot. Letters left at Galbraith and Cumming's, 11 
West Nile street. 

Galbraith, Yv'illiam, baker, 92 West Nile street, house, 90 do. 

Galbraith, William, 8 Carnarvon street. 

Galbraith, William, jun., of W. 4 J- Galbraith, house, 237 Cowcaddens street. 

GALE, William, civil engineer, 172 Buchanan street. 

GALL Adam, clothier and outfitter, 64 Saltmarket street. 

Gall, Alexander, commission agent, 9 Thomson's lane, Calton. 

Gall, George, bill-poster and city porter, 114 Trongate. 

Gall, Hugh, clothier, 32 Gallowgate. 

Gall, John, spirit merchant, 1 Garngad road. 

Gall, William, baker, 7 Adelphi place. 

GALLAGHER, Rev. Daniel, 34 Great Clyde Street. 

Gallacher, Daniel, broker, 61 Stewart street. 

Gallagher, D., fishmonger, 135 West Campbell street. 

Gallacher, John, builder, 6 Soho street. 

Gallagher, Michael, hairdresser, 11 Canon street. 

GALLIE, George, bookseller and stationer, 99 Buchanan st., ho. 11 Buccleuch st. 

Gallie, J., house factor, 20 Hill place, Stirling's road. 

GALLETTI, Antoni, optician, mathematical instrument maker, carver, gilder, and 
picture-frame manufacturer, 24 Argyll arcade, ho., 7 Park place, Stockwell st. 

GALLOWAY, Alexander, land agent, valuator, and accountant, 233 and 235 Bu- 
chanan street. 

Galloway, Alexander, late Galloway & Son. Letters left at 113 Renfrew street. 

Galloway, Andrew, furniture dealer, 99 and 101 London street. 

Galloway, A. & W., merchants, 33 Bath street. 

Galloway, Andrew, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 105 Hope street, house, 53 Buc- 
cleuch street. 

Galloway & Lumsden, masons and builders, 26 George street. 

Galloway, James, of Galloway 4 Lumsden, house, 26 George street. 

Galloway, James, of J. and J. Galloway, house, Huntershill, by Bishopbriggs. 

Galloway, James, carver, gilder, and print-seller, 5 Miller street. 

Galloway, James, spirit dealer, 58 Eglinton street. 

Galloway, John, spirit dealer, 4 and 6 Maitland street. 

Galloway, John & James, merchants, 55 Alston street. 

Galloway, John, builder, 10 George street. 

Galloway, John, deputy city session-clerk, 57 St. George's place, house, 28 Cook st. 

Galloway & M'Millan, merchants, 33 Bath street. 


Galloway, Rev. Nisbet, 211 Dalmarnock road. 

Galloway, Thomas, spirit merchant, 171 Gallowgate. 

Galloway, Thomas, baker, 1 2 Sauchiehall street. 

Galloway, William, baker, 341 Argyll street. 

Galloway, William, smith, 109 Cowcaddens street. 

Galloway, William, spirit dealer, 114 Garscube road. 

Galloway, W. C, piano-forte teacher, 49 West Regent street. 

Galloway, Miss, private lodgings, 54 West Regent street. 

Galloway, Miss, 3 Jane street, 

Galloway, Mrs. James, lodgings, 105 Douglas street. 

GALT, John, smith and iron turner, 86 Ann street, Port-Dundas. 

Gait, Robert, silk mercer, 193 Trongate, house, 174 Stafford place. 

GARDNER, Alexander, straw-hat manufacturer, 154 Trongate, ho. 5 Dougla3 st. 

Gardner, Alex., manager, Clydesdale Discount and Loan Co., 20 Brunswick place. 

Gardner, Alexander, house factor, 32 Kelvin street. 

Gairdner, Andrew, of J. and A. Gairdner, house, 176 Sauchiehall street. 

Gardner, Andrew, wright, 7 Hospital street, house, 32 Adelphi street. 

Gardner, Archibald, cabinet and chair-maker, 108 and 110 Saltmarket street, house. 

Bellevue, Garngad hill. 
Gardner and Allan, tea dealers, 190 Trongate. 
Gairdner, Charles, of White and Gairdner, 20 Buchanan street. 
Gardner & Co., optical, mathematical, and philosophical instrument makers, 21 Bu- 
chanan street. 
Gardner, David, spirit dealer, 165 Castle street. 
Gardner, David, cooper, 35 Gallowgate street. 
Gardner, David, beadle, Erskine Church, house, 6 Oxford lane. 
Gardner, Dugald C, wine and spirit merchant, 9 and 11 Prince's street. 
Gardner, Gavin, grocer, 249 Stobcross street. 
Gairdner, J. & A., commission merchants and bonded warehouse-keepers, 43 Turner's 

Gardiner, James, flesher, 39 George street. 
Gardner, James, haircutter and perfumer, 35 Renfield street. 
Gardner, J. & W. D., hat manufacturer, 90 Bell street. 
Gardner, John, carter and dairyman, 239 Argyll street. 
Gardner, John, cork manufacturer, 42 East Clyde street. 
Gardner, John, wright and house agent, 42 King street. 
Gardner, John, ropemaker, 103 Hill street, off Duke street. 
Gardner, John, M.D., surgeon, 141 George street. 
Gardner, Joseph, pastry baker and confectioner, 80 Gallowgate. 
Gardiner & Macintosh, clothiers, shirt merchants, and outfitters, 104 Argyll street. 
Gardiner, Joseph, of Gardiner and Macintosh, house, 56 Hill street, Garuethill. 
Gardiner, Rob. S., confectioner, pastry-cook, and grocer, 22 Gordon street, house, 198 

Buchanan street. 
Gardiner, R., cotton-waste and mill-furnishing dealer, 95 Glassford street. 
Gardner, Robert, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 36 Clyde place. 
Gardner, R., milk agent, 263 George street. 
Gardner, Thomas, bricklayer and builder, 4 Eglinton lane. 
Gardner, T. R., of Gardner $ Co., house, Ibroxholm. 
Gardner, T. W., organ-builder and piano-forte maker and tuner, 280 George street, 

and 54 North Frederick street. 
Gardner, William, optical, mathematical, and philosophical instrument maker, 3 Royal 

Bank place. 
Gardner, William, spirit dealer, 21 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Gardner, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 51 West Regent street. 
Gardiner, Mrs., coffee-house, reading-rooms, and commercial lodgings, 5 Union street. 
Garnkiek Coal Co., fireclay manufacturers, 5 Cathcart street. 

GARRICK'S Temperance coffee-house and commercial lodgings, 24 Stockwell street. 
GARROW, John, grocer, 186 Stirling's road. 
Garrow, Robert, 54 Commerce street. 
GARROW AY, J., baker, 233 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Garroway, James, warper, 41 Stirling square. 
Garroway, R. & J., manufacturing chemists, Springfield court, 69 Queen street, 

works, Barrowfield, house, 30 Monteith row. 


Garroway, Robert, surgeon, 18 Whitevale street. 

GARTLY, James, teacher of English and geography, 31 John street. 

Gartly, James B., at R. Dalglish, Falconer, <£ Co.'s., house, 54 Abbotsford place. 

Gaetnavel Asylum Parcel Office, 70 St. George's place. 

Gaktsherrie Iron and Coal Office, 1 Moore place, West George street. 

GASCOYNE, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 55 King street, and Infantry Barracks. 

Gas, Glasgow and Suburban, Co., 42 Miller street. 

Gas Works, Glasgow, 27 Kirk street, Townhead, Tradeston, and Partick. 

Gas-Light Company's Office, 42 Virginia street. 

GASS, William, & Co., clothiers, 6 Candleriggs. 

Gatehouse Cotton Company, manufacturers, 25 Queen street. 

GATHERAL, George, fringe, float-lace, and chair-web maker, by steam-power, 108 

Argyll street, and 16 Buchanan street. 
Gatheral, James, spirit dealer, 40 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

Gatheral, James W., manufacturer of girth-web, braces, fringes, &c, 93 Virginia St. 
GAUL, George, spirit dealer, 107 Virginia street, house, 156 Eglinton street. 
GEAVES, James Lyon, merchant, 1 Woodside place. 
GEBBIE, Francis, overseer on Blythswood estate, 81 St. George's place. 
Gebbie, James, boot and shoemaker, 32 Saltmarket street. 
Gebbie, John, of Macdonald and Gebbie, 11 Buccleuch street. 
Gebbie, Thomas, bootmaker, 54 Saltmarket street. 
GEDDES, Alexander, at John Fleming cf- Co.'s., 62 St. Vincent street. 
Geddes, Alexander, druggist, 82 Kirk street, Calton. 

Geddes & Co., flint-glass manufacturers, 41 Bishop street, Port-Dundas road. 
Geddes, James, of John Geddes and Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan. 
Geddes, James, keeper of Humane Society House, Green. 

Geddes, James, boat-building yard, Govan Haugh, opposite Humane Society House. 
Geddes, James, teacher, 38 Main street, Calton, house, 4 Union street. 
Geddes, John, & Sons, dyers, carpet, and hearth-rug manufacturers, 11 West George 

street, 20 St. Vincent lane, and Govanbank, works, Little Govan. 
Geddes, John, of John Geddes and Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan. 
Geddes, John, jun., of John Geddes and Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan. 
Geddes, John, agent for Stewart & Co., Alloa Bottle Work Company. Letters ad- 
dressed, Flint Glass-works, Port-Dundas road. 
Geddes, John, of Geddes <f- Co., house, 58 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Geddes, Robert, provision merchant, 39 Turner's court, Argyll street. 
Geddes, William, & Co., wholesale and retail druggists, 85 Argyll street. 
Geddes, William, of John Geddes and Sons, house, Govanbank, Little Govan. 
Geddes, Mrs. John, 7 Sommerville place. 
Geddes, Mrs., 20 North St Mungo street. 
GELLON, William, broker, 34 West Milton street. 
GEMMELL, Alexander, baker, 159 Main street, Gorbals. 
Gemmell, Alexander, surveyor, 121 Crown street. 
Gemmell, Alexander, eating-house, 2 Garscube road. 
Gemmill, Andrew, writer, 38 Queen street, house, 5 Carlton place. 
Gemmell, Archd., commission agent, 285 Argyll street. 
Gemmell, George, sewed muslin manufacturer, 11 South Frederick street. 
Gemmel, James, writer, 28 Miller street. 
Gemmell, James, 71 South Portland street. 
Gemmill, John, warper, 100 Virginia street. 
Gemmell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 80 Finnieston street. 
Gemmell, Robert, baker, 149 Saltmarket street, and 7 King street. 
Gemmel], Robert, spirit merchant, 172 Saltmarket street. 

Gemmell, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21 South Portland street, work- 
shop, 5 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Gemmel, William, baker, 115 Candleriggs street, and 288 High street. 
Gemmell, William, tinsmith, 130 Canning street, Calton. 
Gemmell, William, manufacturer, 127 Brunswick street. 
Gemmell, William, merchant, 19 Elmbank crescent. 
Gemmill, William N., commission agent, 21 Virginia street. 
General Commission Marine Assurance Co., Borthwick, Morris, & Co., agents, 17 

Royal Exchange square. 
General Fire and Life Assurance Co. David Yuile, agent, 40 Miller street. 



General Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, 8 North Queen street. John Mather, agent. 

General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Bailway, depot, Paisley road. 

GENTLE, James S., & Son, bakers, 59|- Drygate, house, 10 Kirk street, Townhead. 

Gentle, James, jun., baker, 36 Bedford street. 

Gentle, William and James, grocers, 229 High street. 

GENTLEMAN, William, flesher, 95 Hospital street. 

George Hotel, 26 George square. Eobert M'Naughton. 

GEOEGE, John, eating-house keeper, 119 Bridgegate. 

George, W. J., & Co., lithographers, 46 Jamaica street. 

GEELETTI, Dominick, optician, carver, gilder, picture-frame and looking-glass 

manufacturer; agent for all kinds of fire-works, 10 Candleriggs. 
GEEEIN, James, hotel and tavern. 
GIBB & Bruce, wine merchants, 57 Buchanan street. 
Gibb & Clarke, ham-curers, and wholesale provision merchants, 17 and 19 Wilson 

Gibb, Elias, of Gibb and Bruce, house, 10 Woodside terrace. 
Gibb, Francis, spirit dealer, 88 Green street, Calton. 
Gibb, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Drygate. 
Gibb, James, of C. Tennant cf- Co., 49 Cochran street. 
Gibb, James, road-contractor & house-factor, 4 East Miller street, and 412 Duke 

Gibb, James, grocer, 57 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Gibb, John, agent, Eoyal Exchange buildings, South area. 
Gibb, John James, merchant, 226 St. Vincent street. 
Gibb, John, at William Dunn's, 62 George square. 
Gibb, John, baker, 273 Gallowgate. 

Gibb, Eobert, & Co., calenderers and hot-pressers, 22 Ingram street. 
Gibb, William Eichardson, M.D., 26 India street. 
Gibb, William, spirit dealer, 10 Struthers street. 
Gibb, Mrs. Thomas, 19 West Prince's street. 

GIBBONS, James, sheriff-clerk depute, County buildings, Wilson street. 
Gibbons, John, wine and spirit merchant, 395 Argyll street. 
GIBLE, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Drygate street. 
GIBSON, Alexander, cowfeeder, 177 Main street, Gorbals. 
Gibson & Clark, corn factors, 14 Hope street. 
Gibson, David, M.D., surgeon, 45 North Hanover street, and medical officer to the 

prisons, 71 Duke street. 
Gibson, Francis, commission agent, 10 Lawmoor place, Hutchesontown, 
Gibson, George Henry, at the Cess Office, house, 81 High John street. 
Gibson, George, commission merchant, 163 Ingram street, house, Eutland place, 

Govan road. 
Gibson, George, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 57 West Nile street. 
Gibson, Eev. James, minister of Kingston Free Church, house, 29 Kingston place. 
Gibson, George, of George Gibson § Co., 57 West Nile street. 
Gibson, James, surgeon, 213 Broomielaw street, house, 4 Carrick street. 
Gibson, John D., portrait-painter, 52 West Nile street. 
Gibson, John, hatter and hosier, 67 Jamaica street. 

Gibson, John, beadle, Wellington Street Church, house, 41 Waterloo street. 
Gibson, John, of Gibson and Service, house, 15 Buccleuch street. 
Gibson, John, at D. Cook (f Co.'s, 107 Eglinton street. 
Gibson, John, provision merchant, 52 and 54 King street. 
Gibson, John, provision merchant, 13 and 15 Stobcross street. 
Gibson, John, watch and clockmaker, 37 Dundas street. 
Gibson, John, baker, 156 Castlemilk place. 
Gibson, John, spirit dealer, 9 Drury street. 
Gibson, John, sheriff-officer, 62 Stewart street, Cowcaddens. 
Gibson, John, writer, 9 Nicholas street. 

Gibson, Joseph, & Co., packing-box, zinc and tin-case makers, 46 Ingram street. 
Gibson, Matthew H., physician and surgeon, 10 Adelphi street, house, 97 Upper 

Crown street. 
Gibson & Macnee, sewed muslin manufacturers, 5 Montrose street. 
Gibson, Peter, parcel agent, Ayrshire Eailway, 13 Clyde place, house, 48 South 

Coburg street. 


Gibson, Robert, carver and gilder, 54 Union street. 

Gibson, Service, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 111 Ingram street. 

Gibson, Thomas B. S., merchant and commission agent, and agent for "Williams 

Oldham, of Cadiz, 57 West Nile street. 
Gibson, William, sewed muslin manufacturer, 126 Queen street. 
Gibson, William, flesher, 250 George street. 
Gibson, William, power and hand-loom shuttle and shuttle-mounting maker and 

turner, 18 East Campbell street. 
Gibson, William, tea merchant and general grocer, 78 Kirk street, Calton. 
Gibson, William, of Gibson and Macnee, house, 69 Union street. 
Gibson, William, cork manufacturer, 23 East Clyde street. 
Gibson, Miss, 6 Lynedoch place. 
Gibson, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, 81 John street. 
Gibson, Mrs. James, victualler, 63 Cowcaddens street. 
Gibson, Mrs. Peter, grocer, 95 Drygate street. 
Gibson, Mrs. R., 63 George street. 
GIFFORD, Thomas, tailor, 13 Oxford street. 
GILBERT, Alex. G., metal broker and commission merchant, 77 St. Vincent street, 

house, 4 Holland place. 
Gilbert, J. Graham, Yorkhill. 

Gilbert, James, stabling, 1 College open, High street. 
Gilbert, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 356 Gallowgate. 
Gilbert, William, wright and glazier, 1G8 Gallowgate. 
Gilbert, Mrs., 4 Holland place. 

GILCHRIST, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Gilchrist, Archibald, spirit dealer, 22 Centre street. 
Gilchrist, Daniel, & Co., calico-printers, 19 South Hanover street. 
Gilchrist, Daniel, at James Wingate and Son's, house, 104 Eglmton street. 
Gilchrist, G. & J., ironmongers and gas-fitters, 103 Argyll street, house, 50 Gramme 

Gilchrist, G. & W., yarn and piece goods dyers, 47 Bishop street, Anderston. 
Gilchrist, Gavin, of G. and W. Gilchrist, house, 41 Bishop street, Anderston. 
Gilchrist, George, civil engineer, 32 St. Enoch square. 
Gilchrist, J., flesher, 657 Gallowgate. 

Gilchrist, James, engineer, Hill street foundry, house, 50 Gramme street. 
Gilchrist, J. S. & C, dyers, 5 Cook street, Tradeston. 
Gilchrist, Robert, ship painter, 8 Brown street, house, 34 York street. 
Gilchrist, Robert, of Lewis Potter cf* Co., 28 St. Enoch square, house, 115 Hope St. 
Gilchrist, Walter Scott, military hosier, glover, stock and shirt-maker, 38 Buchanan 

Gilchrist, William, jun., provision merchant, 429 Argyll street. 

Gilchrist, William, letterpress-printer and lithographer, 145 Argyll street, house, 22 
Centre street. 

GILFILLAN, John, grain merchant, 22 Ann street. 

Gilfillan, Robert, general furnisher, 150 Garscube road. 

Gilfillan, William, plain and decorative painter, of paper hangings, 
46 Gordon street, and 289 Parliamentary road. 

Gilfillan, Helen, victualler, 104 George street. 

Gilfillan, Mrs., private and commercial lodgings, 9 Clyde place. 

GILKISON, David, umbrella-maker, 14 Crown street. 

Gilkison, David, of Robert Gilkison $ Co., house, 48 Windsor terrace. 

Gilkison & Hunter, distillers, Campbelton. Thomas Train, agent, 2 South Apsley 

Gilkison, Robert, & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 48 
Buchanan street ; works, Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, and Cook St., Tradeston ; 
house, 48 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 

GILLAN, Rev. Robert, of St. John's, 9 Annfield place. 

GILLESPIE, Alex., carrier, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway station, North Queen 

Gillespie, Campbell, beadle of Nile Street Chapel, house, 12 Drury street. 

Gillespie, George, merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court, house, 4 Windsor terrace, 

Gillespie, J. & A., jobbing smiths, 33 Miller's place. 


Gillespie, John, house factor, 50 Great Hamilton street. 

Gillespie, John, beadle of Free St. John's Church, house, 118 George street. 

Gillespie, William, general ironmonger, 236 Argyll street. 

Gillespie, Mrs. D., 180 Hope street. 

GILLIES, Charles, coal-agent, and beadle of Gillespie's Church, 67 Great Hamilton 

Gillies, David, & Son, surgeon-dentists, 67 Oswald street. 
Gillies, Dugald, spirit dealer, 161 Great Hamilton street. 
Gillies, Duncan, gardener, Green market, house, Ovemewton, Partick. 
Gillies, James, ship- carpenter, 48 Robertson street. 
Gillies, John, of Gillies and Sinclair, house, 114 West Nile street. 
Gillies & M'Dougall, milliners and dressmakers, 14 Nelson street. 
Gillies & Sinclair, ham-curers and provision merchants, 76 Union street. 
Gillies, William, spirit dealer, 37 Malta street, Gorbals. 
GILLILAND, John, tailor and clothier, 184 Gallowgate. 
GILLON, Alexander, & Son, grain-weighers and store-keepers, Corn street, Port- 

Gillon, William, broker, 34 Milton street. 

GILMOUR, Alex., of Gilmour and Roberts, house, 150 Port-Dundas road. 
Gilmour, Alexander, timber merchant, 94 Maxwell street. 
Gilmour, Allan, of Pollock, Gilmour, § Co., house, 180 St. Vincent street. 
Gilmour, Allan, flesher, 127 and 129 West George street, house, 94 West Nile st. 
Gilmour, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 28 High street. 
Gilmour, Andrew, baker, 76 Maitland street, Cowcaddens. 

Gilmour & Co., calenderers, glaziers, hot-pressers, and packers, 19 and 21 Ingram st. 
Gilmour, David, 37 Grseme street. 
Gilmour, David, iron-founder, engineer, and millwright, London Vulcan Works, 

Gilmour & Dean, lithographers, engravers, and printers, 86 Buchanan street. 
Gilmour, James, house factor, 26 Maitland street. 

Gilmour, James, pattern-designer, 46 Shamrock street, New City road. 
Gilmour, James, eating-house, 153 Canning street. 
Gilmour, John, of William Gilmour fy Co., house, 3 Abercromby place, West George 

Gilmour, John, of Gilmour cf Co., 
Gilmour, John, spirit dealer, 27 Moore street. 

Gilmour, Matthew, manufacturer, 70 Brunswick street, house, 26 St. Mungo street, 
Gilmour, Robert, accountant, 4 Moore street, 146 West George street, house, 2 Lyne- 

doch street, Woodlands road. 
Gilmour, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 134 Union street. 
Gilmour & Roberts, Milton grinding works, 1 32 Port-Dundas road. 
Gilmour, William, & Co., merchants, 9 London street, and 2 Gallowgate. 
Gilmour, William, of William Gilmour 6; Co., house, 3 Jane st., Blythswood square. 
Gilmour, William, ship and commission agent, 65 Jamaica street. 
Gilmour, William, town and sheriff-officer, and constable, 66 Hutcheson street, house, 

4 Steel street. 
Gilmour, William, at Merry and Cunningham 's, house, 3 Abercromby place. 
Gilmour, William, 37 Graeme street. 

Gilmour, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 22 and 23 Argyll arcade. 
GIRD WOOD, Mrs. Claud, 7 York street, Little Govan. 
GLARDNER, Thomas, bricklayer and builder, 4 Eglinton lane. 
GLASGOW, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 49 West George street. 
Glasgow, Alexander, of Alexander Glas/joiv $• Co., house, Auchenraith. 
Glasgow, Alexander, flesher, 169 Main St., Bridgeton, and 103 New Dalmarnock road. 
Glasgow, John, of Alexander Glasgow cf- Co., house, 201 St. Vincent street. 
Glasgow, John, spirit dealer, 50 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Glasgow, Thomas, spirit dealer, 316 Argyll street. 
Glasgow Aerated Water Manufactory, 115 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Glasgow Academy, Elmbank place. 

Glasgow Advertiser, and Railway and Shipping Journal, 21 Argyll street. 
Glasgow Annuity Society. Thomas Brown, secretary, 49 Virginia street. 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., 32 and 34 Virginia street. Alex. Mitchell and Hugh 

Hart, managers. 


Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., Branch Establishment, 95 St. Vincent street. John 

Mitchell, manager. 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., Western Branch Establishment, 179 Sauchiehall street. 

William Morrison, manager. 
Glasgow Asphalte and Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street. 
Glasgow Athenteum, 110 Ingram street. 

Glasgow Athenaeum and Telegraphic News-rooms, 26 Glassford street. 
Glasgow and Ayr Railway Office, 14 Bridge street. 
Glasgow, Barrhead, and Neilston Direct Railway Office, 40 George square. John 

Brown, secretary. 
Glasgow and Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Glasgow Bread Association, 8 Greenhill street. Andrew M'Nair, managing director. 
Glasgow Chain-cable and Anchor Manufactory, and general smith work. Archibald 

M' Vicar, 17 Robertson street and Hyde park. 
Glasgow Chess-Club, Athenasum, Ingram street. 
Glasgow Clipping and Cropping Co., Smith's court, 53 Candleriggs. 
Glasgow Cloth Hall, 163 Trongate. 

Glasgow Commercial Exchange Company, 66 St. Vincent street. 
Glasgow Constitutional Newspaper Office, 21 Argyll street. 
Glasgow Courier Company, printers and publishers, 75 Argyll street. 
Glasgow, Dumfries, and Carlisle Railway Office, 14 Bridge street. J. F. Smith, 

Glasgow Eastern Necropolis Company, Andrew Reid, Western Bank's branch, 

Canning street, Calton, secretary; G. R. Tennent, 37 Buchanan street, law 

Glasgow Equitable Loan Company, Pratt's court, 109 Argyll street, and 9 Maxwell 

street ; Crighton Skirving, manager. 
Glasgow Faculty of Medicine Hall, 32 St. Andrew st. ; James Dougall, officer. 
Glasgow, Garnkirk, and Coatbridge Railway. See Caledonian Railway. 
Glasgow Gas-light Co., 42 Virginia street. Works, 27 Kirk street, Townhead, West 

street, Tradeston, and Partick. 
Glasgow Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street. Masters, C. H. Wilson, 

J. S. Murdoch, and M. B. A. Dessurne ; janitor, Duncan Brown. 
Glasgow Highland Society's Schools, 69 Montrose street. Rev. Robert M'Lachlan, 

Henry Lewis, and James Thomson, male teachers ; Miss Mennon, female 

Glasgow and Highland Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Glasgow and Highland Steam-Packet Co., John Williamson & Co., 20 St. Enoch's 

Glasgow Ice Store, 26 King street. 
Glasgow Iron Co., manufacturers of malleable iron, 23 St. Enoch square, works, St. 

Glasgow Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, 26 Blythswood square ; 

Felican A. Wolski, secretary. 
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co., metal merchants, 24 Turner's court. 
Glasgow Iron Works, 16 Garngad road, St. Rollox. 
Glasgow, Kilmarnock, and Ardrossan Railway Office, 40 George square. John 

Brown, secretary. 
Glasgow Letter Foundry. MacBrayne & Stirling, type-founders, 301 Parliamen- 
tary road. 
Glasgow and Liverpool Shipping Company, 28 St. Enoch square. Lewis Potter, 

Glasgow and Liverpool Royal Steam -Packet Company, 32 St. Enoch square. 

Mathew Langlands, manager. 
Glasgow and Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Glasgow and Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street^ 
Glasgow Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow street. Alexander Troup, superintendent. 
Glasgow Loan Fund, 16 St. Enoch square. D. Forsyth, secretary. 
Glasgow Machinery Grease Co., 335 Gallowgate, and 10 Armour street. 
Glasgow Maternity Hospital, matron, Mrs. Horn ; surgeon, Dr. James Paterson, 38 

North Albion street. 
Glasgow Medicine Warehouse, 110 and 112 Trongate. 
Glasgow Musical Association. Secretary, A. Pollock, 29 St. Vincent place. 



Glasgow Musical Instrument Tuning and Repairing Establishment, and Music 

Warehouse, 210 Buchanan street. 
Glasgow New Apothecaries' Co., 57 and 59 Glassford street. "William Greig, mana- 
ger, house, 2 Ure place, Montrose street. 
Glasgow and New- York Packet Office, 62 Jamaica street. Reid & Murray, agents. 
Glasgow and New- York Packet Office, 240 Broomielaw. Hamilton, Brothers, agents. 
Glasgow Normal Seminary (in connection with the Free Church), Cowcaddens street. 

Rector, Mr. Hislop. 
Glasgow Normal Seminary (in connection with the Established Church), Dundas 

Glasgow Oilcloth and Waterproof Co., Ill North Hanover street. 
Glasgow and Paisley Railway Parcel Office, 22 Royal Exchange square. 
Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Railway Co. Goods Office. John Lusk, agent, 14 

Bridge street ; goods station, Eglinton street. 
Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock, and Ayr Railway Goods Office, 13 Clyde place. 

Richard Lauder, manager. 
Glasgow Parcel Deliver}' Company, and General Forwarding Office, 13 Miller street. 
Glasgow Phonetic Society Class-rooms, 24 Stockwell street. R. N. Morrison, secre- 
tary, 131 Argyll street. 
Glasgow Philosophical Society, Andersonian University. John Jardine, officer. 
Glasgow Pipe Manufactory, 74 North Hanover street. 
Glasgow Plumber Work, 85 Mitchell street. 
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street. 
Glasgow Printing Company, 29 Dunlop street. 
Glasgow Public Library, 151 George street. Wm. W. Niven, librarian. Open 

from 1 p.m. till 4.30 p.m., and from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. ; Saturdays, 10 till noon 

Glasgow Ropework, 58 Stockwell street, works, 3 Bedford street, Laurieston. 
Glasgow Ropework (Eastern), Robertson & Co., 512 Gallowgate. 
Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Castle street. 
Glasgow Royal Asylum for Lunatics, Gartnavel. Physician's Office, 70 St. George's 

Glasgow Sale-Rooms, M'Tear & Kempt, 97 Argyll street. 
Glasgow Saw-Mills, Port-Dundas. Baird & Brown. 
Glasgow Sedan-chair Office, 70 St. George's place. 
Glasgow Stock Exchange, 3 National Bank Buildings, Queen street. 
Glasgow & Suburban Gas-Light Co., 42 Miller street, works, Dalmarnock, Bridgeton. 
Glasgow Trunk, Packing-box, Tin-case, and Fancy Paper-box Manufactory, 85 

Mitchell street. 
Glasgow Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street. 

Glasgow Water-works Office, 23 Miller street. D. MacKain, manager and engineer. 
GLASS, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 10 Jamaica street. 

Glass, Charles D. of Glass and Duncan, house, 43 Salem place, Holmhead street. 
Glass, John, tailor, 20 St. Andrew's square. 
Glass, D., aerated-water manufacturer and commission agent, 111 and 115 Clyde 

street, Anderston. 
Glass & Duncan, booksellers, stationers, publishers, and printers, 82 Argyll street. 
Glass, James, grocer, 183 Main street, Gorbals. 
Glass, James, surgeon and oculist, 33 Kent street. 
Glass, William, & Co., bootmakers, 39 Queen street. 
Glass, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 93 Hospital street. 
GLASSFORD, Alexander, baker, 31 London street and 10 Broomielaw. 
Glassford & French, boot and shoemakers, 99 Argyll street. 
Glassford, J. B., Kippoch-hill cottage. Letters left at Caledonian Railway, head of 

Buchanan street. 
Glassford, James, house factor, 34 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Glassford, Matthew, of Glassford and French, house, 33 Paterson street, Kingston. 
Glassford, William, designer to calico-printers, agent to M. Picard, Rouen, and M. 

Troullier, Paris, 107 Buchanan street. 
GLEN, Archibald, commission merchant, 86 Miller street, house, Kelvin Grove street. 

Royal terrace. 
Glen, A. B., of Glen and Fenton, house, Grafton ten-ace. 
Glen & Fenton, cap manufacturers and warehousemen, 33 Candleriggs. 


Glen, Hugh, confectioner and pastry baker, 93 Great Hamilton street. 
Glen, James, spirit dealer, 106 King street, Calton. 

Glen, John, commission agent, 106 Hutcheson street, house, 11 Cathcart street. 
Glen & M'lndoe, silk and calico printers, 14 Gordon street, works at Gateside, Barr- 
Glen, Thomas, Hawkhead Bakery, 26 Malta street. 
Glen, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 24 Malta street. 
Glen, Thomas, meal and flour store, 42 High street. 

Glenboig Fire-brick and Tile Work. Orders left at A. Nisbet's, 180 Trongate. 
GLENDINNING, John, cabinet-maker, 28 Spoutmouth. 
Glengarnock Iron Company's Office, 105 St. Vincent street. 
Glenside Distillery, Campbelton. John K. Orr, 80 Union street, agent. 
Globe Insurance Office. James Christie, 22 Eenfield street, S. M. Penney, 16 St. 

Vincent place, and Kerrs & Anderson, 19 Gordon street, agents. 
GLOVER, Edmund, artist and manager, Prince's Theatre-Royal, house, 175 Bu- 
chanan street. 
Glover, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 248 George street and 61 High John street, 

house, 63 High John street. 
GODFREY & Fleming, screw-bolt manufacturers, 48 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Godfrey, Johnston, nail and iron-heel manufacturer and general shoe furnisher, 33 

Main street, Calton. 
GOETZ, J. L., designer, 71 South Portland street. 
GOLDER, Robert, house factor, 44 Norfolk street. 

GOLDIE, James, brick-builder, 78 Rutherglen loan and 16 Cleland street. 
Goldie, John, & Co., iron-founders, Hayfield Foundry, Hutchesontown. 
Goldie, John, of Carslaw and Henderson, residence, Mill Brae Cottage, by Langside. 
Goldie, John, of John Goldie <f Co., house, 9 Adelphi place. 
Goldie, John, Zebra tavern, 40 High street. 

Goldie, William, grocer and provision merchant, 51 Garscube road. 

Goldsmiths' Assay Office, 32 Turner's court. 

GOOD, George, house factor, 233 High street. 

Good, G., jun., accountant, house factor, and agent for the Kent Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Society, and Engineers, Masonic, and Universal Mutual Life Assurance 
Society, 9 Gordon street. 

Good, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 

GOODALL, William, confectioner, 58 Stevenson street, Calton. 

GOODSTAUST and Liberman, oilcloth manufacturers, 111 North Hanover street. 

GOODWIN and Barclay, jewellers and watch-case makers, 137 Argyll street. 

Goodwin, John, of Sclanders and Goodwin, house, 28 Lynedoch st., Woodlands road. 

Goodwin, Michael, & Co., silk manufacturers, 50 Fox street. 

Goodwin, Robert, house factor, 40 George street. 

Goodwin, Thomas, baker, 228 High street. 

Goodwin, William, of Ralston, Goodwin, $• Co., house, 3 Lynedoch street. 

GOOLD, John, grocer, 30 Clyde street, Calton. 

Goold, Robert, hosier, 19 High street. 

Goold, Robert, spirit dealer, 17 High street. 

Goold, Thomas, blacksmith, Drygate toll. 

Goold, William, cork manufacturer, 29 High street, 

Goold, William, wholesale and retail grocer, 91 High street. 

GOULD, James, tea merchant and grocer, 439 Argyll street, and 18|- Crown street, 
house, 445 Argyll street. 

Gould, Thomas, & Co., lace and sewed muslin manufacturers, and general importers 
of foreign goods, 102 Maxwell street. 

Gould, Thomas, of Thomas Gould $ Co., house, 44 Claremont place, Great Clyde st, 

GORBALS Brass Foundry, top of Portugal street. 

Gorbals Burying-ground. W. Howatt, superintendent, house, 92 Hospital street. 

Gorbals, Barony of, Procurator-fiscal, John G. Houston, writer, 35 Miller street. 

Gorbals Church and Parish Library, session-house. 

Gorbals Distillery, 26 Kirk street. 

Gorbals Foundry Company, 206 Main st., Gorbals, and Govan st., Hutchesontown. 

Gorbals Gravitation Water Company, office, 90 South Portland street. 

Gorbals Parish Poor Rates Office, 47 South Portland Street. Nicol M'Dougall, col- 


Gorbals Heritors' Collector's Office, 51 Adelphi street. 

Gorbals Police-office, 47 South Portland street. 

Gorbals Savings Bank, 23 Nicholson Street. Open every Saturday night, from 7 
till 9 o'clock. 

Gorbals Sessional School, 23 Norfolk court. John Thomson, teacher. 

Gorbals Session Clerk's Office, 51 Adelphi street. J. Coats, clerk. 

Gorbals Youths' School, Greenside street. 

GORDON, Adam, of Gordon $ Co., house, 48 Abbotsford place. 

Gordon, Andrew, dyer, 22 Kent street. 

Gordon & Co., British and foreign shawl, cloak, and tartan warehouse, 120 Argyll 

Gordon, George, carting contractor, Ayr and Greenock Railway Goods Depot, 13 
Clyde place, house, Dokneyfaulds. 

Gordon, George, confectioner and pastry baker, 25 and 27 Hutcheson street. 

Gordon, George, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 3 North court, 22 Exchange 
square, house, 5 St. Vincent place. 

Gordon, James, at Alex. Brown 8> Co.'s, house, 13 Columbia place. 

Gordon, James, bootmaker, 77 London street. 

Gordon, J. P. S., M.A., minister of St. Andrew's Episcopal Chapel, and chaplain to 

the troops, 122 South Portland street. 
Gordon, John and James, oil and colour merchants, 200 George street. 
Gordon, John, teacher of English, geography, and history, 54 St. George's place, 

house, 24 Pollock street, Paisley road. 
Gordon, John, of J. and J. Gordon, house, 9 Clarendon place. 
Gordon, Matthew Gardner, beadle, 46 Graame street. 
Gordon and Meek, writers, 3 Royal Exchange court, 17 Exchange square, and 85 

Queen street. 
Gordon, Milliken, & Co , tea merchants, 10 King street. 
Gordon, Thomas, of Gordon and Meek, house, 58 Buccleuch street. 
Gordon, Thomas, agent and accountant, 22 St. Enoch square, house, 14 South Kin- 

ning place. 
Gordon, Thomas, provision merchant, 152 Hospital street. 
Gordon, Rev. William, 34 Great Clyde street. 

Gordon, William, tinsmith and gasfitter, 16 Bishop street, house, 52 do. 
Gordon, W. A., teacher, Wellington place, 71 Sauchiehall street. 
Gordon, Mrs., 3 Bath street. 
Gordon, Mrs. William, 11 Jane street. 

GORMAN, Patrick, nail manufacturer, Brickfield, off Main street, Calton. 
Gorman, William, & Co., engravers and lithographers, stamp, die, and seal cutters, 

5 Hutcheson street. 
GOULD. See under Goold. 
GOSSMAN, Adam, joiner, Cadogan street. 
GOURLAY, Charles, house, 64 Oxford street. 

Gourlay, George, rag merchant, 178 Gallowgate, house, 8 William street. 
Gourlay, George, slater, 8 William st., Greenhead, slate-yard, 56 Green st., Calton. 
Gourlay, Henry, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 11 Union street. 
Gourlay, Henry, of Henry Gourlay (J 1 Co., house, 34 Abbotsford place. 
Gourlay, James, accountant, Prince's court, 32 Buchanan st., house, 9 Carlton place. 
Gourlie, James, of William Gourlie cf Son, house, 5 Melrose street. 
Gourlay, John B., 54 Oxford street. 
Gourlay, John, & Co., distillers, Port-Dundas. 

Gourlay & Limm, upholstery trimming manufacturers, 90 Argyll street. 
Gourlay, M. B., of John Gourlay 8; Co., house, at the works, Port-Dundas. 
Gourlay, Robert, jun., 54 Oxford street. 

Gourlay, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 13 Coronation buildings, Eglinton street. 
Gourlay, Robert, 64 Oxford street. 
Gourlay, William, 115 St. Vincent street. 

Gourlay, William, smith, machinist, brassfounder, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 12 Carl- 
ton court, Bridge street, house, 54 Oxford street. 
Gourlie, William, & Son, calico printers, &c, 8 South Frederick street. 
Gourlie, William, jun., of William Gourlie cj- Son, house, 29 St. George's road. 
Gourlie, M., tuscan and straw-bonnet, millinery and dressmaking establishments, 
156 Trongate, and 16 Nelson street. 


Goubock Ropework Company, 42 Clyde buildings. David Johnston, jun., manager ; 
Aulay Bain, salesman, house, 109 Dale street. 

GO VAN, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 Main street, Anderston. 

Govan, James, Railway hotel and tavern, 7 and 9 Clyde place. 

Go van, John, ship and insurance broker and commission agent, 2 Howard street, 
house, 41 Cook street. 

Govan, John, at John M'Call <f Co.'s, house, 20 Bloomfield place, Hillhead. 

Govan, William, of William Govan § Son, house, Southpark, Hillhead. 

Govan, William, jun., of William Govan <j- Son, house, Southpark, Hillhead. 

Govan, William, and Son, manufacturers, 15 Renfield street. 

Govan, Mrs. James, 58 Renfield street. 

Govan Annexation Parish Rooms, head of Dale street. James D. Kirkwood, in- 

Govan Parish Workhouse, head of Dale street. 

Govan Bar-Iron Works Office, 1 Dixon street. 

Govan Colliery Office, 1 Dixon street. 

Govan Iron Works Office, 1 Dixon street. 

Govanhaugh Dyeworks, Alexander Harvey, Hutchesontown. 

Govan Parish Road-money Office, 24 St. Enoch square. D. Dreghorn, collector. 

Govan Parish Poor-rate Office, 24 St. Enoch square. D. Dreghorn, collector. 

Government Emigration Office, Custom-house. 

Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street. 

GOW, Allan C, ship and insurance agent, commission merchant, and vice-consul 
for the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, 87 Union street, house, 2 Chatham place, 
Stirling's road. 

Gow, Andrew, & Co., merchants and drysalters, 35 Miller street. 

Gow, Andrew, of Andrew Gow <f Co., house, Newstead place, Govan road. 

Gow, Butler, & Co., warehousemen, 55 Wilson street. 

Gow, John, Rutland place. 

Gow, John, of Gow, Butler, $■ Co., 1 2 Stobcross crescent, Partick road. 

Gow, Murray, sewed muslin manufacturer and commission merchant, 9 Royal Ex- 
change square. 

Gow, Robert, merchant, 71 Queen street, house, 15 Abbotsford place. 

Gow, Robert, jun., accountant and house factor, agent for County Fire and Provident 
Life Offices, 71 Queen street, house, 18 Florence place, Stanley street. 

Gow, Thomas, tobacconist, 154 Saltmarket street. 

Gow, William, confectioner, 29 Stobcross street. 

Gow, Miss Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Great Dovehill. 

Gow, Miss, 28 Garscube place. 

Gow, Mrs. John, poulterer, 199 Sauchiehall street. 

GO WANS, Adam, bookbinder, Sidney court, 62 Argyll street, house, 63 Stewart st. 

GOWDIE, David, coal agent, 74 High John street. 

Gowdie, David, janitor, High School. 

GOWLAND, Brothers, starch manufacturers, wholesale coffee and spice merchants, 
28 and 32 Miller street, and 6 Paterson street. 

GRACIE, Thomas, sculptor, Spring place, Rutherglen road. 

GRAFF, L. E., cape Francais, 75 St. George's place, West George street. 

GRAHAM, Adam, of W. A. f J. Graham, house, Thornwood, Partick. 

Graham, Alexander, spirit agent, Islay, bonding warehouse, 74 Maxwell street, ho., 
5 Milton place, West St. Vincent street. 

Graham, Alexander, of Wm. Graham <f Co., house, 202 Adelaide place. 

Graham, Alexander, Eagle Temperance hotel, 59 Maxwell street. 

Graham, Archibald, potato dealer, 21 College street. 

Graham, Archibald, & Co., manufacturers of gold thread and plate, gold and silver 
laces for exportation, sewing and tambouring worsteds, &c, 113 Brunswick st. 

Graham, Charles Maxwell, 17 Woodside terrace. 

Graham & Crawford, bakers and flour merchants, 145 Gallowgate. 

Graham, Duncan, flesher, 17 Main street, Anderston. 

Graham, Francis, hairdresser, 7 Havannah street. 

Graham, Francis, shoemaker, 134 Main street, Anderston. 

Graham, George, millwright, Old Bridge-end, Partick. 

Graham, J. & C. M., cotton works, West street, Calton. Letters left at William 
Sleigh's, 84 Wilson street. 


Graham, James, of W. A. <$■ J. Graham, house, 12 Sandyford place. 

Graham, James Maxwell, 17 Woodside terrace. 

Graham, James, tailor and clothier, 36 Green street. 

Graham, James, wright and builder, 184 George street, house, 49 Montrose street. 

Graham, James, merchant, 41 Charlotte street. 

Graham, James, victualler, 32 Kirk street, Calton. 

Graham, James, saddler and harness-maker, 238 Argyll street, ho., 31 Robertson St. 

Graham, John, printer, 23 Royal Exchange square, house, 60 Bath street. 

Graham, J. L., tailor, and beadle of the Argyll Free Church, 14 Oswald street. 

Graham, John, accountant, and house and insurance agent, 107 Buchanan street, 

house, 48 Oxford street. 
Graham, John, of Graham and M'Dougall, house, 84 North street. 
Graham, John, pastry baker and spirit dealer, 473 Gallowgate. 
Graham, John, of Anderson, Graham, $■ Co., residence, Lambhill. 
Graham, John, flesher, 70 King street, house, 56 do. 
Graham, John, provision merchant, 29 Green street, Calton. 
Graham, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Douglas street. 
Grseme, John, surgeon, 144 High street, house, 29 Hutcheson street. 
Graham, Rev. John, of East Regent Place Church, Sackville place, 136 Stirling's rd. 
Graham, J. & J. T., confectioners, 98 Stockwell street. 
Graham, John, washer and bleacher, High Green, Townhead. 
Graham, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 New street, Calton, and 419 Argyll St., 

house, 4 Well street. 
Graham & M'Dougall, sewed muslin manufacturers, 127 Brunswick street. 
Graham, Michael, assistant-inspector, Town's Hospital, house, 6 Suffolk street. 
Graham, Peter, of M'Callum, and Graham, house, 24 Thistle street, Garnethill. 
Graham, Robert, & Co., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 52 Glassford street. 
Graham, Robert, & Co., pocket-book makers, 58 Buchanan street. 
Graham, Robert, of William Graham cf- Co., house, 210 Adelaide place. 
Graham, Robert, dyer, 9 and 11 Shuttle street. 
Graham, Robert, cooper, 41 Carrick street. 

Graham, T. & T. Hill, Sasine Office, 5 Moore place, "West George street. 
Graham, Thomas, pattern drawer, 289 Parliamentary road. 
Graham, W. A. & J., writers, 42 George square. 
Graham, William, & Co., merchants, 70 Miller street. 
Graham, William & Robert, & Co., merchants, 70 Miller street. 
Graham, William, jun., of William Graham <f Co., house, Castlemilk place. 
Graham, William, of Lambhill, at J. cf- W. Campbell <$; Co.'s, residence, Lambhill. 
Graham, William, spirit dealer, 2 Lawmoor place, Govanhaugh. 
Graham, William, of W. A. cf J. Graham, house, 4 Newton place. 
Graham, William, woollen draper, 33 Argyll street. 

Graham, William, goods agent, Ayrshire Railway, house, 31 Paterson street. 
Graham, William, Procurator-Fiscal's Ofiice, house, 2 Kinning place. 
Graham, Agnes, grocer, 12 Crown street. 
Graham, Margaret, provision dealer, 51 Stockwell street. 
Graham, Miss, staymaker, 10 and 12 Nelson street. 
Graham, Misses, lodgings, 255 George street. 
Graham, Mrs. John, 3 Balmanno street. 

Graham, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, 152 Main street, Anderston. 
Graham, Mrs. John, 88 North Hanover street. 
Graham, Mrs,, dressmaker, 19 Findlay street. 
Graham, Mrs., flesher, Bell street market. 
Graham, Mrs. J., green grocer, 63 Crown street. 

Graham, Mrs., and Miss Fleming, seminary for young ladies, Claremont House. 
Graham, Mrs. M., spirit dealer, 200 Argyll street. 
GRANDISON, James, and Sons, machine-makers, Govan street. 
Grandison, James, of James Grandison and Sons, 2 Edwin place. 
GRANGE, Thomas, bootmaker, 15 Exchange place. 
GRANGER, James, baker, 232 Argyll street. 
Granger, John, baker, 86 Garscube road. 
Granger, Robert, bootmaker, 26 Saltmarket. 
Granger, Robert, Govan Iron Works, 1 Dixon street. 
Granger, Robert, cartwright, 33 King street, Tradeston. 


GRANT, Alexander, merchant, 68 St. Vincent street. 

Grant, Alexander, clerk, British Linen Co.'s Bank. 

Grant, Alexander, carver, gilder, and picture-frame maker, 72 Sauchiehall street. 

Grant, Alexander, spirit dealer, 411 Gallowgate. 

Grant, Alexander, smith and farrier, 151 Castle street. 

Grant, Andrew, merchant, 32 Parson street, Barony glehe. 

Grant, Archibald, 37 Grteme street. 

Grant & Co., cotton, linen, worsted, and woollen-yarn agents and commission mer- 
chants, 34 Wilson street. 

Grant, Charles, of Charles Grant <§ Co., residence, New Hall house, Greenhead. 

Grant, Charles, spirit dealer, 120 High street. 

Grant, Charles, & Co., merchants, 34 Wilson street. 

Grant, Daniel, lime merchant and stucco manufacturer, 46 Howard street ; stucco 
works, Stourbridge court, Argyll street ; limekilns, Stocking-field. 

Grant, Duncan, of Grant <f- Co., and Charles Grant <J- Co., residence, New Hall house. 

Grant, G. A., hosier, 162 Hospital street. 

Grant, George, and Son, manufacturers by power, Broad street, Mile-end. 

Grant, George, cork-cutter, 466 Argyll street. 

Grant, George, of George Grant and Son, house, 21 Whitevale street. 

Grant, Henry, of Grant cf Co., residence, New Hall house. 

Grant, James, builder, 1 Hope street, Anderston. 

Grant, James, wine and spirit dealer, 19 Stockwell street. 

Grant, James, jun., builder, 23 Douglas street. 

Grant, John, manufacturer, 40 Candleriggs, house, 50 Great Hamilton street. 

Grant, John, tailor and clothier, 18 Hutcheson street. 

Grant, John, spirit dealer, 19 Wellington street. 

Grant, John, spirit dealer, 422 Gallowgate. 

Grant, John, at Winchester and M l Gibbon's, house, 37 Turner's court, Argyll street. 

Grant, Richard R., ofPaton and Grant, house, 35 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Grant, Thomas, spirit dealer, 81 Candleriggs. 

Grant, William, wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 330 Argyll street. 

GRASSE, E., artist's colourman, and print-seller, 45 Queen street. 

GRAY, A. F., of Customs, house, 1 Albany place. 

Gray, Andrew, baker and grain merchant, 24 Abercorn street. 

Gray, Andrew, 17 South Portland street. 

Gray, Archibald, flesher, Mayfield place, 387 Sauchiehall st., house, 13 Richard st. 

Gray, Charles and David, distillers, 4 Muirhead street. 

Gray, Charles, of Charles and David Gray, residence, Kelly house. 

Gray, Charles, plain and decorative painter and paper-hanger, 6 and 8 Bath street, 
house, 180 Hope street. 

Gray, David, and Son, clothiers, 81 Queen street. 

Gray, David, of David Gray and Son, house, 3 Ronald street. 

Gray and Donaldson, calenderers and packers, 1 George square. 

Gray, Rev. Dr. George, professor of Oriental languages, College. 

Gray, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 122 Broomielaw. 

Gray, James, of James Gray <§ Co., house, 57 Oswald street. 

Gray, James, Park Grove, Paisley road. 

Gray, James, victualler, 23 Little street, Calton. 

Gray, James, wine and spirit merchant, 147 Gallowgate. 

Gray, James, of Gray and Donaldson, 38 St. Andrew square. 

Gray, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 651 Gallowgate. 

Gray, J. & J., proprietors, North British Advertiser, 10 Royal Exchange square. 

Gray, James, & Co., iron-founders, engineers, and boiler-makers, 54 Washington st. 

Gray, J., & Co., cabinetmakers, 28 Spoutmouth. 

Gray, James, cabinetmaker, 4 Hill street, Gallowgate. 

Gray, John, Stewarton and Dunlop carrier, Madeira court, 251 Argyll street. 

Gray, John, manufacturer of tobacco and snuff, 79 Argyll street, house, 3 South 
Margaret street. 

Gray, John Boyle, writer, of Gray and Wilson, house, 185 St. Vincent street. 
Gray, John, of Brown, Downes, §• Co., house, Park Grove. 

Gray, John, commission agent, 41 London street. 

Gray, John, victualler and grocer, 39 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Gray, John, Catholic clergyman, 38 Portugal street. 


Gray, John, & Co., confectioners, 155 Trongate. 

Gray, Matthew, manager, Peel Street Factory, Peel street, Mile-end, house, 3 Morris 

Gray, Peter, spirit dealer, 88 Kirk street, Calton. 
Gray, Peter, saddler, 103 Garsctibe road. 

Gray, Richard, of Richard Gray $ Co., 1 Great Kelvin terrace. 
Gray, Richard, & Co., commission agents, 48 Gordon street. 
Gray, Robert, of Robert Gray <$ Co., Brazilian vice consulate, 48 Gordon street, 

house, 191 Renfrew street. 
Gray, Robert, & Co., coal-masters, office, 56 Broomielaw. 
Gray, Robert, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 48 Gordon street. 
Gray, Robert, & Son, goldsmiths, jewellers, and watchmakers, 78 Argyll street. 
Gray, Robert, of Glenorchard, 29 Lynedoch street. 

Gray, Robert, agent for Shaws-water Cotton-spinning Company, 83 Hutcheson st. 
Gray & Son, engravers, lithographers, and gold printers, 67 Trongate, and 107 

Buchanan street, house, 84 Crown street. 
Gray, T. & J., stripe and check manufacturers, 70 Brunswick street. 
Gray, Thomas, storekeeper and grain-weigher, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway. 
Gray, Thomas, tinware merchant and gastitter, 47 Jamaica street, house, 45 Eglin- 

ton street. 
Gray, Thomas, of David Gray and Son, 81 Queen street. 
Gray, Thomas, commission merchant, 3 West Nile street. 
Gray, Thomas, pastry baker and confectioner, 26 Nelson street. 
Gray, Walter, & Co., merchants, 46 Renfield street. 
Gray, Walter, of Walter Gray $ Co., house, 14 Abercromby place. 
Gray, William, spirit dealer, 45 East Clyde street. 

Gray, William, manager, at Charles Todd and Higginbothani's weaving factory, Com- 
mercial road, house, 12 South Wellington street. 
Gray, William, at Thomas APGnffie's, 35 Miller street. 
Gray, William, egg and butter merchant, 61 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Gray, William, spirit dealer, 23 Malta street. 
Gray, William, & Co., fire-brick makers, 124 Port-Dundas road. 
Gray, William, hosier, 296 Argyll street. 
Gray & Wilson, writers, 51 St. Vincent street. 
Gray, Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Well street. 
Gray, Miss, 105 Douglas street. 
Gray, Miss, staymaker, 9 New street, Calton. 
Gray, Mrs. James, commercial lodgings, 92 Broomielaw. 
Gray, Mrs. James, 14 Abercromby place. 
Gray, Mrs., commission agent, 80 North Frederick street. 
Gray, Mrs. John, lodgings, 77 West Nile street. 
Gray, Mrs. P., Ladies' Seminary, 99 South Portland street. 
GREEN, Bernard, general broker, 87 Old vennel. 
Geeen Market, 48 Back wynd and New wynd. 

Greenfield Bleaching Co., Mearns. Letters left at 23 West George street. 
GREENLEES, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 420 Argyll street. 
Greenlees, Robert, teacher of drawing and painting, 151 New City road. 
GREENLIE, John, bootmaker, 162 Trongate. 
Greenock Advertiser, and Clyde Commercial Journal, office, 32 Jamaica street. 

James C. M'Kenzie, agent. 
Greenock Railway Co.'s Goods and Parcel Office, Springfield court, 58 Buchanan 

Greenock Railway Station, 14 Bridge street. 

Greenock Ropework Company, D. Johnstone, manager, 42 Clyde buildings. 
Greenock Saw Mill Co., 81 Wellington street. 
GREENSHIELDS, A., & Co., clothiers, 87 Queen street. 

Greenshields, A., of A. Greenshields cf Co., house, 2 Rutland place, Govan road. 
Greenshields, Brothers, pianoforte and music-sellers, 19 Argyll arcade. 
Greenshields, David, of Greenshields, Brothers, house, 17 Holmhead street. 
Greenshields, James, 17 Holmhead street. 
Greenshields, James, & Co., asphalte and waterproof cloth manufacturers. Agents 

for Ritchie & Sons' roofing, inodorous, and other felts, Crown court, 33 Virginia 



Greenshields, Robert, of Greenshields, Brothers, house, 17 Holmhead street. 
GREER, James, M.D., surgeon, professor of Hygeianism ; consulting office, 11 Hut- 

cheson street, house, 102 South Portland street. 
Grier, William, victualler, 13 Main street, Gorbals. 
GREIG, David, accountant, 82 West Regent street. 
Greig, J., house-factor, 3 Green street, Calton. 
Greig, J. G., surgeon-dentist, 82 West Regent street. 
Greig, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 44 Millroad street. 
Greig, Joseph, jun., letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 3 Green street, Calton. 
Greig, Robert, wright and mangle-maker, 20 Greyfriars wynd, 147 High street, 

house, 44 Taylor street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Greig, William N., teacher of geography, writing, and arithmetic, 4 Wemyss place. 
Greig, William, manager, Glasgow New Apothecaries' Hall, 57 and 59 Glassford St., 

house, 2 Ure place, Montrose street. 
Greig, William, grocer, 86 Kirk street, Calton. 
Greg, Mrs. John, crape dresser, 95 North Hanover street. 
GREEVER, George, warehouseman, 128 High John street. 
GRIBBEN, Heniy, M.D., surgeon, 133 and 144 Bridgegate, and 163 Stockwell St., 

house, 161 Stockwell street. 
GRIER. See Greek. 
GRIERSON, Archd. Gracie, Abbotsford hotel and tavern, and commercial lodgings, 

28 Jamaica street. 
Grierson, James, tailor, 43 Govan street. 

Grierson & Murray, goldsmiths and jewellers, 34 Buchanan street. 
Grierson, Robert, nail manufacturer, 35 Brown street. 
Grierson, William, at Campbell $ Co.'s, house, 11 Union street. 
GRIEVE, Alexander, of Grieve and Cochrane, house, 5 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Grieve & Cochrane, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 44 High street. 
Grieve, Mansfield, coal-master. Cairnhill colliery, Monkland Canal Basin, north side. 
Grieve, Robert & Thomas, wholesale tea merchants, 71 Wilson street. 
Grieve, William, flesher, 95 Kirk street. 

Grieve, Robert, of Robert and Thomas Grieve, house, 122 Wellington street. 
Grieve, Thomas, of Robert and Thomas Grieve, house, 122 Wellington street. 
Grieve, Mrs., Albert ten-ace, 199 Renfrew street. 
Grieve, Mrs. Archibald, 9 Ure place, 

GRIFFIN, Charles, of Richard Griffin $ Co., house, 1 Provanside. 
Griffin, Peter, slater, 52 Abercromby street, corner of Rose street. 
Griffin, Richard, & Co., publishers, booksellers, stationers, and manufacturers of che- 
mical apparatus, 40 Buchanan street. 

GRIFFITH, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 25 Canon street. 

GRINDLAY, George, confectioner, 15 Saltmarket. 

Guarantee Society of London. Agents, T. G. Buchanan, and L. M. Kerr, 157 
Buchanan street. 

Guardian Assurance Co., 19 Cochran street, D. T. Perry, agent. 

Guardian Newspaper Office, 94 Miller street. 

GUILD, James W, of Knox and Guild, house, 46 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Guild, John, of Guild, Rankin, § Co., house, 59 Renfield street. 

Guild, Rankin, & Co., Scotch woollen warehousemen, and manufacturers of ginghams 
and galas, 113 Candleriggs. 

GUMPRECHT, Julius, merchant, 5 Lynedoch crescent. 

Gumprecht, Mrs., institution for young ladies, 5 Lynedoch crescent. 

GUNION, John, ofJaffrey and Gunion, house, 74 Charlotte street. 

Gunion, William, ofJaffrey and Gunion, house, 85 Candleriggs street. 

GUNN, Benjamin, of Gunn and Buchanan, house, 113 Renfrew street. 

Gunn & Buchanan, tailors and clothiers, 15 Buchanan street. 

Gunn & Co., fent dealers, 44 and 46 Jamaica street. 

Gunn, F. D., agent and house factor, 9 Stirling street. 

Gunn, George, coal merchant and carriage hirer, 176 North street. 

Gunn, George, porter, Clydesdale Bank, house, 11 Queen street. 

Gunn, Robert, of North British Mail, 23 Clarendon place. 

Gunn, Thomas, clothier, 130 Cowcaddens street. 

Gunn, William, brassfounder, compass-maker, and tinsmith, 15 Centre street. 

Gunn, William, shuttle-maker, 6 Orr street, Calton. 


Gunn, William, bagpipe-maker, 25 East Clyde street. 

GUNNIS, George G., of Sam. Higginbotham, Son, and Ckmnis, house, 4 Maxwellton 

Gunnis, George P., commission merchant, 11 Prince's square, house, 17 Lynedoch 

GUTHRIE, Alexander, 99 Finlay place. 

Guthrie, David, provision merchant, 77 High street, and 108 Gallowgate. 

Guthrie, James, commission merchant and corn factor, 20 Union street. 

Guthrie, Rev. John, 15 Ronald street. 

Guthrie, Moses, confectioner, 74 King street, Tradeston. 

Guthrie, Robert, accountant, 163 Eglinton street. 

Guthrie, William, secretary and treasurer, Waterworks office, 23 Miller street, house, 
109 Renfrew street. 

Guthrie, William, writer, 49 West George street, house, 11 Florence place. 

Guthrie, William, tailor and clothier, 172 Argyll street, and 6 Union street. 

Gutta Percha Wholesale Warehouse, Hendry, Brothers, 5 Dixon street. See Ad- 
vertisement in Appendix. 

Gutta Percha Depot, Samuel Wilson, 65 Candleriggs street. 

GUTTSTAM, J. & S., & Liberman, oil-cloth manufacturers, 111 North Hanover st. 


HADAWAY, John, P. S., manager, Kdmes Gunpowder Company, 25 St. Enoch 

square, house, 88 Buccleuch street, Gamethill. 
HADDEN, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, 181J High st., house, 3 College st. 
Hadden, John, bookseller and stationer, 179 High street. 
Haddin, John, 2 Binnie place, Monteith row. 
Haddon,. Archibald, spirit dealer, 196 Argyll street. 
HADDOW, James, Temperance coffee-house, reading-room, and commercial lodgings, 

59 Trongate. 
Haddow, John, warehouseman, 44 and 46 Canon street, house, 41 Stirling square. 
Haddow, Robert, at Brown § Co.'s, house, 84 Clyde street, Calton. . , 
Haddow, Mrs. Archibald, spirit dealer, 57 Cheapside, street. • 
HAD FIELD, George, ironmonger, cutler, edge-tool and saw -maker, 47' Argyll st. 
HAIR, David, at Hugh Bogle § Co.'s, 50 Gordon street, house, 18 Norfolk street. 
Hair, James, general grocer, 66 Taylor street. . . , . 

Hair, William, house factor, 39 Robertson street, house, 35 do. 
HALBERT, Joseph, & Co., slaters. 77 Main street, Anderston.'. ' 
Halbert, William, bar-officer, sheriff-court, keeper' of the sheriff's chambers, Wilson 

HALDANE, Henry, of Anderson and Haldane, house, 191 Renfrew street. 
HALKET, Henry, spirit dealer, 7 Greenhill street, Anderston. 
Halifax, Boston, and New- York Royal Mail Steam- Packet Office, 9 Buchanan st. 
HALL, Alfred, M.D., 145 St. Vincent street. 
Hall, David, pattern-designer. Orders left at 25 Arcade. 
Hall, David, clerk; Town's Hospital, house, 105 Cumberland -place. 
Hall, James, & Co., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 20 Ingram street. 
Hall, John, brazier and tinplate worker, 171 Main street, Gorbals. 
Hall, John, haberdasher, 27 Main street, Anderston. 
Hall, Patrick Blaney, Examiner office, house, 70 Abbotsford place. 
Hall, Peter, of James Hall fy Co., 47 Cambridge street. 
Hall, William, surgeon, 143 Stobcross street. ; • 

Hall, W. D., of Ferguson and Hall, 131 Buchanan street. 
Hall, Miss, 10 Wellington street. 
Hall, Mrs., lodgings, 128 Union street. 

HALLEY, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Douglas street. , 

HALLIDAY, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 177 St. Vincent street, 
HAMEL, Ludovick, of Walter -Crum cj- Co., residence, Thornliebank. 
Hamil, John, provision merchant and poulterer, 26 Howard street. 
HAMILTON, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Foster's lane, Eglinton street. . 
Hamilton, Andrew, grain and flour merchant, 60 Union street. 
Hamilton, Andrew, manufacturer, 16 Brunswick lane, residence, Tyrefield house, 



Hamilton, Andrew, clothier, 107 Buchanan street. 

Hamilton, Andrew, 231 St. Vincent street. 

Hamilton, Andrew, brewers' officer, 308 Gallowgate. 

Hamilton, Archibald, manager, North British Insurance Office, 8 Royal Exchange 
square, house, 5 Woodside crescent. 

Hamilton, Archibald, of Hamilton and Arthur, house, 38 West Campbell street. 

Hamilton, Archibald, grain merchant, 19 St. Enoch square. 

Hamilton, Archibald, victualler, 29 M'Kechnie street. 

Hamilton & Arthur, grain merchants, Sidney court, 62 Argyll street. 

Hamilton, B., spirit dealer, 143 Canning street. 

Hamilton, Brothers, & Co., merchants, ship and insurance brokers, agents for British 
Com. Insurance Co., and New York line of Packets, 240 Broomielaw quay. 

Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant, and agent for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 
63 St. Vincent street, house, 17 Fitzroy place. 

Hamilton, David, cotton-yarn and commission agent, 62 Ingram street, house, 9 
Royal crescent. 

Hamilton, David, 16 Canon street, house, Chatham place, Stirling's road. 

Hamilton, David, fruit merchant, 43 London street. 

Hamilton, Duke of, Coal Office, 5 Dixon street. 

Hamilton, Dundas, of ' M'Naughtan and Hamilton, house, 21 Florence place. 

Hamilton Farm and Fullarton Coal Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 

Hamilton, Gavin, wine and spirit dealer, 6 and 10 Stockwell street. 

Hamilton," George, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Cook street, Tradeston. 

Hamilton, George v confectioner, 156 and 282 High street. 

Hamilton, Gilbert, provision merchant, 181 Buchanan 3treet, 

Hamilton & Jack, manufacturers, 14 Montrose street. 

Hamilton, James, 181 St. Vincent street. 

Hamilton, James, of Hamilton Brothers 4" Co., residence, Ivy bank. 

Hamilton, James, of "Robert Barclay and Cttrle, house, Lancefield place. 

Hamilton, James, writer, of J. and J. Hamilton, house, 15 Royal crescent. . 

Hamilton, James, auctioneer and appraiser, 90 Argyll street, house, 129 Ashburton 

Hamilton, J. & J., writers, 17 South Hanover street. 

Hamilton, James, dairyman, 2 Brook street, Mile-end. 

Hamilton, James, minibus proprietor, and tavern keeper, 37 Trongate. 

Hamilton, James, pawnbroker, 82 M'Alpine street. 

Hamilton,, boot and shoemaker, 92 Eglinton street. 

Hamilton, J,ames, accountant, Western Bank, house, 7 Apsley place, Great Western 
road." * 

Hamilton, James, toll-keeper, 255 Parliamentary road. 

Hamilton, James D., writer, of J. and J. Hamilton, house, 6 South Hanover street. 

Hamilton, James M., commission merchant, 69 St. Vincent street, house, 160 Ran- 
dolph terrace, Hill street. 

Hamilton, John, baker and grain merchant, 88 Gallowgate. 

Hamilton, John, baker, 369 Gallowgate. 

Hamilton, John, wood merchant, 44 Clyde buildings. 

Hamilton, John, shuttle-maker, 248 Gallowgate. 

Hamilton, John George, 157 St. Vincent street. 

Hamilton, John, green-grocer, 215 Argyll street. 

Hamilton, John, & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 29 King street. 

Hamilton, John, agent for the Patent Dry-Gas Meter, and contractor for Gas Ap- 
paratus, &c, 146 Argyll street, house, 27 Waterloo place, Kingston. See Adver- 
tisement in Appendix. 

Hamilton, John, provision merchant, 25 Main street, Anderston. 

Hamilton, John W., 38 West George street. 

Hamilton, J. & R., oil and colour merchants, St. David's court, 16 Canon street. 

Hamilton, Joseph, baker, 148 Dalmarnock road. 

Hamilton, Joseph, wholesale provision merchant, 82 Great Hamilton street, house, 

84 do. 
Hamilton, Matthew, & Co., cotton-yarn merchants and manufacturers, 85 Candleriggs. 
Hamilton, Matthew, of Matthew Hamilton tf Co., house, 4 Kelvin terrace. 
Hamilton, J. P., Crossmyloof Factory Bread, 16 Main street, Anderston, and 140 
Sauchiehall street. 


Hamilton, M'Mutrie, & Paterson, calenderers, glaziers, hot-pressers, packers, starchers, 
&c, Smith's court, 53 Candleriggs. 

Hamilton, Nicol, & Co., corn-factors and commission merchants, 19 St. Enoch square. 

Hamilton, Peter, of W. 8f J. Davidson tS; Co., house, 126 North Montrose street. 

Hamilton & Miller, stone-carvers, Mason street. 

Hamilton, Robert, Hillhead Lime- Works, Campsie. Letters left at D. & J. Reid's, 
21 Bath street. 

Hamilton, Robert, of Hamilton, SPMutrie, and Paterson, house, 10 East Russell st. 

Hamilton, Robert, ofThos. Allan $ Co., 12 Royal Exchange square. 

Hamilton, Robert, flesher and provision merchant, 160 Gallowgate. 

Hamilton, Robert, dairyman, 17 Carrick street. 

Hamilton, Robert, of Combe and Hamilton, house, 35 Warwick street. 

Hamilton, Rolland S., surveyor for Insurance Company of Scotland and Alliance 
Company of London, 18 North Albion street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Hamilton and Rutherford, pianoforte makers and tuners, 86 Renfrew street, manu- 
factory, 71 Cowcaddens street. 

Hamilton, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 86 West Nile street. 

Hamilton and Summers, grocers and provision merchants, 39 Kent street, house, 10 
East Russell street. 

Hamilton, T. & J., bobbin-turners, 42 Tobago street, Calton, house, 3 Canning street. 

Hamilton, Thomas, grocer and victualler, 151 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Hamilton, Thomas, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 62 Hutcheson st. 

Hamilton, Thomas, victualler and dairyman, 4 South St. Mungo street. 

Hamilton, Thomas, victualler, 21 and 23 Stobcross street, Anderston. 

Hamilton, Thomas, baker and victualler, 20 North Albion street, and 76 King st., 
office, 51 College street, house, 120 Upper Montrose street. 

Hamilton, Thomas, jun., at Robert Cochrane cf Co.'s Verreville Pottery. 

Hamilton, William, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and printer, 137 and 141 Ren- 
field street, house, 141 do. 

Hamilton, William, at Robert Bogle (f CoSs, residence, Northpark. 

Hamilton, William, dairyman, 11 Monkland street. 

Hamilton, William, of Hamilton and Jack, house, 116 Main's street. 

Hamilton, William, of Buchanan, Hamilton, <$; Co., house, 3 Claremont terrace. 

Hamilton, William, spirit dealer, 10 Cross Gibson street. 

Hamilton, William Hill, clerk to Robert Steuart, house, 4 Parliamentary road. 

Hamilton, William, pawnbroker, 17 High street. 

Hamilton, William, pattern-designer, 49 Cadogan street. 

Hamilton, Miss Agnes, grocer and victualler, 127 Main street, Gorbals. 

Hamilton, Miss G., milliner, Terrace street. 

Hamilton, Miss Helen, straw-hat maker, 103 Renfrew street. 

Hamilton, Miss, 9 Oakfield place, Jane street. 

Hamilton, Miss, 9 Woodside crescent. 

Hamilton, Mrs., broker, 15 St. Andrew street. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Archibald, 160 Hill street, house, Garnethill. 

Hamilton, Mrs., spirit dealer, 8 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Hamilton, Mrs. G., spirit dealer, 23 Kirk street, Townhead. 

Hamilton, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, 46 Market street. 

Hamilton, Mrs. William, victualler, 121 Gallowgate. 

HANDLEY, John, trunk and portmanteau maker, 101 Argyll street. 

HANLY, Rev. Patrick, 34 Great Clyde street. 

HANNAY, Alexander, baker, 110 Cowcaddens street. 

Hannah, Alexander, brace, bit, and auger-maker, 39 Kirk street, and 24 Risk street, 

Hannay, Anthony, of Kelly fy Co., house, 1 Claremont street, Royal crescent. 

Hannah, David, wine and spirit merchant, 74 Buchanan street, and 13 Exchange pi, 

Hannah, Rev. John, Wesleyan Minister, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 

Hannah, John, clerk, at Charles Tennant <f Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

Hannah, Matthew, victualler, 23 Canning street, Calton. 

Hannah, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 67 Burnside, Garscube road. 

Hannah, R. & D., Girvan carriers, 38 Miller's place. 

Hannah, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 41 Gordon street. 

Hannay, William, brassfounder and gasfitter, 42 Bath street. 
Hannah, William, of A. tf P. Rintoul, 10 Stirling square. 


Hannah, Mrs., grocer, 138 Main street, Anderston. 

HANDYSIDE, N. & R., merchants, ship and insurance brokers, and agents for the 

National Provident Institution, 45 Union street. 
Handyside, N, of N. and R. Sandy side, house, 32 Lynedoch street. 
Handyside, N, Russian Vice-Consul, 45 Union street. 
Handyside, R. B., of'N. and R. Handyside, house, 122 Hope street. 
H ANNAN, James, of Henry Monteith § Co., house, 12 Elmbank crescent. 
HAKBOUR-Master's Office, 16 Robertson street. 
HARDIE, Alexander, builder, 3 Greenhill street. 
Hardie, Captain J., Lancefield place. 
Hardie, E. & J., boot and shoemakers, 14 London street. 
Hardie, Henry & William, machine-makers, spindle-makers, smiths, and iron-turners, 

73 Duke street. 
Hardie, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Renfrew street, and 173 Hope street. 
Hardie, Stark, & Co., silk, calico, and de laine printers, Locherfield. Letters left at 

D. M'Donald's, 68 Glassford street. 
Hardie, Thomas, ship and house smiths, 53 Dale street, Tradeston, house, 24 Scot- 
land street. 
Hardie, William, teacher of English, 144 West Regent street. 
Hardie, Mrs., lodgings, 23 George street. 
Hardie, Mrs., Mayfield place, Sauchiehall street. 
Hardie, Mrs., 4 Albion court, 41 North Albion street. 

HARDING, Richard S., & Co., tea and coffee importers, 58 Jamaica street. 
Harding, John, gold-beater, 26 Glassford street. 
HARGAN, James, traveller, 160 Saltmarket street. 
HARKIN, John, auctioneer, 80 and 82 Saltmarket street. 
Harkin, John, teacher of music, 15 East College street. 
HARKNESS, Adam, baker, 117 Rottenrow street. 
Harkness, Adam, clerk, Canal Brewery. 
Harkness, Miss, 106 Renfrew street. 

HARLEY, Andrew, of D. Hurley # Co., house, 93 South Portland street. 
Harley, Archibald Bell, shawl merchant and manufacturer, 69 Ingram street, house, 

241 Buchanan street. 
Harley, David, & Co., cotton-yarn merchants, 22 John street. 
Harley, David, of D. Harley <§ Co., house, 99 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Harley, Daniel, innkeeper, carriers' quarters, stabler, &c, 38 Ingram street. 
Harley & M'Lean, wholesale stationers, 57 Ingram street. 
Harley, William, starcher, 66 and 68 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 
Harley, Misses, West of Scotland Institution, 1 Claremont terrace. 
Harley, Mrs., lodgings, 435 Argyll street. 
HARPER, Andrew, wholesale and retail provision store, 72 Broomielaw; retail shops, 

92 Kirk street, Calton, 159 Castle street, and 2 Kir k street, Townhead; house, 

37 Gramme street. 
Harper, John, fruiterer, 75 Norfolk street. 
Harper, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 1\ Norfolk street, house, 194 Main 

street, Gorbals. 
Harper, Samuel, grain merchant, 165 Sauchiehall street. 
Harper & Son, agents for the United Kingdom Life Insurance Co., 165 Sauchiehall 

HARRIS, Abram, jeweller, 21 Stockwell place. 
Harris, A., Cohens & Co., wholesale jewellers and watch manufacturers, 67 Trongate, 

house, 21 Stockwell place. *» 

Harris, Hugh, spirit dealer, 152 Main street, Gorbals. 
Harris, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 26 Marlborough street. 
Harris, James, bootmaker, 70 Nelson' street. 
Harris, Robert, shawl warehouse, 129 Ingram street. 
HARROWER, George, 63 High John street. 

HART, David, & Co., builders, 63 East Howard street, house, 7 Bedford street. 
Hart, Hugh, of Glasgow Apothecaries' 1 Co., house, 98 Montrose street. 
Hart, James, 54 West Regent street. 
Hart, John, tailor and clothier, 70 Oxford street. 
Hart, John, banker, 2 Woodside place. 
Hart, Robert, & Co., manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street. 


Hart, "William, Procurator-fiscal, Sheriff's chambers, Wilson street, house, 5 Green- 
law place, Paisley road. 

Hart, William, & Co., clothiers, hatters, and outfitters, 151 and 153 Argyll street. 

Hart, William, of William Hart 6f Co., house, 74 Abbotsford place. 

HARTHILL and Salmond, newspaper agents, publishers, printers, and commission 
agents, 26 and 34 Glassford street. 

HARVEY, Alexander, dyer, works, Govanhaugh, house, 4 South Wellington place. 
Place of call, W. A. Foster, 96 Queen street. 

Harvie, Alexander, of Harvie and APGavin, house, 313 Sauchiehall street. 

Harvie, Archibald, general grocer, 173 Argyll street, house, 40 Oxford street. 

Harvey, Bernard, clothier, 32 Broomielaw. 

Harvie, Black, & Co., merchants, 33 Buchanan street. 

Harvie, Douglas, carter and coal agent, 221 New Dalmarnock road. 

Harvie, G. E., accountant, and agent for the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance 
Co., 153 Queen street, house, 2 Elmbank place. 

Harvey, Hugh, & Son, wrights, Killennont street, house, 282 Buchanan street. 

Harvey, J. E., wine and spirit merchant, 229 Buchanan street, and 2 Bath street, 
house, 52 Buccleuch street. 

Harvey, James, surgeon, 45 Cambridge street, consulting room, 251 High street. 

Harvey, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Candleriggs. 

Harvie, James, mahogany merchant, cabinet-maker, and upholsterer, 23 Hope st. 

Harvie, James, town, sheriff, and river bailie, 66 Hutcheson street, ho., 147 High st. 

Harvie, James, jun., agent and house factor, 147 High street. 

Harvey, James, brassfounder, 173 Great Hamilton street, house, 87 Abercromby St. 

Harvey, John, grain merchant, Madeira court. 

Harvey, John, grocer and victualler, 291 Argyll street, and 3 Douglas street. 

Harvey, John, of Hugh Harvey <§ Son, house, 282 Buchanan street. 

Harvie, John, spirit dealer, 3 Mitchell street. 

Harvey, John, 23 Gloucester street, Kingston. 

Harvie, John, horse dealer, 32 Great Clyde street, house, 96 South Portland street. 

Harvie, John, of W. and J. Harvie, house, 80 Wellington street. 

Harvey,- John and Robert, & Co., distillers, Dundas hill, Port-Dundas, office, 76 Max- 
well street. 

Harvie, John, of Harvie, Black, cj- Co., house, 183 Sauchiehall street. 

Harvey, John and William, & Co., distillers, Yoker, office, 76 Maxwell street. 

Harvie and M'Gavin, grain-millers, Anderston grain mills, 27 Washington street. 

Harvey, Robert, of John and Robert Harvey, house, Pinkston. 

Harvie, W. and J., cabinet-makers and timber merchants, 75 North Wellington st. 

Harvey, William, rag merchant, 33 Bell street. 

Harvie, William, of W. and J. Harvie, house, 339 Argyll street. 

Harvey, William, jun., of John Gourlay 6f Co., house, 52 Windsor terrace. 

Harvey, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 15 Clyde terrace. 

Harvey, Mrs., 162 Bedford place, Renfrew street. 

Harvey,- Mrs., 5 Windsor place. 

Harvey, Mrs. J., commercial lodgings, 4 York street. 

Harvey, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 25 South Montrose street. 

Harvie, Mrs., 52 Renfield street. 

HASTIE, Alexander, M.P., ofR. Hastie $ Co., house, 212 Bath street. 

Hastie, D. E., cabinet and chairmaker, 17 Greenside street, Gorbals. 

Hastie, John, carver, gilder, and picture-frame maker, 88 Stockwell street, house, 9 
Stockwell place. 
**Hastie, Robert, & Co., merchants, 13 John street. 

Hastie, William, agent, 33 Virginia street. 

Hastie, William, grocer, 46 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Hastie, William, painter and paper-hanger, 51 Hutcheson street. 

HATRICK, Peter, herbalist and wine and spirit dealer, Tea Gardens, 206 Main st., 

Hatrick, Dr. W. R., 148 Gallowgate, house, 22 Charlotte street. 

HAVET, Alfred, French master, Glasgow Athenaeum. 

Hawkhead Baking Establishment, Thomas Glen, 42 High street. 

HAWORTH & Co,, remnant merchants and agents, 54 Brunswick street. 

HAXTON, Robert, cabinetmaker, 42 West College street and 378 Argyll street. 

HAY, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 55 Carrick street. 


Hay, Andrew, warden of Calton Burying-ground, 6 Ritchie's lane, Calton. 

Hay, Bartholomew, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 145 Ingram street. 

Hay, Charles, mason and smoke doctor, and oven builder, 110 Holme street. 

Hay, David, of Hay, Bartholomew, § Co., house, 339^ Argyll street. 

Hay, James, musical-instrument maker, 5 Coburg street. 

Hay, James, of William Hay S; Co., house, 80 Buccleuch street. 

Hay, James, builder, 5 Gloucester street, Kingston. 

Hay, John, victualler, 178 Stirling's road. 

Hay, John, commission agent, 52 Brunswick street, house, 74 Abbotsford place. 

Hay, John, wine and spirit merchant, 69 Saltmarket street and 92 High st., house, 
53 Charlotte street. 

Hay, Jonathan, N. B. Advertiser Office, house, 19 Ronald street. 

Hay, Matthew, spirit dealer, 32 Crown street. 

Hay, Merricks, & Co., Roslin Gunpowder Mills. John Smith, agent, 85 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

Hay, Robert, agent for John Inglis, Brunstane Mills, Musselburgh, 95 Union street. 

Hay, Thomas, baker, 25 Finlay street. 

Hay, William, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 38 Queen street. 

Hay, William, of William Hay $ Co., house, 9 Newton place. 

Hay, William, stationer, 9 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Hay, Miss Jane, straw- hat maker, 278 High street. 

Hay, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 11 George street. 

Hay, Mrs., grocer, 15 Crown street. 

HAYES, Edwin F., cap-maker, 9 Maxwell street. 

Hayes, Henry, grocer and fruiterer, 36 Dundas street. 

Hayfield Foundry. John Goldie & Co., Hutchesontown. 

HAYMAN, Thomas, contractor, 124 Brunswick street. 

HEALY, Joseph, French bootmaker (from George street, Edinburgh), 105 Bu- 
chanan street. 

HECTOR, John, bootmaker, 284 Argyll street, house, 71 Waterloo street. 

Hector, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 88 M'Alpine street. 

HEDDERWICK, James, & Son, printers to the Queen, 22 St. Enoch square. 

Hedderwick, James, editor of the Glasgoio Citizen, house, 1 Rutland crescent. 

Hedderwick, John, & Co., Dundee Warehouse, 16 and 18 Stirling street, house, 23 
South Portland street. 

Hedderwick, John, Citizen Office, house, 23 Carlton place. 

Hedderwick, Robert, of James Hedderwick fy Son, 60 Muirhouses, Pollockshaws rd. 

Hedderwick, Maitland, of John Hedderwick # Co., house, 23 South Portland street. 

HEGGIE, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 25 Ingram street, workshops and 
warehouse, 17 and 23 Stirling's road, house, 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road. 

Heggie, George, at C. <f R. Baird and Muirhead's, 24 Gordon street. 

Heggie, James, bookseller, 13 Saltmarket street. 

Heggie, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 230 Buchanan street, house, 198 Stir- 
ling's road. 

HEITON, Thomas, wright, 48 Cadogan street, house, 61 Waterloo street. 

HENDERSON, A. J., tailor, clothier, and hatter, 70 Stevenson street. 

Henderson, Alex., ironmonger, 242 Buchanan street. 

Henderson, Alex. P., solicitor, commissioner for Scotland of the Superior Courts of 
Law and Equity in England and Ireland, 77 Montrose street. 

Henderson, Andrew, lath-splitter, 11 Oswald street, house, 48^ Broomielaw street. 

Henderson, Archibald, 145 New City road. 

Henderson, Andrew, of R. and J. Henderson, house, 1 India street, Somerset place. 

Henderson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 48 Main street, Anderston. 

Henderson, Francis, grocer, 59 Ingram street, house, 128 John street. 

Henderson, Euphemia, straw-hat maker and milliner, 69 Eglinton st., Laurieston. 

Henderson, George, Austrian and Sardinian vice-consul, 15 Renfield street. 

Henderson, George, merchant, 16 Windsor terrace. 

Henderson, George, of Patrick Henderson if Co., house, 9 Richmond street. 

Henderson, Hector, distiller, 21 St. Enoch square, house, 24 Warwick street, Lau- 
rieston ; distilleries at Camlachie and Islay. 

Henderson, Henry, grocer, 117 West George street, house, 17 Cambridge street. 

Henderson, Henry, of White and Henderson, house, 184 West Nile street. 

Henderson, Hugh, commission agent, 59 King street. 


Henderson, Hugh, house agent and factor, 304 Gallowgate. 

Henderson, Rev. Dr. James, of Free. St. Enoch's, house, 4 Mansfield place, West 

Regent street. 
Henderson, Captain James, shipowner, 31 Elmbank crescent. 
Henderson, James, shipmaster, 3 Dalhousie place, New City road. 
Henderson, James, joiner, trunk and packing-box maker, 56 Gordon street, house, 

35 Cadogan street. 
Henderson, James, baker, 203 and 218 Castle street. 
Henderson, James, civil engineer and architect, 7 Exchange place. 
Henderson, James, of Anderson and Henderson. 
Henderson, James, ship agent, 34 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 
Henderson, James, heddle manufacturer, and weavers' furnisher, 81 Great Hamilton 

Henderson, James, merchant, 16 Hope street. 

Henderson, James, agent, house-factor and sheriff-officer, 110 Crown street. 
Henderson, James, of J. Henderson cj- Co., house, 123 West Nile street. 
Henderson, J., & Co., coach-builders, 191 Buchanan street. 
Henderson, John, cooper, 61 Govan street. 

Henderson, John, of R. and J. Henderson, residence, Park, by Dalmuir. 
Henderson, John, of Car slaw and Henderson, residence, Mrs. Nisbet's, 9 South Apsley 

Henderson, John C., at Sheriff-cleric's office, house, 25 Cleland st., Hutchesontown. 
Henderson, John, collector of Statute Labour and House of Refuge assessment, Police 

buildings, southern district, house, Rutland crescent, Govan road. 
Henderson, John C, merchant and commission agent, 72 Wilson street, house, Moss 

Cottage, Dumbreck, Paisley road. 
Henderson, John, & Co., tea and coffee merchants, 213 Cowcaddens street, and 28 

Stobcross street. 
Henderson, John, of J. Henderson tf Co., house, 16 Bath street. 
Henderson, John, at Patrick Henderson cj* Co.'s, house, 9 Richmond street. 
Henderson, John, boot and shoemaker, 3 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Henderson, John, boot and shoemaker, 3 Dale street, Tradeston, 
Henderson, John, slater, 2 Havannah street. 
Henderson, John, cooper, 61 Govan street. 
Henderson, Michael, cabinetmaker and funeral undertaker, 136 Main street, Ander- 

ston, house, 63 do. 
Henderson & Paterson, wrights, 2 Paterson street, Anderston. 
Henderson, Patrick, & Co., merchants, 15 Renfield street, marble works and copper 

•warehouse, 25 Hydepark street. 
Henderson, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 18 West Russell street. 
Henderson, Richard, at the Glasgow) Pottery, Stafford street. 
Henderson, Robert & John, merchants and drysalters, 4 South Frederick street, 

shop, 31 High street. 
Henderson, Robert, machine, spring and axle maker, 30 St. Enoch wynd, house, 42 

Bedford street. 
Henderson, Robert, of Alex. Liston # Co., house, 87 Montrose street. 
Henderson, Robert, cotton-waste dealer, 47 Carrick street. 
Henderson, Robert, herbalist and druggist, 60 Commerce street, Tradeston. 
Henderson and Stark, sheriff's officers, and constables for the shires of Lanark and 

Renfrew, 5 Brunswick place. 
Henderson, Thomas, at William Cowan's, .73 Maxwell street, house, Rosehill, Pol- 

lockshaws road. 
Henderson, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Rottenrow. 
Henderson, Thomas, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 15 Hutcheson street, house, 56 

Dundas street. 
Henderson, William, & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, and oil merchants, 88 

and 90 New wynd, house, 18 Monteitb row. 
Henderson, William, & Son, builders and contractors, 48^- Broomielaw street. 
Henderson, William, lath-splitter, 79 Waterloo street. 

Henderson, William D., minister of Laurieston Church, 89 South Portland street. 
Henderson, William, pavement merchant, 91 Blythswood terrace. 
Henderson, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Havannah street. 
Henderson, Miss S., furnishing shop, 243 High street. 


Henderson, Mrs. John, 118 New City road. 

HENKLE & Brendler, fleshers and sausage-makers, 109 Cumberland place, Lau- 

HENRY, Alex., & Co., silk, gauze, and shawl manufacturers, 14 Garthland street. 
Henry, Alex., of Alex. Henry $ Co., 3 Sauchiehall street. 
Henry, Alex., confectioner, 381 Argyll street. 

Henry, A. & S., & Co., commission agents, 12 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street. 
Henry, Archd., confectioner, 17 King street. 
Henry, A. & A., confectioners, 27 Trongate, and 51 Gallowgate. 
Hendry, Brothers, iron merchants, manufacturers of railway furnishings, and general 

agents, 5 Dixon street. 
Hendry, David, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Bridgegate. 
Hendry, Ebenezer, & Sons, manufacturers, Mitchell lane, 81 Buchanan street. 
Henry, Ebenezer, of Ebenezer Henry and Sons, house, 35 Buccleuch st., Garnethill. 
Henry, Edward, cotton- waste dealer, 33 Carrick street. 
Hendry, George T., of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Dixon street. 
Hendry, James, jun., of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Dixon street. 
Henry, James, at Wm. Brown <f Co.'s, house, 6 Nicholson street. 
Henry, James, blacksmith, 55 Duke street. 
Hendry, James, merchant, 49 Montrose street. 
Hendrie, James, builder, 12 Low Green street. 
Henry, John, of Ebenezer Henry and Sons, 81 Buchanan street. 
Hendrie, John, horse dealer, livery stabler, and commission agent, 14 Kent place, off 

North street. 
Henry, John, livery stable keeper, East George lane, house, 45^- West George st. 
Hendry, John, at G. L. Walker <f Co.'s, 20 Canal street, Port-Eglinton. 
Hendry, John, keeper, Trades' Hall, 91 Glassford street. 
Hendrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 132 Main street, Gorbals. 
Henry, Matthew, of Ebenezer Henry and Sons, 81 Buchanan street. 
Henry, Patrick, contractor, 27 St. Andrew street. 
Hendry, Thomas, 3 Garscadden street. 
Hendry, Miss, 86 North Frederick street. 
Henry, Miss B., dressmaker, 23 Adelphi street. 
Hendry, Mrs. A., Britannia tavern, 80 Trongate. 
Hendrie, Mrs. Dr., 55 Bath street. 
HENRETTY, Peter, broker, 47 Bridgegate. 
HEPBURN, Robert, bootmaker, 56 George street. 
Herald Newspaper Office, 182 Trongate. 
HERBERT, George, dairyman, Woodlands road. 
Herbert, William, tailor, 190 Trongate. 
Herbert, William, grocer, 69 Commercial road. 

HERBERTSON, George, of James Herbertson and Sons, house, 125 Hospital street. 
Herbertson, Henry, of Sands and Herbertson, house, 14 Bedford street. 
Herbertson, James, & Sons, wrights and builders, 37^ Bedford street. 
Herbertson, James, of James Herbertson and Sons, house, 125 Hospital street. 
Herbertson, James, of J. Herbertson and Brothers, house, Lynedoch place, Woodlands 

Herbertson, James, & Brothers, wrights and builders, Lynedoch street. 
Herbertson, John, architect, 86 St. George's place, house, 4 Bath street. 
Herbertson, John, spirit dealer and contractor, 7 Ferguson street. 
Herbertson, Thomas H, collector of canal dues, Port-Dundas. 
Hercules Fire Insurance Company, William Neilson, 69 Glassford street, and John 

Miller, 37 West George street, agents. 
Herefordshire Perry Store, 53 Hope street. 
Heritors of Gorbals Collector's Office, 51 Adelphi street. 
HERKLESS, Wm., smith and machine-maker, Broad close, Shuttle street, house, 

107 Rottenrow. 
HERMAN, S., merchant, of Crailsheim and Herman, house, 21 Woodland terrace. 
HERON, C, hairdresser, 71 Kirk street, Calton. 

Heron, David, nautical instrument maker, and adjuster of iron vessels, 4 Carrick st. 
Heron, Gilbert, commission agent, 33 Virginia street. 
Heron, G., & Co., drapers, 54 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Herron, James, broker, 236 Buchanan street. 


HERIOT, James E., ofPasley, Jardine, 6f Co., 5 Dixon street. 

Herriot, John, 115 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street. 

Herriot, Walker, & Co., weighing-machine makers, 115 Grseme street. 

HERTZ, Theodore, merchant, 151 West George street, house, 8 Royal crescent. 

HERVEY, John, ofHervey, Wilson, <3[ Co., house, 241 St. Vincent street. 

Herveys, Wilson, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 191 Trongate. 

HESLOP. See Hislop. 

HETHERINGTON, J. P., minister, 123 North Montrose street. 

Hetherington, M., of R. and M. Hetherington, house, 2 Houston street. 

Hetherington, R. & M., file-cutters, and file and steel merchants, 101 Dale street, 

Hetherington, R. W., of R. and M. Hetherington, house, 36 Cavendish street. 
Hetherington, Mrs. T., & Co., straw-hat makers and milliners, 131 Stobcross street. 
HEUGH, Hugh, of Wilson, Heugh, <f Co., house, 1 West Prince's street. 
Heugh, Mrs. Dr., 1 West Prince's street. 
HEWITT, Robert, druggist, 61 Dundas street. 

HEWITSON, John, saddler and spirit dealer, 131 and 135 Castle street. 
HEYS, Z., & Sons, calico-printers, 15 West George street. 
HIGGINBOTHAM, Edwin, of C. Todd and Higginbotham, and Samuel Higginbotham, 

Son, and Gunnis, residence, Springfield House. 
Higginbotham, Samuel, Son, and Gunnis, merchants, 69 Queen street. 
Higginbotham, Samuel, of C. Todd and Higginbotham, and Samuel Higginbotham, Son, 

and Gunnis, residence, Springfield House. 
Higginbotham, John, of C. Todd and Higginbotham, and Samuel Higginbotham, Son, 

and Gunnis, residence, Springfield House. 
HIGGINS, James, spirit dealer, 87 Finnieston street. 
Higgins, John, cork manufacturer, 74 Prince's street. 
Highland Relief Committee-Rooms, 52 West Nile street. 
Highland Society Institution, John Leitch, keeper, 69 Montrose street. 
Highland and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street. 
Highland Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Highland Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street. Dougald M'Intyre, agent. 
HILL, Alexander, D.D., professor of divinity, 12 College court. 
Hill, Archibald, baker, 158 West Regent street. 
Hill, Andrew, victualling-house, 47 New street, Calton. 
Hill, David, wine and spirit merchant, 85 Renfrew street. 
Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street. 
Hill, George, hairdresser, 26 Centre street. 
Hill, John, 358 Gallowgate. 

Hill, John, metal-broker and commission merchant, 1 Royal Bank place, house, Falk- 
land place, 320 Renfrew street. 
Hill, John, innkeeper, Sandyford tavern, Sandyford. 
Hill, John M., of Marshall, Hill, and Hill, house, 45 Union street. 
Hill, Laurence, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street. 
Hill, M. A., tobacconist, 195 Cowcaddens street. 

Hill, Ninian, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, 1 South Frederick street. 
Hill, N., commission merchant, 5 Drury street. 
Hill, Peter, 39 Norfolk street. 

Hill, Robert, of Marshall, Hill, and Hill, house, 45 Union street. 
Hill, Thomas, registrar of sasines for regality of Glasgow, 5 Moore place, West George 

street, house, Langside cottage. 
Hill, Thomas, & Co., bakers, 107 Renfield street. 
Hill, Walter, toll contractor, 1 Surrey place, Laurieston. 
Hill, Walter, pawnbroker, 10 Stirling square. 

Hill, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 80 Muslin street, Bridgeton. 
Hill, Miss, baker, 81 Renfrew street. 

HILLCOAT, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Port-Dundas road. 
HILLHOUSE, Samuel, furnishings, 39 Dale street, Tradeston. 
HILLIARD, Harvey, cutler and surgical instrument maker to her Majesty, 60 

Buchanan street, residence, Cockmuir cottage, Springburn. See Advertisement 

in Appendix. 
Hilliard, W. B., cupper to the Royal Infirmaries, 142 Buchanan street, house, 34 

Dundas street, 


Hilliard, W. B., cutler, surgical instrument, artificial limb, and bandage maker to 
the Royal Infirmary, 142 Buchanan street. 

HILPERT, Andrew, teacher of music, 278 Argyll street. 

HINSHAW, John, merchant, 49 West Nile street, house, 195 Atholl place, Bath st. 

Hinshaw, Robert, merchant, 49 West Nile street, house, 195 Atholl place, Bath street. 

Hinshaw, William, & Co., manufacturers, 1G3 Ingram street and 100 Queen street. 

Hinshaw, William, of William Hinshaw <Sf Co., house, East Woodside, North Wood- 
side road. 

HINSHELWOOD, Archd., warehouseman, 50 Stanfield place, South Wellington 

Hinshelwood, George Frederick, at C. Carati 4 Co.\ house, Waterloo place, Kingston. 

Hinshelwood, John, manager, Parcel Delivery Co., and general forwarding agent, 13 
Miller street. 

HESLOP, Henry, engraver to calico-printers, 65 M' Alpine street, house, 445 Argyll 

Hislop, Robert, rector of the Normal Seminary in connection with the Free Church, 
Cowcaddens street, house, 11 Buccleuch street. 

Hislop, R., grocer and victualler, 39 Bishop street, Anderston, house, 37 do. 

HITCHINER & Hunter, Stobs Mill gunpowder office, 60 Great Clyde street. A. G. 
Kidston & Co., agents. 

HODGE, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 59 George street. 

Hodge, George, Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway Co.'s Office, 
house, 11 Sauchiehall street. 

Hodge, John, smith, 62 North street, Anderston. 

Hodge, J. & T., tobacconists, 12 Maxwell street. 

Hodge, Robert, victualler, 3 Oxford street. 

Hodge, Thomas, grain- weigher, 16 Brown street. 

Hodge, W. B., writer, 17 Gordon street, house, Partick hill. 

Hodge, Mrs. Wm., Glasgow Register Office for Servants, 57 Hutch eson street. 

HODGES, George, manager of Gorbals Gravitation Water Co., 118 South Portland 

HODSON, William, Soho hotel and tavern, 126 Queen street. 

Hodson, William, wood merchant, 126 Queen street. 

HOGG, Alex., farrier, 204 Holme street. 

Hogg, A., slater, 21 James street, Calton. 

Hogg, John, victualler, 224 Gallowgate, house, 1 Kent street. 

Hogg, J., umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 36 Candleriggs. 

Hogg, William O, warper, 62 Hutcheson street. 

Hogg, William, spirit dealer, 255 Duke street. 

HOGARTH, John, officer of inland revenue, 54 Hospital street. 

HOGGAN, Ajidrew, 1 South Frederick street, house, 40 Abbotsford place. 

Hoggan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 560 Gallowgate. 

HOLDING, William, engraver to calico-printers, 23 Ronald street. 

HOLIDAY, John, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and machine makers, 77 Bishop 
street, Anderston. 

Holiday, John, of John Holiday 4" Co., house, 84 North street, Anderston. 

Holiday, Samuel, of John Holiday 4' Co., house, 42 Greenhill street. 

HOLMES, James, commission agent, worsted, woollen, and spun silk, 40 Miller st., 
house, 77 Renfrew street. 

Holmes, John, broker, 51 Miller's place. 

Holmes, Nath. J., at Blachie 4~ Sons', 38 Queen street, house, 12 Ayr place, Carnar- 
von street. 

Holmes, R. R., writer, and depute-clerk of the peace for Lanarkshire, office, 73 Hut- 
cheson street. 

Holmes, William, cabinet and fret-cutter, 249 Argyll street. 

HOLT, Joseph, manager, Caledonian Pottery, 45 Garngadhill. 

Holt, Thomas & John, pawnbrokers, 201 High street. 

HONE, Patrick, butter and egg merchant, 107 Cowcaddens street, and Bazaar, 

house, 4 Fmdlay street. 
HONEYMAN, John, & Son, corn-factors, 5 Dixon street. 
Honeyman, John, of John Honeyman and Son, house, 21 Carlton place. 
Honeyman, John, malt and hop merchant, 76 Gallowgate. 
Honeyman, Michael, of John Honeyman and Son, house, 21 Carlton place- 


HOOD, Charles, ironmonger, tin-plate worker, and gas-fitter, 182 Sauchiehall st. 

Hood, Captain George, district paymaster, office, 79 North Frederick street, house, 
260 Brandon place. 

Hood, James, dyer, 261 George street.* 

Hood, John, manufacturer, 114 Castlemilk place. 

Hood, John, commission agent, 20 'Union street, house, 84 West street. 

Hood, John, jun., house-factor, *and agent for the Anchor Fire and Life Assurance 
Co. of London, 20 Union street; house, 84 West street. 

Hood, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 186 New Dalmarnock road. 

Hood, William, 92 Crown street. 

Hood, Mrs. John, register office for' servants, 74 St. George's place. 

HOOLE, Staniforth, & Co., steel converters and ' refiners, &c, Minerva work, Shef- 
field. Agents, Henry, Brothers, -5, 'Dixon street. See Advertisement in Ap- 

HOOME, George, merchant, 37 Glassford street", house, 56 Dundas street. 

HOPE, Alexander, manufacturing chemist, 101 Hutcheson street, works, East Mil- 
ton street, house, 36 Port-Dundas road. 

Hope, Alexander, commission agent. 4 Norfolk street. 

Hope, David, of Fleming and Hope, house, 5 Wellington place, Sauchiehall street. 

Hope, George, general merchant, 27 street. t 

Hope, Mrs., 94 North Frederick street. 

HOPKIRK, John, coach and minibus proprietor, 11 South Portland street. 

HORN, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 300 High street. 

Horn, David, victualler, 125* Main street, Bridgeton. 

Home, James, of London, surgeon-dentist, 150 West Regent street. See Advertise- 
ment in Appendix. 

Horn, James, flesher, 27 Cleland street. 

Horn, James, grocer, 26 Little street. 

Horn, John, & Co., hosiers and wholesale smallware merchants, 46 High street, and 
2 M'Pherson street. 

Horn, John, of John Horn cf Co., house, 11 Mouteith row. 

Horn, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 139 Castle street. 

Home, John, coal master, 11 Annfield place. 

Home, John, porter, Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank, house, 39 St. Vincent place. 

Horn, Robert, victualler, 18 Centre street. 

Horn, Robert, spirit dealer, 59 Wallace street, Tradeston. 

Horn, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Spoutmouth. 

Horn, Miss E., milliner, 35 Renfrew street. 

HORSBURGH, Mrs., midwife, 83 Govan street. 

HOSIE, James, gardener and contractor, 44 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Hosie, John, cordage and twine manufacturer, Gorbals ropework, 102 Rutherglen 
road, office, 23 Stockwell street. 

Hospital, Fever, Townhead. 

Hospital, Town's. James Ross, governor, 324 Parliamentary road. 

HOSSACK, George, boot and shoemaker, 10 Bishop street, Anderston. 

Hossack, A. G., writer and accountant, 11 Miller street. 

HOTCHKIS, John, spirit dealer, 31 Rottenrow. 

HOTSON, John, writer, 21 Renfield street, house, 122 North Montrose street. 

HOUGH and Stuart, cardmakers (cotton and woollen), 115 Graeme street. 

Hough, Peter, of Hough and Stuart, 46 Graame street. 

HOULDSWORTH, W. and J., cotton-spinners, power-loom cloth manufacturers, 
machine-makers, and founders, Cheapside street, and 77 Glassford street. 

Houldsworth, John, of W. and J. Hmddsworth, house, Cranstonhill. , 

Houldsworth, William, of W. and J. Houldsworth, house, Belvidere. 

Houldsworth, W. and J., cotton-spinners, 95 Cheapside street. 

House of Refuge for Boys, Duke street, near Whitevale. 

House of Refuge for Females, 286 Parliamentary road. Miss Sliman, matron. 

HOUSTON, A. M'D., surveyor of police, poor-rate, statute labour, &c, office, 4 
Police lane, house, 90 Regent terrace. 

Houstoun, Campbell, spirit dealer, 64 Cheapside street. 

Houstoun, Daniel, general warehouseman, 79 Bell street. 

Houstoun, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Dale street, Bridgeton. 

Houstoun, David, provision merchant, 7 Spoutmouth. 


Houston, Duncan, flesher, 67 Norfolk street. 
Houston, John, grocer, 56 Cheapside street. 
Houston, John G., writer, agent for the Scottish Union Fire and Life Assurance Co., 

11 Miller street, house, 3 Great Kelvin .terrace, Great Western road. 
Houston, John, stripe, check, and power-loom eloth manufacturer, 25 Candleriggs, 

works, Claythorn street. 
Houston, John, lappet- wheel maker, 45 John street. 

Houston, John, manager, at G. L. Walker <§ Co.'s, works, 36 Cavendish street. 
Houston, Rev. Robert, A.M., of Gorbals, house, 33 Abbotsford place. 
Houston, William, and Son, shawl and zebra-dress manufacturers, 17 Exchange sq. 
Houston, William, of William Houston and Son, house, 167 Eglinton street. 
Houston, William, jun., wholesale provision merchant, 72 Great Hamilton street. 
Houston, William, carver and gilder,. 85 Mitchell street. 

Houston, William, patent oil and grease manufacturer, 335 Gallowgate, and 10 Ar- 
mour street. ■ . 
Houston, Mrs., spirit dealer, '50 Cheapside street. 
HOWARTH, Samuel, postmaster and minibus proprietor, coach office, 148 Queen 

street, stables, East George lane. 
HOWAT, D. G., of Yates, Brown, and Howat, house, '201 Buchanan street. 
Howatt, Henry Robertson, surgeon, 158 Main St., Gorbals, house, 102 Hospital st. 
Howat, James, measurer, 11 Miller street." 

Howatt, John, mathematical and mercantile teUcher, 86 St. George's place. 
Howat, William, cooper, 115 Canning street. 
Howatt, William, jun., furnishing ironmonger, 160 Argyll street, house, 19 North 

Coburg street. 
Howatt, Wm., superintendent of Gorbals burying-ground, house, 102 Hospital street. 
HOWATSON, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 57 Candleriggs. 
Howatson, R. & D., victuallers, 57 and 59 Stobcross street. 
HOWDEN, John, professor of pianoforte, 166 West Regent street. 
HOWIE, James, writer, 66 Miller street, house, 2 India street. 
Howey, Thomas, & Co., agents for the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Company, 

and carriers, Railway station. 
Howie, William, engineer, valuator, and mechanical agent, 54 Union street, house, 

20 South Wellington street. 
HOWLISON, James, cabinetmaker, 180 Hope street. 
HOY, Archibald, grocer and provision merchant, Crow road, Partick. 
HUBBARD, J. & J., grocers, 151 West Regent street. 
Hubbard, Richard, poulterer and green-grocer, 149 West Regent street. 
HUG, William, clock warehouse, 91 London street. 

HUGGINS, W. B., & Co., commission merchants, corner of Gordon and Mitchell St. 
Huggins, W. B., of W. B. Huggins cf- Co., house, 13 Woodside terrace. 
HUGHES, James, spirit dealer, Black-boy close, 35 Gallowgate. 
Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 69 King street, Calton. 
Hughes, Thomas, letter-carrier, P. O., residence, 20 Candleriggs. 
Hull and Leith Steam-Packet Company, office, 8 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan St. 
HULSEBERG, George, at W. M'Ewan, Sons, $ Co.'s, house, 29 Oswald street. 
HUME, David, church officer, United Presbyterian Church, Renfield street, house, 

37 Sauchiehall street. 
Hume, John, wool merchant, 43 Howard street, house, 11 Bedford street. 
Hume, John, 90 North Frederick street. 
Hume, Stevenson, of Customs, house, St. James's street. 
Hume, William, 13 Holmhead street. 

Hume, William, tea merchant and general grocer, 90 Gallowgate. 
Humane Society House, Public Green, opposite Monteith row. Jas. Geddes, keeper. 
HUMPAGE, John, & Co , bolt, rivet, and screw manufacturers, 72 Centre street, 

HUNT, Robert, tin-plate worker, 281 Gallowgate. 

HUNTER, Alexander, provision merchant, 162 and 180 New Dalmarnock road. 
Hunter, Alexander, warehouseman, 35 Cleland street. 

Hunter, Andrew, engineer, Bothwell Street Weaving Factory, house, 3 Richard St. 
Hunter, Archibald, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, warehouse, 3 and 4 Terrace street ; 

workshop and woodyard, 410 Argyll street. 
Hunter, Archibald, grocer and victualler, 134 Canning street. 


Hunter, Archibald, & Sons, clothiers, 24 St. Vincent place, house, 130 Hope street. 
. Hunter, A. G., & Co., hatters and forage-cap manufacturers to the Queen and Prince 

Albert, 32 Buchanan street. 
Hunter, A. G., of A, G. Hunter § Co., house, Crossbank, Great Western road. 
Hunter & Barr, hat and cap manufacturers, 114 Trongate. 
Hunter & Blair, muslin manufacturers, 9 Cochran street. 
Hunter, Duncan, jun., & Co., tea and coffee merchants, 17 Virginia street, house, 

105 North Douglas street. 
Hunter, E. & E., staymakers, 6 Queen arcade, and 24 Nelson street. 
Hunter, George, teller, British Linen Company's Bank. 

Hunter, George, & Co., merchants, 22 Renfield street, house, 186 Bath street. 
Hunter, George, coal agent, and beadle of Anderston Free Church, house, 222 Holme st. 
Hunter, James, teacher, St. Paul's Parish School, 9 Grey friars wynd, house, 250 

High street. 
Hunter, James, wine and spirit merchant, 49 Garscube road. 
Hunter, James, merchant, 166 Hope street. 

Hunter, James,' victualler and grocer, 106 Main street, Anderston, and 153 Rotten- 
row street. 
Hunter, John, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 24 St. Enoch square. 
Hunter, John, jun., 24 St. Enoch square. 
Hunter, John, victualler, 50 King street. 

Hunter, John K., portrait-painter, 109 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Hunter, John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 61 Candleriggs, works, 22 Thistle St. 
Hunter, John, & Son, grain merchants, 30 Hope street. 
Hunter, John, woollen manufacturer, 45 Candleriggs. 
Hunter and Marshall, wrights, 51 Cambridge street. 
Hunter, Moses, & Co., general timber merchants, 19 Macfarlane street. 
Hunter, Moses, of Moses Hunter cf Co., house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 
Hunter, Robert, M.D., 33 North Hanover street. 
Hunter, Robert, victualler, 32 Prince's street. 
Hunter, Robert, of Moses Hunter cf- Co., house, 8 Monteith row. 
Hunter, R., surgeon, 49 Crown street, Hutchesontown, house, 59 do. 
Hunter, Robert, at Charles Hamilton's, 63 St. Vincent street. 
Hunter, Thomas, mason, Ay ton court, 62 Old venuel. 

Hunter, Thomas, manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank, house, 130 Hope street. 
Hunter, Thomas, spirit dealer, 2 Orr street, Calton. 
Hunter, William, writer, 327 Argyll street. 

Hunter, William, commission merchant, 35 Buchanan st., house, Hazelwood, Govan. 
Hunter, William, commission merchant, 72 Virginia street. 

Hunter, William and George, insurance brokers, 22 Renfield st., house, 186 Bath st. 
Hunter, William, timber merchant, 116 Stockwell street. 
Hunter, William, surgeon, 249 Gallowgate. 
Hunter, Miss, 3 Queen's terrace. 
Hunteria^j Museum, behind the College. 

Huelet Chemical Works, office, 100 St. Vincent street. John Wilson & Sons. 
Hurlet and Campsie Alum Co., alum and prussiate of potash manufacturers, 77 Union 

HUSSEY, Thomas, 10 Montague place. 
Hussey, William, & Son, cotton-spinners, 26 Ingram street; works, Dale street, 

Hussey, William, of William Hussey 4' Son, house, 10 Montague place. 
Hussey, William, jun., of William Hussey tf Son, house, Greenlodge. 
Hussey, Miss L., dressmaker, 1 Stanhope street. 
HUTCHINS and Home, surgeon-dentists, 150 West Regent street. 
HUTCHESON, Allan, spirit merchant, 202 Stirling's road. 
Hutcheson, David, at G. and J. Burns', house, 292 St. Vincent street. 
Hutchison and Dixon, auctioneers, valuators, and general agents, 8 and 12 Virginia 

Hutcheson, D. B., teacher, Free Normal Seminary, Drummond place, New City road. 
Hutcheson, George, commission merchant, Ashburton place, 135 Renfrew street. 
Hutchison, George, house-painter and paper-hanger, 26 Sauchiehall street. 
Hutcheson, George, writer, 48 Buchanan street. 
Hutcheson, George, of J. and G. Hutcheson, house, Ashburton place, 135 Renfrew St 


Hutchison, George, of Hutchison and Robertson, house, 8 Lynedoch crescent. 

Hutchison, Graham, of James Hutchison cf Co., house, 1G Blythswood square. 

Hutcheson, H., grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Go van street. 

Hutchison, Hugh, grocer and spirit merchant, 43 Taylor street. 

Hutcheson's Hospital, 56 Ingram street. 

Hutcheson, James, commission merchant, 64 Buccleuch street. 

Hutchison, James, writer, 44 George square, house, 16 Salisbury street. 

Hutchison, James, & Co., manufacturers, 79 Hutcheson street. 

Hutchison, James, of James Hutchison 4~ Co., house, 149 St. Vincent street. 

Hutcheson, James, spirit dealer, 92 Rottenrow. 

Hutchison, James, jun., fringe and tassel manufacturer, 34 Hutcheson street, hause, 
108 Argyll street. 

Hutchison, J. A., department of the fine arts, High school, and portrait painter, 13 
Carnarvon street, St. George's road. 

Hutcheson, J. and G., cotton-yarn and commission merchants, 9 George square. 

Hutchison, James, minibus proprietor, 96 Washington street. 

Hutcheson, James, of J. and G. Hutcheson, house, 64 Buccleuch street, Garnethill. 

Hutchison, James, singer, 84 John street. 

Hutcheson, James, spirit dealer and coal merchant, 26 William street, Cowcaddens. 

Hutchison, James, bookbinder, 12 Prince's street. 

Hutcheson, John, Bank of Scotland, 328 Falkland place. 

Hutchison, John, & Co., fleshers and provision merchants, 172 Broomielaw street. 

Hutcheson, John, of Joseph Hutcheson 4' Son, house, 27 St. Andrew street. 

Hutchison, John, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Glebe street, house, 92 Parliamen- 
tary road. 

Hutchison, John, 80 Union street. 

Hutchison, Joseph, & Son, portable cabinet manufacturers, hardware and general 
merchants, 25 St. Andrew street. 

Hutchison, Joseph, wine and spirit dealer, 78 Wellington street. 

Hutchison, Patrick, writer, 35 Miller street, house, 45 Buccleuch street. 

Hutchison, Robert, of James Hutchison 4" Co., house, 10 Blythswood square. 

Hutchison, Robert, of Hutchison and Dixon, house, 66 South Portland street. 

Hutchison, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 83 Commerce street. 

Hutchison & Robertson, merchants, 43 and 45 Montrose street. 

Hutcheson's School, 119 Crown street. John M'Arly, teacher. 

Hutchison, Thomas, Perth Baking Co., and flour merchant, 78 Union street. 

Hutchison, Thomas, baker, 25 King street, Tradeston. 

Hutchison, William, & Co., general timber merchants, 35 Port-Dundas road. 

Hutchison, William, of William Hutchison 4" Co., house, 1 Columbia place. 

Hutchison, Misses, teachers, 20 Carlton place. 

HUTTON, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 17 Trongate. 

Hutton & Baird, merchants, 1 Ingram street. 

Hutton, George, & Co., bleachers and finishers, 26 Anderson street. 

Hutton, James, watchmaker, at J. <$; W. Mitchell's, 140 Holme street. 

Hutton, John, at J. 4' W. Campbell 4~ Co.'s, house, Gothic cottage, Govan. 

Hutton, Joseph, ship-broker and forwarding agent, 87 Union street. 

Hutton, Thomas, railway contractor, North Hope park. 

Hutton, William, manufacturer, 26 Tureen street. 

Hutton, Mrs., 48 Oxford street. 

HYAM, Benjamin, clothier and outfitter, 48 Argyll street. 

Hydepark Foundry. Neilson & Co., Fmnieston street. 

Hydepark Ropework, 29 and 31 Anderston quay, office, 7 Miller street, John 
Stewart & Co. 

Hyndland Quarry. Orders left at J. Christie, jun.'s, builder, 162 Sauchiehall st. 

Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Companies, Gilbert K. Bogle, 50 Gordon street, 

and Kelly & Co., 106 Virginia street, agents. 
IMRIE, Alexander, spirit merchant, 77 Crown street. 
Imrie, Andrew, shoemaker, 136 Main street, Ander3ton. 
Imrie, George, bookseller and stationer, 379 Gallowgate. 
Incorporation of Maltmen, G. R. Tennent, 57 Buchanan street, clerk. 


Income-Tax Office for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, Adam Monteith, 73 St. 

Vincent street. 
Industrial and General Life Assurance and Deposit Co., 66 Miller street, John 

"White, agent. 
Infirmary (Royal), Castle street, Townhead, Eobert Lamont, secretary, 29 St. 

Vincent street. 
INGLETON, AV., brush and basket warehouse, 49 St. Vincent street, house, 194 

New City road. 
INGLIS, A. & J., engineers and boiler-makers, Whitehall works, 60 Warroch St. 
Inglis, Andrew, hat and cap manufacturer, 28 Jamaica street. 
Inglis, Anthony, of A. 4~ J. Inglis, house, 12 Douglas street. 
Ingles, D. & H., calico-printers, 78 Miller street. 
Inglis, Henry, 36 Warrick street. 
Inglis, James, 16 Salisbury street. 
Inglis, James, funeral undertaker, 79 Brown street. 
Inglis, James, writer, 4 Killermont street. 

Inglis, John, leather and commission agent, 37^, St. Andrew street, house, 136 Stir- 
ling's road. 
Inglis, John, of A. § J. Inglis, house, 89 Main street, Aaderston. 
Inglis, Peter, 46 William street, Anderston. 
Inglis, Eobert, merchant, 49 Oxford street. 
Ingles, Eobert, letterpress printer, publisher, and stationer, 5 Melville place, 132 

Inglis, Thomas H., 6 Queen's terrace. 

Inglis, Thomas, grocer, 20 Adelphi street, Hutchesontown. 
Inglis & Wakefield, calico-printers, 1 National Bank buildings, Queen street. 
Inglis, William, & Co., ship modellers, 2 Coburg street. 
Inglis, Agnes, furnisher, 100 Abercromby street. 

Inglis, Mrs. Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 147 and 153 New City road. 
INGEAM, Charles, guumaker, 96 Union street. 
Ingram, Rev. George S., of Congregational Church, Hanover street, house, 52 Buc- 

cleuch street. 
INNEEAEITY, Alexander, merchant, 407 St. Vincent street. 
Innerarity & Co., chemical works, Eichard street, Anderston. 

INNES, Daniel, provision merchant, 46 Thistle street, and 81 Main street, Gorbals. 
limes, John, pattern-drawer and print-cutter, 68 Glassford street, house, 5 Spring 

Innes, Norman, government emigration agent, 56 Bath street. 
Innes, William, wine and spirit merchant, 93 and 97 Saltmarket street. 
Inspector of the Poor for Barony, office, 38 North Albion street. 
Inspector of the Poor for Glasgow, Town's hospital. 
Insurance Co. of Scotland. Agents, George Ord, 116 St. Vincent st., and Gabriel 

Neil ; letters left at S. Williamson & Co., 13 Virginia street. 
Inverness Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Inverness and West Highland Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street. Dugald 

M'Intyre & Co., agents. 
Inverary Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
IEVINE & Bryce, manufacturing chemists and drysalters, 128 Bishop street, Port- 

Irvine, James, umbrella maker, 3 New Bridge street. 
Irving, James, boot and shoemaker, 19 George street. 
Irvine, John E., at J. Brown and J. Wilkie's, house, 54 Eenfrew street. 
Irvine, John, sen., builder, 190 Hope street. 
Irving, Robert, & Co., smiths and wrights, 13 Monkland street. 
Irvin, Samuel, merchant, 19 South Hanover street, house, 10 Royal crescent. 
Irvine, Mrs. John, 54 Renfrew street. 
IRWAN, Charles, barber, 31 Oxford street. 
ISBISTER, Andrew, & Co., commission agents, 14 Shuttle street. 
Isbister, C, 10 Abbotsford place. 
Isbister, M., fruiterer, 165 Ingram street. 
Islay Distilleries' Store and Bonding Warehouse, 57 St. Enoch wynd, office, 74 

Maxwell street. Alexander Graham, agent. 


JAAP, Richard, teacher of music, 408 Parliamentary road. 

JACK, Alexander, victualler, 79 Reid street, Bridgeton. 

Jack, Allan, of Jack and Anderson, 24 Hutcheson street. 

Jack & Anderson, writers, 24 Hutcheson street. 

Jack, Andrew, eating-house, 257 Argyll street. 

Jack, David, agent, and beadle of Wellpark Church, house, 55 Duke street. 

Jack, D., & Co , envelope manufacturers, stationers, wholesale and retail black and 

fancy borderers, and wafer makers, 39 John street. 
Jack, George, contractor, 60 South Coburg street. 
Jack, James, grocer, 107 and 109 Stockwell street. 
Jack, James, grocer and victualler, 74 Garscube road. 
Jack, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Oxford street. 
Jack, John, boot and shoemaker, 139 Stockwell street. 
Jack, John, Airdrie carrier, Nile street, Gallowgate. 
Jack, Paterson, & Co., upholstery and cabinet warehouse, 37 Buchanan st., works, 

175 Hope street. 
Jack, Robert, cotton-mill furnisher and commission agent, 76 Virginia street. 
Jack, Thomas, weaving-utensil maker and turner, 8 John street, Bridgeton. 
Jack, Thomas, of Hamilton and Jack, house, 123 Douglas street. 
Jack, William, spirit dealer, 118 Green street, Calton. 
Jack, William, spirit dealer, 314 Gallowgate. 
Jack, William R., at John Adams 3; Co. 
Jack, William, victualler, 90, 92, and 174 Cowcaddens street, house, 106 Renfrew^ 

Jack, Mrs., 19 Blythswood square. 
Jack, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 33 East Clyde street. 
Jack, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 187 Eglinton street. 

Jack, Mrs. James, tobacconist, oils and colours, 50 Adelphi street, Hutchesontown. 
Jack, Mrs. John, broker, 285 High street. 

Jack, Mrs. Peter, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 326 Argyll street. 
Jack, Mrs. Thomas, 84 North Hanover street. 
JACKSON, Andrew, & Son, grain merchants, 18 Union street. 
Jackson, D., general bird merchant, 153 London street. 
Jackson, Henry, 180 St. George's road. 

Jackson, Hugh, sheriff-officer and constable, 192 Main street, Gorbals. 
Jackson, James, of Andrew Jackson and Son, house, 8 Greenvale place. 
Jackson, James, & Co., tin-plate workers and gas-fitters, 64 Maxwell street. 
Jackson, James, & Co., coal merchants, ship and commission agents, and agents for 

Ardincaple slates, 83 Jamaica street. 
Jackson, James, pastry-cook and confectioner, 35 Candleriggs. 
Jackson, John, saddler, 409 Gallowgate. 
Jackson, John, provision merchant, 26 Rose street. 
Jackson, John, of Andrew Jackson and Son, 18 Union street. 
Jackson, Robert, bookseller, stationer, map and chart warehouse, 5 St. Enoch square, 

house, Clyde View, Partick. 
Jackson, Robert, timber merchant, 27 Douglas street, house, 67 Cadogan street. 
Jackson, Walter, glass-cutter, St. Enoch wynd. 
Jackson, Mrs. Wm., 94 Dundas street. 

Jackson, Misses J. & B., hosiery, &c, 385 Argyll street, house, 2 South Kinning place. 
JACOBY, Philip, importer of foreign goods, 33 East Howard street, house, 10 

Stockwell place. 
JEFFREY, Alexander, coal merchant, 37 Cathedral street. Orders left with W. 

Murray, 47 George square and 1 West George street. 
Jeffrey, Alexander, mason, 129 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Jeffrey, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 33 Eglinton street. 
Jaffrey, Andrew, of Jaffrey and Gunion, house, 85 Candleriggs. 
Jeffrey, Archibald, 77 Abercromby street. 

Jeffrey, Rev. George, of London-road Church, house, 28 Whitevale. 
Jaffrey & Gunion, cheesemongers and provision merchants, 87 Candleriggs. 
Jeffray, James, M.D., 137 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 
Jeffrey, James, ship and commission agent, Royal Exchange buildings. 


Jeffrey, James, warper, 41 North Albion street. 

Jeffrey, James, manufacturer, 110 Brunswick street. 

Jeffrey, John, wine and spirit merchant, 89 and 91 Union street, house, 48 Windsor 
terrace, City road. 

Jeffrey, John, surgeon, 23 Hutcheson street. 

Jeffrey, John, writer, 5 Moore place, West George street. 

Jeffrey, John, jun., janitor, Normal Institution, City road. 

Jeffrey, J. & J., boot and shoemakers, 210 Argyll street. 

Jaffrey, M., & Co., hat and cap manufacturers, 15 Hutcheson street. 

Jeffrey, Michael, clothier and hatter, 71 Trongate. 

Jeffrey, Capt. Richard, barrackmaster, Kinning place, Paisley road. 

Jeffrey, Robert, jun., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, and aerated- water manufac- 
turers, 145 Trongate, house, 78 Stockwell street. 

Jeffrey, Robert, cotton and linen power-loom manufacturer, 110 Brunswick street, 
and Rose street, Kirkcaldy, residence and works, Wyndford, Maryhill. 

Jeffrey, Robert, jun., 110 Brunswick street. 

Jeffrey, Robert, grocer and victualler, 157 Eglinton street. 

Jeffrey, Thomas, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 48 North Portland street. 

Jeffrey, Thomas George, writer, 52 West Nile street. 

Jaffrey, William, accountant, writer, notary-public, and Dep.-Clerk of the Peace for 
Balfron, or the Western district of Stirlingshire, and Procurator-Fiscal for the 
Burgh of Pollockshaws, 13 Exchange place, house, Campvale, Renfrewshire, 

Jeffrey, William, goldsmith and watchmaker, 329 Argyll street. 

Jeffrey, William, spirit dealer and carter, 61 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Jeffrey, William, & Son, tailors, 114 Trongate. 

Jeffrey, W. & A., cotton-spinners, 110 Brunswick street, works, Balfron. 

Jeffrey, Miss, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 216 Argyll street. 

Jaffray, Mrs. D., 32 Buccleuch street. 

Jaffray, Mrs. Robert, Burnbank, Town-mill road. 

JAMES, Edward Dickson, postmaster of Glasgow, house, 4 Queen's terrace. 

James, J. & D., clothiers, 7 London street, house, 78 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

James, Mrs. N., 1 Wellington place, Sauchiehall street. 

JAMIE, William, coal master, 118 Union street. 

JAMIESON, Alexander, fruiterer, 22 South Portland street. 

Jamieson & Dewar, wholesale haberdashers, hosiers, glovers, and button-factors, 62 
Queen street. 

Jamieson, George, of Jamieson and Dewar, house, 86 North Frederick street. 

Jamieson, James F., of John Fyfe <$■ Co., house, 2 Montague place, Bath street. 

Jamieson, James, 3 Gloucester street, Tradeston. 

Jamieson, James, & Co., merchants, 112 Fife place, West George street. 

Jamieson, James, of James Jamieson § Co., house, 199 Atholl place. 

Jamieson, John, of Paterson, Jamieson, 4 Co., house, 247 Brandon place. 

Jamieson, John, agent, 118 Union street. 

Jamieson, John, confectioner, 159 Gallowgate. 

Jamieson, John, at William Whyte <f Co.'s, 76 St. Vincent street. 

Jamieson, John, dyer and renovator, 10 East Campbell street. 

Jamieson, John, 41 Oswald street, house, Inchview, Partick. 

Jamieson, J. P., merchant, 122 Hope street. 

Jamieson, J. P., Clydesdale Banking Co., house, 101 Douglas street. 

Jamieson, Jonathan, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and Venetian blind maker, 167 
Sauchiehall street, works, 2 Richard street. 

Jamieson, Joseph, oil merchant and oil refiner, 109 Clyde street, Anderston, house, 
60 Garnet place, Hill street. 

Jamieson, Robert, rag and china warehouse, 404 Gallowgate. 

Jamieson, Rev. Robert, D.D., of St. Paul's, 156 Randolph ten-ace, Garnethill. 

Jamieson, Robert, writer, 19 South Hanover street, house, 13 Woodside crescent. 

Jamieson & Service, tea and coffee merchants, 49 Oswald street. 

Jamieson, Walter, agent, 118 Union street. 

Jamieson, Wm., merchant, 15 Elmbank crescent. 

Jamieson, William, wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, 33 George square, house, 
18 South Portland street. 

Jamieson, Wm., house-factor, 1 Nicholson street. 

Jamieson, Wm., at MacEican and Aidd's, house, Garthland place, Paisley, 


Jamieson, Wm., spirit dealer, 97 Rottenrow. 

Jamieson, Wm., & Co., warehousemen, 8 Stirling square. 

Jamieson, Wm., Union Bank of Scotland, house, 70 Great Hamilton street. 

Jamieson, Wm. M., timber merchant, 41 Oswald Street, house, Inchview, Partick. 

Jamieson, Mrs. Alexander, furnishing shop, 60 Stevenson street. 

Jamieson, Mrs. John, grocer, 26 Balmanno street. 

Jamieson, Mrs., grocer and victualler, 188 Sauchiehall street. 

Jamieson, Miss M., teacher, 52 Glassford street. 

JARDINE, John, janitor, of Andersonian University, 204 George street. 

Jardine, Wm., tailor and clothier, 96 Saltmarket street. 

Jardine, Wm., jun., spirit dealer, 41 Castle street. 

Jardine, William, spirit dealer, 25 Drygate lane. 

JARVEY, John, writer, 74 Argyll street. 

JAR VIE, Andrew, measurer of timber and dry goods, 27 West street, Tradeston. 

Jarvie & Pollock, merchants, 75 Jamaica street. 

Jarvie, R. & J., Anderston ropework, 20 Stobcross street. 

JARVIS, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 40 Candleriggs. 

Jarvis, J., & Son, wholesale and retail boot and shoe furnishing warehouse, 70 
Prince's street. 

Jarvis, Elizabeth, milliner and straw-hat maker, 8 Nelson street, house, 40 Candle- 

JEANDIN, Francis, importer of French and German baskets, 29 Stirling street. 

JEANS, James, locker of Customs, 204 Holme street. 

JEFFREY. See Jaffeay. 

Jenkins, James, coal merchant, 153 Castle street. 

JOCKEL, Lewis, flesher, ham-curer, and German sausage maker, 15 Cathcart place, 
Sauchiehall road. 

JOHNSTON, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 115 St. Vincent street. 

Johnstone, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 43 King street, Calton. 

Johnston, Andrew, of Walrond, Ellis, § Co., house, 3 Montague place, Bath street. 

Johnston, Archibald, surgeon, 5 New City road, house, 22 Buccleuch street. 

Johnston, Archibald, grocer and victualler, 73 High street. 

Johnston, Archibald, grocer and provision merchant, 37 King street. 

Johnston, Archibald, tailor and clothier, 40 Cowcaddens street. 

Johnston, Archibald, painter and paper-hanger, 17 Cathcart street. 

Johnson, Brothers, & Co., haircloth and curled hair and brush manufacturers, 24 
Jamaica street. 

Johnston, Charles, bootmaker, 267 George street. 

Johnston, Charles, plasterer, 115 North Montrose street. 

Johnston, Christopher, goods manager, Caledonian Railway, 52 Queen street. 

Johnston, Rev. David, pastor of Suffolk Street Congregational Church, house, 84 
Great Hamilton street. 

Johnston, David, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 9 Garthland street. 

Johnston, David, of David Johnston cf- Co., house, 43 Cambridge street. 

Johnston, David, jun., manager, Gourock Ropework Company, 42 Clyde buildings. 

Johnston & Downie, boot and shoemakers, 16 Green street, Calton. 

Johnston & Fairie, cotton-yarn merchants, 62 Wilson street. 

Johnston, Frederick, Western Bank of Scotland, house, Burnbank, Partick. 

Johnston, Galbraith, & Co., spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 115 St. 
Vincent street, works, Oakbank, near Springbank. 

Johnston, George, of Johnston § Neil, house, 111 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Johnston, George, tailor and clothier, 18 Hutcheson street. 

Johnston, George, work-box, desk, and dressing-case manufacturer, and toy ware- 
house, 41 Argyll arcade. 

Johnson, Harry, muslin warehouse, 16 Montrose street. 

Johnston, James, of Sword (f Johnston, 47 Stockwell street. 

Johnson, J. B., of Johnson, Brothers, cj' Co., Hillhouse, Sprmgburn. 

Johnston, James E., insurance agent, 85 St. Vincent street. 

Johnston, James, grocer, 649 Gallowgate street. 

Johnston, James, victualler, 95 High street. 

Johnston, J. H., straw-hat manufacturer, 122 Trongate. 

Johnston, James, tailor, 73 High John street. 

Johnston, James, spirit and provision merchant, 4 Stirling street, and 95 High st. 


Johnston, John, merchant and general commission agent, 97 Union street. 
Johnson, John Henry, solicitor and attorney in the English courts, master-extra- 
ordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits, 166 Buchanan 

street, house, 31 India street. 
Johnston, John, boot and shoemaker, 334 Argyll street. 
Johnston, John, at Wm. Johnston fy Co.'s, 24 Oswald street. 
Johnston, John, fruiterer, 125 Ingram street. 
Johnston, John, Comely Park, Gallowgate road. 
Johnston, John, Clayknowes Pottery, brick and drain- tile, and drain-pipe tile work, 

Gallowgate road, house, Comely Park, do. 
Johnston, John, mason and bricklayer, 289 Parliamentary road. 
Johnston, Joseph, spirit dealer, 123 Gallowgate. 

Johnstone, Michael, of John Clapperton # Co., house, 92 Regent terrace. 
Johnstone, Michael, boot and shoemaker, 99 Nelson street. 

Johnston & Neil, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, stores for ships and exporta- 
tion, 85 and 87 Jamaica street, 76 Great Clyde street, and 15 Bedford street. 
Johnston, Neil, surveyor for the Sun Fire Office, 20 Buchanan street, house, 288 do. 
Johnston, Richard, medical botanist, wholesale and retail herbalist, 270 Buchanan st. 
Johnston, Richard, & Brother, wire and metal warehouse, 17 Exchange square, south 

side. John Strathearn, agent. 
Johnston, Robert, of Johnston, Galbraith, 6f Co., and Alexander Johnston $• Co., ho. 

18 Blythswood square. 
Johnston, Robert, brickmaker and builder, 12 Canning street, Greenhead, works, 

Johnston, Robert M., baker, 87 High street, and 148 Garscube road. 
Johnston, Robert, baker, 6 Abercromby street. 
Johnston, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 52 Glassford street. 
Johnstone, Robert, remnant and rag merchant, 254 High street. 
Johnstons & Co., Lochruan Distillery, Campbelton. Agents, Buchanan, Wilson, & 

Co., 25 St. Enoch square. 
Johnston, Thomas, & Co., writing-ink and ink-powder makers, and stationers, 137 

George street. 
Johnston, Thomas, sen., victualler, 151 Main street, Gorbals. 
Johnston, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 112 Canning street. 
Johnston, Thomas, clothier, 35 London street. 
Johnston, Thomas, tobacconist and chandler, 217 High street. 
Johnston, Thomas, surgeon, 38 York street, consulting rooms, 328 Argyll street. 
Johnston, William, plumber, gas-fitter, and zinc-worker, 9 Centre St., Tradeston. 
Johnston, William, harbour-master, 16 Robertson street, house above. 
Johnson, William, consulting engineer and patent agent, and editor of The Practical 

Mechanic's Journal, 166 Buchanan street, house, 3 Kinning place. 
Johnston, William, commission agent, 57 Miller street, house, 150 Buccleuch street, 

Johnston, William, & Co., wholesale coffee and spice merchants, and commission 

agents, 24 Oswald street, and 32 Ann street. 
Johnston, William, banker, 5 Newton place. 

Johnston, William, grocer and tea dealer, 83 Argyll street, house, 11 Miller street. 
Johnston, William, of William Johnston cf Co., house, 8 Douglas street. 
Johnston, William, superintendent of buildings, 188 Holme street. 
Johnston, W., teacher, St. Peter's Parish school, Oswald st., house, 8 Douglas street. 
Johnston, William, engineer and manager, Glasgow and Ayr Railway, office, 14 

Bridge street, house, head of Dundas street, Kingston. 
Johnston, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 40 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Johnston, William, at William Milne (£" Co.'s, 33 Virginia street. 
Johnston, Miss, 1 Dalhousie place. 
Johnson, Miss, lodgings, 52 Renfield street. 
Johnston, Miss J., spirit dealer, 84 John street, Greenhead. 
Johnston, Mrs., 415g Parliamentary road. 
Johnston, Mrs. D., 65 West Regent street. 
Johnston, Mrs., furnishing shop, 342 High street. 
Johnston, Mrs David, 11 Montague place, Bath street. 
Johnston, Mrs., lodgings, 49 Bath street. 
Johnston, Mrs., tavern keeper, 5 Laigh-kirk close. 


Johnston, Mrs., confectioner and fruiterer, 261 Gallowgate. 

JOLLIE, Andrew, currier and leather merchant, 83 Kirk street, Calton. 

JONES, Emery, eating-house, 20 Anderston quay. 

Jones, Francis, bookseller and bookbinder, 44 Miller place. 

Jones, Jesse, & Co., merchants, 112 West George street. 

Jones, Jesse, of Jesse Jones (f Co., house, 8 Fitzroy place. 

Jones, W. C. clothier, St. Mary's buildings, 31 Renfield street. 

Jones, Thomas, of Crooks and Jones, house, 66 South Portland street. 

Jones, Mrs., 54 North Hanover street. 

JOSEZ, Francis, North British hotel, 7 North Queen street. 

JUNIUS, C. V., teacher of Latin, French, and German, 16 Sauchiehall street. 

Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for Lanarkshire, 73 Hutcheson street. John Douglas, 

clerk ; R. R. Holmes, depute clerk. 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for Balfron, or Western district of Stirlingshire. Wm, 

JafFrey, deputy-clerk, 13 Royal Exchange place. 


Kames Gunpowder Company. J. P. S. Hadaway, manager, 25 St. Enoch square. 
KAINE, Charles, 75 Clyde street, Anderston. 

KANE, Thomas, fishmonger, ice and game dealer, 38 Renfield street, and 9 Welling- 
ton arcade. 
KAY, Alexander, & Co., insurance brokers, Royal Exchange buildings. 
Kay, Alexander, jun., of Wilson, Kay, $ Co., house, Laurel bank, Hillhead. 
Kay, Alexander, carrier for Canal Co., 153 Port-Eglinton street. 
Kay, Charles, 62 Hutcheson street. 

Kay, Daniel, tea merchant and general grocer, 64 Govan street. 
Kaye, Findlay, & Co., merchants and warehousemen, Queen court, 62 Queen street. 
Kay, George, carter, 13 Wood lane, Broomielaw. 

Kay, H. & W, grocers and spirit dealers, 38 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 
Kay, James, at John Mitchell $ Co.'s, house, 42 Greenhill street. 
Kay, James, spirit dealer, 81 King street, Tradeston. 
Kay, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 West Milton street. 
Kay, James, wine and spirit dealer, 82 Bridgegate, and 62 Old wynd. 
Kay, John, house agent, 11 Surrey street. 

Kaye, John, jun., tea merchant and general grocer, 94 Trongate. 
Kaye, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 229 Gallowgate, house, 206 do. 
Kaye, Robert, of Kaye, Findlay, cf Co., house, Partick hill. 
Kaye, Robert, of Millbrae, Moodiesburn. Letters, &c, left at 94 Trongate. 
Kay, Thomas, carver and gilder, 40 Fox street, house, 56 Howard street. 
Kay, Thomas, of M k Craw $ Kay, house, 27 Taylor street. 
Kay, William, collector, Gas office, 65 Virginia street, house, Park place, Paisley 

KEAN, Francis, grocer, spirit and cordial merchant, 73 Bridgegate. 
Kean, John, slater, 72 Nelson street. 

Kean, John, ship blockmaker, 7 Melville street. 

KEDDIE, William, of the Scottish Guardian office, 

KEELING, John Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 166 Rutherglen road. 

KEIR, David, & Son, glaziers, glass-stainers, and benders, 127 Cambridge street, 
house, 2 Largo place. 

Keir, John, 45 Blackfriars street. 

Keir, Robert, wright and glazier, 63 Eglinton street, house, 54 do. 

KEITH, Archibald, cowfeeder, 98 Union street. 

Keith, Hugh, potato dealer, 2 Paisley road. 

Keith, James, grocer and provision merchant, 15 St. James's street, Kingston, house, 
25 Paisley road. 

Keith, John, & Son, booksellers and auctioneers, 5 Hutcheson street. 

Keith, William, provision merchant, 34 Coburg street, house, 25 Paisley road, 

KELLAR, Alexander, merchant, 69 London street. 

KELLY, Andrew, of J. and A. Kelly, house, 152 Rottenrow street. 

Kelly & Co., cotton brokers and commission merchants, 106 Virginia place. 

Kelly, Edward, spirit merchant, 164 and 166 Saltmarket. 

Kelly, Hector, spirit dealer, 11 Ropework lane. 


Kelly, Hugh, spirit dealer, 26 Market street. 

Kelley, James & Andrew, cutlers, watchmakers, and jewellers, 6 and 7 Argyll arcade. 

Kelley, James, at Perry and Kennedy's, house, 124 North John street. 

Kelley, James, jun., of James and Andrew Kelley, house, 98 North Frederick street. 

Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 61 Bridgegate. 

Kelly, James, tailor, clothier, and hatter, 89 London street. 

Kelly, Jeremiah, provision merchant, 685- King street. 

Kelly, John, cowfeeder, 131 Main street, Gorbals. 

Kelly, John, spirit dealer, 102 Saltmarket. 

Kelly, John P., merchant Letters left at William Arthur & Co.'s, 19 Cochran st. 

Kelly, M., clothier, 86 and 88 Saltmarket. 

Kelly, Neil, beadle of Free Tron Church, 10 Holmhead street. 

Kelly, Philip, boot and shoemaker, 58 South Coburg street. 

Kelly, Robert, warehouseman, 9 Wilson street. 

Kelly, Thomas, victualler, 114 Main street, Gorbals. 

Kelly, William, jun., of Kelly § Co., house, Millbrae, Langside. 

Kelly, William, slater and slate merchant, 41 Macfarlane street, off Gallowgate, house, 
55 Belgrove street. 

Kelly, William, baker, 467 Gallowgate. 

KELMAN, John, 79 Eglinton street. 

KELSO, Henry, classical, English, and mathematical teacher, 42 Port-Dundas road. 

Kelso, James, shipmaster, 97 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Kelso, Peter, & Co., sewed-muslin manufacturers, 28 Exchange square. 

Kelso, Peter, Albert terrace, 191 Renfrew street. 

KELT, James, & Co., tailors, clothiers, and outfitters, 74 Great Clyde street. 

Kelvin Foundry, near Maryhill, Aitken, Mathie, & Co., office, 14 Gordon street. 

KEMP, Charles, cotton-yarn agent, 51 Ingram street. 

KEMP & Co., agents for Fleetwood and Londonderry steamers, via Troon, 2 Howard 

Kemp, David, emporium for shawls and tartans, 45 and 47 Buchanan street, house, 
115 Main's street. 

KEMPT, Donald, of M' Tear and Kempt, house, 12 Pollock street. 

KEMPTSON, Joseph, provision dealer, 6 College street. 

KENNA, John, officer of Customs, 170 Saltmarket. 

KENNEDY, A. & W., wholesale stationers, 25 and 27 Glassford street. 

Kennedy, A. S., of A. W. Kennedy, 2 South Wellington street. 

Kennedy, Angus, shoe and general furnisher, 15 King street, Calton. 

Kennedy, Archibald, spirit dealer, 7 Carrick street. 

Kennedy, Charles, clothier, 70 and 72 Saltmarket. 

Kennedy, Charles, pawnbroker, 76 Gallowgate. 

Kennedy, David, clothier, 54 St, Vincent street, house, 4 St. James's st., Kingston. 

Kennedy, Fergus, manager, at C. Todd and Higginbotham's Printfield, house, 92 Crown 

Kennedy, G., stationer and account-book maker, 89 Argyll street. 

Kennedy, Gilbert, factor for Milton and Castlemilk estates, 109 West Campbell St., 
house, 227 Brandon place, West George street. 

Kenned}', Dr., 6 Croy place, Maxwell street. 

Kennedy, Hugh, & Co., commission merchants, 3 Ingram street. 

Kennedy, Hugh, ofH. Kennedy $ Co., house, Maule terrace, Partick. 

Kennedy, Hugh, wright and house factor, Douglas street, Partick. 

Kennedy, James, wholesale stationer and bookbinder, 115 Ingram street, house, 3 
Abbotsford place. 

Kennedy, James, beadle, Duke street Gaelic Church, house, 10 Duke street. 

Kennedy, John, cork manufacturer, 18^ Buchanan street. 

Kennedy, John, accountant and house factor, 25 Gordon street, house, 2 South Wel- 
lington place. 

Kennedy, John, victualler, 70 Havannah street. 

Kennedy, P. M., of Perry and Kennedy, 19 Cochran street. 

Kennedy, Robert, broker, 15 M Alpine street. 

Kennedy, Robert, victualler and grocer, 400 Duke street, corner of Bluevale. 

Kennedy & Son, clothiers and hatters, 7 Royal Exchange square, house, 108, Rose- 
land terrace. 

Kennedy, Thomas F., at W. B. Euggins $ Co.'s, house, Woodlands road. 


Kennedy, Thomas, of W. B. Huggins $ Co.'s, house, 22 Canning place. 

Kennedy, Thomas M., draper, 66 Govan street, house, 20 do. 

Kennedy, Thomas, & Co., lace manufacturers, 98 Miller street. 

Kennedy, Thomas, merchant, Wester Lodge, Woodlands road. 

Kennedy, Walter, at G. Kennedy's, 89 Argyll street, house, 11 Turner's court. 

Kennedy, William, druggist, 59 Trongate. 

Kennedy, William, spirit dealer, 94 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Kennedy, Mrs., staymaker, 29 East Clyde street. 

Kennedy, Mrs., grocer, 50 Clyde place. 

KENT, Henry, spirit dealer, 593 Gallowgate. 

Kent Mutual Fire Insurance Society. Agent, John Miller, 44 Gordon street. 

KEPPIE, James, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 3 Park place, Stockwell street, 

house, 20 1 East Clyde street. 
KERR, Alexander, merchant, 3 Florence place. 
Kerr, Angus, at J. and J. Wright's, 127 Ingram street. 
Kerrs and Anderson, accountants and sharebrokers, agents for the Globe Fire and 

Life Insurance Office, 17 Gordon street. 
Kerr, Andrew, coal agent, 28 Clyde place. 

Kerr, Archibald, writer and sharebroker, 3 Exchange pi., south arch, Exchange square. 
Ker, David, grain merchant, 42 Hope st., house, 52 Windsor terrace, New City road. 
Kerr, Daniel, & Co., warehousemen, 79 Bell street. 
Ker, Doering, & Co., merchants, 54 St. Vincent street. 

Kerr, Henry, of Kerrs and Anderson, house, 11 West Prince's St., St. George's road. 
Kerr, Henry, sen., coal merchant, 98 South Portland street. 

Kerr, James, boot and shoemaker, 13 and 14 Argyll arcade, house, 255 George st. 
Kerr, James, lithographer, engraver, and copperplate printer, 145 Argyll street, 

house, 108 do. 
Kerr, James H., wholesale and retail tea warehouse, 196 Gallowgate street. 
Kerr, James, carter, 113 Hospital street. 

Kerr, James M., of Macgeorge and Kerr, house, 6 Falkland place, St. George's road. 
Kerr, James, victualler, 27 New street, Calton. 
Kerr, James, painter, paper-hanger, colourman, and paint manufacturer, 26 and 29 

Clyde place. 
Kerr, John Crawford, writer, 21 South Hanover street. 
Kerr, John, jun., manufacturer, 51 Cochran street. 
Kerr, John, jun., writer, 5 Brunswick place. 
Kerr, J., portioner, 107 Hospital street. 

Kerr, John, of Kerr and McMillan, house, 3 Lynedoch street. 
Kerr, John, agent, 2 Anderson street, off Gallowgate. 
Kerr, J., provision merchant, and wholesale agent for John Cassels' coffees, 17 Eglin- 

ton street. 
Kerr, John, writer, 21 South Hanover street. 

Kerr, Loraine M., of T. G. Buchanan and L. M. Kerr, house, 24 India street. 
Kerr & M'Millan, manufacturers, 43 Queen street. 

Kerr, Malcolm, wholesale stationer, 89 Queen street, house, 2 South Portland street. 
Kerr, Robert, manufacturer, Clydevale works. 
Kerr, Robert, tailor and clothier, 48 George street. 
Kerr, Robert, & Co., cotton-spinners and manufacturers, 25 Cochran street, works, 

St. Rollox. 
Kerr, Robert, of Robert Kerr <f- Co., house, 13 Royal terrace. 
Ker, Robert, of Ker, Doering, 8; Co., house, 205 Bath street. 
Kerr, Thomas, of W. $ T. Kerr, house, 194 Gallowgate. 
Kerr, William, of Paterson, Jamieson, <$■ Co.'s, house, 130 Hope street. 
Ker, William, maltster, 78 Maxwell street. 
Kerr, William, watch and clockmaker, 114 Cowcaddens street. 
Kerr, W. & T., wrights and builders, 59 St. James's road. 
Kerr, William, of W. $ T. Kerr, house, 74 Taylor street. 
Kerr, Margaret, pastry baker, 209 Gallowgate. 
Ker, Miss, 7 Columbia place. 
Kerr, Mrs., 145 West Campbell street. 
Kerr, Mrs. Robert, 109 Hope street. 
KERSHAW, John, drysalter, 52 Virginia street. 
KESSEN, Mrs. Robert, oil and colour shop, 165 High street. 


KESTLER, Henry, German-clock maker, 38 Glassford street. 

KETTLE, Robert, cotton-yarn merchant, 76 Virginia street, house, Clifton place. 

KEVAN & Buttle, warehousemen, clothiers, and outfitters, 163 and 165 Argyll st. 

Kevan, Peter, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 9 Warwick street. 

Kevan, Robert, of Kevan and Buttle, house, Rose cottage, Ibroxholm. 

KEYDEN, James, of Strang, Yuille, and Key den, residence, Torwood house, Row. 

KIBBLE, James, & Co., general metal merchants, 24 Turner's court. 

Kibble, James, of J. Kibble cf Co., house, Park place, Paisley road. 

Kibble, Mrs. Thomas, 25 Melbourne place. 

KIDD, William, tin-plate worker and gasfitter, 78 Gallowgate. 

Kidd, William, wine and spirit merchant, 269 Gallowgate. 

KIDSTON, A. G. & Co., iron and general metal merchants, 60 Great Clyde street. 

Kidston, Archd. Glen, merchant, of A. G. Kidston ^ Co., residence, Newton House, 

Kidston, Archd., jun., 60 Great Clyde street. 
Kidston, Charles, of William Kidston and Sons, 19 Queen street. 
Kidston, J. B., of W. <$; J. B. Kidston, house, 2 Royal terrace. 
Kidston, Michael, of Kidston and Waters, house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road. 
Kidston, Richard, of William Kidston and Sons, 19 Queen street. 
Kidston, Richard, jun., of William Kidston and Sons, 19 Queen street. 
Kidston, Robert A., secretary to the Art-Union of Glasgow, 36 Argyll arcade. 
Kidston & Waters, white-lead, colour and varnish works, 36 Oswald street and 30 

Ann street. 
Kidston, William, & Sons, iron merchants, 19 Queen street. 
Kidston, William, of William Kidston and Sons, 1 9 Queen street. 
Kidston, William, jun., of A. G. Kidston (.f Co., house, 4 Jane street, Blythswood sq. 
Kidston, W. & J. B., writers and agents for the Scottish Equitable and Mutual Life 

Assurance Society, 41 West George street. 
Kidston, Rev. William, D.D., Ibroxholm. 
Kilbirnie Cotton Works Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 

91 Hutcheson street. 
Ktldalton Distillery, Islay, John Morrison, 35 Buchanan street. 
KILGOUR, John, spirit dealer, 53 Dundas street. 
Kilmarnock Carrier, Mackie's, 99 Stockwell street. 
Kilmarnock and Ardrossan Railway Office, 40 George square. 
Kilmarnock Railway Station, 14 Bridge street. 
Kilmun Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
KILPATRICK, Daniel R., tailor and clothier, 114 Trongate. 
Kilpatrick, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Portugal street. 
Kilpatrick, Robert S., flesher, 240 George street. 

Kilpatrick, Robert, of Kilpatrick cf McDonald, house, 198 Buchanan street. 
Kilpatrick, Thomas, spirit dealer, 141 Saltmarket. 
Kilpatrick & M'Donald, commission merchants, 34 George square. 
KIMBER, Mrs. William, 44 South Portland street. 
KINCAlD, John, broker and commission merchant, 80 Union street, house, 19 

Clarendon place. 
Kincaid, Thomas, junior, 19 Clarendon place. 
KING, Alexander, M.D., 37 Bath street. 

King, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, 29 Main street, house, 4 Stobcross street. 
King, Campbell, at William Falconer's, 79 Renfield street, house, Hollybank, near 

King, C. A., of Woodneuk, 124 St. Vincent street, house, Wallace grove, Paisley rd. 
King, Charles, of Archibald Liddell $- Co.'s, house, 88 Regent terrace. 
King, Rev. David, LL.D., 1 Sandyford place, Sauchiehall road. 
King, David, smallware merchant, 37 Main street, Anderston. 
King, D., & Co., manufact. chemists, Camlachie. Letters left at 649 Gallowgate. 
King, George, wine and spirit merchant, 62 Trongate. 

King, James F., commission merchant and stock-broker, 125 Buchanan street. 
King, James, 6 Windsor terrace. 
King, James, victualler, 192 Gallowgate. 
King, John, 57 Miller street. 
King, John, of George Mcintosh $ Co., and of Hurlet and Campsie Alum Works, 

residence, Levernholm, Hurlet. 



King, John, and Son, power-loom cloth manufacturers and merchants, Canada court, 

78 Queen street. 
King, John, cooper, 9 and 25 High street, works, 75 Cowcaddens street. 
King, Matthew, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Taylor street. 

King, Matthew, grocer and provision merchant, 99 and 111 Cowcaddens street. 
King, Matthew, general engraver and printer, 13 Argyll street. 
King, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 103 Main street, Anderston. 
King, Robert, rlesher, 64 Hospital street. 
King, Thomas, watch and clockmaker, 252 Argyll street. 
King, Walter, cooper, 3 High street, and 250 Buchanan street. 
King, William, victualler, 79 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
King, William, cooper, 35 High street. 
King, William, jun., plumber, zinc worker, and gas-fitter, 69 Hutcheson street, house, 

411 Parliamentary road. 
King, William, of John King and Son, 94 West Regent street. 
King, Mrs., staymaker, 223 Gallowgate. 

King, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and spirit dealer, 123 Rottenrow street. 
King, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, 30 Crown street. 
King's-Arms Inn and Hotel, 66 Trongate, A. Williamson. 
Kingston National Security Savings Bank, in Kingston Parish School. Open on 

Saturdays, from 8 till 9 p.m. 
KINLOCH & Grove, fleshers, 37 Norfolk street, and 82 South Portland street. 
Kinloch, John, tavern-keeper and lodgings, 80 Trongate. 
Kinloch, Thomas, Temperance hotel, 20 Candleriggs. 

KINNAIRD, George, spirit dealer, 2 Clyde place, house, 32 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
KINNEAR, George, Manager of the Glasgow Commercial Exchange Company, 66 

St. Vincent street, house, 3 Woodside crescent. 
Kinnear, John G., of Henry Watson $• Co., house, 16 India street. 
Kinneil Iron Works Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 

KINNIBURGH, Mrs. R. G., matron, Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Barony glebe. 
KINNINMONT, Alexander, 98 South Portland street. 
KIPPEN, Robert, wholesale and retail grocer, 162 Canning street, and 39 Stevenson 

street, Calton. 
Kippen, James Hill, & Co., letterpress printers, 15 Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. 
Kippen, James H., 4 Jane street, Blythswood square. 
Kippen, William. Letters left at the Chronicle Office, 15 Turner's court. 
KlRK, James, surgeon, 405 Gallowgate. 
Kirk, Robert, chaplain, Town's Hospital. 

Kirk, Thomas, smith, engineer, and millwright, 28 Hill street. 
Kirk, Thomas, spirit dealer, 13 College street. 
Kirk, William, tea and coffee dealer, 24 Candleriggs. 
Kirk, Miss, dressmaker, 47 Renfrew street. 
Kirk, Mrs. William, 2 West Russell street. 
KIRKALDY, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 40 Candleriggs. 
Kirkaldy Shipping Office, 101 Union street. 

KIRKLAND, A. M'Kenzie, of John Kirkland and Son, house, 6 Queen's crescent. 
Kirkland, Alexander, civil engineer, land surveyor, and architect, 41 St. Vincent 

place, house, Stobcross crescent. 
Kirkland, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 11 Virginia street. 

Kirkland, James, of White and Kirkland, house, Madeira buildings, 267 Argyll st. 
Kirkland, John, & Son, merchants, St. Mary's buildings, 116 St. Vincent street. 
Kirkland, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 Marlborough street. 
Kirkland, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 25 King street. 
Kirkland, Robert, clerk, Glasgow and Ayr Railway, house, 108 Eglinton street. 
Kirkland, Robert B., 153 Eglinton street. 
Kirkland, Robert, spirit merchant, 27 Paisley road. 
Kirkland, William, Sasine office, 5 Moore place. 
Kirkland, William S., 14 Queen's crescent. 
-Kirkland, W. F., writer, procurator-fiscal of the burgh of Rutherglen, of Taylor § 

Kirkland, 65 Ingram street. 
KIRKPATRICK, Alexander, 42 St. Andrew street. 

Kirkpatrick, Robert, clothier, 15 Hutcheson street, house, 35 St. Andrew square. 
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, at Campbell $ Co.'s, house, 46 Oxford street. 


KIRKWOOD, Alexander, plumber arid gas-fitter, 55 Govan street, house, 50 South 
Wellington street. 

Kirkwood, Alexander, painter, paper-hanger, and colourman, 32 Bridge street. 

Kirkwood, Alexander, spirit dealer, 1 North Woodside road. 

Kirkwood, Anderson, of Bannatynes and Kirkwood, house, 1 Mansfield place. 

Kirkwood, Andrew, merchant, 28 Union street. 

Kirkwood, Charles, of Mackay and Kirkwood, house, 15 South Apsley place. 

Kirkwood, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 94 Stockwell street. 

Kirkwood, James, spirit dealer, 90 Stockwell street. 

Kirkwood, James D-, inspector of poor, Govan Annexation, house, 60 Dale street, 

Kirkwood, John, draper and hosier, 446 Argyll street. 

Kirkwood, John, house factor, land and property agent, and agent for the Northern 
Fire and Life Insurance Company, 33 Buchanan street, house, Partick hill. 

Kirkwood & Murray, wholesale dealers in hardware, jewellery, &c, 20 Gallowgate. 

Kirkwood, Robert, house factor, 40 Miller street, house, 15 Florence place, Stanley 

Kirkwood, Robert, sen., commission agent, 65 Jamaica street. 

Kirkwood, William, grocer and provision merchant, 266 Buchanan street, 132 Gars- 
cube road, and 99 New City road. 

Kirkwood, William, house factor, 23 South Hanover street. 

Kirkwood, Wm. P., & Co., upholsterer, 67 Queen street. 

Kirkwood, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 246 Sauchiehall street. 

KIRSOP, John (late Nixon & Kirsop), hat and cap manufacturer, 98 Argyll street, 
factory, 28 St. Enoch wynd, house, 3 South Apsley place. 

KITCHEN, John, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 52 Virginia street. 

KITTLE, Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, 81 Bridgegate street. 

KNIGHT, George, secretary, Monkland Railway Co. 

Knight, Mrs. John, furnishing shop, 11 King street. 

Knightswood Gas-Coal Office, 100 St. Vincent street. 

KNOTT, James Browne, teacher of piano-forte, 13 Abbotsford place. 

Knott, Miss, teacher of piano-forte and singing, 13 Abbotsford place. 

Knott, Mrs., 13 Abbotsford place. 

KNOWLES, John, Doncaster hotel and tavern, 137 Argyll street. 

KNOX, Adam, spirit merchant, 24 Blackfriars street. 

Knox, Alexander, wright and glazier, 42 M'Kechnie street, Calton, house, Broom- 
ward place. 

Knox, Andrew L., manufacturer of shawls, zebras, and muslins, 9 Cochran street, 
factory, Surrey street, Gorbals, house, 32 India street. 

Knox, A., clerk to the commissioners of assessed taxes for the city, 62 Argyll arcade. 

Knox, A., wine merchant, successor to W. D. Blair, Morrison's court, 108 Argyll 
street, house, 5 Greenlaw place. 

Knox, Dick, & Co., commission merchants, 22 Exchange square. 

Knox & Findlay, writers, clerics to commissioners of assessed taxes, lower ward of 
Lanarkshire, 29 St. Vincent street. 

Knox and Guild, accountants, agents for the Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., and for 
the Fire department of the Northern Assurance Co., 59 St. Vincent street. 

Knox, George, of Knox, Dick, cj- Co., 22 Exchange square. 

Knox, Henry, 1 Elmbank place. 

Knox, Hutton, and Wilson, warehousemen, 100 Brunswick street. 

Knox, John, gala plaid and tartan shawl manufacturer, 77 Brunswick street, house, 
56 Dundas street. 

Knox, John, carter, 25 Montrose street. 

Knox, Masterton U., of Knox and Guild, house, 305 St. Vincent street. 

Knox, Peter, furnisher and confectioner, 86 North street, Anderston. 

Knox, Robert, jun., of Rainey, Knox, §• Co , house, 17 Queen's crescent. 

Knox, Robert, of Findlay and Knox, house, 14 India street. 

Knox, Robert, jun., & Co., manufacturers, 10 St. Vincent place. 

Knox, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 44 Renfield street, workshop, 40 Ren- 
frew lane. 

Knox, Mrs., 143 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Knox, Mrs., 17 Queen's crescent. 

KOCH, Mrs., 105 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street. 


KOERNER, John, professor of German, Andersonian University, house, 11 Buc- 

cleuch street. 
KYLE, John, boot and shoemaker, 49 South Coburg street. 
Kyle, Morison, at Richard Griffin cf Co.'s, 40 Buchanan street. 
Kyle, Thomas, land-surveyor, 40 St. Vincent place. 

Kyle, Thomas, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, 196 Cowcaddens street. 
Kyle, Thomas, manufacturer, 36 Tureen street. 

Kyle, William, portioner and house-factor, 18 "William street, Mile-end. 
Kyle, William, hair-cutter and perfumer, 68 George street, house, 62 do. 
Kyle, Mrs. John, baker, 172 Main street, Bridgeton. 

LACHLAN, Thomas, cowfeeder, 27 Warwick street. 

LACY, Henry B., writer, notary public, agent for the East of Scotland Life Assur- 
ance Co., and for the Fire department of the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 54 
St. Vincent street, lodgings, 165 Sauchiehall street. 

Lacy, H. A. Montgomerie, at J. and F. Perman's, 23 South Hanover street. 

LADE, Allan, & Co., merchants, 51 St. Vincent street. 

Lade, D., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, Jackson street, counting-house, 43 Dun- 
lop street. 

Lade, D., of D. Lade § Co., 13 Jane street, BIythswood square. 

Lade, James, of Lade, Allan, <J- Co., 51 St. Vincent street. 

Lade, Robert, of D. Lade <$■ Co., 43 Dunlop street. 

Lade, William C., at D. Lade cj- Co.'s, house, 13 Jane street. 

Lagavullin Distillery, Islay, office, 74 Maxwell street. 

LAIDLAW, David, of R. Laidlaw and Son, house, 24 Canning place, Stirling's road. 

Laidlaw, Matthew, cabinetmaker, 50 M'Pherson street. 

Laidlaw, Robert, & Son, patent gas-lamp, gas-meter, and tube manufacturers, fur- 
nishing ironmongers, and brass and iron-founders, 16 Buchanan street, works, 
159 East Milton street, Glasgow, and Simon square, Edinburgh. 

LAING, Alexander, professor of mathematics, Andersonian University, house, 107 
Sauchiehall street, Kensington place. 

Laing and Dale, merchants and drysalters, 107 Buchanan street. 

Laing, David, veterinary surgeon, 50 Hope street, house, 59 Union street. 

Laing, James, merchant and drysalter, 100 Virginia place. 

Laing, John, & Co., commission merchants, 109 Hope street. 

Laing, John, of John Laing cf- Co., house, 140 North Montrose street. 

Laing and Johnston, wrights and glaziers, 10 East Bath lane. 

Laing, John, of Laing and Johnston, house, 343 High street. 

Laing, Robert, Meadowvale, Partick. Letters left at 70 Miller street. 

Laing, Robert, of Laing and Dale, house, Gloret house, Campsie. 

Laing, Walter, of Diclcsons and Laings, house, 11 Monteith row. 

Laing, William, jun., currier and leather merchant, 21 St. Andrew street. 

Laing, Mrs., flesher, 268 Buchanan street, house, 261 do. 

LAlRD, Alexander, and Sons, steam-packet and shipping agents, 101 Union street. 

Laird, Alexander, of Alex. Laird and Sons, house, 21 Elmbank crescent. 

Laird. Alexander A., of Alex. Laird and Sons, house, 14 Queen's terrace. 

Laird, David, and Son, merchants, 51 Ingram street. 

Laird and Marshall, merchants and commission agents, 51 Ingram street. 

Laird and Thomson, shawl and dress manufacturers, 69 Ingram street. 

Laird, James, provision merchant and grocer, 70 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Laird, Jobn, hairdresser, 176 Saltmarket. 

Laird, John, & Co., ham-curers and provision merchants, 57 Argyll street. 

Laird, John, of J. Laird § Co., house, 35 Paterson street, Kingston. 

Laird, Robert, of Laird and Thomson, house, Clyde View, Partick. 

Laird, Mrs. David, 4 Greenvale place. 

Laird, Mrs., milliner, 73 Stevenson street. 

LAMB, H. A., wine and spirit dealer, 101 King street, Tradeston. 

Lamb, James, jun., wright and builder, 50 Dundas street and Cathedral street, house, 
39 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Lamb, John, wright and builder, 34 William street, Cowcaddens, house, 150 Buc- 
cleuch street. 


Lamb, John R., of Dryden, Lamb, § Co., Prussian vice-consul, house, 4 Crescent place. 
Lamb, John, grain and commission merchant, 11 Union street, house, 9 Dundas 

street, Kingston. 
Lamb, John, tobacconist, 246 Buchanan street, house, 3 Killermont street. 
Lamb, Joseph, saddler, 254 Buchanan street. 
Lamb, Peter, railway-waggon and carriage builder, 37 Stirling street, Cowcaddens, 

and Parliamentary road, house, 94 Dundas street. 
Lamb, Thomas, & Sons, joiners, ship-carpenters, and block-makers, 19 Dale street 

and 105 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Lamb, Miss, 81 Abbotsford place. 

Lamb, Mrs., matron, University Lying-in Hospital, College-open, High street. 
LAMBERT, Walter, at James Stephen's, 5 Dixon street, house, Broomvale, Hanging- 

LAMBERTON, Hugh, of John Gray 4 Co., house, 138 Hospital street. 

LAMBIE, Andrew, hairdresser and perfumer, 151 Castle street. 

Lambie, James, tailor and clothier, 24 Adelphi street. 

Lambie, Robert, hosier, 89 Main street, Gorbals. 

Lambie, Mrs., 74 Lawmoor place. 

Lambie, Mrs. Peter, lodgings, 112 Rottenrow street. 

Lambie, Nicholas, hotel-keeper, 62 Great Clyde street. 

LAMONT, David, of M'Kean and Lamont, house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road. 

Lamont, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 318 Argyll street. 

Lamont, James, of M l Kean and Lamont, house, 171 Eglinton street. 

Lamont, John, coal and commission agent, Monkland Canal basin and 33 Buchanan 
street, house, 23 Canning place. 

Lamont, John, oflf'Kean and Lamont, house, Cleland Testimonial. 

Lamont, John, writer, 20 Buchanan street, house, 3 Meadowside, Woodlands road. 

Lamont, John, merchant, 39 West Nile street. 

Lamont, John, commission merchant and general agent, residence, Towns-mill road. 

Lamond, Robert, writer, 29 St. Vincent place, house, 18 India street. 

Lamont, Walter, watchmaker, 4 Wellcroft place, Eglinton street. 

Lamond, Miss, matron, Asylum for the Blind, Castle street. 

Lanark Cotton-Yarn Warehouse, 105 Miller street. 

LANCASTER, John L., of Thomas Lancaster and Son. 

Lancaster, George, calico-printer, Clydebank Print-works, Finnieston. 

Lancaster, Thomas, & Son, commission merchants, 28 Cochran street, house, 67 St. 
George's road. 

Lancaster, Miss, 31 India street. 

Lancefield Forge, Lancefield street, Anderston. 

Lancefield Rope-Work, John Black & Co., 222 Broomielaw. 

Lancefield Spinning Company, 70 Miller street. 

Land and Assessed Tax Office, 66 Miller street. 

LANDELL, William, gunmaker, cutler, saw, and tool-maker, ironmonger and iron- 
merchant, 106 Trongate. 

LANDLES, James, commission agent, 225 George street, house, Springvale. 

LANG, Archibald Grahame, merchant, 2 Abercromby place, house, 20 Elmbank 

Lang, D. & J. L., writers, 44 George square. 

Lang, David, of D. and J. L. Lang, house, 43 Hanover street. 

Lang, Rev. Dr., 123 Montrose street. 

Lang, George, victualler and spirit dealer, 286 Argyll street. 

Lang, George, 2 Clifton-grove crescent. 

Lang, Gilbert, solicitor, chambers, 29 Brunswick place. 

Lang, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 128 Broomielaw. 

Lang, James H., coal-master (smithy coal), 1 St. Rollox depot. 

Lang, James Leitch, of D. and J. L. Lang, house, Mirkland, by Kirkintilloch. 

Lang, James, draper, 175 Gallowgate. 

Lang, James, 5 Montrose street. 

Lang, James, spirit dealer, 193 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Lang, John, jun., procurator-fiscal for Lanarkshire to the Justices of the Peace, 107 
Brunswick street, house, 162 Hope street. 

Lang, John, feather merchant and cabinetmaker, 29 High street. 

Lang, John, tailor and clothier, 25 Canning street, Calton. 


Lang, Robert, salesman, Union Victualling Society, 212 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Lang, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Govan street. 

Lang, William, coal merchant, 20 St, Andrew's street. 

Lang, William, confectioner, tea and wine merchant, 73 Queen street, house, 12 

Monteith row. 
Lang, William, 11 Fitzroy place. Letters left at 20 Sauchiehall street. 
Lang, Mrs. James, baker, 183 Gallowgate. 

Lang, Mrs. Robert, provision dealer and coal agent, 46 North Hanover street. 
LANGLANDS, Alexander, 45 Abbotsford place. 

Langlands, Edward, of R. Watson, Son, 4" Co., house, 1 Lansdowne crescent. 
Langlands, Matthew, steam-packet agent, 32 St. Enoch square, house, 247 St. Vin- 
cent street. 
Langlands, R., merchant, 123 Grafton terrace. 
Langlands, Miss, 35 Renfrew street. 

Lakgloan Iron Works, office, St. Mary's buildings, 33 Renfield street. 
LAPRAIK, John, baker, 109 Main street, Anderston. 
LATHAM, John, secretary and manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Co., 

house, 12 Windsor terrace. 
LATTA, David, 160 Cowcaddens. 
Latta, David, jun., merchant and commission agent, 49 Maxwell street, house. 70 

Buccleuch street. 
Latta, Robert P., merchant, 35 Miller street. 
LAUDER, James, at Charles Tennant 3[ Co.h, St. Rollox. 
Lauder, John, fishmonger and ice merchant, 95 Fife place, house, 12 Great Clyde 

Lauder, John, sewed-muslin pattern-designer and lithographer, 38 Queen street, 

house, 1 29 Renfrew street. 
Lauder, Richard, manager of goods traffic, Ayrshire Railway, house, 16 New Bridge 

Lauder, Robert, tailor and clothier, 1 Argyll arcade. 
LAUCHLAND, Andrew, traveller, at Jamieson and Dewar's, house, 172 Castlemilk 

Laughlen, Andrew, civil engineer and land surveyor, 58 St, Vincent street, house, 

112 Wellington street. 
Lauchland, David, provision and spirit dealer, 10 Cumberland lane. 
Laughlen, Robert, accountant, Blythswood Estate Office, 81 St. George's place, house, 

31 Rose street, Garnethill. 
LAURIE & Foulds, manufacturers, 89 Ingram street. 
Lawrie, George, baker, 16 Portugal street. 
Lawrie, James Adair, M.D., 18 Brandon place. 
Laurie, James, of Laurie and Foidds, house, 19 Sandyford place. 
Laurie, James, of Laurieston, 1 Nicholson street, house, 8 Carlton place. 
Laurie, James, of James Laurie 6; Co., house, Desmond Bank, Sauchiehall road. 
Laurie, James, & Co., merchants, 14 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 
Lawrie, John, accountant, 13 Exchange place. 

Lawrie, John, Waterloo hotel, 24 Hutcheson street, and 170 Trongate. 
Lawrie, John, merchant, 90 Regent terrace. 

Lawrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 151 Queen street, and 163 Sauchiehall St. 
Laurie & Renwick, merchants and drysalters, 48 Buchanan street. 
Laurie, Robert, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, and librarian, 52 Bridge street. 
Laurie, Robert, & Co., merchants, 179 Argyll street. 
Lawrie, Thomas, painter and paper-hanger, 126 Union street. 
Laurie, W., of Laurie and Renwick, house, 8 Carlton place. 
Laurie, Somervail, & Co., merchants, 23 St. Enoch square. 
Laurie, Thomas, & Co., grain merchants, 179 Argyll street. 
Laurie, William, wine and spirit merchant, 53 South Portland street, and 145 

Bridgegate street, house, 40 Oxford street. 
Laurie, Margaret, Grapes tavern, 200 Broomielaw. 
Laurie, Mrs., 58 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Laurie, Mrs., milliner, 34 New Bridge street. 
LAW, Alexander, 152 Randolph terrace. 
Law, David, of Thomas Edington and Sons, house, 26 Windsor terrace, St. George's 



Law, David, boot and shoemaker, 9 Trongate. 

Law, David, of Law and Selkirk, house, 126 New City road. 

Law, Edward, slater, 233 High street. 

Law, John, & Co., iron-founders, Garnkirk street, Port-Dundas, house, 42 Port- 
Dundas road. 

Law, John, of John Law # Co., house, 42 Port-Dundas road. 

Law, Robert, agricultural implement - maker, engineer, boiler-maker, millwright, 
cartwright, and machine-maker, Shettleston. 

Law & Selkirk, wrights and builders, 3 Abercorn street, New City road. 

Law, M., shoe shop, 2 Saltmarket street. 

LAWCOCK, James, flour merchant, 57 Argyll street, house, 3 Apsley place. 

LAWDER, Mrs., Kinning Cottage, Paisley road. 

LAWRENCE, M. & J., furriers and dressmakers, 35 Renfrew street. 

LAWS, William Black, bookseller and stationer, 183 Argyll street. 

LAWSON, Alexander, grocer, 16 Millroad street. 

Lawson, Adam, victualler, 71 King street, Tradeston. 

Lawson, Gavin, victualler, 129 Bridgegate street. 

Lawson, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, warehouse, 42 Argyll street, work- 
shop, 18 Dunlop street. 

Lawson, Henry, & Son, coach proprietors and livery stable keepers, 128 Queen St., 
and 60 North Hanover street, house, 58 do. 

Lawson, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 52 Eglinton street. 

Lawson, J. G., beadle, Barony Church, 198 Stirling's road. 

Lawson, Jacob, clothier, 71 Queen street. 

Lawson, John, of Boyd, Lawson, S; Co., house, 316 St. Vincent street. 

Lawson, John, at John Goldie cf Co.'s, Hayfield Foundry, Hutchesontown. 

Lawson, William, at Couper fy White's, 11 Cathcart place, Sauchiehall street. 

Lawson, Miss, lodgings, 45 John street. 

Lawson, Mrs. G., grocer, 77 Kirk street, Calton. 

Lawson, Mrs., 135 Hill street, Garnethill. 

LEADBETTER, John, & Co., linen manufacturers, 77 Queen street. 

Leadbetter, John, of John Leadbetter <$■ Co., house, Ericht bank, Dunoon. 

Leadbetter, Robert, of John Leadbetter cj - Co., house, 112 West Regent street. 

Leadbetter, Robert H., 117 Douglas street. 

Leadbetter, Thomas, & Co., plumbers, lead merchants, and brassfounders, 15 Gor- 
don street. 

Leadbetter, Thomas, of Thomas Leadbetter cf Co., house, 112 West Regent street. 

Leadbetter, Thomas, Hunter's Hill Quarry, Kenmure, Bishopbriggs. 

LEAN, John, & Sons, muslin manufacturers, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram St., 
house, 2 South Apsley place. 

Lean, William, stamper, Post-office, house, 70 Surrey place, Gorbals. 

LEARMONTH, Mrs. George, milliner, 19 Centre street. 

LECK, Alexander, 100 George street. 

Leek, Alexander, teacher, St. Rollox school. 

Leek, Henry, accountant, 125 Buchanan street. 

Leek, James, singer, 6 Shuttle street, house, 122 South Portland street. 

Leek, John, grocer, 18 Cleland street, Hutchesontown, house, 16 do. 

Leek, Thomas, plasterer, 71 Great Clyde street, house, 72 Broomielaw. 

LECKIE, Alexander, provision merchant, 12 Adelphi street, house, 13 do. 

Leckie, Andrew, flesher, 281 Argyll street, house, 16 Hope street. 

Leckie, David, 42 St. Andrew square. 

Leckie, James, at Gregor, Twrnbull, cf Co.'s, house, 22 Warwick street. 

Leckie, John, Procurator-Fiscal's Office, house, 23 South Portland street. 

Leckie, John, jeweller and watch-glass maker, 7 Queen street. 

Leckie, Robert, 41 North Albion street. 

Leckie, Mrs. Helen, spirit dealer, 42 Montrose street. 

Lecky, F. B., of Dickson and Lecky. 

LEDINGHAM, George, at J. § W. Campbell $ Co.'s, house, 40 Cook St., Tradeston. 

LEE, James, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 16 Rottenrow street. 

Lee, James, spirit dealer, 24 Kerr street, Calton. 

Lee, John, spirit merchant, 117 King street, Calton. 

Lee, Thomas, beadle of Renfield Street Church, house, 57 Oswald street. 

Lees, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Dean street. 


Lees, Archibald, eating-house, 151 Bridgegate. 

LEECH, David, land agent, 98 West Nile street. 

Leech, John, M.D., 77 South Portland street. 

Leech, Samuel, spirit dealer, 37 Trongate. 

LEECHMAN, James, 24 Newton place. 

LEFFMAN, L., shipping and commission agent, 27 Port-Dundas road, Garscube pi. 

Legal and Commercial Fire and Life Insurance Company. Agents, James Thomson 

& Son, 129 Ingram street. 
LEGATE, Francis, at A. Crosbie's, 119 Candleriggs. 
LEGGAT, James, sculptor, 70 Rose street, works, Rutherglen loan. 
Leggat, Robert, of ' Findlay # Leggat, house, 117 Candleriggs. 
Leggat, Thomas, Airdrie carrier, 39 Miller's place. 
Leggat, William, victualler, 73 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Leggat, William, horse dealer, 498 Gallowgate. 

Leggat, Mrs. John, victualler, 3 King street, house, 48 London street. 
LEGENDRE, Misses, day and boarding school, 148 Randolph terrace, Hill street. 
LEIGH, Enoch, spirit dealer, Partick road. 
LEIPER, Thomas, cowfeeder, 9 Cook street, 
Leiper, William, writing-master and teacher of arithmetic, 187 George street, house, 

Meadowbauk place, Partick. 
LEISK, Robert, merchant, 46 Cambridge street. 
Leisk & Eaglesham, Glasgow and Manchester warehousemen, 14 Canon street, and 

114 Candleriggs. 
LEISHMAN, William, flesher, 278 Buchanan street. 

Leishman, Andrew, flesher and lard merchant, 216 Gallowgate, house, 206 do. 
LEISLER, Bock, & Co., merchants, 116 St. Vincent street. 
LEITCH, Angus, bootmaker, 27 King street, Tradeston. 
Leitch, Archibald, tailor, 120 George street. 
Leitch, Chai-les, victualler, 27 Oswald street. 

Leitch, John, keeper, Highland Society's School, 69 Montrose street. 
Leitch, John, surgeon, 205 Gallowgate, house, 194 do. 
Leitch, Joseph, plasterer, 16 Douglas street. 

Leitch, Matthew, draper and shirt manufacturer, 130 Gallowgate. 
Leitch, Thomas, wholesale commission agent, 98 West Nile street. 
Leitch, William, at Peter Buchanan cf Co.'s, 59 St. Vincent street. 
LEITH, Archibald, & Co., coach and livery lace manufacturers, 28 Dunlop street. 
Leith and Glasgow Shipping Co.'s Office, 101 Union street. 

Leith, Hull, and Hamburg Steam-Packet Office, 8 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan St. 
LEMON, James, letter-carrier, Post-office, house, Ann place, Parliamentary road. 
Lemon, William, letter-carrier, Post-office, house, Ann place, Parliamentary road. 
LENNIE, George, teacher, Free St. George's school, 118 Renfield street, house, 30 

Renfrew street. 
Lennie, Miss M., milliner and straw-hat maker, 30 Renfrew street. 
LENNON, Francis, spirit dealer, 57 King street, Calton. 
LENNOX, Duncan, writer, 39 Miller street, house, 128 North John street. 
Lennox, Gavin, plasterer, 27 Hunter street, house, 4 Claythorn street. 
Lennox, John, rag merchant, 109 Bridgegate street. 
Lennox, John, flesher, 103 Eglinton street. 
Lennox, John, wine and spirit merchant, 194 Argyll street. 

Lennox, John, City Temperance coffee-house and commercial lodgings, 39 Stock- 
well street. 
Lennox, Peter, general grocer, 123 Argyll street, house, 26 Robertson street. 
Lennox, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Broad street, Mile-end. 
Lennox, William, slater and asphalte agent, Green street, Bridgeton. 
Lennox, William, victualler, 33 Orr street. 
LESLIE, David, baker, 71 Cadogan street. 
Leslie, Francis, plasterer, 129 Canning street, Calton. 
Leslie, John, accountant, and life assurance agent, 23 Monteith Row. 
Leslie, John, commission merchant, agent for woollen and worsted yarns, County 

buildings, 72 Hutcheson street, house, 5 Canning place. 
Leslie, Robert, tea, coffee, sugar, and spice dealer, 152 New City road, house, 9 

Columbia place. 
Leslie, Miss, 76 Bixccleuch street. 


Lesmahagow Gas Coal Office, 86 West George street. 

LETHAM, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 207 Castle street, and 2 Glebe street. 

LETHEM, Blyth, & Lethem, manufacturers, 49 Virginia street. 

Lethem, David, & Co., rag merchants, 141 Stockwell street. 

Lethem, Mrs. D., spirit dealer, 159 Stockwell street. 

LETTERS, Mrs., hosier and draper, 62 Great Hamilton street. 

LEUCHARS & Halliday, wine, spirit, and grain merchants, 88 Union street. 

LEVENSON, James, sealing-wax, wafer, and quill manufacturer, 90 Trongate, 

house, 38 Charlotte lane. 
LEVEY, Paton, & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen, Commercial court, 114 

Candleriggs street. 
Levey, Mrs. Woolf, manufacturing furrier, and dealer in Foreign and British skins, 

155 Ingram street, house, 49 Hutcheson street. 
LEWIS & Arthur, lacemen, 2 and 4 Glassford street. 
Lewis, Henry, teacher, 69 Montrose street. 
Lewis, John, teacher, 24 North Portland street. 
Lewis, Robert, flesher, Balmoral place, 66 St. George's road. 
Lewis, Robert, gut manufacturer and blood merchant, 1 Public Slaughter-house, 

house, 6 Guildry court. 
Lewis, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 38 Broomielaw street. 

Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London, Glas- 
gow Branch, 99 St. Vincent street. See Advertisement ha Appendix. 
LIDDELL, Andrew (late ironmonger), Plean House, by Stirling. Letters, &c, 

left at John Finlay's, ironmonger, 46 Buchanan street. 
Liddell, Archibald, & Co., oil and colour merchants and painters, 192 Trongate, 

works, 43 Queen street, and Port-Dundas road. 
Liddell, Brownlee, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 50 St. Ninians st. 
Liddell, Charles, surveyor, Gas office, 42 Virginia street, house, Rutland place. 
Liddell, David, spirit dealer, 107 Glebe street. 

Liddle & Deas, trunk and portmanteau manufacturers, 75 Queen street. 
Liddell, H., flesher, 100 King street, Tradeston. 
Liddell, James, wholesale Scotch warehouse, 95 Hutcheson street. 
Liddel, John, commission agent, 17 Canning place. 
Liddell, John, & Co., power-loom manufacturers, 50 St. Ninian street. 
Liddel, Thomas, cabinet-maker, 23 Sauchiehall lane, house, 14 Holmhead street. 
Liddell, William, trunk and bandbox maker, 58 Gordon street. 
Liddell, William, of John Horn fy Co., house, 89 Great Hamilton street. 
Liddell, Mrs. A., 100 Virginia street. 

LIEBERT, S. A., & Co., merchants, 11 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 
Liebert, S. A., of 8. A. Liebert $ Co., house, 17 Lynedoch crescent. 
Life Association of Scotland. James Smith, writer, 24 Queen street, agent. 
LIGHTBODY, James, wine and spirit merchant, 157 Queen street, and 55 Aber- 

cromby street. 
Lightbody, James, Townhead, Helensburgh. Letters left at 26 Kent street. 
Lightbody, John, & Son, watchmakers and jewellers, 19 Trongate. 
Lightbody, William, joiner and cabinet-maker, 26 Sidney street. 
LIGHTON, James, 2 North Woodside road. 

LILLIE, George, dairyman and potato merchant, and agent, 25 Robertson street. 
Lillie, James, & Son, drapers and outfitters, 243 Argyll street. 
Lillie, James B., of John King and Sons, lodgings, 48 Holmhead street. 
LILLIS, Rev. Wm., St. Mary's Catholic Church, 68 Abercromby street. 
LINBURN, Mrs., H. Springvale. 

LIMERICK, John, smith, boiler-maker, and engineer, 171 New Dalmarnock road. 
LIMONT, David, wine and spirit merchant, 65 Bridge street. 

Limont, David, wine and spirit dealer, 35 Stobcross street, house, 12Anderston quay. 
Limont, William, spirit dealer, 34 Sauchiehall street. 
LINDSAY, Alexander, smith and machine-maker, 39 Old wynd, house, 45 Adelphi 

Lindsay, Alexander, M.D., physician and surgeon, consulting rooms, 68 Stockwell 

street, house, 95 George street. 
Lindsay, Andrew, hat manufacturer, 149 London street, and 47 Charlotte street, 

house, 11 St. Andrew square. 
Lindsay, Andrew, spirit merchant, 40 King street, house, 38 Miller's place. 


Lindsay, Daniel, at William Mitchell's, house, 12 Pollock street, Govan road. 
Lindsay, Gavin, agent, and beadle of London Road Church, house, 6 London road, 

Lindsay, George, grocer, 134 Saltmarket. 
Lindsay, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Bedford street. 
Lindsay, G., 19 Renfrew street. 
Lindsay and Henderson, dyers, 112 Stirling's road. 
Lindsay, James, 58 Renfield street. 
Lindsajr, James, house-factor, 49 High street. 
Lindsay, James, jun., stationer, 10 Washington street. 
Lindsay, James, wine and spirit merchant, 63 and 65 Stobcross street. 
Lindsay, John, calenderer, 173 George street. 
Lindsay, John, spirit dealer, 82 Broomielaw. 
Lindsay, John, starcher, 13 and 15 Brown street. 
Lindsay, M. C. and J., furnishings, 189 Sauchiehall street. 
Lindsay, Peter, 23 Renfrew street. 

Lindsay, Robert, wright and builder, 317 Sauchiehall street, house, 169 Hill street. 
Lindsay, Robert, wright, 18 Main's street, house, 49 West Campbell street. 
Lindsay, Robert M., writing master, and mercantile and mathematical academy, 48 

George square, house, 77 Montrose street. 
Lindsay, Samuel, smallware furnisher, 152 Castle street. 

Lindsay, Thomas, Dundyvan wharf, Monkland Canal Basin, house, 3 Martyr street. 
Lindsay, William, D.D., professor of theology, 33 Monteith row. 
Lindsay, William, cowfeeder, 93 High street. 
Lindsay, William, 198 Stirling's road. 
Lindsay, William, basket-maker, 59 King street. 
Lindsay, Miss, dress and straw-hat maker, 24 Wilson street. 
Lindsay, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, 122 Clyde street, Anderston. 
LINN, Walter, overseer, Garnkirk Railway, St. Rollox. 

LINTON, Andrew, ironmonger, 24 Gallowgate, house, 8 Sommerville place. 
LIPMAN, Moss, quill dresser, 208 Stirling's road. 

LIPSITT, E. S., of Strang, Brown, <$ Co., house, 4 St. James's street, Paisley road. 
LISENHEIM, M. H., general broker, 40 Prince's street. 
Lisenheim, Mrs. Esther, commercial lodgings, 42 Dunlop street. 
LISTER, Alexander, of Robertson and Lister, house, 17 Holmhead street. 
Lister, Alexander, & Co., founders, engineers, and mill-wrights, John Street Foundry. 
Lister, Mrs. John, spirit merchant, 30 Gallowgate. 
LISTON, Alexander, & Co., chemical manufacturers, 48 Buchanan street, works, 

Balmaha, and Kirkintilloch. 
Liston, James, patent oil and grease maker, 52 M'Pherson street, off High street. 
Liston, Matthew, victualler, 10 Spoutmouth. 
LITHGOW, Andrew, shoemaker, 10 Stirling square. 
Lithgow, James, 12 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Lithgow, W. H., professor of music, 189 Buchanan street. 
Lithgow, Peter, warehouseman, 15 Wilson street. 

Lithgow, Miss C. H., teacher of piano-forte and singing, 189 Buchanan street. 
LITSTER, James, wine and spirit merchant, 111 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Litster, William, spirit dealer, 136 Dalmarnock road. 
LITTLE, Henry, at A. G. Kidston <$■ Co.'s, 60 Great Clyde street. 
Little, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 69 Taylor street. 
LITTLEJOHN, Gavin, spirit dealer, 54 Crown street. 
Littlejohn, James, wine and spirit merchant, 54 Crown street. 
Littlemill Distillery, M'Culloch and M'Alpine, office, 35 Buchanan street. 
Liverpool and American Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Liverpool Asphalte Co., 23 South Hanover street. 
Liverpool and. Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street. 
Liverpool Screw-Steamers' Office, 28 St. Enoch square. 
Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 32 St. Enoch square. 
Liverpool Traders' Office, 28 St. Enoch square. 

Livery Stables, Black Bull, 6 Virginia street, and horse repository, 121 London st. 
LIVINGSTON, Alexander, tobacconist, 140 Cowcaddens street. 
Livingston, Alexander, flesher, 291 High street. 


Livingston, Archibald, at John M i Gregor , s, 10 Turner's court. 

Livingston, Archibald, writer, 24 St. Enoch square, house, 45 Abbotsford place. 

Livingston, Charles S., cotton broker, 127 Ingram street. 

Livingston, C, & Co , grocers, and Post-office receiving-house, 152 Hope street. 

Livingston, Daniel, milk shop, 59 Carrick street. 

Livingston, Duncan, spirit dealer, 404 Duke street. 

Livingston, Henry, Clyde hotel, 13 Anderston quay. 

Livingston, James, victualler, 31 Bishop street, Anderston. 

Livingston, Dr. M. J., herbalist and worm destroyer, 42 Stockwell street. 

Livingston, Peter, mercantile and forwarding agent, and Custom-house broker, 62 

Argyll street, house, 278 do. 
Livingston, Robert, carter and cowfeeder, 34 Union place, North street, Anderston. 
Livingston, S., tailor and clothier, 122 Union street. 

Livingston, William, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 17 Virginia street. 
Livingston, Mrs. Allan, spirit dealer, 111 Cheapside street, Anderston. 
LLOYD, Frederick, acting manager, Prince's Theatre, house, 22 Florence place. 
LOCHHEAD, James, teacher, Bridgeton Parish School, Old Dalmarnock road. 
Lochhead, John, spirit dealer, 18 Carrick street. 
Lochhead, Thomas, secretary, Union Loan Fund, 87 Union street. 
Lochhead, Thomas & John, booksellers and publishers, 5 Park place, Stockwell St. 
Lochhead, William, of Byers and Lochhead, Sidney, New South Wales, commission 

merchants, house, Ronbank, Govan. 
Lochhead, William, M.D., physician, 25 Garscube place. 

Lochhead, William, of Wylie and Lochhead, house, Meadowbank place, Partick. 
Lochhead, Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Crown street. 
LOCHIEL, John, spirit dealer, 72 Bridgegate street. 
Lochiel, Mrs., grocer, 4 Goosedubbs. 

LOCHORE, Robert, & Co., boot and shoemakers, 116 and 118 Buchanan street. 
Lochore, Robert, of Robert Lochore fy Co., house, 116 South Portland street. 
Lochore, Robert, tertius, of William Lochore and. Son, house, 7 Sommerville place. 
Lochore, William, & Son, bootmakers, 56 Argj'll street. 
Lochruan Distillery, Campbelton. Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., agents, 25 St. Enoch 

Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow street. 
LOCKE, William, teacher of music, 140 Holme street. 
LOCKERBIE, David, at Allan and Mann's, house, 155 Eglinton street. 
Lockerbie, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Orr street, Calton. 
Lockerby & Stephenson, furnishing ironmongers and lamp-makers, 32 and 34 Queen 

Lockerby & Stephenson, brassfounders and gas chandelier manufacturers, 28 St. 

Enoch's wynd, and 23 and 25 St. Enoch's lane. 
Lockerby, Thomas, of Lockerby and Stephenson, house, 105 South Portland street. 
LOCKETT, Joseph & John, & Co., engravers to calico-printers, 161 Stirling's road. 
Lockett, Thomas, jun., of Morison, Lockett, $ Co., house, 8 Sandyford place. 
LOCKHART, James S., distributor of stamps, inland revenue, 78 Queen street and 

81 Miller street. 
Lockhart, John, plumber, lead merchant, and gas-fitter, 237 Buchanan street. 
Lockhart, John, joiner and glazier, 13 Well street, Calton. 
Lockhart, John, of Simpson and Lockhart, house, 158 St. George's road. 
Lockhart, John, flesher and provision merchant, 156 Argyll st., house, 20 Union st. 
Lockhart, Robert, at G. L. Walker <f Co.'s, house, 63 High John street. 
Lockhart, Robert, of Buchanan and Lockhart, house, 19 Woodside place. 
Lockhart, Robert, of Lockharts and Watson, house, 158 St. George's road. 
Lockhart, Robert, spirit dealer, 162 High street. 
Lockhart, R. & W., corn-factors, 20 Union street. 
Lockhart, Robert, teacher, 105 High street. 

Lockharts & Watson, clothiers and hatters, 60 St. Vincent street. 
Lockhart, William, brush manufacturer, 11 Hill street, Anderston. 
Lockhart, Mrs. James, victualler, 149 High street. 
Lockhart, Mrs. John, 63 High John street. 

LOFTUS, Charles C, manager of a drug shop, 34 Adelphi street, house, 86 Hospi- 
tal street. 
Loftus, Misses, milliners, dress, and straw-hat makers, 86 Hospital street. 


LOGAN, Andrew, baker, 7 Main street, Anderston, 

Logan, Andrew, jun., baker, 27 Norfolk street. 

Logan, A. & T., wine and spirit merchants, 168 Gallowgate. 

Logan, Daniel, at Strang, Yuille, and KeydenHs, 83 George's place. 

Logan, David, baker, 39 New Bridge street. 

Logan, David, fruiterer, 125 Gallowgate. 

Logan, James, carter, 53 Drygate street 

Logan, James, & Co., brickmakers and builders, Hillhead field, Partick. Letters left 
at 5 St. Enoch square. 

Logan, John, of Alexander Milne <f Co., house, 4 Carnarvon street, St. George's road. 

Logan, John, pawnbroker and girth-web manufacturer, 2 Kent street and 206 Gal- 

Logan, John, Hamilton carrier, Madeira court, 251 Argyll street. 

Logan, John, tax-collector, 27 Renfrew street. 

Logan, Malcolm, Clydesdale Arms inn, 15 East Nile street, off Gallowgate. 

Logan, Robert, at Port-Eglinton Works, house, 7 Main street, Anderston. 

Logan, Robert, & Co., commission merchants, 40 Buchanan street. 

Logan, Robert, bread and pastry baker, 32 South Portland street. 

Logan, Thomas, commercial traveller, 64 Buccleuch street. 

Logan, William, portioner, 267 Madeira buildings, Argyll street. 

Logan, William, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 2 Melville place, 132 Trongate. 

Logan, William, grocer, 92 Main street, Anderston. 

Logan, Mrs. John, stationer, 12 Bell street. 

Logan, Mrs., milliner, 37 John street. 

LOGGIE and Dobbie, joiners and cabinetmakers, 30 Thistle street. 

Loggie, Andrew, flesher, 17 Bath street. 

Loggie, William, flesher, 73 George street, house, 63 do. 

Logie and Fisher, writers, 77 St. Vincent street. 

Logie, William, of Logie and Fisher, house, Bardowie. 

LOMAS, Joseph, & Co., engineers and machine-makers, 61 Duke street, house, 59 do. 

London Boot Company, 13 Royal Exchange square. 

London Dye-house, 15 Cambridge street. William Balbirnie. 

London Fire and Life Assurance Corporation. Henry Rhind, 87 Union street ; Scott 
and Stevenson, 21 St. Vincent place; and Robert Gilkison, jun., 48 Buchanan 
street, agents. 

London, Leith, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Shipping Co.'s Office, 101 Union street. 

London Union Fire and Life Assurance Office. Matthew Walker, 72 Wilson street, 
J. Mudie, and W. Mudie, jun., 144 Queen street, agents. 

London Vulcan Iron Co., founders, engineers, and millwrights, works, Port-Dundas. 

Londonderry Steam-Packet Office, 75 Jamaica street. 

LONG and Barwick, wood-hoop manufacturers, 35 Centre street. 

Long and M'Lean, late B. Musgrove, gun-makers, cutlers, and ironmongers, 46 

Long, John, merchant, 127 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 

Long, William Henry, finishing instructor in writing, arithmetic, and book-keeping, 

82 West Nile street. 
Long, William, gingham and muslin manufacturer, 23 South Frederick street, house, 

112 Rottenrow. 
LONIE, David, boot and shoemaker, 184 Main street, Anderston. 
Lonnie, James, of Ferguson and Lonnie, house, 140 Holme street. 
Lonnie, William, grocer and victualler, 259 Duke street. 

LORIMER, Rev. John G., of Free St. David's Church, house, 69 Sauchiehall street. 
Lorimer, John, of Skene, Miller, <§• Co., 93 Candleriggs. 
LORRAIN, William B., M.D., 131 Hope street. 
Lorrain, W. S., and Adam, merchants, 12 St. Vincent place. 
Lorrain, W. S., of W. S. Lorrain and Adam, house, 12 Royal crescent. 
LOUDON, Bryce, spirit dealer, 3 Melville place. 
Loudon, John, of John Loudon <$• Co., agent for the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Lifa 

Insurance Co., 68 St. Vincent street, house, 18 Woodside crescent. 
Loudon, John, & Co., insurance brokers, 68 St. Vincent street. 
Loudon, Matthew, Shakspeare tavern, 36 Saltmarket street. 
Loudon, Miss, 16 St. George's road. 
Loudon, Mrs. James, 24 Pollock street. 


LOUGHRAN, Edward, woollen draper and haberdasher, 168 Trongate. 

Loughran, John, manufacturing chemist, 19 Union place, North street, Anderston. 

LOUGHRY, Daniel, spirit dealer, 62 New Dalmarnock road. 

LOUTHEAN, Mrs. A. W., draper, 308 Argyll street. 

LOVE, Allan, clothier, 27 St. Margaret place. 

Love, Archd., boot and shoemaker, 367 Argyll street. 

Love, Duncan, of Broion and Love, house, 155 Eglinton street. 

Love, George, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 138 Trongate. 

Love, William, bookseller, stationer, and news-agent, 5 and 17 Nelson street. 

Love and Keith, Misses, dressmakers, 88 High John street. 

Love, Mrs. Hugh, lodgings, 16 Hope street. 

LOW, David, & Co., plumbers, zinc-workers, and gas-fitters, 26 Sauchiehall lane, 
house, 180 Hope street. 

Low, David, & Co., commission merchants, 25 Howard street. 

Low, David, victualler and grocer, 23 Norfolk street. 

Low, F. R., LL.D., classical master, High school, house, 3 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Lowe, George, of John M'-Call <Sf Co., house, 19 Woodside crescent. 

Low, John, victualler, and beadle of Free St. Mark's, 16 Cheapside street. 

Low, John, secretary, City of Glasgow Bank, 18 Virginia street. 

Low, John, & Co., provision warehouse, 81 High street, house, 16 Cheapside street. 

Lowe, Robert, professor of dancing, 124 Campbell street, house, 13 Albany place. 

LOWRIE, John, Waterloo Hotel, 24 Hutcheson street, and 160 Trongate. 

Lowrie, Robert, earthenware merchant, 3 Stevenson street. 

Lowry, Savage, butter and egg dealer, 10 M'Kechnie street. 

Lowry, Miss, 11 Carnarvon street. 

LUBIENSKI, C, pattern- designer, 3 West Nile street. 

LUCCHESI, Bernardino, figure and medallion maker, 83 Mitchell street. 

Lugar Iron Works Office, 36 St. Vincent place. 

LUMSDEN, James, & Son, wholesale stationers, 20 Queen street. 

Lumsden, James, of James Lumsden and Son, house, 208 St. Vincent street. 

Lumsden, James, Jan., of James Lumsden and Son, house, 121 Bath street. 

Lumsden, Mrs. John, 6 Albany place. 

Lumsdine, Archibald, piano-forte tuner, 19 Ronald street. 

Lunatic Asylum, Royal, Gartnavel, office, 70 St. George's place. 

Lunatic Asylum, Private, Dr. William Drury, Garngad house. 

LUNDIE, John, pawnbroker, 8 East Clyde street. 

LUSHINGTON, Edmund Law, professor of Greek, College. 

LUSK, John, goods agent for Greenock Railway Co., house, 29 Paterson street, 

LUTENOR, G. A., & Son, portrait, animal, and miniature painters, 86 Bath street. 

Lutenor, Miss M., teacher of singing, 86 Bath street. 

Lutenor, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 86 Bath street. 

LUTTED, William, & Co., musical instrument makers, importers of foreign instru- 
ments, and material music warehouse and tuning establishment, 210 Buchanan st. 

LYALL, George, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Stirling street. 

Lyall, James, merchant, 146 West George street, house, 238 St. Vincent street. 

Lyall, Robert, 191 Athol place, Bath street. 

Lyall, William, ladies' English shoe warehouse, 142 Sauchiehall street, house, 2 
Wemyss place. 

Lyall, W. & G., wholesale grocers, 23 and 25 Howard street. 

Lyceum Rooms, 72 Nelson street. John Buchanan, keeper, house, do. 

LYDE, G. F. & Co., lace manufacturers, 38 Queen street. 

LYLE, David, smith, Woodlands road. 

Lyle, George, & Co., manufacturers, 127 Brunswick street. 

Lyle, John, spirit dealer, 114 Green street, Calton. 

Lyle, John, Kilbarchan carrier, quarters, 71 Ingram street. 

Lyle, Robert, edge-tool maker, Woodlands road. 

Lyle, Robert, at Bell fy Bain's, house, 74 Argyll street. 

Lyle, W. & J., engineers, Woodlands road. 

Lyle, William, stationer, 732 Gallowgate. 

Lyle, Mrs., matron, Royal Infirmary. 

LYMBURN, James, stocking manufacturer, 89 Gallowgate, works, 32 Tobago street, 


LYNCH, James, funeral undertaker, and coach and horse-hirer, 156 Saltmarket, house, 

41 Rutherglen loan. 
LYON, David, contractor, 26 South Portland street. 
Lyon, George, copper and tinsmith, and gas-fitter, 16 Candleriggs, and 149 Gallow- 

gate, house, 2 South Wellington place. 
Lyon, George Jasper, of G. L. Walker $ Co., house, 144 West Campbell street. 
Lyon, James, of Millar $ Lyon, house, 1 Clifton Grove crescent. 
Lyon, John, tin-plate worker and brazier, 179 Buchanan street. 
Lyon, John, wine and spirit merchant, 251 Gallowgate. 
Lyon, John, grain-weigher and storekeeper, Port-Dundas, house, 119 Murray place, 

New City road. 
Lyon, John, tailor and clothier, 28 North Portland street. 
Lyon, Lawson, & Co., millwrights, engineers, and brick and tile makers, Mountain- 

bleau, Camlachie. 
Lyon, Robert, auctioneer and appraiser, 43 Argyll street. 
Lyon, William, surgeon, 92 Fife place, West George street. 
Lyon, Mrs., 328 Falkland place, Renfrew street. 


MACK, John, porter, Commercial Bank, house, Bank buildings. 

Mack & Smith, lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers, copper-plate printers, and 

pattern-book makers, 110 Buchanan street. 
Mack, William, coal agent, 11 Pitt street. 
M'ADAM, James, spirit dealer, 8 New London road, Calton. 
MAdam, James, 4 Windmillcroft, south side Broomielaw. 
M'Adam, John, warehouseman, 5 Morrison court, 108 Argyll street, house, 3 Bath 

Macadam, John, F.R.S.S.A., &c, &c, lecturer on chemistry and analyst, 60 High 

John street, house, 77 South Portland street. 
M'Adam, W. G., agent, Clydesdale Branch Bank, 30 Trongate. 
MAdam, William, commission agent, 77 South Portland street. 
MAdam, William, Hydepark Pottery, 45 Hydepark street, Anderston, house, 2 do. 
MAdam, Miss, 160 St. George's road. 
M'ADIE, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street. 
M' ALL AN, Brothers, calico-printers, 17 Renfield street. 
M'Allan, Andrew S., of M' Allan, Brothers, 17 Renfield street. 
M' Allan, John, of M' Allan, Brothers, house, 22 Abbotsford place. 
M'Allan, Walter, wholesale hat manufacturer, 72 Cowcaddens street. 
M'ALLISTER, Dr. Alexander, 33 Abbotsford place. 
M'Allister, Andrew, of William Hart 4 Co,, house, 25 Calside, Paisley. 
M'Allister, Archibald, writer, 9 Gordon street, house, 57 Abbotsford place. 
M'Allister, George, baker, 92 Abercromby street. 
M'Allister, James, crown, sheet, and plate-glass merchant, and glazier, 70 Jamaica 

street, house, 363 St. Vincent street. 
Macalister, John, jun., calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, 49 West Nile street. 
M'Allister, Robert, spirit dealer, 29 Gallowgate. 
M'Allister, Robert, teacher of music, 9 Macfarlane street. 
M'Allister, Wm., of Brodie, M'Leod, & Co., house, 125 Parson street. 
M'Alister, Mrs. William, cotton-banding maker, Greenhead Ropework, house, 9 

Macfarlane street. 
M'Allister, Mrs., milliner, 351 Argyll street. 
M'Allister, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 183 Sauchiehall street. 
M'ALPINE, Angus, dyer, 126 Cheapside street, house, 303 Greenhill place. 
Macalpine, Charles, painter and paper-hanger, 3 Nicholson street, and 184 Argyll 

M'Alpine, Colin, ship and anchor smith, chain-cable manufacturer, 5 Brown street, 

house, 3 do. 
M'Alpine, Duncan, tailor, 7 Buchanan court, Eglinton street. 
M'Alpine, D., quarter-master, 5 Great Hamilton street. 
M'Alpine & Finlay, woollen cloth agents and auctioneers, 108 Trongate. 
M'Alpine, Hugh, nailmaker, 49 Gallowgate. 
M'Alpine, William, auctioneer, 34 South Portland street. 



M' ANDREW, John, & Co., Carfin colliery, office, Monkland Canal Basin, and 28 

Miller street. John M'Laren, agent. 
M'Andrew, John, of St. Rollox Foundry Co., house, 27 St. Mungo street. 
M'ARA, Andrew, grocer, 8 and 10 Main street, Gorhals. 
M'Ara, Daniel, bootmaker, 114 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Ara & Stewart, wholesale tea and coffee merchants, 54 Glassford street. 
M'Ara, Peter, of M'Ara and Steieart, house, Meadow park, Duke street. 
MARLY, John, teacher, Hutcheson's school, 119 Upper Crown street. 
MArly, Thomas, agent, 16 Canon street. 

M' ARTHUR, confectioner and grocer, 28 and 30 Hutcheson street. 
M'Arthur, Alexander, flesher, 54 Great Hamilton street. 
M' Arthur, Alexander, of James M 1 ■Arthur § Co., house, Dalsholm. 
MArthur, Alexander M., at W. Sloane $ Co.'s, house, 33 Abbotsford place. 
M'Arthur, Alexander, tailor, 129 Old Dalmarnock, Bridgeton. 
M'Arthur, Brothers, merchants, and agents for Liverpool traders, Madeira court, 259 

Argjdl street. 
M'Arthur, Colin, spirit merchant, 39 Burnside street. 
MArthur, Daniel, English and mercantile teacher, 6 Corn street, house, 78 Garscube 

road, and Post-office Receiving-house. 
M'Arthur, Dugald, fish-curer, 25 East Howard street. 
M'Arthur, D., hosier and glover, 100 Trongate. 
M'Arthur, D., boot and shoemaker, 293 Argyll street, 
M'Arthur, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Croy place/ 
MArthur, D., & Co., lace manufacturers, 78 Queen street. 
M'Arthur, D., of D. M'Arthur $ Co., house, 77 Hill street, Gamethill. 
M'Arthur, Hamilton, P. 0., 62 Taylor street. 

M'Arthur, James, & Co., paper-makers and stationers, 82 Glassford street. 
M'Arthur, James, letter-carrier, 131 Dalmarnock road, Bridgeton. 
M'Arthur, James, of ' M' Arthur, Brothers, house, Stafford place, New City road. 
M'Arthur, John, wine and spirit dealer, 214 Broomielaw. 
M'Arthur, John, victualler, 11 Duke street. 
MArthur, John, merchant, 86 West George street. 
M'Arthur, John, spirit dealer, 251 Duke street. 
M'Arthur, John, watch and clockmaker, 3 London street. 
M'Arthur, John, collector, 34 York street. 

M'Arthur, John, at W. B. Huggins 8; Co.'s, house, 3 Croy place. 
M'Arthur, John, at J. and R. Cogan's, house, 13 Holmhead. street. 
M'Arthur, Peter, baker, 71 High street. 
M'Arthur, Peter, baker, 116 London road. 
M'Arthur, Richard J. W., of Bogle, Kerr, 4' Co., house, 7 Greenlaw place, Paisley 

M'Arthur & Robb, pawnbrokers, 132 Gallowgate, house, 24 East Russell street. 
M'Arthur, Thomas, carver, gilder, printseller, and looking-glass manufacturer, 33 

Gordon street. 
M'Arthur, Miss, 166 West Regent street. 
M'Arthur, Mrs. John, 75 Bath street. 
M'Arthur, Mrs., spirit dealer, 31 Jamaica street. 
M'AULAY, Alexander, victualler, 23 Dean street. 
M'Aulay, Alexander, cooper, 126 Main street, Gorbals. 
M'Aulay, & Co., chemists and metal refiners, 60 New street, Calton. 
M'Aulay, George, provision merchant, 97 Candleriggs, house, 1 Ingram street. 
M'Aulay, James, & Co., manufacturers, commission agents, and silk printers, 25 

George square. 
M'Aulay & M'Cartney, engravers, lithographers, pattern-card and book-makers, 75 

Argyll street. 
M'Aulay, P., of W. and P. M'Aulay, house, Shawfield Bank. 
M'Aulay, William, & Co., merchants and calico-printers, 29 Stirling street. 
M'Aulay, W. & P., calico-printers, Shawfield Bank. Letters and parcels left at 29 

Stirling street. 
Macaulay, Richard, lithographer and pattern-book maker, 32 Cleland street, Hut- 

M'Aulay, William, of William M'Aulay cj' Co., house, Shawfield Bank. 
M'Aulay, Miss, lodgings, 121 Wellington street. 


M'AUSLAN, James, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 165 Main street, Bridgeton. 

M'AVOY, George, carver and gilder, 8 Sauchiehall street. 

M'BAY, James, provision dealer, 32 Clyde street, Anderston. 

M'BEAN, Alexander, Anderston print-works, North street. 

M'Bean, H., & Co., oil and colour merchants, 12 and 14 Dale street, Tradeston. 

M'Bean, Angus, at James Black $■ Co.'s, 363 St. Vincent street. 

M'Bean, Jamieson, & Co., merchants, 112 West George street. 

M'BETH, Daniel, watch and clockmaker, 69 Kirk street, Calton. 

MacBeth, Rev. James, 18 Pollock street, Kingston. 

MacBeth, John, watch and clockmaker, 283^ Gallowgate. 

M'Beth, Norman, portrait painter, 180 West Eegent street. 

M'Beth, R., & Co., commission agents, 33 Virginia street. 

M'BIRNIE, James, wine and spirit merchant, 233 Cowcaddens street. 

M'BRAARDY, Duncan, spirit dealer, 40 Saltmarket street. 

M'BEAIN, James, Auld Eobin Gray tavern, 73 Nelson street. 

M'BRAIR, R. M., commission agent, 72 Wilson street, ho., 114 West Campbell st. 

M'BRAYNE, David, jun., of M'Brayne and Stirling, house, Barony glebe. 

M'Brayne, David, Barony session-clerk, 52 West Nile street, house, Barony glebe. 

M'Brayne, John Bums, of Bennett, Broion, <$; Co., 17 Exchange place. 

M'Brayne & Stirling, type-founders, Glasgow Letter-foundry, 301 Parliamentary rd. 

M'BRAIR, Mrs. Archibald, 114 West Campbell street. 

M'BRIDE, Alexander, grocer, 111 Main street. 

M'Bride & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 72 Glassford 
street, and Albyn works, Little Govan. 

M'Bride, Charles, provision and spirit merchant, 60 Clyde street, Anderston. 

M'Bride, James, at Neilson and Anderson's, house, 26 South Wellington place. 

M'Bride, John, of M'Bride 8; Co., house; Albyn works. 

M'Bride, William, of M'Bride § Co., house, 63 Abbotsford place. 

M'BURNEY, Isaiah, B.A., classical master, Glasgow Academy, ho., 5 Clarendon pi. 

M'CABE, Rev. William, Catholic clergyman, 25 Great Hamilton street. 

M'CAFFREY, James, spirit dealer, 13 Diygate street. 

M'Caffrey, Roderick, spirit dealer, 135 Bridgegate street. 

M'CAFFERTY, Michael, broker, 130 Saltmarket street. 

M'CALL, George, of James M' Call and Son, house, 17 West Prince's street. 

M'Call, Henry, of John M l Call $ Co., house, Daldowie. 

M'Call, James, & Son, wine merchants, 85 Wilson street. 

M'Call, James, of James M'Call and Son, house, 17 West Prince's street. 

M'Call, Jamei, of John M'Call $■ Co., house, Daldowie. 

M'Call, James, wine and spirit dealer, 136 Bridgegate. 

M'Call, James, hat and capmaker, 40 Argyll street, 

M'Call, John, & Co., grain merchants, 44 Union street. 

M'Call, J., writing-master, 181 Renfrew street. 

M'Call, John, clerk, P. O., house, 80 Thistle street. 

M'Call, John, of Rankin, Smith, cf Co., 81 St. Vincent street. 

M'Call, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 88 Rutherglen loan. 

M'Caul, Malcolm, of J. Leadbetter $ Co., house, 1 Clifton place, 

M'Call, Thomas, of J. M'Call ifs Co., house, 5 Claremont terrace^ 

M'Call, Thomas, architect, 27 Montrose street. 

M'Call, Thomas, oil and colourman, 26 Canon street. 

M'Call, W. B., shawl manufacturer and printer, 23 South Hanover street. 

M'Call, William, painter, 32 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 

M'Call, William, wright, 5 Balmanno street, house, Dean place, 112 Eottenrow. 

M'Call, Miss C, 257 Brandon place. 

M'Call, Mrs., 22 Woodside place. 

M'Call, Mrs. Samuel, 183 Elgin place, Sauchiehall street. 

M'Call, Mrs., ladies' seminary, 116 Renfrew street. 

M'Call, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Graeme street. 

M'Caul, Mrs., victualler, 340 High street. 

M'CALLUM, Alexander K., at John Stewart, jun.' 's, house, 127 Murray place, New 
City road. 

M'Callum, Archibald B., hat manufacturer, 104| Argyll street. 

M'Callum, B. F., cotton, wool, and silk dyer, works, Govan Croft, residence, Stone- 
field, Hutchesontown. 


M'Callum, Daniel, spirit dealer, 92 Bell street. 

M'Callum, Daniel, sheriff-officer and constable, 48 South Portland street, house, 7 

South Portland street. 
M'Callum, Daniel, wine merchant and grocer, 163 Buchanan street, house, Glenbank, 

Campsie Junction, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, 
M'Callum, Daniel, Chamberlain's office, Council Chambers. 
M'Callum, Donald, eating-house, 73 Candleriggs street. 
M'Callum, Duncan, sen., & Co., ironmongers, brassfounders, and smiths, 56 St. 

Vincent street, works, 24 St. Enoch's wynd. 
M'Callum, Duncan, brick and furnace builder, 4 Sidney street, off Gallowgate. 
M'Callum, Duncan, spirit dealer, 21 Anderston quay. 
M'Callum, Duncan, spirit dealer, 35 Broad street, Mile-end. 
M'Callum, Duncan, wright and builder, 17 Pitt street, house, 2 Hydepark street, 

M'Callum, George, manager, Rutherglen-bridge Cotton-works, house, 17 William 

street, Greenhead. 
M'Callum, Gilbert, teacher, 61 Rutherglen loan. 
M'Callum & Graham, commission merchants, and ship insurance brokers, 110 

Buchanan street. 
M'Callum, John, of Balfour % M'Callum, house, York street, Little Govan. 
M'Callum, John, of M'Callum <$■ Graham, house, Dumbreck cottage. 
M'Callum, John, silk mercer to her Majesty, 66 Buchanan St., house, 60 Bath street. 
M'Callum, John, grocer and victualler, 50 Hospital street. 
M'Callum, J., manager, Religious Institution Rooms, 12 South Hanover street, house, 

34 Garscube place. 
M'Callum, Malcolm, milk dealer, 89 Waterloo street. 

M'Callum, Mungo, of D. M'Callum, sen., 8; Co., house, 14 Hopetoun place. 
M'Callum, Neil, baker, 434 Argyll street. 
M'Callum, Peter, manager, Barrowfield dj'e-works. 

M'Callum, Peter, head master, Free St. Peter's School, house, 29 Waterloo street. 
M'Callum, Robert, contractor, 18 Burrel's lane, High street. 
M'Callum, William, grocer and provision merchant, 116 Cowcaddens street, house, 

1 West Milton street. 
M'Callum, Miss, 73 West Nile street. 

M'Callum, Miss M., Temperance coffee-house, 26 Glassford street. 
M'Callum, Miss, lodgings, 15 Renfrew street. 

M'Callum, Misses F. and E., milliners and dressmakers, 37 Bridge street. 
M'Callum, Mrs. George, boot and shoemaker, 18 Sauchiehall street. 
M'Callum, Mrs., and Davidson, dressmakers, 98 Fife place. 
M'Callum, Mrs., spirit dealer, 2 Crown street. 
M'CALMAN, Donald, plain and decorative house-painter and paper-hanger, 186 

St. Vincent street, workshop, 113 West George lane. 
M'CANCE, Andrew, grocer, 60 Carrick street. 
M'CANDLISH, Robert, coach builder and hirer, 21 Wellington street, and 134 

West Campbell street. 
M'CARRON, John, surgeon, 69 Abercromby street, house, 71 do. 
M'CARTHY, Charles, surgeon and druggist, 102 Cowcaddens street. 
M'CARTNEY, John, hairdresser, 108 Cowcaddens street. 
M'CASH, James, victualler, 433 Duke street. 

M'Cash, Thomas, smith and bell-hanger, 11 East St. Vincent lane. 
M'CASKELL, John, spirit dealer, 8 M'Alpine street. 
M'CASLAND, John, Bloomvale, Clayknowes. 
M'CAW, William, tailor and clothier, 246 Argyll street. 

M'CLELLAND & M'Kenzie, accountants and sharebrokers, 128 Ingram street. 
M'Clelland, James, of M'Clelland § M'Kenzie, residence, Gartshore house, by Kirk- 
M'Clelland, James, provision and spirit merchant, 27 Commercial road. 
M'CLUE, David, grocer and spirit retailer, 12 Green street, Calton. 
M'CLURE, Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Queen street, bouse, 172 Hope street. 
M'Clure, James, & Son, carvers, gilders, and printsellers to her Majesty, 6 Royal 

Bank place, workshop, 51 Dunlop street. 
M'Clure, John, of Drew $ M'Clure, house, 4 Falkland place. 
M'Clure, J. H., of Moody # M'Clure, house, 108 West Regent street. 


M'Clure, Robert, of Downie § dPClure, 2 St. George's road. 

M'CLUSKY, James, furniture broker, 28 Great Clyde street. 

M'Cluskey, Hannah, victualler, 145 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'CLYMONT, Alexander, bootmaker, 37 Catherine street, Anderston. 

M'Clymont, James, of Thomas Wingate $ Co., house, Partickhill. 

M'Clymont, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 181 Castle street, house, 150 do. 

M'Clymont & Logan, fleshers, 19 London street. 

M'Clymont, Mrs. John, 30 Charlotte street. 

M'COARD, William, cotton-waste merchant and mill-furnisher, 18 North Albion 
street, house, 4 James street, Greenhead. 

M'COLL, Archibald, 116 Old wynd. 

M'Coll, Archibald, house-factor, 3 Antigua place, house, 9 Dundas street, Kingston. 

M'Coll, Daniel, grocer, 122 Broomielaw. 

M'Coll, Donald, spirit dealer, 74 Stockwell street. 

M'Coll, Dugald, spirit dealer, 40 Pollokshaws road. 

M'Coll, Dugald, Council chambers, 66 Hutcheson street. 

M'Coll, Hugh, & Son, clothiers, 32 Glassford street. 

M'Coll, H., sen., of H. M'Coll tf Son, house, 3 Germiston street. 

M'Coll, H., jun., ofH. M'Coll $ Son, house, 47 Grove street. 

M'Coll, James, contractor, 41 Drygate. 

M'Coll, John, coal agent, 6 Oswald street. 

M'Coll, John, boot and shoemaker, 32 Oswald street. 

M'Coll, John, provision and ship-store merchant, 51 Howard street, house, 183 
Eglinton street. 

M'Coll, Malcolm, wine and spirit cellar, 29 Warroch street. 

M'Coll, Malcolm, & Co., singeing works, 32 Montrose street. 

M'Coll, Miss Ann, 109 Renfrew street. 

M'Coll, Miss Catherine, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 04 Old wynd. 

M'Coll, Mrs. Alex., 11 Hopetoun place, Stirling's road. 

M'COMBE, A. G., at Marshall, Hill, and Hill's, house, 37 Abbotsford place. 

M'Comb, M., wholesale confectioner, 80 Stockwell street. 

M'CONOCHIE, Allan A., advocate, professor of laws, College. 

M'Conechy, Archibald, baker, 36 William street, Anderston. 

M'Connochie, Donald, bottler to private families, 105 Dale street, Tradeston. 

M'Conochie, Rev. J., 17 St. James street, East Kingston. 

M'Connechy, James, editor of Glasgow Courier, house, 71 Parson street. 

M'Connechie, J. and B., confectioners, 91 West George st., house, 124 West Nile st. 

M'Connechie, John, French-horn tavern, and City Oyster-house, 88 Trongate. 

M'Connechy, M'Killop, & Co., coach builders, 56 Union street. 

M'Connechy, Mrs. Margaret, eating-house, 86 Bell street. 

M'Connochie, Mrs. David, 29 Waterloo place, Kingston. 

M'CONNELL, Archibald, & Co., 14 Jamaica street. 

M'Connell, Archibald, of Thomson and M'Connell, house, 3 Newton place. 

M'Connell, Bernard, pawnbroker, 27 King street, house, 9 Adelphi street. 

M'Connell, James, bleacher of webs, cope, and thread, 69 Ingram street, works, 
Hazledean, Mearns. 

M'Connell, James, furniture warehouse, 10 Great Clyde street. 

M'Connal, James, shawl merchant, 9 Clyde terrace. 

M'Connell, John, & Co., bleachers, Kirklee, office, 43 Queen street. 

M'Connell, Robert, & Co., iron-founders and smiths, 108 and 112 Port-Dundas road, 
house, Cleland Testimonial. 

MJConnell, Robert, lock and hinge-maker, bell-hanger, and gasfitter, 112 Port-Dun- 
das road. 

M'Connell, T. and W., starchers, 13 Little street, Calton. Orders left at D. Brown's, 
75 Bell street. 

M'Connell, Miss, lodgings, 73 West Nile street. 

M'CORKINDALE, D., merchant, 7 Kinning place. 

M'Corkindale, Duncan, bootmaker, 400 Argyll street. 

M'Corkindale, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 169 Saltmarket street. 

M'Corkindale, John, boot and shoemaker, 148 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Corkindale, Mrs. Dr., 49 Bath street. 

M'CORKLE, Archibald, carter, 51 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 
M'Corkle & Co., rope and sail manufacturers, 150 Broomielaw. 


M'Corkle, Daniel, ofM'Corhle 4" Co., house, 12 Commerce street. 

M'CORMICK, Andrew, of Ritchie and M'Cormick, house, 5 Carnarvon street. 

M'Cormick, Colin, spirit dealer, 45 Maitland street. 

M'Cormick, D., paper-ruler, 109 Argyll street and 9 Maxwell street. 

M'Cormick, Hugh, flax and seed merchant, 17 High street. 

M'Cormick, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, stamper of weights and measures for the 
Burgh of Calton and Mile-end, 9 Stevenson street. 

M'Cormick, R., provision store, 70 King street, Calton. 

M'COULL, Thomas, smith and bell-hanger, 78 Renfleld street. 

M'COWAN, David, at William Ewinfs, Royal Exchange. 

M'Cowan, John, cotton-mill furnisher and waste dealer, 21 Cochran street, store- 
house, 186 Holm street. 

M'Cowan, Robert, stockbroker and accountant, agent for the Agricultural Cattle In- 
surance, and the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, 67 Miller street. 

M'Cracken and Chalmers, manufacturers, 62 Hutcheson street. 

M'Cracken, Robert, of M'Cracken and Chalmers, 5 South Apsley place. 

M'Ciaken, Miss, green-grocer, 32 Bedford street. 

M'CRAE, Alexander, at R. Laidlaw and Son's, 74 Maitland street. 

M'Crae, Joseph, feather merchant, 80 Trongate, house, 169 Great Hamilton street. 

M'CRAW, Archd., of 'M' Craw and Kay, house, 57 North Hanover street. 

M'Craw & Kay, joiners, trunk, and packing-box makers, Melville lane and Stirling's 

M'CREADY, B., rag merchant, 24 and 26 Shuttle street. 

M'Cready, George, spirit dealer, 167 Canning street, Calton. 

M'Credie, Hugh, commercial lodgings and commission agent, 28 York street. 

M'CRINDELL, Shaw, & Co., commission merchants, 88 St. Vincent street. 

M'Crindell, James, of M'Crindell, Shaw, <f Co., house, Partickhill. 

M'CRONE, Edward, victualler, 19 West Campbell street. 

M'Crone, George, provision merchant, 355 Argyll street. 

M'Crone, Robert, victualler, 90 Centre street, Tradeston. 

M'Crone, Robert, grocer and victualler, 137 Stobcross street. 

M'CROSTIE, Alexander, tavern keeper, 63 Wilson street. 

M'CUBBIN, David, accountant, 85 Queen street, house, 52 Windsor terrace, St. 
George's road. 

M'Cubbin, John, merchant, 52 Windsor terrace. 

M'CUE, William, fish and provision merchant, 116 Stockwell street and 4 Great 
Clyde street, house, Crosshill by Cathcart, and Waterport buildings. 

M'CULLOCH, A., stationer, 28 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

M'Culloch, Andrew, merchant, 77 St. Vincent street, house, Newstead, Govan road. 

M'Culloch, D. B. & W., Fire and Life Insurance Agents, 72 Wilson street, house, 6 
Chatham place, Stirling's road. 

M'Culloch, Francis, animal and bird-stuffer, 80 Nelson street. 

M'Culloch, Francis, sen., spirit dealer, 78 Nelson street. 

M'Culloch, George, of J. $ G. M'Culloch, 15 York street. 

M'Culloch, George, contractor, 22 Parkhouse lane. 

M'Culloch, James & John, wholesale and retail grocers, 147 Argyll street and 375 
Sauchiehall street. 

M'Culloch, J. & J. upholsterers, 37 Renfleld street. 

M'Culloch, James, spirit dealer, 171 Duke street. 

M'Culloch, James, of J. $ J. M'Culloch, house, 304 St. Vincent street. 

M'Culloch, James, manufacturer, 43 Dale street, Tradeston. 

M'Culloch, James & George, warehouse-keepers and contractors, 15 York street. 

M'Culloch, James, dairyman, 51 York street. 

M'Culloch, James, at John Dennistoun cf' Co.'s, 38 George square. 

M'Culloch, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Little Dovehill. 

M'Culloch, John, tollkeeper, Gallowgate toll. 

M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., iron-founders and machine-makers, Cumberland Foundry, 
168 Gallowgate. 

M'Culloch, Robert, agent, 37 Muslin street, Bridgeton, 

M'Culloch, Robert, cabinetmaker, 211 Gallowgate. 

M'Culloch, R., wine merchant, 93 Main street, Gorbals, house, 194 do. 

M'Culloch, Samuel & William, wholesale and retail grocers, 25 and 27 Argyll st. 

M'Culloch, S. & W., grocers and provision merchants, 33 and 35 Norfolk street. 


M'Culloch, Samuel, ofS. <f W. M'Culloch, house, Maule terrace, Failick. 

M'Culloch, William, of S. $ W. M'Culloch, 51 West Regent street. 

M'Culloch, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 38 Broad street. 

M'Culloch, Mrs. E., wine and spirit dealer, 94 Broomielaw street. 

M'Culloch, Mrs., 16 St. George's road. 

MACDERMID, Duncan, commission merchant, 23 Cochran street. 

M'DERMOT, Michael, flesher, 59 King street, Calton. 

M'DIARMID, Angus, boot and shoemaker, 28 Melville street, Tradeston. 

M'Diarmid, A. R., commission merchant, 24 Hutcheson street, ho., 20 Buccleuch st. 

M'Diarmid, Neil, tailor and clothier, 72 Norfolk street. 

M'Diarmid, Feter, porter, Union Bank, house, 128 John street. 

M'Donald, Alexander, Abbotsford Place Academy, 17 Bedford street, house, 76 Ab- 

botsford place. 
M'Donald, Alexander, teacher, Abbotsford Place Academy, branches taught, English, 

elocution, and geography. 
M'Donald, Alexander, 78 West street. 
M'Donald, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Jamaica street. 
M'Donald, Alexander, spirit merchant, 166 Main street, Bridgeton. 
M'Donald, Alexander, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 41 Buchanan street, 

house, 14 Dunlop street. 
M'Donald, A. G., of Maclure if M'Donald, house, 1 Fitzroy place. 
M'Donald, Allan, shoemaker, 5 Bishop street, Anderston. 
M'Donald, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. 0., 37 Cathedral street. 
M'Donald, Angus, tea merchant, 241 Cowcaddens street, house, 70 New City road. 
M'Donald, Angus, stationer, Cowcaddens street. 
M'Donald, Archibald, & Co., tea and coffee dealers and general grocers, 8 Trongate, 

house, 28 Monteith row. 
M'Donald, Charles, & Co., wholesale Scotch warehousemen, 27 Ingram street. 
M'Donald & Co., merchants, 116 George street, store, 46 College street. 
MacDonald & Baird, tailors and clothiers, 13 Renfield street. 
M'Donald, Charles, house factor, 49 Coburg street. 
M'Donald, D,, & Son, engravers, lithographers, and printers, Moodie's court, 31 

Argyll street. 
M'Donald, David, 14 Dunlop street. Letters left at 41 Buchanan street. 
M'Donald, Daniel, fish dealer, 31 George street. 
M'Donald, Donald, flesher, 125 Stobcross street. 
M'Donald, Donald, spirit dealer, 143 Saltmarket street. 

M'Donald, Donald, slater and slate merchant, 73 Waterloo St., house, 18 Pollock st. 
M'Donald, D. & J., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 83 Miller street, 
M'Donald, D., of D. $ J. M'Donald cf- Co., house, Freeland bank, Particle. 
M'Donald, D., wine and spirit merchant, 68 Glassford street, and 73 Hutcheson st. 
M'Donald, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 21 and 23 New street, Calton. 
M'Donald, D., grocer, 40 Thistle street. 

M'Donald, Duncan, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 5 London street. 
M'Donald & Freer, calenderers, packers, and hot-pressers, 80, 82, and 84 Mitchell St. 
M'Donald, George, Garrick's coffee-house, 24 Stockwell street. 
M'Donald, George, of Kilpatrich cf M'Donald, house, 108 Eglinton street. 
M'Donald, George, boot and shoemaker, 45 Hospital street, 
M'Donald, George, eating-house keeper, 82 Gallowgate. 
M'Donald, H. & A., clothiers, 11 Buchanan street. 
M'Donald, Hector, of II. <f A. M'Donald, house, 22 Abbotsford place. 
M'Donald, Henry, lithographer and engraver, 4 Dunlop street. 
M'Donald, Hugh, spirit merchant, 147 London street. 
M'Donald, James, of D. § J. M'Donald cj- Co., house, Partickhill, Particle. 
M'Donald, James, eating-house, 132 Piccadilly street. 
M'Donald, James, baker and flour merchant, 68 Stewart street. 
M'Donald, James, porter, British Linen Company's Bank, house, Bank buildings, 

Ingram street. 
M'Donald, James, Willowbank Baking Company, baker and flour merchant, 66 and 

68 Stewart street, Cowcaddens. 
M'Donald, James, wine and spirit dealer, 71 Ingram st., and 46 North Frederick st. 
M'Donald, J. & E., fleshers, New Bazaar Market. 
M'Donald, John, ofD. M'Donald 4' Son, house, 448 Argyll street. 


M'Donald, John, general grocer, 143 High street. 

MacDonald, John, of MacDonald and Baird, house, 125 Hospital street. 

M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 350 Main street, Bridgeton. 

M'Donald, John, grocer and victualler, 47 North Frederick street. 

M'Donald, John, of Stewart § M 'Donald, house, Windsor terrace, Queenstown, Great 

Western road. 
M'Donald, John, of McDonald <f Robertson, house, 121 North Montrose street, 
M'Donald, John, shuttle-mounting maker, 103 Great Hamilton street. 
M'Donald, John, writer, 153 Queen street, house, 28 Canning place. 
M'Donald, J. & A., spirit dealers, 109 King street. 

M'Donald, John & Alexander, provision merchants, 150 West Nile street. 
M'Donald, J. & A., tea dealers and grocers, 154 West Nile street. 
M'Donald, John, of McDonald 8> M'-Laurin, 37 Queen street. 
M'Donald, John, victualler, 105 Graeme street, and 231 Gallowgate. 
M'Donald, John, painter and paper-hanger, 61 Carrick street. 
M'Donald, John, Govan Bar-iron works, office, 1 Dixon street, house, 44 Abbotsford 

M'Donald, John, baker, 413 Parliamentary road. 

M'Donald, John, Imperial tavern and chop-house, 26 Broomielaw, and 2 Wood lane. 
M'Donald, John, engineer, 27 Ronald street. 

M'Donald, John, grocer, and wine and spirit merchant, 146 Eglinton street. 
M'Donald, Lachlin, spirit dealer, 96 Renfield street. 
M'Donald and Lambie, sewed muslin manufacturers, 145 Queen street. 
M'Donald, Malcolm, of D. and J. McDonald $ Co., house, Fairley Park Cottage, 

M'Donald, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 25 Anderson quay. 
M'Donald & M'Laurin, warehousemen, 37 Queen street. 
M'Donald, Peter, Star hotel, 2 North Queen street, and 76 George square. 
M'Donald, Peter, spirit dealer, 110 Eglinton street. 
M'Donald, Peter, brush, bellows, hair-cloth, and curled hair manufacturer, and 

wood merchant, 86 and 88 Duke street, house, 23 Richmond street. 
M'Donald, Robert, of D. and J. McDonald $ Co., house, Fairley Park Cottage, 

M'Donald, Robert, tin-plate worker and gasfitter, 11 St. Andrew's street. 
M'Donald, Robert, grocer and victualler, 103 Fife place, West George street, house, 

20 Hill place, Stirling's road. 
M'Donald & Robertson, hot-pressers and packers, 129 Ingram street. 
M'Donald, Ronald, sheriff-officer and constable for the counties of Lanark, Renfrew , 

and Dumbarton, 7 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
M'Donald, Rowland Hill, 20 Oxford street. 
M'Donald, William, physician, 359 Argyll street. 
M'Donald, William, general agent, 36 Royal Exchange square, lodgings, 6 Crescent 

M'Donald, William, com and flour factor, 13 Hope street. 
M'Donald, William, grocer and provision dealer, 98 Eglinton street. 
M'Donald, William, glass engraver, 47 West College street. 
M'Donald, William, of McDonald and Lambie, house, Partick. 
M'Donald, William, Welsh Rabbit tavern, 19 Gallowgate. 
M'Donald, William H., of Macdonald and Freer, house, Ibroxholm. 
M'Donald, Miss A., fruiterer, 75 George street. 
M'Donald, Miss Christian, furnishings, 5 Queen arcade. 
M'Donald, Miss Helen, 7 Queen arcade. 
M'Donald, Misses, teachers, 124 South Portland street. 
M'Donald, Misses A. & M., staymakers, 7 Nelson street. 
M'Donald, Mrs., milliner, 54 Gallowgate. 
M'Donald, Mrs., lodgings, 70 Renfrew street. 
M'Donald, Mrs., seminary for young ladies, 25 Monteith row. 
M'Donald, Mrs., dressmaker, 3 Hospital street. 

M'Donald, Mrs. Helen, furniture warehouse, 50 and 52 London street. 
M'Donald, Mrs. Helen, cowfeeder, 314 Main street. Bridgeton. 
M'DONNELL, Archd., surgeon, 174 Saltmarket street. 
M'Donnell, John, at Wilson, Shane, <f Co.'s, house, 70 New City road. 
M'Donnell, R. W., M.D., 174 §altmarket street. 


M'DOUGALL, Alexander, late capt. 1st Eoyal Eegt., 12 Salisbury street. 

M'Dougall, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 31 Stevenson street. 

M'Dougall, Alexander, portioner, 8 Mitchell street. 

M'Dougall, A., cabinet and silverplate chest-maker, 21 Canon street. 

M'Dougall, Alexander, merchant and commission agent, 113 Clyde street, Anderston, 

house, 136 Hospital street. 
M'Dougall, Alexander, & Co., sewed muslin warehousemen, 33 Virginia street. 
M'Dougall, Alexander, & Co., distillers. Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., agents, 25 St. 

Enoch square. 
M'Dougall, Alexander, cartwright, 15 James Watt street, house, 140 Holme street. 
M'Dougall, Alexander, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 54 South Coburg street. 
M'Dougall, Alexander, flesher, 43 Bell street. 
M'Dougall, Allan, wine and spirit dealer, 1 Hartfield street. 
M'Dougall, Allan, of Graham and M'Dougall, house, 77 Eenfrew street. 
M'Dougall, Allan, jun., landscape painter, 48 Abbotsford place. 
M'Dougall, Andrew, beadle of St. George's, 8 West George street. 
M'Dougall, Angus, cartwright and smith, 24 Howard street. 
M'Dougall, Archibald, spirit dealer, 12 Main street. 
M'Dougall, Eev. Archibald, 9 Holland place. 
M'Dougall, Archibald, fruiterer, 23 Eglinton street. 
M'Dougall, Donald, wine and spirit dealer, 23 Castle street. 
M'Dougall, Donald, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, lemonade and soda-water 

maker, 7 Anderston quay. 
M'Dougall, Donald, spirit dealer, 27 Adelphi street. 
M'Dougall, D., & Son, bootmakers, 73 Jamaica street. 

M'DougaJl, Dougal, wine and spirit merchant, 178 and 180 West Nile street. 
M'Dougall, Dougall, ink manufacturer, Port-Dundas, ink works, 84 Eenfield street. 
M'Dougall, Duncan, flesher, 32 Finlay street. 
M'Dougall, Duncan, ironmonger and zinc merchant, 362 Argyll street, house, 356 

Argyll street. 
M'Dougall, Duncan, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, Glasgow pipe manufactory, 74 North 

Hanover street. 
M'Dougall, Hugh, spirit merchant, 161 West Nile street. 
M'Dougall, Hugh, boot and shoemaker, 35 Bridge street. 
M'Dougall, Hugh, spirit dealer, 67 Bridgegate. 
M'Dougall, Eev. Hugh, 19 West Prince's street. 
M'Dougall, Hugh, provision merchant, 5 Crown street. 

M'Dougall, James E., at John Rae's, 36 Queen street, house, 8 South Apsley place. 
M'Dougall, James, drysalter and commission merchant, 49 West Nile street. 
M'Dougall, James, spirit dealer, 7 Oxford street. 
M'Dougall, John, teacher of music, 90 North Frederick street. 
M'Dougall, John, butcher, 25 Eglinton street. 
M'Dougall, John, wine and spirit dealer, 3 and 5 Shuttle street. 
M'Dougall, John, spirit merchant, 104 King street, Tradeston. 
M'Dougall, John, grocer, 18 Clyde street, Anderston. 
M'Dougall, J. H , manager, Christian News Office, 142 Trongate, house, Westfield 

terrace, Partickhill. 
M'Dougall, Lauchlan, spirit merchant, 40 Broomielaw. 
M'Dougall, Nicol, surveyor of police, and collector of poor rates for Gorbals, office, 

Police buildings, 47 South Portland street, house, 132 South Portland street. 
M'Dougall, Neil, bill-poster, 17 Charlotte street. 
M'Dougall, Eobert, dairyman, 22 Great Dovehill. 

M'Dougall, Eobert, tailor and clothier, 28 London street, house, 41 Charlotte street. 
M'Dougall, Eonald, pastry baker and confectioner, 120 Gallowgate. 
M'Dougall, Eonald. hide merchant, leather factor, and bark merchant, 11 St. Enoch 

wynd and 12 Maxwell street, house, 1 Eutland place. 
M'Dougall, Eonald, Police buildings, southern district. 
M'Dougall, Thomas, Smith, & Co., boiler-makers, and rivet-bolt manufacturers, 97 

Stobcross street. 
M'Dougall, Wm. E., at /Scottish Union Insurance Co.'s, 69 Glassford street. 
M'Dougall, Mrs., staymaker, 27 Nelson street. 
M'Dougall, Miss, St. David's Parish school, 114 High John street. 
M'Dougall, Mrs. A., grocer, 2 Kirk street, Townhead. 


M'Dougall, Mrs., milliner and straw-hat maker, 55 Sauchiehall street. 

M'DOWALL, Alexander, and Co., provision merchants and grocers, 412 Argyll st. 

Macdowall, Alexander, of Macdowall and Gebbie, 18 Elmbank crescent. 

M'Dowall & Co., iron-founders, Milton Foundry, 3 Corn street, Port-Dundas. 

Macdowall and Gebbie, writers, 145 Queen street. 

M'Dowall, John, of M'Dowall tf Co., house, 250 Renfrew street. 

M'Dowall, John, M.D., surgeon, Ewing place, 357 Argyll street. 

M'Dowall, John, wright, 81 Crown street, house, 76 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

M'Dowall, John, 61 Centre street. 

M'Dowall, William, porter, Western Bank, house, 6 William street. 

M'Dowall, Mrs., lodgings, 60 Hill street, Garnethill. - 

M'EACHARN, Miss, 39 Clyde buildings. 

M'ELROY, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 63 Bridgegate, 

M'ENTYRE, Robert, silk agent, 9 Bath street. 

M'EWAN, Alex., of Sunderland, ofW. M'Ewan, Sons, <$■ Co., ho., 40 Gt. Clyde st. 

MacEwan, Andrew, of MacEwan and Auld, house, 19 Newton place. 

M'Ewan, Andrew, surgeon, 10 North Clyde street, Anderston. 

M'Ewan, Andrew, spirit dealer, 44 Parliamentary road. 

MacEwan & Auld, accountants, and stock and share-brokers, 28 St. Vincent street. 

M'Ewan, Charles, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street. 

M'Ewan, Colin, fish-curer and provision merchant, 52 Howard street, house, do. 

M'Ewan, Daniel, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 6 Union street, works, 7g- Eglinton 

M'Ewan, Edward, agent for John Tallis & Co., 55 North Hanover street. 
M'Ewan, G., writer, Ayrshire Railway. 
M'Ewan, George, surgeon, consulting-rooms, 4 North street, Anderston, house, South 

Kinning place. 
M'Ewan, James, of P. M'Naught § Co., house, 11 Pitt street. 
M'Ewan, James, wine and spirit dealer, 21 Oswald street. 
M'Ewan, James, of Robertson and M'Eican, house, 67 Spring-grove place. 
M'Ewan, James, surgeon, 6 Struthers street, Calton. 
M'Ewing, Rev. James, 67 Spring-grove place. 

M'Ewing, John, sugar broker, 76 Wilson street, house, 45 Buccleuch street. 
M'Ewan, John, cooper, 49 Gallowgate, house, 2 Monteith row. 
M'Ewan, John, M.D. and surgeon, 13 Pitt street. 

M'Ewan, John, of William M'Ewan, Sons, tf Co., house, 13 Royal crescent. 
M'Ewan, John, of R. 4~ J- Henderson, house, Westfield, Partick. 
M'Ewan, John, 100 St. Vincent street, house, Dalmarnock cottage. 
M'Ewan, Maxton, flesher, 15 Finlay street. 

M'Ewan, Robert, & Co., clothiers, 53 Buchanan street, house, 23 Elmbank place. 
M'Ewan & Stewart, tinsmiths and gas-fitters, 7 Wilson street. 
M'Ewan, Thomas, & J. Campbell, writers, 33 Virginia street. 
M'Ewan, Wm., Sons, & Co., tea merchants and general grocers, 146 Gallowgate. 
M'Ewan, Wm., Sons, & Co., tea merchants and patent sugar refiners, 121 Trongate, 

works, Oswald street. 
M'Ewan, William, merchant, agent for Vivian & Sons, copper-smelters, 48 Queen 

street, house, 3 Woodside place. 
M'Ewan, William, writer, 19 St. Enoch square. 
M'Ewan, William, house-factor, grocer, and spirit dealer, 256, Ann place, Parliamen- 

ta^ road. 
M'Ewan, W'illiam G., teacher of elocution, Mrs. Buchanan's lodgings, 20 East College 

M'Ewan, Mrs., 197 Renfrew street. 
M'Ewan, Mrs. 23 Elmbank place. 

M'FADYEN, Archibald, brassfounder, 6 Carrick street, house, 419^ Argyll street. 
M'Fadyen, Andrew, clothier, 124 Saltmarket. 
M'Fadyen, Archibald, fishmonger, 34 Norfolk street. 

M'Fadyen, Crawford, haircutter, 42 Main street, Anderston, house, 29 Warwick st. 
M'Fadyen, Daniel, fishmonger, 24 Main street, Anderston. 
M'Fadyen, James, wright and funeral undertaker, 4 Abercromby street, and 56 Kirk 

street, Calton. 
M'Fadyen, Robert, flesher, 68, 70, 72, and 74 Stobcross street. 
M'Fadyen, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 163 Castle street. 


M'FARLANE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 22 Bishop street, Anderston. 

M'Farlane, Alexander, of M'Farlane and Anderson, house, 3 James's street, Green- 

M'Farlane & Anderson, commission merchants, 37 Ingram street. 

M'Farlane, Andrew P., watch and clockmaker, 76 Trongate. 

M'Farlane, Andrew, sen., wood-merchant, 50 Robertson street. 

M'Farlane, A., jun., & Co., timber merchants, 28 Robertson street, house, 59 Ren- 
field street. 

M'Farlane, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 198 Broomielaw. 

M'Farlane, A. & M., drapers, 108 Dalmamock road. 

M'Farlane, Brothers, carpet and hearth-rug manufacturers, John street, Bridgeton ; 
warehouse, 1 Royal Exchange court. John Colvill, agent. 

M'Farlan, Colin, cooper, 90 Duke street. 

M'Farlane, Daniel, distiller, Port-Dundas, house, Cowlairs. 

M'Farlane, Dugald, commission merchant and insurance broker, 81 St. Vincent st. 

M'Farlane, Rev. Duncan, D.D., principal, Glasgow university, Principal's court, 

M'Farlane, Duncan, & Co., Scotch tweed merchants, 127 Brunswick street. 

M'Farlane, D., flesher, 51 King street, Tradeston. 

M'Farlane, D., of Duncan M'Farlane $■ Co., house, 8 Aunfield place. 

M'Farlane, George, accountant and stockbroker, 11 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan 
street, house, 22 Abbotsford place. 

M'Farlane, George, warehouseman, 73 Hutcheson street, house, 52 Eddlestone place. 

Macfarlane, G. R., 32 St. Vincent place, house, Roseland terrace. 

Macfarlane & Graham, silver-platers and saddlers' ironmongers, 60 Stockwell street. 

M'Farlane, Hugh, & Co, tobacconists and snuff manufacturers, 28 Stockwell street. 

Macfarlane, Hugh, teacher of the classics and bookkeeping, Andersonian university. 

M'Farlane, H. B., merchant, 32 St. Vincent place, house, 23 Roseland terrace, Cum- 
berland street. 

M'Farlane, James, baker, 22 Great Hamilton street. 

M'Farlane, James, & Co., yarn and cotton-wick merchants. 67 Brunswick street. 

M'Farlane, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 20 and 22 Bridge street. 

M'Farlane, James, & Son, bootmakers, 157 Buchanan street, house, 7 Bridge street. 

M'Farlane, James, victualler, 27 Little street. 

M'Farlane, John, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 51 Buchanan street, house, 52 
Howard street. 

M'Farlane, John, & Co., sail-makers, 72 Broomielaw, house, 12 South Fanning place. 

Macfarlane, John, portrait-painter, 48 Gordon street. 

M'Farlane, John, coal agent, 8 West George street. Orders left at Mr. Forrester's, 7 
Gordon street, and Mr. Smith's, 155 Queen street, 

M'Farlane, John, horse dealer, Horse Bazaar, 150 London street. 

M'Farlane, John H., distiller, Port-Dundas, house, Cowlairs. 

MacFarlane, John, at James Richmond cf Co.'s, house, 93 South Portland street. 

MacFarlane, Rev. John, LL.D., of the United Presbyterian Church, residence, Middleton 
House, Paisley road. 

M'Farlane, John, M.D., 142 St. Vincent street. 

M'Farlane, John, of the Post- Office. 

M'Farlane, John, victualler, 191 High street. 

M'Farlane, John, tinsmith, 38 South St. Mungo street. 

M'Farlane, J. & M., bootmakers, 302 Argyll street. 

MacFarlane, Malcolm, agent for Bell, Rannie, & Co., wine merchants, 103 St. Vincent 

M'Farlane, Malcolm, of Peters and M'Farlane, house, 126 Thistle street. 

M'Farlane, Malcolm, tailor and clothier, 25 Trongate. 

M'Farlane, M., & Co., distillers, Port-Dundas. 

M'Farlane, Nathaniel, grocer and victualler, 50 Crown street. 

M'Farlane, Parlane, manufacturer, 26 George street. 

M'Farlane, Peter, smith, bell-hanger, and gas-fitter, 10 Margaret street and 6 Frederick 
lane, house, 84 John street. 

M'Farlane, Peter, Thistle hotel, 37 Glassford street. 

M'Farlane, Peter, tea dealer and general grocer, 397 Argyll street. 

M'Farlane, Peter, watchmaker, jeweller, and general smallware merchant, 10 and 11 
Argyll arcade, house, 137 New City road. 


M'Farlane, Peter, & Co., wine and spirit merchant, 59 Gallowgate. 

M'Farlane & Porteus, sewed-muslin and Hamilton lace manufacturers, 38 Queen st. 

M'Farlane, P., of M'-Farlane and Porteus, house, Balmoral place, St. George's road. 

M'Farlane, Robert, agent and house factor, 89 High John street. 

M'Farlane, Robert, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 17 and 19 South Frederick 

M'Farlane, Robert, confectioner, 143 Trongate, works, 28 Old wynd, house, Dalbeth 

M'Farlane, Robert, cowfeeder, 42 Commerce street. 

M'Farlane, Robert, assistant superintendent Clyde Police, 16 Robertson street. 
M'Farlane, Robert, victualler, 116 Clyde street, Anderston. 
M'Farlane, Robert, mason and furnace-builder, 13 Richard street. 
M'Farlane, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 42 Govan street. 
M'Farlane, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 104 Gallowgate. 
M'Farlane, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 43 Buchanan street. 
M'Farlane, Thomas, professor of piano-forte and singing, 1 Elmbank street, Sauchiehall 

M'Farlane, Thomas, victualler, 126 Great Hamilton street. 
M'Farlane, Thomas, victualler, 155 Garscube road. 
M'Farlane, Walter, turner and punch-spoon maker, 9 Stirling street. 
M'Farlane, Walter, bookseller, 19 Canon street. 
M'Farlane, William, tailor and clothier, 114 Trongate. 
Macfarlane, William, paper-ruler, 4 Dunlop street. 
MacFarlane, William, calenderer and packer, 19 South Hanover street, house, 22 

Dundas street. 
M'Farlane, William, joiner, cabinet, and mangle-maker, works, 39 Stockwell street. 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
M'Farlane, W. A., jun., & Co., calenderers, packers, and hot-pressers, 15 Renfield st. 
M'Farlane, William, & Co., wrights, 75 Robertson street. 
M'Farlane, William, coal agent, 35 Catherine street, Anderston. 
M'Farlane, William, spirit dealer, 74 Kirk street, Calton. 
M'Farlane, Misses, lodgings, 86 Bath street. 
M'Farlane, Miss, 35 Warwick street. 

M'Farlane, Misses, boys' dressmakers, 288 Buchanan street. 
M'Farlane, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 292 Argyll street. 
M'Farlane, Misses C. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 45 Nelson street. 
MacFarlane, Misses, teachers, 25 Bellgrove street. 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Archibald, green-grocer, 42 West Nile street. 
M'Farlane, Mrs., Cowlairs. Letters left at Port-Dundas Distillery. 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Robert, victualler, 33 King street, house, 47 do. 
M'Farlane, Mrs., baker, 82 Eglinton street. 
M'Farlane, Mrs., lodgings, 86 Bath street. 
M'Farlane, Mrs., eating-house, 257 George street. 
Macfarlane, Mrs., Lilybank, Eglinton street. 
Macfarlane, Mrs, Dr., 12 Annfield place. 
Macfarlane, Mrs., 26 Lynedoch street. 

M'FEAT, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 92 Rutherglen loan. 
M'Feat, William, & Co., china merchants, 25 Jamaica street, house, 28 Jamaica street. 
M'FEE, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 15 Castle street. 

Macfie, Graham, & Co., provision merchants, Madeira court, 263 Argyll street. 
Macfie, James, merchant, at Macfie, Graham, cf Co.'s, house, 7 Somerset place. 
Macfie, R. C, chemist and druggist, 44 Adelphi street. 
Macfie, Robert, & Sons, sugar refiners, 27 Virginia street. 
M'GARRIGALE, John, flesher, 233 Gallowgate. 
M'GARRY, Patrick, boot and shoe dealer, 34 Bridgegate. 
M'Garrie, Robert, basket, skip, and hamper-maker, 71 Stockwell street. 
M'Garry, William, furniture warehouse, 78 and 80 London street. 
M'GAVIN, Alexander, at Allan and Pointer's, 83 Jamaica street. 
M'Gavin, John, of Harvie and M l Gavin, house, 381 St. Vincent street. 
M'Gavin, Robert, of 'M' Gavin and Thompson, house, St. Vincent park, Paisley road. 
M'Gavin & Thompson, commission merchants, 109 Virginia street. 
M'Gavin, Win., of Brock and J\P Gavin, 16 Commercial road. 
M'Gavin, Mrs., 16 Abbotsford place. 


M'GAW, John, provision merchant and grocer, 161 Osborne buildings, Sauchiehall 

M'GEACHY, Duncan, ofM'Geachy and M'Farlane, house, 122 Wellington street. 
M'Geachy & M'Farlane, manufacturing chemists, 80 Port-Dundas road. 
M'GEOCH, W., ironmonger, 113 Argyll street, house, 10 South Portland street. 
MACGEORGE, A. & A., writers, 21 St. Vincent place. 
Macgeorge, Andrew, of A. and A. Macgeorge, house, 4 Sandyford place. 
Macgeorge, Andrew, jun., of A. and A. Macgeorge, house, 6 Somerset place. 
Macgeorge, John, accountant, stock and share-broker, 21 St. Vincent place, house, 

3 Royal crescent. 
Macgeorge & Kerr, wine and spirit merchants, and agents for Bass & Co., brewers, 

Burton-on-Trent, 40 St. Vincent place. 
M'GHIE, R. & T., civil engineers, mineral and land surveyors, 59 St. Vincent street. 
M'GIBBON, Alexander, cabinet-maker, 23 Sauchiehall lane. 
M'Gibbon, David, merchant, house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 
M'Gibbon, James, commission merchant, 8 John street, house, 5 Greenlaw place, 

Paisley road. 
M'GILL, Archibald, writer, 29 West Russell street. 
M'Gill, Rev. Hamilton M., 167 West Regent street. 
M'Gill, James, of M'Gill and Morris, house, 26 George street. 
M'Gill, J. S., at William Sommerville's, 120 Brunswick street. 
M'Gill, Robert, commercial traveller, at William M'Laren, Son, cf Co.'s, 63 Candle- 

riggs street. 
M'Gill & Morris, gingham, pullicate, and gala plaid manufacturers, 19 Montrose st., 
M'Gill, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 

M'Gill, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 28 Garscube place. 
M'GILLIVARY, Alex., at J. 4 W. Campbell $ Co.'s, house, 8 Stanley place. 
M'Gilvray, Dr. Charles A., 438 Argyll street. 

M'Gilvary, Rev. Dr., 357 St. Vincent street. 

M'Gillivary, John & E,, brassfounders and gasfitters, 45 Jamaica street. 

M'Gilvary, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 8 Catherine street. 

M'Gillivary, Robert, clergyman, Free Church, 133 Hill street. 

M'Gilvary, W. & W., spirit dealers, 45 Clyde place. 

M'Gillivary, Walter, smith, machine-maker, chain and anchor manufacturer, 5 James 
Watt street, Broomielaw. 

M'GLASHAN, James, sculptor, Southern Necropolis, house, 82 South Wellington 

M'Glashan, John, of M'Glashan and M'Callum, house, 25 Cleland street. 

M'Glashan, John, teacher of English, 33 Bedford street, house, 56 South Coburg St. 

M'Glashan & M'Callum, tea dealers and commission agents, 18 Stockwell place. 

M'Glashan, Mrs., milliner, 17 George street. 

M'Glashan, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 44 George street. 

M'GOWN, Andrew, spirit dealer, 25 Millroad street. 

M'Goun, Mrs. George, boot and shoemaker, 69 Trongate. 

M'Goun, James, flesher, 155 Main street, Bridgeton. 

M'Goun, James, manufacturer, 109 Candleriggs street. 

M'Gown, Robert, tavern-keeper, 109 Argyll street, and 9 Maxwell street. 

M'Gowan, Robert, tobacconist, 12 Stevenson street, Calton. 

M'Gowan, Thomas, sheriff-officer and constable, 1 Abeicromby street. 

M'Gown, Thomas, old metal and iron merchant, 4 Malta street, Gorbals. 

M'Gown, William, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 7 Gramme street. 

M'Gowan, William, teacher of English, 47 St. Andrew square. 

M'Gown, William, & Co., joiners and packing-box makers, 25 North Albion street. 

M'Gowan, William, egg and butter store, 97 M'Alpine street. 

M'Gowan, Mrs., 65 Bath street. 

M'Goun, Mrs., 94 West Regent street. 

M'GRADDIE, David, spirit dealer, 60 Saltmarket. 

M'Graddie, Hugh, spirit dealer, 90 Saltmarket. 

M'Grady, Peter, broker, 127 Saltmarket. 

M'GRATH, Charles, confectioner, 162 Saltmarket. 

M'GREGOR, Alexander, 73 Hutcheson street. 

M'Gregor, Alexander Bennett, of M'Gregor and Stevenson, house, 125 Bath streets 

M'Gregor, Alexander, of M'Gregor and Stevenson, house, 19 Woodside terrace. 


M'Gregor, Alexander, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 69 West Nile street. 

M'Gregor, Alexander, of Robert M'Gregor cj- Co., house, 16 Abbotsford place. 

M'Gregor, Alexander, spirit merchant, 26 Anderston quay. 

M'Gregor, Andrew, at Sugar Sample Rooms, Royal Exchange. 

M'Grigor, Andrew, baker, 138j Cowcaddens street. 

M'Gregor, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 136 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Gregor, Archibald, iron-founder, Union place, off North street. 

M'Gregor, Coll, of R. M'Gregor <f- Co., 43 Brunswick place. 

M'Gregor, Daniel, city crier, 78 Saltmarket. 

M'Gregor, Daniel, & Co., calico-printers, 82 Miller street. 

M'Gregor, Daniel, flesher, 477 Gallowgate. 

M'Gregor, Daniel, Bank restaurant, 41 Queen street. 

M'Gregor, Dugald, at C. Todd and Higginbotham's, house, 74 South Wellington st. 

M'Gregor, Duncan, grocer, 51 George street. 

M'Gregor, Duncan, nautical instrument maker, chart seller, and watch and chrono- 
meter maker, 24 Clyde place. 

M'Gregor, Duncan, spirit dealer, 66 Rottenrow. ' 

M'Grigor, Duncan, bootmaker, 4 Argyll arcade. 

M'Gregor, Duncan, spirit dealer, 9 Castle street. 

M'Gregor, Gregor, sheriff-officer and constable, 25 East Clyde street. 

M'Gregor, Gregor, wine and spirit merchant, 267 Gallowgate. 

M'Gregor and Gardner, jewellers and dealers in watch materials, 182 Trongate. 

M'Gregor, Henry, butter and egg store, 42 Green street, Calton. 

M'Gregor, James, timber measurer, 42 Broomielaw. 

M'Gregor, James, " The Queen's Hotel," 70 George square. 

M'Gregor, James, at D. Cook cf Co.'s, house, 46 Eglinton street. 

MacGregor, James, accountant, 91 Eglinton street. 

MacGregor, James, spirit merchant, 128 High street. 

M'Gregor, James W., of John M'Gregor and Sons, ho., Rosemount, Cumbernatdd rd. 

M'Gregor, James W., & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 37 Old wynd. 

M'Gregor, John, and Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, wholesale warehouse, 43 
Old wynd, retail shop, 227 Gallowgate. 

M'Gregor, John, wine and spirit merchant, 134 Main's street. 

M'Grigor, John, leather merchant, 10 Turner's court and 15 Croy place, house, 79 
Abbotsford place. 

MacGregor, John, London chop-house, 22 Royal Exchange square. 

M'Gregor, John, at R. M'Gregor tf Co.'s, house, 60 Bath street. 

M'Gregor, John, spirit dealer and cowfeeder, 118 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Gregor, John, of Tod and M'Gregor, Meadowside-house, Partick. 

M'Gregor, John, Pope's Eye tavern, 31 Moodie's court, Argyll street. 

M'Gregor, John, spirit dealer, 40 Shuttle street. 

M'Gregor, Josiah, & Co., commission merchants, 144 Queen street. 

M'Gregor, Josiah, of Josiah M'Gregor <$• Co., ho., 10 Falkland place, St. George's rd. 

MacGregor, J. W., cooper, 28 Jamaica street, house, 8 St. George's road. 

M'Gregor, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 59 Jamaica street. 

M'Gregor, Peter, spirit dealer, 101 Dry^ate. 

M'Gregor, Peter, brassfounder, 118 Clyde street, Anderston, house, Hydepark corner. 

M'Gregor, Robert, M.D., 48 West Nile street. 

M'Gregor, Robert, & Co., merchants and cotton-spinners, 43 Brunswick place, works, 

M'Gregor, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Clyde street, Calton. 

M'Gregor, Robert, at James Stewart's, 22 Ingram street, house, Broad st. Mile-end. 

M'Gregor, Robert, & Co., general stationers, 28 Glassford street. 

M'Gregors and Stevenson, writers, 52 George square. 

M'Gregor, Thomas, hat and cap manufactm-er, 74 George street, house, 173 do. 

M'Gregor, William and James, cuttlers and gunmakers, 44 Trongate. 

M'Gregor, William, beadle of Calton Church, 9 Struthers street. 

M'Gregor, W., broker, sugar sample rooms, Royal Exchange, house, 8 Bloomfield 
place, Hillhead. 

M'Gregor, Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 25 East Clyde street. 

M'Gregor, J., milliner, 19 Candleriggs. 

M'Gregor, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 35 Renfrew street. 

M'Gregor, Mrs., muslin and lace printer, 69 West Nile street. 


M'Gregor, Mrs. Margaret, wine and spirit dealer, 47 Kent street. 

M'GEUER, Ewing, provision dealer, 8 Saracen's lane. 

M'GUFFIE,' Thomas, builder, 35 Miller street, house, 125 Montrose street. 

M'GUIRE, John, spirit dealer, 124 Bridgegate. 

M'HAFFIE and Colquhouu, ironmongers, 115 Argyll street. 

M'Haffie, David, of M'Haffie and Colquhoun, house, 42 Dundas street. 

M'Haffie, James, power-loom cloth manufacturer, 5 Drury street. 

M'Haffie, James, tin-plate worker, at J. Gibson $ Co.'s, 46 Ingram street, house, 55 
College street. 

M'Haffie, John, machine-maker, at William Dunn's, 110 John street, house, 88 North 
Hanover street. 

M'Haffie, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 52 Eumford street, Bridgeton. 

M'Haffie, Peter, carpet-shoe manufacturer, 95 M'Alpine street. 

M'Haffie, Robert, of Eastwood, 219 St. Vincent street. 

M'Haffie, William, merchant, 15 Clarendon place, New city road. 

M'HARDY, C, at W. Malcolm's, 22 Eoyal Exchange square, ho. 64 Buccleuch st. 

M'Hardy, James, sheriff-clerk depute of Lanarkshire, sheriff-clerk's office, County 
buildings, Wilson street, house, 15 Woodside crescent. 

M'HARG, John, house factor and accountant, and agent for the United Deposit As- 
surance Co., 9 Gordon street, house, 15 South Apsley place. 

M'Harg, John, brassfounder and gasfitter, 60 Cambridge street, house, 52 do. 

M'Harg, Mrs., victualler and grocer, 160 Gallowgate. 

M'HAT TIE, Miss, lodging-house keeper, 47 Cambridge street. 

M'HOUL, David, bootmaker, 2 St. Enoch square. 

M'HUTCHISON, William, boot and shoemaker, 14 Saltmarket. 

M'lLQUHAM, Walter, & Co., railway contractors, General Terminus and Depot, 3 
St. Nicholas place. 

M'INDOE, Charles, of William Wardlaw Cf Co., 74 Buchanan street. 

Maclndoe, George Park, at W. Dunn's, 44 St. Vincent place. 

M'Indoe and Buchanan, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 9 Cochran street. 

M'Indoe, James, wright and builder, 230 Holme street. 

Maclndoe, John, of Brown a/nd Maclndoe, 43 Buchanan street. 

M'Indoe, John, house factor, joiner, and funeral undertaker, counting-room, 40, work- 
shops, 33 and 35 Brown street, house, 26 do., Anderston. 

M'Indoe, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5 Union street, Calton. 

M'Indoe, P. and J., grocers, 60 Oxford street. 

M'Indoe, William, grocer, 23 George street. 

M'Indoe, Mrs. Charles, 125 West Regent street. 

M'Indoe, Mrs. E., poulterer, 75 Prince's street. 

M'INNES, Angus, victualler and coal agent, 52 Carrick street. 

M'Innes, Donald, spirit dealer, 11 M'Alpine street. 

M'Innes, Daniel, ropemaker, 56 Port-Dundas road. 

M'Innes, Dugald, at Robert Wardrop's, 62 Buchanan street. 

M'Innes, James, tin-plate worker, and furniture warehouse, 42 Miller's place. 

M'Innes, James, 54 Renfrew street. 

M'Innes, James, surgeon, 252 Main street, Bridgeton. 

M'Innes, John, merchant, Blantyre, house, 107 George street. 

M'Innes, John, warehouseman, 48 North Portland street. 

M'Innes, John, boot and shoemaker, 271 Argyll street. 

M'Innes, John, spirit dealer, 98 Hospital street. 

M'Innes and Morrison, commission merchants, 30 St. Enoch square. 

M'Innes, Malcolm, merchant and corn agent, 30 St. Enoch square. 

M'Innes, Matthew, hat and cap manufacturer, 136 Trongate, house, 41 London St. 

M'Innes, Neil, ham-curer, 168 Gallowgate. 

M'Innes, William, watch and clockmaker, and jeweller, 98 Broomielaw street. 

MACKINTOSH, Alexander, M.D., physician, superintendent Royal Lunatic Asylum, 

M'Intosh, Alexander, spirit dealer, 34 Blackfriars street. 

Mackintosh, Angus, hat manufacturer, 107 Argyll street. 

M'Intosh, A. & R., victuallers, oil and tallow merchants, 213 Gallowgate, and 9 
Macfarlane street. 

Mackintosh & Cowan, accountants and agents for the Caledonian Fire and Life In- 
surance Co., 65 St. Vincent street. 


M'Intosh, David, baker, 15 Kirk street, Townhead. 

M'Intosh, Duncan, commission merchant and produce broker, 35 Miller street. 

Macintosh, George, blacksmith, 156 Great Hamilton street. 

M'Intosh, George, & Co., cudbear manufacturers, works, Duke street. 

M'Intosh, H. & J., turners, 55 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'Intosh, Hugh, hosier and draper, 105 Canning street, Calton. 

M'Intosh, James, commission merchant and manufacturer, 78 Miller street. 

M'Intosh, James, feuar, 252 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Mackintosh, John, of Mackintosh and Cowan, house, 6 Lansdowne crescent. 

M'Intosh, John, muslin manufacturer, 73 Hutcheson street, house, 100 North Fre- 
derick street. 

Mackintosh, J. M'Gregor, silk-yarn merchant, 44 Brunswick pi., house, 73 John St. 

M'Intosh, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 106 Hope street. 

M'Intosh, John, spirit dealer, 78 Canon street. 

M'Intosh, John, at Thomson and M'ConneWs, 14 Jamaica street. 

M'Intosh, John, & Co., lace manufacturers, 48 Queen street. 

M'Intosh, John, of John M'Intosh $ Co., house, 136 Castlemilk place. 

M'Intosh, John, tailor and clothier, 4 Findlay street. 

M'Intosh, Peter, tanner, currier, leather merchant, belt, hose, and card-maker, 129 
Stockwell street and 26 Goosedubbs, house, 5 Richmond street. 

M'Intosh, Robert, bookseller, 96 King street, Calton. 

M'Intosh, Thomas, painter and paper-hanger, 1 Cathedral street, house, 412 Parlia- 
mentary road. 

M'Intosh, William, spirit dealer, 7 New City road. 

M'Intosh, William, spirit dealer, 91 Drygate street. 

M'Intosh, William, contractor and spirit merchant, 31 Bridge street. 

M'Intosh, W r illiam, of William M'Intosh <$■ Co., house, Clyde Bank cottage, Renfrew. 

M'Intosh, William, & Co., stock and sharebrokers, accountants and insurance agents, 
8 Gordon street. 

M'Intosh, Miss, millinery and straw-hat warehouse, 146 Hope street. 

M'Intosh, Mrs., midwife and ladies' keeper, 24 Centre street. 

M'INTYRE, Alexander, surveyor, Gorbals Gravitation Water Company. 

MTntyre, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Main street, Calton. 

M'Intyre, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Candleriggs street. 

M'Intyre, Archibald, tailor, 2 Warwick street, Laurieston. 

M'Intyre, Archibald C, at Miss Stewarfs, 44 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Intyre, Archibald, Ship tavern, 1 Brown street. 

M'Intyre, David, grocer and provision merchant, 91 Gallowgate. 

M'Intyre & Cameron, fish-curers and provision merchants, 39 East Howard street. 

M'Intyre, Daniel, at Alex. Mitchell's, 57 Stockwell street. 

M'Intyre, Donald, slater and slate merchant, 28 James Watt street, Broomielaw, ho., 
6 Oswald street. 

M'Intyre, Donald, measurer, 29 Hutcheson street, house, 202 Renfrew street. 

M'Intyre, Dugald C, brickmaker and builder, 68 Maitland street. 

MTntyre, Dugald, & Co., commission merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 65 
Jamaica street. 

M'Intyre, Duncan, soda-water maker, 139 Saltmarket street, house, 46 St. An- 
drew square. 

M'Intyre, Duncan, hosier, glover, and shirt manufacturer, 44 Argyll street. 

MTntyre, Duncan, ship and commission agent, at J. Jackson <$■ Co.'s, 83 Jamaica St. 

M'Intyre, Duncan, of D. M'Intyre 6; Co., 7 Kiuning place. 

M'Intyre, Duncan, flesher, 60 Cowcaddens street. 

MTntyre, Duncan, spirit dealer, 241 High street. 

M'Intyre, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 99 Saltmarket street. 

M'Intyre, James, spirit dealer, 6 Duke street. 

MTntyre, James W., umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 10 Crown street, and 25 
Argyll arcade. 

MTntyre, James, teacher, 8 Crown street. 

M'Intyre, John, bootmaker, 41 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Intyre, John, & Co., warehousemen, 1 Gallowgate, 2 and 12 High street. 

MTntyre, John, & Co., cotton and cotton-waste dealers, 39 Ropework lane. 

M'Intyre, John, of J. M'Intyre c$- Co., house, 8 Douglas street. 

M'Intyre, John, surgeon, 77 Main street, Bridgeton, house, 80 John street. 


M'Intyre, John, manager, New Adelphi mill, 20 Lawmoor place, Rutherglen road. 

M'Intyre, John, of R. lJ- J. M'Intyre, house, 52 Rose street, Garuethill. 

M'Intyre, John, flesher, 49 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Intyre, John, porter, Royal Exchange. 

M'Intyre, John, spirit dealer, 179 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Intyre, John, spirit merchant, 192 Broomielaw. 

M'Intyre, J. & J., dress manufacturers and merchants, 52 Ingram street. 

M'Intyre, John, gardener, 490 Duke street. 

M'Intyre, John, at R. Goodwin's, house-factor, house, 7 Burnside street. 

M'Intyre, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 3 Portugal street. 

M'Intyre, Peter, house-factor, 13 Hill street, Anderston. 

M'Intyre, Peter, baker, 24 Crown street. 

M'Intyre, P., manufacturer of shirts, slops, &c, 62 Brunswick street. 

M'Intyre, Robert, silk agent, 9 Bath street. 

M'Intyre, R. & J., wholesale and fancy stationers, 95 Buchanan street, and 153 

Sauchiehall street. 
M'Intyre, Robert, wool and tow hand-card maker, cabinet and chairmaker, and 

funeral undertaker, 27 Stockwell street, 188 Argyll street, and 124 High street. 
M'Intyre, Thomas, fruit merchant, 29 and 31 Wilson street. 
M'Intyre, William, gardener, 10 Cranston street. 
M'Intyre, William, grocer, 5 Hospital street. 
M'Intyre, Miss, lodgings, 64 West Regent street. 
M'Intyre, Miss E., boys' dressmaker, 130 Renfield street. 
M'Intyre, Misses J. & C, milliners and dressmakers, 9 Richard street. 
M'Intyre, M., milliner and straw-hat maker, 8 Douglas street. 
M'Intyre, Mrs., tavern-keeper, 13 Brunswick place, and 164 Trongate. 
Maclntyre, Mrs., staymaker to her Majesty, and children's dressmaker, 52 West 

Nile street. 
M'ISAAC, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 171 Great Hamilton street. 
M'lVER, James, & Co., builders and brickmakers, Hillheadfield, Partick. Orders 

and letters left at Mr. Jackson's, 5 St. Enoch square. 
M'lVOR, Alexander, general outfitting, muslin, and lace warehouse, 86 St. Vincent 

street, house, 201 Elgin place, Sauchiehall street. 
M'lvor, Alexander, cabinetmaker, joiner, and upholsterer, 25 Main's street. 
M'JANNET, William, at Bannatyne <J - Kir7cwood's, 50 West George street. 
M'KAIL, David, grocer and provision merchant, 145 Eglinton street. 
MACKAIN, D., civil engineer, and secretary to the Glasgow Water Works, 23 

Miller street, house, Dalmarnock. 
M'KANDY, John, clerk, Inland Revenue office, 78 Queen street, and 81 Miller st., 

house, 93 Cadogan street. 
M'KAY, Alex., clothier, 68 Glassford street, and 73 Hutcheson street. 
M'Kay, Alexander, clothier and hatter, 14 Exchange square, house, 71 Parson street. 
M'Kay, Alexander, Jan., tailor and clothier, 22 Argyll street, house, 115 Thistle St. 
M'Kay, Benjamin, boot and shoemaker, 33 Canon street. 
M'Kay & Black, tailors and clothiers, 31 Gordon street. 

M'Kay, Colin, at A. McKay's, 14 Exchange square, house, 33 Macfarlane street. 
M'Kay, D., & Co., tailors and clothiers, 145 Argyll street, house, 21 Rose street, 

M'Kay, Daniel, sheriff-officer, and constable for the counties of Lanark and Renfrew, 

4 Frederick lane. 
M'Kay, Daniel, watchmaker, at Finlay fy Field's, house, 297 Argyll street. 
M'Kay, David, baker and dairyman, 137 Gallowgate, and 58 Bell street. 
M'Kay, David, broker, 33 Centre street. 

M'Kay, Donald, victualler and spirit dealer, 189 Dalmarnock road. 
M'Kay, George, assistant superintendent of police, central district, 143 London St. 
M'Kay, George H., N.S.S.B., house, 161 Balmoral place, New City road. 
M'Kay, G. M., merchant, 33 Virginia street, house, 21 Rose street, Garnethill. 
M'Kay, Henry, grocer, 198 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Kay, Henry, grocer and victualler, 218 Stobcross street, and 198 Main street. 
M'Kay, Hugh, hosier, glover, shirt, stock, and travelling-bag merchant, 6 Queen st. 
M'Kay, James, grocer and victualler, 193 Dalmarnock road. 
M'Kay, James Boswell, tea and coffee merchant, 53 Oswald street, house, Clyde 

brae, Govan. 


M'Kay, James, contractor, 396 Argyll street. 

M'Kay, John, of ' M' Kay cf' Son, house, 14 Shamrock street. 

Mackay, John, flesher, 408 Duke street. 

M'Kay, John, provision merchant, 58 Maxwell street, house, 3 Eagle lane. 

M'Kay, John, bootmaker, 121 George street. 

M'Kay, John, & Son, upholsterers and cabinetmakers, 145 West Eegent St., -works, 

Pitt street. 
M'Kay & Kirkwood, wholesale stationers, 135 and 137 Ingram street. 
M'Kay, Lauchlan, of M'Kay and Kirkwood, house, 2 Grafton square. 
M'Kay, Peter, rope manufacturer, 200 Duke street. 
Mackay, Bobert, & Co., warehousemen, 123 Candleriggs. 
M'Kay, William, spirit dealer, 364 Gallowgate. 

M'Kay, William, assistant inspector of poor, Town's Hospital, 168 Gallowgate. 
M'Kay, Miss C, 95 Douglas street. 
M'Kay, Miss, milliner, 32 Stevenson street, Calton. 
M'Kay, Ann Hastie, dressmaker, 55 College street. 

Mackay, Miss, teacher, Free St. Paul's School of Industry, 74 North Frederick St. 
M'Kay, Mrs., spirit dealer, 120 King street. 
M'Kay, Mrs., broker, 8 Frederick lane. 
M'Kay, Mrs., slater, 82 George street, house, 44 do. 
M'Kay, Mrs. H., lodgings, 176 West Eegent street. 
M'KEAN, Alexander, bookbinder, 86 Buchanan street. 

M'Kean, A., & Co., muslin manufacturers and merchants, 74 Glassford street. 
M'Kean, A., of A. M'Kean $ Co., house, 256 Argyll street. 
M'Keand, A. & J., merchants, 164 Trongate. 

M'Keand, Anthony, sen., of A. <f J. M'Keand, house, Thornville, Hillhead. 
M'Keand, Anthony, jun., of A. <$f J. M'Keand, house, Thornville, Hillhead. 
M'Kean, George, grocer, spirit dealer, and agent, 86 Eottenrow street. 
M'Kean, George, tailor, 24 Wilson street. 

M'Keand, James, of A. tj- J. M'Keand, house, Laurelbank, Partick. 
M'Keand, James, baker, 3 Muslin street, Bridgeton. 
M'Kean, John, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 92 Great Hamilton street. 
M'Kean, James, baker, 11 King street, Mile-end. 
M'Kean, J. & W., wholesale provision merchants, 20 Wilson street. 
M'Keand, James, of M'Keand, Smith, <§ Co., house, 73 Buccleuch street. 
M'Kean & Lamont, merchants and ship agents, 20 St. Enoch square. 
M'Kean, Eobert, at Buchanan and Lockharfs, 63 Stockwell street. 
M'Kean, Eobert, baker, 21 Norfolk street. 

M'Keand, Smith, & Co., merchants and drysalters, 16 Turner's court, Argyll street. 
M'Keand, Thomas, of M'Keand, Smith, <f Co., house, 73 Buccleuch street. 
M'Kean, Thomas, spirit dealer, 46 Maitland street. 
M'Keand, Thomas, storekeeper, 310 Argyll street. 
M'Kean, Mrs., bleacher, 37 Cavendish street. 
M'KECHNIE & Co., Glasgow Eeed-works, 34 Stirling street. 
M'Kechnie, Daniel W., adjuster of averages, 1 and 2 North Gallery, Eoyal Exchange, 

house, Belzie, Govan road. 
M'Kechnie, Donald, spirit merchant, 10 West Milton street, Cowcaddens. 
M'Kechnie, James, general dealer, 69 Prince's street. 
M'Kechnie, John, mill manager, Burnbank mill, house, Sandy Eoger tavern, 29 

Jamaica street. 
M'Kechnie, John, furnishings, 159 Main street, Bridgeton. 
M'Kechnie, John, at Walker's Posting Establishment, 104 West Nile street. 
M'Kechnie, Eobert, shawl manufacturer, 70 Brunswick street. 
Mackechnie, W. S., of Wilson and Mackechnie, house, 135 Walmer place. 
Mackechnie, W. S., ship and insurance broker, and commission merchant, 32 St. 

Enoch square, house, 135 Walmer place. 
M'Kechnie, Mrs., spirit dealer, 129 High street. 
M'Kechnie, Mrs. Archibald, 52 Eose street, Garnethill. 

M'KELLAE, Alexander, of Alexander M'Kellar and Son, 405 St. Vincent street. 
M'Kellar, Alexander, and Son, Caledonian rope and twine work, 214 and 216 Stob- 

cross street, office, 78 Broomielaw. 
M'Kellar, Dugald, messenger-at-arms and sheriff-officer, 45 Gordon street. 
M'Kellar, Duncan, general grocer and tea dealer, 7 Wellington arcade. 


M'Kellar, James, shipmaster, 44 York street. 

M'Kellar, James, & Co., silk manufacturers and printers, 77 Glassford street, house, 

150 Buccleuch street. 
M'Kellar, Patrick, tea merchant and general grocer, 144 George street. 
M'Kellar, William, flesher, 145 High street. 
M'Kellar, Mrs. D., lodgings, 25 North Albion street. 
M'KELVIE, Hugh, clothier, 146 Saltmarket street. 
M'Kelvie, Neil, commercial lodgings, 9 Clyde place. 
M'Kelvie, Miss E., dressmaker, 162 Main street, Gorbals. 
M'KENDRICK, Allan, fish-merchant, 34 Saltmarket. 
M'Kendrick, Andrew, innkeeper, 47 Stockwell street. 

M'Kendrick, John, bookbinder, 75 Argyll street, house, 102 South Portland street. 
M'Kendrick, Thomas, baker, 23 and 25 St. James street. 
M'KENNA, Charles, baker, 165 Canning street, Calton. 
M'Kenna, James, insurance agent, 5 Drury street. 
M'KENZIE, Alexander, old vinegar and barm store, 7 Back wynd, house, 7 Park 

M'Kenzie, Alexander, of M'Kenzie and Crawford, house, 31 North Frederick street. 
M'Kenzie, Alexander C, of M'Kenzie and Morrison, Prince's square, Buchanan St. 
M'Kenzie, Alex., hairdresser and perukemaker, 46 Sauchiekall street. 
M'Kenzie, Angus, grocer, 32 Dundas street. 
M'Kenzie, A., letterpress printer, 109 Trongate. 

M'Kenzie, Charles, merchant, 33 North Frederick street, residence, Acrehill. 
M'Kenzie, Charles, spirit dealer^ 546 Dobbie's loan. 
M'Kenzie & Crawford, general house furnishers, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, Venetian 

blind makers, and paper-hangers, 87 and 89 Buchanan street ; works, 8 Green- 
hill street, Anderston. 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, merchant, 21 St. Vincent place, lodgings, 122 Wellington street. 
M'Kenzie, David, spirit dealer, 85 Old vennel. 
M'Kenzie, Donald, leather merchant, 13 Findlay street. 
M'Kenzie, Donald, victualler, 22 Main street, Anderston. 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, brush manufacturer, 114 Trongate, and 27 Bridge street. 
M'Kenzie, Hector, parochial schoolmaster, 2 Bothwell street. 
M'Kenzie, James, of Robertson and M'Kenzie, house, 3 Adelaide place. 
M'Kenzie, James, & Co., commission, wine, spirit, and yeast merchants, 60 Stockwell 

M'Kenzie, James, of J. M'Kenzie § Co., house, 62 Cambridge street. 
M'Kenzie, James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and piano-forte maker and tuner, 197 

Argyll street, workshops, 12 North Portland street. 
M'Kenzie, James, grocer, 31 Low John street. 
M'Kenzie, James O, tobacconist, 32 Jamaica street. 
M'Kenzie, James, at Dunlop, Mitchell, cf 1 Co.'s, 25 Cleland street. 
M'Kenzie, J. A., of the District Pat/master's office, 79 North Frederick street. 
M'Kenzie, J., measurer, 25 Clyde place. 

M'Kenzie, John, beadle of St. Mary's Chapel, house, 27 Renfrew street. 
M'Kenzie, John, spirit dealer and house-factor, 149 Stobcross street. 
M'Kenzie, John, boot and shoemaker, 53 Alston street. 
M'Kenzie, John, cooper, 92 King street. 

M'Kenzie, John, painter, 20 East Clyde street, house, 132 Stockwell street. 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, rectifier, 8 Jackson street. 
M'Kenzie, Lachlan, victualler, 52 South Coburg street. 

M'Kenzie & Morrison, calico, &c, printers, Prince's square, 40 Buchanan street. 
M'Kenzie, Peter, & Co., Reformer's Gazette office, 75 Argyll street. 
M'Kenzie, Peter, of Reformer's Gazette, house, 310 St. Vincent street. 
M'Kenzie, Peter, engraver and stamp -cutter, 31 Argyll street. 
M'Kenzie, Robert, beadle to Knox's Church, and coal agent, 7 SuiTey street. 
M'Kenzie, Roderick, writer, 68 St. Vincent street, house, 3 Melrose street, Queen's 

M'Kenzie, Scott Geddes, physician, 80 Bath street. 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, superintendent, Sighthill Cemetery. 
M'Kenzie, Walter, of McClelland and M'Kenzie, house, 56 Bath street. 
M'Kenzie, William, M.D., surgeon oculist to her Majesty, consulting-rooms, 198 

Buchanan street, house, 188 Buchanan street. 


Mackenzie, William, steam-press and general printer, stereotyper, bookseller and 

publisher, 48 London street, house, 36 Monteith row. 
M'Kenzie, William, baker, 30 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 113 King street. 
M'Kenzie, Miss Jane, 25 George square. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. A., dressmaker, 7 Park place. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. D., painter and paper-hanger, 19 Norfolk street. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. David, oils and colours, painter, and paper-hanger, 19 Norfolk st., 

house, 2 Warwick street. 
M'Kenzie, Miss G., eating-house keeper, 24 Canon street. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs., 34 York street. 
M'KERRACHER, Alexander, messenger-at-arms, 33 Virginia street, house, 100 

North Frederick street. 
M'Kerracher, Duncan, spirit dealer, 95 Cowcaddens street. 
M'KERROW, James, dairyman, 29 Broad street, Mile-end. 
M'Kerrow, James, upholsterer, 100 Hope street, works, Eosehall gardens. 
M'Kerrow, Mrs., lodgings, 50 North Albion street. 

M'KICHAN, Alexander, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 277 Argyll street. 
MACKIE, Alex., letter-carrier, Post-office, 44 Alston street. 
Mackie, Andrew & John, Kilmarnock carriers, 99 Stockwell street. 
Mackie, Andrew, haircutter and peruke-maker, 90 Argyll street. 
Mackie, Andrew, M.D., surgeon, 71 South Portland street. 
Mackie, George, beadle, Gordon Street Chapel, house, chapel. 
M'Kie, Henry, tailor and clothier, 8 Charlotte street. 
Mackie, James L., 74 Maxwell street. 
Mackie, John, bookseller and stationer, 106 Queen street. 
M'Kie, John, jun., merchant, of Gatehouse Cotton Co., 25 Queen street. 
Mackie, Robert, grain dealer, 21 Sauchiehall street, house, 71 Renfrew street. 
Mackie, W. S., turner, bench and hand-screw maker, 43 St. Enoch's wynd. 
Mackie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Maitland street, and 38 Milton street. 
Mackie, Mrs., 12 Albany place, Sauchiehall street. 
Mackie, Mrs. Helen, grocer, 60 South Coburg street. 
Mackie, Mrs. Robert, 58 North Hanover street. 
Mackie, Mis., coal agent, 36 Cheapside street. 
M'KILLOP, Alexander, eating-house, 32 George street. 
M'Killop, Captain Archibald, 11 Kinning place. 
M'Killop, Neil, boot and shoemaker, 62 Eglinton street. 
M'KIMM, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Parson street. 
M'Kim, John, M.D., physician, 109 Rottenrow street. 
M'Kim, Walter, carter and coal agent, 6 Union street. 

M'KIMMIE, Robert, flesher, 59 Nelson street, Tradeston. , 

M'Kimmie, William, flesher, 30 Clyde place. 
M'KINLAY, Adam, tailor, 88 John street. 
M'Kinlay, Alex., spirit dealer, 109 London street. 
M'Kinlay, Alex., blacksmith, 59 Govan street. 
M'Kinlay, Alexander, agent for Shotts Iron Company, 18 St. Enoch square, house, 

Meadowbank, Partick. 
M'Kinlay, Auley, hosier, 256 High street. 

Mackinlay, David, Oswaldbank. Letters left at W. M'Kinlay's, 113 Brunswick st. 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 16 and 84 Stevenson street. 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 215 and 217 Gallowgate, and 7 Stobcross street. 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 433 Argyll street. 
M'Kinlay, James, bleacher, Glenmill, office, 58 Miller street. 
M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, stables, 5 St. Mungo street. 
Mackinlay, John, spirit dealer, 32 Main street, Anderston. 
M'Kinlay, J. F. & W., clothiers and outfitters, 86 Jamaica street. 
MacKinlay, John, manager, Broomward mill, residence, Broomward cottage, Calton. 
M'Kinlay, John, of R. Robertson <f Co., house, 238 George street. 
M'Kinlay, John, victualler, 127 High street. 
M'Kinlay, John, at Roderick M'Kenzie's, 68 St. Vincent street. 
M'Kindlay, Neil, at C. Tennant $ Co.'s, St. Rollox. 

M'Kinlay, Patrick, LL.D., classical master, High school, house, 238 George street. 
M'Kinlay, Robert, cloth-cutter, 18 North Albion street. 


M'Kinlay, Robert, cork-cutter, 460 Argyll street. 

M'Kinlay, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 10 Norfolk street. 

M'Kinlay, Thomas M., at Adam, Brothers, house, 36 Commerce street. 

M'Kinlay, William, merchant, 113 Brunswick street, house, 30 Windsor terrace, St. 
George's road. 

M'Kinlay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Bishop street, Anderston. 

M'Kinlay, Miss Jane, grocer, 48 Great Hamilton street. 

M'Kinlay, Mrs., midwife, 9 College street. 

M'KINNAY, William, butter and egg merchant, 96 Cowcaddens street. 

M'KINNELL, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 77 Thistle street. 

M'KINNON, Charles, tailor and clothier, 71 Union street, house, 74 Waterloo street. 

M'Kinnon, Charles, wine and spirit dealer, 43 Main street, 122 Stobcross street, 
and 30 Anderston quay, house, 11 Hope street, Anderston. 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 83 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Old Dalmarnock road. 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, bootmaker, 17 Warwick street. 

M'Kinnon, John, merchant, 424 Parliamentary road. 

M'Kinnon, Neil, Towing Co., 12 Robertson street. 

M'Kinnon, Peter, draper, 41 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Kinnon, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, and bookbinders'-press and plane- 
maker, 77 Carrick street, house, 76 do. 

M'Kinnon, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 107 Reid street, Bridgeton. 

M'Kinnon, Miss, Western Register Office for Servants, and furnishings, 180 Sauchie- 
hall street. 

M'Kinnon, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 41 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Kinnon, Mrs., straw-hat maker, 37 Nelson street. 

MACKIRDY, Charles Clark, of Peter Bogle $ Co., 122 Ingram street. 

M'Kirdy & Ferguson, provision merchants, 79 Maxwell street and 3 East Howard st. 

MacKirdy, J. L., accountant, stockbroker, and agent for Defender Fire and Life In- 
surance Company of London, 58 St. Vincent street, house, 15 Ure place. 

M'Kirdy, Robert, of Thomas Frame cf Co., house, 32 Macfarlane street. 

M'Kirdy, R. G., of 'M'Kirdy and Ferguson, house, 5 Morris place. 

M'KISSOCH, John, spirit merchant, 34 Stobcross street. 

M'Kissock, Robert, spirit dealer, 10 Low Green street. 

M'KNIGHT, John, 83 South Nelson street, house, 29 Paterson street, Kingston. 

M'Knight, Mrs. T., victualling-house, 22 Cheapside street, Anderston. 

M'LACHLAN, Alexander, contractor, 23 Portugal street. 

M'Lachlan, Alexander, rlesher, 40 Adelphi street. 

M'Lachlan, Arthur, spirit dealer, 73 Great Clyde street. 

M'Lachlan, Duncan, surgeon, 7 Lawmoor place. 

M'Lachlan, George, coal agent, 67 Centre street, Tradeston. 

M'Lachlan's Free School, 50 Cathedral street. Thomas Davidson, teacher. 

M'Lachlane, Henry, of M'Lachlane and M'Lean, house, 33 St. Vincent place. 

M'Lachlan, Hugh, accountant, sharebroker, and agent for the Norwich Union Fire 
and Life Insurance Society, 86 Miller street, house, 60 Hill street, Garnethill. 

M'Lachlan, James B., sculptor, 86 North Frederick street. 

M'Lachlane, James, of M'Lachlane and M'Lean, house, 33 St. Vincent place. 

M'Lachlan, James, of Miller and M'Lachlan, house, 78 West street, Kingston. 

M'Lachlan, John, rlesher, 38 Norfolk street. 

M'Laughlin, John, spirit dealer, 155 Castle street. 

M'Lachlan, John, rlesher, 411 Argyll street. 

M'Lachlane & M'Lean, manufacturers, 1 George square. 

M'Lachlan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 23 Duke street. 

M'Lauchlan, Peter, broker, 26 Well street. 

M'Lauchlan, Rev. Robert, teacher, 34 Paterson street. 

M'Lach an, Robert, rlesher, 38 Adelphi street. 

M'Lachlan, Robert, 86 North Frederick street. 

MacLauchlan, William, stationer and paper-ruler, 24 Wilson street. 

M'Laughlin, William, spirit dealer, 29 Rutherglen loan. 

M'Lachlan, Miss Bell, of Craigenterve, 138 George street. 

M'Lachlan, Mrs., Commercial tavern, 5 Anderston quay. 

M'Lachlan, Mrs. Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Cadogan street. 

M'Laughlin, Mrs. W., 12 South Coburg street. 


MACLAE, H. Ewing, of Cathkin. Letters left at James Ewing & Co.'s, 36 George 

M'LARDY, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 17| Castle street. 
M'LAREN, Alexander, of Ferguson and M'Laren, house, 166 Hope street. 

M'Laren, Archibald, clerk, Inland Revenue Office, 78 Queen street, and 81 Miller st. 

M'Laren, A., pattern-drawer, 86 Renfrew street. 

M'Laren, Alexander, clothier, 5 Royal Bank place. 

M'Laren, Alexander, spirit dealer, 11 Candleriggs street. 

M'Laren, Alexander, of C. and A. M'Laren, house, 34 Cook street. 

M'Laren, C. & A., glaziers and zinc-workers, 20 and 22 Jamaica street, works, 6 
and 10 Adam's Court lane. 

M'Laren, Charles, of C. and A. M'Laren, house, 70 Robertson street. 

M'Laren, Daniel, victualler, 33 King street, Calton. 

M'Laren, Daniel, spirit dealer, 11 Adelphi street. 

M'Laurin, Donald, of McDonald and M'Laurin, house, 33 Abotsford place. 

M'Laren, Donald, spirit dealer, 87 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Laren, H., umbrella and parasol maker, 234 Argyll street. 

M'Larin, James, manufacturing chemist, Kerr street, house, 30 East Rose street. 

M'Laurin, James, stationer, 76 Stockwell street, and rag dealer, 13 and 15 Stock- 
well place. 

M'Laren, James, of Scot and M'Laren, house, 123 South Cumberland place. 

M'Laren, James, of William M'Laren, Son, cf- Co., house, 33 Elmbank crescent. 

M'Laren, John, spirit dealer, 33 Warroch street. 

M'Laren, John, stationer, 17 Glassford street. 

M'Laren, John, sheriff-officer, constable, messenger, and house-factor, 37 Glassford 
street, house, 4 Steel street. 

M'Laren, John, victualler, 319 Argyll street. 

M'Laren, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Laren, John, insurance-broker, 126 Queen street, residence, Townhead, Renfrew. 

M'Laren, John, agent for Carfin Colliery, 28 Miller street, house, 9 Hopetoun place. 

M'Laren, John, cotton- waste dealer, 186 Holme street. 

M'Laren and Michie, muslin manufacturers, 5 National Bank buildings, Queen st. 

MacLaren, N. C, accountant and factor, Royal Exchange buildings (south en- 
trance), house, 10 Salisbury street. 

M'Laren, Peter, victualler, 117 High street. 

M'Laren, Peter, tailor and clother, 50 Taylor street. 

M'Laren, Peter, at M'Laren and Michie 's, house, 14 Cumberland street. 

M'Laren, Robert, patent-tube manufacturer and engineer, Globe Foundry, 32 
Washington street, house, 4 Terrace street, St. Vincent street. 

M'Laren, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 199 Argyll street, 1 Belgrove street, 
4 Candleriggs, and 479 Gallowgate, house, 30 Charlotte street. 

M'Laren & Strang, ship-wrights and boat-builders, 26 James Watt street. 

M'Laren, William, wine and spirit dealer, 169 Castle street, and 424 Gallowgate. 

M'Laren, William, fish-curer, 109 Bridgegate, house, 57 Oswald street. 

M'Laren, William, haircutter and perfumer, 68 West Nile street. 

M'Laren, Win., of Wm. M'Laren, Son, <f Co., house, 12 Woodside terrace. 

M'Laren, William, Son, & Co., merchants, 63 Candleriggs street. 

M'Laren, Mrs. John, Rob Roy tavern, 56 Trongate. 

M'Laren, Mrs., midwife and iadies' nurse, 9 West Milton street. 

M'LAWS, Colin Sharp, tea dealer, 23 St. Enoch square. 

M'LAY, David, surgeon, 312 Argyll street. 

M'Lay, James, & Co., ropemakers, 46 Stockwell street, works, head of Commercial 

M'Laj', James, victualler, 28 and 30 Howard street. 

M'Lay, John, flesher, 147 George street, house, 134 do. 

M'Lay, William, fish and provision merchant, 126 Stockwell street. 

M'Lay, William, wine and spirit merchant, 85 Great Hamilton street. 

M'Lay, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 135 Drygate. 

M'LEAN, Rev. Alexander, 130 Castlemilk place. 

M'Lean, Alexander, sculptor, North Necropolis, near Barony Church, house, 15 Castl« 

M'Lean, Rev. Allan, of Calton Chapel, 18 Great Hamilton street. 

M'Lean, Allan, plasterer and lime merchant, 201 Thistle street. 


M'Lean, Allan, district inspector of poor, Govan Annexation Parish, 205 Albert pi., 

Thistle street. 
M'Lean, A., 136 Hospital street. 
M'Lean, Alexander, sculptor, North Necropolis road, near Barony Church, house, 15 

Castle street. 
M'Lean, Alexander, sen., of C. M'Lean <f Co., house, 62 Brown street. 
M'Lean, Andrew, ironmonger, 64 Canning street, Calton. 
M'Lean, Archibald, victualler, 370 Gallowgate. 
M'Lean, A., & Son, tailors and clothiers, 73 Carrick street, 

M'Lean, Chas., & Co., smiths, gasfitters, and bellhangers, 6 Main street, Anderston. 
M'Lean, Charles, of Charles Tennant tf Co., St. Rollox. 
M'Lean, Daniel, agent, 24 Portugal street. 

M'Lean, Daniel, chimney-sweeper and soot-merchant, 27 Stockwell street. 
M'Lean, Donald, wine and spirit dealer, 61 Havannah street. 
M'Lean, Duncan, grocer and victualler, 191 Main street, Bridgeton. 
M'Lean, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 79 Queen street. 
M'Lean, Duncan, clerk, house, 141 North Portland place. 
M'Lean, Duncan, warper, 41 North Albion street. 
M'Lean, E., of the Post- Office. 
M'Lean, Edward, victualler, 62 Norfolk street. 

M'Lean and Findlaj^son, pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street. 
M'Lean, George, watch and clockmaker, and jeweller, 9 Argyll street. 
M'Lean, James, & Co., manufacturers, 17 South Frederick street. 
M'Lean, James, of James M'Lean 4" Co., house, 38 West Campbell street. 
M'Lean, James, of James M'Lean tj- Co., house, Crow road, Particle. 
M'Lean, James, cotton- waste dealer, 36 Prince's street, house, 15 Charlotte lane. 
Maclean, James, & Co., commission merchants, 20 St. Enoch square. 
M'Lean, James Grant, at Robert Smith's, 124 Sauchiehall street. 
M'Lean, John, baker, 9 Well street, Calton. 
M'Lean, John, baker, 66 Centre street. 
M'Lean, John, confectioner, 100 Main street, Gorbals. 
M'Lean, John, of William M'Lean (f Son, house, 27 India street. 
M'Lean, John, veterinary surgeon, 53 Maxwell street, house, do. 
M'Lean, John, writing-master, residence, 97 Eglinton street. 

M'Lean, John, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 47 Crown street, and 48 Govan street. 
M'Lean, Joseph, 31 Muirhead street. 

M'Lean, Joseph, at Strang, Yuille, and Keyderfs, house, 124 West Nile street. 
Maclaine, J. D., surgeon, 19 Clyde place. 

M'Lean, Malcolm, grocer and victualler, 136 Rottenrow street. 
M'Lean, Malcolm, beadle, St. Columba Church, 53 Alston street. 
M'Lean, Malcolm, smith and gasfltter, 82 Nelson street. 
M'Lean, Neil, animal and bird-stuffer, 60 Nelson street. 
M'Lean, Neil, victualler, 82 Stockwell street. 
M'Lean, Peter, victualler, 343 Argyll street. 
M'Lean, Robert, spirit dealer, 60 Green street, Calton. 
M'Lean and Robertson, general merchants, 8 Centre street. 
M'Lean, William, & Co., cotton spinners, 15 Cochran street. 
M'Lean, William, cotton-waste dealer, 107 Clyde street, Anderston. 
M'Lean, William, spirit dealer, 26, and grocer, 22 York street. 
M'Lean, William, at C. Tennanfs, St. Rollox. 
M'Lean, William, accountant, stock and shaiebroker, and factor, 98 Fife place, house, 

82 West street. 
M'Lean, William, cotton-spinning factory, 31 Muirhead street, house, Plantation, 

Govan road. 
M'Lean, William, & Son, dyers, 61 Ladywell street. 
M'Lean, William, confectioner, 92 Trongate. 
M'Lean, William, jun., merchant, 59 Bath street. 
M'Lean, William, commission agent, 48 Abbotsford place. 
M'Lean, William Robb, warehouse agent, 30 North Portland street. 
M'Lean, Misses, milliners, 6 Wellington street. 
M'Lean, E. and J., Misses, milliners, 82 New City road. 
M'Lean, Miss Catherine, milliner, 70 Argyll street. 
M'Lean, Miss, 194 Main street, Gorbals. 


M'Lean, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit merchant, 47 Crown street, house, 45 do. 

M'Lean, Mrs., 97 Eglinton street. 

MacLEHOSE, James, bookseller and stationer, 61 St. Vincent street, house, Kelvin- 
grove road, Sandyford. 

M'Lehose, William, 10 Renfrew street. 

M'Lehose, Mrs. Archd., umbrella, parasol, and stay manufacturer, 109 Buchanan St., 
house, 24 Holmhead street. 

M'LEISH, A., tailor, clothier, and draper, 98 Garscube road. 

M'Leish, Alexander, surgeon, 50 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Leish, Archibald, furnisher and hosier, 197 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Leish, D., tailor and clothier, 292 Argyll street. 

M'Leish, D., tailor and clothier, 4 Stobcross street. 

M'Leish, John, superintendent, Necropolis. 

M'Leish, John, wine and spirit merchant, 182 Saltmarket street, and 1 Jail square. 

M'Leish, William, spirit dealer, 83 Carrick street. 

M'LELLAN, Adam, clothier and hatter, 80 Queen street, house, 47 Oswald street. 

M'Lellan, Allan H., merchant, 11 Albany place. 

M'Lellan, Archibald, of Archd. M'Lellan and Son, house, 3 Dalhousie street, Garnet 

M'Lellan, Archibald, & Son, coachmakers, Maxwell street and 66 Howard street. 

M'Lellan, Donald, of J. $ W. M'Lellan, house, 90 Regent terrace. 

M'Lellan, H., 43 Brunswick place, house, 138 South Portland street. 

M'Lellan, James, of J. $ W. M'Lellan, house, 90 Regent terrace. 

M'Lellan, J. & W., manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street. 

M'Lellan, John, jun., 87 Union street. 

M'Lellan, John, 52 Rose street, Garnethill. 

M'Lellan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 91 Hospital street. 

Maclellan, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, 48 Gordon street. 

M'Lellan, John, baker, 66 Centre street. 

M'Lellan, John, of J. $■ W. M'Lellan, 113 Brunswick street. 

M'Lellan, Lewis, tallow-chandler, oil merchant, and flour dealer, 136 Gallowgate, 
house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 

M'Lellan, Lewis, jun., at L. M'Lellan's, 136 Gallowgate, 

M'Lellan, Malcolm, merchants, 11 Albany place. 

M'Lellan, P. & W., ironmongers, iron merchants, and smiths, 127 and 129 Tron- 
gate, works, 5 and 20 New wynd. 

M'Lellan, Peter, of P. <§ W. M'Lellan, Bowmore house, Gairlochhead. 

M'Lellan, Peter, general grocer and tea merchant, 116 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'Lellan, Robert, Cossack Inn. 

M'Lellan, Walter, of P. $ W. M'Lellan, house, 30 Hope street. 

M'Lellan, William, wine and spirit dealer, 24 Thistle street. 

M'Lellan, Mrs. John, 52 Rose street, Garnethill. 

M'Lellan, Mrs. Robert, 11 Albany place. 

M'LENNAN, Donald, grocer and tea dealer, 139 Bridgegate. 

M'Lennan, George, & Son, distillers and fish-curers, 14 St. Enoch square, house, 93 
South Portland street. 

M'Lennan, John, spirit dealer, 44 Little Dovehill. 

M'Lennan, Simon, commission merchant, 113 Brunswick street. 

M'Lennan, Thomas, of the Customs, house, 15 South Apsley place. 

M'Lennan, Miss Janet, shoemaker, 30 Saltmarket street. 

M'LEOD, Rev. Alex., Baptist minister, 106 Cumberland street. 

M'Leod, Andrew, surgeon, 36 Buccleuch street. 

M'Leod, Angus, provision dealer, 65 Carrick street. 

M'Leod, Brothers, leather merchants, 47 and 53 Glassford street, 349 Argyll street, 
and 7 College street. 

M'Leod, Daniel, ironmonger and tool-shop, 26 and 28 Miller's place. 

M'Leod, Davidson, & Co., zebra manufacturers, 114 Candleriggs. 

M'Leod, D., & Co., carpenters, joiners, blockmakers, and boat-builders, 2 Windmill- 
croft, house, East Kinning place, Paisley road. 

M'Leod, D., & Co., spirit merchants, 147 Castle street. 

M'Leod, Duncan, & Son, fish-hook manufacturers, 43 Clyde place. 

M'Leod, George, of John Russell § Co., house, 30 Pollock street, Paisley road. 

M'Leod, George, & Co., wholesale chemists and druggists, 20 Dunlop street. 


M'Leod, George, M.D., of George M'Leod 8; Co., 6 Carlton place. 

M'Leod, John, of D. M'Leod <$■ Son, 43 Clyde buildings. 

M'Leod, John, grocer, 31 Dalhousie street. 

M'Leod, John, coal agent and tavern keeper, 55 Bell street. 

M'Leod, John, bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 66 Argyll street, house, 12 

Warwick street. 
M'Leod, Kenneth, grain merchant, 15 Duke street. 
M'Leod, Malcolm, & Co., commission merchants, 3 West Nile street. 
M'Leod, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 1 Spring place. 

M'Leod, Rev. Dr. Norman, minister of St. Columba Church, house, 132 West Nile st. 
M'Leod, Peter, ofBrodie, M'Leod, $ Co., house, 54 Brougham place. 
M'Leod & Pollock, jewellers and hardware merchants, 164 Argyll street. 
M'Leod & Urquhart, spirit dealers, 147 Castle street. 
M'Leod, William, 1 Dalhousie lane. 

M'Leod, C. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 68 Maxwell street. 
M'Leod, Miss Ann, 73 West Regent street. 
M'Leod, Mrs., Thistle Temperance hotel, coffee-house, and commercial lodgings, 

Morrison's court, 108 Argyll street. 
M'Leod, Mrs., victualler, 141 Gallowgate. 
M'Leod, Mrs., lodgings, 70 Robertson street. 

M'LERIE, Davidson, & Ferguson, cooks and confectioners, 36 Buchanan street. 
M'Lerie, Mrs., glass, china, and stoneware merchant, 115 George street. 
MACLEROY, Hamilton, & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, office, 47 Ingram street, works, Catherine street, Calton. 
M'LETCHIE, E., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Douglas street, house, 79 Waterloo st. 
MACKLIN, Thomas, teacher, prisons, 442 Duke street. 
M'LINTOCK, Alexander, victualler and grocer, 24 Kirk street, Calton. 
M'Lintock, John, at Jas. Black tf Co.'s, 89 North Frederick street. 
M'Lintock, William, cement and chemical manufacturer, and Arden lime merchant, 

38 Kirk street, Gorbals, house, Lochinch, Pollockshaws. 
M'LIVER, Colin, upholsterer, 70 Oxford street. 
M'LUCKIE, Matthew, trunk and box-maker, 42 Brunswick place. 
MACLURE, Alfred, piano-forte and music-seller, Elgin place, 203 Sauchiehall st. 
Maclure, Andrew, of Maclure and Macdonald, hi Buchanan street. 
M'Lure, D., letter-press and lithographic printer, Sidney court, 62 Argyll street, 

house, Largo place, 161 New City road. 
M'Lure, Joseph, superintendent of North Street Cemetery, house, 13 Richard street. 
Maclure and Macdonald, lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers, and ornamental 

printers to her Majesty, 57 Buchanan street. 
M'Lure, Robert, of Downie & M'Lure, house, 2 St. George's road. 
MACLURKIN, Thomas, coalmaster, office, 12 Oswald street, residence, Easter 

House, by Baillieston. 
M'LYMONT, Alex., baker, 20 Rose street. 
M'MAHON, Hugh, provision dealer, 42 King street, Calton. 
M'Mahon, James, provision merchant, 138 King street. 

M'MASTER, James, grocer and fruiterer, 105 Fife place, West George street, u, 
M'Master, John, & Co., free warehouses for grain, and general storage, 24 Ann St. 
M'Master, Jane, grocer, 8 Warwick street. 
M'MATH, G. & A., dyers, Burnbank, Camlachie. 

M'Math, John, British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street, house, 30 Hope street. 
M'Math, John, boot and shoemaker, 65 Clyde street, Calton. 
M'Math, William, warehouseman, 10 Great Hamilton street. 

M'MEIKAN, James A., of Thomson, M'Meikan, <§■ Co., house, 35 Abbotsford place. 
M'MENEMY, Hugh, spirit merchant, sheriff-officer, and constable, 44 Trongate. 
M'MICHAEL, David, 55 Drygate. 

M'Michael, Hugh, at C. Todd and Iligginbotharn's, house, 448 Argyll street. 
M'Michael, James, accountant and house-factor, 51 Brunswick street; house, 96 

Regent terrace. 
M'Michael, John, agent for Glasgow and Campbelton Steam-Packet Company, 22 

Anderston quay. 
M'Michael, John, engineer, 55 Drygate street. 

M'Michael, Neil, at Charles Todd and Higginbotham's, house, 448 Argyll street. 
M'Michael, N., & Co., commission merchants, 14 Prince's square, Buchanan street. 


M'MILLAN, Alexander, spirit dealer, 18 Main street, Anderston. 

M'Millan, Alexander, spirit merchant, 93 Kirk street, Calton. 

M'Millan, Andrew, jeweller and watchmaker, 5 Argyll arcade, house, 37 Eglinton st. 

M'Millan, Daniel, & Co., smiths, bolt manufacturers, and plough-makers, 369 

Dobbie's loan. 
M'Millan, David, shooting saloon and tavern, 68 Jamaica street. 
M'Millan, David, 124 Garngad road. 

M'Millan, Duncan, ship joiner and blockmaker, Windmill Croft, South side. 
M'Millan, G. H., teacher, Hutcheson's school, Upper Crown street, house, 10 Salis- 
bury street. 
M'Millan, James, tailor and clothier, 306 Argyll street. 
M'Millan, John, commission agent, 107 Green street, Calton. 
M'Millan, John, glass and chinaware merchant, 343 Gallowgate. 
M'Millan, John, victualler, 86 Clyde street, Anderston. 
M'Millan, John, cork manufacturer, 27 East Clyde street. 
M'Millan, John, of Kerr and M'Millan, house, 1 Royal circus. 
M'Millan, L., at C. Boyd and Son's, William street, Anderston. 
M'Millan and Marshall, wholesale stationers, 71 Bell street. 
M'Millan, Robert, bootmaker, 13 Eglinton street. 

M'Millan, Thomas, of Robert Freeland $■ Co., house, 72 St. George's road. 
M'Millan, William, French and English paper-hanging warehouse, 4 St. Enoch sq., 

west corner of Argyll street, house, 1 Roj'al circus, Clarendon place. 
M'Millan, William, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 47 and 49 Nelson st., Tradeston. 
M'Millan, William, & Co., slaters, house, 56 Howard street, slate-yard, 21 King St., 

M'Millan, Miss, dressmaker, 56 Gordon street. 
M'Millan, Mrs., grocer, 38 Old Dalmarnock road. 
M'MINN, Miss, dressmaker, 116 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Minn, Mrs., teacher of the piano-forte and singing, 39 Warwick street. 
M'MONAGLE, Charles, provision merchant, 101 Bridgegate. 
M'Monagle, James, provision merchant, 120 Brunswick street. 
M'Monagle, Mrs. William, provision dealer, 84 Union street. 
M'MORRAN, James, minibus proprietor, and beadle of St. Jude's Church, 40 St. 

George's road. 
M'Morran, Margretta, dressmaker, 37 Cowcaddens street. 
M'MORELAND, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 115 Buchanan street, 

workshops, 36 Holmhead street, house, 21 Abbotsford place. 
M'Moreland, James, spirit dealer, 214 Upper Main street, Gorbals. 
M'Moreland, John, at A. M'-Moreland's, house, 55 Renfrew street. 
M'MULLEN, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 74 and 76 Saltmarket. 
M'MURRAY, James, ironmonger, 141 Argyll street, house, 16 Hope street. 
M'Murray, Boyd, & Co., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 15 St. Enoch square. 
M'Murray, Mrs. George, 381 St. Vincent street. 
M'MURRICH, William, teacher, Free Normal Seminary, house, 56 Brown street, 

M'NAB, Alexander, baker, 75 John street. 

M'Nab, Alexander, pattern-drawer and print-cutter, 190 Trongate. 
M'Nab, Allan, teacher of writing and book-keeping department, High School, house, 

Balgray cottage, Springburn. 
M'Nab, David, spirit dealer, 30 Green street, Calton. 
M'Nab, Donald, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Bolton street. 

M'Nab, Duncan, house-factor and land agent, 126 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 
M'Nab, James, printer, 11 Miller street, house, 35 Charlotte street. 
M'Nab, James, calico-printer, 145 Ingram street, house, Lilyburn, Campsie. 
M'Nab, John, of Orme, M l Arthur, cf Co., house, 194 West Nile street, 
M'Nab, Peter, portioner, 54 Abbotsford place. 
M'Nab, Richard, grocer, 178 Hope street. 

MacNab, Robert, of Robert MacNab § Co., house, 14 Fitzroy place. 
MacNab, Robert, & Co., commission merchants, 108 Fife place, West George street. 
M'Nab, Robert, tailor and clothier, 43 Crown street. 
M'Nab, Mrs. John, Gordon buildings, 313 Sauchiehall street. 
M'Nab, Miss, lodgings, 40 North Frederick street. 
M'Nab, Mrs. A., 109 Fife place, West George street. 


M'NAIR, Archd., & Co., lead-tube and patent-conductor manufacturers, 33 Oswald 

M'Nair and Brand, silk yarn merchants and throwsters, 60 St. George's place. 
M'Nair, Daniel, bookseller, 393 Gallowgate. 

M'Nair, James R., & Co., booksellers and stationers, 19 Glassford street. 
M'Nair, G. B., of Virtue, and M'Nair, house, 32 Turner's court. 
M'Nair, James, of C. F. Parsons <f Co , house, 5 Charlotte street. 
M'Nair, James, 14 Cadogan street. 
Macnair, James, 27 Main's street. 

M'Nair, James, drysalter and oil merchant, 32 Little Dovehill. 
Macnair, James, Temperance hotel keeper, 5 Union street. 
M'Nair, John, brewer. John Kerr Orr, 80 Union street, agent. 
M'Nair, John, & Co., commission merchants, 18 South Frederick street. 
MacNair, John Scott, lace manufacturer and commission agent, 51 Brunswick st. 
M'Nair, Henry, druggist, 127 Gallowgate. 
M'Nair, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 24 Stockwell street. 
M'Nair, Robert, commission merchant and accountant, 8 Gordon street, house, 1 

Elmbank crescent. Letter-box at Steel & Penny's, 74 Queen street. 
M'Nair, Robert, jun., of Robert M'Nair # Son, house, 1 Elmbank crescent. 
M'Nair, Thomas, commission merchant, 40 Miller street. 
M'Nair, William, grain and provision merchant, 106 Main street, Gorbals. 
M'Nair, William, bookbinder, 22 Argyll street. 
M'NAUGHT, James, flesher, 14 Canning street. 

M'Naught, Patrick, & Co., cotton-spinners, Nassau court, Main street, Anderston. 
M 'Naught, Patrick, of P. M'Naught cf- Co., house, 306 St. Vincent street. 
M'Naught, Robert, of R. F. J. Alexander cf Co., house, Chatham pi., Stirling's road. 
M'Naught, Thomas, brickmaker and builder, 151 Eglinton street. 
M'Naught, Thomas, tobacconist, 154 High street. 

M'Naught, William, engineer, 26 Robertson street, house, 16 Royal terrace. 
M'Naught, Mrs. John, grocer, 100 Centre street. 
M'Naught, Mrs., tobacconist, 184 Broomielaw. 

M'NAUGHTON, A., agent for Leith and Hull and Hamburg Steam-Packet Com- 
pany, 8 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street. 
M'Naughtan & Cochrane, cotton and wool-brokers, and commission merchants, 9 

St. Vincent place. 
M'Naughtan, Colin, hot-presser, &c, 75 St. Vincent street. 
M'Naughton, C. C, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Renfield street. 
M'Naughtan, Daniel, turner, 39 Stockwell street. 
M'Naughtan & Hamilton, accountants and sharebrokers, and agents for the Scottish 

Union Assurance Company, and Victoria Life Assurance Company, 69 St. 

Vincent street. 
M'Naughton, James, saddler and harness-maker, 23 Renfield street, house, 123 Fife 

place, West George street. 
M'Naughtan, John, carter aud coal agent, 93 Parliamentary road. 
M'Naughtan, Robert, George hotel, 26 George square, and 40 Cochran street. 
M'Naughtan, Robert, of M'Naughtan and Cochrane, house, 64 Abbotsford place. 
M'Naughtan, William, of M'Naughtan and Hamilton, 69 St. Vincent street. 
M'Naughton, William, spirit dealer, 28 Portugal street. 
M'Naughtan, William, & Co., commission merchants, 14 Garthland street. 
M'Naughton, Walker, grocer and victualler, 151 Trongate. 
M'Naughten, Mrs. A., grocer, 46 Glebe street. 
M'Naughton, Mrs., 27 Paterson street, Kingston. 
M'NAY, William, baker, 314 Argyll street. 

MACNEE, A. G., of Gibson and Macnee, house, Rose cottage, Shawlands. 
Macnee, Daniel, portrait-painter, 132 West Regent street. 
M'Nee, Duncan, merchant, 44 Brunswick place. 
Macnee, James, and Son, commission merchants, 52 Virginia street. 
Macnee, James, of James Macnee and Son, house, 75 St. George's road. 
Macnee, James, jun., 52 Virginia street. 
Macnee, J., fruiterer, 65 Gallowgate. 
M'Nee, J., fruiterer, 12 Glassford street. 
M'Nee, Thomas, warehouseman, at William M'Laren, Son, cj- Co.'s, house, 269 St. 

George's road. 


Macnee, Walter, and Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 51 Cochran street. 

M'Nee, William, spirit merchant, 118 Main street, Bridgeton. 

M'Nee, Mrs., and Misses Birch, ladies' seminary, 2 Abbotsford place. 

M'NEIL, Alexander, & Co., furriers and cap-makers, 93 Fife place, West George st. 

M'Neil, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, 19 Anderston quay. 

M'Neil, A., coal agent, 33 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

M'Neil, F., & Co., patent felt warehouse, 108 Argyll street. Robert Thomson & Co., 

M'Neil, John, Glasgow Bridge inn, 20 Broom ielaw. 
M'Neil, John, basketmaker, 48 St. Andrew square. 
M'Neill, Neil, agent, 40 Union street. 

M'Neil, Robert, superintendent, G. G. Water Company, house, 44 Norfolk street. 
M'Neil, William, baker, 35 John street. 
M'Neill, William, boot and shoemaker, 5 and 7 Gallowgate. 
M'Neil, Mrs., milliner, 33 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
M'Neil, Ann, victualler, 4 Drygate. 

M'NEILAGE, Robert, spirit dealer, 16 King street, Calton. 
MACNICOLL, Archibald, of T. Anderson and A. Macnicoll, house, 162 Randolph 

terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 
M'Nicoll & Co. joiners, 25 Portugal street, house, 120 Thistle street. 
M'Nicol, Donald, boot and shoemaker, 248 Argyll street. 
M'Nicol, John, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Gordon street. 
M'Nicol, Robert, draper, 97 Renfield street. 
M'Nicol, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Renfrew street. 
M'Nicol, Miss A., dressmaker and milliner, 49 Renfield street. 
M'Nicol, Miss, 69 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
M'NIGHT, James, of M'Niyht, Rae, $ Co., 96 Regent terrace. 
M'Night, Rae, & Co., yarn and goods merchants and commission agents, 12 Royal 

Exchange square. 
M'NISH, D. C, of Stein and M'Nish, 126 Renfrew street. 
M'Nish, James, sheriff-officer and constable, 19 Orr street, Calton. 

MacNish, James J., M.D., 217 Buchanan street. 

M'Nish, John, surgeon, 217 Buchanan street. 

M'Nish, N., & J. 0., & Co., cotton-yarn merchants and commission agents, 31 Mon- 
trose street. 

M'NIVEN, C, boot and shoemaker, 9 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Niven, James, eating-house, 111 Stockwell street. 

M'Niven, M., wholesale and retail grocer, 52^ Bridge street, and 13 Turner's court. 

M'Niven & Brown, merchants, 21 Virginia street. 

M'Niven, Miss, dressmaker, 116 Sauchiehall street. 

M'OMISH, Robert, grocer, coal-agent, and Post-office receiving-house, 167 Castle 

M'Omish, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 3 Hope place, Parliamentary road. 

M'ONIE, Andrew, jun., flesher, 80 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Onie, Andrew, 551 Dobbie's loan 

M'Onie, Duncan, flesher, 86 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Onie, John, flesher, 184 Cowcaddens street. 

M'Onie & Mirrlees, millwrights and engineers, Scotland street, Tradeston, counting- 
house, 94 West street. 

M'Onie, Peter, of M'Onie and Mirrlees, house, Kinning cottage. 

M'Onie, William, brassfounder, 64 Dale street, Tradeston, house, 27 Waterloo street, 

M'OUAT, John, slater, 81 London street, yard, 27 St. Andrew's lane. 

M'PARLEN, John, hairdresser, 61 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'Parlane, Mrs. Patrick, hairdresser, 21 Malta street, Gorbals. 

M'PHADYEN, A., supervisor of inland revenue, house, Burnbank, Townmill road. 

M'PHAIL, Alexander, flesher, 15^ Castle street. 

M'Phail, B., sheriff-officer and constable, office, 7 Guildry court. 

M'Phail, Dugald, merchant, 63 Stockwell street. 

M'Phail, Dugald, & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 1 

M'Phail, Dugald, of Dugald M'Phail § Co., house, Greenhead. 

M'Phail, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 25 Balmanuo street. 


M'Phail, Duncan, of D. M'-Phail cf Co., house, Greenhead. 

M'Phail, Neil, & Co., slaters, 61 Duke street. 

M'Phail, Neil, slater, 108 Duke street. 

M'Phail, William, tailor and clothier, 74 Crown street, house, 26 South Wellington 

M'Phail, Mrs. Alexander, innkeeper and stabler, King's Head inn, 20 Stirling street. 
M'PHEELY, Patrick, provision dealer, 33 Oxford street. 
M'Pheely, Patrick, provision dealer, 44 Bedford street. 
M'PHEE, Angus, flesher, 3 Govan street. 
M'Phee, Archibald, spirit dealer, 48 Stewart street. 

M'Phie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Anderston quay, house, 96 Washing- 
ton street. 
M'Phee, James, spirit dealer, 6 Brunswick place. 
M'PHERSON, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 126 Garscube road, and 62 

Sauchiehall street. 
M'Pherson, Alexander, at J. Richmond cf Co.'s, house, 78 North Frederick street. 
M'Pherson, Alexander, builder, Mayfield, Sauchiehall street, 
M'Pherson, Angus, spirit dealer, 366 Gallowgate. 

MacPherson, Donald, commission agent, 155 Osborne buildings, Sauchiehall street. 
M'Pherson, Dugald, grocer, 45 Castle street. 

M'Pherson, Gilbert, cowfeeder, 102 Cumberland street, Laurieston. 
M'Pherson, Hugh, clothier, 165 Buchanan street, house, 16 Cornwall place. 
M'Pherson, Hugh, Tron inn and chophouse, 114 Trongate. 

M'Pherson, Hugh, merchant, 14 M'Pherson street. 
M'Pherson, Hugh, of Campbell and JlPBougall. 

M'Pherson, James, M.D., surgeon-dentist, 69 St. George's place. 

M'Pherson, John, teacher of writing and book-keeping, house, 79 Villafield place. 

M'Pherson, Malcolm, grain dealer, 128 Union street, and 1 Trongate. 

M'Pherson, Neil, chimney-sweeper and soot-merchant, 118 High street. 

M'Pherson, Peter, merchant and commission agent, 13 Virginia street, house, 84 
North street. 

M'Pherson, Mrs., lodgings, 50 North Albion street. 

M'Pherson, Mrs., grocer, 60 Renfield street, house, 58 do. 

M'Pherson, Mrs. Malcolm, shoe-furnisher, 58 Prince's street. 

M'Pherson, Miss, furnishings, 76 Canning street, Calton. 

M'PHUN, W. L., mercantile arbitrator, accountant, agent for the Provident Clerks' 
Mutual Benefit Association, and for the Church of England Fire and Life In- 
surance Company, 3 West Nile street. 

M'Phun, William, fishmonger, 187 Sauchiehall street. 

M'Phun, William, & Co., fishmongers, 26 King street. 

M'Phun, W. R.. bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 84 Argyll street, house, 145 
North Wellington street. 

M'Phun's Ice Store, 26 King street. 

MACQUAKER, William, hat manufacturer, 68 Trongate. 

M'QUARRIE, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 62 Argyll street. 

Macquarrie, L., of Macquarrie, Fisher, <f Co., house, 13 Hill street, Garnethill. 

MacQuarrie, Fisher, & Co., Hamilton lace manufacturers, 9 Royal Exchange square. 

M'QUEEN, Alexander, baker, 83 Saltmarket street. 

M'Queen, Andrew, of Robertson and M'Queen, house, 6 Cornwall place. 

M'Queen, John, polished-bone button maker, 49 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'Queen, Thomas, confectioner, 67 King street, Tradeston. 

M'Queen, Miss, teacher of piano-forte, 119 Hope street. 

M'RAE, Farquhar, spirit merchant, 10 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

M'REATH, Charles, victualler, 490 Gallowgate. 

M 'ROBERT, John, spirit dealer, 88 North street, Anderston. 

M'Robert, Mrs. Ellison, spirit dealer, 11 Charlotte lane. 

M'RUER, Miss, 81 Bath street. 

M'Ruer, Mrs. John, 4 Jane street. 

M'SKUMMING, James, spirit dealer, 227 Main street, Gorbals. 

M'TAGGART, John, baker, 148 Eglinton street. 

M'Taggart, John, spirit dealer, 85 King street, Tradeston. 

M'Taggart, Mrs., 1 Lansdowne crescent. 

M'TAVISH, Hugh, ink and blacking manufacturer, Killermont court. 


M'Tavish, H., of Ronald Ml Tavish <f Co., house, 36 AVindsor terrace, St. George's road. 

M'TEAR, Andrew, of A. <f W. M'Tear, house, 22 Monteith row. 

M'Tear, A. & W., lithographers and engravers, 2 St. Enoch square. 

M'Tear, John, inspector of poor, 25 Clyde terrace, house, 136 Hospital street. 

M'Tear & Kempt, auctioneers, valuators, and house-furnishers, 97 Argyll street. 

M'Tear, Robert, of M'Tear and Kempt, house, 64 Oxford street. 

M'Tear, William, of A. and W. M'Tear, house, 37 Eglinton street. 

M'TURK, Mrs., victualler, 20 Portugal street. 

M'VEAN, James, tailor, 17 New street, Calton. 

M'VEY, John, commission merchant, and agent for the Alliance Assurance Office of 

London, 95 Hutcheson street, house, 22 Whitevale street. 
M'Vey, M., & Co., booksellers and stationers, 101 George street. 
M'Vey, Mrs. Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Bishop street, Anderston. 
M' VICAR, Archibald, chain-cable and anchor manufacturer, 17 Robertson street 

and Hydepark, corner of West street, Tradeston, and 56 and 57 Clyde place, 
M'Vicar, D., spirit dealer, 63 Washington street. 

M' Vicar, James, jun., of John M'Vicar and Son, house, 3 College street. 
M'Vicar, John, & Son, tin-plate workers and ironmongers, 169 High street. 
M'Vicar, John, of J. M'Vicar $• Son, house, 3 College street. 
M'Vicar, William, & Co., singers, 15 Stirling street. 
M'WALTERS, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Union street. 
M'WATERS, George, cottage-clock maker, 30 Duke street. 
M' Waters, James, flesher, 110 Stirling's road. 
M'Waters, Robert, tailor and clothier, 221 Argyll street. 
M'WHANNELL, Archibald, & Co., plumbers and lead merchants, 2 and 8 North 

Albion street, house, North Albion court. 
M'Whannell, William, brassfounder, 38 Stockwell. 
M'WHINNIE, William, tobacconist, 107 Saltmarket. 
M'WHIRTER, Andrew, spirit dealer, 49 Old Dalmarnock road. 
M'Whirter, John, superintendent, Night Asylum, 71 North Frederick street. 
M'Whirter, William, cotton and engine waste merchant, 44 West College street. 
M'WILLIAM, J. and J., wine and spirit merchants, 17 Miller street. 
M 'Williams, Richard, beadle of Free St. Paul's, 74 North Frederick street. 
M'Williams, Robert, spirit dealer, 21 Duncan street. 
M'William, Mrs., victualler, 174 Finnieston street. 

MABON, J. and T., wrights and funeral undertakers, 75 Drygate. 

MAGIN, John, surgeon, 82 Abercromby street. 

MAHON, James, baker, 48 Bridge street. 

MAHONY, John, brassfounder, gasfitter, and bell-hanger, 47 and 49 Blackfriars St., 

house, 102 do. 
MAIN, Alex., spirit dealer, glue and size manufacturer, 51 Main street, Gorbals. 
Main and Dingwall, drapers, 8 and 9 Clyde terrace. 
Main, John, grain merchant, 22 St. Enoch square. 

Main, John, hairdresser, patent wig manufacturer, 8 Windsor place, Sauchiehall st. 
Main, J. T., coal merchant, 31 Renfrew lane. 
Main, Peter, leather-pipe maker, 18 Bell street. 

MAIR, James, muslin manufacturer, Smith's court, 62 Brunswick street. 
Mair, John, lace and smallware warehouse, 82 Trongate, house, 52 Argyll street. 
Mair, John, & Co., manufacturers, West Ingram court, 163 Ingram street. 
Mair, Misses, French staymakers, 148 Hope street. 
Mair, Mrs. James, flesher, 15 George street. 
MAITLAND, Alexander, baker, 404 Argyll street. 
Maitland and Duxbury, clothiers, 54 West Nile street. 
Maitland, George, of Maitland and Roberton, house, 50 Bridge street. 
Maitland, James, & Co., coach builders, 82 Renfield street. 
Maitland, James, at Bennet <f Co.'s, 162 Buchanan street. 
Maitland, James, beadle, John street U. P. Church, house, 12 Frederick lane. 
Maitland, John, of William Mirrlees cf Co., house, Ewing place, 357 Argyll street. 
Maitland and Roberton, messengers-at-arms, 5 South Hanover street. 
Maitland, William, of Cameron ami Bald, house, 21 Garngad road. 
MALCOLM, Adam, of Canal Basin Foundry Co., house, Brighton place, City road. 
Malcolm, Alexander, goods measurer, 95 Nelson street, Tradeston. 


Malcolm, Alexander, flesher, 16 King street. 

Malcolm, Alexander, of Joseph Gibson ij" Co., house, 101 Douglas street. 

Malcolm, Ebenezer, printer and engraver, 28 Nelson street. 

Malcolm, George, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 4 and 6 Howard street. 

Malcolm, John, manager retail department, Blackie & Son, 38 Queen street, house, 

6 Warwick street. 
Malcolm, John, & Co., wholesale woollen merchants, 52 Argyll street. 
Malcolm, John, of John Malcolm <f Co., house, 12 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Malcolm, John, spirit dealer, 66 Green street, Calton. 
Malcolm, John, spirit dealer, 234 Gallowgate. 
Malcolm, Robert, printer, 28 Nelson street. 
Malcolm, R., jun., of the Glasgoio Saturday Post, house, 18 Thistle street, Hutche- 

Malcolm, Thomas, cart and wheelwright, 373 Dobbie's loan. 
Malcolm, William, commission merchant, 22 Royal Exchange square, house, 193 

St. Vincent street. 
Malcolm, William, vice-consul for the United States of Mexico, 22 Royal Exchange 

Malcolm, W. & J., fishmongers, 115 Fife place. 
Malcolm, Mrs. J., 110 Renfrew street. 
MALLOCH, C. & J., glass merchants, and agents for Union Plate Glass Company, 

30 Turner's court. 
Malloch, J. & A., scale, beam, and weighing-machine manufacturers, 48 Stockwell 

MALTMAN and Ure, manufacturers, 62 Hutcheson street. 

Maltman, H., corkcutter, 16 Broadclose, High street. 

Maltman, Miss M., milliner, 42 John street. 

MANDERS & Powell's Dublin Porter Store, 53 Hope street. 

MANFORD & Wink, accountants, house factors, land agents, insurance brokers, and 

agents for Defender Fire and Life Insurance Office, 91 Buchanan street. 
Manford, William, measurer, 48 Gordon street, house, 96 North Hanover street. 
MANGER, Monsr. Auguste, teacher of French and Drawing, 111 Renfrew street. 

MANN, Alexander, merchant, at J. Orr <f Cb.'s. 

Mann, James, of Mann, Simpson, and Byars, house, 175 St. Vincent street. 

Mann, James, at Bell and Bain's, house, 48 Hope street. 

Mann, John, 1 Dixon street. 

Mann, John A., cabalistic apparatus maker, 4 Steel street. 

Mann, John, beadle, Free St. Enoch's, 140 Holme street. 

Mann, Simpson, and Byars, warehousemen, 12 Argyll street. 

Mann, Thomas, wholesale stationer, 22 Wilson street. 

Maun, William, Govan Bar-Iron Works, office, 1 Dixon street. 

Mann, Miss, teacher, 48 Oxford street. 

Mann, Mrs , corsetmaker, 48 Oxford street. 

M ANSON, Alexander, house factor, 16 Garscube place. 

Manson, John, flesher, 136 Stobcross street. 

Manson, W. B., 58 Buccleuch street. 

Manson, Thomas, of Thomson and Manson, house, 17 Bedford street. 

Manson, William, 42 St. Andrew square. 

MANUEL, Alexander, mason and builder, 49 Duke street. 

MARCHBANK, William, warehouseman, 37 Garnethill street. 

MARETT, Arbouin, & Co., brandy shippers, Cognac. J. B. Sheriff, 9 Virginia street, 

MARGEY, Hugh, bookseller, 28 East Clyde street, house, 7 Guildry court. 

Market Lane Slaughter-house, 48 Market lane. 

MARK, Robert, hotel keeper, Garrick hotel, 30 Dunlop street. 

Marley Hill Coking Co., 8 North Queen street, John Mather, agent. 

MARMON, Mrs., 11 West Regent street. 

MARR, David, green grocer, 40 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Marr, J. & R., & Co., chemical and philosophical instrument makers, 27 North 
Albion street. 

MARRISON & Edwards, truss and bandage, and artificial limb makers, 1 Gordon 
street, house, 77 Hope street. 

MARSHALL, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 83 London street. 


Marshall, Archibald, house and ship joiner, 90 Clyde street, Anderston, house, Hyde- 
park place. 

Marshall, Burns, & Co., zebra manufacturers, 52 Glassford street. 

Marshall, David, of Hunter and Marshall, house, 19 Findlay street. 

Marshall, David, & Co., smallware merchants, 20 Candleriggs street. 

Marshall, Gavin, lime merchant, Langfauld works, East Kilpatrick. Letters left at 
Win. Duff's, 12 Stockwell street. 

Marshall, George, at J. and R. Tennenfs, house, "Wellpark. 

Marshall, Hill, & Hill, writers, 41 West George street, agents for Family Endow- 
ment Society of London. 

Marshall, James, teacher, 3 Albany place, house, 43 Dalhousie street. 

Marshall, James, coal agent, 20 Gordon street. 

Marshall, James, tea merchant and general grocer, 176 Gallowgate. 

Marshall, J. & A., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 163 Ingram street. 

Marshall, James & Robert, Stem-head tavern, 216 Broomielaw. 

Marshall, James, spirit dealer, 38 High street. 

Marshall, James, glass and china warehouse, 12 Jamaica street, house, 4 Terrace st< 

Marshall, John, of Marshall, Hill, and Hill, house, 113 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Marshall, John, baker, 57 Saltinarket street. 

Marshall, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 116 Dale street. 

Marshall, John, lime merchant, Port-Eglinton, house, 151 Eglinton street. 

Marshall, John, of Chapelton, 2 Kingston place. 

Marshall, John, spirit dealer, 79 Bridgegate street. 

Marshall, John, spirit dealer, 158 Holme street. 

Marshall & Moyes, straw-hat makers and milliners, 12 Queen arcade. 

Marshall, Peter, at J. Donaldson $ Son's, house, 141 George street. 

Marshall, Reid, & Co., thread manufacturers, 5 Maxwell street. 

Marshall, Robert, stay manufacturer, 28 Saltmarket street. 

Marshall, Robert, lithographic writer, 31 Argyll street. 

Marshall, Robert, grocer and victualler, 99 High street. 

Marshall, Robert, victualler and grocer, 109 New City road. 

Marshall, R. M., shipbroker, 65 Jamaica street, house, Hydepark place. 

Marshall, Robert, 13 Hope street. 

Marshall, Thomas, M.D., 158 George street. 

Marshall, Thomas, jun., of David Marshall $ Co., Belize villa, Prestwick, Ayrshire. 

Marshall, William, of David Marshall cf Co., house, 17 Monteith row. 

Marshall, William, of Marshall, Reid, <f- Co., house, 36 Cavendish street. 

Marshall, William, 44 George square. 

Marshall, Miss, lodgings, 5 South Hanover street. 

MARTIN, Alexander, gunmaker and fishing-rod and tackle manufacturer, 18 and 
20 Exchange square. 

Martin, Bryce, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 62 Balmoral place, St. George's road, 
works, 38 St. George's road. 

Martin, David, of Cochran, Martin, $ Co., house, 174 Sauchiehall street. 

Martin, George, civil engineer, 107 Hope street, house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road. 

Martin & Gourlie, fleshers, 57 Bell street. 

Martin, Henry, spirit dealer, 5 King street. 

Martin, Henry, preserver of birds and quadrupeds, 24j Buchanan street. 

Martin, James, confectioner, 144 Trongate, house, 11 Hopetoun place. 

Martin, James, carver, gilder, and printseller, 61 Union street. 

Martin, James, painter and glazier, 90i Great Hamilton street. 

Martin, James, surveyor of tonnages, 14 Robertson street, house, 16 do. 

Martin, James, 5 North Coburg street. 

Martin, John, mason and builder, 67 Cadogan street. 

Martin, John, lime merchant, 9 Oswald street, house, 47 Renfrew street. 

Martin, John, tailor and clothier, 43 Argyll street. 

Martin, Peter, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 38 Argyll street, house, 129 
Walmer place, Hospital street. 

Martin, Robert, fish-curer, 31 St. Enoch's wynd and 44 Maxwell street. 

Martin, Robert, provision merchant, 60 Weaver street. 

Martin & Stevenson, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 161 North Portland street. 

Martin, Thomas, bookbinder and pocket-book maker, 3 Turner's court, 87 Argyll st. 

Martin, Thomas, filemaker, 8 Pitt street, house, 412 Argyll street. 


Martin, Turner, & Co., merchants, 28 St. Vincent place. 

Martin, William, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 70 Surrey place. 

Martin, William, mechanical engineer, 96 Cambridge street. 

Martin, William & John, & Co., commission merchants, 32 George square. 

Martin, W. & J., boot and shoemakers, 37 and 39 Gallowgate. 

Martin, William, of W. Martin § Co., house, Maule terrace, Partick. 

Martin, William, & Co., manufacturers, 104 Virginia place. 

Martin, William, printseller, and carver and gilder, 88 West George street. 

Martin, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 75 New vennel. 

Martin, Mrs. Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Martin, Mrs. Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 9 and 11 Bell street. 

MASON, Archd., spirit merchant, 61 Ingram street, house, High John street. 

Mason, George, spirit dealer, 74 Broomielaw. 

Mason, James, provision merchant and ham-curer, 66 Candleriggs, house, 90 Bell st. 

Mason, John, & Sons, glass and china merchants, 16 Jail square. 

Mason, Robert, at Muir, Brown, § Co.'s, house, 115 North Montrose street. 

Mason, Thomas, manufacturer, 77 Brunswick street, house, 128 North John street. 

MASSIE, Mrs., 12 Tarbert street. 

MASSON, Sons, & Co., merchants, 22 Renfield street. 

MATHER, Alexander, flesher, 123 Campbell street, and 27 Maxwell street. 

Mathers, Alexander, accountant, Clydesdale Banking Co., house, 6 North Apsley 

place, Great Western road. 
Mather, Allan, hairdresser, 88 Glassford street. 
Mathers, John, cattle dealer, 16 Adelphi street, Hutchesontown. 
Mathers, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 68 M'Alpine street. 
Mathers, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Cheapside street. 
Mather, John, of Mather, Peace, fy Co.'s, house, 53 North Hanover street. 
Mather, Rev. P., Christian News office, 142 Trongate. 
Mather, Peace, & Co., railway agents and commission merchants, office, Edinburgh 

and Glasgow Railway, 8 North Queen street. 
Mather, Mrs. Adam, flesher, 35 Oxford street. 
MATHEWS, George, wine and spirit merchant, 174 Hope street. 
Matthews, Patrick, rag merchant, 210 Broomielaw street, house, 220 do. 
MATHIE, John, baker, 38 Eglinton street. 
Mathie, John, grocer and fruiterer, 7 Buchanan street, house, 18 Pollock street, 

Paisley road. 
Mathie, John, sheriff-officer and justice of peace constable, 43 Miller street. 
Mathie, Robert, clothier and coal agent, 63 George street. 
Mathie, Robert, victualler, 63 High street, and 28 Little street, Calton. 
MATHIESON, Alex., plane, brace, bit, auger, and edge-tool-maker, 24 Saracen's 

Mathieson, Daniel, Irish lime-works, 30 Moore street, Gallowgate. 
Matheson, George, of Wilson and Matheson, house, 39 Abbotsford place. 
Mathieson, James E., of James Ewing <.f Co., house, 19 Woodlands terrace. 
Mathieson, John A., merchant, 42 Hope street, house, 160 Stafford place, New City 

Matheson, John, jun., of William Stirling and Sons, house, 63 Abbotsford place. 
Mathieson, Kenneth, architect, 42 Hope street. 

Mathieson, Mrs. Kenneth, lime merchant, Irish lime-works, 26 Chambers street. 
Mathieson, Neil, at C. Boyd and Son's, 99 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Mathieson, Peter, spirit dealer, 6 Great Dovehill. 
Mathison, William, writer, and agent for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 8 

Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street. 
MAVER, Robert, professor of music and piano-forte tuner, 408 Parliamentary road. 
Maver, William, confectioner, 309 High street. 
Mavor, John, teacher of English, 57 Old wynd. 
MAXWELL, Charles, spirit dealer, 10 Charlotte lane. 
Maxwell, Clerk, & Co., merchants and corn factors, 28 Hope street. 
Maxwell, Edward G., collector of police assessments, 4 Police lane. 
Maxwell, Francis, of Oliphant, Maxwell, and Steven, house, 223 West George street. 
Maxwell, Henry, of John Brown § Co., house, 23 Kinning place. 
Maxwell, John, saddler and harness-maker, 23 Argyll street, house, 1 North Ure 

place, Rottenrow. 


Maxwell, James, wine and spirit merchant, 62 Glassford street. 

Maxwell, John, tobacco manufacturer, 72 Main street, Anderston. 

Maxwell, John, spirit dealer, 3 Little Hamilton street. 

Maxwell, Sir John, Bart., Polloc Parcels left at 28 Hutcheson street. 

Maxwell, R. G., surgeon, 57 Renfield street. 

Maxwell & Smith, wrights, glaziers, and funeral undertakers, 63 North Frederick st. 

Maxwell, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Wallace court, Bell street. 

Maxwell, Thomas, of Maxwell, Clerk, <ff Co., house, 23 Woodside place. 

Maxwell, Walter, spirit dealer, 26 Forth street, Port-Dundas. 

Maxwell, William, pastry-baker, 71 Green street. 

Maxwell, Miss, milliner, 127 Argyll street. 

Maxwell, Miss, 1 Morrison street, Kingston. 

Maxwell, Mrs., 1 Melrose street, Queen's crescent. 

Maxwell, Mrs. Robert, 1 Morrison street, Kingston. 

Maxwell, Mrs. William, of Dargavel, 223 West George street. 

MAY, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 141 New City road. 

May, Henry, spirit dealer and coal agent, 97 George street. 

May, John, pawnbroker, 56 Bridge street. 

MAYNE, William, procurator and notary public, 24 Wilson street. 

MEADOWS, F. C, A.M., professor of the French, Italian, and Spanish languages, 

58 North Hanover street. 
Mechanics' Institution and Library, 57 and 61 North Hanover street. Curator, 

William Swanston, house, 20 Hill place, Stirling's road. 
Mechanics' Institution, 46 Canning street, Calton. A. Waddell, superintendent. 
Medical, Invalid, and General Life Insurance Office, 73 St. Vincent street. A. 

Reid, agent. 
MEEK, John, perfumer and haircutter, 47 St. Vincent street, house, Holmstead st. 
Meek, John, of Gordon and Meek, house, 138 Stirling's road. 

Meek, John, inspector, Barony Poor, 36 North Albion st., house, 138 Stirling's road. 
Meek, W. & R., tailors and clothiers, 91 Crown street. 
Meek, Miss, 58 West Regent street. 

MEESE, Noah, manager, Glasgow Iron Works, house, 10 Barony place. 
MEGGET & Russell, manufacturers, 12 Stirling square. 
Megget, Robert, of Megget cf" Russell, house, 29 Kent street. 
MEIGHAN, John, flesher, 133 High street. 
Meighan, John, letter-carrier, P. 0., house, 65 Crown street. 
MEIKLES, Aitken, & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen, 26 Glassford street, 

and 39 Hutcheson street. 
Meikle, David, skinner, tanner, glue and sizemaker, 62 Spoutmouth, and 33 Little 

Dovehill, house, 22 Charlotte street. 
Meikle, George, Victoria tavern, 11 and 13 West George street. 
Meikle, Robert, fish-dealer, 240 Buchanan street. 
Meikle, Thomas, of Meikles, Aitken, $ Co., house, 16 Ure place. 
Meikle, William, actuary, N. S. Savings Bank, house, 2 Grafton street. 
Meikle, William, bookseller, 79 Stockwell street. 
Meikle, William, glass merchant and glazier, 58 Great Clyde street, house, 25 

Coburg street. 
Meikle, Mrs., 155 Eglinton street. 

MEIKLEJOHN, David, boot and shoemaker, 25 Clyde street, Calton. 
Meiklejohn, John, chop and coffeehouse, 32 Argyll street, and Atheuasum buildings, 

Ingram street. 
MEIKLEM, Rev. James, A.M., of Brownfield Church, house, 117 West Campbell st. 
Meiklem, John, tea and coffee merchant, 180 Argyll street, and 1 Union st., house, 

117 West Campbell street. 
Meiklem, Walter, contractor, 3 St. Nicholas place, Kirk street. 
MEIKLEHAM, Edward, civil engineer, 5 West Regent street. 
MEIN, Alexander, of Mein and Cunningham, house, 5 Holland place. 
Mein, Andrew, & Co., coach proprietors, 84 Trongate, house, 18 North Albion street. 
Mein & Cunningham, accountants and sharebrokers, 29 St. Vincent place. 
MELLON, Edward, broker, 70 Kirk street, Calton. 
MELLOR, George, china gilder and enameller, 183 Garngadhill. Letters left at 

152 Castle street. 
MELROSE, Samuel, provision merchant, 25 and 27 Oxford street. 


Melrose, T., grocer and spirit dealer, 76 Canon street. 

MELVILLE, Alex., commission merchant, Exchange buildings, area, north side. 

Melville, Francis, piano-forte maker and tuner, 230 Argyll street. Orders left at 6 
Buchanan street. 

Melville, James, tavern keeper, Red Lion hotel, 72 Great Clyde street. 

Melville, Robert H., plain and fancy stationer and account-book maker, 6 Buchanan 

Melville, R. H., & Co., envelope manufacturers, 263 Argyll street, warehouse, 6 
Buchanan street. 

Melville, William, spirit dealer, 52 Broomielaw. 

Melville, Mrs., spirit dealer, 41 Crown street. 

MELVIN, A., at C. Boyd $ Son's, 2 North Clyde street, Anderston. 

Melvin, Andrew, at J. Mitchell # Co.'s, house, 49 Cadogan street. 

Melvin, Brothers, wholesale hatters and general warehousemen, 27 Wilson street. 

Melvin, D., & Co., agents for the British Plate Glass Company of Ravenhead, 57 
Buchanan street. 

Melvin, James, spirit dealer, 4 Brown street, Anderston. 

Melvin, Thomas, & Co., smiths, machine-makers, gasfitters, and bellhangers, 12 
Melville lane. 

MENON, Miss, 69 Montrose street. 

MENZIES, A., wine and spirit merchant, 51 Wilson street, house, 42 North Frede- 
rick street. 

Menzies, Alexander, dairyman, 18 Renfrew street. 

Menzies, Andrew, of Mitchell <§■ Menzies, residence, 2 Monteith row. 

Menzies, C, victualler, 120 Bridgegate street. 

Menzies, Rev. David, A.M., Free Martyrs' Church, 9 Hopetoun place, Stirling's rd. 

Menzies, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Clyde place. 

Menzies, Duncan, portioner, 16 Sauchiehall street. 

Menzies, Duncan, tobacconist, 299y Buchanan street. 

Menzies, James, Rainbow hotel and tavern, 6 Bridge street, and 3 Clyde place. 

Menzies, James, tailor, 170 Trongate. 

Menzies, James, spirit merchant, 27 Dundas street. 

Menzies, John, wine and spirit dealer, 46 Bedford street. 

Menzies, John, gardener, 1 Dalhousie place, New City road. 

Menzies, John, officer to the faculty of physicians and surgeons, 17 St. Enoch sq. 

Menzies, Peter Rae, surgeon, 4 Duke street, house, 182 Stirling's road. 

Menzies, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Dunlop street. 

Menzies, Robert, house and sign painter and paper-hanger, 38 and 40 John street. 

Menzies & Smith, wrights and builders, 157 Eglinton street. 

Menzies, William, of Menzies and Smith, house, 155 Eglinton street. 

Menzies, Mrs. Janet, provision merchant, 143 New City road. 

Menzies, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 166 West Regent street. 

Mercantile Life Assurance Association, Peter White, 20 Buchanan street, agent. 

MERCER, Andrew, solicitor and notary public, 140 George street. 

Mercer, Thomas, at William Dunn's, 62 George square. 

Mercer, William, at John Ferguson's, 1 National Bank buildings. 

Merchant's and Tradesman's Mutual Life Assurance Society, London. Geo. Ma- 
thews, agent, 32 St. Enoch square. 

Merchants' House, 70 Hutcheson street. Robert Buntine, collector. 

MERRILEES, Robert, at Alex. Cross and Son's, 17 Gallowgate. 

MERRY & Cunningham, iron and coal-masters, 105 St. Vincent street. 

Merry, James, of Merry and Cunningham, iron-master, 105 St. Vincent street, house, 
194 Athol place. 

Merry, Mrs., 120 Main's street. 

METCALFE, William, at R. Goodwin's, house-factor, house, 12 South St. Mungo st. 

Metcalf, Miss, 90 Buccleueh street. 

METHVEN, James, accountant, 69 St. Vincent street, house, 9 Gordon street. 

MICHIE & Nimmo, slaters, plumbers, glaziers, gas-fitters, and patent window- 
makers, 173 Great Hamilton street. 

Michie, Alex., hay dealer, 63 Brown street. 

MIDDLEMAS, Robert, teacher of English and geography, 120 West Campbell St. 

MIDDLETON, George, of W. Middleton # Co., house, 22 India street. 

Middleton, John, of W. Middleton cf Co., house, 212 St. Vincent street. 


Middleton, Lewis S., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 9 Cochran street. 

Middleton, Lewis S., of L. S. Middleton § Co., house, 1 Great Wellington street. 

Middleton, Matthew, & Co., painters and paper-hangers, 116 Union street. 

Middleton, William, & Co., merchants, 92 St. Vincent street. 

Middleton, William, of Wm. Middleton cf Co., house, 144 St. Vincent street. 

Middleton, Mrs., 88 North Hanover street. 

Mile-end Spinning Co., Robert Cummings, manager, house, 44 North Brook street. 

MILES, Rev. C. P., incumbent of St. Jude's Episcopal Chapel, house, 13 Sandyford 

Miles, George, at William Collins and Co.'s, house, 82 George street. 
MILL & Bun ten, plasterers, 41 Holmhead street. 
Mill, John, of Mill and Bunten, house, 66 Carrick street. 
MILLEN, Adam, & Co., manufacturers, 19 Cochran street. 
Millen, James, 53 Holmhead street. 

Milieu, John, teacher of English and geography, 48 George square, house, 53 Holm- 
head street. 
Millen, Thomas, of Thomas Millen § Co., house, 74 Taylor street. 
Millen, Thomas, tinsmith, gas-fitter, and bell-hanger, 37 George street, house, 18 

Taylor street. 
Millen, Thomas, & Co., coal merchants, Garnkirk Railway depot. Orders left at 101 

Mitchell street. 
MILLER, Alex., manufacturer, 5 Graham square. 
Miller, Alexander, baker, 138 Canning street, Calton. 
Miller, Alexander, sen., baker, 33 West Campbell street. 
Miller, Alexander, of Inglis and Wakefield. 
Miller, Alexander, Dumbarton parcel carrier, 177 Trongate. 

Miller, Alexander, of Miller and Caldwell, house, 2 Melrose street, Queen's crescent. 
Miller, Alexander, of Byers and Miller, house, Govendale, Govan. 
Miller, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 104 Bridgegate. 

Miller, A. M'K., hat and cap manufacturer, 189 Trongate, house, 2 Monteith row. 
Millar, Andrew, & Co., muslin, gingham, and pullicate manufacturers, 111 Ingram 

street, west side of Union Bank. 
Millar, Andrew, of Andrew Millar ty Co., house, 5 Douglas street. 
Millar, A. M., of Mitchell, Millar, and Ogilvie. house, 303 St. Vincent street. 
Miller, Andrew, general woodmerchant, 88 Maxwell street, house, 12 Great Clyde 

Miller, A., & Co., grocers and victuallers, 19 Park lane, and 67 King street, Calton. 
Miller, Andrew, weaving utensil and shuttle-maker, 154 Stockwell street, house, 12 

Great Clyde street. 
Miller, Archibald, spirit dealer, 22 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Miller, Archibald G. K., spirit dealer, 17 Trongate, and 111 Bridgegate, and 6 Salt- 
Miller and Bannerman, joiners, trunk, and packing-box makers, 30 Gordon street. 
Miller, Bowman, baker and spirit dealer, 56 Stevenson street. 
Miller and Buchanan, lithographers, engravers, and ornamental printers, 21 Argyll 

Miller and Caldwell, drysalters, 12 Croy place, Maxwell street, chemical works, 

Miller, Charles A., merchant, 99 Union street. 
Miller, Charles, spirit dealer, 107 Gallowgate. 
Miller & Co., booksellers and stationers, 85 Ingram street. 
Miller & Co., tailors and clothiers, 27 Findlay street. 
Miller and Muirhead, victuallers, 158 High street. 

Miller, Daniel, & Co., coppersmiths and brassfounders, 13 Robertson street. 
Millar, David, & Co., wrights and builders, 53 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Millar, David, of David Millar $ Co., general superintendent of buildings, valuator, 

&c., house, 13 Eldon place. 
Miller, David P., of Wm. Miller and Sons, at Springfield works, Dalmarnock. 
Miller, David, de laine and shawl cloth manufacturer, 127 Brunswick street, house, 

104 Eglinton street. 
Miller, D., spiiit dealer, 9 Great Dovehill. 

Miller, David, jun., architect and civil engineer, 87 Union street, house, 1 Albert 
place, Kingston. 


Miller & Dunn, coopers, 115 Union street. 

Miller, Gavin, grocer and 3pirit dealer, 74 Hospital street. 

Miller, G., & Co., Dalmarnock Chemical Works, 89 Rumford street. 

Miller, George, of G. Miller fy Co., house, James street, Greenhead. 

Miller, George, of Gartcraig. Letters left at 91 High street. 

Miller, George, surgeon, 167 George street, house, 169 do. 

Miller, James, Anderston Print-works, North street, house, 30 William street, An- 

Miller, James, surgeon, 175 Buchanan street. 

Miller, James, teacher, of Miller 's school, 151 George street, house, 44 Taylor street. 
Miller, James, hairdresser, 102 Main street, Anderston. 
Miller, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 217 and 219 Argyll street. 
Miller, James, Provanmill. Letters left at R. Miller's, 94 Nelson street. 
Miller, James, boot and shoemaker, 11 Gallowgate, and 80 Great Hamilton street. 
Miller, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 68 Taylor street. 
Miller, James, upholsterer, cabinet-maker, and feather merchant, 130 and 131 Tron- 

Miller, James, of Muter and Miller, house and works, Milton, Dunglas, Dumbarton- 
Miller, James, of Robert Miller and Son, house, 15 South Apsley place. 
Miller, James, merchant, 49 Montrose street. 
Miller, James, superintendent of lamps, house, 7 Park place. 
Miller, James, M.D., 38 South Portland street, house, 94 do. 
Miller, James, at Crafts and SteWs, 158 Randolph terrace. 
Miller, James, warper and house factor, 59 Hutcheson street. 
Miller, James, cabinet and picture-frame maker, 52 Sauchiehall street. 
Miller, James, portrait-painter, 19 Cochran street. 

Miller, James, writer (late of George street, Glasgow), removed to Stirling. 
Miller, James, sheriff-officer, 122 Saltmarket street. 
Miller, James, joiner and builder, 281 Dobbie's loan. 
Miller, James, manager, Port-Dundas Pottery Co., house, 64 Bishop street, Port- 

Miller, James, confectioner, 4 Bell street. 
Miller, James, stay warehouse, 118 George street. 

Miller, James, and Co., rivet, screw, and bolt manufacturers, 170 Stobcross street. 
Miller, James, of James Miller Sf Co., house, Lancefield place, Broomielaw. 
Miller, James and Henry, tea dealers and general grocers, 309 Argyll street. 
Miller, James, Son, & Co., commission merchants and general yarn agents, 98 Miller 

Miller, John, letter-carrier, Post-office, house, 17 Hospital street. 
Miller, John, accountant and stockbroker, agent for the Experience Life Assurance, 

Scottish Union Fire Insurance, and the Standard Life Assurance, 71 Queen St., 

house, 6 Ure place, Montrose street. 
Miller, John, straw-hat and lace warehouse, 110 Argyll street. 
Miller, John, land agent, valuer, &c, Rutland crescent, Govan road. 
Miller, John, sen., merchant, 168 St. Vincent street, and Wellington factory, 

Miller, John, woollen and linen draper, 18, 20, 22, High street, house, 50 Charlotte 

Millar, John, victualler, 88 Crown street. 
Miller, John, cork manufacturer, 64 Maxwell street. 

Miller, John, collector of city poor-rates, 4 Police lane, South Albion street. 
Miller, John, commission agent, accountant, house-factor, and agent for the Kent 

Mutual Fire Insurance Society, and for the Engineers, Masonic, and Universal 

Mutual Life Insurance Society, 44 Gordon street. 
Miller, J., jun., merchant, 168 St. Vincent street. 
Miller, John, victualler, 201 Gallowgate. 

Miller, John, painter and paper-hanger, 1 South Portland street. 
Miller, John, A.M., teacher of St. Mungo School, house, 433 Duke street. 
Miller, John, spirit dealer, 42 Forth street. 
Miller, John, grocer, 67 Renfrew street. 
Miller, John, 49 Trongate. 
Miller, John F., 78 Hospital street. 


Miller, John, 8 Canning place, Stirling's road. 

Miller, John S., of William Miller anul Son, residence, Springfield House. 

Miller, John, of Hamilton and Miller, house, 119 Rottenrow. 

Miller, John, furnishing shop, 95 Maitland street, Port-Dundas. 

Miller, John, wholesale and retail grocer and tea merchant, 6 King street. 

Millar & M'Lachlan, wrights and builders, 53 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Millar, Leander, of Millar and Lyon, 58 Taylor street. 

Millar & Lyon, lace and sewed muslin warehouse, 38 'Queen street. 

Miller, Maxwell, of James Wyllie $ Co.'s, 9 Ann street. 

Miller & Paterson, commission merchants, 104 Hutcheson street. 

Miller & Pearce, plumbers and coppersmiths, 8 and 12 Carrick street. 

Miller, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 81 Stirling's road, house, 30 Taylor St. 

Miller, Peter, hosier and glover, 250 Argyll street. 

Miller, Richard T., of Richard T. Miller cf- Co., house, 7 Ronald street. 

Miller, Richard T., & Co., commission merchants, 25 Gordon street. 

Miller, Robert, Fingal tavern, 65 High street. 

Miller, Robert, of Miller and Buchanan, house, 1 1 Sauchiehall street. 

Miller, Robert, of Addie, Miller, and Rankin, house, 103 West Regent street. 

Miller, Robert, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 57 Gallowgate, house, 42 St. 

Andrew square. 
Miller, Robert, & Son, wrights, cabinet, trunk, and packing-box makers, 29 Stirling- 
street, and 94 Nelson street. 
Miller, Robert, of Robert Miller cj- Son, house, Maule terrace, Partick. 
Miller, Robert, of J. and T. Tassie, house, 52 Glassford street. 
Miller, Robert, hosier, 55 West Nile street. 

Miller, Robert, baker, Willowbank, 66 and 68 Stewart street, Cowcaddens. 
Miller, Robert, victualler, 5 Stevenson street. 
Miller, Robert, letter-carrier, Post-office, house, 46 Crown street. 
Miller, Rev. Samuel, D.D., of Free St. Matthew's, 12 Albany place. 
Miller, Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 8 Portugal street. 
Miller, Stephen, spirit merchant, 141 Cambridge street. 
Miller, Thomas, at W. Dunn's, 62 George square. 
Miller, Thomas, Maryland quarry, house, 303 St. Vincent street. 
Miller, Thomas, wright, 35 Cadogan street. 
Miller, Thomas, beadle and agent, 65 Norfolk street. 
Miller, William, victualler, 183 Castle street. 

Miller, William, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and smiths, 15 Buchau street, Gorbals. 
Miller, William, victualler and grocer, 118 Garscube road. 

Miller, William P., of William Miller and Sons, at Springfield works, Dalmarnock. 
Miller, William, of William Miller <f Co., house, 176 Victoria place, Upper Crown st. 
Miller, William, of Skene, Miller, $ Co., house, 158 Castlemilk place. 
Miller, William, & Sons, turkey-red dyers and calico printers, 27 South Frederick 

street, works, Springfield, Dalmarnock. 
Miller, William, cotton-yarn, wool, and worsted shop, 135 Gallowgate. 

Miller, William, boot and shoemaker, 27 Centre street. 

Miller, William, commission agent, 16 St. Enoch square, house, Windybank, Port- 

Miller, William, shoemaker, 6 John street, Bridgeton. 

Miller, William, of A. Orr, Ewing, $ Co., house, Shawlands. 

Miller, William, Commercial inn, 47 Clyde place. 

Miller, William, woollen and linen-draper, 26 High street, house, 12 Trongate. 

Miller, Miss, dressmaker, 122 Sauchiehall street. 

Miller, Miss Jane, provision merchant, 30 Candleriggs. 

Miller, Miss, furnishing shop, 135 High street. 

Miller, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 5 Wellington arcade. 

Miller, Misses, 256 Brandon place, West George street. 

Miller, Misses, 60 Renfrew street. 

Miller, Mrs. Adam, lodgings, 55 Renfrew street. 

Miller, Mrs., boarding and day-school, 8 Woodside crescent. 

Miller, Mrs. D., spirit dealer, 9 Great Dovehill. 

Miller, Mrs., spirit dealer, 125 Duke street. 

Miller, Mrs. George, 148 Renfrew street. 

Miller, Mrs. Daniel, spirit dealer, 20 Rope-work lane. 


Millar's Charity School for Girls, 151 George street. 

MILLIGEN, John, ship and commission agent, 65 Jamaica street, house, 79 Water- 
loo street. 

Milligan, Misses, & Mooney, milliners and dressmakers, 3 Germiston street. 

Milligan, Mrs. Robert, baker, 109 Canning street. 

MILLIKEN, J. B., of Gordon, Milliken, $ Co., house, 432 Parliamentary road. 

Milliken, James, house-factor, 35 Miller street, house, 4 Wemyss place. 

MILLS, George, editor of the Glasgow Advertiser and Railway and Shipping Journal, 
21 Argyll street, house, 6 Holland place. 

Mills, James, wine and spirit dealer, 131 George street. 

Mills, John S., & Co,, merchants, 98 West George street. 

Mills, John S., of John 8. Mills $ Co., 7 Woodside terrace. 

Mills, Patrick James, of Edgar cf- Mills, house, 7 Woodside terrace. 

Mills, Thomas, general grocer and wine merchant, 1 Kinning place. 

Mills, William, merchant, 98 West George street, house, 7 Woodside terrace. 

Mills, William, slater, 29 Normal place, Garscube road, yards, 11 New City road 
and 75 High street. 

MILNE, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 60 Union street. 

Milne, Alexander, 67 West Nile stieet. 

Milne, Alexander, victualler and grocer, 742 Gallowgate. 

Milne, Alexander, dealer in mechanics' tools, 26 Main street, Anderston. 

Milne, George, Aberdeen Insurance Office, 111 St. Vincent street. 

Milne, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 62 Marlborough street. 

Milne & Harley, milliner, straw-hat, and dressmakers, 168 Hope street. 

Milne, James, of 'Stoffel, Milne, fy Co., house, 13 Columbia place. 

Mylne, James, portmanteau, trunk, and travelling-bag manufacturer, 21 Bu- 
chanan street. 

Milne, J. & W. S., wholesale stationers, rope and twine manufacturers, and general 
commercial agents, 24 Stockwell street. 

Milue, William, & Co., merchants, 33 Virginia street. 

Milne, William, jun., of William Milne $ Co. 

Milne, William, spirit dealer, 16 Canning street. 

Milne, William, spirit dealer, 3 Love loan. 

Milne, William, spirit dealer, 70 Main street, Anderston. 

Milne, Mrs. George, lodgings, 68 Bath street. 

MILROY, James, clothier, 17 Jail square. 

Milroy & Rodie, tea merchants, 48 Hutcheson street. 

Milroy, William, of Milroy $ Rodie, house, 30 Rose street, Gamethill. 

Milroy, Mrs., 47 Renfrew street. 

Milton Printfield, warehouse, 111 Ingram street. 

MINNOCH, W. H., Glassford street. 

MINTO, David, coffee-roaster and sugar-pounder, and general grinder, 27 and 29 
M'Pherson street, off High street, house, 30 King street. 

Minto, J., painter and paper-hanger, 73 Union street, house, Bain's place, 23 Ren- 
field street. 

MIRRLEES, James B., of3P0nie cj- Mirrlees, house, 12 Rutland crescent. 

Mirrlees, Robert, organ-builder, 23 Cochran street. 

Mirrlees, William, & Co., saddlers, 97 Buchanan street. 

Mirrlees, W., jun., of W. Mirrlees S; Co., house, 12 Fitzroy place. 

Mirrlees, William, 336 Sauchiehall street. 

MITCHELL, Alexander, currier and wholesale leather merchant, 57 Stockwell street, 
house, 56 Charlotte street. 

Mitchell, Alex., Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., house, 13 Elmbank place. 

Mitchell, A., M.D. 12 Falkland place. 

Mitchell, Alexander, clockmaker, 43 Argyll street, house, 102 North Frederick St. 

Mitchell, Alexander, Ibroxholm, Paisley road. 

Mitchell, Alexander M., of Mitchell, Miller, and Ogilvie, house, 43 Buccleuch street. 

Mitchell, Alexander, of Edmiston and Mitchell, house, 5 Melrose street, Great West- 
ern road. 

Mitchell, Alexander, road surveyor, Greeidaw Cottage, Partick. 

Mitchell, Allanlice, & Mitchell, writers, 36 Miller street. 

Mitchell, Andrew, of Mitchell, Allardice, and Mitchell, house, 4 Blytbswood place. 

Mitchell, Archibald, wine and spirit dealer, 53 Bell street. 


Mitchell, A. 0., of Mitchell, Allardice, and Mitchell, house, 4 Blythswood place. 

Mitchell, Arthur," M.D., 92 Sauchiehall street. 

Mitchell, Rev. David, of Free St. Luke's, 33 Monteith row. 

Mitchell, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer, 70 Maitland street. 

Mitchell, George, of MacLeroy, Hamilton, <$• Co., house, 20 Monteith row. 

Mitchell and Campbell, accountants and insurance agents for the National Fire and 

Life Insurance Co. of Scotland, and the Liverpool and London Fire and Life 

Insurance Co., 116 St. Vincent street. 
Mitchell, James, & Co., engravers, printers, and lithographers, 45 Argyll arcade. 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell, Allardice, and Mitchell, house, Glenarback, near Old 

Mitchell, James, sheriff-officer and constable, and account collector, 21 Stockweil 

Mitchell, James, painter and paper-hanger, 27 King street. 
Mitchell, James, slater, 132 Sauchiehall street. 
Mitchell, James, spirit dealer, 289 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell and Wallace, house, 6 Annfield place. 
Mitchell, John, tobacconist, 268 Gallowgate, house, 4 Bellgrove. 
Mitchell, John, hosier and glover, 96 Bell street. 

Mitchell, John, & Co., distillers, Anderston distillery, 58 Bishop street, Anderston. 
Mitchell, John & James, general grocers, 31 King street, house, 30 do. 
Mitchell, John, & Co., cork manufacturers, 80 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Mitchell, John, merchant and ship-owner, 18 East Clyde street, house, Oatlands. 
Mitchell, John, & Son, cork merchants and manufacturers, 18 East Clyde street. 
Mitchell, John, jun., Ottoman and Portuguese vice-consul, 18 East Clyde street, 

house, Oatlands. 
Mitchell, John, grocer, 90 Stevenson street, Calton. 
Mitchell, John, teacher (assistant), High school. 
Mitchell, John, merchant, house, 37 Turner's court. 
Mitchell, John, at John Buchanan cf Go's, house, Cessnock road, Govan. 
Mitchell, John, commission agent, 61 St. George's road. 

Mitchell, J. & W., watchmakers, jewellers, and goldsmiths, 119 Buchanan street. 
Mitchell and Menzies, funeral undertakers, carriage and post-horse hirers, livery 

stable keepers, and proprietors of the city omnibuses, 10 Argyll street, and 119 

London street; stables, Black Bull, Virginia street; horse repository, London St.; 

omnibus stables, Risk street, Calton. 
Mitchell, Moncrieff, of Wylie and Mitchell, house, 43 Buccleuch street, Garnethill. 
Mitchell, Richard, of R. $ P. Mitchell, house, 24 Monteith row. 
Mitchell, Millar, & Ogilvie, merchants, 24 Queen street. 
Mitchell, Nelson, ofS. Mitchell and Son, house, 22 Canning place. 
Mitchell, Patrick, of R. and P. Mitchell, house 24 Monteith row. 
Mitchell, Robert, bookbinder and fancy paper-box maker, 17 Virginia street. 
Mitchell, Robert, 15 Renfrew street. 

Mitchell, Robert, smith and farrier, 26 and 28 Carrick street. 
Mitchell, Robert A., writer, 21 St. Vincent place. 
Mitchell, R. and A., zebra dress manufacturers, 2 Royal Exchange court, 85 Queen 

Mitchell, R. and P., cotton-spinners, mill, 5 James street, Greenhead. 
Mitchell, Stephen, & Son, tobacconists, 52 St. Andrew square. 
Mitchell, Thomas, merchant, 35 Kingston place. 
Mitchell, Thomas, of Mitchell and Menzies, house, 80 Canning street. 
Mitchell and Wallace, engineers and iron-founders, Camlachie Foundry, Gallowgate. 
Mitchell, W. and A., wholesale and retail grocers and tobacconists, 40 Trongate. 
Mitchell, William, hide and leather merchant, 13 Dixon street, works and house, St. 

Mitchell, William, agent, 61 Waterloo street. 
Mitchell, William, tobacconist, 17 Norfolk street. 

Mitchell, W. and J., wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 242 Argyll st., and 10 Hope St. 
Mitchell, William, tobacconist, 66 Nelson street. 
Mitchell, William G., & Co., merchants, 76 Virginia street. 
Mitchell, William W., of MacLeroy, Hamilton, <f Co., house, 159 Eglinton street. 
Mitchell and Wilson, wholesale tobacconists, 43 Wellington court, Argyll street. 
Mitchell, M. S., milliner and dressmaker, 114 West Nile street. 


Mitchell, Mrs. Andrew, baker, 55 Main street, Calton. 

Mitchell, Mrs., Lynedoch place. 

Mitchell, Mrs., 190 Athol place, Bath street. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Alexander, 5 Melrose street. 

Mitchell, Mrs., lodgings, 21 College street. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Colin G., 15 West Prince's street. 

Mitchell, Mrs. David, gardener, 259 George street, house, Haghill. 

Mitchell, Mrs. William, 186 Sauchiehall street. 

MITCHISON & Co., music sellers to her Majesty, piano-forte tuners and repairers, 

112 Buchanan street. 
Mitre General Life Assurance Annuity and Endowment Office, 12 Wellington street. 

William Bisset, agent. 
MOCHRIE, Mrs., furnishings, 37 Kirk street, Townhead. 
MOFFAT, Adam, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street. 
Moffat, Charles, wright and glazier, 111 West Nile street. 
Moffat, James, jun., of Buchanan, Aiiken, cf" Co., house, 18 Abbotsford place. 
Moffat, John, manager, Victoria Baths, 106 West Nile street, house, 153 do. 
Moffat, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Moffat, William, surgeon, 75 Sauchiehall street. 

Moffat, William, tallow-chandler, 43 and 45 King street, works, 47 do. 
Moffat, William, grocer and victualler, 685 Gallowgate. 
Moffat, William Hall, & Sons, clog shoemakers, 27 King street, Calton. 
Moffat, Mrs. Alexander, victualler, 12 King street, house, 124 Trongate. 
MOIR, James, wholesale and retail tea merchant, 174 Gallowgate. 
Moir, James, plane-maker, 95 Argyll street, house, 75 do. 
Moir, John, wine and spirit merchant, 54 George street, and 8 Clyde place. 
Moir, William, of Perston, Moir, § Co., house, 15 Greenlaw place, Paislej" road. 
MOLLISON, William, sen., dyer, 24 Dalhousie street. 
Mollison, William, jun., of Brand and Mollison, house, 172 Hope street. 
Mollison, William, of Brand and Mollison, Dalhousie street, Garnethill. 
MONCRIEFF, Hugh, of Moncrieff, Paterson, and Forbes, house, 7 Lynedoch crescent. 
Moncrieff, Paterson, & Forbes, writers, 45 West George street. 
Moncrieff, James, jun., commission agent and drysalter, 43 Howard street, house, 10 

Richmond street. 
MONGALL, Andrew, druggist, 94 Main street, Gorbals, house, 57 South Portland 

Monkxand Iron and Steel Co., manufacturers of pig and bar-iron, 33 West George 

Monkland Railway Company's Office, 37 West George street. 
MONSLEY & Co., wine shippers, Cadiz. J. B. Sherriff, agent, 9 Virginia street. 
MONTEITH, Adam, writer, and agent for the Palladium Life Assurance Society, 

73 St. Vincent street, house, 3 Greenvale place, Woodlands road. 
Monteith, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 4 and 6 M'Pherson street. 
Monteath & Black, writers, 46 West George street. 
Monteith, Henry, & Co., bandana and yarn warehouse, 11 George square, and 132 

Queen street ; printing and dye works, Rutherglen bridge, and Blantyre. 
Monteath, James, & Son, bootmakers, 28 Bridge street, house, 30 do. 
Monteath, James, of Monteath <$■ Black, clerk to the subdivision of the lieutenancy, 

46 West George street, house, 1 Windsor place, 83 Sauchiehall street. 
Monteith, J., wine and spirit merchant, 387 Argyll street, house, 391 do. 
Monteith, John, writer, 32 Exchange square, house, Westbank, Renfrew road. 
Monteith, John, & Co., calico-printers, 51 Buchanan street. 
Monteith, Peter, of J. Monteith <f Son, 30 Bridge street. 

Monteith, William, & Co., animal charcoal manufacturers, 406 Dobbie's loan. 
Monteith, William, of William Monteith <f Co., house, 88 North Hanover street. 
Monteith, William, grocer, 43 King street, Tradeston. 
Monteith, Mrs. William, furnishings, 44 Green street, Calton. 

MONTFLEURY, Alexander de, merchant, 98 Miller street, house, 150 Holland st. 
MONTGOMERY, Adam, window and door-plate manufacturer and engraver, 50 

Oswald street, Bridgeton. 
Montgomery, Archd., M.D., surgeon, 10 Saltmarket street, house, 82 London street. 
Montgomerie & Fleming, writers, 62 Miller street. 
Montgomerie, John, cowfeeder, 10 Macfarlane street. 


Montgomerie, John, wine and spirit dealer, 60 Wallace street, Tradeston. 
Montgomerie, John, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 61 Oswald street, works, Port- 

Montgomery, J. T., watchmaker and goldsmith, 1 Crown street. 
Montgomerie, M., of Montgomerie $ Fleming, residence, Kelvinside house. 
Montgomery, Peter, warehouseman, 106 North Frederick street. 
Montgomery; R. & J., spirit dealers, 46 Maxwell street. 
Montgomery, Robert, warper, ,2 North Albion court. 
Montgomery, Robert, spiri^deal^r, 46 Maxwell street. 
Montgomery, William, dairyman, 107 High John street. 
Montgomery, Mrs. J., stay manufacturer, 196. Rottenrow. 
Montgomery, Mrs., lodgings, 44 George street. 
MOODY,' Andrew, agent and broker, licensed to sell by auction,19 Royal Exchange 

square, "hous£, 9 West Regent street. 
Moody & Maclure, ws&ere «nd agents for. the Caledonian Insurance Company, 26 

Gordon street. V • 

Moody, Robert, writer, of Moody and Maclure, house, 146 Renfrew, street. •> 
MOONEY, David, M.D., surgeon, 14 Great Clyde street. .„ 
Mooney, James, M.D., surgeon, eT^Main street, Gorbals, house, 5 Malta street. 
MOORE, A., coal agent, 130 Hospital street. . 

Moore, E., spirit dealer, 23 Nelson street, Tradeston. < . . 
Moore, George, boot and shoemaker, .49 Queen street.' 

Moore, John, haircutter and perfumer, 108 Queen Street, house, ,62 George street. 
Moore, .John, smith, bell-hanger, and gasfitter, 66 Govan street, house, 92 Upper 

Crown street. '••"■- 

Moore, Ralph, manager, Dalmarnock Colliery. Letters left at George Wood's, 148 

Old Dalmarnock road. ... 

Moore, William, spirit dealer, 19 St. Ninian street. 
Moore, W. H., piano-forte and music seller, 65 Buchanan street, house, 122 South 

Portland street. 
Moore, Mrs., lodgings, 49 Clyde buildings. 

MORE, Alexander, & Son, engineers and millwrights, 33 Montrose street. 
More, James, & Co., iron merchants, 14 and 16 East Nile street. 
More, James, of J. Mofe cj 1 Co., house, 29 St. Andrew square. 
More, James, teacher, College open, house, 11 Wright street. 
~More, James, tinsmith and gasiitter, 468 Argyll street. 
More, John, teacher, College .open, High street, house, 11 Wright street. 
More, William, of A7 More <f Son, house, Sackville place, 136 Stirling's road. 
MORELAND, Adair, window glazier, 247 and 249 Argyll street, house, 10 Jamaica 

Moreland, Thomas, hairdresser, 3 Park lane. 
MORGAN, James, 71 Cowcaddens street. 
Morgan, Patrick, surgeon, 242 Main street, Bridgeton. 

MORIER, William, brush manufacturer, 145 Argyll street, house, 29 South Port- 
land street. 
MORIES, Munro, & Co., coke manufacturers and coal merchants, 15 Renfleld street, 

works, Port-Dundas. 
Mories, William, of Mories, Munro, § Co., house, Abbotsford place. 
MORRALL, Joseph, shoemaker, 48 Canon street. 

MORRIS & Cochran, shawl, dress, and pullicate manufacturers, 14 Garthland street. 
Morris, E. H., teacher, 1 South Portland street. 

Morris, Hugh, piano-forte maker, 1 Love loan, house, 35 West Russell street. 
Morris, James, ship agent, 83 Jamaica street. 
Morris, John, general dealer, 7 M'Alpine street. 
Morris, J. H., cooperage, 50 Robertson street. 

Morris, John, of M' Gill and Morris, house, 129 Renfrew street, Gamethill. 
Morris, William, of Morris and Cochran, 14 Garthland street. 
MORRISON, Alexander and James, writers, 40 St. Vincent place. 
Morrison, Alexander, drysalter, 36 Garscube place. 

Morrison, Alexander, of Robert Walker <§■ Co., house, 45 Robertson street. 
Morrison, Alexander (of Ballinakill), of Alexander and James Morrison, house, 125 

Hill street, Gamethill. 
Morrison, Alexander, at William Steel's, Gallowgate, lodging, 86 Hospital street. 


Morrison, Andrew, spirit dealer, 1 Brown street, Port-Dundas. 

Morrison, Andrew, grocer, victualler, and spirit dealer, 122 London road. 

Morrison, Andrew, & Co., commission agents, 62 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Morrison, Archd., pattern-drawer, print-cutter, and lithographer, 18 Hutcheson St. 

Morrison, Archibald, teacher of writing, 57 St. George's place. 

Morrison and Blair, clothiers and outfitters, 154 Argyll street. 

Morrison, Charles, baker, 290 Argyll street. 

Morrison, Charles, wright and funeral undertaker, U Greyfriars wynd, house, 27 

Balmanno street. ^ ^ ■' 

Morrison, Daniel, painter and paper-hanger, 54 Gordon 'street. 
Morrison, David, bookbinder and stationer, 100 Union street. 
Morrison, Duncan, jun., at Mackenzie, Morrison, cf- Co.'s, Prince's square, Buchanan 

Morrison, D. C, at Campbell § Co.'s, house, 26 Taylor street. 
Morrison, Duncan, & Son, commission merchants, 33 Buchanan street. 
Morrison, Duncan, of D. Morrison cf- Son, house, Elmwood, 1 York st., Little Govan. 
Morrison, George, writing-master and accountant, 315 Argyll .street. 
Morrison, George, & Co.., commission merchants, and worsted woollen yarn agents, 

62 Queen Street. 
Morrison,. Gfeorge, of-Ge&rge Morrison # Co., house, 52 Windsor terrace, St. George's 

road. ' fc , . -_ ' 
Morrison, James, at William Gilmour $ Co.'s, -house, 120 Renfrew street. 
Morjfson, James, baker, 444 Argyll street. 
Morrison, James, cowfeeder, Woodlands road. 

Morrison, James, of A, and J. Morrison, house, 125 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Morison, James George, of Morison, Lockett, <.f Co., house, 298 St. Vincent street. 
Morison, James L., of George Morison <f Co., house, 8 Florence place, Woodlands 

Morrison, James, wright and house factor, 16 Bishop street, Anderston, house, 8 do. 
Morrison, James, general grocer and tea dealer, 399 Gallowgate. 
Morrison, James, commission agent, 10 Abbotsford place. 
Morrison, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 92 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Morrison, James, lithographer and engraver, 124 Trongate. 

Morrison, John, manufacturer, 62 Brunswick street, house, Brierland Cottage, Govan. 
Morrison, John, cotton-waste and metal dealer, 4 Calton entry. 

Morrison, John, provision merchant, 67 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Morrison, John, spirit merchant, 98 Glebe street. 

Morrison, John, slater, and slate merchant, 48 London street, slate-yards, 148 
Broomielaw street, and 29 Spoutmouth. 

Morrison, John, bookseller, stationer, map-publisher, and librarian, 21 New Bridge 
street, house, 16 do. 

Morrison, John, of J. and J. Morrison, house, 7 Sommerville place. 

Morrison, John, jun., merchant, 62 Queen street. 

Morrison, John, Kildalton Distillery, Islay, counting-house, 35 Buchanan street. 

Morrison, John, Charlotte street. 

Morrison, John, & Son, pattern-drawers and print-cutters, 22 Pitt street, house, 16 
Douglas street. 

Morrison, John, spirit dealer, 30 South Coburg street. 

Morrison, John, auctioneer and valuator, 11 Virginia street, house, 16 Bridge street. 

Morrison, John, wine and spirit dealer, 18 Connaught street, Calton. 

Morrison, John, spirit dealer, 26 Main street, Gorbals. 

Morrison, Jos. and John, curriers and leather merchants, 51 Great Hamilton street. 

Morrison, John, of M^Kenzie and Morrison, house, Elmwood. 

Morrison, Joseph, of J. and J. Morrison, house, 7 Sommerville place. 

Morison, Lockett, & Co., merchants, 23 South Hanover street. 

Morrison, Nathaniel, saddler and harness-maker, 18 Jamaica street. 

Morrison, Peter, at D. M'Gregor $ Co.'s, 82 Miller street. 

Morrison, Richard N., secretary, Phonetic Society, 131 Argyll street. 

Morrison, Robert, staymaker, 34 St. Andrew's street. 

Morrison, R., bookseller and stationer, 21 Crown street, and 186 Gallowgate. 

Morrison, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 90 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Morison, Roderick, 3 South Apsley place. 

Morrison & Son, hatters, and army and navy uniform cap-makers, 131 Argyle st. 


Morrison, Thomas, provision dealer, 130 Garscube road. 

Morrison, Thomas, joiner and cabinet-maker, and picture-fraraer, 8 Sauchiehall st. 

Morrison, Walter, surgeon, 114 South Portland street. 

Morison, William, 135 Buchanan street, house, 18 Royal terrace. 

Morrison, William, & Co., merchants, Royal Exchange. 

Morrison, William, & Co., fishmongers, 71 Norfolk street. 

Morrison, William, baker, 193 Castle street, St. Rollox. 

Morrison, William, agent for Messrs. Reid <§ Co., London, 229 East George street. 

Morison, William, of W. Morison ti; Co., house, 18 Newton place. 

Morrison, William, of Morrison and Son, house, 44 South Portland street. 

Morrison, William & Alexander, ship and insurance brokers, 41 Oswald street. 

Morrison, William, victualler and grocer, 71 Main street, Anderston. 

Morrison, William, at C. D. Donald tf Sons', house, 65 Renfield street. 

Morrison, William, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 58 Cowcaddens street. 

Morison, William, 65 Jamaica street, house, 21 Apsley place. 

Morison, William C, stationer and quill merchant, 4 Dunlop street. 

Morrison, William, commission agent, 10 Abbotsford place. 

Morrison, William, tobacconist, 30 Main street, Anderston. 

Jlorrison, William, jun., writer, 40 St. Vincent place. 

Morrison, Miss Janet, furnishings and hosiery, 2 Norfolk street. 

Morrison, Miss M., furnishing shop, 55 Trongate. 

Morrison, Miss J., milliner and dressmaker, 44 Nelson street. 

Morrison, Mrs. Daniel, tavern keeper, 110 Broomielaw. 

Morrison, Mrs. William, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 260 Argyll street. 

MORSON, James, commission merchant, 8 John street, house, 52 Rose street, Gar- 

MORROW, John, spirit dealer, 92 Centre street, Tradeston. 
MORTON, Alexander, surgeon, 60 Crown street, house, 90 Hospital street. 
Morton, A. G. & D., soap and candle manufacturers, 12 Candleriggs street, works, 

Port-Dundas. . 
Morton, George, plumber and gas-fitter, 223 George street. 
Morton, Hugh, grocer, 53 Bridge street. 

Morton, Hugh, writer, 24 Gordon street, house, 107 North Douglas street. 
Morton, Hugh, & Co., dealer in printed fents, calicoes, &c, 105 Candleriggs street, 
Morton, James, M.D., surgeon, 59 Eglinton street. 
Morton, James, merchant, 3 Canning street, Calton. 
Morton, James, victualler, 51 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Morton, James, & Co., wholesale stationers, 56 Glassford street, and 73 Wilson st. 
Morton, James, pastry baker and confectioner, 190 Sauchiehall street- 
Morton, John, grocer and provision merchant, 55 and 57 Eglinton street. 
Morton, John, surveyor and collector, 35 Cleland street, and Gorbals Gravitation 

Water Co. 
Morton, Peter, tea and coffee merchant, 30 King street. 
Morton, Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Portugal street. 
Morton, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Clyde place, Tradeston. 
Morton, Robert, at R. Wilson <J- Co.'s, house, 18 Warwick street. 
Morton, Robert, spirit merchant, 14 Broomielaw street. 
Morton, Robert, jun., spirit merchant, 50 and 52 Bell street. 
Morton, William, carver, gilder, and printseller, 15 Royal Exchange square. 
Morton, Mrs. Agnes, milliner, 4 Queen arcade. 
MOSES, James, spirit dealer, 33 Dale street, Bridgeton. 
MOSS, Benjamin, merchant, 58 Virginia street, house, 53 Swing's place, York 

Mossend Iron Company, iron manufacturers and coal masters, 28 St. Enoch square. 
MOSSMAN, George, sculptor, 83 North Frederick street. 
Mossman, John, sculptor, 83 North Frederick street. 
Mossman, William, sculptor, 83 North Frederick street. 
MOUNT, James, clothier, 103 King street. 

Mount- Vernon Coal Company, coal masters, 89 St. Vincent street. 
MO WAT, John, haircutter, 3 Bell street. 
Mowat, John, wholesale tea merchant and general grocer, 91 Candleriggs, house, 41 

North Albion street. 
Mowat; William, flesher, 129 West Nile street. 


MUDIE, John & William, jun., accountants and shavebrokers, agents for the London 
Union Assurance Office, 126 Queen street. 

Mudie, John, of J. <£• W. Mudie, jun., house, 5 Florence place. 

Mudie, William, jun., of J. cf W. Mudie, jun., house, 5 Florence place. 

MUGGACH & Thomson, wood turners, 146 West Nile street. 

MUIR, Andrew, spirit dealer, 65 Mitchell street. 

Muir, Archibald, hosier and glover, 315 Sauchiehall street, house, 4 Wellington st. 

Muir & Armour, straw-bonnet, plait, and lace manufacturers, and importers of French 
flowers, millinery, &c, 25 Queen street. 

Muir, Brown, & Co., manufacturers and calico-printers, 19 West George St., works, 
Govan street, Hutchesontown, and North street, Anderston. 

Muirs, Connell, & Brodie, British and Foreign straw-hat and plait manufacturers and 
importers, 28 Royal Exchange square. 

Muir & Co,, wholesale clothiers, slop and shirt manufacturers, 38 Queen street. 

Muir, David, spirit dealer, 22 Clyde street, Calton. 

Muir, G. W., merchant, 20 Clyde terrace. 

Muir, J. & R., wrights and builders, 22 Taylor street. 

Muir, James, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, and paper-hanger, 40 Sauchiehall street, 
house, 93 Waterloo street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Muir, James, builder, 96 Centre street. 

Muir, James, lodgings, 4 York street. 

Muir, James, boot and shoemaker, 5 Oxford street. 

Muir, James, spirit dealer, 166 Canning street. 

Muir, James, of J. cf R. Muir, 88 North Hanover street. 

Muir, James, of Muir cf Armour, house, Violet grove, North Woodside road. 

Muir, James, of Muirs, Connell, cj- Brodie, house, Park grove, Paisley road. 

Muir, James, of Wright <f Muir, house, 94 Montrose street. 

Muir, James, wright, 401 Parliamentary road, house, 110 Holme street. 

Muir, James, Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Parcel Office, Springfield court, 58 
Buchanan street, house, 2 Albert place, Kingston. 

Muir, J., victualler, 121 Main street, Gorbals. ' 

Muir, John, surgeon, 72 Norfolk street. 

Muir, John, portioner, 96 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Muir, John, baker, 88 High street. 

Muir, John, victualler, 137 High street. 

Muir, John James, & Co., manufacturers, 132 Queen street. 

Muir, John James, of J. J. Muir § Co., 132 Queen street, house, Hamilton crescent, 

Muir, Rev. Dr. John, of St. James's Parish, 132 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Muir, John, & Co., merchants, 16 Springfield court, Queen street, and of No. 11 Pic- 
cadilly street, Manchester. 

Muir, John, of Muir, Brown, § Co., house, 198 St. Vincent street. 

Muir, John, of Muir § Co., house, 12 Ure place. 

Muir, John, of John Muir § Co. 

Muir, John, boot and shoemaker, 28 King street, Tradeston. 

Muir, John, teacher of music, 117 Hospital street. 

Muir, Malcom, & Co., saw and patent flooring mills, and veneer and scaleboard cut- 
ters, Commercial road, Hutchesontown, and Sawmillfield, Port-Dundas. 

Muir, Matthew A., Anderston Foundry, house, 96 Centre street. 

Muir, M. & J., clothiers and general warehousemen, 56 Trongate. 

Muir, Mathew, and Sons, Tradeston mills, 21 Clyde place and 4 Commerce street; 
flour warehouses, 52 Adelphi street, 132 High street, 199 Cowcaddens, 22 Clyde 
place, and 247 Gallowgate. 

Muir, Nathan, spirit dealer, Queen Mary's tavern, 166 London road. 

Muir, Robert S., of R. S. Muir <f- Co., house, 56 Agnew place, Garnethill. 

Muir, R. S., & Co. (late Muir # Co.}, wholesale clothiers, slop, and shirtmakers, 34 
Cochran street. 

Muir, Robert, & Co., letterpress printers, 4 Dunlop street. 

Muir, Thomas, of M. Muir ^ Co., house, 6 North Apsley place, Great Western road. 

Muir, Thomas, teacher, Western St. James's School, 8 East Clyde street. 

Muir, Thomas, bootmaker, 50 Glassford street. 

Muir, Thomas, jeweller, watch-case maker, and engine turner, 139 Trongate. 

Muir & Watt, accountants and factors, 118 Union street. 


Muir, William, collector of river and harbour dues, 14 Eobertson street. 

Muir, William, merchant, 86 West George street, house, 140 West Campbell street. 

Muir, William, 184 Buchanan street. 

Muir, William, of Muir, Brown, tf Co., house, 198 St. Vincent street. 

Muir, William, flesher, 22 Bedford street. 

Muir, W., & Co,, cotton-waste dealers, 27 Jackson street. 

Muir, William K., Glasgow and Ayr Bailway, 14 Bridge street. 

Muir, Miss, teacher of wax-flowers, 9 Columbia place. 

Muir, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 81 George street. 

Muir, Mrs. John, 198 St. Vincent street. 

Muir, Mrs. John, victualler, 121 Main street, Gorbals. 

Muir, Mrs., milliner, 21 Charlotte street. 

Muir, Mrs., 123 Hospital street. 

Muir, Mrs. Hugh, tavern-keeper, 66 Trongate. 

Muir, Mrs, eating-house, 13 Centre street, Tradeston. 

MUIEHEAD, Alexander, flesher, 91 Eottenrow. 

Muirhead, Alexander, surgeon, R.N., 103 Cumberland street, Laurieston. 

Muirhead, Andrew, currier, leather merchant, and belt-maker, 18 Saltmarket, and 37 

Trongate, house, 15 London street. 
Muirhead, Archd., grain merchant, 60 Oswald street. 

Muirhead & Arthur, watchmakers, goldsmiths, and jewellers, 80 Argyll street. 
Muirhead, Henry M., watchmaker, jeweller, and silversmith, 16 St. Enoch square. 
Muirhead, James, watch, chronometer, and clockmaker to her Majesty, goldsmith 

and jeweller, 90 Buchanan street, house, 26 Newton place. 
Muirhead, James, hide, bark, leather-factor, tanner, and currier, 23 Old wynd ; tan- 
yard, 62 Spoutmouth ; house, 12 Canning place, Stirling's road. 
Muirhead, James, of Muirhead and Pollock, house, Laurel bank, 147 St. George's 

Muirhead, John, hosier, 38 Candleriggs. 

Muirhead, John, ofT. and J. Muirhead, house, 176 Victoria place, Crown street. 
Muirhead, John W., of C. and R. Baird and Muirhead, house, 105 Hill street, Gar- 

Muirhead, Morgan, & Co., warehousemen, 4 Argyll street. 
Muirhead & Pollock, writers, 54 St. Vincent street. 
Muirhead, Robert, spirit dealer, 57 Havannah street. 
Muirhead, Robert, 18 Cadogan street. 

Muirhead, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 85 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Muirhead, P. & R., skinners, 90 Duke street. 
Muirhead, R., grocer, 123 King street. 
Muirhead, T. & J„ dyers, 37 Thistle street. 
Muirhead, Mrs., 79 Abbotsford place. 
Muirkiek Iron Co., 36 St. Vincent place. 

MULL, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 23 West Campbell street. 
MULHOLLAND, Thomas, furniture dealer, 74 and 106 London street. 
MULLEN, Capt. John, governor of prisons, 71 Duke street. 
Mullen, James, broker and victualler, 7 and 9 Jackson street. 
Mullen, James, victualler, 83 Main street, Gorbals. 
MUNGALL, Andrew, surgeon, 94 Main street, Gorbals, house, 57 South Portland 

Mungall, John, spirit dealer, 49 Gallowgate. 
MUNN, H. & W., calenderers and hot-pressers, 9 Cochran street, and 19 Montrose 

Munn, John, & Co., tobacconists, 41 High street. 
Munn, Mrs. John, 3 Sauchiehall street. 
MUNRO, Alexander, architect, 30 Eenfield street. 
Munro, Alexander, baker, 5 Clyde place, Tradeston. 
Munro, Archibald, spirit dealer, 21 East Clyde street. 

Munro, Archibald, commission agent, coal merchant, and ship-broker, 118 Union st. 
Munro B., commission merchant, 43 Buchanan street. 
Munro, D. & W., bakers, 90 Hope street. 
Munro, Daniel, of D. 4' W. Munro, house, 29 Waterloo street. 
Munro, Daniel, portrait-painter, 57 West Nile street. 
Munro, D. & J., grocers and victuallers, 47 George street. 


Munro, Duncan, teacher, Anderston Burgh School, Catherine street. 

Munro, Findlay, spirit dealer, 144 Stock-well street. 

Munro, G., engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 59 Trongate. 

Munro, George, wright, trunk and packing-box maker, 101 Holme street. 

Munro, H. H., secretary, Stock Exchange, 3 National Bank buildings, Queen street. 

Munro, James, victualler and grocer, 29 Castle street. 

Munro, James, house-factor, 29 Clyde place, Tradeston. 

Munro, James, grocer and letter- receiver, 132 Canning street, Calton. 

Munro, John, baker, 71 Jamaica street. 

Munro, John, & Co., merchants, 46 Gordon street. 

Munro, John, house-factor, at Macintosh and Cowan's, 65 St. Vincent street. 

Munro, John, tea dealer, 188 Holme street. 

Munroe, John, tailor, 7 Tennent street. 

Munro, Eobert, messenger-at-arms, 73 Hutcheson street. 

Munro, Richard, of Mories, Munro, tj' Co., house, 448 Argyll street, 

Munro, Mary, milliner and straw-hat maker, 67 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Munro, Mrs. Spens, 54 West Regent street. 

MUNSIE, George, & Co., cotten and woollen yarn warehouse, Virginia buildings. 

Munsie, Robert, Scottish Guardian office, 94 Miller street, house, 5 Florence place, 
Woodlands road. 

Munsie, William, teacher of English, 3 Albany place, house, 16 Royal terrace. 

MURCHIE, John, newsvender, stationer, and librarian, 98 Main street, Anderston. 

Murchie, William, hair-cloth and curled-hair manufacturer, 191 Argyll street, works, 
23 Soho street, house, 17 Park lane. 

MURDOCH, Aitken, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and founders, 36 East Hill st. 

Murdoch, Alexander, of Ritchie and Murdoch, 145 Ingram street. 

Murdoch, Andrew, provision merchant, 65 King street, Tradeston. 

Murdoch, Brothers, chemists and druggists, 78 Buchanan street and 143 Sauchie- 
hall street. 

Murdoch and Donald, iron merchants, 26 St. Enoch square. 

Murdoch, Duncan, at John Clark's, 140 Buchanan street, house, 412 Parliamentary 

Murdoch, George, of Murdoch, Brothers, house, 4 Falkland place. 

Murdoch, James, engineer, Hill Street Foundry, house, 6 Monteith row. 

Murdoch, James, shoemaker, 146 Port-Dundas road. 

Murdoch, James, spirit dealer, 39 Bedford street. 

Murdoch, James, of Wallace and Murdoch, house, 21 Roseland terrace. 

Murdoch, James, jun., writer, 33 Virginia street. 

Murdoch, John, of Steven, Blair, <f Co., house, 179 Hope street. 

Murdoch, John, teacher, 42 Montrose street. 

Murdoch, John S., master in the Government School of Design, house, 93 Pitt street. 

Murdoch, J. & R. J., auctioneers and valuators, 18 Buchanan street. 

Murdoch, Patrick, & Son, drapers, 56 Gallowgate, house, 18 St. Mungo street, Stir- 
ling's road. 

Murdoch, Rev. Dr., St. Mary's, 68 Abercromby street. 

Murdoch, Robert, road surveyor and collector for Barony Parish statute-labour, 3 
Royal Exchange court, house, Cranhill. 

Murdoch, Robert, grocer, 112 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Murdoch, Robert, of Murdoch and Donald, house, 6 Monteith row. 

Murdoch, Thomas, cowfeeder, 224 Castle street. 

Murdoch, Wm., fent dealer, 126 Canning street. 

Murdoch, Wm., spirit merchant, 116 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Murdoch, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 56 Hutcheson street. 

Murdoch, Wm., coal agent, 56 Hutcheson street. 

Murdoch, Miss M., milliner, straw-hat and dressmaker, 84 Sauchiehall street. 

Murdoch, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 39 Taylor street. 

Murdoch, Mrs., Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant, 36 and 38 Canon street. 

Murdoch, Mrs. Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Murdoch's School, 27 St. Andrew square. R. Walker, teacher. 

MURISON and Galbraith, insurance brokers, Royal Exchange. 

Murison, James, of Murison and Galbraith, house, 41 Union street. 

MURPHY, Archibald, & Co., pawnbrokers, 2 Tobago street, Calton. 

Murphy, James, harness pattern designer, 62 North Frederick street. 


Murphy, A. W., printeutter and lithographer, designer for sewed muslins, Hamilton 
lace, &c, 62 North Frederick street. 

Murphy, J. W., & Co., shawl-fringers, 80 and 82 Miller street. 

Murphy, E. and A., stair-railers, cabinet and chair-makers, 53 Montrose street. 

Murphy, Henry, pawnbroker, 25 East Clyde street, and 137 Bridgegate. 

Murphy, James, broker, 272 High street. 

Murphy, James, contractor and causewayer, 31 Main street, Gorbals. 

Murphy, John, pattern-designer, 50 North Hanover street, 

Murphy, Neil, harness pattern designer, 107 Buchanan street. 

Murphy, Thomas, loom pattern designer, 120 South Albion street. 

Murphy, Mrs., muslin and lace printing establishment, 107 Buchanan street. 

MURRAY, Alexander T., tailor and clothier, 11 Virginia street. 

Murray, Archibald, wright, 35 Miller street, house, 93 Campbell street. 

Murray & Couper, earthenware manufacturers, Caledonian pottery, Garngadhill. 

Murray, Charles H., inspector of inland revenue, 52 Virginia street, house, 23 Mon- 
teith row. 

Murray, D. A. B., of Reid and Murray, house, Kelvin terrace, Great Western road. 

Murray, Daniel, grocer, 149 Bridgegate. 

Murray, David, painter and paper-hanger, 181 Cowcaddens street. 

Murray, Donald, at W. Kidston and Son's, house, 22 Richmond street. 

Murray, Douglas, at J. H. Paterson tf Co.'s, house, 43 Holmhead street. 

Murray, George, builder, 12 Woodlands road. 

Murray, George, slater, 6 Park's court, Drygate. 

Murray, George, lime merchant, 38 Kirk street, Gorbals. 

Murray, George, flesher, 399 Argyll street, house, 430 do. 

Murray, George, flesher, 197 Sauchiehall street. 

Murray, Hugh, plasterer, 1 Muslin street, Bridgeton. 

Murray, Hugh, bricklayer, 6 East Campbell street. 

Murray, James, of ' Monkland Iron and Steel Co., house, 18 Woodside terrace. 
■^Murray, James, of Murray and Couper, house, 45 Garngadhill. 

Murray, James, brickbuilder, 37 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Murray, James, 5 Melrose street. 

Murray, James, 8 Argyll street. 

Murray, James, 103 Hospital street. 

Murray, James, tailor and clothier, 93 Glebe street. 

Murray, James, tailor and clothier, 285 Argyll street. 

Murray, John, agent for Scottish Widows' Fund, and Life Assurance Society, 30 

Royal Exchange square. 
Murray, John Bruce, commission agent, 9 Cochran street, and 13 Montrose street, 

house, Kelvin terrace, Great Western road. 
Murray, John, lace, sewed muslin, and hosiery establishment, 1 8 Argyll street. 
Murray, John, of Kirhwood and Murray, house, 64 Abbotsford place. 
Murray, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyll street, house, 100 North Fre- 
derick street. 
Murray, J. and G., manufacturers, silk and wool-fringers and embroiderers, &c, 16 

Brunswick lane. 
Murray, Lawrence, collector, 128 North John street. 
Murray, M., 120 Crown street. 
Murray, Rev. Matthew, 52 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Murray, Mungo, grocer, 68 King street, house, 35 St. Andrew street. 
Murray, Peter, spirit dealer, 16 Clyde street, Calton. 
Murray, Robert, spirit dealer, 28 Renfrew street. 
Murray, R., & Co., calenderers and packers, 109 Brunswick street. 
Murray, Robert, silk and woollen dyer, 189 Argyll street, and 160 Sauchiehall st. 
Murray, R. M., assessor of property and income taxes, 52 Virginia street. 
Murray, Stewart, curator, Botanic Gardens. Letters left at Austin and M'Aslan's, 

186 Trongate. 
Murray, Thomas, and Son, printers and time-table publishers, 16 St. Enoch square. 
Murray, Thomas, and Son, booksellers and stationers, 8 Argyll street. 
Murray, Thomas, of Thomas Murray and Son, house, 21 Canning place. 
Murray, Walter, flesher, 165 New City road. 

Murray, Walter, grocer and wine merchant, 47 George square, and 1 West George 


Murray, "Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, 47 Garngadhill. 

Murray, William, coal agent, 5 Douglas street. 

Murray, William, spirit dealer, 140 Duke street. 

Murray, William, of Monhland Iron and Steel Co., house, 182 Athol place, Bath St. 

Murray, William, wine and spirit dealer, 289 High street. 

Murray, William, rope and sail-maker, 5 Windmill croft, house, 33 Paterson street, 

Murray, William, carver and gilder to the Queen, 14 St. Enoch square. 
Murray, W., sen., pipemaker, Caledonian Pipe Works, 33 Garngadhill. 
Murray, William, jun., of Murray and Cooper, house, 137 Stirling's road. 
Murray, Misses, French staymakers, 54 West George street. 
Murray, Mrs., druggist, 390 Gallowgate. 
Murray, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 169 Buchanan street. 
Murray, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 1 Paterson street, Kingston. 
Murray, Mrs., Free St. John's School of Industry, 26 Moore street. 
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 333 Argyll street, house above. 
MURTY, Peter, wright and builder, 98 London street, house, 23 Soho street. 
MUSCHET, John, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, 34 St. Andrew square, 

house, do. 
Mushat, Richard, at Charles Tennant # Co.'s, 49 Cochran st. 
Mushet, William, boot and shoemaker, 35 James street, Calton. 
MUTER, Andrew, of Muter and Miller, house and works, Dunglass, Dumbartonshire. 
Muter, John D., surgeon, 118 Union street, house, 137 Renfrew street. 
Muter & Miller, calico-printers, 111 Ingram street. 
Muter, Thomas, writer, 140 Buchanan street. 
Mutter, W. & J., distillers, 38 Dunlop street. 
Mutter, William, of W. and J. Mutter, house, Grovepark. 
Muter, Mrs. Dr., Broompark, Duke street. 
MUTRIE, James, & Co., fancy silk manufacturers, agents and warehousemen, 

Buchanan street, house, 8 Abercromby place. 
Mutton Market, 86 King street. 
MYERS, Alexander, commission agent, 5 Royal Exchange place, house, 11 Kinning 

place, Paisley road. 
MYLES, John, 107 Buchanan street. 


NAIRN, Andrew, of Fleming, Watson, and Nairn, house, 22 Abbotsford place. 

Nairn, Archibald, wright, 16 Cochran street, house, 59 Renfield street. 

Nairn, Charles, & Co., grocers, 67 Dale street, Bridgeton. 

Nairn, David, smith, 62 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Nairn, John, & Son, joiners, trunk and packing-box makers, 16 Cochran street, and 

Hopetoun place, house, 18 Cochran street. 
Nairn, John, corn and flour miller, Washington Mills, 90 Washington street, house, 

96 do. 
NAISMITH, Alexander, hide and leather factor, 5 St. Andrew square, house, 8 Morris 

place, Monteith row. 
Naismith, Andrew, surgeon-dentist, 51 West Regent street. 
Naismith, Daniel, cheese and butter merchant, 71 Candleriggs. 
Naismith, James, general fruiterer, 325 Argyll street. 
Nesmith, James, marble cutter, 23 Wellington street. 
Naismith, J. C, secretary, Glasgow Commercial Exchange Co., house, 4 Windsor 

terrace, St. George's road. 
Naismith, John, haircutter, 21 Hutcheson street. 
Naismith, John, writer, 79 Abbotsford place. 
Naismith, Matthew, teacher, Burgh School, 64 Tobago street. 
Naismith, William, broker, 38 Kirk street, Townhead. 
NAPIER, Alexander, warehouseman, 49 South Albion street. 
Napier & Brown, grocers and provision merchants, 171 Sauchiehall street. 
Napier & Crichton, engineers, 47 Washington street. 
Napier, D., engineer and founder, house, 16 Whitevale. 
Napier, Dugald, contractor, 34 Jamaica street, and 6 Ann street. 
Napier, James, shipmaster, 96 Washington street. 



Napier, James, 47 Garnethill street. 

Napier, James R,, iron ship-builder, Lancefield House. 

Napier, John, Vulcan Foundry, house, 32 India street. 

Napier, John, grocer and provision merchant, 7 Cambridge street. 
Napier, Rev. Peter, D.D., of Blackfriars Parish, house, 99 Bath street. 
Napier, Robert, engineer and ship-builder, Vulcan Foundry, 75 Washington street, 
and Lancefield Foundry, 37 Anderston quay, and Ship-building Yard, Govan, 
house, Lancefield. 

Napier, Thomas, hardware merchant, 462 Argyll street. 

Napier, William, carter and cowfeeder, 7 North Cumberland street, Calton. 

Napier, William, jun., coahnaster, 12 Florence place. 

Napier, William, professor of music, 99 Douglas street. 

Napier, Miss, 99 Douglas street. 

Napier, Mrs., 5 Crescent place. 

National Advertising Property List and Price Current. Published on the first 
Monday of every month, at 19 Royal Exchange square. 

National Bank of Scotland, Queen street. John Hart, agent. 

National Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Scotland, 33 Renfield street. James Robert 
Dennistoun, manager; Robert Dick, inspector; Thomas Frame, 7 Exchange 
place, and James Mitchell, 92 St. Vincent street, agents. 

National Life Insurance Office, 20 Buchanan street. Nicholson & Steven, agents. 

National Mercantile Life Assurance Society, 33 Renfield street. Thomas Boyd, jun., 

National Provident Institution for Assurance of Lives and Annuities. N. and R. 
Handyside, 45 Union street, agents. 

National Security Savings Bank, 68 Hutcheson street, William Meikle, actuary. 

Necropolis, or Cemetery, Merchants' park, near High Church. 

NEIL, Clarkson, grocer and victualler, 99 George street, and 59 Havannah street. 

Neil, David, spirit dealer, 227 High street. 

Neil, David, victualler, 51 Burnside street, Coweaddens. 

Neil, Gabriel, agent for the Insurance Co. of Scotland. Letters left at S. William- 
son & Co.'s, 13 Virginia street, house, Edgefauld, near Springbum. 

Neil, James, at H. Monteith <$• Co.'s, house, Partick. 

Neil, James, of Johnston and Neil, house, Cousterholm, Pollockshaws. 

Neil, John, chemist and druggist, 69 South Portland street, and 34 Adelphi street, 
house, 99 South Portland street. 

Neill, John, smith and engineer, 3 South Cumberland street, house, 1 do. 

Neill, Robert, slater and slate merchant, 81 Hospital street, house, 136 do. 

Neill, Robert, hairdresser, 257 High street. 

Neill, Thomas, teacher, 16 Greenside street. 

Neil, William, tavern-keeper, 139 Trongate. 

Neill, Mary & Janet, furnishers, 6 Parliamentary road. 

Neil, Mrs. Thomas, bookbinder, 175 Buchanan street, 94 West Nile street, house, 
123 do. 

NIELSON, Andrew, manager, Bank of Scotland, house, 1 Sandyford place. 

Neilson, David, spirit dealer, 398 Duke street. 

Neilson, J. B., engineer, 86 West George street, house, Windsor terrace, Great West- 
em road. 

Neilson, James, baker, 22 Tobago street, Calton. 

Neilson, James, builder, 653 Gallowgate. 

Neilson, James, contractor, Merchants' House quarry, off Duke street, house, 653 

Neilson, James, fiesher, Beef-market, King street. 

Neilson, James, & Son, reedmakers, 6 Candleriggs. 

Neilson, James, spirit dealer, 7 Clyde terrace. 

Neilson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Prince's street, house, 13 Crown street. 

Neilson, John, house-factor, 4 East John street. 

Neilson, John, spirit dealer, 9 West street, Tradeston. 

Neilson, John, at Campbell <J- Co.'s, house, 76 Abbotsford place. 

Neilson, John, letter-earner, P. 0., 15 Drury street, 

Neilson, John, printer, lithographer, and engraver, 161 Trongate. 

Neilson & Co., engineers and founders ; engine works, Hydepark street ; foundry, 
Finnieston street. 


Neilson, John Findhiy, editor of the Constitutional, house, 101 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Nelson & Muir, dyers, Kingsfield dyeworks, 89 King street, Calton. 

Nelson, Robert, bookbinder, 48 Buchanan street, house, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Neilson, Robert, plasterer ; workshop, 39 College street ; house, 36 Blackfriars st. 

Neilson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Canal street. 

Neilson, Robert, teacher, 123 Walmer place, Hospital street. 

Neilson, Thomas, house-factor, and agent for the North British Insurance Co., 29 
Hutcheson street, house, 140 Stockwell street. 

Neilson, T., wine and spirit merchant, 98 Bridgegate. 

Neilson, Thomas, flesher, 38 and 40 West Nile street, house, 198 Buchanan street. 

Neilson, Walter, of Wilsons <f Co., 100 St. Vincent street, house, 28 Woodside pi. 

Neilson, Walter, of Neilson if Co., house, Cowslip bank, Finnieston. 

Neilson, William, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 15 Drury street. 

Neilson, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 663 Gallowgate. 

Neilson, William, and Robert Anderson, writers, 68 Glassford street. 

Neilson, William, of William Neilson and Robert Anderson, house, 116 South Port- 
land street. 

Neilson, William, wholesale tea dealer and general grocer, 210 Gallowgate. 

Neilson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 133 and 135 Stockwell street. 

Neilson, William, accountant and stockbroker, agent for the Scottish Union and 
Hercules Insurance Co., 69 Glassford street, house, 83 South Portland street. 

Neilson, William, builder, 95 Whitevale. 

Neilson, William, builder, Spring-grove Cottage, 65 St. George's road. 

Neilson, William, cooper, 145 Castle street. 

Neilson, William, contractor and causewayer, Craig's quarry, house, Townmill road. 

Neilson, William, hairdresser, 46 Gallowgate. 

Neilson's Commercial Lodgings, 68 Glassford street. 

Neilson, Mrs., stay and baby-linen maker, 34 Kent street. 

Neilson, Mrs., Nelson tavern, 37 Clyde buildings. 

Neilson, Misses, young ladies' seminary, 16 Bath street. 

NEISH, Miss, furnishing shop, 84 Main street, Anderston. 

NESS, Robert, teacher, St. Matthew's School, William street, Anderston. 

Ness, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 47 King street, Tradeston, 

Nethercroy Colliery Office, 100 St. Vincent street. 

NEVILLE, R. H., tailor and clothier, 1 Glassford street, house, 48 London street. 

Neville, William, 48 Bedford street. 

NEWALL, Archibald, broker and commission merchant, 33 Virginia street, house, 
309 Greenhill place, West St. Vincent street. 

Newall, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, 144 Rottenrow-. 

New Jerusalem Temple, Cathedral street. 

NEWLANDS, Alexander, remnant shop, 23 Brunswick place. 

Newlands, J. A., painter and paper-hanger, 39 Castle street. 

Newlands, James, Dumbarton small parcel carrier, 140 Argyll street. 

Newlands, Michael, broker, 136 Greendyke street. 

Newlands, P. J., tailor and clothier, 70 Brunswick street. 

Newlands, Miss, dressmaker, 73 West Nile street. 

New Brunswick Shipping Co. Haworth & Co., agents, 54 Brunswick street. 

NEWMARCHE, Strafford, shop-window ticket- writer, 62 Maxwell street. 

NEWTON, Keates, & Co., lead manufacturers, 104 and 106 Cheapside street. 

Newton, Walter, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 226 Argyll street. 

New Zealand Company's Otago Office. Roxburgh, Richardson, & Co., 1 Royal 
Bank place, agents. 

New York Steam-Ship Office, 32 St. Enoch square. M. Langlands, agent. 

New York, Boston, and Halifax Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan st. 

NICOLL, Alexander, of Bell and Nicoll, house, 58 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Nieol, Andrew, painter and paper-hanger, 24 Cleland street, Hutchesontown. 

Nicol, D. C, teller, British Linen Co.'s Bank. 

Nicol, George A., of Hamilton, Nicol, <f Co., house, 40 Albert place, Hill street, Gar- 

Nicol, George, victualler, 46 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Nicol, George, victualler, 4 Portugal street. 

Nicol, John, grain measurer and general weigher, 40 Brown street, Anderston. 

Nicol, John, slater, 3 Pitt street. 


Nichol, John Pringle, professor of practical astronomy, College. 

Nicol, Maitland, confectioner, 98 Queen street, house, 137 Stirling's road. 

Nicol, Robert, sen., 95 Upper Crown street. 

Nicol, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 30 Hospital street. 

Nicol, Robert, tobacconist, 270 High street. 

Nicol, Samuel, Glasgow and Greenock Towing Co., 4 York street. 

Nicol, Mrs., spirit dealer, 455 Gallowgate. 

NICOLSON, John, at A. and J. Morrison's, 40 St. Vincent place. 

Nicolson and Stiven, writers and agents for the Sun Fire and National Life Offices, 
20 Buchanan street. 

Nicolson, Thomas, of Nicolson and Stiven, house, Hamilton crescent, Partick. 

NIELD and Cordingley, cotton-yarn and commission merchants, 78 Miller street. 

Nield, Edward, of Nield and Cordingley, house, Grafton terrace, North John street. 

Night Asylum for the Houseless, and House of Industry for Indigent Females, North 
Frederick street. John M'Whirter, superintendent. 

NIMMO, Michael, clothier, 58 and 60 Gallowgate, house, 1 Monteith row. 

Nimmo, William, cartwright, 157 London street. 

NISBET, Alexander, ironmonger and iron merchant, 180 Trongate, house, 23 Rose- 
land terrace. 

Nisbet, Alex., guard, G. & A. & K. Railway, and tavern-keeper, 10 Bridge street. 

Nisbet, Andrew, surgeon-dentist, 153 St. Vincent street. 

Nisbet, Haj*, printer, Christian News office, house, 166 Hospital street. 

Nisbet, James, of Dykes and Nisbet, house, 4 Steel street. 

Nisbet, James, cowfeeder, 41 Shuttle street. 

Nisbet, John, & Co., leather merchants and shoe manufacturers, 10, 12, and 14 
Garthland street. 

Nisbet, John, of John Nisbet cj - Co., house, 83 Renfrew street. 

Nisbet, John, of Alexander Milne <f Co., house, 14 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd. 

Nisbet, Matthew, wholesale and retail grocer, 177 Trongate. 

Nisbet, Thomas, of Denholm <f Nisbet, house, 5 Great Wellington street, Paisley road. 

Nisbet, William, baker, 61 Eglinton street. 

Nisbet, William, carver and gilder, 19 Croy place. 

Nisbet, Mrs., lodgings, 109 Argyll street. 

Nisbet, Mrs., 110 Renfrew street. 

Nisbet, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 386 Argyll street. 

NISH, Anthony, writer and messenger-at-arms, County buildings, Wilson street, 
house, 18 Monteith row. 

Nish, Mrs. Peter, baker, 114 Gallowgate. 

NIVEN, Alexander, carver, gilder, and printseller, 28 Queen street. 

Niven, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 169 Osborne buildings, Sauchiehall street. 

Niven, C, confectioner, 391 Gallowgate. 

Niven, Daniel, jun., cotton and cotton-waste dealer, and mill furnisher, 77 Hutcheson 
street, house, 70 Bath street. 

Niven, David, writer, 58 Miller street, house, 47 Oswald street. 

Niven, David, spirit dealer, 28 Centre street. 

Niven, James, grocer, 48 Main street, Gorbals. 

Niven, John, grocer and victualler, 1 Melville street/ 

Niven, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 287 Parliamentary road. 

Niven, John, boot and shoemaker, 127 Renfield street, house, 1 Rutherford lane. 

Niven, John, jun., & Co., booksellers and stationers, 46 Argyll street. 

Niven, Malcolm, commission merchant, and agent for Calton Hill Brewery, Edin- 
burgh, 1 Exchange place, house, 150 Crown street. 

Niven, Robert, spirit dealer, 20 Jail square. 

Niven, Robert, pastry baker, 34 Main street, Anderston. 

Niven, W. W., librarian, Glasgow Public Library, 151 George street. 

Niven, Mrs., 10 Renfrew street. 

NOBLE, Donald, clerk, 1 7 Hospital street. 

Normal Seminary, Dundas vale. 

NORMAN & Clinkskill, engineers and millwrights, Sawmill-field, Port-Dundas. 

Norman, Mrs. R. H., teacher of the dancing department, 9 Florence place, Wood- 
lands road. 

NORRIE, Peter P., basketmaker, 6 South Coburg street. 

NORRIS, Alexander, portioner, 210 Holme street. 


Norris, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 46 Adelphi street. 
North British Advertiser Office, 10 Royal Exchange square. 
North British Bank, 101 Miller street. - 

North British Fire and Life Insurance Company. D. & N. Bannatyne, 46 Ren- 
field street. 
North British Hotel, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway terminus, 7 North Queen st. 
North British Insurance Office, 8 Royal Exchange square. Archibald Hamilton, 

resident manager. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
North British Mail Newspaper Office, 145 Argyll street. 
North British Railway Company's Office, 83 Queen street ; Thomas Duff, agent, 

house, 138 Stirling's road. 
North of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. Agents : William Ambrose, 

125 Buchanan street ; H. & W. A. Tassie & Co., 135 do. ; Galloway & 

M'Millan, 33 Bath street ; and William Renison, writer, 20 Buchanan street. 
North Quarter Library, 31 Drj'gate. Hugh Tenneut, Esq. of Wellpark, patron. 
Northern Loan Company, pawnbrokers, 11 George street. 
Northern, The, Assurance Company. Head office in Glasgow, 19 St. Vincent place ; 

James Smith, manager. Agents : William Snedden, 47 Canning street ; John 

Kirkwood, 33 Buchanan street ; W. & J. B. Kidston, 41 West George street ; 

David Bird, 107 Buchanan street ; Knox and Guild, 59 St. Vincent street ; 

John Anderson, 41 West George street ; James Pearston, 11 West Nile street ; 

and John Reid, sen., 21 Bath street. 
Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Office, 86 Miller street. Hugh M'Lachlan, 

Norwich Equitable Fire Assurance Company, 8 Gordon street. William M'Intosh, 

NORWELL, James, silk mercer, 30 Argyll street. 
NOTMAN, John, accountant, Aberdeen Insurance Office, 111 St. Vincent street, 

house, 9 Cambridge street. . 
Notman, Thomas, grain merchant, 237 Cowcaddens street. 
NUTTAL, P., agent to H. Bury <§ Co. manufacturing chemists, 19 Cochran street. 

O'BRIEN, John, clothes merchant, 65 Bridgegate. 

O'Brien, Miss Fanny, staymaker, 10 Main street, Auderston. 

O'CONNOR, John, rag merchant, 57 and 59 Bridgegate. 

O'DONNELL, Dominick, portioner, house, 1 Market street. 

O'Donnell, George, broker, 74 M'Alpine street. 

O'Donnell, George, surgeon and druggist, 45 Main street, Anderston, house, 68 do. 

O'Donnell, Michael, shoemaker, 42 and 44 Saltmarket street. 

O'NEIL, James, lieutenant of police, central district, 20 East Clyde street. 

O'Neill, Charles, civil engineer, Police chambers. 

O'Neil, John, contractor, 8 and 10 Bridgegate. 

O'Neil, John, tailor and clothier, 11 Main street, Anderston. 

O'Neil, John, jun., 59 Charlotte street. 

O'Neil, John, merchant, 12 Prince's street, house, 59 Charlotte street. 

O'Neil, Peter, heel-plate and nail manufacturer, 24 King street, Calton. 

OATS, Thomas, slater, 52 Argyll street. 

OGG, James, tailor and clothier, 284 Buchanan street. 

Ogg, Mrs. D., furniture warehouse, 38 Great Clyde street. 

Oban Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street. 

Oban Steam Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street, and 65 Jamaica street. 

OGILVIE, Robert, cabinet-maker, 45 King street, Tradeston, house, 2 North Co- 
burg street. 

Ogilvie, Thomas, commission merchant, 39 W r est Nile street. 

Ogilvie, Stratton S., wine and spirit merchant, 3 Stirling street, house, 34 Taylor st. 

Ogilvie, W. B., bookseller and stationer, 80 St. Vincent street, house, 5 Queen's 

Ogilvie, William, of Mitchell, Miller, and Ogilvie, 24 Queen street. 

OGLE, Andrew S., writer, agent for the Life Association of Scotland, 1 South Fre- 
derick street, house, 45 Union street. 

Ogle, Maurice, & Son, booksellers and stationers, 1 Royal Exchange square, Queen st. 


O'HAIR, Terence, broker, 316 High street. 

Old Drug Co., apothecaries and drysalters, 59 Trongate. 

Old Exchange Loan Co., pawnbrokers, central office, 142 Trongate, branch offices, 
43 Trongate, and 3 College street. William Ballantyne, manager. 

OLIPHANT, George, waiter, 255 George street. 

Oliphant, Maxwell, & Steven, writers, 124 St. Vincent street. 

Oliphant, Robert, lock and hinge-maker, 20 M'Pherson street. 

Oliphant, Thomas, spirit dealer, 28 Merchant lane. 

Oliphant, William, heraldic and ornamental engraver, 13 Exchange place, house, 13 
Surrey street. 

OLIVER, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 47 Sauchiehall street. 

O'LOGHLIN, Rev. B. J., classical teacher, 280 George street, house, 15 Renfrew st. 

OMAN, Charles, dairyman and victualler, 48 Adelphi street. 

Omoa Iron and Coal Office, 37 West George street. 

OPPENHEIM, W. M., looking-glass and chair manufacturer, and mahogany mer- 
chant, 36 Great Clyde street. 

OPROWER & Carter, general merchants and wax makers, 44 East Clyde street. 

ORD, Charles J., 116 St. Vincent street, house, 125 Douglas street. 

Ord, George, accountant, agent for the Fire Insurance Company of Scotland, the 
Alliance Company of London, and Standard Life Assurance Company, 116 St. 
Vincent street. 

ORKNEY, Peter, grocer, 36 Carrick street. 

ORME, James, & Co., general agents, bonded and free storekeepers, 12 Howard st., 
office, 65 Jamaica street. 

Orme, James, of Orme, M' Arthur, cf- Co., house, Greenfield, Mearns. 

Orme, M'Arthur, & Co., calenderers, packers, and bleachers, 23 and 25 West George 
street, and St. Vincent lane. 

ORMOND, James, hosier, 2 Candleriggs. 

ORMISTON, John, wright, 146 Sauchiehall street. 

Ormiston, William, wright, 2 Anderson street, Gallowgate. 

Ormiston, Mary, teacher, Glasgow Normal Seminary. 

Orphan Institution, 23 William street, Calton. 

ORR, Andrew, of Francis Orr and Sons, 129 St. Vincent street. 

Orr, Andrew, merchant, 292 Argyll street. 

Orr, Francis, at J. <f J. Whyte's, house, 57 Oswald street. 

Orr, Francis, and Sons, wholesale stationers and publishers, 63 Brunswick street. 

Orr, Hugh, builder, 2 Grace street. 

Orr, James, of Francis Orr and Sons, house, Williamwood, Cathcart. 

Orr, James, victualler, spirit dealer, and agent, 23 Clyde street, Calton. 

Orr, James, Ayrshire tavern, wine and spirit dealer, 38 Clyde place. 

Orr, James, machine-maker, 44 Wallace street, Tradeston. 

Orr, John, wine and spirit dealer, 5 Green street, 47 Millroad street, 443 Gallowgate, 
and 5 Tobago street, house, 63 Belgrove street. 

Orr, John, hosier and glover, 167 Ingram street, house, 278 Argyll street. 

Orr, John, of R. F. cj J. Alexander $ Co., house, 22 Blythswood square. 

Orr, John, tallow-chandler, 244 High street. 

Orr, John C, commission agent, 12 and 14 Stockwell place. 

Orr, John, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Green street, 57 Bell street, 52 Steven- 
son street, Calton, and 443 Gallowgate, house, 63 Bellgrove street. 

On - , John, baker, 61 Abercromby street and 46 Green street, office, 61 Abercromby 
street, Calton. 

Orr, John Kerr, commission agent, also agent for John M'Nair, brewer, Leith, 80 
Union street, house, Crossbank, Great Western road, 

Orr, Peter, glass and emery-paper manufacturer, 43 High street. 

Orr, Robert, grocer, 200 Stirling's road. 

Orr, Robert, superintendent, Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway. 

Orr, Robert Valance, merchant, 44 South Portland street. 

Orr, Robert, letter-carrier, 32 Centre street. 

Orr, Thomas C, commission merchant, 20 Union street. 

Orr, Thomas, of Bryce and Orr, house, 27 St. Andrew street. 

Orr, William, merchant, 72 St. George's place, house, 7 Newton place. 

Orr, William, sugar broker, 76 Wilson street, house, 2 Brighton place, New City rd. 

Orr, William, of Wm. Orr $ Co., house, 70 Abbotsford place. 


Orr, W., calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 51 Cochran street. 

Orr, William, & Co., wholesale cloth warehousemen, 7 Queen street. 

Orr, Mrs. David, baker, 29 Anderston quay. 

Orr, Mrs. Jane, grocer, 92 M'Alpine street. 

OSBORNE, Alexander, wholesale cheese merchant, Bazaar, and 28 Canon street. 

Osborne, R., ham-curer, cheese, and butter merchant, 127 Candleriggs. 

Osborne, Robert, baker, 170 Cowcaddens street. 

OSWALD, Andrew, 104 Portland street. 

Oswald, Henry, 104 Portland street. 

Oswald, James, of Oswald, Stevenson, 4" Co. 

Oswald, Stevenson, & Co., cotton-yarn agents, 23 Royal Exchange square and 74 
Buchanan street. 

OUTCH, Stephen, jun., window glazier, 12 Havannah street. 

OUTRAM, D. E., accountant and stock-broker, and agent for the Imperial Fire In- 

Outram, George, & Co., Herald Office, 182 Trongate street. 

Outram, George, of George Outram 4" Co., house, 10 Newton place. 

Outram, Joseph, Exchange buildings. 

OVINGTON, Richard, of Christie and Ovington, house, 20 Stanley street. 

Ovington, Thomas, merchant, 2 Wellington place. 

OXLEY, Walter, of Sillers, Oxley, 4~ Co., residence, Greenland ho., Great Western rd. 

PAE, David, barley store, 44 Hope street. James Ferguson, agent. 

PAGAN, Dr., professor of midwifery, University, house, 83 West Regent street. 

Pagan, James, manager for Wm. Aitchison 4~ Co., 81 Glassford street, house, 18 Ca- 
dogan street. 

Pagan, James, reporter of Herald Office, house, 184 Victoria place, Crown street. 

PAGE, Robert, measurer, 48 North Frederick street. 

PAISLEY, Gavin, accountant, house factor, and insurance agent, 37 Virginia street. 

Paisley Canal Office, 34 Jamaica street. 

Paisley Railway Station, 14 Bridge street. 

Palladium Life Insurance Society. John Baird, agent, 83 Jamaica street. 

PANTON, George, & Son, dealers in watch and clock tools and materials, fishing- 
tackle, violin strings, &c, 32 Stockwell street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Panton, James, & Co., general merchants and importers of foreign goods, dealers in 
watch tools, fishing-tackle, violin strings, &c, 85 Buchanan street. 

Panton, John, M.D., 50 West Regent street. 

PAPPLE, James, clothier, 191 Argyll street. 

Parcel Delivery Company, 13 Miller street. John Hinshellwood, manager. 

PARFITT, Henry T., general agent and ship-broker, 1 Robertson street. 

PARIS, John, of Joseph Lemas 4" Co., machine makers, house, 2 Grafton street. 

PARK, Alexander, corn-factor, 414 Argyll street. 

Park, Alexander, pawnbroker, 48 Stockwell street, house, 145 Garngadhill. 

Park, Andrew, bookseller and commission agent, 30 St. Enoch square, house, 11 
Abbotsford place. 

Park, Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, 235 Cowcaddens. 

Park, Charles, upholsterer and cabinet-maker, 162 and 164 West Regent street, 
house, 3 Richard street, Anderston. 

Park, David, letter-carrier, P. O., house, 21 College street. 

Park, Gavin, measurer, 36 John street. 

Park, George, spirit dealer, 66 Crown street, house, 121 Hospital street. 

Park, James, joiner and house carpenter, 159 London street. 

Park, John, & Co., boot and shoemakers, 58 Argyll arcade. 

Park, John, of John Park 4 Co., house, 59 Union street. 

Park, Lewis & Charles, sewed muslin manufacturers, 23 Royal Exchange square. 

Park, Samuel, builder, 14 Maitland street. 

Park, Thomas, of Thomas Park 4" Co., house, 59 Union street. 

Park, Thomas, & Co., boot and shoemakers, 14 Argyll street. 

Park & Thomson, sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram 

Park, Thomas, house factor, 29 Normal place. 


Park, William, sen., wine and spirit merchant, 97 and 99 Bridgegate, 236 High 

street, house, 15 London street. 
Park, Mrs. George, spirit dealer, 40 Shuttle street. 
Park, Miss M,, milliner and dressmaker, 21 College street. 
PARKER, D. & J., tea merchants and general grocers, 417 Argyll street, and 263 

High street. 
Parker, George, victualler, 136 and 138 Stoboross street. 
Parker, James, victualler, 100 Garscube road. 
Parker, James, "warehouseman, 106 Hutcheson street. 
Parker, James, hat-plush and umbrella silk agent, 52 Glassford street, house, 40 

Abbotsford place. 
Parker, James, soap and candle-maker and oil merchant, 117 Gallowgate. 
Parker, Matthew Grave, 54 Windsor terrace. 
Parker, Peter, grocer and house factor, 104 Main street, Gorbals. 
Parker, Richard, sen., architect, superintendent of buildings, 4 North Paterson st. 
Parker, Richard, jun., engineer and millwright, 4 North Paterson street. 
Parker, Robert, surgeon, 49 King street, Tradeston, house, 36 Commerce street. 
Parker, William, baker, 26 London street. 

Parker, William, silver plater, and German silver dealer, 33 East Howard street. 
Parker, Mrs., spirit dealer, 72 Clyde street, Auderston. 
Parkhead Forge Co., manufacturers of scrap-iron forged work, Parkhead. 
PARKHILL, John, nailor, 79 Stockwell street. 
Parkhill, William, singeing works, 1 7 Stirling street. 
PARKIN, George, saw-maker, 42 Howard street. 
PARLANE, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 99 Candleriggs. 
Parlane, J., & Co., bakers and grocers, 162 Broomielaw street. 
Parlane, William, baker, 24 South Portland street. 
Parlane, Mrs., 15 Renfrew street. 

PAIRNIE, M. A., boot and shoemaker, 413 Argyll street. 
Parnie & Renfrew, timber merchants, 90 Cadogan street. 
Parnie, William, of Parnie and Renfrew, house, 407 Argyll street. 
Parochial Board Chambers, Barony Parish, 36 North Albion street. 
PARSONS, C. F., & Co., Congreve match, paste, and liquid blacking manufacturers, 

Greenvale, Duke street, warehouse, 21 Nelson street. 
Parsons, Charles F., of C. F. Parsons cj- Co., house, Greenvale. 
PASLEY, Jardine, & Co., merchants, 5 Dixon street. 
Patent Heddle-factory, warehouse, 57 Buchanan street. 

Patent Hydro Extractor Company, 28 George square, works, 104 Stirling's road. 
Patent Office and Designs Registry. Agents, William Johnson, consulting engineer, 

and John Henry Johnson, solicitor, 166 Buchanan street. 
PATERSON, A. & G., St. Rollox woodyard, near the Railway Depot, Townhead. 
Paterson, Adam, of ' Moncrieff, Paterson, and Forbes, house, 14 Brandon place. 
Patterson, Rev. Alexander S., Eglinton Free Church, 3 Maxwellton place. 
Paterson, Alexander, merchant, 11 Greenlaw place. 
Paterson, Alexander, teacher, Meadowbank Academy, Partick. 
Paterson, Alexander, nail manufacturer, 6 Wallace street. 
Paterson, A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturers, 90 and 92 Argyll street. 
Paterson, Andrew, manufacturer, 114 Candleriggs, house, 35 Whitevale. 
Paterson, Archibald, printer, 5 King street. 
Paterson, B. R., at Johnston and Farie's, 62 Wilson street. 
Paterson, Brothers, & Co., commission agents and merchants, 1 North court, Royal 

Paterson, David, flesher, 64 Maitland street. 
Paterson, Francis, writer, stockbroker, and factor, 56 Gordon street, house, Gardenside, 

Paterson, Gavin, boot and shoemaker, 13 Trongate, and 49 Argyll street. 
Paterson, George, & Co., cotton-waste and rag merchants, 25 Stockwell place. 
Paterson, George, of A. and G. Paterson, house, 14 Canning place. 
Paterson, George, of William Paterson $ Son, house, 23 Dixon street. 
Paterson, George, of Paterson, Brothers, § Co., house, Bankhead, Partick road. 
Paterson, Henry, house-painter, 63 Stevenson street. 

Paterson, Rev. James, of Hope street Baptist Chapel, 99 South Portland street. 
Paterson, James, teller, Royal Bank, Old Balgray Farm Cottage, Springburn. 


Paterson, James, Ayrshire Dairy, 94 Thistle street. 

Paterson, James, 97 Union street. 

Paterson, James, M.D., and surgeon, professor of midwifery, Andersonian University, 

6 Windsor place, 93 Sauchiehall street. 
Paterson, James, inspector of weights and measures for the city, 16 Dunlop street. 
Paterson, James, & Co., manufacturers, 17 Virginia street. 
Paterson, James, tobacconist, 13 Canon street. 

Paterson, James, merchant and commission agent, 104 Hutcheson street. 
Paterson, James, of Henderson and Paterson, house, 10 William street, Anderston. 
Paterson, James, of William Paterson § Co., 88 Main street, Gorbals. 
Paterson, J. H., & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 75 Buchanan street, house, 36 North 

Frederick street. 
Paterson, Jamieson, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 58 Dundas street. 
Paterson, John, general dealer, 20 Prince's street. 
Paterson, John, cabinetmaker, 16 London street. 
Paterson, John, grain merchant, 69 Oswald street. 
Paterson, John, tailor and clothier, 5 Bridge street. 
Paterson, John, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 239 Argyll street. 
Paterson, John, confectioner, 232 High street. 
Paterson, J., boot and shoemaker, 31 Gallowgate. 

Paterson, John H., jun., & Co., grain and commission merchants, 38 Union street. 
Paterson, John H., jun., of John H. Paterson, jun., <S[ Co., house, 2 Milton place, 

St. Vincent street. 
Paterson, John, & Co., stationers and account-book makers, 126 Ingram street. 
Paterson, John, of John Paterson cj- Co., house, 5 South Hanover street. 
Paterson, John, shipbroker and general agent. Agent for Howie's Superior Hurlford 

Coal ; depot, head of Centre street, Tradeston ; house, 6 Oswald street. 
Paterson, John, chandler and grocer, 232 Gallowgate. 

Paterson, Joshua, M.D., 318 St. Vincent street, consulting-rooms, 2 Washington st. 
Paterson, Mackirdy, & Co., merchants, 33 Renfield street. 
Paterson, Matthew, of A. and W. Paterson, house, 83 South Portland street. 
Paterson, Morgan, & Co., merchants, 32 George street. 
Paterson, Peter, fish agent, 212 Gallowgate. 

Paterson, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel, of Free St. Andrew's, 19 Monteith row. 
Paterson, Robert, woollen-yarn and general commission agent, 31 Miller street. 
Paterson, Robert, of Jack, Paterson, $■ Co., house, 2 Milton place. 
Paterson, Robert, of Paterson, Jamieson, <§ Co , house, 2 Somerset place. 
Paterson, Robert, bootmaker, 50 Ingram street, house, 52 do. 
Paterson, Robert, portioner, 238 Main street, Bridge ton. 
Paterson, Robert, grocer, 57 Tobago street. 

Paterson, Robert, & Co., clothiers and hatters, 113 Ingram street. 
Paterson, Robert, jun., of Jack, Paterson, § Co., 2 Milton place. 
Paterson, Robert, surgeon, 141- Hope street. 
Paterson, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 27 Canning street. 
Paterson, Thomas, lithographer and engraver, 52 Ingram street. 
Paterson, Thomas L., of James Black $ Co., house, Freeland bank, Partick. 
Paterson, Thomas, M.D., anatomical modeller, 56 Gordon street. 
Paterson, Thomas, ropemaker, 99 Canning street, Calton, house, 1 William street. 
Paterson, Walter, of H. P. Bee cj- Co., house, Blantyre lodge. 
Paterson, Walter, Glasgow Sedan-chair Office, 70 St. George's place. 
Paterson, William, kelp merchant and drysalter, agent for North British Insurance 

Co., and for Sir R. H. Meux, bart., & Co., brewers, London, 100 Brunswick 

street, and 85 Candleriggs street, house, 20 Abbotsford place. 
Paterson, William U., tinsmith and gasfitter, 22 Stockwell street. 
Paterson, William, chemist, 100 Brunswick street and 85 Candleriggs street, works, 

Caltonmouth, house, 20 Abbotsford place. 
Paterson, William, & Co., smiths and bell-hangers, 88 Main street, Goibals. 
Paterson, William, & Son, smiths and bell-hangers, scale, beam, coach, cart, wag- 
gon axle, lock and hinge-makers, 19 Ann street. 
Paterson, William, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Clyde place, house, 20 Oxford 

Paterson, William, silk mercer, linen and woollen draper, haberdasher, &c., 63 Troa- 

gate street, house, 37 Eglinton street. 


Paterson, William, of Paterson, Brothers, $■ Co., house, Crow road, Partick. 

Paterson, W. K., 1 North court, Eoyal Exchange. 

Paterson, W. E., of Paterson, Mackirdy, $ Co., residence, Balornock house. 

Paterson, Miss, boarding-school, 28 St. George's road. 

Paterson, Margaret & Katherine, straw-hat and boys' dressmakers, 26 Findlay street. 

Paterson, Mrs. James, 97 Union street. 

Paterson, Mrs. James, basket manufacturer, 188 Argyll street. 

Paterson, Mrs. Eobert, baker, 88 Sauchiehall street, house, 190 Hope street. 

PATON, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 83 Crown street. 

Paton, Alexander, of Paton and Adam, house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 

Paton, Alexander, of Barclay, Ferguson, f Co., 39 Hutcheson street. 

Paton, Andrew, commission merchant, 49 Virginia street, house, 16 Eichmond st. 

Paton & Adam, wholesale hosiers, glovers, and smallware manufacturers, 6 London 

Paton, Daniel, grocer and victualler, 51 Kent street. 
Paton, Ebenezer, flesher, 48 West Milton street 

Paton & Grant, ship agents and insurance brokers, 33 Buchanan street. 
Paton, J. & D., woollen manufacturers and warehousemen, 17 John street, factory, 

Paton, J. & J., victuallers, 98 Main street, Gorbals, and 27 Eglinton street. 
Paton, John, cabinetmaker, 48 Bath street. 

Paton, John, of Paton and Ghxint, house, 9 Dundas street, Kingston. 
Paton, M. & W., ironmongers, 7 and 9 Saltmarket street. 
Paton, Eobert, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and undertaker, 67 Buchanan street, 

works, 33 Eichard street, house, 8 Greenhill street. 
Paton, Eev. Eobert, D.D., of St. David's parish, 6 Newton place. 
Paton & Small, nurserymen and florists, Sandyford house. 
Paton, William, bootmaker, 17 Hutcheson street. 

Paton, William P., merchant, Virginia buildings, house, 8 Newton place. 
Paton, William, tea merchant and commission agent, 39 Crown street. 
Paton, W., shirt-maker, hosier, and glover, tailors' trimmings warehouse, 59 Bu- 
chanan street, house, 71 South Portland street. 
Paton, William, of M. tf W. Paton, 29 Kent street. 
Paton, Miss, lodgings, 79 Eenfield street. 
Paton, Miss C, brush and bellows shop, 21 High street. 

PATEICK, David, M.D., surgeon-aurist, 14 Moore place, West George street. 
Patrick, Hugh W., wine and spirit merchant, 59 Stockwell street, house, 117 West 

Campbell street. 
Patrick, John, & Co., commission merchants, 8 Ingram street and 4 Montrose street. 
Patrick, Eobert, spirit dealer, 19 William street, Cowcaddens. 
Patrick, William, warden of Cathedral, St. David's, and Blackfriars burying-grounds, 

Cathedral lodge, house, 221 Stirling's road. 
Patrick, William, draper and haberdasher, 18 Clyde terrace. 
PATTISON, Adam, & Co., sole agents for the Patent Lactarine, and agent for the 

Euncorn Branch of the Bridgewater Canal, 67 Buchanan street. 
Pattison, James, tobacconist, 126 Cowcaddens street. 
Pattison, J. & G., & Co., merchants, 51 Buchanan street. 
Pattison, John, of Thomson, Thorn, and Pattison, house, 108 Castlemilk place. 
Pattison, John, merchant, 22 Bkythswood square. 
Pattison, M r M., agent for Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Co., and 

agent for the Birmingham Battery Co., 67 Buchanan street, house, 4 Crescent 

Pattison, Eobert, jun., merchant, 22 Eenfield street. 
PAUL, Alexander, & Co., manufacturers, 24 St. Vincent place ; workers' entry, 13 

East George lane. 
Paul, Alexander, Port-Dundas Pottery Co., 64 Bishop street. 
Paul, Alexander, of A. Paul § Co., house, 25 Lynedoch street. 
Paul, Alexander, flesher and ham-curer, 55 Great Hamilton street. 
Paul, Alexander, painter, 40 Clyde buildings. 
Paul, Andrew, druggist, 82 Crown street. 
Paul, Daniel, writer and stockbroker, master in chancery, commissioner for taking 

chancery affidavits, 107 Buchanan street. 
Paul, George, clothier, 16 Queen street. 


Paul, George, tinsmith, 357 Gallowgate. 

Paul, H., fruiterer, 77 Jamaica street. 

Paul, James, grocer, 422 Parliamentary road. 

Paul, James, muslin and gingham manufacturer, 23 Exchange square, and 74 Bu- 
chanan street, house, Kelvin terrace, Hillhead. 

Paul, James, painter and paper-hanger, 40 Clyde place. 

Paul, John, merchant, 4 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 

Paul, John, commission merchant, 7 South Frederick street, house, 43 Cambridge 

Paul, John, of A. Paul <f Co., 24 St. Vincent place. 

Paul, John, writer, and agent for the Promoter Life and Annuity Insurance Co., 108 
Hutcheson street, house, 136 Sackville place, Stirling's road. 

Paul, Matthew, wright and builder, 154 Duke street. 

Paul, Thomas, jeweller and watchmaker, 39 Sauchiehall street, house, 37 do. 

Paul, Thomas, of James Ewing tf Co., house, Kelvin terrace, Hillhead. 

Paul, William, banker, 15 Fitzroy place. 

Paul, William N., agent, 37 South Portland street. 

Paul, Mrs., chandler, 8 George street. 

PAXTON, Rev. John D., 1 North Ure place. 

Paxton, Miss, milliner, 46 Renfield street. 

PAYNE, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 83 King street, Tradeston. 

Payne, William, spirit dealer, 14 Stevenson street, Calton. 

PEACOCK, Andrew, wright and glazier, 8 Melville street. 

Peacock, Hugh, fruiterer, 149 George street. 

Peacock, Thomas, carver and gilder, 30 Garscube place. 

PEARCE, R. F., of Miller and Pearce, at Tod and McGregor's, house, 117 West 
Campbell street. 

PEARE, R. T., of P. M. Peare c? Co., house, 91 Eglinton street. 

Peare, R. M., & Co., ship agents and commission merchants, 75 Jamaica street. 

Peare, Mrs., 91 Eglinton street. 

PEARSON, Alexander, sheriff-clerk-depute, County buildings. 

Pearson, Alexander, assistant-inspector, Town's hospital, house, 7 High street. 

Pearson, George, of Buchanan, and Pearson, house, Charleton place, Taylor street. 

Pearson, John, merchant, 37 Ropework lane, house, Woodcroft, Partick. 

Pearson, John, supervisor of inland revenue, 4th district, 229 Duke street. 

Pearson, Peter, draper, 147 Sauchiehall street. 

Pearson, Shepley, cutler and smith, 73 Kirk street, Calton. 

Pearson, Thomas, clothier, 25 Carlton place. 

Pearson, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 195 Castle street, 

Pearson, Wilsone, & Co., merchants. See William Brown, jun. 

PEARSTON, James, merchant, agent for the Imperial Insurance Co. of London and 
the Northern Assurance Co., 11 West Nile street. 

Pearston, J. and W., wholesale stationers, 43 Candleriggs street. 

Pearston, Mrs., midwife, 2 Havannah street. 

PEAT, Gilbert, tea dealer and general grocer, 44 Stevenson street, Calton. 

Peat, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 101 Glebe street. 

Peat, William, collector of assessments for the Eastern District Office, Police build- 
ings, 33 Stevenson street, house, 49 Kent street. 

Peat, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 27 Montrose street. 

PEDDIE and Tennent's School, 10 Cambridge street. Miss Stirling, teacher. 

Peddie, John, leather merchant, 62 Oxford street, Laurieston. 

PEDEN, Adam, hosier, 50 Gallowgate, house, 144 Crown street. 

Peden, Robert, of Bryce and Peden, house, 27 Charlotte street. 

Peden, James, wine and spirit merchant, 29 North Frederick street. 

PEEBLES and Campbell, writers, 85 St. Vincent street. 

Peebles, Francis, letter-carrier, P. O., 1 Pettigrew street. ' 

Peebles, Fyfe, & Co., drysalters and commission merchants, 57 Miller street. 

Peebles, J. G., 3 Brighton place, New City road. 

Peebles, Mrs. Andrew, 185 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Peebles, Mrs., lodgings, 292 Argyll street. 

PEDRESCHI, Luigi, statuary moulder and figure-maker, 5 Canon street. 

PEGLAR, John, tailor and clothier, 3 Gordon street. 

Pelican Life Assurance Office. John Louden, agent, 68 St. Vincent street. 



PENDER, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Water street. 

Pender, James, & Son, bleachers, Clober. Orders left at J. Davie's, 51 Brunswick 

Pender, James, 75 Renfield street. 

Pender, Robert, wiue and spirit dealer, 42 Candleriggs. 

Pender, Mrs. Ann, victualler and spirit dealer, 133 Saltmarket. 

PENMAN, David, marble cutter and sculptor, 11 Renfield street, house, 101 Douglas 

PENNY, Charles, manufacturing chemist, 13 Bellgrove street, works, 486 Gallow- 
gate, and 4 Broad street, Mile-end. 

Penny, Daniel, of J. and W. Steele and Penny, house, 27 Garscube place. 

Penny, D. J., commission agent, 3 N. court, Royal Exchange, house, 4 Sandyfordpl. 

Penny, Dr. F., professor of chemistry, Andersonian University, 204 George street, 
house, 188 Sauchiehall street. 

Penney, S. M., stockbroker, agent for the Globe Insurance Office, and for the British 
Guarantee Association, 16 St. Vincent street. 

Penny, William, & Son, commission merchants, 3 North court, Royal Exchange. 

Penny, Mrs. E., 4 Sandyford place, west. 

PERMAN, J. and F., merchants, 23 South Hanover street. 

PERRETT, Mrs. Robert, flesher, 130 Castle street. 

PERRY Arthur, grocer, 60 Hospital street. 

Perry, D. T., of Perry and Kennedy, house, 144 Renfrew street. 

Perry and Kennedy, drysalters and oil merchants, 19 Cochran street. 

Perrie, Robert, spirit dealer, 34 Main street, Calton. 

Perrie, Robert, spirit dealer, 228 New Dalmarnock road. 

Perrie, Robert, flesher, 6 Stevenson street, Calton. 

PERSTON, Andrew, 3 Woodside terrace. 

Perston, J. and D., japanners and clock-dial manufacturers, 28 St. Enoch's wynd. 

Perston, James, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 10 Greyfriars wynd. 

Perston, Moir, & Co., muslin and gingham manufacturers and merchants, 25 Gor- 
don street. 

Perth Baking Company, 78 Union street. Thomas Hutchison, manager. 

PETERKIN, David, painter and paper-hanger, 9 Findlay street. 

PETER, William, clothier and outfitter, 5 Carrick street. 

PETERS, James, slater, 4 Steel street. 

Peters, James, of Peters cf 3P Vicar, house, 134 Sauchiehall street. 

Peters & M'Farlane, coppersmiths and tin-plate workers, 62 and 64 Crown street. 

Peters & M'Vicar, Campsie lime merchants, depot, Milton Basin, Port-Dundas. 

Peters, Stewart, of Peters $ M'Farlane, house, 68 Crown street. 

PETERSON, Peter, messenger-at-arms, 73 Hutcheson street, house, 34 South Wel- 
lington street. 

PETTIECROW, James, victualler, 21 and 23 Stobcross street. 

PETTIGREW, James, merchant, 140 Cowcaddens street. 

Pettigrew, Alex., eating-house keeper, 266 High street. 

Pettigrew, John, victualler, 36 and 38 Stevenson street. 

Pettigrew, Matthew, at Arch. Brown $ Co.'s, 123 Grafton terrace, North John street. 

Pettigrew, Moses, house-factor and beadle, Rev, J. S. Taylor's, 13 Crown street, 

Pettigrew, William, victualler, 423 Gallowgate. 

Pettigrew, Thomas, rope and twine manufacturer, 262 Duke street, house, 395 

PHILP, Andrew, builder, 70 Robertson street. 

Philp, Robert, builder, 13 Hope street. 

PHILLIPS, Archibald, flesher, 237 High street, and 239 do. 

Phillips, Jacob, & Co. brokers, 1 Renfrew street. 

Phillips, James, tobacco manufacturer, 79 Jamaica street. 

Phillips, John M'Kenzie, sheriff-officer and constable for the counties of Lanark and 
Renfrew, and house-factor, 36 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

Phillip, John, washer and dresser, and public baths, Southern Washing-house, 
Paisley road. 

Phillips, Robert, bookseller, 108 Eglinton street. 

Phillips, Thomas, wright, 3 North Apsley place, Great Western road, house, 8 Stanley 


Phillips, Robert, eating-house keeper, 40 Stevenson street. 

Phillips, Thomas, merchant, 27 Abbotsford place. 

Phillips, William, boot-crimper and bootmaker, 13 Tarbert street. 

PHIMISTER, Alexander, & Co., dyers, 31 Great Dovehill. 

Phcenix Fire Insurance Company. John Louden, 68 St. Vincent street. 

Phcenix Foreign Fire Office, 32 St. Vincent place. James Watson, agent. 

Phcenix Iron-works, 50 Garscube road. 

Phoenix, Nathaniel, victualler, 38 Jamaica street. 

Phonetic Society. R. N. Morrison, sec, 131 Argyll street. 

Physicians and Surgeons' Hall, 17 St. Enoch square. R. Jones, officer. 

Piano-Forte Hiring Establishment, 203 Sauchiehall street. Alfred MacLure. 

PICKEN, Alex., grocer, 18 Crown street. 

Picken, Cornelius, flesher, 36 Main street, Gorbals. 

Picken, James, tailor and clothier, 108 Argyll street. 

Picken, John, & Co., tobacconists, 129 Argyll street. 

Picken, Richmond, beadle of George Street Chapel, house, 8 West George street. 

Picken's Temperance coffee-house, 108 Argyll street, Morrison's court. 

PICKFORD & Co , general carriers, Brunswick court, entry by 120 Brunswick st. 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
PICKERSGILL & Co., merchants, 182 Buchanan street. 
PIGOTT, Henry, hat and cap manufacturers, 176 Trongate, and 167 Argyll street, 

house, 22 Mouteith row. 
PINKERTON, James, gardener, Green market, house, Goosebcnyhall, Rutherglen. 
Pinkerton, J. & M., curriers and leather merchants, 9 Macfarlane street, and 249 

Pinkerton, John, spirit merchant, 22 Little street, Calton. 
Pinkerton, John, gardener, Green market, New wynd. 
Pinkerton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 57 Great Hamilton street. 
Pinkerton, Mrs., 127 St. Vincent street. 
Pitt, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 76 London street. 
PITCAIRN, Thomas, spirit merchant, 142 and 144 Stobcross street. 
PLAIN, Walter, musical instrument maker, 21 Brunswick place. 
PLAYFAIR, Bryce, & Co., merchants, 75 West Nile street. 
Playfair, James, of Dennisloun, Bryce, <$• Co., house, 4 Queen's crescent. 
Playfair, Patrick, & Co., merchants, 112 West George street. 
Playfair, Patrick, of P. Playfair cj- Co., house, 1 Somerset place. 
POE, Mrs. John, 303 Argyll street. 

Police Collector's Office, Police buildings, South Albion street. 
POLLOCK, Alexander, tea merchant and grocer, 43 Gallowgate. 
Pollok, Arthur, of Pollok, Gilmour, $ Co., house, 24 Carlton place. 
Pollock, George, of Rhindmuir. Letters left at Mr. Strang's, 21 St. Enoch square. 
Pollok, Gilmour, & Co., merchants, 19 Union street. 
Pollock, James, saddler, and saddlers' ironmonger, 151 Stockwell street. 
Pollock, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 114 Renfrew street. 
Pollock, James, house factor, 8 Cleland street, Hutchesontown. 
Pollok, John, of Pollok, Gilmour, § Co., house, 24 Carlton place. 
Pollock, John, writer, Commissary Clerk's Office, 41 Virginia street. 
Pollock, John, merchant, 22 Lynedoch street. 
Pollok, Morris, Silk Throwster Factory, Govan. 

Pollock, Peter, saddler, and saddlery ironmonger, 151 Stockwell street. 
Pollok, Rev. Robert, of Kingston Church, 9 Abbotsford place. 

Pollock, Robert, brush manufacturer, 19 Turner's court, house, 21 Abbotsford place. 
Pollok, Robert, glass and china merchant, 22 Candleriggs, house, 20 do. 
Pollock, Robert, victualler, 28 King street, Calton. 
Pollock, Robert, hosier and laceman, 41 Eglinton street. 
Pollock, S., ofMuirhead and Pollock, house, 149 St. George's road. 
Pollock, Thomas, victualler, 38 Commerce street. 
Pollock, William, baker, 60 King street, house, 64 do. 
Pollock, William, merchant and commission agent, 62 George street. 
Pollock, Mrs., Laurel bank, 149 St. George's road. 
Pollock, Mrs., 2 Royal terrace. 

Pollock, Mrs. Thomas, grocer, 48 Parliamentary road. 
Polloc and Govan Railway Office, Dixon street. 


PONTON, Mrs., James, spirit dealer, 822 Gallowgate. 

POPE, George, spirit dealer, 1 1 Bishop street, Anderston. 

POPPLE, William, painter, 33| Nelson street, Tradeston. 

POLSON, Mrs., grocer and baker, 1 Graeme street. 

POOLE, James J. surgeon, 489 Gallowgate street. 

Port-Philip and Clarence River Colonization Company, 8 Prince's square, 48 

Buchanan street, Robert Beveridge, secretary and treasurer for Scotland. See 

Advertisement in Appendix. 
PORTEUS, John, of Dick and Porteus, house, 9 South Apsley place. 
Porteous, Wm,, drysalter, 14 Stirling square, house, 115 Main's street, Blythswood 

Porteus, Thomas A., of M L Farlane and Porteus, house, Rutland place, Govan road. 
Porteous, Euphemia, Airthry and Dunblane water dealer, and Post-office Receiving- 
house, Sandyford place. 
Porteus, Mrs., capmaker, 19 Gallowgate. 
PORTER, Clement, upholsterer, 15 Charlotte lane. 
Porter, Hugh, watch and clockmaker, 1 Mitchell street. 
Porter, James, writer, 73 Hutcheson street. 

Porter, John, & Co. Letters left at James Couper's, 12 Royal Exchange square. 
Porter, Joseph, spirit dealer, 75 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Porter, Michael R., surgeon, 101 Main street, Bridgeton. 
Porter, Peter, 23 Lynedoch street. 
Porter, Rev. S. T., 95 Montrose street. 
Port-Dundas Bottle Works, Port-Dundas. 
Port-Dundas Chemical Works, 128 Bishop street, Port-Dundas. 
Port-Dundas Distillery Company, Port-Dundas road. 
Port-Dundas Foundry Co., 112 Port-Dundas road. 
Port-Dundas Ink and Blacking Co., works, 84 Renfield street. 
Port-Dundas Pottery Company, 66 Bishop street, Port-Dundas. 
Port-Eglinton Spinning Company, worsted spinners, and carpet manufacturers, 51 

St. Vincent street, works, Port-Eglinton. 
Portland Colliery Office, 14 Jamaica street. 
Portland Iron Company, 14 Jamaica street. 
Port of London Marine Assurance Company. Borthwick, Morris, & Co., 17 Royal 

Exchange square, agents. 
Possil Colliery Office, 100 St. Vincent street. 
PosT-Office, 42 and 44 Glassford street. 

Post, Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer Office, 15 Turner's court. 
POTT, Mrs., 15 Claremont street. 

POTTER, Alexander, of Potter, Wilson, $• Co., house, 9 West Prince's street. 
Potter, Lewis, agent for "Dublin and Cork steamers and Liverpool traders, 28 St. 

Enoch square, house, Hopepark, Partick. 
Potter, Lewis, & Co., agents for Liverpool traders, 28 St. Enoch square. 
Potter, Wilson, & Co., merchants, 28 St. Enoch square. 
POWELL, Stephen, of Anderson $ Co., house, 6 Canning place. 
Powell, Thomas, teacher, Glasgow Normal Seminary. 
Powell, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 72 Wilson street. 
Powell, Mrs. G., 89 North Frederick street. 

POWER, Rev. Michael, Catholic clergyman, 38 Portugal street. 
POYNTER, John, chemist and drysalter, works, Milton street, Port-Dundas; Rum- 

ford street, Bridgeton ; and Shaws-water, Greenock ; office, 83 Jamaica street ; 

house, Newstead place, Govan road. 
Practical Mechanic's Journal, Wm. Johnson, C.E. and patent agent, editor, 166 

Buchanan street. 
PRENTICE, A. & W., smiths and cartwrights, 1 Germiston street, top of Buchanan st. 
Prentice, Alexander, of A. and W. Prentice, house, 194 West Nile street. 
Prentice, James, spirit dealer, 130 Saltmarket. 
Prentice, John, merchant, 120 Bath street. 

Prentice, William, of A. and W. Prentice, house, 10 Renfrew street. 
PRESCOTT, Rev. Thomas O., minister of the New Jerusalem Temple, 114 'West 

Nile street. 
PRESTON & M'Arthur, cordage and twine manufacturers, &c, Barrowiield Rope 

Work, 207 Dalmarnock road. 


PRIDE, David, wine and spirit merchant, 71 Clyde street, Anderston. 

PRIMROSE, Adam, of Primrose and Ross, house, 42 York street. 

Primrose, E. B., manufacturer, 86 Buchanan street. 

Primrose, P. & W., flour merchants, Madeira court, Argyll street. 

Primrose, P., of P. and W. Primrose, Sandyford, Partick road. 

Primrose & Ross, coppersmiths and brassfounders, 61 M'Alpine street, 

Primrose, Thomas, tinsmith and gasfitter, 9 New Bridge street, house, 4 Carlton 

Primrose, William, baker and flour dealer, 53 King street, Tradeston. 
Primrose, William, jun., head of Dundas street, Kingston. 
PRINCE, Simon, quill manufacturer, 109 Trongate, house, 49 Kent street. 
Prince's Theatre Royal, West Nile street and Buchanan street. E. Glover, manager. 
PRINGLE, Alexander, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 6 Gallowgate. 
Pringle, John, commission merchant, 87 Union street, house, 65 Bath street. 
Pringle, John, glass and china warehouse, 144 Argyll street, house, 71 Waterloo 

Pringle, Robert, tailor and clothier, 32 Argyll street. 
Pringle, W. S., M.D., surgeon, 121 Clarence place, Sauchiehall street. 
PRITCHARD, James, pattern designer, 51 Bridge street. 
Pritchard, J. & R., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 25 Queen street. 
Pilchard, William, M.D., Douglas street, Dumbarton road, Partick. 
PRITTY, Francis, engraver and lithographic printer, 36 Argyll arcade, first entry off 

Buchanan street, house, 43 Holmhead street. 
Procurator Fiscal for Lanarkshire, County buildings, Wilson st. G. Salmond, P. F. 

Procurator Fiscal for the City, office, City chambers. 

Procurator's Library, 13 John street. H, Blair, librarian. 

Professional Life Insurance Co. T. G. Jeffrey, 52 West Nile street, and C. Ru- 
therford, 21 Reufield street, agents. 

Promoter Life Assurance and Annuity Co. William Easton & Co., 77 Queen st., 
and John Paul, 108 Hutcheson street, agents. 

Property and Income Tax for the Eastern District of Dumbartonshire. Office, 40 
George square, Andrew Tennant, clerk. 

Property and Assessed Tax Office, 52 Virginia street. 

Protestant Dissenters' and General Life and Fire Assurance Co. of London. David 
Yuille, 40 Miller street, agent. 

PROUDFOOT, D. B., 35 Buchanan street. 

Proudfoot, Hew, glove and fur manufacturer, 172 Trongate. 

Proudfoot, Robert, victualler and provision merchant, 118 Candleriggs. 

Proudfoot, William, victualler and provision merchant, 152 Gallowgate. 

Proudfoot, Miss, 180 St. George's road. 

Proudfoot, Mrs., 72 Bath street. 

PROVAN, Andrew, nail manufacturer, 98 Port-Dundas road. 

Provan, David, nail maker, 87 Cowcaddens street. 

Provan, David, nail maker, 8 Bishop street, Anderston. 

Provan, David, hop merchant and grocer, 190 Argyll street. 

Provand, George, & Co., colour manufacturers, paint grinders, Roman cement and 
mastic manufacturers, 21 Great Clyde street, works, Rope-work lane. 

Provan, James, tobacconist, 24 Eglinton street. 

Provan, James, flesher, 27 George street, house, 23 do. 

Provan, James, hairdresser, 37 Trongate. 

Provan, John, spirit dealer, 33 Kirk street, Gorbals. 

Provan, M., at D. and A. Cuthbertson's, 110 Fife place, house, 14 Salisbury street. 

Provan, Miss Isabella, bandbox maker and mangier, 19 Brunswick place. 

Provan, Mrs., midwife and ladies' sick nurse, 4 Cameron place. 

Provanhall Coal Co., office, Depot St. Rollox, Townhead, 208 Castle street. 

Provident Life Office of London. Robert Gow, jun., agent, 71 Queen street. See 
Advertisement in Appendix. 

Provident Clerks' Mutual Benefit Association for Life Insurance and Annuities, 3 
West Nile street. Wm. L. M'Phun, agent. 

Prussian Vice-Consul, J. R. Lamb, 42 Hope street. 

Public Weighing-house, Bazaar. 

PULLAR, Charles J., ham and fish-curer and provision merchant, 1 and 5 Howard 


Pullar, Mrs., 313 Sauchiehall street. 

PURDIE, Alexander, spirit merchant, 280. Buchanan street. 

Purdie, James, spirit dealer, 27 Main street, Gorbals. 

Purdie, John, teacher of music and piano-forte tuner, and coal agent, 280 George 

PURDON, George, slater, 170 West Nile street. 

PURSEY, John, sheriff-officer and house-factor, 10 Stobcross street, Anderston. 
PURVES, John, accountant, Glasgow Gas Light Co.'s Office, 42 Virginia street. 
Purves, John, rope manufacturer, 120 London road, Bridgeton. 

Purves, N, agent, Western Bank of Scotland, 211 Cowcaddens street, house, 207 do. 
Purves, Miss, lodgings, 77 Montrose street. 

QrjARTER-Master's Office, 5 Great Hamilton street. D. M'Alpine, quarter-master. 

Queen's, the, Hotel, 70 George square, James M'Gregor. 

Queen's Tobacco warehouse, 5 York street. 

QUIGLEY, sheriff-officer and agent, 7 High street. 

QUIN, John, china and glass merchant, 16 Jail square. 

Quinn, Patrick, spirit dealer, 38 Dundas street. 

QUINNEY, John, Tontine tap-room, 34 Trongate. 


RAE, Alexander, at J. 4" W. Campbell cf 1 Co.'s, house, 144 West Campbell street. 

Rae, Archibald, grocer, 33 Cowcaddens street. 

Rae, Francis, & Son, hat and cap manufacturers, 1 Antigua place, Nelson street. 

Rae, Gavin, glazier and glass merchant, 35 Montrose street, house, G3 John street. 

Rae, James, spirit dealer, 118 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

Rae, James, at J. and W. Campbell 4~ Co.'s, house, Partick. 

Rae, John, custom-house and forwarding agent, Madeira court, 259 Argyll street, 
house, 1 Clifton Grove crescent. 

Rae, John, clothier and hatter, 46 Queen street, house, 8 South Apsley place. 

Rae, John, merchant, 39 Abbotsford place. 

Rae, John, spirit dealer, 184 Castle street. 

Rae, John, of M l Knight, Rae, # Co., house, 7 Stanhope street, 

Rae, Robert, secretary to the Scottish Temperance League, house, 1 Drummond pi. 

Rae, Thomas, grocer and victualler, 13 Canning street, Calton. 

Rae, Thomas, spirit dealer, 17 Crown street. 

Rae, Thomas, salt and whiting merchant, 120 Brunswick street, house, 38 St. An- 
drew square. 

Rae, Matthew, at Strang, Yuille, and Keyden, house, 425 Argyll street. 

Rae, William, wholesale and retail grocer and tea dealer, 459 Gallowgate, and 21 
Stevenson street, house, 4 Tobago street. 

Rae, Williams, & Co., produce brokers, &c, 31 Virginia street. 

RAEBURN, James, of Russell and Raeburn, house, Roseknowe, Hangingshaw. 

Raeburn, James, engineer and smith, 32 Anderston quay. 

Raeburn, Robert, victualler, 157 Main street, Gorbals. 

Raeburn, William, at J. and W. Campbell <$■ Co.'s, house, 48 Abbotsford place. 

RAILTON, George, auctioneer and valuer, and agent for the sale and purchase of 
furniture, 43 Buchanan street, house, 118 Argyll street. 

Rail ton, Hugh, writer, and member of Faculty of Procurators, Glasgow, 19 South 
Hanover street, house, Chatham place, Stirling's road. 

Railway Arms tavern, 16 Bridge street, Alexander Dewar. 

Railway Office, Garnkirk and Glasgow, St. Rollox, Townhead. 

Railway Office for General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour, 111 St. Vincent street. 

Railway Office, Paisley, Ayr, Greenock, &c, 14 Bridge street. 

Rainbow Hotel, 6 Bridge street, James Menzies. 

RAINEY, George W., ofRainey, Knox, $ Co., house, 10 Queen crescent. 

Rainy, Harry, M.D., professor of forensic medicine, 157 West George street. 

Rainey, Knox, & Co., agents, manufacturers, and merchants, 8 St. Vincent place. 

RAIT, D. C, goldsmith, 34 Buchanan street, house, 1 Newton place. 

RALSTON, David, of Ralston, Goodwin, § Co., house, Meadowbank place, Partick. 


Ralston, Goodwin, & Co., iron merchants, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. 

Ralston, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Ann street, Port-Duudas. 

Ralston, John, cook and confectioner, 41 Gallowgate. 

RAMAGE, David, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 57 Brunswick street. 

Ramage, David, of D. Ramage <f Co., house, 45 Buccleuch street. 

Ramage, Rev. William, of Campbell Street United Presbyterian Church, house, 43 
Cambridge street. 

RAMSAY, Alexander, house and sign painter, and dealer in paper-hangings and win- 
dow glass, 5 East Nile street, house, 98 Great Hamilton street. 

Ramsay, Andrew, clothier, 23 Hutcheson street, house, 102 Hospital street. 

Ramsay, B., dairyman and spirit dealer, 28 Park lane, Calton. 

Ramsay, George, porter, Royal Bank, house, Royal Bank buildings. 

Ramsay, George, copper and tinsmith, and gasfitter, 120 New City road. 

Ramsay, James, cartwright, 76 Rutherglen loan. 

Ramsay, James, agent for Robert Gray & Co., coal masters, 56 Broomielaw street. 

Ramsay, James, agent for J. & P. Cameron, general carriers, house, 1 Drummond 
place, City road. 

Ramsay, John, Port-Ellen Distillery, Islay. J. Richardson, jun., 31 Miller street 

Ramsay, John, shaftmaker, 50 Robertson street. 

Ramsaj', John, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Gr«me street. 

Ramsay, John, smith and machine-maker, 61 Nelson street, house, 60 Centre street . 

Ramsay, Nathaniel, at Sands and Herbertson's, 25 Gordon street. 

Ramsay, P., & Co., dyers and oil-cloth manufacturers, 19 Lancefield street. 

Ramsay, Syme, & Co., drysalters and commission merchants, 30 St. Enoch square. 

Ramsay, William, A.M., professor of humanity, College. 

Ramsay, William, general and furnishing ironmonger, brassfounder, tinsmith, gas- 
fitter, &c, 125 Argyll street, house, 127 do. 

Ramsay, William, engineer, 46 West George street, house, 2 Clifton street, Somer- 
set place. 

Ramsay, William, fiesher, 32 King street, house, 81 London street. 

Ramsay, Mrs., 2 Clifton street, Somerset place. 

Ramsay, Mrs., grocer, 85 Kirk street, Calton. 

Ramsay, Mrs., 16 Holland place. 

Ramsay, Mrs. John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 15 Macfarlane street. 

RANAHAN, Henry, teacher and factor, 11 Ferguson street. 

RANDOLPH, Charles, of Randolph, Elliott, $ Co., Kingston cottage, 11 Dundas 
street, Kingston. 

Randolph, Elliott, & Co., millwrights, engineers, and founders, 12 Centre street. 

RANKINE, A. & A., provision merchants, 292 Gallowgate, and 92 Kirk St., Calton. 

Ranken, Alexander, of Ranken, Smith, <$• Co., 81 St. Vincent street. 

Rankin & Co., calenderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 93 and 101 Glassford street, 
and 89 Ingram street. 

Ranken, Andrew, merchant, 81 St. Vincent street. 

Rankin, Bryce, chemist and druggist, 29 Adelphi street, house, 16 do. 

Rankin & Gray, carvers and gilders, 52 Gordon street. 

Rankin, Hugh, storekeeper, 9 Oswald street. 

Rankin, Hugh, of Kay, Findlay, cf' Co., house, 10 Sommerville place. 

Rankine, James, flesher, 146 West Campbell street, and l£ West Milton street. 

Rankin, James, tea dealer and general grocer, 140 and 142 South Portland street, 
house, 108 do. 

Rankine, James, ship-broker, 57 Buchanan street, house, 174 Stafford place, New 
City road. 

Rankin, James, carter and coal agent, New Dalmarnock road. 

Rankin, James, baker, 120 Great Hamilton street. 

Rankin, John, of Whyte and Rankin, house, 59 York street. 

Rankin, John, cabinetmaker, Upper Faulds, Little Govan. 

Rankin, John, wine and spirit merchant, 64 and 66 Broomielaw street. 

Rankin, John, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Greenvale street. 

Rankin, John, of Guild, Rankin, cf Co., house, Maule terrace, Partick. 

Rankin, Jonathan, of Douglas and Rankin, house, 35 Elmbank crescent. 

Ranken, Robert, grocer and tea merchant, 50 Howard street, house, 21 Waterloo pi., 


Rankin, Robert, flesher, 137 "West Campbell street, house, 134 Renfrew street. 
Rankin, Robert, of Rankin $■ Co., house, 123 Grafton terrace, North John street. 
Ranken, Smith, & Co., New- York merchants, 81 St. Vincent street. 
Rankin, Thomas, painter, 68 Sauchiehall street. 

Rankin, Thomas, painter, paper-hanger, and colour merchant, 64 George street. 
Rankin, William, printer, 62 Argyll street. 

Rankin, William, stationer and account-book manufacturer, 54 Argyll street. 
Rankin, William, 9 Monkland street, Townhead. 

Rankin, Mrs. David, poulterer, 59 St. George's place, house, 48 Holmhead street. 
Rankin, Mrs. Dr., 103 Cumberland street" Laurieston. 
Rankin, Mrs. John, 96 North Hanover street. 

Ranken, Mrs. William, ladies' nurse, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square. 
Rankin, Mrs. William, victualler, 60 Great Hamilton street. ' 
Rankin, Mrs., 25 Newton place. 

RASTRICK, M., and Colquhoun, green grocers, 159 Sauchiehall street. 
RATCLIFFE, Michael, tailor, 14 Oxford street. 

RATTRAY, Charles, bookbinder, stationer, and librarian, 470 Argyll street. 
Rattray, David, sacking and packsheet warehouse, 6 Wilson street, hemp-store be- 
low St. James's Free Church. 
Rattray, David, warehouseman, 19 Nelson street, house, 16 Adelphi street. 
Rattray, James, surgeon and lecturer on botany, 157 High street. 
Rattray, James, bookseller and stationer, 86 Trongate, residence, Gilmour place, 41 

London street. 
Rattray, John, plumber and gas-fitter, 104 Renfield street, house, 35 Renfrew street. 
Rattray, John, flax merchant and thread manufacturer, 2 St. Andrew square. 
Rattray, Mrs. Patrick, milliner, 4 Bath street. 

Raavyards Smithy Coal Office, coalmasters, 2 Railway Depot, St. Rollox. 
READMAN, George, treasurer of the Clyde Trustees, 16 Robertson street, house, 

Clyde bank, Yokcr. 
Readman, Robert, cashier of the Forth and Clyde Navigation Canal, office, Port- 
Dundas, residence, Hill House, Gamgadhill. 

Readman, William, corn commission agent, granaries, 93 Alston street and Port- 
Dundas, office, 45 Union street. 

REDDIE, Charles, writer, 4 Moore place, 146 West George street, house, 158 St. 
Vincent street. 

Reddie, James, advocate, first town clerk, City Chambers, house, 12 Blythswood sq. 

Reddoch, Robert, house factor, 3 Main's street. 

REDHEAD, Thomas, steamboat proprietor, 42 Broomielaw, house, 3 Morrison St. 

REDPATH, William, porter, British Linen Co.'s Bank, house, 8 Eallermont street. 

REE, Hermann P., & Co., merchants, 82 St. Vincent street. 

REEVE, John C, commission merchant, 57 Miller street, house, Thornbank Cottage, 

Reformer's Gazette Office, 75 Argyll street. 

REIACH, James, 42 St. Andrew square. 

REICHMANN, D., ofBunge and Reichmann, Swedish and Norwegian Vice-consul, 
103 St. Vincent street, house, 104 Peel terrace. 

REID, Adam, of John Loudon cj- Co.'s, 68 St. Vincent street. 

Reid, Alexander, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 26 Bridge street. 

Reid, Alexander, teacher, Tion Parish and Bell's School, 71 Prince's street. 

Reid, Alexander, & Co., manufacturers, 237 George street. 

Reid, Alexander, dyer, 49 Ingram street, residence, Hillock House, Long Govan. 

Reid, Alexander, general grocer, 146 Canning street, Calton. 

Reid, A., & Co., stockbrokers, 73 St. Vincent street. 

Reid, Andrew, M.D., 95 South Portland street. 

Reid, A., writer, agent for the Medical, Invalid, and General Life Assurance Co., and 
of A. Reid $ Co., stockbrokers, 73 St. Vincent street, house, 261 Brandon place. 

Reid, Andrew Paterson, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 58 Buchanan st. 

Reid, Andrew Paterson, Belgian Consul, consulate, 58 Buchanan street, house, Clare- 
mont street. 

Reid, Andrew, Glasgow Eastern Necropolis, house, 68 Canning street. 

Reid, Andrew, joiner and builder, 279 Parliamentary road, house, 283 do. 

Reid, Andrew, agent for the Western Bank, Calton, Western Bank buildings, 70 
Canning street, Calton. 


Reid, Archibald, merchant, 12 Washington street, house, 16 Woodside place. 

Reid, A., Ayrshire Dairy, 29 Bridge street. 

Reid and Bell, merchants and produce brokers, 45 Miller street. 

Reid, Charles, baker, 68 Carrick street. 

Reid and Colville, distillers, Campbelton, office, 48 Gordon street. 

Reid, Daniel, goods manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, ho., 48 Dundas St. 

Reid and Garrick, silversmiths, 28 St. Enoch's wyud, 

Reid, David, 18 Renfrew street. 

Reid, D. and J., merchants, 21 Bath street. 

Reid, David, of D. and J. Reid, house, 21 Bath street. 

Reid, David, tea and spirit merchant, 47 South Coburg street: 

Reid and Dennistoun, commission merchants, 46 West George street. 

Reid, George, patent grease manufacturer, and oil and tallow merchant, 31 Little 

Reid, Gordon, miller, Subdean Grain Mills, Ladywell street. 

Reid, Henry, furnishing ironmonger, tinsmith, gasfltter, and pewterer, 171 Trongate. 
Reid, Henry, beadle, 11 John street, Bridgeton. 
Reid, J. and E., stationers, 41 Argyll street, house, 2 Fife place. 
Reid, Rev. James S., D.D., professor of church history, College. 
Reid, J., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 26 Reufield street. 
Reid, James, merchant, 97 Fife place. 
Reid, James, bookseller, stationer, account-book manufacturer, and news agent, 124 

Queen street. 
Reid, James, teacher of mathematics, 13 Carnarvon street. 
Reid, James, sub- manager, Union Bank of Scotland, house, Ingram place. 
Reid, James, of John Steioart <f Co., iron merchants, house, 2 Fife place. 
Reid, James, of Reid and Whiteman, house, Wellfield, Springburn. 
Reid, James, furnishing ironmonger, tinplate-worker, gasfltter, and pewterer, 73 

Argyll street. 
Reid, James, commercial traveller, 122 South Portland street. 
Reid, James, grain dealer, 8 Duke street. 
Reid, James, & Co., manufacturers, 79 Bell street. 
Reid, Rev. James W., 95 South Portland street. 
Reid, John, of Reid and Dennistoun, house, Whitehill. 
Reid, John C, accountant, Prince's court. 
Reid, J. C, 180 Hope street. 

Reid, John Paterson, 19 Claremont street, Royal terrace. 
Reid, John M., sponge and india-rubber merchant, 63 Glassford street. 
Reid, John, wright and packing-box maker, 158 East Milton street. 
Reid, John, at James M'Kenzie tf Co.'s, 60 Stockwell street. 
Reid, John, baker, 25 Castle street. 
Reid, John, jun., of Reid and Bell, house, 5 Eldon place, 

Reid, John, sen., agent for the Northern Fire and Life Assurance Co., 21 Bath street. 
Reid, Rev. John, Chaplain of the Glasgow Prisons, house, 98 South Portland street. 
Reid, John, jun., of D. and J. Reid, house, Cumberland street, Queen's terrace. 
Reid, John, wine and spirit merchant, 219 High street. 
Reid, John, chemist and druggist, 17 Bridge street, house, 13 do. 
Reid, John, hairdresser, perfumer, and peruke-maker, 36 Stockwell st., house, 47 do. 
Reid, John Eaton, writer and notary public, 20 Buchanan street, house, 18 Kingston 

Reid, John, French burr millstone builder, 160 Main street, Anderston. 
Reid, John, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street. 
Reid, John, surgeon, 58 North Hanover street. 
Reid, John, turner and locksmith, 12 Nicholas street. 

Reid, John, of John Currie § Co., house, 180 Springhill place, St. George's road. 
Reid, John Robertson, 36 Argyll arcade, house, Gallowflat, by Rutherglen. 
Reid, Joseph, of Reid and Murray, house, 180 West Regent street. 
Reid, Kennedy, manager, at A. Brown cf Co.'s, works, Commercial road, house, 74 

South Wellington street. 
-Reid & Leitch, manufacturers, 43 Queen street. 

Reid & Murray, commission merchants, New York Packet Office, 62 Jamaica street. 
Reid, Patrick Robertson, 36 Argyll arcade, house, Springhall, by Rutherglen. 
Reid, Peter, distiller and agent, 48 Gordon street. 


Eeid, Peter, of James Templeton fy Co., house, 1 Elmbank place. 

Eeid, Peter, messenger, National Bank of Scotland, house, 79 Waterloo street. 

Eeid, Eobert, grocer and spirit dealer, 103 Glebe street. 

Eeid, Eobert, 18 Kingston place. 

Eeid, Eobert, of the Post Office, house, 115 Eottenrow street. 

Eeid, Eobert, of Eeid and Towers, residence, 21 Monteith row. 

Eeid, Eobert, brick -builder, 172 Hospital street. 

Eeid, Eobert & James, grocers and tea dealers, 221 and 223 Cowcaddens street, 
house, 129 Cambridge street. 

Eeid, Eobert, of Reid and Leitch, residence, 6 South Apsley place. 

Eeid, Eobert V., of Henry Monteith (f Co., house, 34 Lynedoch street. 

Eeid, Eev. S. W., 1 Drummond place. 

Eeid, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, and account-book manufacturer, 36 Glassford 
street, house, 9 South Apsley place. 

Eeid, Thomas, clerk, P. 0., house, 21 Castle street. 

Eeid & Towers, writers, 9 George square. 

Eeid & Whiteman, power-loom cloth manufacturers and calico-printers, 84 St. Yincent 

Eeid, W. W. W., of Reid and Whiteman, 84 St. Yincent street. 

Eeid, William, plumber and lead merchant, 41 Miller street, house, 101 West George 

Eeid, William, surgeon, 148 Canning street, house, Western Bank buildings, do. 

Eeid, William, of Twaddle and Reid, house, 20 Main street, Blythswood Holm. 

Eeid, William, of Robertson and Reid, house, Aitken place, 448 Argyll street. 

Eeid, William, storekeeper, Canal bank, Port-Dundas. 

Eeid, William, baker, 31 Catherine street, Anderston. 

Eeid, William, spirit dealer, 75 Saltmarket street. 

Eeid, Miss E., green grocer, 31 Bedford street. 

Eeid, Janet, milliner and dressmaker, 17 Oxford street. 

Eeid, Mrs. John, milliner and straw-hat maker, 78 Govan street. 

Eeid, Mrs. John, 36 Dalhousie street. 

Eeid, Mrs., matron, Town's hospital, Parliamentary road. 

Eeid, Mrs., 61 West Waterloo street. 

Eeid, Mrs., grocer and fruiterer, 284 Buchanan street. 

EEILLY, Allan, spirit dealer, 6 and 8 Merchant lane. 

Eeilly, Hugh, baker, 103 Bridgegate street. 

EELiGiorjs Institution Eooms, 12 South Hanover street. John M'Callum, manager. 

EENDALL, George, M.D., surgeon, 106 George street. 

EENFEEW, Alexander, of Renfrew and Sinclair, house, 41 North Albion street. 

Eenfrew, Andrew, & Co., thread manufacturers and cotton-yarn twisters, 5 Mon- 
trose street. 

Eenfrew, Andrew, of Andrew Renfrew 4" Co., house, 141 George street. 

Eenfrew, Eobert, smith, bell-hanger, and gas-fitter, 88 High John street, and 9 
Cambridge lane, house, 2 North Albion court. 

Eenfrew, E., medical hall, 45 Garscube road. 

Eenfrew, Eobert, of Parnie and Renfrew, house, 40 M' Alpine street. 

Eenfrew & Sinclair, wadding and girth manufacturers and cotton-yarn twisters, 5 
Montrose street. 

Eenfrew, Mrs. John, 2 North Albion court. 

EENNlE & Cameron, wine and spirit dealers, 171 High street. 

Eennie, Gilbert, spirit dealer, 3 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Eennie, James, spirit dealer, 30 Maxwell street. 

Eennie, John, glass merchant, 368 Gallowgate, house, 22 Sidney street. 

Eennie, John, mason and builder, 123 Grafton terrace, North John street. 

Eennie, John, Old Victualling and Baking Society, 98 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Eennie, William, saddler, 188 Main street, Gorbals. 

Eennie, Mrs., furnishings, 156 Hope street. 

EENNISON, James, plumber, 44 Trongate. 

Eennison, Thomas, tavern keeper, 106 Gallowgate. 

Eennison, William, writer, and agent for the North of England Fire and Life Insur- 
ance Co., 20 Buchanan street, house, 16 Cumberland place, Laurieston. 
Eenison, William, & Co., plumbers and zinc workers, 93 Union street, house, 45 
Eglinton street. . 


RENTON, George, Union Bank, 15 Trongate, residence, 40 Abbotsford place. 
Renton, James, & Co., plasterers, 74 Eglinton street. 
Renton, John, plasterer, 7 Carlton court, house, 45 Eglinton street. 
Renton, John, carver and gilder, 102 Stockwell street. 

RENWICK & Alexander, tea and spice merchants and commission agents, 35 Vir- 
ginia street. 
Ren wick, James, grocer and victualler, 9 Thomson's lane, Marlborough street. 
Ren-wick, John, writer, 140 George street. 
Renwick, Robert, & Co., spirit merchants, 154 Eglinton street. 
Renwick, Thomas, of Renwick and Alexander, house, Salter's croft, Govan. 
Renwick, William, of Laurie and Renwick, house, 119 Montrose street. 
Renwick & Gray, milliners and dressmakers, 82 West Nile street. 
RHIND, Henry, accountant, 87 Union street. 
Rhind, Henry, insurance broker, agent for the London Assurance Corporation, 87 

Union street. 
Rhind, Thomas, metal broker and commission merchant, 111 St. Vincent street, 

house, 34 Abbotsford place. 
RHODES, Mrs., lodgings, 241 Buchanan street. 
RICHARD, Thomas, commission agent, 23 Virginia street. 
RICHARDSON, Alexander, provision merchant, 98 Canning street, Calton. 
Richardson & Barr, muslin manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street. 
Richardson, Bruce, of Richardson, Dennistoun, <$• Co., house, Ibroxholm. 
Richardson, Dennistoun, & Co., merchants, 53 Virginia street. 
Richardson, George, printer to the University, 35 Miller street. 
Richardson, James, of James Richardson tf Co., house, Ralston, near Paisley. 
Richardson, James, & Co., merchants, 89 Wilson street. 
Richardson, James, jun., agent, 31 Miller street, house, at Mrs. Arnotfs, 1 Crescent 

Richardson, J. R., wine merchant, 21 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Richardson, John, baker, 290 Buchanan street. 
Richardson, Robert, of Roxburgh, Richardson, cj' Co. 
Richardson, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 88 Parliamentary road. 
Richardson, Robert, draper and clothier, 95 Glebe street. 
Richardson, Thomas, of James Richardson § Co., house, 6 Woodside crescent. 
Richardson, William, spirit dealer, 336 Gallowgate. 
RICHMOND, Charteris, grocer, 147 Saltmarket street. 
Richmond, George, teller, Royal Bank, house, Inch view, Partick. 
Richmond, George, jun., of Richmond, Smith, 4' Co., house, Maule terrace, Partick. 
Richmond, James, & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and Venetian blind makers, 57 
Buchanan street; cabinet workshops, 100 Renfrew street; Venetian blind 
factory, do. 

Richmond, James, tinsmith and gasfitter, 14 Great Hamilton street, house, 92 do. 
Richmond, James, of James Richmond cf Co., house, 300 Sauchiehall street. 
Richmond, John, accountant and insurance agent, 8 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan 
street, house, 48 Brougham place. 

Richmond, John, dairyman, 115 Stockwell street, house, 87 do. 

Richmond, Robert, victualler, 340 Gallowgate. 

Richmond, Robert, at James Richmond 4 Co.'s, house, 48 Brougham place, Renfrew 

Richmond, Smith, & Co., commission merchants and storekeepers, 43 Howard street. 

Richmond, Thomas, general agent, 12 Stirling square. Cut-nail and ironmongery 
store, 14 North Albion street. 

Richmond, Thomas, manufacturer, 94 Miller street. 

Richmond, William, jun., & Co., warehousemen, 22 Argyll street. 

Richmond, William, & Co., warehousemen, Canada court, 78 Queen street. 

Richmond, "William, of William Richmond $~ Co., house, Queen's terrace. 

Richmond, William, of William Richmond, jun., §• Co., house, Ballochmill. 

Richmond, Miss, lodgings, 29 Hutcheson street. 

RIDDELL, David, baker, 412 Duke street. 

Riddell, James, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 43 West Nile street, house, 299 Par- 
liamentary road. 

Riddell, John, clothier, 339 High street. 

Riddell, John, victualler and hay-dealer, 446 Gallowgate. 


Riddell, John, carter and dairyman, 43 Deanside lane. 

Riddell, Matthew, spirit dealer, 86 Great Hamilton street. 

Riddell, Matthew, spirit dealer, 380 Gallowgate. 

Riddell, Matthew, carter and coal agent, 37 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Riddell, Patrick, spirit dealer, 185 Eglinton street. 

Riddell & Watson, bed-cover manufacturers, 100 George street, and 106 Stirling's rd. 

Riddell, William, egg and butter merchant, 50 Tobago street. 

Riddell, William, egg and butter merchant, ham-curer, dealer in poultry, feathers, 
&c, 8 Great Clyde street, and 9 Park place, house, 132 Stockwell street. 

Riddell, William, contractor and grocer, 90 Castle street. 

Riddell, William, agent and manufacturer, 9 Melville court, 132 Trongate. 

RIGG, Alexander, Eagle tavern and chop-house, 49 Broom ielaw. 

Rigg, Archibald, of Isaac Rigg (j - Son, house, Greenbank, Pollockshaws. 

Rigg, Isaac, & Son, glass and china warehouse, 55 Buchanan street. 

RINTOUL, Alexander, tanner, 17 Burnside lane, Duke street, house, 5 Whitevale. 

Rintoul, Andrew and Peter, commission merchants, 10 Stirling square, bonded and 
free stores, York street. 

Rintoul, Robert, of A. 8; P. Rintoul, house, 7 West Prince's street. 

Rintoul, William J., 10 Ure place, Montrose street. 

RISK, Allan, grocer and provision merchant, 49 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Risk, Andrew, surgeon, 3 Columbia place. 

Risk, Charles, of J. cf- C. Risk, house, 44 Windsor terrace, off St. George's road. 

Risk, John, of J. cf C. Risk, house, Hamilton crescent, Partickhill. 

Risk, John & Charles, merchants, 108 Fife place, West George street. 

Risk, Moses, distiller, Mile-end, house, 4 Broad street, Mile-end. 

Risk, Mrs., 12 Pollock street, Paisley road. 

Risk, Mrs. H., spirit dealer, 49 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

RITCHIE, Alexander, at James Gourlay's. 

Ritchie, Charles, M.D., 110 Bath street. 

Ritchie, Daniel, grocer and house factor, 128 Main street, Anderston, 

Ritchie, David, of James Ritchie $ Co., house, 135 Wellington street. 

Ritchie, David, iron-founder, grate-maker, &c, 22 Buchan street, Gorbals, counting- 
house, 23 Nicholson street. 

Ritchie, David, Albion hotel and tavern, 74 Argyll street. 

Ritchie, David, boot and shoe manufacturer, 16 South St. Mungo street. 

Ritchie, Hugh, contractor, 108 Dale street, Tradeston. 

Ritchie, James, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 31 Stockwell street. 

Ritchie, James, writer, 52 West Nile street, house, 15 Royal terrace. 

Ritchie, James, engineer, manager, and secretary, Glasgow Gas Works, and 42 Vir- 
ginia street, house, 41 Weaver street. 

Ritchie, John, teacher of English, Elocution, and French, 101 South Portland street. 

Ritchie, John, of Ritchie and Murdoch, house, 4 Mansfield place. 

Ritchie, John, provision merchant and general grocer, 113 George street. 

Ritchie, John, commercial traveller, 99 Cumberland street. 

Ritchie & M'Cormick, commission merchants, 26 South Hanover street. 

Ritchie & Murdoch, cotton-brokers, and agents for Royal Exchange Assurance Co., 
145 Ingram street. 

Ritchie, Thomas, of Ritchie and APCormick, 26 South Hanover street. 

Ritchie, Thomas L., portrait-painter, 51 Bath street. 

Ritchie, William, jun., hosier and glover, 46 Argyll arcade. 

Ritchie, William, of James Ritchie cj Co., house, 116 West Regent street. 

Ritchie, William, victualler and spirit merchant, 133 Saltmarket. 

Ritchie, William, of Andrew Anderson, Fordyce, $ Co., house, 7 Brighton place, New 
City road. 

Ritchie, William, 184 Victoria place, Crown street, Hutchesontown. 

Ritchie, Mrs., 116 West Regent street. 

Ritchie, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 89 Trongate. 

RIVA, J. and M., looking-glass manufacturers, carvers, and gilders, 147 High st. 

ROBB, Alexander, spirit dealer, 114 King street. 

Robb, Alexander, surgeon, 26 Clyde street, Calton. 

Robb, David, wine and spirit merchant, 37 North street, Anderston. 

Robb, Daniel, hay dealer and victualler, 7 Washington street. 

Robb, George, M.R.C.V.S., 83 Hope street, house, 135 do. 


Robb, George, of Robert Knox, jun., <$■ Co., house, 70 Abbotsford place. 

Robb, James, and Sons, Wrights and house-factors, 122 Saltmarket. 

Robb, James, sen., of James Robb and Sons, house, 103 Crown street. 

Robb, James, jun., of James Robb and Sons, house, 9 St. Andrew square. 

Robb, J. and C., Kilmarnock and Dumfries carriers, 102 Brunswick street. 

Robb, John, timber merchant, 37 Paterson street, Kingston. 

Robb, John, & Co., Tradeston Saw Mills, Scotland street, Tradeston. 

Robb, Thomas, broker, 50 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Robb, William, sheriff-officer, 42 Maitland street, Cowcaddens. 

Robb, W., Cumnock, Sanquhar, and Dumfries carrier, 102 Brunswick street, 

Robb, Mrs., 9 South Apsley place. 

ROBERTS, Henry B., gentlemen's sick nurse, 93 Cadogan street. 

Roberts, John, ham-curer, 12 Wilson street. 

Roberts, W. D., & Co., merchants, 68 St. Vincent street, 

Roberts, Wm. D'Esterre, of W. D. Roberts cf 1 Co., house, 10 Sandy ford place. 

Roberts, Mrs. John, of Gilmour and Roberts, house, 142 Port-Dundas road. 

ROBERTON, Andrew, agent for the Eastern Necropolis, house, 3 Macneil street. 

Roberton, James, spirit dealer, 447 Gallowgate. 

Roberton, James, of Roberton and Wilson, house, 212 Main street, Gorbals. 

Roberton, James, of Wm. Roberton <$■ Co., 71 Virginia street, house, 286 Renfrew St. 

Roberton, John, of Maitland and Roberton, house, 60 North Frederick street. 

Roberton & Purves, provision merchants, 113 Main street, Anderston. 

Roberton, R. D., of Robert Cowan cf Co., house, 4 Roj'al terrace. 

Roberton, S., commission agent, 435 Argyll street. 

Roberton, W., house and land agent, 11 West Nile street. 

Roberton, William, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 71 Virginia street, 

Roberton, "W., & Co., wholesale tea dealers and grocers, 27, 29, and 31 Candleriggs. 

Roberton, William, of W. Roberton cj - Co., residence, Netkerfield house, Duke street. 

Roberton, William, of W. Roberton tf' Co., 71 Virginia street, house, 67 West Nile 

Roberton & Wilson, iron founders, Gorbals Foundry, 206 Main street, Gorbals. 
ROBERTSON, Alex., wine and spirit merchant. 74 Gallowgate. 
Robertson, Alex. P., tinsmith and gas-fitter, 76 Slain street, Anderston. 
Robertson, Alexander, of A. Robertson and Son, house, 22 Warwick street. 
Robertson, A., & Son, shawl manufacturers, 120 Brunswick street. 
Robertson, Alexander, of John Robertson and Sons, house, 15 Woodside place. 
Robertson, Alexander, flesher, 45 Stobcross street. 
Robertson, Andrew, cloth-cutter, 85 Candleriggs, and 100 Brunswick street, house, 

23 Taylor street. 
Robertson, A. & W., woollen drapers, 159 Trongate. 

Robertson, Andrew, of A. Robertson and Son, house, 100 Upper Crown street. 
Robertson, Andrew, of Tannahill and Robertson, house, 242 West George street. 
Robertson, Andrew, of A. and W. Robertson, house, 93 London street. 
Robertson, Archibald, of Robertson and IPKenzie, house, 21 Lynedoch street. 
Robertson, A. D., portrait-painter, 48 Dundas street. 
Robertson, A., clothier, 410 Argyll street. 
Robertson & Co., ropemakers, 512 Gallowgate. 
Robertson, Daniel, goldsmith and watchmaker, 18 Argyll arcade. 
Robertson, David, commission merchant, 76 Wilson street, house, 2 Chatham place, 

off Stirling's road. 
Robertson, David, piano-forte maker, office and house, 75 Renfield street ; workshops, 

Stirling street, Port-Dundas. 
Robertson, David, bookseller to her Majesty, 188 Trongate, house, 51 North Hano- 
ver street. 
Robertson, David, house-factor and pack-sheet merchant, 118 South Albion street, 

house, 119 George street. 
Robertson, David, tool-merchant, 27 Bell street. 

Robertson, Donald, Robertson's Arms tavern and lodgings, 85 Trongate. 
Robertsons & Eddie, coal-masters, Kip Byre Colliery, office, 32 St. Enoch square. 
Robertson, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 126 Broomielaw, and 4 York street, 

house, 2 York street. 
Robertson, George, M.D., consulting-rooms, 52 Glassford St., house, 203 Buchanan 



Eobertson, Edward, miniature-painter, 26 Eose street, near Blythswood square. 
Eobertson, George, & Co., bolt, screw, and rivet manufacturers, 38 Bridge street, 

office, 12 Oswald street. 
Eobertson, George, of Robertson and Lister, house, 10 Coburg street. 
Eobertson, George, coal-master, 155 Saucliiehall street. 

Eobertson, George, lead-merchant, commission agent, and bolt-screw and rivet- 
maker, 12 Oswald street, house, 108 South Portland street. 
Eobertson, George, cowfeeder and carter, 17 Cumberland lane. 
Eobertson, George, flesher, 16 Eglinton street. 
Eobertson & Hood, manufacturers, 1 14 Candleriggs. 
Eobertson, Hugh, of Gartloch, 233 St. Vincent street. 

Eobertson, Hugh, jun., of Hutchison and Robertson, house, Barlanark, by Shettleston. 
Eobertson, James, of Murray 6f Co., house, 24 Eichmond street. 
Eobertson, James D., merchant, 135 Buchanan street, residence, 1 Brandon place. 
Eobertson, James J., & Co., merchants, 76 Queen street. 
Eobertson, James, commission merchant, 8 Ingram street. 
Eobertson, James, at Alexander Brown § Co?s, house, 13 Queen's terrace. 
Eobertson, James, salesman, 8 East Clyde street. 
Eobertson, James, architect, 49 West George street. 

Eobertson, James, professor of English and Geography, Andersonian University. 
Eobertson, James, horse and common nail maker, 33 King street, Tradeston. 
Eobertson, James, miniature-painter, 77 West Nile street. 
Eobertson, James, milliner and straw-hat maker, 71 Govan street. 
Eobertson, James H., of the Glasgow Iron Co., house, Mulberrybank, Sandyford. 
Eobert3on, James, agent, British Linen Co.'s Bank, house, 1 38 Ingram street. 
Eobertson, James, milliner, 158 Argyll street, house, 239 do. 
Eobertsdn, James, sewed-muslin manufacturer, 18 South Frederick street, 
Eobertson, James, merchant, 1 Royal crescent. 

Eobertson, J. & W., lithographers, engravers, and embossers, 20 Hutcheson street. 
Eobertson, J. C, grocer and provision merchant, 258 George street. 
Eobertson, John, spirit dealer, 36 Bridge street. 

Eobertson, John, & Sons, sewed-muslin manufacturers, 85 Queen street. 
Eobertson, John, 15 Woodside place. 
Eobertson, John, English, French, and German basket and fancy toy warehouse, 39 

and 40 Argyll arcade, house, 230 Argyll street. 
Eobertson, John, cutlery, gun, and dressing-case warehouse, 31 and 32 Argyll arcade, 

workshop, 28 St. Enoch's wynd. 
Eobertson, John, spirit dealer, Eoseneath cottage, Paisley road. 
Eobertson, John, H.M. Customs, house, 1 Albert place, Kingston. 
Eobertsons, J., Berlin wool and general fancy warehouse, 27 Argyll arcade. 
Eobertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 347 High street, house, 31 Duke street. 
Eobertson, John, victualler, 30 Bell street. 
Eobertson, John, merchant, 10 Holland place. 
Eobertson, John, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, Ladeside mill, Eothesay, 

counting-house, 7 South Hanover street. 
Eobertson, John, surgeon, 188 Broomielaw street. 
Eobertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 377 Argyll street. 
Eobertson, John, calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, Springfield court, house, 54 

West Begent street. 
Eobertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 86 Union street. 
Eobertson, John, of Robertson and M l Eivan, house, 2 Clyde terrace. 
Eobertson, John, wholesale and retail chemist and druggist, 84 Queen street, house, 

5 Bath street. 
Eobertson, John, house and Lesmahagow gas-coal agent, 10 Wood lane, Broomielaw. 
Eobertson, John, merchant and general agent, 9 Turner's court, house, 68 Buc- 

cleuch street. 
Eobertson, John, of Robertson and Macqueen, house, Carntyne House. 
Eobertson, John, of Robertson and Reid, house, 31 Anderston quay. 
Eobertson, John, bougie and catheter-maker, 16 Carrick street. 
Robertson, John, teacher, Free St. Matthew's, Anderston, residence, 119 Murray pi,, 

New City road. 
Eobertson, Laurence, cashier, Eoyal Bank, house, 2 Claremont terrace. 
^Eobertson, Laurence, of McDonald and Robertson, house, 23 Oswald street. 


Robertson & Lister, smiths, engineers, millwrights, and iron-roof constructors, &c, 
Victoria works, 79 Mitchell street. 

Robertson & M'Dougall, glass, china, hardware, toy dealers, and basket and brush 
importers, 8, 10, 12, and 14 Jail square. 

Robertson & M'Ewan, straw-bonnet manufacturers, ribbons, flowers, laces, &c, 42 
Argyll street. 

Robertson & Mackenzie, brokers and commission merchants, Virginia buildings. 

Robertson & Macqueen, iron and tin-plate merchants, Melville place, 132 Trongate. 

Robertson, Neil, brassfounder, 13 Norfolk court, Norfolk street. 

Robertson, Patrick, & Co , 14 Miller street, bonded and free warehouse, Oswald st. 

Robertson, Patrick, of Slater and Bobertson, and Patrick Robertson $ Co., house, 1 
Fitzroy place. 

Robertson, Peter, at Lancefield Foundry, house, 12 Douglas street. 

Robertson, Peter, 2 York street- 
Robertson & Reid, plumbers and lead merchants, Hyde Park corner. 

Robertson, Richard, Lloyd's surveyor of shipping, 7 Royal Exchange, house, 9 Green- 
law place. 

Robertson, R. & J., hat and cap manufacturers, 64 Hutcheson street. 

Robertson, Robert, carter, 78 M' Alpine street. 

Robertson, Robert, & Co., oil and colour merchants, 12 Hutcheson street. 

Robertson, Robert, of Wm. cf Robert Robertson, house, 9 Royal terrace. 

Robertson, Robert, commission merchant and produce broker, 40 Union street, house, 
22 Abbotsford place. 

Robertson, Robert, of Robertson <f Co., house, 502 Gallowgate. 

Robertson, Robert Strang, of John Black if Co., residence, 233 St. Vincent street. 

Robertson & Scott, contractors and causewayers, 30 Parkhouse lane. 

Robertson, Thomas, corn and flour factor, 16 Hope street, house, 313 Sauchiehall rd. 

Robertson, Thomas, flesher, 148 Main street, Gorbals. 

Robertson, Thomas, of Ferguson, Anderson, fy Co., house, 68 "West Regent street. 

Robertson, William, agent, City of Glasgow Bank Branch, and for Yorkshire Fire 
Insurance Co., and Standard Life Assurance Co., 31 Trongate, house, 125 North 
Montrose street. 

Robertson, William, collector of Barony Parish Poors' Rates, 52 West Nile street. 

Robertson, William, jun., wright and builder, 16 Greenhill street. 

Robertson, William, of A. tf W. Robertson, house, 8 South St. Mungo street. 

Robertson, William, of J. Robertson and Sons, house, 12 Albany place. 

Robertson, William, of Wm. <f Robert Bobertson, house, 7 Mansfield place. 

Robertson, William, saddler, 8 Glassford street, house, 138 Stirling's road. 

Robertson, William, tailor and clothier, 3 John street lane, Bridgeton. 

Robertson, William, & Son, clothiers and hatters, 2 St. Vincent place, house, 49 Ren- 
field street. 

Robertson, W, & R., general warehousemen, 126 and 128 Trongate. 

Robertson, "William, wine and spirit merchant, 7 and 9 "West Nile street, house, 99 
Montrose street. 

Robertson, William, Summerhall Brewery, Edinburgh. Kilpatrick and M'Donald, 
34 George square, agents. 

Robertson, William, civil and mining engineer, 37 West George street. 

Robertson, "William, superintendent of Southern Necropolis, house, Stewart's land, 
Little Govan, Rutherglen road. 

Robertson, William, wright and builder, 16 Greenhill street. 

Robertson, William and Robert, grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 205 Argyll street, 
and 9 Union street. 

Robertson, Miss, 46 Victoria place, Buccleuch street. 

Robertson, Miss, 136 Renfrew street. 

Robertson, Miss, milliner and furrier, 98 St. Vincent street. 

Robertson, Misses, stay and children's dress makers, 109 "West George street. 

Robertson, Mrs. D., 26 Robertson street. 

Robertson, Mrs. Duncan, spirit dealer, 304 Argyll street. 

Robertson, Mrs., 13 Queen's terrace. 

Robertson, Mrs., victualling house, 57 Main street, Gorbals. 

Robertson, Mrs. James, Mulberrybank, Sandyford. 

Robertson, Mrs. James, musical instrument repairer, 12 Brunswick place. 

Robertson, Mrs. John, Sir John Moore tavern, 7 George square. 

. o 2 


Robertson, Mrs. Thomas, flesher, 3 Mutton market, King street. 
Robertson, Mrs. Dr., 252 Brandon place, West George street. 
ROBIN, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 112 and 114 Stockwell street. 
Robin, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 30 Maitland street. 
Robin, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 42 King street, Tradeston. 
Robert, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 464 Gallowgate. 
Robin, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 45 Charlotte street. 

Robin, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 111 George street, house, 18 North Albion st. 
ROBINOW and Marjoribanks, iron, grain, and general merchants, St. Mary's build- 
ings, 116 St. Vincent street. 
Robinow, M. E., of Robinoio and Marjoribanks, house, 5 Fitzroy place. 
ROBINSON, Dunn, & Co., Partick patent saw and flooring mills. 
Robinson, Francis, inland revenue, 275 St George's road. 
Robinson, Henry, tavern keeper, 66 Trongate. 

Robinson, Robert, of Robinson, Dunn, cf- Co., house, Clydeview, Partick. 
Robinson, Samuel, mercantile and mathematical teacher, 8 Thistle street, Garnethill. 
Robinson, Thomas, of Blairs and Robinson, house, 13 Holmhead street. 
Robinson, Miss,. 65 Bath street. 

ROBSON, George, of Black and Robson, house, 2 Queen's crescent. 
Robson, James, sharebroker and house-factor, Royal Exchange buildings, South area. 
Robson, John, glass cutter, 28 St. Enoch's wynd. 
Robson, Rev. John, D.D., 2 Queen's crescent. 
Robson, Neil, civil and mining engineer, 99 St. Vincent street, house, 26 Woodside 

Robson, S., & Co., wholesale tea dealers and grocers, 116 Argyll street. 
Robson, Shadrach, of S. Robson cf Co., house, 198 Pitt street. 
Robson, William, causewayer, 97 Govan street. 

Robson, William, victualler and dairy keeper, 115 Main street, Gorbals. 
Robson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 60 Oswald street. 
ROCHEAD, John T., architect, 3 Windsor place, Sauchiehall street. 
Rochsoles Coal Co., R. & T. Young, 19 and 27 Gallowgate. 
RODDAN, James, wine and spirit merchant, 93 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
RODGER, Alexander, & Co., cabinetmakers and joiners, 62 Old vennel. 
Rodgers, David, ironmonger and painter, 50 Main street, Anderston. 
Rodger, James and John G., merchants, 166 Buchanan street. 
Rodger, James, of Smith and Rodger, house, 16 Elmbank crescent. 
Rodger, James, of J. $ J. G. Rodger, house, 21 Newton place. 
Rodger, James, flesher, 100 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Rodger, John G., of J. $ J. G. Rodger, house, Shieldhall. 
Rodger, John, wright and glazier, 13 Well street, Calton. 

Rodger, John, cowfeeder, 104 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Rodgers, Josiah. letter-carrier, P.O., house, 4 Cameron's place, Anderston. 

Rodger, Matthew, of Rossland, 101 Maxwell street. 

Rodger, Robert, spirit dealer, 391 Gallowgate street. 

Rodger, Samuel, house painter, 74 Main street, Anderston. 

Rodger, William, bleacher, Carmyle. Orders left at 31 North Albion street. 

Rodger, William, at Steele and Dome's, house, Elmfoot, Little Govan. 

Rodger, William, at Robertson and Eddie's, house, 1 8 Crawford street, Port-Dundas. 

RODIE, Alexander, of Milroy and Rodie, house, 63 Bath street. 

RODOEANACHI, P. Z., merchant, 144 Queen street. 

ROEBUCK, Jonathan, house painter, 75 Eglinton street. 

ROGER, John, ofBaird and Roger, house, 89 North Frederick street. 

Roger, John, at Wm. Wardlairi 's, 100 Fife place, house, 103 Dale St., Tradeston. 

ROHEAD, John, hat and cap manufacturer, 134 and 136 Stockwell street, house, 
122 Hospital street. 

ROLLAND, William, confectioner, 38 Sauchiehall street. 

Rolland, Miss, 40 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Roman Cement Store, 108 Argyll street. Robert Thomson & Co., agents. 

ROME, Andrew, currier, 15 South St. Mungo street. 

Rome, Misses, 34 Kent street. 

RONALD, Alexander, baker, 30 Stirling's road. 

Ronald, James, H.E.I.C.S., 26 Windsor terrace, St, George's road. 

Ronald, James, 34 South Wellington place. 


Ronald, John, jun., of Ronald and Mactavish, house, 142 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Eonald, John, merchant, of John Ronald <fCo., house, 107 Bath street. 

Ronald, John, & Co., merchants, 76 St. Vincent street. 

Ronald & Mactavish, wine merchants, 27 St. Vincent place. 

Ronald, "William G., of W. G. Ronald cf- Co., house, 19 Royal terrace. 

Ronald, W. G., & Co., merchants, 109 Hope street. 

RONALDSON, Alex., of James Richardson <f Co., house, 15 Lynedoch crescent. 

ROONEY, Mrs. John, bookseller, 88 London street. 

ROSE, Alex. F., of J. and G. Pattiso?i cf Co., 51 Buchanan street. 

Rose & Main, wine and spirit merchants, 41 and 43 Stockwell street. 

Rose, Mrs. H., 45 Union street. 

Rose, Mrs., 121 North Montrose street. 

Rosebank Coal Office, 26 Robertson street. 

ROSENBAUM, H. J., & Co., wholesale hardware merchants, 39 Trongate. 

ROSS, Alex., original blacking warehouse of Scotland, 85 Trongate. 

Ross, Alexander, janitor, Collegiate Academy, 21 Dalhousie street. 

Ross, Alexander, & Co., blacking makers, 67 Trongate. 

Ross, Alexander, accountant, 10 Stockwell place. 

Ross, Andrew M., of D. and A. Ross, house, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square. 

Ross, Andw., & Co., plumbers and lead merchants, 14 Drury street, house, 103 Holme 

Ross, A. M., of James Ross <$■ Sons, house, 154 George street. 
Ross, David, & Son, joiners and glaziers, 19 New wynd, house, 132 Stockwell st. 
Ross, D. & A., slaters and slate merchants, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square. 
Ross, Donald, provision merchant, 26 Adelphi street. 
Ross, Donald, writer, 31 North Frederick street, house, Cathcart. 
Ross, Donald, dyer, 5 Greenside street, house, Eastfield cottage, by Rutherglen. 
Ross, Donald, jun., sewed muslin warehouse, 94 Miller street. 
Ross, George, wholesale and retail boot and shoe manufacturer, 41 Trongate. 
Ross, George, general agent, 44 Cook street, Tradeston. 

Ross, George C, commission agent, 31 Oswald street, residence, 94 Frederick street. 
Ross & Hannay, metal brokers and commission merchants, 1 Prince's square, 48 

Buchanan street. 
Ross, Hugh G., lithographer and printer, 62 Queen street, house, 84 John street. 
Ross, James, & Sons, hide and leather factors, 33 North Albion street. 
Ross, James, whip-maker, 18 Bell street. 
Ross, James, governor of the Town's Hospital. 
Ross, John B., of James Ross and Sons, house, Kelvingrove road. 
Ross, John, grocer and victualler, 12 Oxford street. 
Ross, John, Commercial inn, 44 Trongate. 
Ross, John, Galloway's court, 10 George street. 
Ross, John, jun., & Co., merchants, 120 Brunswick street. 
Ross, John, teller, British Linen Company's Bank. 

Ross, John, jun., of John Ross, jun., cj- Co., house, 9 Moore place, West George st. 
Eoss, John, marble-cutter, 40 Oswald street. 
Ross, John, of Primrose and Ross, house, 9 Pitt street. 

Eoss, Kenneth, writer, 16 St. Enoch square, house, 10 South Portland street. 
Eoss, Martin, pro vision merchant, 72 Gallowgate. 
Eoss, Matthew, flesher, 26 Nelson street, Tradeston. 
Eoss, Mitchell, & Co., merchants, 29 St. Vincent place. 
Eoss, Philip, of Ross and Hannay, house, Meadowbank place, Partick. 
Ross, Thomas, merchant, 31 Virginia street, house, 51 Abbotsford place. 
Ross, Thomas, warper and winder, 13 Montrose street. 
Eoss, Thomas, working goldsmith and jeweller, 137 Argyll street. 
Eoss, Thomas, hairdresser, 89 Saltmarket. 
Eoss, William, 130 Bath street. 

Eoss, William, blacking manufacturer, 153 Trongate. 
Eoss, William, of Ross, Mitchell, if Co., house, Laurel bank, Partick. 
Eoss, William, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Cathcart street, and minibus proprietor, 

stable yard, Parliamentary road, 
Eoss, William, spirit dealer, 41 John street. 
Eoss, William, rope and twine-maker, 30 King street, Tradeston. 
Ross, Mrs. Eobert, 306^ St. Vincent street. 


Rothesay and Inverary Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

Rothesay Cotton- Yarn Warehouse, 115 St. Vincent street. 

ROUTLEDGE, Miss, 136 Renfrew street. 

ROWAND, Alexander, merchant, 63 St. Vincent street. 

Rowan & Co"., engineers and ironfounders, Atlas works, East Milton street. 

Rowan & Co., bakers, 55 John street. 

Rowand, Daniel, joiner and cartwright, 38 and 40 Bishop street, Anderston. 

Rowand, James, house factor, commission and insurance agent, 108 Argyll street. 

Rowan, James, surgeon, 102 South Portland street, shop, 43 Hospital street. 

Rowan, James G., draper, hosier, and general furnisher, 217 Cowcaddens street. 

Rowan, John M., of Rowan fy Co., North Woodside House. 

Rowand, Michael, of Linthouse, Union Bank of Scotland. 

Rowan, Michael, baker and flour merchant, 74 Bath street, house, 72 do. 

Rowan, Walter, tobacconist, 116 Trongate. 

Rowan, William, bookseller and stationer, 39 Cowcaddens street. 

ROWAT, Alexander, general wire-worker and wire-cloth manufacturer, 19 Saltmar- 

ket. See Advertisement in Appendix. 
ROWLEY, Andrew, drysalter, 62 Brunswick street, house, Carmyle Cottage, by 

ROXBURGH, Adam, of James M' Arthur <f Co., 82 Glassford street. 
Roxburgh & Co., millinery and dressmaking establishment, 5 Abercromby place, 179 

West George street. 
Roxburgh and Faulds, Greenfield, Kipps, and Bogside Collieries, Monkland Canal 

and Caledonian Railway Terminus, Townhead, office, 83 Jamaica street. 
Roxburgh, Rev. John, D.D., minister of Free St. John's Church, 122 Hill street, 

Roxburgh, John, of Roxburgh, Richardson, <§ Co., house, 79 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Roxburgh, Richardson, & Co., insurance and ship brokers and general agents, copper 

and patent yellow metal warehouse, 1 Royal Bank place. 
Roxburgh, William, of Roxburgh and Faulds, house, 64 Oxford street. 
Roxburgh, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 40 Union street. 
ROY, Alexander, brewer and grain miller, 39 Muirhead street. 
Roy, Andrew, wholesale and retail grocer, 28 Candleriggs. 
Roy, Archibald, calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, 82 Virginia street, house, 116 

George street. 
Roy, David, accountant, Rutland place. 
Roy, George, of Buchanan, Roy, # Co., 53 Candleriggs. 
Roy, James, of Buchanan, Roy, <f- Co., house, 435 Argyll street. 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Exchange square. Laurence Robertson and Robert 

Bell, cashiers. 
Royal Engineers' Office, 92 South Portland street. 

Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co. William Wardlaw, agent, 62 Buchanan street. 
Royal Exchange Fire and Life Assurance Company. Ritchie & Murdoch, 145 Ingram 

street; and Forbes & Reddie, 146 West George street, agents. 
Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool. Agents, John Cree, jun., 21 Royal Exchange 

square ; William Urquhart, 1 09 West George street ; William Wardlaw, 62 

Buchanan street ; and Thomas Frame, 7 Exchange place. 
Royal Hotel, Old, 66 George square. 
Royal Hotel, Comrie's, 1 North Queen street. 

Royal Infirmary Office. Robert Lamond, secretary, 29 St. Vincent place. 
Royal Lunatic Asylum. Physician's Office, 70 St. George's place. 
Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 
Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar and Posting Establishment. J. WaUser, 104 West 

Nile street. 
Royal, The, Oporto Wine Co., Oporto. J. B. Sheriff, agent. 
RUDDACH, Mrs. John, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 9 Candleriggs, house, 

114 Trongate. 
RUE'S lodgings, 160 Buchanan street. 

RUFF, Joseph, German-clock maker, 73 Gallowgate, house, 76 do. 
RULE, William, Post-office, house, 15 Eglinton street. 
RUNCIMAN, Rev. David, D.D., of St. Andrew's, house, 13 Annfield place. 
RUSSELL, Alexander, house steward, Eye Infirmary, 14 College street. 
Russell, Bernard, clothier, 25 Royal Exchange square, house, 17 Buccleuch street. 


Russell, Archibald, Wishaw and Spittal Collieries, 33 Union street, house, Shawfield 
Park, Rutherglen. 

Russell, David, printer and stereotype-founder, 75 Argyll street, house, Auburn Cot- 
tage, Rutherglen. 

Russell, Rev. David, of Nicholson Street Congregational Church, 2 South- Apsley place. 

Russell & Ferguson, grain and provision agents, 22 Stock-well place. 

Russell, Graham, of Stirling, Gordon, tf Co., residence, Clydehaugh, Govan. 

Russell, Hugh, & Co., saddlers, ironmongers, saddletree, name, and chain manufac- 
turers, 7 Drury street. 

Russell, James, architect, Three-mile-house, Paisley -road. Letters left at James 
Boyd's, 19 New Bridge street. 

Russell, James, beamer, 56 Green street, Calton. 

Russell, James, carver and guilder, 9 South Portland street. 

Russell, James, of James Russell $• Co., house, 13 Adelphi street, Hutchesontown. 

Russell, James, formerly Steam-boat Harbour-master, house, Auburn Cottage, 

Russell, James, & Co., manufacturers, 95 Candleriggs. 

Russell, James, at John Sommerville and Sons', house, 1 Royal terrace. 

Russell, James, provision and spirit dealer, 30 Old wynd. 

Russell, James, wright and builder, Pitt street, house, 94 North Frederick street. 

Russell, James Struthers, tailor, 50 Great Hamilton street. 

Russell J. & T., muslin manufacturers, 14 Garthland street. 

Russell, J. & W., wine and spirit merchants, 35 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Russell, J. & W., victuallers, 29 Oxford street. 

Russell, John, & Co., manufacturers, 30 Cochran street. 

Russell, John, of John Russell $ Co., house, 21 Waterloo place, Gloucester street, 

Russell, Rev. John R., teacher of Wilson's School, house, 37 Dalhousie St., Garnethill. 

Russell, John, weaving manager, at J. Bartholomew <$f Co.'s, house, 2 Cumberland street. 

Russell, John, goldsmith, watchmaker, and jeweller, 25 Argyll arcade, house, 10 
Coburg street. 

Russell, John, painter and paper-hanger, 19 Eglinton street. 

Russell, John, tobacconist, 33 Jamaica street. 

Russell, John, 84 Wilson street, house, Cessnock Bank, Govan road. 

Russell, John, house factor, and agent for Troon oven soles, 65 Renfield street. 

Russell & Raeburn, merchants, 33 Union street. 

Russell, Robert, vintner and stabler, 11 Kent street. 

Russell, Robert, manager of Port-Dundas Chemical Works, 128 Bishop street, house, 
Broomhill place, 162 East Milton street, Port-Dundas. 

Russell, S. & W., chemists, 2 Broad street, Mile-end. 

Russell, Thomas, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 18 Adelphi street. 

Russell, William, grocer and victualler, 26 Stobcross street. 

Russell, William, sen., harbour-master, Port-Dundas. 

Russell, William, spirit merchant, 11 Clyde terrace. 

Russell, William, victualler, Russell's land, Upper Crown street, Hutchesontown. 

Russell, William, writer, 84 Wilson street, house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road. 

Russell, William, grocer, 22 Hospital street, Hutchesontown. 

Russell, William, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 16 Argyll arcade. 

Russell, Miss, teacher, 7 St. Andrew square. 

Russell, Mrs. Agnes, spirit dealer, 124 South Albion street. 

Russell, Mrs. J., 37 Dalhousie street, Garnethill. 
Russell, Mrs., milliner, 3 Clyde street, Calton. 

Russian Vice-Consul, N. Handyside, 45 Union street. 

RUTHERFURD, Andrew D., 6 South Wellington place. 

Rutherfurd, George F., & Co., rectifiers, and wine and spirit merchants, 16 Gordon st. 

Rutherford, George, & Co. Letters left at William Muir's, 184 Buchanan street. 

Rutherfurd, George F., 6 South Wellington place. 

Rutherford, William, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Gallowgate and 9 Jamaica street, 

house, 19 Gallowgate. 
Rutherford, William, spirit dealer, 50 Ann street, Port-Dundas. 
Rutherford, Mrs., 74 Balmoral place, St. George's road. 

RUTHERGLEN, Andrew, publisher, bookseller, stationer, account-book manufac- 
turer, and poor-law stationer, 102 and 104 Queen street, house, 4 India street. 
RYAN, James, fruit salesman, Bazaar, Candleriggs. 


St, Andrew's Parish School, Greendyke street. James Craw, teacher. 

St. David's Parish School, head of John street. 

St. David's Free Church Female School, 52 North Frederick street. Mrs. Strachan, 

St. Enoch's Sessional School, Ropework lane. 

St. George's Sessional and Seaman's Society School, 9 Brown street. 

St. George's Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street. 

St. Helen's Crown and Sheet-Glass Company. Tower and Arroll, agents, 1 9 St. 
Enoch square. 

St. James's Parish School, Great Hamilton street. Alexander Buchan, teacher. 

St. John's Parish School, Macfarlane street. Henry Shields, teacher. 

St. Mark's Lodge of Freemasonry, 2 St. George's court, 94 West Nile street. 

St. Matthew's School, William street, Anderston. 

St. Paul's Parish School, 9 Greyfriars' wynd. James Hunter, teacher. 

St. Rollox Foundry Co., iron-founders and engineers, St. Rollox. 

St. Rollox Shipping Co., 63 Miller street. Wm. Sloan & Co., managers. 

SAGE, Donald, spirit merchant, 168 High street. 

Sage, John, supervisor of inland revenue, third district, 4 Great Hamilton street. 

Sage, John, cigar merchant and tobacconist, 146 Queen street. 

SALLARS, James, boot and shoemaker, 105 Hospital street. 

SALLA, Francis, furniture warehouse, 73 King street, and 35 Miller's place, house, 
38 do. 

SALMON, Andrew, at Wm. Milne $ Go's, 83 Virginia street. 

Salmond, Duncan, of Salmond ($• Struthers, house, 97 West Regent street. 

Salmond, George, procurator-fiscal for the Sheriff, Commissary and Admiral of Lan- 
arkshire, Master Extraordinary for Scotland of the High Courts of Chancery of 
England and Ireland, and Extraordinary Commissioner for Scotland of the High 
Court of Chancery, of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer in Eng- 
land ; office, County buildings, W T ilson street ; house, 13 Newton place. 

Salmond, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 416 Duke street. 

Salmon, John, & Sons, cotton-thread manufacturers, heddle-makers, and wood- 
turners, 8 Wilson street, and 13 William street, works, 30 Canning street. 

Salmon, John, of John Salmon § Sons, house, 11 William street, Greenhead. 

Salmon, Peter, of John Salmon cf Sons, house, 11 William street, Greenhead. 

Salmond, Peter, & Co., house-painters, decorators, and paper-hangers, 12 and 14 
Queen street. 

Salmond, Robert, manager, City of Glasgow Bank, house, 14 Woodside crescent. 

Salmond, Robert, smith, bell-hanger, and gasfitter, 71 Mitchell street. 

Salmond & Struthers, cotton-spinners, 115 St. Vincent street, works, Rothesay. 

Salmond, Mrs., lodgings, 15 Renfrew street. 

Sample-Room, Roval Exchange buildings. William M'Giegor. 

SAMSON, William, surveyor, 80 Trongate. 

SAMUEL, Thomas, commission merchant, 70 Brunswick street, house, 1 Stafford 
place, New City road. 

Samuel, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 65 Centre street. 

SANDEMAN, David, wine merchant, 53 Miller street, house, 217 Brandon place. 

Sandeman, David, wool and yarn merchant, 2 John street, house, 32 Grafton square. 

SANDERS, Gilbert, accountant, 4 Stanley place. 

SANDS, Archibald, of Sands § Eerbertson, house, 105 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Sands & Herbertson, measurers, 25 Gordon street. 

SANSOM, Rev. W. H., chaplain, Royal Infirmary. 

Sasine Office, 5 Moore place, West George street. Thomas Grahame, W.S., and 
Thomas Hill, keepers of the particular register of sasines for Renfrewshire and 
regalities of Glasgow and Paisley. 

Sasine Office for Burgh of Glasgow. Andrew Cunninghame, registrar, City 

Saturday Post Newspaper Office, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street. 

SAUNDERS & Neilson, tailors and clothiers, 2 Duke street. 

Savings Bank, National Security. William Meikle, actuary, 68 Hutcheson street. 

Savings Bank, City of Glasgow Bank's branch, 47 Canning street, Calton. 

SAWERS, George, commission agent, 24 St. Enoch square. 


Sawers, John, collector of market dues, bazaar, house, 92 Candleriggs. 
SCANLAN, James, surgeon, 109 South Portland' street. 
Scanlan, John, pawnbroker, 30 Adelphi street, house, 25 East Clyde street. 
Scanlan, Patrick, & Sons, pawnbrokers, 113 King street, 44 Bridgegate street, and 

30 Adelphi street, Hutchesontown. 
SCARBOROUGH, John V., clog and last maker, 17 Saltmarket street. 
SCHULTZE C, tailor and clothier, 3 George square. 
SCHWABE & Co., merchants, 146 West George street, 4 Moore place. 
Schwabe, H. L., of Schwabe cf Co., house, 3 Crescent place, Sauchiehall road. 
Schwabe, Ludolph, of Schioabe cj Co., house, 11 Somerset place, Sauchiehall road. 
SCLANDERS, Alex., of A. Sclanders $ Son, house, 152 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Sclanders, Andrew, & Son, grain merchants, 7 Union street. 
Sclanders, A., jun., of Sclanders <$• Goodwin, house, 9 Scott street, Garnethill. 
Sclanders, Andrew, baker, 47 Main street, Anderston. 

Sclanders, Andrew, of Stevenson cf" Sclanders, house, 115 North Montrose street. 
Sclanders & Goodwin, grain merchants, 11 Union street. 
Sclanders, James, wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, 41 George square. 
Sclanders, Robert, wright, trunk and packing-box maker, 38 Montrose street, house , 

36 do. 
SCOBIE, David S., painter and paper-hanger, 76 Bath street. 
Scobie, Robert, accountant, 48 Queen street, house, 128 Portland street. 
Scobie, Walter, of Anderson <$ Co., house, 164 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Scobie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Cheapside street. 
SCOON, Jacob, stay manufacturer, 13 East Nile street. 
Scotch Reformer's Gazette Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street. 
SCOTLAND, G. D., bookseller, mathematical and surveying instruments, &c, 16 

Hutcheson street. 
Scotland, James, commission agent, 10 South Apsley place. 
Scotland, Patrick, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 12 Trongate. 
Scotland, Patrick, of P. Scotland § Co., house, Hawthorn Bank, Partick. 
SCOTT, Adam, spirit dealer, 4 Renfield street. 
Scott, Alex., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 28 Cochran street. 
Scott, Alexander, of Scott and Gray, house, 123 West Nile street. 
Scott, Alexander, of Scott cf Stevenson, 21 St. Vincent place. 
Scott, Alexander, of Alexander Scott <$• Co., house, 28 Cochran street. 
Scott, Alexander, spirit dealer, 80 Brown street. 
Scott, Allan, of J. <J- A. Scott $ Co, house, 21 Woodside place. 
Scott, Andrew, & Co., cotton-spinners (Rutherglen bridge mills), 63 Virginia street. 
Scott, Andrew, of the Customs, house, 4 Abbotsford place. 
Scott, Andrew, of Andrew Scott Sf Co., house, 8 Queen's crescent. 
Scott, Andrew, of Robert Scott, cf Sons, 357 Argyll street. 
Scott, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 42 Trongate, house, 58 Charlotte street. 
Scott, Andrew, of Scott and McLaren, house, 83 South Portland street. 
Scott, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 136 Garscube road. 
Scott, Archibald, 63 Duke street, house, 140 London street. 
Scott, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 136 Garscube road. 
Scott, Arthur, tavern-keeper, 229 Argyll street. 
Scott, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 1 Portugal street. 
Scott, Charles, dairyman, 50 Bath street. 
Scott, Colin, dairyman and carter, 10 Balmanno street. 
Scott, Colquhoun, & Co , merchants, 109 Hope street. 
Scott, David, & Co., manufacturers, 13 Montrose street. 
Scott, David, saddler, 15 Canning street, Calton, house, 25 do. 
Scott & Drysdale, wholesale and retail grocers, 187 Argyll street. 
Scott & Duncan, stationers and account-book manufacturers, 149 Queen street. 
Scott, Geddes M'Kenzie. M.D., physician, 80 Bath street. 
Scott, George & James, builders, 49 Hol'mhead street. 

Scott & Gray, joiners, and trunk and packing-box makers, 67 Mitchell street.. 
Scott, J. & A., & Co., tin, zinc, lead, copper, and galvanized iron merchants, and 

packing-box makers, 85 Mitchell street. 
Scott, James, 184 Crown street. 
Scott, James, wholesale and retail grocer, 1 Clyde terrace, house, 16 South Portland 



Scott, James, flesher, 55 Stockwell street. 

Scott, James, superintendent of markets, office, 28 Canon street, house, 256 Argyll 

Scott, James, of G. <f J. Scott, house, 4 Killermont street. 

Scott, James, spirit dealer, 6 and 8 Robertson street. 

Scott, James, victualler, 110 Main street, Gorbals. 

Scott, James, jun., flesher, 46 King street. 

Scott, James, 16 Woodside crescent, and 23 Exchange square. 

Scott, James, 1 Dalhousie place. | 

Scott, James, tea and coffee merchant and general grocer, 130 High street, and 3 
Blackfriars street. * 

Scott, James, surgeon, 171 Castle street. 

Scott, John, confectioner, grocer, and wine merchant, 28 and 30 Hutcheson street. 

Scott, John, engraver ajid printer, 74 Argyll street. 

Scott, John, hosier and draper, 125 Canning street. 

Scott, John & Walter, ship-brokers and commission merchants, 17 Gordon street. 

Scott, John, boot-closer, 71 Prince's street. 

Scott, John, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 31 Sauchiehall street. 

Scott, John, of Customs, house 4 Abbotsford place. 

Scott, John, & Co., Olive Branch tavern, 49 Trongate. 

Scott, John, builder, 63 Duke street, house, 140 London street. 

Scott, John, wine and spirit merchant, 181 Gallowgate, house, 3 Great Dovehill. 

Scott & Lochhead, fleshers, 361 Argyll street. 

Scott & M'Laren, drysalters and commission merchants, 14 Gordon street. 

Scott, Robert, plumber and gas-fitter, 54 Sauchiehall street, house, 75 Jamaica St. 

Scott, Robert, lamp-wick maker, 31 Dean street. 

Scott, Rev. Robert, of St. George's in the Fields, 9 Columbia place. 

Scott, Robert, house-factor, 8 Canning street, off North street, Anderston. 

Scott, Robert, & Sons, merchants and ship-biscuit bakers, 344 and 346 Argyll st. 

Scott, R. H., at D. and H. ftigles's, 78 Miller street. 

Scott, Robert, 180 Hope street. 

Scott, Robert, Greenoakhill, Daldowie. Letters left at Scott & Stevenson's, 21 St. 
Vincent place. 

Scott, Robert, of Robert Scott and Sons, house, 357 Argyll street. 

Scott, Samuel, baker, 96 Great Hamilton street. 

Scott & Sellar, insurance brokers, Royal Exchange buildings, south side. 

Scott & Stevenson, writers, and agents for the London Fire and Life Assurance Cor- 
poration, 21 St. Vincent place. 

Scott, Thomas, flesher, 7 Maxwell street. 

Scott, Thomas, bootmaker, 114 Trongate. 

Scott, Thomas, victualler, 61 Main street, Anderston. 

Scott, Thomas Inglis, draper and general outfitter, 383 Argyll street. 

Scott, Walter, provision and milk merchant, 24 Clyde street, Anderston. 

Scott, William, brewer, 3 Duncan street, Calton. 

Scott, William, surgeon, 55 Nelson street, Tradeston, house, 2 Maxwellton place. 

Scott, Rev. William, 36 Dalhousie street. . 

Scott, William, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 59 Candleriggs. 

Scott, William W., merchant and commission agent, 13 Montrose street, house, 2 
Elmbank place. 

Scott, William, tinsmith and brazier, 7 Centre street. 

Scott, William, spirit dealer, 124 Canning street, Calton. 

Scott, William, of James Black fy Co., house, 19 Lynedoch crescent. • 

Scott, Joan, spirit dealer, 16 Hospital street. 

Scott, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, 16 Sauchiehall street. 

Scott, Miss, 37 Gamethill street. 

Scott, Miss M., 49 Renfield street. 

Scott, Miss, 37 North Hanover street. 

Scott, Miss, milliner, straw-hat and dressmaker, 6 Cambridge street. 

Scott, Mrs , lodgings, 56 Bath street. 

Scott, Mrs., broker, 62 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Scott, Mrs. James, 184 South Victoria place. 

Scott, Mrs. James, 21 Woodside place. 

Scott, Mrs. Michael, 198 Athol place, Bath street. 

General directory. 245 

Scott, Mrs. J., muslin and lace printer, embroiderer, baby linens, sewed goods, &c, 21 
Argyll arcade, house, 11 Howard street. 

Scott, Mrs. Thomas, dairy keeper, 37 Oxford street. 

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Office, 141 Buchanan street. William Spens, 
manager. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 43 West Nile street. Thomas Somer- 
vail, agent. 

Scottish Guardian Newspaper Office, 94 Miller street. 

Scottish Life Assurance and Guarantee Association, office, 20 Buchanan street. P. 
White, manager. 

Scottish Provident Institution for Life Assurance. William Church, jun., agent and 
secretary, 67 St. Vincent street. See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Scottish Temperance League Office, 30 St. Enoch square. Robert Rae, secretary. 

Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance Office. Finlayson i^ Moncrieff, 8 Gordon 
street ; Charles Hamilton, 63 St. Vincent street ; William Mathieson, 48 
Buchanan street ; M'Naughton & Hamilton, 69 St. Vincent street ; John Mac- 
george, 21 St. Vincent place, agents ; also formerly for Hercules, now for Scot- 
tish Union, Wm. Neilson, 69 Glassford street ; Alex. Young, 20 Buchanan st'. ;* 
J. G. Houston, 11 Miller street; John Wilson, 51 St. Vincent street; John 
Millar, 71 Queen street ; H. B. Lacy, 54 St. Vincent street. 

Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assurance Society. William Bruce and John 
Murray, agents, 30 Royal Exchange square. 

SCOULLER, Allan, flesher, 8 Mutton market, King street. 

Scouler, John, beadle of the Anderston U. P. Church, 68 Main street, Anderston. 

Scouller, R. & J., weaving utensil makers, 151 Gallowgate. 

Scouler, William, pawnbroker, 6 Saltmarket street, and 17 Trongate. 

Sea, Fire, and Life and Guarantee Society, office, 12 Wellington street. William 
Bissett, agent. 

Seamen's Chapel, 9 Brown street, Brownfield. 

SEARCY, William (successor to Mrs. Robert Marshall), eating-house, 179 Trongate. 

SEATH, Thomas, steam-boat clerk to Largs Co., 42 Broomielaw. 

SELIGMANN, H. L., metal broker and commission agent, 135 Buchanan street. 

Seligmann, Julius, professor of singing, piano-forte, and violin, 176 West Regent St. 

SELKIRK, James, wright and builder, 126 New City road. 

Selkirk, James, wholesale and retail grocer, 41 Main street, Gorbals. 

SELLAR, William D., of Scott and Sellar, house, 11 Florence place. 

Sellars, Mrs. William, paper-ruler, 124 Trongate. 

SEMPLE, David, grocer and victualler, 29 Taylor street. 

Semple & Co., tea merchants, 13 St. Enoch square. 

Semple, Matthew, superintendent, Blynd Asylum, 102 Castle street, Townhead. 

Semple, Mrs. S. G., 143 West Regent street. 

SERVICE, James, of Jamieson, Service, cf Co., house, 21 Waterloo place, Kingston. 

Service, James, of Gibson, Service, <J- Co., house, 70 Renfrew street. 

Service, James, printer, 67 Trongate. 

Service, James, writer, 44 Hutcheson street. 

Service, J., muslin manufacturer, 48 Gordon street. 

Service, Thomas, of Service and Workman, house, 52 Buccleuch street. 

Service, William, jun., of the Culcreuch Co., at George Smith and Sons', 34 London st. 

Service & Workman, sewed muslin manufacturers, 129 Ingram street. 

Session-Clerk's Office for the City, 57 St. George's place. Robert Strang, clerk; 
John Galloway, depute-clerk. 

Session-Clerk of- Barony Parish of Glasgow, 52 West Nile street. 

Session- Clerk's Office for the Barony of Gorbals, 51 Adelphi St., James Coats, clerk. 

SETON, A. B., & Son, agents for Curtiss & Harvey, of Hounslow and Clyde Powder 
Mills, the United Kingdom Life Assurance Co., and Caledonian Fire Insurance 
Co., 12 St. Vincent place, house, 16 Queen's crescent. 

Seton, John, Eagle tavern, 43 Trongate. 

Seaton, John, cabinetmaker, 71 Maxwell street. 

Seton, Thomas H., Salutation tavern, 80 Trongate. 

SHACKLETON, George Henry, grocer and tea merchant, 28 South Portland street, 
and 32 and 34 Oxford street. 

SHAND, George, ofShand and Gray, house, 150 Buccleuch street. 

Shand & Gray, drysalters and commission merchants, 71 and 92 St. Vincent street. 


Shand, John B., 331 Falkland place, Renfrew street. 

SHANKLAND, Ann & Jean, grocers, 42 Canon street. 

Shankland, A., grocer, 42 Norfolk street. 

SHANKS, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 49 Sauchiehall street. 

Shanks & Brown, starchers, 86 Blackfriars street. 

Shanks, James, civil engineer, 23 place. 

Shanks, Robert, of Shanks and Brown, house, 32 Blackfriars street. 

Shanks, William, spirit dealer, 566 Duke street. 

Shanks, Miss, 112 Castlemilk place. 

SHANNON, Charles, pawnbroker, 6 Dalmarnock road. 

Shannon, John, rag and iron merchant, 13 and 15 Moncrieff street. 

Shannan, Peter, builder, 105 Stockwell street. 

Shannon, Robert M'D., commission agent, 135 Buchanan street. 

SHARP, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 57 Union street, house, 11 do. 

Sharp, Bryce, fruiterer, 50 Bedford street. 

Sharp & Co., shirt-makers, hosiers, and glovers, 138 Argyll street. 

Sharp & Gilchrist, hearth-rug and carpet manufacturers, 34 College street. 

Sharp, James, coal merchant, 27 Union street, 

Sharpe, James, of J. and J. Sharpe, house, 14 Somerset place. 

Sharpe, James & John, commission merchants, 40 Union street. 

Sharpe, James C, Virginia buildings, house, 30 Lynedoch street. 

Sharpe, John, of J. and J. Sharpe, house, 1 Melrose street, Queen's crescent. 

Sharp, John, of Broicn and Sharp, house, 9 Mansfield place. 

Sharpe, John & Thomas, merchants, Virginia buildings. 

Sharpe, John F., 35 Buchanan street, house, 30 Ljaiedoch street. 

Sharp, Robert, of Smith and Sharp, house, 2 Rutland crescent. 

Sharp, Robert S., collector, Inland Revenue. 

Sharpe, Thomas P., collector of taxes for the counties of Lanark and Dumbarton, 

Virginia buildings, house, 30 Lynedoch street. 
Sharp, Wm., at W. C. Shaw's, jeweller, house, 1 Albert place, Dundas St., Kingston. 
Sharp, Wm., & Co., 40 Union street. 

Sharp, Wm., of Wm. Sharp <$• Co., house, 1 Melrose street, Queen's crescent. 
Sharp, William, M.D., physician and surgeon, 40 Dundas street. 
Sharp, Mrs. James, 9 Mansfield place. 
Sharpe, Mrs. John F., 30 Lynedoch street. 
Sharp, Mrs. W., spirit dealer, 9 Cranston street. 

SHAW, Archibald, spirit dealer, 60 King street, Calton, and 73 Abercromby street. 
Schaw, Archibald S-, of M'Crinaell, Schmv, § Co., house, 18 Windsor terrace, St. 

George's road. 
Shaw, Charles, grocer, 21 Stirling's road. 

Shaw, James, surgeon, 11 Saltmarket street, and 41 Cook street. 
Shaw, J., & Co., calico-printers, 12 Royal Exchange square. 
Shaw, John, woollen-draper, 18 Gallowgate, house, 23 Monteith row. 
Shaw, John, hosier, glover, and shirt manufacturer, 26 Candleriggs, house, 424 

Argyll street. 
Shaw, Rev. John, St. Mary's Catholic Church, 68 Abercromby street. 
Shaw, John, leather merchant, 151 Gallowgate. 
Shaw, Neil R., 177 Hope street 
Shaw, Robert, 9 Clyde street, Calton. 

Shaw, Thomas, of if. Ogh <? Son, house, 46 Oxford street, Laurieston. 
Shaw, Thomas, confectioner, 44 Candleriggs. 
Shaw, Thomas T., tailor and clothier, 170 Trongate. 

Shaw, W. C, watchmaker and goldsmith, 64 Argyll street, house, 108 Douglas st. 
Shaw, William, hairdresser and perfumer, 48 Jamaica street, house, 28 do. 
Shaw, William, jeweller, watchmaker, and goldsmith, 28 Queen street, house, Little 

Hamilton street. 
Shaw, William, pastry baker, 140 Saltmarket street. 
Shaw, William, wright, 12 Eglinton street, house, 21 Nelson street. 
Shaw, William, plasterer, 3 Guildry court. 
Shaw, William, of Wm. Shaw <f Co., house, 9 Suffolk street. 
Shaw, William, & Co., coopers, 47 King street, and 68 Saltmarket street. 
Shaw, William, at Campbell <§■ CoSs, house, 54 Abbotsford place. 
Shaw, Mrs. David, 9 Victoria place, West Regent street. 


Siiaws Water Cotton-Spinning Co. R. Gray, agent, 83 Hutcheson street. 

SHEARER, David, spirit dealer, 132 West Campbell street. 

Shearer, George, tavern keeper, 192 Argyll street. 

Shearer, J. & E., bakers, 16 Findlay street, and 191 Dalmarnock road. 

Shearer, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 78 Eglinton street. 

Shearer, Mrs., Temperance hotel and Commercial lodgings, 37 Jamaica street. 

SHEDDEN, John, hardware merchant, 22 Saltmarket street. 

Shedden, John, tailor, 5 Parliamentary road. 

Shedden & Morton, timber merchants and brokers, 57 West Campbell street. 

SHEPHERD, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Sauchiehall street. 

SHEPPARD, Caulfield, blacking manufacturer, 131 Gallowgate. 

Sheppard, J. D., Hanoverian Consul, office, 57 Buchanan street, house, 1 Rutland 
place, Govan road. 

Sheppard, Francis, of Sheppard and Son, house, 1 Rutland place, Govan road. 

Sheppard, James, blacking manufacturer, 137 Gallowgate. 

Sheppard & Son, commission merchants, and ship and insurance brokers, 57 Bu- 
chanan street. 

Sheppard, Miss, 3 Sauchiehall street. 

SHERIFF & Anderson, iroufounders, Peel street, London road. 

Sheriff's Chambers, County buildings, Wilson street. Archibald Alison, sheriff; W. 
Halbert, keeper. 

Sheriff, George, at Polloh, Gilmour, <f Co.'s, house, 10 Carnarvon street. 

Sherriff, J. B., merchant, and agent for A. and J. Dawson, St. Magdalene Distillery, 
Linlithgow, 9 Virginia st., house, Westercommon, Craighall road. 

Sheriff, Robert, gunpowder manufacturer, 65 Renfield street. 

Sheriffs, William, agent, and eating-house, 54 Bell street. 

SHERMAN, Isaac, spirit dealer, 150 Saltmarket. 

SHEVELINE, Francis, spirit dealer, 213 Main street, Gorbals. 

SHIELDS, George, teacher, Normal Seminary. 

Shields, Henry, teacher, St. John's School, 40 Macfarlane street. 

Shields, John, house factor, 29 Hospital street, Hutchesontown. 

Shields, John, house factor and inspector of new buildings, 2 Oswald St., Bridgeton. 

Shields, John, jun., at James Hoivatts, 11 Miller street. 

Shiels, William, confectioner, 15 Wellington arcade. 

Shiels, William, wholesale confectioner, 19 Saltmarket. 

Shields, Mrs. John, lodgings, 98 Fife place, West George street. 

SHILLITO, George, Bill of Entry Office, Custom-house, residence, Park Place Cot- 
tage, Paisley road. 

SHIRRA, James, spirit dealer, 552 Gallowgate. 

Shirra, Samuel, flesher, 107 Canning street, Calton. 

Shirra, Miss, 47 Garnethill street. 

SHORT, William, metal broker, 2 Royal Exchange court. 

SHORTRIDGE, G. Y., of D. Gilchrist <f Co., house, 2 Blythswood square. 

Shortridge, John, bootmaker, 40 South Portland street. 

Shotts Iron Company, coal and iron masters and founders, 18 St. Enoch square. 
Alex. M'Kinlav, agent. 

SHUTTLETON, Mrs. Andrew, spirit dealer, 64 Clyde street, Port-Dundas. 

Sighthill Cemetety, Kirkintilloch road. 

SILLAES, Duncan, grain-shovel maker, 40 Soho street. 

Sillars, Oxley, & Co., cotton, worsted, woollen, and linen-yarn agents, and commis- 
sion merchants, Virginia buildings. 

Sillars, James Shaw, of Sillars, Oxley, cf- Co., Virginia buildings. 

Sillars, James, smith, 40 Soho street. 

Sillers, John, spirit dealer, 21 Tureen street. 

Sillars, Ralph, at Sillars, Oxley, cj- Co.'s, house, 1 Brighton place, New City road. 

Sillars, Robert, of Sillars, Oxley, 8> Co., house, 3 Royal terrace. 

SIM, John, of Customs, house, 19 Abbotsford place. 

Sim, John Keith, commission merchant, 8 and 10 Wallace street, Tradeston, house, 
23 Abbotsford place. 

Sim, John, writer, County buildings, Wilson street, house, 56 Dundas street. 

Sime, William, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, and Post-Office Receiving-house, 
32 Garseube place. 

Sim, Misses, milliners, dress and straw-hat makers, 8 Sauchiehall street. 


Sime, Mrs. James, grocer, 29 Carrick street. 

SIMCOCK, James, coal depot, 2 Warroch street, Anderston. 

Simcock, "William, spirit dealer, 10 St. Andrew's lane. 

SIMEON, St. Ange, professor of French, 98 Sauchiehall street. 

Simeon, Madame St. A., teacher of singing and music, 98 Sauchiehall street. 

SIMONS & Co., wholesale fruiterers, bazaar, house, 49 Gallowgate. 

SIMPSON & Co., merchants, 7 Exchange place. 

Simpson and Crawford, green-grocers and fruiterers, 214 Gallowgate. 

Simpson, Daniel, furnishing shop, 48 King street, Tradeston. 

Simpson, David, writer, 77 South Portland street. 

Simpson, George, baker, 13 Stevenson st. and 403 Gallowgate, house, 22 Struthers 

Simpson, George, of Simpson and Lockhart, house, 104 North Hanover street. 
Simpson, George, merchant, 68 Renfield street. 
Simpson, James B., ironmonger, 25 Royal Exchange square. 
Simson, James, wright and glazier, 88 Gallowgate, woodyard, Grceme street, house, 

9 Richmond lane, Gallowgate. 
Simpson, James, bootmaker, 16 Stockwell street, house, 68 Upper Crown street. 
Simpson, James, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 47 New Bridge street. 
Simpson, John, at Simpson <$• Co.'s, 7 Exchange place. 

Simpson, John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 102 and 104 London street. 
Simpson, John, teacher of English and Geography, 171 Hope street. 
Simpson, John, clothier, 9 Eglinton street. 

Simpson, John, slater, 136 Main street, Anderston, and Taylor's buildings, Partick. 
Simpson, John, of Mann, Simpson, and Byars, house, 8 St. James street. 
Simpson, Joseph, messenger, National Bank of Scotland, 55 Queen street. 
Simpson, Lewis, tailor and clothier, 50 Eglinton street. 
Simpson & Lockhart, civil and mining engineers, 140 Buchanan street. 
Simpson, Robert, at G. Smith and Sons', 34 and 36 London street. 
Simpson, R. F., of Simpson cf- Co. 
Simpson, R. H., coal master, Bankhead and Bredisholm Collieries, office, 16 Queen 

street, depot, 188 Castle street, Townhead, house, Calderbank, Old Monkland. 
Simpson, T., wTiter, 66 Hutcheson street. 

Simpson, Walter, grocer and provision merchant, 65 Abercromby street. 
Simpson, William, manufacturer, 12 South Frederick street, house, 239 St. Vincent 

Simpson, William, & Sons, manufacturers, John street, Bridgeton. 
Simpson, William, starcher, 35 Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Simpson, Mrs. G., milliner and dressmaker, 68 Renfield street. 
Simpson, Mrs., 42 York street. 

Simpson, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 1 Scott street, Port-Dundas. 
Simpson, Mrs., press mangier. 11 St. Andrew square. 

SINCLAIR, Alexander, English master, Collegiate Academy, 21 Dalhousie street. 
Sinclair, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 135 Argyll street. 
Sinclair, D., grocer, 25 Oswald street. 

Sinclair, Capt. George, staff-officer of pensioners, 4 St. George's road. 
Sinclair, John, writer and general agent, 65 Jamaica street. 
Sinclair, John, English teacher, Collegiate and Commercial Academy, 21 Dalhousie 


r, Moses, wine and spirit dealer, 25 Dale street, Tradeston. 

r, Norman, tailor and clothier, 153 Trongate. 

r, Peter, of Fraser, Sinclair, <$• Co., house, 4 Abbotsford place. 

r, Robert, & Co., woollen cloth merchants and shirt-makers, 175 Argyll St. 

r, Robert, ofR. Sinclair <J- Co., house, 135 Ashburton place, Renfrew street. 

r, R., writer, 85 Upper Crown street. 

r, Thomas, warper and yarn agent, 32 South Albion street. 

r, William, foreman, Herald office, house, 120 Thistle street, Hutchesontown. 

r, William, flesher, 341 High street. 

r, W. F., provision merchant, 439 Argyll street. 

r, Miss, seminary, 70 St. George's road. 

r, Miss, 66 Sauchiehall road. 

Mrs. D., grocer, 169 Main street, Gorbals. 

SINGER, John, tailor, 210 Argyll street. 


SIVEWRIGHT, James, of Siveioright, Watson, $ Co., 76 St. Vincent street. 

Sivewright, Watson, & Co., metal brokers, 76 St. Vincent street. 

Skaterigg Coal, Brick, and Drain-tile Works, near Jordanhill, Partick, office, 37 
Ropework lane. 

SKENE, Alexander, commercial traveller, 98 Soutli Portland street. 

Skene, George, sheriff-substitute of Lanarkshire and commissary depute, 17 Wood- 
side crescent. 

Skene, Miller, & Co., warehousemen, 93 Candleriggs. 

Skene, Robert, of Skene, Miller, $ Co., house, 21 South Apsley place. 

Skene, Miss, 21 South Apsley place. 

SKEOCH, Montgomery, ropemaker, Hope park, St. Rollox. 

SKINNER, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 35 West Russell street. 

Skinner, William, baker and confectioner, 353 Sauchiehall street, and 472 Argyll st., 
house, 1 Newton street. 

SKIRVING, Alexander, of Barclay and Shining, house, Croftbank, Barony Parish. 

Skirving, William, cashier, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance office, 141 Buchanan 
street, house, 80 New City road. 

Skte Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street. 

Skye Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street. 

SLATER, P. F., at Jamieson and Dewar's, house, 25 Warwick street. 

Slater, Robert, ship smith, 11 Centre street, Tradeston, house 106 do. 

Slater & Robertson, commission merchants, Western Bank buildings, 14 Miller st. 

Slater, T. H., tea merchant, 56 Candleriggs street. 

Slater, T. H., of Slater and Robertson, house, 20 Royal terrace. 

SLAUGHTER, W. H., 23 St. Andrew square, house, 27 Kinning place. 

SLAVEN, Dominick, broker, 128 Bridgegate. 

SLEIGH, Wm., cotton-yarn warehouse, 84 Wilson street, house, 10 St. James's 
street, Paisley road. 

SLIMAN, D. K., at William Fulton's, 32 Stirling street. 

Sliman, Miss, matron to the House of Refuge for Females. 

SLIMMON, Hugh, wholesale and retail grocer, 154 Gallowgate. 

SLOAN, David, of William Sloan <§ Co., house, 3 West Prince's street, St. George's 

Sloan, James, & Co , manufacturers, 126 Queen street. 

Sloan, John, metal broker and commission agent, 53 Oswald street. Agent for 
W. and J. Galloway, patent rivet and screw-jack manufacturers, Knott mill, 

Sloan, John, at David Hamilton's, 62 Ingram street, house, 3 Carnarvon street. 

Sloan, John, carter, 86 Washington street. 

Sloane, Samuel, victualler, cowfeeder, and carter, 45 Centre street, Tradeston. 

Sloan, Samuel, innkeeper, 31 Saltmarket street. 

Sloane, William, & Co., shipping agents, 63 Miller street. 

Sloane, William, & Co., whiting and salt stores, foot of Turner's court. 

Sloan, Mrs. James, grocer and provision dealer, 63 St. James's road. 

Sloane, Mrs., 3 Carnarvon street. 

SMALL, Andrew, & Co., sail-makers and ship-chandlers, 212 Broomielaw. 

Small, Andrew, grocer, 34 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Small, C. J., & Co., merchants, 29 St. Enoch square. 

Small, Cha